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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha: So... this place is not that bad.

Natasha commented to Steve and then took a sip from her larger mug of beer that she has ordered when they arrived at the bar.

Natasha watched Steve looking around to notice better the details of the bar, the two of them were sitting on high stools at the bar.

Steve: No...

Steve was still looking around the bar, he had his suitcase right at his feet, along with Natasha's suitcase, and he was analyzing the atmosphere of the bar. More stools on this bar counter than tables, tables to sit on should only have 3 or 4, there were pool tables too and on the other side, a large TV, showing some important game that a good part of those present were watching.

Steve: Much better than the last one that you got me in.

Steve commented, completing his analysis and took a sip from the long neck bottle of beer he was drinking.

Natasha: I thought the last one was pretty interesting too, but you didn't seem to like it very much...

Steve looked at Natasha and saw her curving her lips, in her famous sarcastic smirk.

Natasha: You got in trouble.

Steve: No, Natasha you got me into trouble.

Steve corrected her.

Natasha: Me??

Natasha frowned, faking to be surprises, she took another sip of her beer.

Natasha: How so??

Steve: You put me in that place but I wanted to rest.

Natasha: You can rest when you die!

Steve: I'm trying not to acelerate this process and you don't help.

Natasha: How is that my fault, Rogers?

Natasha was holding back her laugh.

Natasha: I was at the same bar as you and I had no problems.

Steve: Because you are a woman and as soon as we stepped in that place, I knew something was going to go wrong, I warned you and you wanted to stay.

Natasha: Yes...

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: I told you to leave, you didn't have to stay.

Steve: And leave you alone in that place??

Natasha: Oh, dear Rogers... we both know that I am big enough to be alone in any place. You're funny, Rogers...

Natasha took another sip from her beer and placed it on the bar counter. Natasha corrected her posture and looked at Steve.

Natasha: Sometimes you are fully aware of what I am capable of doing and don't give a damn about my safety, then when it is about smaller and simple things, like a bar full of men with second intentions, you want to stay and protect me... What is up to you?

Steve: Do you think my intention is to protect you?

Natasha frowned.

Steve: I stay to ensure the integrity of those men.

Steve commented and took a sip of his beer. Natasha watched Steve for a few seconds, analyzing his response, then she smiled slightly and returned to hold her mug.

Natasha: I'm glad you know that I don't need you to protect me.

Steve finished taking his long neck, put it on the counter and asked for another one for the bartender, lifting the bottle in the air and pointing at it. The bartender nodded and went to pick a beer for Steve.

Steve looked at Natasha again.

Steve: Although I don't have to, I still saved your skin a few times.

Natasha: What? Oh, Okay... just once, in the explosion of your bunker.

Natasha reiterated.

Steve: Once???

Steve raised his eyebrows.

Natasha: Was it more than that??

Steve: Really? Losing memories??

Natasha: I don’t recall.

Steve: Let me refresh your memory, Widow...

The bartender brought Steve a new beer.

Steve: A few days before that event you mentioned, when Batroc dropped the bomb in the ship's intelligence room and I carried you out of the room.

Natasha: Oh!

Natasha laughed and took another sip of Chopp.

Steve: Yeah! Oh!

Natasha: Wait...

Natasha raised her index finger, pointed at Steve and then made negative with her head.

Natasha: I saved you.

Steve: You saved me? When?

Natasha: That day!

Steve: What?

Natasha: Yes.

Steve: No.

Natasha: Yes! Who shot at the window, facilitating our escape point from the room?

Steve: Oh my God! Really?

Natasha: Really!

Steve: Do you really think that if I didn't want to, I couldn't break that window, just kicking it, or throwing the shield in it?

Natasha: Maybe, but you would have a chance to fail, because you were carrying me, so I made it easy, so I saved you that day.

Steve: Okay.

Natasha: Let's consider that we both saved ourselves.

Steve: I accept that.

Steve smiled and Natasha smiled back, they both drank a little more.

Steve: We are a great team.

Steve commented.

Natasha: A perfect duo.

Steve took his bottle and toasted with Natasha’s mug of beer. They both took a sip of their drinks.

Steve: Still, there was that episode, on the expressway, that they threw a rocket at us, and I pushed you away and I was hit alone by it.

Natasha: That was a suicide attempt.

Steve: I knew I could take it and I still got you out of the car, you and Sam, when the car overturned.

Natasha: You only managed to do that because I dodged you and Sam from your friend's bullets.

Steve: So we're even again.

Natasha: I still have to think about it.

Natasha turned the rest of the mug over and called the bartender, raising her finger discreetly. Even discreetly, she caught the attention of the bartender who approached her at the same time.

- Yes, ma’am?

Natasha: I would like a bottle of vodka.

- Right on your way.

The bartender replied and then took the bottle of vodka and a glass, one of those small ones that serve a standard dose. Natasha was watching.

Natasha: You can use a regular glass.

The bartender looked at Natasha and looked surprised and at the same time approved Natasha's order, he took an regular glass, with greater capacity, placed it on the counter and served the triple dose to Natasha and while he poured the vodka into the glass, he stared constantly at Natasha, who watched the glass being filled, she took the glass and soon turned it all over.

- Oh my! This is a woman who drinks!

Steve: Yeah, don't even tell me.

Steve laughed softly at the bartender's surprise and admiration.

- You’re Russian, aren't you?

Natasha nodded.

- Soon I noticed, only Russian women to handle such strong drinks. I'm Russian too.

Natasha: Really??

- Yes.

Natasha: What is your name?

- Hector.

Natasha: Hector! A strong name.

- Thank you. Can I know yours?

Natasha: Natalie... Rushman.

Natasha smiled.

Steve frowned slightly and looked at Natasha, he forgets that they are on the run and that they need to use false names.

Then there was a whistle at the end of the counter, there were other customers wanting service too.

Natasha: It looks like you're being requested by others, Hector.

- Yeah... I would like to only serve you.

Natasha smiled again.

Natasha: I would hate to see you lose your job, Hector.

- Yes... I better go.

The Bartender turned and almost took a step away.

Natasha: Hector!

Hector stopped and looked at Natasha in confusion.

Natasha: My bottle!

Hector stared at Natasha, still very confused.

Natasha: I ordered the bottle.

- I thought it was just the triple dose.

Natasha: No.

- Right...

Hector placed the bottle on the counter and Natasha helped herself to another dose.

Hector looked at Steve.

- You are a very lucky man, your wife... with all due respect...

Hector looked back at Natasha.

- It's wonderful.

Steve: She is not...

Natasha: He is very lucky indeed!!

Natasha interrupted Steve and he looked at her, unsurprised. He is used to it.

- Excuse me.

The bartender walked away and Natasha took half the shot of Vodka she poured.

Steve: He looks nice.

Natasha looked at Hector and at his body.

Natasha: Yep... he is, definetly, my type.

Steve looked at Natasha who was still focused on Hector.

Steve: So are you interested?

Natasha looked back at Steve.

Natasha: I haven't decided yet.

Natasha raised an eyebrow.

Natasha: Until I decide, you are my husband.

Steve gave a small smile, which quickly faded, he sighed and took a sip of his beer.

Natasha: Don't you like it when I do that?

Steve: Do what?

Natasha: When I pretend to be your wife or girlfriend.

Steve made negative with his head and shrugged.

Steve: It doesn’t bother me.

Natasha watched Steve.

Natasha: I won't do that anymore.

Steve: What? I didn’t say anything.

Natasha: Exactly...

Natasha gave a half smile and took the rest of the dose, then helped herself to more.

Steve: I noticed that you've been drinking more in the past few weeks, Nat. I'm worried about you.

Natasha: Don't be.

Steve took a deep breath and lowered his head, he made negative with his head.

Steve: I bet you didn't expect to run away at this point in your life.

Steve commented.

Natasha: Oh God, don’t start...

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: I think you're drinking more now because of what you're doing with your life now.

Natasha: Steve, I am not Wanda, please... I am doing what I want... helping people to live with less problems. I wish I could be more effective, but... it is good also acting in these small forays with you and Sam... that's what I worked for on SHIELD and then for the Avengers and now for you.

Steve: You don't work for me, you work with me.

Steve pointed out and Natasha laughed softly.

Steve: I'm not anyone's boss, especially yours. I have long considered you my equal.

Natasha found the word funny and laughed softly again.

Steve: Seriously, Nat... I trust you. For everything. If I am a leader, that means you are too and this is because you deserved it. I accept no less than this position for you.

Natasha gave a small smile and lowered her head slightly.

Natasha: Thank you, Steve. That means alot to me.

Steve: You don't have to thank me. I believe it’s reciprocal. I hope so.

Natasha: You know it is.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds and then Natasha cleared her throat.

Natasha: I really am drinking more, but there is a reason for that. Do you want to know why?

Steve nodded.

Natasha: Because I am not having sex. It’s been a long time.

Natasha saw Steve turn red like a cherry.

Steve: Very detailed.

Steve cleared his throat.

Natasha: I'm being honest and frank with someone I trust and is my friend... and equal...

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: Friends talk about everything, but if that makes you uncomfortable, then...

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: We can talk about something else.

Steve: No, if you want to talk about it...

Natasha frowned slightly and feigned astonishment.

Natasha: Steve Rogers wants to talk about sex???

Steve: No, you want to talk about sex and as your friend and good listener... I will listen...

Natasha: I don't want to talk to myself.

Steve sighed and rolled his eyes, then looked at Natasha again.

Steve: Right... what do you want to know?

Natasha: Are you a virgin???

Steve laughed and then made negative with his head while still laughing. Natasha was laughing softly.

Steve: Straight to the point.

Natasha: Yes, I drank this fake vodka, it had more effect on me than expected, so... are you a virgin?

Steve: What do you think?

Natasha: Yes or no?

Steve: I feel like you know the answer.

Natasha: Well...

Natasha still had a smile on her face.

Natasha: I believe you are not a virgin, but I believe you were when we first met.

Steve: You are right.

Natasha: In which of the statements?

Steve: Both.

Natasha: Oh... so... who took your virginity? Sharon? Hill? Tony??

Steve: Hill???

Steve found the suggestion strange and made negative with his head.

Natasha: We never know... and you are surprised by me mentioning Hill, but not mentioning Tony... Should I suspect on something ??

Steve: You always mention Tony, or Sam, even Bucky.

Natasha: You all act like boyfriends, it's not my fault.

Natasha shrugged.

Steve: It wasn’t Sharon, it never actually happened to her, other than that kiss.

Natasha raised her eyebrows.

Steve: Not even Tony.

Natasha: Do I know the person?

Steve: No.

Steve took a sip of his beer.

Natasha: Does she work at SHIELD?

Steve: No.

Natasha: At the Avengers GQ base?

Steve: No.

Natasha: Is it her or him?

Steve rolled his eyes.

Steve: Her.

Natasha: Oh... your neighbor?

Steve: No.

Natasha: Okay, then who???

Steve: You don't know her.

Natasha: Where did you find the girl?

Steve: In a place like this.

Natasha: A bar ??

Steve took another sip of the beer and nodded.

Natasha: Wait... did you flirt in a bar? I never witnessed that!

Steve: I won't be flirting with anyone with my friends around. I prefer to be alone to do this kind of stuff.

Natasha: So you're that type of man, huh... do you pick up her phone? Did you call her on the next day?

Steve: I never called back.

Natasha: What?? I'm surprised and disappointed, Steve Rogers.

Steve: I never committed to them, I never promised anything.

Natasha: Them? So it was more than one girl??

Steve: And am I dead by any chance?

Natasha: Oh my God! Steve Rogers!

Natasha gaped at him.

Natasha: I didn't know that side of you.

Steve: Now you know all of my sides.

Natasha: Yes... big step.

Steve: Yes. When can I reach the same level with you?

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: What do you want to know?

Steve: Do you still think about Banner? Be honest.

Natasha frowned slightly and looked down for a few seconds, reflecting on the question asked.

Natasha: It's not that he never crosses my mind. Sometimes I wonder where he is and if he is very alone.

Steve listened, showing empathy. Natasha looked Steve in the eye.

Natasha: It's not a romantic issue, you know? I question the same thing about Tony, Rhodey and everyone who is away from me.

Steve: But if was romantic too, there's no problem with that, Natasha.

Steve wanted to reassure Natasha in case if she wanted to be honest about it.

Natasha: I know, nobody has anything to do with my life, but... I am a person of physical and mental contact to have a relationship... wait...

Natasha laughed softly and made negative with her head.

Natasha: I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm not a person of any kind of relationship, much less loving. I almost fell in love with Banner, yes, but I was kind of forcing it, I don't know why. This time he was gone, it was even good for me to put my head in place and see that I was not being myself. But I liked to flirt and see him red...

Steve: You really like doing that with everyone, but you stopped when you started flirting with him. I thought it was real, that you were going to be together.

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: But we are not together. It wasn't supposed to be, but I changed because I'm tired of this seduction game, I don't even need it anymore.

Steve: Maybe it means you are mature now.

Natasha sighed and nodded.

Natasha: We both cherish loneliness. More than we should.

Steve let out a big sigh too.

Steve: I will not try to convince you otherwise, because it is exactly how I feel and everyone comes to say that I still have a lot to live on, that I am going to find someone special and I am lazy with this type of conversation.

Natasha: Exactly. They tell me that all the time. Clint, especially.

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: But it's different when he tells me or when you tell me that kind of thing.

Steve: Why?

Natasha: Because you two are the people I trust most in the world. It’s hard to imagine you betraying my confidence, although I did it with you.

Steve: You didn't betray my trust.

Natasha: I signed the accords, Steve, I changed sides, but I did.

Steve: And you are here now with me. You don't have to agree with me at everything in order for me to trust you. You are the wisest woman I know. I should rethink my decisions when you disagree with me.

Natasha: God...

Natasha exclaimed and looked away at the bar, then at Steve again.

Natasha: This conversation is getting very weird and it's late, I'm still little excited because of my cheap vodka and... I already said I'm missing sex and you're not helping with this beard and restrained anger. And... to worse you have these speeches that affect me, or to make me sick or to make me... flattered.

Steve: What??

Steve was confused.

Natasha: Never mind.

Natasha laughed quietly alone and poured another dose of vodka for her, drinking it slowly afterwards.

Natasha: Do you want to play a game?

Steve looked at the pool table.

Steve: I'm a little tired, Nat.

Natasha: I know.

Steve: You don't want to end the night...

Natasha made negative with her head.

Steve: Right... let's do this, I'm going to play a match of pool with you and then I'm going to find a place to sleep. I don't feel like sleeping in a sleeping bag on the street and being woken up by police or social services, thinking I'm a beggar.

Natasha laughed softly.

Natasha: Right. One match.

Steve and Natasha stayed at the bar for another forty minutes, drinking and playing pool. Natasha still flirted a little more with Hector, especially when she revealed that she was not committed to Steve, so Hector got his hopes high and kept insisting with Natasha and he was a nice guy, he even played pool with them until Steve decided to leave to give some privacy and freedom for Hector and Natasha.


Steve came out of the bar and looked around the street, then he looked into the bar again, through the window that was fogged up by the cold, but he could see Natasha from there and could see her talking to Hector and she seemed to be entertained by him and he felt a bit weird about it.

Steve decided to left the bar at the moment Hector was talking about Russia and trying to get Natasha to say what city she was from, but she knew how to talk very well in order to not give information about herself.

Steve went back to looking at the street and got his cell phone, he tried to access the internet to look for a hotel or hostel nearby to spend the night, but it wasn't working, he didn't want to bother Natasha, so he decided to go look somewhere on foot and alone.

As it was already dawn, the streets were deserted, and the sidewalks were sliding due to the thin layers of ice that were forming due to the city's climate.

Steve thanked God mentally that it wasn't snowing.

Steve walked for almost twenty minutes until he found a motel. It was better to sleep in a motel than to sleep on the street, so he went in to get a room.

Steve: Good night, do you speak english?

- A little.

Steve: Right... do you have a room?

- Je n'ai pas de place pour le moment. No, pardon, no.

Steve: Oui, je comprends.

The attendant smiled when Steve spoke in French.

- Vous parlez français Êtes-vous américain?

Steve: Oui, oui.

- Je think that je connais. Êtes-vous un artiste?

The attendant was thinking that she knows Steve from somewhere, she asked if he is an artist.

Steve: Non, but they confuse me toujours avec un. I'll keep looking for a place to sleep then, thanks.

Steve dismissed it, claiming that he was always mistaken for someone famous, then he turned to leave the place.

- Mon seigneur??

Steve turned again.

- There is a place, not so good, not so clean but you will find a room there.

The attendant took a chance in English.

Steve: Where?

- You are going to montrer.

The attendant left the counter and walked with Steve to the entrance, when they reached the sidewalk, she pointed in the direction that Steve should go and that was exactly where he came from.

Steve: I just came from there, where there is a bar called... La Rouge.

- Oui, La rouge, J'aime cette barre. You go there and walk another ten minutes, turn to the droite and et puis la gauche. And you will see. There's no mistake, it's easy.

Steve: Merci.

- You're welcome and... If you veux, you toujours ma maison. Mon quart if it ends in 3 hours.

The attendant offered her own house to host Steve, she pointed out that she would be free in three hours.

Steve: Thanks, but... who knows next time.

- You could leave your phone, so I'll call you.

Steve: What if you give me your number instead?

The attendant shrugged.

- Whatever you want...

The attendant smiled and took a pen out of her pocket, she took Steve's hand, took off his glove and wrote her number on his palm, in addition to the number she wrote the letter A and a heart.

- Je m'appelle Amélie.

Steve: Nice to meet you, Amélie. Je suis Christopher.

- A Greek name. I loved it.

Steve smiled awkwardly, he put the glove back on and walked in the direction indicated.

- Au revoir, Chris.

Steve waved quickly and walked faster, frustrated that he had used his intuition to go in that direction and was in the opposite direction. It has now started to snow and it is colder than before.


Steve ended up getting lost after he went down the street from the bar, he didn't remember if he should turn left or right first and that made him take a good walk around the blocks until he finally found the place.

Thank God! Steve exclaimed in thought when he saw the door of a small hotel.

Steve tried to open the front door but it was locked. The door was made of solid wood and it was impossible to see what was inside, the walls next to the door seemed to belong to another kind of commerce than that hotel, the hotel appeared to be only on the second floor and to have only that door to access the second floor .

It cannot be closed. Steve thought, starting to get frustrated again.

Steve knocked hard on the door and it was necessary to do this three times, until he heard someone scream inside.

Steve was happy to hear the door being opened and smiled when he saw an old man with a frown on his face for being awake at this time of night.

Steve: Pardon, monsieur. I am looking a place to sleep.

Steve apologized and said he was looking for a place to spend the night.

- Nous n'avons pas de poste vacant.

The man replied bluntly that there were no vacancies and immediately tried to close the door in Steve's face but Steve prevented the action with his hand.

Steve: Je peux dormir sur le canapé or au bureau. I dont care.

Steve told the old man that he could sleep on the couch or even on the floor.

- Pas du tout. Pas du tout.

The old man did negative with his head and hand.

Steve: Please, sir. I will pay for it.

Steve took money out of his pocket.

- Pas du tout. Pas du tout. From d'ici!

The old gestured for Steve to leave and tried to close the door again.

- Depart d'ici!

- Monsieur René!

The old man looked at the top of the stairs and Steve also looked because he recognized that woman's voice.

The two saw the blonde girl with short hair and thick pink lips.

- Mademoiselle, ne t'inquiète pas, il ne ressemble pas à un voleur mais il part. (Miss, don't worry, he doesn't look like a thief, but he's leaving).

The way of looking and talking of the old man towards the lady was totally different from the way he looked and talked to Steve, he even smiled at her.

Natasha: Je sais qu'il n'est pas un voleur. C'est mon ami. (I know that he is not a thief. He is my friend.)

- Oh! Mais nous n'avons pas plus de place.

The old man informed that still there were no more vacancies.

Natasha: Il fait très froid dehors, Monsieur René, je peux partager ma chambre avec lui.

- Êtes-vous sûr?

Natasha: Oui. If he doesn't mind ...

Natasha looked at Steve and raised an eyebrow.

Steve: I didn't understand that last part. What did you say to him?

Natasha: That you can stay in my room and that we are friends.

Steve looked at the old man, who nodded and gestured for Steve to enter the hotel.

Steve entered the hotel and it was a really small hotel, the entrance door was wooden and very narrow and when entering the hall, he could see a long staircase that had walls on both sides that form a corridor as narrow as the door.

Steve went up the stairs and when he reached the second floor he saw that he had a small balcony and only a corridor with about six doors, probably from the rooms of this small and simple hotel.

Natasha: Terrible French.

Steve: I haven't practiced in a long time.

Natasha: I can tell that.

Steve noticed that Natasha was wearing a black silk robe, she had her arms crossed, but they were right under her breasts, which made them stand out and the silk is a very light fabric that marks the body and he could even seeing the shape of her breast through it, including the nipple, because it was cold, so they were marked too.

Steve didn't want to notice any of this, he must have looked at her body for just a fraction of a second, and then his mind deduced that she was naked beneath it or that her underwear was as thin as silk in her robe.

Although it was for a few seconds, it was enough for Natasha to notice, just because Steve turned red and looked at the floor and then at the ceiling.

Natasha: I will show you the room, come on in.

Natasha walked to the end of the hall and open the door.

Natasha: It is not a five star hotel, but... but at least it’s warm in here.

Natasha mentioned it when entering the room.

Steve followed her and closed the door shortly after entering the room.

Steve noticed the only bed in the room. A double bed that occupies practically the entire room.

On each side of the bed, there is a small nightstand with a lamp that also separates the bed from the walls.

Natasha: At least we have this private bathroom.

Natasha said as she moved to the bathroom door, also very small.

Steve: I thought you were at the bar with Hector.

Natasha: He was nice, but I wasn't in the mood.

Steve: You said you were in need of sex.

Natasha: Yes, but... I don't know...

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: I didn't feel like it. I'm still looking, but the vodka helps.

Natasha said and then immediately went into the bathroom and closed the door, but opened a gap in it shortly thereafter.

Natasha: Can you give me my purse?

Steve: Hm... yeah...

Steve looked for the bag and found it on the floor next to the bed, he picked it up and handed it to Natasha.

Natasha: Thank you and... you can feel free, you are holding your bag as if you were still going somewhere.

Steve nodded, he was wondering where he would fit in that room. To sleep on the floor, just lying on side.

Natasha took five minutes in the bathroom, then left wearing a blouse and long cotton pants. She threw her bag on the floor and the robe she was wearing before on the bag.

Natasha: I decided to change since you were clearly uncomfortable with me naked.

Steve raised both eyebrows.

Natasha: I was only naked because I was going to sleep alone, I put on an outfit but I refuse to sleep in a bra.

Steve blushed again.

Steve: I'm going to take a shower...

Natasha nodded.

Steve: They shouldn't have any extra blanket, will they?

Natasha: They barely have any bedding, Steve.

Steve: Yeah... I swill use the sleeping bag then.

Natasha frowned.

Natasha: Sleeping bag? Where will you put it? On the bathroom floor? It's a little disgusting in there.

Steve looked around the room again and Natasha rolled her eyes.

Natasha: By God, Steve... don't be stupid, you'll sleep in bed with me and if you try anything I'll call Monsier René.

Steve made negative with his head and Natasha laughed softly.

Natasha: Go take your bath. The water is only hot for five minutes.


Steve took a shower and while doing this, he thought about it and decided that it was okay to share the bed with Natasha, after all they had already shared a room before, but Sam was in the same room too, but no one had to share the same bed. They are all friends and everyone respects each other, so it was okay to share the room, so it will be okay to share the bed with Natasha.

When Steve came out of the bathroom, he saw that Natasha was already lying down and seemed to have already fallen asleep, she was lying on her side and her face turned to the wall.

Steve put his things in front of the nightstand, then carefully lay on the bed so as not to wake Natasha.

Natasha: You can use the blanket.

Natasha said quietly and Steve was startled.

Steve: It's too cold.

Natasha: I'm used to it.

Steve lay on his back and covered himself with the blanket up to his belly, he let out a sigh of satisfaction at being in a warm place where he could finally sleep.

Steve closed his eyes and sighed again.

Natasha: Did you give up on Sharon?

Steve opened his eyes and sighed, this time in frustration that Natasha was talking about it at that hour and knowing that he has been trying to rest since Sam and Wanda said goodbye that afternoon.

Steve: Giving up is a strong word. Life just didn't put us together.

Natasha: She could be right here, Steve. In my place... why isn't she?

Steve: I think the fact that she is not here... already answers that question that you have asked several times.

Natasha: Hm...

Steve looked at Natasha who was still facing the wall.

Steve: Why do you ask so much of her?

Natasha: I thought you were in love.

Steve: In love?? It was just a kiss. The only person who talks about her here is you, so I should believe you who are in love with her??

Natasha: Is this a joke? It sounded like one. And a good one, by the way.

Steve: Coming from you is a compliment, so thanks.

Natasha: You're welcome and if I had a secret crush on a woman, it would be Maria Hill. And... it wouldn't be secret.

Natasha pointed out.

Steve closed his eyes again and settled himself better on the bed, lowering himself further.

Natasha: Who is A?

Steve opened his eyes again.

Steve: What??

Natasha: Did you have sex with someone in ten minutes??

Steve: What??

Natasha turned on the bed until she lay on her side again, but this time, turned to Steve.

Natasha: Are you one of those?? Very quick...

Natasha made a face of contempt.

Steve: I didn’t have sex with anyone.

Natasha: Well, were you trying to?

Steve looked up.

Steve: What are you talking about, Natasha??

Natasha: You had a phone number in your hand before you took a shower and the letter A... I hope you saved the number elsewhere. Did you save?? You recorded?

Steve: I didn't even remember that I had it in my hand.

Natasha: Damn, you missed the number then!

Steve: Can we sleep?

Steve closed his eyes again.

Natasha: Adele?

Steve opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, because of the heavy breathing he seemed to be angry.

Natasha: Adelaide? Alice? Amanda? Aline? Alicia?

Steve: Jesus Christ...

Steve whispered and sat on the bed.

Steve: Okay, I'm going to sleep on the street.

Natasha laughed and sat down quickly, she took Steve's arm before he could get up.

Natasha: Sorry, it's the vodka!

Steve: Everything you blame the vodka.

Natasha: Stay... please.

Steve lay dow again and Natasha sat on the bed, she looked over her shoulder at Steve.

Steve: Why can't you sleep?

Natasha made negative with her head.

Steve: Don't you know? You are anxious. I am too, but we have to rest. If I stay up straight, my mind will explode.

Natasha: When you close your eyes, do all the problems disappear for you?

Steve: No.

Natasha: Not even for me.

Natasha remained seated and sighed, looking at the bathroom door now.

Natasha: I hear you having nightmares sometimes. It’s been a while, but I don't usually say anything.

Steve: I've heard your nightmares too.

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: I think I will stay awake, to watch over your nightmares, if you have one, I wake you up.

Steve: It looks tedious.

Natasha lifted her shoulders.

Natasha: I have nothing else to do, really. Insomnia wont leave me. You can do the same for me later.

Steve: It may be that tomorrow we already have a new mission or destination to go.

Natasha: I know, you can repay it some other day.

Steve: Right.

Steve closed his eyes again and Natasha watched him sleep for a few minutes, then she hugged her knees while looking at the entrance door to the room.

Natasha rested her chin on her knee, while trying to keep her mind free from bad thoughts, which usually cause her to have nightmares, just in case she really gets to sleep at some point.

Steve: What is your favorite fruit?

Natasha even got scared by Steve's voice, she looked at him in surprise.

Natasha: Grape.

Steve: Green or red?

Natasha: Greens.

Steve: Um. Your favorite juice then.

Natasha: No. I love orange juice.

Steve: It's my favorite juice too.

Natasha: I know.

Natasha gave a half smile, she knows what Steve is doing. He knows that she cannot sleep, that she has been disturbing him again and again because she is haunted by something and that it is getting worse.

Natasha just wants to be distracted so as not to think about what went wrong in her life and the things she did wrong in life too.

Natasha knows that Steve must be very exhausted and she is grateful that he is always willing, even complaining, and a lot, to help her in some way.

Steve: You don't have to sweeten the orange juice, you know that, don't you?

Natasha rolled her eyes and lay down again, this time on her back too, she just turned her face to look at Steve.

Steve: I see you putting sugar and salt on everything. You don't even taste it and already sweeten or salt it.

Natasha: This is called instinct.

Steve: This is called a bad habit.

Natasha: Bad habit is having a century of life and refusing to wear glasses and a cane.

Steve rolled his eyes, while Natasha laughed softly.

Steve: I don't need glasses.

Natasha: How do you know?

Steve: I went to the doctor.

Natasha: Did you really go to the doctor? Was it after I said you were seeing poorly? That was a joke, Steve. I can't believe you took it seriously.

Steve: A checkup never hurts.

Natasha yawned for the first time finally, she lay on her side again and left her hands under her face while looking at Steve.

Natasha: And what else did you check with the doctor?

Steve: My heart.

Natasha: Are you dying???

Steve: On the contrary.

Natasha: Damn, I bet 50 bucks with Sam that inside you are totally old.

Steve: Sorry to disappoint you.

Natasha smiled.

Natasha: Do you like art?

Natasha also brought up another random subject.

Steve: It depends...

Natasha: On what?

Steve: Those modern ones of the kind that Tony owns, I don't. I like the ones I look at and understand what it is.

Natasha: The easy ones, you mean.

Steve: I don't understand anything that is from Picasso onwards.

Natasha: Picasso is a fraud.

Steve: What is your favorite painter?

Natasha: Monet.

Steve: Impressionism... I like it, but I prefer works a little before that.

Natasha: Like what?

Steve: Jan Van Eyck.

Natasha: Oh... I know him, I love his work and it wasn't just before Monet, it was long before Monet.

Natasha corrected Steve.

Natasha: My favorite work by him is  “The Arnolfini Portrair”.

Steve: The one about a pregnant woman and a dog?

Natasha: Yes, but she is not pregnant.

Steve frowned.

Natasha: The clothes, at that time, were like that and the more petticoat underneath, the more wealth it transmitted and everything was a matter of status. Even oranges also represented the nobility.

Steve: It does not differ much from today's society.

Natasha: According to the gods, green meant fertility, and red passion, desire... that's why he used those colors in bed.

Steve raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Steve: It looks like a ritual to get pregnant.

Natasha: It was exactly that. Everything was conducive to mating.

Steve: It is strange that the woman uses vibrant colors and the bed too, but the guy is almost there mixed with the shaded wooden floor.

Natasha: Of course, because he is the serious and "business" man who provides everything so that his wife has everything she wants. He has to look stern, he has to look manly, provider... man.

Natasha rolled her eyes and then smiled.

Steve: I didn't notice that.

Natasha: There are so many things to be observed in this painting, I would spend hours telling you about every detail, this artist did an excellent job and the most impressive thing is the size of this painting. Like it's very small, and I don't know how he managed to put so much detail in such a small work. It is fascinating.

Steve frowned.

Steve: Do you find it fascinating even though he portrays the man in that way... manly, the provider?

Natasha: He is not guilty of society being that way at that time, he was being paid to portray reality, that's all.

Steve: And how do you know so much about art?

Natasha sighed and mended the sigh with a new yawn.

Natasha: I studied in Russia. I had to be cultured and intelligent to attract men with power, although I didn't mind being educated about art, I liked it and I still like it very much.

Steve: I can see that.

Natasha closed her eyes and yawned again.

Natasha: Did you study a lot about art too?

Steve: No.

Steve watched Natasha.

Steve: I had art classes at school, but nothing very informative. Public school, then... teaching was very outdated.

Steve saw Natasha yawn again.

Steve: The curiosity that made me know a little more about arts.

Steve noticed that Natasha seemed to have fallen asleep, so he went silent, watching her sleep.

Natasha: Steve?

Natasha whispered and opened her eyes briefly.

Natasha: Thank you.

Natasha smiled and closed her eyes again, finally falling asleep.

Now Steve was the one who lost his sleep, he couldn't help watching Natasha sleeping, not when she looks as peaceful as she is now.