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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Scott: Wow! He came! He really came for us! Dude, you're here...

Scott Lang was facing Steve Rogers, he smiled very excited to see that Steve didn’t abandon them, which he didn’t expect and that’s why he stopped smiling.

Scott: Man, you're here! Why are you here??

Scott frowned in confusion.

Clint: I told you, he wasn't going to leave us.

Scott: Yes, you said that, but... why?? I would be on another continent by now!

Sam: But you are not Steve Rogers.

Steve: Guys, we don't have much time. The cells are unarmed, we have to go now.

Steve commented and walked over to Sam's cell, he opened his cell and greeted his friend with a handshake, followed by a short hug.

Steve spied the cell next to Sam's and he saw Wanda Maximoff still in the same position, sitting on the bed, with the power restrictive choker around her neck, with no improvement in mood, even though he was there.

Steve walked over to Wanda's cell and opened the door.

Steve: Wanda?

Steve called her and Wanda stared at nothing yet.

Steve looked at Sam who made a negative with his head.

Steve: Did anyone hurt her?

Steve looked back at Wanda and he was extremely concerned about her catatonic state.

Sam: Not that I am aware of.

Clint: We don't know what that necklace does to her but she is not with her powers or don’t wanna use it.

Sam looked at Clint.

Sam: Clint, you can go out of your cell, it's open.

Clint: I know.

Scott opened the door to his cell and left, joining Steve and Sam.

Scott: How much time do we have to get out of here? This place won’t hold like this without power for a long time.

Steve: We have about 5 more minutes.

Scott: I'm more than ready to go then. Come on!

Scott looked at Wanda and then at Steve.

Scott: What's up, guys? Isn't it better for us to carry her out?

Sam: We need to remove this thing from her neck.

Scott: Yes, but not here, out there, right? We have to go!

Sam: It has to be here!

Scott: Why does it have to be here?

Sam: There may be a tracker on that.

Steve: I didn't even think about it.

Sam: I just acted like big Natasha, didn’t I? Right, right?? You can admit... it was very clever.

Scott: Guys, I don’t want to be rude but it's been about two minutes since Steve got here, we won't be able to get it out in 3 minutes, so I suggest we leave her here and the four of us leave.

Scott said looking at Steve, Sam and then at Clint.

Scott: My God, Clint, get out of there!

Scott hurried Clint who had not yet opened his cell door.

Steve: We don't leave anyone behind!

Scott: How about we go and then you come back to get her late? Can we do this? Let's vote... who wants to leave, raise your hand!

Scott raised his hand alone.

Scott: Wow! Just me? OK, so I go!

Sam: Scott, stop! You are smart enough to disarm this thing on her neck.

Scott: Maybe... but I'm not The Flash to do that in 3 minutes, so let's save as many people as possible and then see what to do with her, otherwise we all will be stuck in here! We have to go!

Steve: I'm not going anywhere without Wanda.

Steve was a bit angry now.

Scott snorted and looked up.

Scott: Ok, so let's take her with us, then you leave me in the first place you can, then you go on your journey and be captured by whoever can track it! Can be that way? Yes? OK, let's go. Come on, Selena Gomez.

Scott said to Wanda, on his way to enter her cell, but Steve stopped him from approaching her by putting his arm in front.

Steve: I need a minute with her.

Scott: We don't have a minute, Cap!

Natasha: Steve?? I can see you from here, why are you taking so long? They were supposed to be on the move by now.

Natasha asked Steve through the electronic point. Steve put his hand over the dot in his ear to hear better.

Natasha: Is there some problem down there? Why is Clint still in his cell? It is unlocked like the others, I deactivated the lock of all cells.

Steve: It's Wanda.

Steve justified.

Natasha: What about her?

Steve: That thing on her neck.

Natasha: Oh yes, I was working on it.

Steve saw the lights on Wanda's choker go out.

Natasha: There.

Steve: She doesn't look well.

Natasha: We don't have time for this now, Steve, take her on your arms and leave with the rest.

Steve entered the cell and crouched down in front of Wanda.

Steve: Wanda?

Scott: What is he doing, man??

Scott was very anxious and desperate to get out of that place, for fear of not seeing his daughter anymore, so he ignored the safety of the others, he has another priority.

Sam: Relax.

Sam said calmly.

Scott: I can't relax! Steve, look...

Scott went to Steve.

Scott: I understand that she is bad now and that you are worried about her, but if we don't leave here now, you won’t even be able to help her recover, because you too will be arrested or killed... That mustachioed guy is very upset with you.

Natasha: Steve, you need to start moving now!!

Steve took a deep breath.

Steve: I am worried about Wanda.

Natasha: Ok, doesn't she want to move?

Steve: No, she...

Natasha: Then pick her up and take her out!!!

Natasha ordered.

Natasha: How about being worried about her from inside the jet??

Steve sighed.

Steve: You’re right.

Steve ran a hand through Wanda's hair.

Steve: It's me, Wanda, I'm going to pick you up now because we have to go. All right?

Scott: Right!

Scott made a woman's voice to impersonate Wanda, which made Steve look at him seriously.

Steve picked Wanda up and she didn't protest, he walked to the exit with Scott and Sam and everyone was about to leave that room when Natasha caught Steve's attention.

Natasha: Steve!!! Barton is not moving!

Steve stopped, which made the others stop too and look at him. Steve looked at Clint, who was nodding with his head.

Steve: Barton?

Clint: I can't go, Cap, but you all must go.

Scott: Father in heaven!!! A few days in confinement and you get out of your head!!! Are you crazy? Okay, I'm not even going to question anymore, let's go guys!

Scott commented anxiously.

Sam: What's up, Clint? You can’t stay. Come on, man!

Clint made negative with his head.

Clint: I have a family, guys.

Scott: I have it too, man! So we have to get out of here and come back for them!!!

Scott commented still very anxiously.

Clint: If I run... I will have to stay away from them. If I stay, they can visit me or I can have a chance in court and serve my sentence at home.

Steve: You don't have to serve any time, you are not a criminal.

Clint: I'm aware of that, but it doesn't matter in the situation now... Tony and the others signed the agreement, which officially makes us criminals... I'm sorry, Cap. I can't go.

Steve understood Clint's side and didn't want to insist, he has the age and maturity to decide on his own life and there are more things at stake for him.

Steve: We'll see you again, Barton.

Clint: I hope that soon.

Clint smiled at Steve, who couldn't even smile back.

Natasha: Steve?

Steve: He decided to stay.

Steve warned Natasha and she was speechless for a few seconds.

Natasha: Is he going to try a deal?

Natasha came to this conclusion after a brief analysis.

Steve: Yes.

Sam: Come on, we have to go.

Steve and Sam walked out, but saw Scott stop this time. The two turned to look at him.

Scott: Hawkeye is absolutely right... I was arrested once... I spent a lot of time without my Cassie, I don't want to be away from her again, never again. I prefer to stick around and try the same as Barton.

Steve didn’t question, he understood the reason for the two. Everything that involves family is more delicate and deserves priority.

Sam held out his hand to Scott, who shook his hand.

Sam: Take care, Scott.

Scott: You too. Be safe.

Natasha: Less than a minute, Rogers, I'm not in the mood to draw my gun right now, but I'll have to do that if you don't get out of there now.

Natasha warned, which made Steve run with Wanda and Sam for the roof of that complex, where Natasha was with a jet waiting for them.


Natasha activated the jet's turbines again, she had also entered the penitentiary complex, but went to the machinery sector, then to the control department to disable the cells, then returned to the jet to extract everyone in time for everything to return to normal in the complex.

Sam got into the jet first and helped Steve get Wanda into the jet, he picked her up and laid her on the bench, which turned into a stretcher for her.

Natasha: Come in, Steve! Let's go!!!

Natasha shouted, already taking flight.

Steve hurried to board, but ended up with his legs hanging out. Natasha already knew he was safe, she heard screams and then the sound of gunshots, it was the prison staff attacking them.

Steve got on the jet and Natasha flew away from the compound.

Steve: How is she?

Sam: She slept.

Natasha: Slept?

Sam: Or passed out, I don't know! She wasn’t sleeping there in prison, anytime we looked at her, she was with her eyes open in the same position. It was giving me the creeps, I must to confess.

Steve approached the bench where Wanda was lying and fastened by a seat belt, he checked her vital signs.

Natasha: Sam, do you miss flying?

Sam: Oh yeah, baby... do you need me? I'm here for this.

Sam went to the pilot area and took over in place of Natasha, who walked over to Steve and Wanda.

Natasha: Is her pulse normal?

Steve: Yes...

Natasha watched Wanda.

Natasha: She looks relieved in some way.

Steve: Yes, I think she is just tired.

Natasha: Let's give her a few hours of rest. We can take turns checking to see if she's okay.

Steve nodded and continued to watch Wanda, with a very concerned expression on his face.

Natasha: You rescued her.

Natasha touched Steve's shoulder, trying to comfort him.

Steve: No, I put her in this situation... on the run.

Steve commented ruefully, he seemed upset and guilty about it.

Natasha: She's young but she's not a baby, Steve. She took the side that had to be.

Steve: The right thing would have been her living her life normally, far from it all, as Stark said... now even Clint is away from his family... what did I do?

Natasha: You fought for what you thought it was right. You and Stark exaggerate on the fight over the accords, but after all you stayed true to what you thought and to what you always preached. We followed you because we believed it was the right thing to do. The consequences of this, each one assumes whatever it comes from it. And I ask you, Steve... is it worth regretting now?

Natasha crossed her arms, looking at Steve who was still looking at Wanda.

Natasha: Tell me... what's the purpose of regretting? What's done is done. What are we going to do from now on? That is what matters.

Sam: It would be a good time to find out where we're going to. I am just piloting to nowhere here.

Natasha looked at Sam and then at Steve.

Natasha: What are the coordinates, Captain?

Steve: I'm not Captain America anymore, don't call me that.

Natasha frowned slightly at this statement.

Steve: Just call me Steve. Or Rogers as you usually does...

Steve walked by the jet and looked irritated, but no one knows exactly why...

Sam: Where are we going?

Steve: Just cross the ocean, Sam. Then we'll see what to do.

Steve ordered and he was quiet for the rest of the trip.

Natasha just chatted with Sam for a while, during the trip, but kept an eye on Steve and the other on Wanda to see if they were both okay.

Natasha knows that Steve is too angry, she just doesn't know the exact reasons, she just suspects about the reasons and she preferred to give him some espace and not be questioning or trying to raise the subject about any conversation, whenever he decides to speak, she would be there to listen, like she has Always been.


Natasha switched places with Sam and pilot straight for more than five hours. During this time, Sam slept and Steve stayed awake, sitting on a bench next to Wanda, who was still sleeping.

Natasha: How is she?

Natasha broke the silence. Steve looked at her and then at Wanda.

Steve: She seems okay.

Wanda took a deep breath when she heard Steve and Natasha's voices. After so much silence on the jet, their voices, even in low tones, awoke her.

Wanda opened her eyes and blinked a few times, she moved her head and sighed, while trying to wake up completely.

Steve: Wanda?

Wanda looked Steve in the eye for the first time since the rescue.

Steve: Are you okay? How are you feeling?

Wanda: Lost.

Steve: I understand, you didn't look like yourself a few hours ago, I think it’s caused by this thing around your neck.

Natasha: We need to remove it before landing somewhere. The jet has signal blockers, but once we get out of it, they can track our location.

Natasha commented, looking back.

Steve: I'm going to blow this up, Wanda... it's very tight on you, so it may hurt a little.

Natasha: Don't hurt her, Steve, I can try to take it off her in other ways.

Natasha warned.

Wanda: Guys, don't worry about it...

Wanda put her hand in the direction of the necklace and used her own powers to break it, removing it from her neck.

Steve: You are safe now, you are with us.

Wanda looked at Sam and then at Natasha, she looked around and saw no one else so she got worried.

Wanda: Clint?? Where's Clint and Scott? What happened to them??

Steve: They decided to stay there.

Wanda frowned in confusion.

Wanda: There? In prison???

Natasha approached the two and crossed her arms, she left the jet on autopilot, since they were flying over the ocean with no sign of turbulence.

Natasha: Yes. Clint has his family, just as Scott has a daughter, who he prefers to be around. Even though in jail.

Wanda: This is so wrong.

Natasha: Yes, but I understand the reasons for both of them. I believe that they can reach an agreement because they didn’t run away and are able to collaborate to obtain chances to serve their sentence at home.

Wanda: Do you mean collaborate by handing us over for them? Clint would never do that.

Natasha: Clint is very smart, he won’t say anything that would harm us, he will give information that will leave them alone and also us. Anyway, he doesn't know where we're going, so he wouldn't even be able to report us.

Wanda: And where are we going?

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: No destination yet.

Steve: Any small country in Europe or Asia...

Steve spoke up and he was tearing the white star out of his uniform, still looking very angry. Natasha and Wanda just watched him vandalize the uniform that is a classic symbol of Captain America.

Wanda and Natasha looked at each other right away and just by the look they communicated that they shouldn't talk about it.


After exhausting hours of travel, Steve, Sam, Natasha and Wanda landed in a small field, surrounded by mountain ranges.

They all disembarked from the jet and looked around the landscape, they seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, but a nowhere very beautiful, despite being a little cold, the mountains had a very green vegetation, a vibrant green that with the light of the sun was shining so brightly that it was uncomfortable for anyone looking directly at it.

Wanda put her hand above her brow to protect her eyes and continue to admire the local landscape.

Wanda: I have no idea where we are, but I like this place.

Sam: We need to know where we are.

Steve: We will go to a populated place to get information, but we have to be careful. I don't think we should all go together, because it would get more attention that way.

Natasha: I know where we are.

Everyone looked at Natasha.

Natasha: This is a country called Montenegro.

Wanda: I never heard of it.

Natasha: Almost nobody, it’s a very small country and tends to attract tourism at certain times of the year, like now.

Natasha informed and looked at Steve.

Natasha: I decided to come here since you didn't know which destination to go to.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Steve: Have you been here before?

Natasha: Yes... not to do pleasant things tho.

Steve: I see, well... what do you think? Should we mix around?

Natasha: Yes, but as you said... gradually... I suggest that Wanda and I go to the populated área first. You and Sam stay here tonight, maybe two nights.

Steve: I prefer to have Wanda close to me.

Natasha frowned slightly.

Natasha: She'll be safe with me too.

Wanda: Hi? Guys? I'm right here... you can ask me.

Wanda waved to Steve and Natasha talking and deciding on her destiny, even tho she’s standing right there in front of them and she is an adult too.

Steve: Sorry, Wanda. You weren’t feeling good a few hours ago.

Wanda: I was doped, but I'm fine now. I can decide and I can go with Natasha.

Steve sighed and nodded.

Steve: If so, Okay. Be careful you both.

Wanda: You too, guys.

Natasha went to the jet and came out of it pushing one of the bikes out, she got on the bike and grabbed one of the helmets and handed another to Wanda.

Natasha: Be alert, boys, I won't be here to clean up your mess this time.

Natasha joked, but Steve still looked like na angry man. Sam gave a tired smile, because he was tired indeed.

Wanda got on the back of the bike and put the helmet on her head, then Natasha drove out of that area and used her instinct to find a road and be able to go to the town.


As soon as they arrived in a small town, Natasha and Wanda soon realized that it would not be easy to mix with the locals. Their way of dressing was somewhat different from theirs and they barely entered the town and all attention was turned to them.

Natasha parked the bike in a public square, she and Wanda took off their helmets and hung on the bike.

Wanda was surprised at how many people were looking at them and she was afraid they were being recognized.

Wanda: Natasha?

Natasha looked at Wanda.

Wanda: I think we are going to have problems.

Natasha: Here? Not really.

Wanda: Everyone is looking at us.

Natasha: Well, I am very beautiful woman.

Wanda frowned and looked at Natasha, who smiled

Natasha: You too are, so... it's normal.

Wanda: But not like that, we are on the run, we shouldn't be exposed like that.

Natasha: Wanda, in America we were on the run, here... here we are just on tourism... they are looking at us because we’re strangers. It’s only that. Try to relax... remember the tip about disguises... act normal.

Wanda nodded and noticed that the people who were looking them before, soon went back to doing what they were already doing before, so Natasha was right, they are just new in town.

Wanda: Look at this place...

Wanda analyzed the constructions and the shape of the buildings. It was all old-fashioned, very old, kind of medieval. Many buildings were made of carved rough stone, the streets are cobbled, the only thing missing was people dressed in period clothes.

Wanda: I feel like I'm in a Game of Thrones episode here.

Natasha: Well, you should thank God for not being. It's not that bad here.

Wanda: Not really, I am not complaining, in fact I am delighted by the place.

Natasha: I like it here too, I knew you would like it that's why I wanted you to come with me, I have some places to show you, but first I need to withdraw money.

Wanda: How will you do that? They will track you.

Natasha smirked.

Natasha: If I only had an account in America, they would, but...

Wanda: Oh... now I get it.

Wanda smiled.

Natasha: Why don't you take a walk around here while I search for a bank?

Wanda: How will you find me?

Natasha: Nobody else is dressed like you, I will find you, don't worry and don't get in trouble.

Wanda nodded and while Natasha went to look for a bank in the city, Wanda went to look at the shops around the square, she smiled at three children playing in front of a bar, who laughed at her and whispered among themselves.

It's okay to be the city's attraction in that sense.

- Place to eat, miss?

A guy offered while she was walking on the sidewalk.

- Miss, would you like to see our handicrafts?

- Do you like rings? We have several. Gold. Plate! Come check!

- Come here, lady, look at those fabrics. Nowhere in the world you find it.

- Looking for cheap electronics, miss? I have the most current ones on the market. Best price! Come in and check it out, come in and check it out!

Wanda was approached by several sailors offering the most varied type of products and services for her, she smiled to everyone and looked at almost everything that was being offered to her, she lost two hours or more on it, so much so that Natasha returned to her and found her inside of a women's clothing store.

Natasha: I see that you are loving the local commerce.

Wanda looked at Natasha and smiled, looking Happy.

Wanda: It's all very interesting and really, really cheap!

Natasha: This place is known for that.

Natasha approached Wanda and noticed that she was wearing a different outfit than the one that she arrived.

Natasha: Did you like this outfit?

Wanda had even forgotten what she was wearing, she looked at the outfit again.

Wanda: They made me try it.

Natasha: But did you like it?

Wanda: Yes, I liked it.

Natasha: So we're going to take it.

Wanda: Really???

Wanda made a expression of surprise like a teenager receveing permission to by the dress prom of their dreams.

Natasha: Why not? We need new clothes.

Natasha nodded and shrugged.

Natasha: You should choose some more pieces, I will see something for myself too.

Wanda nodded then her and Natasha did good shopping, it was already night when they left the last store and everything else was already closing.

Natasha commented to the curious salespeople that she was in town to participate in mountain games, which usually happens during this period, she commented that she was camping with friends outside the city, but that she didn't want to fly back at this hour, so they suggested a very simple hotel, since the biggest hotels were full.

Natasha and Wanda went to the hotel and shared the same room, they ordered pizza and Wanda was eating, sitting on her bed while Natasha was bathing.

Natasha came out of the bathroom now, drying her hair on a towel. Wanda stared at her and got surprised by what Natasha has done to her hair.

Wanda: Did you cut your hair??

Natasha: Yes.

Wanda: But... just like that? By yourself??

Natasha: Why would I pay for that?

Wanda: I don’t know, to look good, I Guess...

Natasha: Is it awful?

Wanda: No.

Natasha: So...

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: We all have to look the least like the Avengers now.

Wanda: Well, I’m not cuting my hair.

Natasha: Fine.

Wanda: I can paint, maybe.

Natasha: It’s Okay.

Natasha sat at Wanda’s bed too.

Natasha: Tomorrow we are going to buy clothes for Steve and Sam, we have to take fuel for the jet.

Wanda: How are we going to do that?

Natasha: Using gallons.

Wanda: Will we stay in that city for real then?

Natasha: For one week or less.

Wanda: Just that? It's so peaceful here.

Natasha: Here it’s full of tourists and it will have way more when the games really start. We actually won't be able to stay anywhere for a long time, Wanda. If somebody denounce us, Interpol appears here at our door.

Wanda was quiet, she understands that this is necessary.

Wanda: Steve looks very upset today.

Natasha: Yeah, I know... He has reasons for that, but I think he is feeling very guilty.

Wanda: Guilty?

Wanda frowned.

Natasha: Yes, because what he did you go through, choosing his side...

Natasha faced Wanda.

Wanda: Made me go throught?? I sided with him because I wanted to.

Natasha: Yes, but he thinks you should have been preserved, he feels a duty to keep you safe because you are young.

Wanda: I am not a child! That’s so annoying.

Natasha: No, you’re not a child, but he sees it that way. He feels that you are his responsibility.

Wanda: It seems like everyone sees me like that. Stark put Vision to like... supervise me! Then Vision tried to stop me from leaving. It seems that the only one who respects me here is Clint.

Natasha: It must be very frustrating.

Natasha showed understanding to Wanda’s complaints instead of trying to explain the reasons of the others, she thinks Wanda is smart enough to know the Avengers' reasons for treating her like their little sister, she doesn't think Wanda is really offended by this.

Natasha: Especially being treated like a child by Vision... who is so special for you.

Natasha smirked.

Wanda frowned slightly at the way Natasha spoke of Vision, something in that sentence and intonation, made her feel embarrassed. Wanda lowered her head and was laughing softly, she made a negative with her head.

Natasha: It's pretty clear that you like him. It's all right.

Wanda: That must seem very strange to you.

Natasha: Why would be?

Wanda shrugged, still looking down.

Wanda: Because he is not... human.

Natasha: I think he has more heart than a lot of humans we met.

Wanda looked at Natasha in surprise.

Natasha: He's a very nice guy.

Natasha nodded and smiled and Wanda smiled back.

Wanda: I hope he is doing okay.

Natasha: I bet he is. We will have news about him soon, I promise. About the entire Stark team.

Wanda nodded and then the two were silent.

Natasha finally got a slice of pizza to eat and Wanda bit another piece of hers.

Wanda watched Natasha eating.

Natasha: If you want to say something, say it.

Natasha said when she noticed Wanda's look.

Wanda: I'm thinking about how you are.

Natasha frowned slightly.

Natasha: Me??

Wanda: Yes, you said that I will hear from Vis and everyone, but you... you will not hear about Banner. It’s been a while since he didn’t communicate anymore.

Natasha frowned more and looked down, she made a negative with her head.

Natasha: He must be fine.

Wanda: If he's okay... doesn't that make you angry? Because he didn’t bothe to contact you... you two had something, so... he should have said something.

Natasha: We weren't dating, so...

Natasha shrugged.

Wanda: Yeah, because there was no time for that.

Natasha: He wasn’t really interested in a serious relationship.

Wanda: And you?

Natasha lifted her shoulders and took a long time to answer.

Natasha: Not anymore.

Wanda sighed.

Wanda: I thought...

Wanda started to speak and then she stopped and went silente, then she made negative with her head, looking down.

Natasha: What??

Wanda: Nothing. It’s... it’s silly.

Wanda laughed.

Natasha: Say it!

Wanda: I don't know, I...

Wanda looked at Natasha.

Wanda: I thought... I thought something was going on between you and Steve, but then I saw you flirting with Banner and I saw that it was nothing, you are just friends.

Natasha: Me and Steve???

Natasha laughed softly.

Natasha: Why does everyone think that???

Wanda: You guys are together all the time and I’ve never seen you care as much for someone as you care for him.

Natasha just lowered her head and was silent for almost two minutes.

Wanda was embarrassed to have commented on Steve, maybe she was too invasive, maybe Natasha doesn't like her joke, or rather, her comment.

Natasha: I really care about him. A lot, and maybe you're right... about caring too much, I don't think there is anyone, at the moment, that I value as much as I value him. But...

Natasha continued with her head down, analyzing her relationship with Steve.

Natasha: He always deserved my friendship and trust, he never did anything to make me doubt him or his integrity, as a work partner, as a friend, as a leader or as a boss...

Natasha raised an eyebrow and smiled. Wanda just paid attention to her, then spoke up, knowing she might be abusing again, but curiosity was killing her.

Wanda: But you two never...?

Natasha looked at Wanda with a raised eyebrow.

Natasha: What do you think?

Wanda shrugged and stammered.

Wanda: I... I-I don't-don't know... I... uh...

Natasha started to laugh because Wanda was embarrassed.

Natasha: Never.

Wanda: Never??

Natasha made a negative with her head.

Wanda: And you... never, ever thought about it?

Natasha: Well...

Natasha raised her eyebrows.

Natasha: He's quite a man...

Natasha searched for the words.

Wanda: Hot?

Natasha: I wasn't going to say exactly that...

Natasha and Wanda laughed.

Natasha: Not that he isn't, I mean... look at him...

Natasha continued to laugh and so did Wanda.

Natasha: It’s impossible to have never thought about it.

Wanda: Did he reject you??

Natasha: Hm...

Natasha stopped to think of an answer.

Natasha: I confess to hitting on him, at the beggining, to see what he would do, testing to see if he was nice and respectful as everyone said and... surprisingly, he was exactly like that.

Wanda: In other words... he dumped you.

Natasha: I wouldn’t say...

Wanda: Yeah, right...

Natasha: No, seriously...

Natasha laughed.

Natasha: He just always saw me as a friend and I was very happy with that actually, he always respected me as a woman, even when I opened up myself to him and he could flirt with me, but he kept his work posture. Then I saw that his respect was not fake, he respects me professionally too. Also, I still try to get this man to sleep with someone, but... I don't know what his problem is.

Wanda: You mean Sharon?

Natasha: Yeah... maybe they will go ahead with this thing of them, or not, since we ran away. I don’t know... but if he wants, I will put them in touch, I hope they are happy. Someone has to be happy after all, right??

Wanda nodded.

Natasha: He deserves that.

Wanda: Yes. And so do you, Natasha. Do not forget that.

Natasha smiled and nodded, appreciating that girls talk.