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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha: What are you planning to do?

Natasha asked Steve, both of them still sitting at the coffee shop for breakfast.

Steve sighed and looked at the window, wondering whether or not to say what he intends to do to Natasha. It is not due to lack of trust in her that is making him hesitating to tell her, no, he trusts her to know his plan, the problem is what she will think of his plan.

Natasha waited for Steve to decide whether or not to reveal his plan and she understands that maybe he no longer trusts her to reveal what he has in mind, after all, even though she helped him escape... she was on the side of Tony and the government at the time of the civil war and the Sokovia accords.

If Steve decided not to share his plan, she wouldn't be upset. As stated earlier, she fully understands whether the trust they have built over the years has been shaken by the latest developments in their lives.

S: I intend to go in the prison and come out of there with them.

Natasha ended up being distracted while Steve was thinkings, she got a little startled when Steve spoke, but the expression on her face did not change at any time.

So he trusts me. Natasha thought.

N: Or die with them there.

Natasha commented.

Steve shrugged, he felt a little embarrassed for presenting the plan that way, he knows that he didn’t think one elaborate rescue, but he knows that he’s good at fighting and that he can easily knock down multiple targets at the same time and create strategy in just in time to keep moving forward. He usually improvises and it works. Well, most of the time it works, when it doesn't, he has his support team to help him out of an ambush.

Now that he thought about that, Steve realized that he wouldn’t have his team’s support to save him in case things goes wrong. Well, he doesn't have the full team actually, but there is a member of his trusted team right there, facing him. Better not to waste the opportunity.

S: Can you put me in there?

Steve suggested in hope Natasha could help him. Natasha shrugged.

N: I thought you wouldn’t ask for my help.

S: I thought so too.

Steve looked to the side. The waitress brought his coffee and set it on the table.

Steve waited for the waitress to walk away and looked at the cup and then at Natasha.

S: But you're here... I don't know anyone who can put me there, but you...

N: Are you sure?

Natasha raised her eyebrows, taking another sip of her coffee, she is being ironic about Steve saying that he doesn't know anyone else who can help him. He does, he can ask Sharon for that.

S: I can't ask her for that.

Natasha continued drinking coffee and looking at Steve, waiting for him to justify himself.

S: She's already taken too much risk for me. I don't want her to become a fugitive like me and the others too. This business, this job we have...

Steve sighed and looked briefly at the window and then at Natasha again.

S: It is a very dangerous lifestyle. I can't ask her to stop her life to help me.

N: Yah...

Natasha gave a short laugh but soon became serious again.

N: But you can ask me that...

Natasha commented and placed the coffe on the table, keeping her hands around it, she saw Steve get a little red, but discreetly red. She wanted to compare him wanting to spare Sharon, but not caring whether she was being spared or not. Natasha is not offended by this, but she knows that Steve is embarrassed.

Steve opened his mouth to answer, but Natasha eased his side, she leaned her back on the bench and continued to stare at Steve.

N: Lucky for you that I don't care.

Steve nodded.

S: What is your plan?

N: You know I don't like to share.

S: Are we still in it?

N: I am still the same, Steve. Especially at my job.

S: And is this a job? I can't pay you.

Natasha laughed softly.

N: Now you are offending me.

Natasha moved away from the bench and rested her arms crossed on the table.

N: By the way, there is a way for you to pay me.

S: And how would that be?

N: Let me go with you.

Steve raised his eyebrows, trying to understand that request.

N: After freeing your friends...

S: Our friends.

Steve interrupted Natasha to correct her. Natasha looked down and nodded.

N: I hope they still see me that way.

S: They will... because I see you that way.

Natasha looked up to meet Steve's eyes. It was impossible not to feel comforted by this statement that the friendship continues, she smiled discreetly with her lips, but Steve could see that the biggest smile was in her eyes, he smiled slightly in return.

N: So... about my request... is that after we release our friends, that you let me go with you.

Steve waited for Natasha to explain further.

N: You can't remain here anymore... in America, you know that, right? None of you. None of us, actually. We are traitors.

Steve now understood what she means.

S: I'm not sure if everyone is going to want to run away. I know they don't have a choice, but I can't force anyone to follow me. I don't even know if it would be prudent for us all to be together.

N: It wouldn't be.

S: It would attract more attention, an extraordinary group of people gathered together.

N: You are being wise. I am glad.

S: I learned from the best spy I have ever met.

Steve smiled and Natasha ended up smiling more now.

N: Regardless of what you decide, even if we all split up after we're all free, I want to go with you. I think... I work better with you. We work well together.

Steve nodded.

S: Okay.

Natasha nodded too.

S: And now?

N: Now? Well, I'm going to infiltrate you on that maximum security prison island.

Natasha declared and finished her coffee.


After they finished drinking coffee, Steve and Natasha paid the bill and went out onto the sidewalk in front of the establishment.

N: Where are you staying tonight?

S: In the same hotel.

N: For that many days in a row???

S: Yeah... it's a small town.

Steve shrugged.

N: And you are a blond man, almost 3.30 ft tall, who is being chased through all over the national territory. Your face doesn't come off the TV. A sunglasses on your face and a cap alone is not enough to disguise you.

S: It has worked.

N: I bet it does, but go out every day with sunglasses on your face and hat and people will start to wonder why... why is that man always covering his face? Is he an artist? Does he have pink eye? Is he hiding? Running from the police?

S: Okay, Natasha, stop it, I get it!

Natasha went silent.

N: Here.

Natasha handed Steve a card.

S: Where is that?

Steve asked as he analyzed the card and saw that it was a hotel room key.

N: A little closer to the city center. I am staying in this room.

Steve nodded.

N: Where's your key?

S: Are you going to stay in my hotel?

N: Yes.

S: They don't let you take the key, it is at the reception.

N: Okay, then.

S: How are you going to get into my room then? You would have to identify yourself at the recepction.

Natasha just smiled and Steve shook his head.

S: Sure... you will get your way in, but what do I say in your hotel if they see me entering your room?

N: Are you really asking me that??

Natasha shrugged.

N: Use that old excuse...

Steve didn't understand what she was talking about so he was looking confuse.

Natasha pointed to her ring finger.

N: “Right... we’re going to get married. ”

Natasha said, imitating Steve's way of speaking, when they pretended to be engaged at the mall. Of course, Natasha exaggerated the imitation, making Steve look like a retarded.

S: I'm pretty sure I didn't say that in that way.

N: It was exactly like that. If not, it was worse.

Natasha smile at Steve and he didn't notice how his mood was way better now.

N: Now that I said that, I can use the same excuse at your hotel.

S: Are we meeting tomorrow?

N: The day after tomorrow. It’s better give some time...

S: Don't forget to take my clothes.

Steve warned Natasha, since inside the coffee shop, they had already agreed that the next meeting between them, would be the last in that same city.

N: Don't forget to take my weapons.

Steve smiled and nodded. The two walked in opposite directions and went to their new addresses.


As agreed, after a day and a half, the two met again, for the last time in that city, in front of the same coffee shop from the other day.

Steve arrived on time and Natasha arrived ten minutes later, driving a car, she stopped in front of the diner and honked.

Steve approached the car and stopped at the curb, he saw Natasha lower the car window and she was smiling sarcastically and it was 7 am yet.

N: Hey, sir, do you know where the Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil.

Steve rolled his eyes.

S: Haha, funny! Like the old days... you already used that joke.

Steve declared as he got in the car.

S: It's still not funny.

N: You mean not funny to you...

Natasha replied, closing the car window, after Steve boarded.

S: It is outdated.

N: Do you know what else is outdated?

Steve took a deep breath and looked up, showing impatience, but it was a pretense because he was smiling.

S: Me.

N: Exactly!

Natasha smirked and she was satisfied.

S: You don't get tired of making fun of me, don’t you?

N: No, I don't.

Natasha replied, driving the car through the city streets, attracting the attention of everyone on the street.

S: Speaking of being discreet and not attracting attention...

N: It's my last time around here... so I want to go out in style. I deserve a little attention for everything that will follow with our anonymity.

Natasha defended herself and Steve didn’t contest. As they drove to the second car, they kept talking and Steve rolled his eyes at every Natasha joke about him.

Steve and Natasha changed cars at least 4 times, until they boarded a jet.

N: Where is our next stop, sir?

Natasha asked, imposing her voice as if she were a flight attendant.

S: Next stop... friendship.

Steve replied with a smile and Natasha frowned and rolled her eyes.

N: Jesus Christ, Steve! That was very tacky, we are not recording a child movie, you know that, right?

Steve took a deep breath and ignored Natasha.


A few hours later, on the prison island of maximum and extraordinary security, prisoners accused of treason for not signing the Sokovia Accords, were locked in separate cells.

The prisoners were discouraged, but unrepentant, they would do it all over again. Not only for them, but for the man they have as a leader and an example of honesty and perseverance.

The cell lights went out for almost twenty minutes in a row and this had never happened before while they were stuck in that place.

Sam was the first to understand what was going on, followed by Clint Barton. Scott Lang soon began to question what was going on and he was very distressed, asking if now was the time that they would be murdered.

Sam: Nobody's going to kill us, Scott.

Scott: And why do you think they threw us so far away from civilization?? They will kill us!

Scott walked around his cell nervously.

Scott: I have a daughter to raise, I can't miss her next birthday.

Clint: You will not miss your daughter's birthday, Scott. And neither I will of my children.

Scott: And how do you know that?

Clint: Because we were on the right team.

Scott: Right team?

Some lights started working again and after the sound of things breaking outside, everyone was watching the access door to the cell room. Everyone except Wanda Maximoff.

Wanda was not interested in anything at the moment. The necklace of power restriction, even makes her mood change, a kind of continuous tranquilizer, she is not being herself since she is in that prison.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Clint: Of our rescue.

Clint indicated the access door opening and shortly thereafter, Steve Rogers was coming from there.