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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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That night, Steve and Natasha just kissed intensely for a long time and many times on the same night and they had to stay in the same place, on that balcony that had the stars as their ceiling. Both were aware that surrendering to kisses like that could only happen in public, so that it would not evolve to the next stage, which Natasha's body is not yet ready to go through.

So they enjoyed what they could that night and it was wonderful for Steve to be able to hug her body from behind and feel her lay her head on his chest, while they both looked at that surreally wonderful country.

It was perfect for Natasha to allow herself to be embraced in a protective way that way, without worrying about looking like a weak person, since there was no one else there, besides the man she already trusted to see and know her weaknesses.

It was very cold at that time and that was one more reason for Steve to be even more attached to Natasha's body.

Steve and Natasha were already dying of sleep, but nobody wanted to be the first to admit it and cause this separation of their bodies, so they remained there till when all they heard was a sequence of yawns and they had to say goodbye, regretting internally, until because the sun was already rising.

Steve still had to try a little harder, because Natasha was standing for a long time so she was stuck to be able to walk, so he carried her on his arms to her room, then to her bed and during the journey she fell asleep and woke up briefly when she was being put to bed. Natasha looked briefly at Steve, she smiled as a way of thanking him and went back to sleep.

Steve stayed a few more minutes in the room, just watching her sleep again, then he went to his room, to rest his body.


In the coming days, Steve still spent most of his time with Bucky at the village and Natasha spent her days doing physical therapy, getting to know the palace in Wakanda, meeting the people who attend the palace, the Wakanda royalty and even the servants and members of the army.

While some were more open to talking to her, others were much more closed and it was those ones she liked the most, she also wouldn't give much openness to outsiders, by the way, she no longer opens up to anyone.

Steve and Natasha only saw each other at dinner, talked a little, waited for everyone to sleep to be alone, to be able to kiss, have some exchange of caresses and again they went to bed.

Now, two weeks after their arrival in Wakanda, Natasha was at the palace pool, accompanied by an instructor, who in America would be known as a physiotherapist, but in Wakanda he has another name. This instructor has helped Natasha to recover her movements and even after two weeks of treatment, he still does not talk to her, he is one of those who does not open up for foreigners, he is always silent and it is what Natasha likes.

Not to say that he doesn't talk, the instructor just orders Natasha what to do with the exercises, and he Always speaks... in his language.

Natasha doesn't speak the language of Wakanda, of course, but he does the movements she has to do and she only repeats and he even gets angry when she does it wrong, it's a function he doesn't seem to like doing with her and guess what? He is now her favorite Wakanda citizen, every morning she arrives and even smiles at him and all he does is frown and go into the pool.

- While everyone is outside, sweating in a 104º F heat, you are here in the pool, pretending to be healing.

Steve said in a good mood when entering the pool hall, he walked to the edge of the pool and Natasha smiled at him, she was floating in the water and her physiotherapist was holding her under.

Natasha: Well, I'm here for medical reasons. I have a certificate that exempts me from any activity that doesn't involve a swimming pool or air conditioning, are you interested in seeing it?

Steve just laughed.

Natasha: I'm not a creature of heat...

Steve: I can see that and I’m starting to think that I am not either.

Natasha noticed Steve's tanned skin, the cheek above his beard is extremely red, as well as his forehead, also his arms.

Natasha: What brings you back to the palace so early today?

Steve looked at the huge glass wall of the pool hall, which overlooked Wakanda waterfalls, it seems that the palace was all designed to have a greater view than the other.

Steve: Precisely the heat. Not even Bucky could handle being on the field today.

Natasha: Field?

Steve nodded.

Natasha: I was looking forward to being released and helping you in this village, but I'm starting to think it is better to stay here.

Steve: You are in the best place, definitely.

Natasha gave a small smile.

Natasha: Are you coming in?

Steve: No.

Natasha: You know that the rule for this pool here is to get into here naked.

Steve frowned.

Natasha: They say that this water has medicinal powers.

Steve: You are wearing a swimsuit.

Natasha: Yes, the rule only applies to men. For women it is optional. I would go naked, but... I'm not so in shape right now. The cuisine here doesn't help at all.

Steve frowned more.

Steve: What are you saying, Natasha? This guy over there... he's... he's...

Natasha: Naked? Yes.

Natasha said quite frankly and Steve turned more red.

Natasha knew he would be shocked, and she really wanted to be laughing now.

Steve: You are just kidding...

Natasha: I'm not.

Steve: What??

Steve put his hand on his chin, still frowning.

Steve: And are you there with him?

Natasha: Can't you see that I am?

Steve: B-but... are you not... uncomfortable?

Natasha shrugged and made negative with her head.

Steve: You paid attention to his... uhm...

Steve forced a cough.

Natasha frowned slightly and saw Steve shake his head, he is totally upset about this issue.

Natasha: Did I see his penis? Yes, sometimes.

Steve got even paler and embarrassed because the guy was right there and Natasha talking about seeing his penis.

Natasha noticed Steve looking at the man.

Natasha: He doesn't understand what we said.

Steve returned to his normal color after that.

Steve: And... are you two... getting along?

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha looked at the instructor who frowned and lifted his chin, indicating that she should not lose her posture.

Natasha looked at Steve and smirked, raising an eyebrow.

Natasha: Zulu and I are very close friends. If he could, I think he would have already broken my spine in half. Sometimes it looks like he's trying to do just that.

Steve: I... you... will you be long there?

Natasha: I think there are about ten minutes left.

Natasha looked at Zulu again and asked what time it was going to end, in his language and he replied that it will end, when it has to end and that's it.

Steve: Do you speak their language here now?

Natasha: Not totally, but I learned a few things, two weeks around here, right?

Steve: I just learned how to say thanks.

Natasha: I'm not surprised. You can go, Rogers. I'll meet you when I'm done here.

Steve: No... I think I will wait right here.

Natasha: It can take minutes or hours to finish here... it is unpredictable.

Steve: Okay... I will wait anyway.

Steve said and looked for a place to sit, he became more comfortable as he saw that being naked in this pool, was something common in Wakanda, especially since the poor man didn't seem at all attracted to Natasha, he didn't even seem friendly with her, she who was the one most interested in tormenting the poor man.

At the end of Natasha’s therapy, her physiotherapist just left the pool and Natasha soon looked at Steve, who, of course, spied on her instructor's body. Quickly, but he looked and lowered his head shortly after.

Natasha swam to the edge of the pool, closest to where Steve was and got out of the water, already laughing.

Natasha: Why do you look shocked?

Steve: Do I look shocked? I must be... and I am traumatized.

Natasha continued to laugh.

Natasha: Hand me the robe behind you, please.

Steve was still staring at the floor to forget what he just saw, he turned to look for that robe and as soon as he found it he turned again to hand it over to Natasha.

Steve froze with the robe in his hand, he froze when he saw Natasha's body. Although he has already seen her in the pool, he may not be able to see it in the way he is seein now and even though she claimed to have gained weight, she looks beyond perfect to him.

Natasha reached for the robe and Steve still didn't deliver.

Natasha: Rogers??

Steve blinked and looked into Natasha's eyes, then raised his eyebrows, confused.

Natasha: The robe...

Steve: Yeah... I'm sorry.

Steve stretched the robe towards Natasha and instead of taking the robe with her own hands, Natasha turned her back, indicating that Steve should dress her up.

Steve stood up, already taking a deep breath, his eyes wandered over the line of her neck, up to her shoulder, then to her waist, hips, thighs and feet.

Was it possible to find any defect in Natasha? Steve didn't know, but he was pretty sure it was impossible.

He placed the robe positioned next to her hands and Natasha fit her arms inside the sleeves. Steve slid the robe up until he left it on her shoulders.

Natasha tied the robe and then turned to Steve.

Natasha: What are you going to do now?

Steve looked her in the eye and still couldn't express himself verbally, he was still enchanted by her beauty, even now covered, with her face and hair wet, completely free of any other interference, she takes his breath away, takes his Peace away and even takes away his reason.

Natasha smiled discreetly when she understood Steve's gaze, of course women are intuitive and know when they are wanted, Natasha even more because she knows how to read people, especially men and however this kind of relationship never existed between her and Steve, seeing how much has it developed to that point, makes her very pleased and proud and that makes her feel desired... by the right guy.

Natasha: Steve?

Natasha practically whispered. Steve looked into her eyes and raised his eyebrows, questioning what she was saying, because he has been deaf since he saw her out of the pool.

Natasha: I asked what are you going to do now?

Steve only made negative with his head several times and only afterwards her pronounced...

Steve: I don't know. What will you do?

Natasha was still smiling very discreetly.

Natasha: I thought about enjoying the afternoon and do something productive now that I feel way better. You and Bucky have done so much and I just generated expenses here...

Natasha commented and sighed.

Natasha: So...

Natasha was going to continue talking, but she noticed that Steve wasn't even aware, he didn't seem to be, he seemed to want only one thing now, something that she also wants.

Natasha: I changed my mind...

Natasha said and nodded, which made Steve nod too, involuntarily.

Steve: What?

Natasha: I think I'm going to do something... productive, but... in my room.

Natasha said and took a few steps towards the exit of the pool hall, she stopped and looked at Steve over her shoulder.

Natasha: Are you coming??

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: Me? Will you need me?

Natasha tilted her head slightly and nodded.

Natasha: If I am calling you...

Steve took a deep breath and nodded.

Steve: Okay... I... I... will help you.

Natasha nodded and finally left the pool hall. Steve followed her.


As soon as Natasha entered her room, she walked over to the table next to the huge glass window, which is practically an entire glass wall, and took a remote control over it.

Steve entered the room shortly after Natasha.

Natasha: Close and lock the door, please.

Steve: Lock?

Natasha: Yes, Steve.

Steve did not understand why to lock the door, maybe Natasha has some secret information to pass and so she called him, claiming to need help. Who knows...

Steve was clueless.

Natasha pressed two buttons on the remote control and this activated the air conditioning in the room and also made the glass window become completely dark, no longer allowing the total view from the outside, but mainly blocking the total view of those outside the room to inside the room.

After Natasha did this, Steve was sure that something was going on... but he still thought it was a strategic confidential matter or about Wakanda or America...

Steve remained standing by the door, watching Natasha and waiting for her to reveal the secret information she has, but Natasha said nothing, she kept her back to Steve and turned to the window, she untied the robe slowly and let it fall back until reach the floor, then she walked slowly to the bathroom, without making eye contact with Steve, but she knows she has his attention, she knows she has his full attention.

Yes, Steve was watching Natasha's every move and for him, her movements were in slow motion, he was fascinated even by her way of walking, he even noticed that she always walks with her fingers very tigher close to one another, it doesn't matter if in a moment of relaxation or tension, she always keeps her hands in the same way and he doesn't even know why he observed that kind of thing or why he is fascinated by this characteristic of hers.

Does anyone else notice how someone keeps their hands while walking? Steve even questioned himself.

Steve saw Natasha walk to the bathroom and watch her body move in that red swimsuit, partially wet now, was addictive.

Steve saw Natasha enter the bathroom and saw that she did not close the door, he had little view of the bathroom from where he was standing because the bathroom was on the other side of the room, but he could see her through the reflection of the mirror and he saw her sliding down the strap of the swimsuit and when she revealed her naked shoulder, Natasha looked him straight in the eye through the mirror, but Steve looked down immediately, getting embarrassed.

Steve was embarrassed to be looking at her in the bathroom and watching her undress through the mirror and being caught, he still didn't understand that all this, Natasha was doing for him.

Steve looked down and then at the ceiling, he didn't know what to do and didn't know where to look.

Natasha found it funny from inside the bathroom, she expected him to continue watching her undress, but it was expected that a gentleman like him would not be a total pervert, but just for today she wanted him to be.

Natasha took the two straps out of her swimsuit and slid it down until it was on the floor, getting completely naked, then she peered in the mirror again and Steve this time was with his back to the bathroom and seemed to be analyzing the wood of the door.

Natasha rolled her eyes and made negative with her head, she would have to be more aggressive to get something from Steve... virgin and innocent, she knows that he is not, but that level of respectful type of him, will only postpone the inevitable more and more and she doesn't want to postpone that any longer.

Natasha still needed a shower, so it was better for Steve to keep playing the innocent and analyzing the room. Natasha she went into the shower, still leaving the door open, she turned on the shower and started taking a shower.

Natasha made a point of taking a long shower, even to test Steve's resistance... wouldn't he spy on her any more? If he spied on her... would he invade the bathroom? Wouldn't he feel anything? No reaction? As confident as Natasha was, she has reason to believe that maybe she is not his type at all, after all... before fleeing America, he never tried anything with her, never showed interest, nor seemed to have eyes for her. Maybe that much resistance from him has to do with that, maybe she wouldn't be able to seduce him as she thinks.

Natasha was a little tense when she turned off the shower, but that didn't make her give up. If Steve decided to back off or if he could say no to her today, then she would know, for sure, that those days with him in Wakanda, served only as a distraction against loneliness, it would have nothing to do with passion and desire that she thougt they share for one another.

When Natasha left the shower, she saw that Steve was sitting on her bed, his back to the bathroom and with his elbows resting on his legs and his chin resting on his hands, he seemed to be reflecting.

Natasha took a deep breath and wiped her body superficially, she only dedicated to drying her hair more so it wouldn't drip, then she gave up on the idea of leaving the bathroom naked, she had a white silk robe hanging on the bathroom hook and she wore it.

Natasha left the bathroom slowly, but made a noise when she left to see if Steve moved and all he did was move his head to the side, but he didn't look back, he didn't look at her, he just noticed her presence and that broke her heart.

Natasha: Steve?

Natasha called softly and for the first time, she felt very insecure with a man, she took another deep breath and took a few more steps until she reached the head of the bed.

When Natasha got closer to the bed, she looked at Steve better and saw that he had the front of his shirt completely unbuttoned, which made her frown because it was unexpected since he was avoiding her...

So Steve knows what she was doing, he knows her intentions, so he was feeling the same as she... he wants what she wants him.

It was a relief for Natasha, but Steve's silence and paralysis were still making her tense.

Steve: It took me a while to understand... but I did now.

Steve spoke up after a while, then he looked up and looked into Natasha's eyes.

Steve: And I was here thinking about what I should do because I know that you are apparently better, but I don't know if you are well enough for...

Steve fell silent, looking for the right word or the right way to speak.

Steve: I mean well enough to be here together with me and alone and I also realized that I can’t wait to wait for this moment anymore.

Steve confessed.

Steve: All these days that we are spending here and all the few hours that we were together alone, although good, it has been like...

Natasha: Torture...

Natasha completed for Steve and he fell silent, making positive with his head.

Steve: Yeah...

Steve sighed and stood up.

Steve: So I'm just going to give up today if you tell me you're not ready.

Natasha almost smiled, she opened her mouth, but hesitated to answer, she sighed and then she nodded.

Natasha: I am...

Natasha nodded again.

Steve gave a small smile and threw his head back slightly, indicating for Natasha to approach, she smiled and walked to the front of the bed and along the path until she reached Steve, she released the tie on her robe and Steve already looked at her differently, this time, he had no shyness, this time he seemed confident and sure of what he wants to do.

As soon as Natasha got very close to Steve, Natasha shook her head slightly causing her hair to move out of her face and Steve immediately got up and put his hands on the collar of her robe and slid his hand through the fabric delicately and he moved the robe superficially, while looking directly at her cleavage, then at her pinky and beautiful breasts, her belly and so on.

Natasha had to take a deep and slowly breath, she was already feeling goose bumps with just a few gestures of Steve because she waited and crave for this moment for so long, and her intention was to be the aggressive and the investor, but that moment would still come.

Steve has seen enough of what is under the robe now, and he is still torturing her, just touching the fabric of the robe, wasting time, just looking at the details of her body and honestly... Natasha has waited too long. If it weren't for the event she was beaten up in, they would have done it a long time ago and they would be doing it every day.

Natasha took a short step forward noticing Steve's delay and then she put her hands on his belt and that made Steve capture her lips with his and at that moment it had a small shock between their faces during the kiss.

At that time their kiss didn't even seem to fit, it was a movement of the head to one side and the other, it was an indecision of who would invade the other's mouth with their tongues, it was a fight between noses and their crossed breaths.

All this mismatch, increased the despair and the desire they were feeling for each other. Natasha untied Steve's belt in a hurry and then just by touching his jeans to open she could feel how much turned on he already was.

Steve didn't let Natasha have her moment to undress him, now he was so turned on that he wanted to be in char, so he moved his hands to the back of her thighs, just below her butt, he pushed Natasha's body against his and then placed his big and Strong hands completely over Natasha's buttocks, he pressed his hand hard against her flesh, and continued to push her body against his.

Gradually Steve used the pressure on Natasha's flesh to lift her off the floor, and that made her back lean back and she was without a back support so she felt like she was going to fall back, so she moved her mouth away from his for a moment to know what to do, but Steve was quick to lift her up to be on his lap properly, keeping her seated on his arm and used his other arm to prop up her back.

Now that Natasha had let go of his mouth, Steve immediately placed his lips on her neck, which made Natasha moan low and run her fingers from the back of his neck to his hair, holding tightly to what he had grown out of now.

While Steve explored Natasha's neck and hurt it a bit with that thick beard, Natasha released one arm and removed the robe on one side and then removed it on the other side.

Steve took the mouth off Natasha's neck and when he looked her in the eye, Natasha again felt a chill, he was totally on fire, in an unexpected way, and she is loving it.

Steve stuck his mouth on Natasha's again and sucked on her tongue so eagerly that Natasha felt a little pain and retracted her tongue. Steve let go of Natasha's lips again and as they were both in front of the bed, he threw her on the top of the bed, making her fall back on it and Natasha propped her elbows on the bed and crawled backwards while watching Steve undress his shirt.

Steve also lowered his pants, removed his shoes and she looked at his naked body, from the top to the bottom.

Natasha just bit the corner of her bottom lip and as soon as Steve stood up and noticed her face. Stevee gave a low laugh and made negative with his head, he took a deep breath and again wanted to stop to admire her body, which made Natasha almost roll your eyes.

Natasha: Steve... if you don't come to this bed right now, I swear, I...

Steve gestured for Natasha to wait, but she didn’t want to wait, she sat on the bed and reached out to touch him, but Steve pushed her back to the bed again, which made her laugh softly and he too, he finally climbed into bed, above her body and when his face was matched with hers, he looked her in the eyes for a few seconds and brought his face close to hers, putting his lips back on hers, but more calmly this time, which made the kiss stay in tune.

Natasha slid her hands down Steve's defined chest and also his defined stomach, then she slid her hands to his waist and there she dug her nails on him and tried to make him lie on her body, she wants to feel the weight of his body over hers, she wants his body inside her.

Natasha bent her knee, so that Steve lay on her and could fit on her body better, but he didn't lie down, he was trying hard to avoid this, his arms were tense and shaking and just with the kiss, they both were already letting out short moans in each other's mouths, further increasing the need to own each other.

Natasha released Steve's mouth once more and called his name, whispering in a form of pleading for them to go on. Steve ducked his head and looked at Natasha's body, he left one arm supporting his body over Natasha's and used the other arm to place his hand on Natasha's thigh, he squeezed her thigh and started to look at the path that his hand was taking as it slid across her skin, from her thigh to her groin.

Natasha immediately put her hand on Steve's wrist and let out a muffled groan, because she had to bite her lower lip. Steve looked at Natasha and she was breathing hard and he watched her reaction, at the touch of his fingers, over her intimate part.

Steve watched and felt Natasha's reaction, she was moving her face from one side to the other many times and she was turning all red, she moved her hips down, in the opposite direction that his fingers were going, so he made the movement in the same direction as she.

Steve thought that Natasha’s expressions of pleasure was perfect, he would frame those moments if he could and the best part is that he's just starting. Natasha took his hand out from her and held the back of his neck, she tried to pull him for another kiss, in an attempt to make him invade her at once, but Steve still resisted... he just gave her a quick kiss and pulled his head away, he went back to run his fingers over her intimate part and he felt that she was really ready because she was all wet and warm in that region, but he needs something first...

Steve looked into Natasha's eyes and she still seemed to be pleading and he gave her a sympathetic look, he again gave her a quick kiss and kept his face close to hers, he rubbed the tip of his nose over hers and whispered on her lips that he wanted prove her taset.

Natasha moved her head again and as soon as she felt Steve sliding down on her body, she already moaned and searched for firm support for her hands, she ended up having to hold on to the bed sheet, because as soon as Steve came down, Natasha felt his beard scratching the inside of her thigh and then it was seconds for her to feel the tip of his tongue, touch her clit.

It had been a while since Natasha's body had received such a good treatment like that and Steve went out of his way to make her come with his mouth, then with his fingers, then with his cock and he had more sucess on that last one for sure, if he he knew how to identify the many times she came... it was more than he is used to seeing any other woman coming and luckily Natasha's body did not show any signs of weakness, she didn’t seem tired, not feeling pain due to the surgery, so much so that they started making love it in the middle of the afternoon and it lasted through the whole night. They slept at some point, then she woke up, spreading kisses on his body, waking him up and again they made love, once again they explored each other's bodies and once again they were falling even more in love with each other.