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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha: Wanda! Wake up, time to go.

Wanda took a deep breath and she too lazy to wake up, she turned on the bed and covered her head, falling asleep again.

Natasha looked at Wanda and frowned slightly.

Natasha: Right... five minutes, just while I shower...

Natasha warned and went to bath.

It took Natasha exactly five minutes to shower and put on clothes, she combed her hair and then came back to the bedroom.

Natasha: Wanda??

Natasha called again.

Natasha: Come on... get up if you want to shower and eat before we leave to meet Steve and Sam.

Wanda just groaned and sighed.

Natasha made negative with her head and put on her shoes, then checked her weaponry, hid it by her body, under her clothes, and separated a bag that had new clothes for Sam and Steve.

Natasha looked at Wanda and then checked the time.

Natasha: Wanda, your time is up! We are leaving now and you go with the clothes you are on.

Natasha announced and pulled up the cover from Wanda.

Despite wearing a long-sleeved sweatshirt, Wanda was only wearing panties at the bottom.

Wanda finally woke up and sat on the bed.

Wanda: What? Wait...

Wanda yawned.

Wanda: I ne-need a shower.

Natasha: If you wanted to take a shower, you would have got up when I told you to, now we have ten minutes to eat, pick up our things and get out of here.

Wanda: But I'm only wearing my underwear!

Natasha: That's not my problem, put your pants on and let's go.

Wanda: But I'm also without a bra.

Natasha rolled her eyes.

Wanda: We spent a lot of time on roads and missions, I don't want to go without taking a shower... God knows when it will be our next stop and when I will have a shower to clean myself properly.

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: Ok, Wanda... I'm hungry, so I'll go out and eat at the hotel's restaurant. Like I said... we have ten minutes... If you prefer bathing to food, stay here.

Wanda: I will stay!

Wanda nodded.

Natasha: And be quick, I swear if you not ready when I come back, I'll leave you here.

Wanda smiled.

Wanda: And would you get there on the jet without me?

Natasha frowned and shrugged.

Wanda: What would Steve think of that??

Wanda joked and smirked, knowing that would irritate Natasha.

Natasha frowned more.

Natasha: Don't test me, Wanda.

Wanda laughed quietly and went into the bathroom.

Natasha: Seven minutes now!

Wanda: Okay!!!

Natasha left the room and really went to have breakfast, when she was finishing eating, Wanda appeared in the hotel lobby, she approached Natasha's table and stood, looking at the buffet where they had several cakes, pancakes, breads, eggs and bacon being served.

Wanda: I'm... I’m ready...

Wanda commented without taking her eyes off the buffet.

Natasha got up and sighed, she looked at the buffet and then at Wanda.

Natasha: Just today, Wanda.

Wanda looked confused at Natasha.

Natasha indicated the buffet with her head.

Natasha: Go eat.

Wanda: But you said that...

Natasha: I know what I said, but if you don't eat and tell Steve that you're hungry, he'll start complaining a lot in my ear that I didn't feed you.

Wanda: As if I were a pet.

Natasha: Yeah, exactly... not that I care about him, or about you...

Wanda smiled.

Natasha: I just don't want anyone complaining in my ear.

Wanda went to help herself at the buffet and Natasha left the hotel to put the things she bought on the bike, she still went to the gas station, refueled the bike and bought four gallons of fuel to fuel the jet, in addition she bought breakfast for Sam and Steve.

Fifteen minutes later, Natasha went back to the Hotel, and thought she would see Wanda at the door of the hotel, but she didn't see her there so she had to get off the bike and come inside of the hotel to call her.

Natasha didn’t find Wanda in the hotel's restaurant also, so she started to look for her in other areas and found her in a small corridor, where it has public telephones.

Natasha frowned when she saw Wanda on the phone, she hurried over to her and Wanda seemed to be surprised that Natasha caught her on the phone.

Wanda: Na-natasha...

Natasha took the phone from Wanda's hand and hung up.

Wanda: Natasha!!

Natasha: Are you crazy??

Wanda: This is a pay phone! What's the problem?

Natasha: What's the problem??? What part that we are running, that you didn't understand??

Natasha had to be hard on Wanda, but she was whispering to no one listen.

Wanda: It's just a call... I wasn't going to identify myself!

Natasha: So nobody got to answer it?

Wanda made negative with her head.

Natasha: Great! Never do that again!

Wanda: I'm old enough to use the phone!

Natasha: You're old enough to use your head too, so use it! Let's go!

Natasha turned and started walking out of the hotel, she knew that Wanda was not following her, but she ignored it, she got on the bike and started it, knowing that this way, Wanda would come.

Wanda appeared at the hotel entrance, almost sulking.

Natasha looked at Wanda.

Natasha: Go up! Now!!

Natasha ordered irritated.

Wanda took a deep breath and got on the back of the bike.

Natasha took off with the bike and headed back to where she left Steve and Sam two days before.


Steve managed to sleep on the jet, but he was light asleep, he woke up several times at night with Sam's snores and sleeptalkings, he usually speaks while sleeping.

Now, early in the morning, Steve heard the sound of a bike from a distance and he already opened his eyes, he got up and then open the jet door, Steve came out and could tell that Natasha was approaching with Wanda.

Steve noticed, even from a distance, that Natasha did something with her hair, as it was not in the wind, only Wanda's.

Steve took a few steps and waited for the bike to get very close.


Steve gave a small smile when he saw her two friends again.

Natasha parked the bike and Wanda got off the back.

Steve: Good morning!

As Steve greeted, Wanda walked by Steve straight, with no greetings back and she also didn't get on the jet, she just kept walking to the field, without looking back.

Steve broke his smile and frowned, not understanding Wanda's behavior, so he approached Natasha.

Steve: What happened?

Natasha: Don't ask!

Natasha also was mad, she got off the bike and started to remove the gallons of fuel, she left the 4 gallons on the floor, then took the bag with the breakfast and the bag with the new clothes and handed it to Steve.

Steve: What is that?

Natasha: Clothes! Food!

Natasha replied short and thick, she went back to the bike and got two gallons, then she walked towards the jet.

Steve: Do you want to help with that? I can carry it for you.

Natasha: No!

Natasha replied briefly again and went to the side of the jet, she left the gallons on the floor, went back to the bike again and took the rest of the gallons.

Steve just watched, then boarded the jet and woke Sam up.

Steve: The girls are back.

Sam woke up and rubbed his face, but remained lying on the jet's mini bed.

Sam: Did they bring coffee? I hope you have coffee!

Steve: Yes, they did and...

Steve was going to comment on the state that Natasha and Wanda arrived, but he went silent when he saw Natasha entering the jet.

Natasha approached Sam.

Sam looked at Natasha and as she said nothing, he raised his eyebrows.

Natasha: What??? Are you expecting a good morning kiss or what?

Sam: Uh... Ju-ju-just for the good morning part...           

Sam replied confused, frowning and looking away, not understanding what is going on.

Natasha: Are you going to get up or are you going to be there all day???

Sam: Uh...

Natasha: I need the hose.

Natasha explained without patience.

Sam: Oh!

Sam sat down and opened the compartment where his bed is attached. Sam removed the hose and handed it to Natasha, who took the hose and left the jet.

Sam looked at Steve.

Sam: Jesus! What the hell was that?

Sam looked around the jet.

Sam: Where's Wanda at? Did she kill Wanda? She looks like she killed Wanda... I think we are next, we have to run!

Steve: They arrived in a really bad mood, I don't know what happened.

Sam: Oh man! Now I get it! I know what this is...

Sam sighed and shook his head, commenting ruefully.

Steve waited for Sam to say what Wanda and Natasha have.

Sam: My sisters have this... every single month there is a time when women just turn like... like satan or something!

Steve was confused.

Sam: PMS is the name...

Steve raised his eyebrows.

Steve: It’s possible.

Sam: Dude... if that's it, we'd better get chocolate for these women, because one is a witch, and the other... well... I think she could kill me with the force of her thoughts I admire Natasha but I also fear her.

Steve made a negative with his head, not wanting to actually laugh, but he did.

Steve: Take this...

Steve handed Sam the bag of food.

Steve: They brought clothes too.

Steve took a glass of espresso that was named after him. There were still 2 more cups of coffee, one common and the other with milk, because Natasha did not know Sam's preference, she only knows Steve’s taste in the morning, he likes to drink espresso which is stronger.

Sam: What's the schedule for the day?

Steve: I don't know, first I'm going to see what's going on with them...

Sam: No, man, let them calm down alone and let they come and talk to us. Don’t poke the jaguars. Trust me...

Steve ignored Sam and got off the jet.

Sam: Well, don’t say that I didn't warn you!!!


Steve arrived outside the jet and didn't even see where Wanda went, she was out of sight, he went around the jet and saw Natasha on the side of the jet.

Natasha had fitted the hose to the canister and then sucked the hose until the fuel came out, and quickly attached the hose into the jet to fill it.

Natasha spit out the fuel and looked at Steve, who was standing a little bit away from her and then came over, but not too close.

Steve: Is everything okay?

Natasha: Yes.

Steve: What happened in the city? Do we have to leave now?

Natasha: No.

Steve: Um...

Steve looked back again.

Steve: So this is something between the two of you... you should talk.

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: She is upset.

Steve: You seem to be too.

Natasha: No, I as just irritated, but it's over now.

Steve: Your face says something else.

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: She's too young... too stubborn... I understand that this is something people of her age does, but... I don’t know, maybe it’s nothing, really.

Steve: What she did?

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: She was trying to speak to someone on the phone.

Steve: She has no one to talk to...

Natasha: She has... Vision.

Steve: Oh!

Steve remembered.

Natasha: I took the phone and hung up.

Steve sighed and understood now why Wanda is upset.

Steve: Was she talking to him?

Natasha: No, it didn't actually complete the call.

Steve: I understand what you did, and I understand that she is upset.

Natasha: I could have done it another way, tho... I should have asked her.

Steve: Yes, but you didn't know if she was already on a long calling or not, you hung up to decrease the chances of being tracked.

Natasha: It was a pay phone and I know she is not stupid to identify herself, but...

Steve: Everyone is watching the Avengers... specially the government, so they or even Tony himself may be checking who communicates with Vision.

Steve completed for Natasha and nodded.

Natasha: I know she cares about him and in her mind, he is all that she has. She lost her brother, she lost her home and the "family" that she won, it's difficult, I know... that's why I wanted to approach it differently.

Steve: She will understand your reasons.

Natasha: I don't want to explain myself.

Steve: You don't have to... she's smart, she'll understand.

Natasha: I jusy hope she doesn’t repeat the mistake.

Steve: In the matter of that, I will speak to her. I will also talk to Sam about remaining contactless, he has family and he is able to want to hear from them.

Natasha: We can't stop them, but we have to make sure that for a while nobody is going to call anyone. That goes for all of us.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Natasha: Wanda will be the most difficult to make understand, she must think that she has nothing more to lose, but we have to convince her that what we are going through is for a while, only until I get a secure means of communication and wait for us not to be so much in the media as we are now.

Steve: Actually, I have a way...

Steve took a very old cell phone out of his pocket.

Steve: You told me that these are not traceable, so I'm keeping this with me for a whiel... just for emergency and it's a direct line to a single person in America.

Natasha nodded

Natasha: Sharon?

Steve frowned slightly at Natasha's suggestion.

Steve: No... actually... it's with Tony.

Natasha who frowned this time.

Steve: If he needs us, he'll call that number.

Natasha: His pride would never allow it, Steve.

Steve: That is a problem of him with his conscience.

Natasha nodded.

Steve: Is that all that was bothering you?

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: I'm way better now.

Steve: Really?

Natasha: Yes, talking to you has already calmed me down.

Steve: Good, because Sam was scared of you.

Natasha: He really should be.

Steve smiled.

Steve: I know you wouldn't hurt him, me, or Wanda...

Natasha: I can't with Wanda, right?

Natasha smirked.

Natasha: Don't spread the word that I wouldn't hurt Sam or you.

Steve: Okay, your secret is safe with me.

Natasha smiled more.

Steve: Now I will help you with that.

Steve smiled decently and helped fill the jet with the rest of the gallons.


After a few hours, Wanda returned to the jet and they had a meeting to talk about communication with America, they also talked about staying close, about not attracting attention and about staying in touch with each other.

Steve guaranteed that he would not lecture everyone all the time, that everyone there was an adult to understand their duties and responsibilities, that each one would take responsibility for what they did.


As the time goes by and they keep running away together, although they were all friends, it was difficult to always be in the company of these very same people, every day, every hour. It came to a point that now and then, when they arrived in a new place, each one could go anywhere they want and then they met at some specified place and time to go to the next destination.

The only people who never were tired of being together were Steve and Natasha.

When Steve gave them permission to go and do whatever they wanted in some city they were arriving, so now has been passe around 7 months since they are o the run, they arrived to new destination and Sam and Wanda didn't even think twice when the jet touched the ground, they practically ran away from Steve and Natasha.

Steve: What about you? Aren't you going to run from me too?

Natasha: Are you hungry?

Steve: What? Aren't you really going to leave?

Natasha: Do you want me to leave?

Steve: I didn't say that.

Natasha: Are you hungry?

Steve: No.

Natasha: I am.

Steve raised his eyebrows, trying to understand if she is hungry why wouldn’t she go look for a place to eat then.

Natasha: Are you coming?

Steve: No, I... I'm going for a walk.

Natasha: It looks like you are the one who needs some time away from me.

Steve opened his mouth to answer, but Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: It’s alright, Roger, I'll see you later.

Steve: Do you want me to accompany you?

Natasha: Not anymore. Thanks.

Natasha moved away from Steve.


Steve decided to walk around the city, and he was distracted looking at some windows, then he stop in a square and watched some children playing on playground and a group of old people, playing cards and chess with no hurry to go anywhere.

Steve wondered if he should be doing the same. Quiet, without worries, playing cards in a square, reading the newspaper at home, waiting for death to pay him a visit and take him to where he should be by now.

Steve usually does not allow this kind of thoughts dominate him, he is tired of thinking about it and he is tired of regretting to be alive yet. Steve also thinks on the positive side of his life too, like being over ninety years old and being able to walk, run, fight, defend and protect people like those old people and those children who have no worries in life.

Steve also has other concerns in mind now, like Wanda, Sam... and Natasha. In addition to Clint and Scott, but these two, he has seen on TV that they were tried and sentenced to serving sentences at home, just as they both wanted.

Steve was surprised to see Tony Stark and Rhodey testifying in favor of a lighter sentence for Scott Lang and Clint Barton.

As for the others who are on the run with him, Steve keeps thinking that Wanda could be in America, improving, studying, dating or doing what she wants in life, like any young woman of her age.

Steve wonders if Sam is comfortable without hearing from his mother, who suffers from arthrosis, without news from his sisters and many nephews that he talks about so much and must miss a lot.

Steve thinks of Natasha, but she is the one he cares less about, because she would just have Banner there and Banner is gone. Natasha doesn't talk about him and she always says that she is where she wants to be.

Steve is not worried because Natasha is smart and self-sufficient to follow her path alone, if she is together with him and the others it is because she wants to.


Steve thought he would see Natasha at the end of the day, she always shows up, but this time she didn’t look for him at night, neither on the next morning or the next day after that.

Steve didnt see her for almost ten days straight, which was the time they agreed to stay in that same place.


Wanda: Steve!

Wanda was the first to arrive at the place agreed.

Steve: Wanda...

Steve hugged Wanda.

Wanda: I wasn't late this time.

Steve smiled.

Sam: Hey, guys!

Sam said, approaching the meeting point.

Steve: Sam.

Sam: Are we all ready to go?

Steve: No, Natasha has not arrived.

Sam and Wanda frowned.

Wanda: What do you mean? Wasn't she with you?

Steve: No.

Sam: Since early this morning?

Steve: Since about ten days.

Sam and Wanda frowned even more.

Wanda: B-but... you always stay together.

Steve: I think she needed time for herself.

- Hi.

Steve, Wanda and Sam looked at Natasha, and looked in shock at her.

Sam: Hi... Katy Perry...

Sam joked about Natasha’s new color hair.

Natasha: Quiet.

Sam smiled.

Natasha: Not even a word about it.

Wanda: I liked it.

Sam and Wanda commented on Natasha's new look. Extremely blond hair and eyebrows.

Sam: Isn't that a little too much ?? I think you should have gone to a blond Jeniffer Aniston type maybe, I don't know... you just came like... BUM!!! Eminem.

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: Are we going or not ??

Wanda: I think I'm going to dye my hair too, a girl on the street today said that I look like the scarlet witch she saw on TV a while ago...

Natasha: You should... all of us...

Sam: Oh, uh, uh, no... Sam Wilson is not going blond...

Natasha: Then keep wearing a cap and sunglasses and a hood.

Sam: This is really bad too, people are watching over me all the time, specially when I am wearing hat, sunglasses, they soon think bad stuff... and I know the real reason.

Natasha: I get it, so I suggest you to change your look, because change people's minds is quite difficult.

Sam: I won't be blond.

Sam and Wanda boarded the jet.

Natasha approached to board the jet.

Steve: I liked it.

Natasha looked at Steve and didn't change her expression.

Natasha: Thank you, Rogers... although I don't like your badly shaved beard, but it gave you an... exotic look. Different. You were really needing some visual changes.

Steve: Thank you, I guess...

Natasha: Aren't you going to cut your hair? It’s getting a little long.

Steve: Not for a while.

Natasha gave a small smile and boarded the jet, followed by Steve.

Everyone embarked on another trip, and spent more months together, stopping in cities from different countries, trying not to get involved in local problems and failing miserably at it.

Wanda: I can't take it anymore!!!

Wanda said as she boarded the jet for the thousandth time, ready to leave another country. Now her hair was much longer than before and was orange.

Wanda: Almost a year like that! I think we more then a year, right?? How long more we won’t be able to talk to our friends??

Sam: It's getting difficult for me too, guys, I'm not going to lie.

Wanda: Yes! Plus... we are not on the News anymore.

Steve: I understand, but...

Natasha: Steve...

Natasha interrupted Steve and he looked at her.

Natasha: It's time.

Natasha announced and Steve sighed.

Natasha: It's been a while since I have seen the avengers, or former avengers, we... being on the news.

Wanda: Yes! It's been months! I keep repeating that!

Natasha: Yes, I know, but we couldn't take any chances. And then when something happened in somewhere we were, we all ended up interfering, sometimes and I think I was recognized... in fact, I'm sure I was recognized and the person I saved, simply decided not to report me.

Steve: It happened to me too.

Sam: And with me.

Steve: People around the globe, I mean... the civilians... they have nothing against us, that is clear. It’s only the government...

Natasha: Yes... and I think that if Sam wants to go home, see his family, we can't stop him anymore.

Sam: What do you suggest? I don't want to be arrested.

Natasha: I will find a way for you to go to America safe, but once being there, you will be on your own. Use your training skills.

Steve: I think he is more than ready.

Natasha: He is.

Natasha confirmed.

Natasha: Remember you can always come back, Sam. If you step out of the line and get arrested, you will remain in jail this time. Understand it?

Sam nodded in agreement.

Natasha: Wanda... I can't send you home yet.

Wanda: Yeah...

Wanda took a deep breath.

Wanda: I figured that out.

Steve: But we can put you in touch with Vision.

Natasha: Although I'm pretty sure you guys spoke a few times during that time.

Wanda looked to the side ad didn’t comment about it.

Natasha: But! It’s okay... because you kept it low... discreetly and this is very important...

Wanda: I was worried about him.

Natasha: No need to justify it, I think that this time you can call him and ask him to come and meet you.

Wanda looked at Natasha in surprise.

Natasha: But... when he arrives he must to be discreet... by discreet I mean he must look as a human.

Wanda nodded.

Natasha: Don't get involved with problems that you can't solve, Wanda, do not drag a lot of attention for yourselves. You need to let us know where you're going and every step you take you need to notify us.

Wanda: Okay! I’ll do it!

Wanda was excited about the news.

Natasha: And Steve...

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: The same for you... if you want to call Sharon, or if you want to meet her... I can make it happen.

Steve: Thank you, I will think about it.

Natasha: Shall we go then?

Everyone nodded in agreement, they took off and went on their way to their next destination.


As agreed, as soon as they landed in a new location, Sam said goodbye and embarked alone, on a common flight to America. Steve, of course, kept asking him to be careful all the time.

Natasha: What about you, Wanda?

Wanda looked at Natasha and smiled.

Wanda: I already told you on the jet, where I would be... I will find him.

Steve: Be careful.

Wanda: I will be, Steve.

Wanda smiled at Steve.

Wanda: I promise. Don’t worry.

Steve: Let me know as soon as you find him and if everything is okay...

Wanda rolled her eyes.

Wanda: Do you think Tony would use him to find us? Vis wouldn't do that to me.

Natasha: I know... but caution is never too much. Now go...

Natasha smiled at Wanda.

Wanda: See you soon, guys.

Wanda said goodbye and boarded taxi.

Steve and Natasha watched Wanda's taxi leave.

Natasha: They grow up so fast...

Natasha sighed jokingly.

Natasha: Well... alone at last...

Natasha said jokingly now that are only her and Steve there.

Steve laughed softly

Steve: What did you plan to do?

Natasha: What did you plan to do?

Steve: Do you Always have to answer with a question?

Natasha: You're doing the same...

Steve looked impatiently at Natasha and she laughed softly.

Natasha: Are you going to call Sharon??

Steve: Are you going to call Banner???

Natasha: I don't even know where he is.

Steve: But if you knew... would you call him?

Natasha looked to the side and was thoughtful.

Natasha: No...

Natasha looked at Steve again.

Natasha: I would have no reason to call him.

Steve frowned.

Steve: Why?

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: I don't know why you keep asking me about him.

Steve: Because you ask about Sharon.

Natasha: Yeah, but... it's been a year and a little since I haven't seen Bruce... do you think I haven't gotten over him yet?

Steve: I don't know. Did you?

Natasha laughed and made negative with her head.

Natasha: You should know me better already.

Steve: So we both share the same justifications.

Natasha: Comparing me and Bruce to you and Sharon? Sharon hasn't disappeared from the planet.

Steve: No, I disappeared from her.

Natasha: That is true... why?

Steve shrugged.

Steve: I have no formal reasons, we just lost contact, I wasn’t that really close to her, so... I don't think there is anything more to say about this matter.

Natasha: Wow... that is cold...

Steve took a deep breath.

Steve: It's not that I don't feel bad about it.

Natasha: You don't feel bad about it!

Steve: Should I?

Natasha: I don't know... it depends on how much you two were involved.

Steve: We flirted... more because of you pushing me to her at that time and she is really nice and I kissed her... once...

Natasha: At a very inappropriate time, by the way.

Natasha commented.

Steve: What??

Natasha: Right after her aunt passed away, your ex... I mean... it was weird.

Steve: Well... I don't know how you know that this happened at that time...

Natasha: Sam told me... he said you were all embarrassed and didn't seem to like that kiss... did you like it?

Steve: Sam has a big mouth...

Natasha smirked and raised her eyebrow.

Natasha: Did you like the kiss or not, Steve Rogers??

Steve: Nothing against the kiss, if you really want to know. But that was it, a kiss...

Natasha: Oh... so you are that type of guy... who would have thought that Captain America would be like that...

Steve: I'm not the Captain America anymore...

Natasha: Right!

Natasha interrupted Steve and rolled her eyes.

Natasha: Nomad! Steve, the nomad!

Steve: You like to joke, don't you?

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: With you, yeah, it’s funny.

Natasha laughed then she stopped.

Natasha: Relax, I understand your point. And I agree with you and I'm happy that you can see that a kiss doesn't make you a committed person... you should go out now and find someone... they say that the women of this country are beautiful...

Steve: Oh, no, don’t start with that again, Natasha.

Steve put the backpack on his back and crossed the street, leaving Natasha behind.

Natasha: What???

Natasha took her bag, which was a small suitcase and put it on her shoulder, she ran to catch up with Steve.

Natasha: I can help you with that!

Steve: I don't need any help!

Natasha: I helped you with Sharon and she was nice... I don't make mistakes about this stuff, trust me.

Steve: I do trust you with a lot stuff but ot with that.

Steve walked faster.

Natasha: Right, so...

Steve: I don't want you to be my cupid, Natasha.

Steve stopped walking and looked at Natasha.

Steve: I can, perfectly, get a woman by myself, thanks.

Natasha was quiet and sighed.

Natasha: I wasn't even going to say anything about it anymore.

Steve: What were you going to say, then???

Steve asked impatiently.

Natasha: Do you want to have a drink?

Steve frowned slightly.

Natasha: Oh my God, that sounded like a date request.

Steve: Yes.

Natasha laughed.

Natasha: It doesn't matter, it wasn't my intention.

Steve: I know.

Natasha: So can we have a drink?

Steve: I think I will rest, Natasha.

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: Oh my God! I hate to drink alone... I'll probably get drunk and make trouble.

Steve: You are a big girl to solve on your own.

Natasha rolled her eyes.

Natasha: Come on, Steve!!! You can sleep later. You don't have a hotel here yet.

Steve: Yeah, that’s why I want to guarantee a place to stay.

Natasha: Well, I can get you one... after we have a drink or two...

Steve took a deep breath and looked down, lowering his head and shoulders, showing dismay.

Steve: Aren't you tired of my company yet?

Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: Impressive, isn't it? I bet you're tired of mine.

Steve: That's why I want to go away and you won't let me...

Steve was joking.

Natasha: Steve...

Natasha took two steps, standing right in front of Steve's body, she looked him in the eye.

Natasha: You are a terrible liar.

Steve: And you are too confident.

Natasha: Thank you.

Natasha smirked and turned, crossing the street in another direction.

Natasha: Come on!!!

Steve watched her and sighed.

Natasha didn't even need to call him again or look back to see if he would come, she was sure he would go with her and that is what happened... it took him two minutes to decide, but followed her to the nearest bar.