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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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With a "uhmmm..." sound Natasha woke Steve in the morning, she stretched her arm and then sighed twice, while spreading her legs and arms. Natasha yawned and then immediately smiled and she was smiling because she felt Steve's hand touching her belly and soon after, she felt Steve’s lips on her belly too.

Natasha repeated her moan when she felt Steve's second kiss on her lips this time, she opened her eyes wide and stared into those huge and kind blue eyes, even tho a bit sad eyes yet. Unfortunately, these days, Steve's gaze is more Happy than before, but the sadness is still present in him.

Steve: Good morning...

Steve said with a modest smile, watching how Natasha's skin moves when she smiles and how she looks when she's lazy.

Natasha: Morning...

Natasha said very lazily and slowly, she is yawning again and smiling with another kiss from Steve on her lips, followed by another one on the corner of her mouth. Natasha felt a bit silly for enjoying it too much, the smile didn’t leave her face and Steve was also enjoying the moment, seeing her like that made him kiss her smile once more, then made him kiss her cheek and cheekbone, then her temple and the tip of her ear.

Inevitable to release another "uhmmm" of satisfaction. Natasha hadn't realized how much she was lacking this kind of affection until now.

Natasha hugged Steve's back, making him lie on her body, and while he spent time kissing the spots on her neck, she stroked the back of his neck and let her fingers go up to his hair, massaging his head.

Steve had his face stuck in Natasha's neck which made him breathe her skin and lose himself in her scent, he loves the natural scent she has. Natasha's scent has both a calming and a ‘turn on’ effect on Steve and for Natasha it was enough to feel fear, because Steve smelling her neck made her shrug slightly, and made her overcame her fears because all of that involves feelings and the worst thing is that it increases the feelings that she already had and for a Black Widow that is not natural, she needs to take this love in homeopathic doses because if she gets all at once, it would scare her and make her reject it.

Poor Natasha, if she believes she’s the only one in that bedroom who is irresistible. She didn’t realize yet that even if she wanted to stop Steve's affection and feelings, she couldn't, he dominated her as much as she dominated him, maybe he dominated her a little bit more, because she was the one who fell in love first.

After realizing that she did not have the strength to stop the beginning of their love in that room, Natasha decided that fighting lost battles is a waste of time, she had to surrender, no matter how terrifying it seemed to be and that made her also kiss Steve's neck. In addition to moving her leg to the side and leaving it bent, keeping her foot on the bed, she did the same with the other leg, leaving Steve nestled between her legs.

From kisses and smells, Natasha went for light bites on Steve's neck, she held his face with both hands and made him turn his face more to the other side just to be able to explore the ear region, the neck and then the the back of his neck, which made her have to lift her head off the pillow.

Steve held the bed mattress tightly, because Natasha wasn’t taking it easy, she took the control of the situation and turned those loving gestures into sexual gestures very fast, but it’s not something he has anything to complain about, he just didn’t expect to be dragged for another love session with Natasha and that's exactly what happened in that bed, in the morning.

In the end of afternoon, Steve and Natasha woke up from the brief nap after that intense activity, they showered together, almost restarted everything again, but both were hungry and thirsty.

Steve: I need clothes.

Natasha: For what??

Natasha smirked.

Steve: To get out of that room.

Natasha: Uhm...

Natasha raised an eyebrow.

Natasha: So I don't think I'm going to get you any clothes.

Natasha joked and Steve laughed softly.

Steve: You don't have to blackmail me to make me stay.

Natasha smiled.

Natasha: Lucky for you that I am also hungry...

Natasha raised her eyebrow, still smiling.

Natasha: I'll be right back.

Natasha left the room and went to Steve's, she got a change of clothes for him, she came back in the room and handed the clothes to Steve, then walked to the door again.

Steve: Hey!

Natasha stopped and looked at Steve.

Steve: Won't you wait for me?

Natasha narrowed her eyes, looking confused by the question.

Natasha: Wait for you? And walk around the palace hand in hand, announcing to everyone that we had sex?

Steve: Isn't that a good idea?

Natasha: I'm not sure if it is or not, I just know that nobody has anything to do with it except you and me and soon when everyone knows...

Steve: It becomes public... our relationship...

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: Yes and I think it's better for both of us to keep it between us. It's fine for me, I hope for you too.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Steve: Right...

Natasha nodded too and left the room.

As much as the two wanted to avoid being together all the time, it was difficult. Natasha totally ignored her rest after the night with Steve and started to dedicate herself to the tasks of the palace and tried to help in the village, but there was a very strange atmosphere when she was with Steve and Bucky at the same tim, it seemed that she was steeling Steve's attention for herself and she did not want to disturb the friendship and harmony of the two friends, so little by little she was making excuses for not being in the village anymore.

On one of those days, Natasha was around the palace and was trying for the thousandth time to help with some Wakanda strategy and security issue but she was strongly ignored and sometimes even repressed for it.

- Wow, this is what I call persistence.

Natasha overheard at the end of a small discussion with Okoye, who had just stated that she didn't need her opinion on how to deal with the Dora Milaje and Natasha tried to argue that it was just a suggestion, but Okoye said that despite having already seen her in combat, that she has no idea what it is like to be a Dora Milaje, that she would even like to be able to show more of her skills to Natasha, but she could become their enemy in two steps.

Okoye withdrew, but that did not shake Natasha, in fact, the two are so tough that they have highly respect for each other.

Natasha looked at the man who spoke to her and was surprised to be Bucky Barnes.

Bucky: Is it a Russian thing?

Natasha: It could be, but that is no longer my nation.

Bucky: Uhm...

Natasha looked around and then at Bucky.

Natasha: Where's Steve?

Bucky: I'm not sure... he was with me, but... it seems that the king needed him.

Natasha frowned discreetly.

Bucky: It bothers you...

Bucky commented and Natasha frowned for real now.

Natasha: Excuse me?

Bucky: I noticed... you moved your forehead... the king called Steve, but he didn't call you...

Natasha closed her mouth and chose not to comment, she hates it when someone interprets her features, especially when she is acting, but Bucky is super trained to see any sign of acting and she hates it.

Bucky: If it's any consolation, it's not because you're a woman... it's because of your past.

Natasha frowned more, as if she was offended now.

Bucky: You changed sides and shot him... who can blame him for not trusting you?

Natasha took a deep breath.

Bucky: Sorry... you're getting angry and I have no intention of making you feel like this.

Natasha: You would have to try way harder than that to cause any emotion in me.

Bucky raised his eyebrows.

Bucky: Wow... I don't have that intention, I'm just very curious about the things you said to me when we met in America... I don't remember anything, but... I feel like there's something bigger between us... and I wanted to ask you if it's all about the shot i hit you.

Natasha: Oh...

Natasha sighed and crossed her arms, walking down the hall towards Bucky, she stopped in front of him.

Natasha: You don't really remember anything?

Bucky: What should I remember?

Bucky spoke in a whisper only because his voice failed when Natasha approached him and he was lost and intimidated by her eyes.

Natasha was staring at Bucky for a few moments and she knows that his eyes contains curiosity and something else that would be stronger if she comments on what he should remember, but she doesn't want to do that to him, despite being memories that belong to him and her.

Natasha: Nothing much.

Natasha saw Bucky's gaze turn to disappointment and even had frustration in his gaze.

Natasha: Our pasts are painful, they must remain there, in the past...

Bucky: Bu ...

Natasha: You should only know, James, that I no longer hold a grudge against you.

Bucky: It seems to have.

Natasha shook her head.

Natasha: You attacked my friends.

Bucky: And I made Steve choose me.

Natasha fell silent and sighed.

Natasha: You are what is left of his past. I understand and respect that. I don't stand between you and him, I know what matters most to him...

Natasha raised her eyebrows.

Bucky: What's between you two?

Natasha: The past. That's what it is...

- Nat??

Natasha and Bucky looked at Steve down the hall.

Steve: Everything okay here?

Natasha: Yes.

Steve: Am I interrupting something?

Bucky: Of course not, Steve.

Steve approached the two and looked at Natasha.

Steve: T’Challa called me.

Natasha: So I heard.

Steve: It looks like Sam got in trouble.

Natasha: Are we leaving?

Natasha seemed concerned about leaving and Steve understands why, because they were totally at peace in Wakanda and there they were forgetting the world.

Steve: Yes, but T’Challa said we can come back.

Natasha: And are we? Are we coming back?

Steve: Maybe... I mean... yes. You are still recovering, right?

Natasha: Yes...

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: Do you want to stay and do I bring him?

Steve: No, let's go together...

Steve looked at Bucky.

Steve: Do you want to come with us?

Bucky: No, I don't leave here for anything in this world.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Natasha: When do we leave?

Steve: The jet is ready to go.

Natasha: Okay... I will let you say goodbye to your friend while I prepare myself to leave.

Natasha declared and walked away in the corridor to her room, she packed her bags, even though she knew she could return to Wakanda, she prefers to take everything, she knows how Steve is and that he doesn't want to irritate or disrespect the people of Wakanda, bringing more foreigners to their land, so it’s likely they’re not going back to Wakanda anymore.


Natasha met Steve in the Wakanda aircraft garage, T’Challa and his royal guard of women were there and Bucky was also there to say goodbye to them.

Natasha boarded the jet with Steve, she sat on the pilot's seat and Steve on the co-pilot's seat, she started the flight and as they flew over the territory of Wakanda, she saw Steve change again... to the melancholy and impatient Steve and she has no way of interfering on it, he found a little peace in Wakanda, but he knew he couldn't make a home there as Bucky did, he still has missions to complete.

Natasha and Steve went to Japan, where T’Challa reported that Sam was and Sam was in prison and about to be deported to the United States, since they are two countries that have an alliance and an extradition agreement.

In Japan, Natasha and Steve had to disguise themselves as executives and thanks to the help of T’Challa, they were loaded with money, they were able to bribe the right people who could take them to who could free Sam under the hood.

It was difficult to convince a political figure to help Sam escape, pretending that he managed to escape on his own. Even taking all the necessary means to complete the rescue, in the end... Steve and Natasha had to assume their identities and fight within the prison complex. It took them a while to get to Sam's cell.

Natasha: Sam!!

Sam: Man, guys! I'm glad you showed up. I was not given an isolated cell and this guy here seems to have a crush on me and look at his size... I bet he fights sumo.

Steve: We have to go, Sam. Talks for later.

Steve freed Sam and ran down the cell corridor, where they met Natasha.

Sam looked at Natasha and she shrugged.

Sam: Is Steve still like this?

Natasha: It's who he is now...

Steve: What are you doing?? Move!!!

Steve raged and Natasha and Sam ran to catch up with him.

Natasha: You will need this.

Natasha handed Sam a gun, then the three of them ran towards the prison yard, but heard the sound of several helicopters nearby, already knowing that the Japanese authorities and intelligence will not let them get away so easily.

Steve: We can go through the sewers.

Natasha: They will blow us up as soon as we access the sewers! They monitor everything here.

Sam: So what are we going to do?

Natasha: We will surrender.

Steve: What??

Sam: They're going to take us straight to America this time.

Steve: Or eliminate us.

Natasha: Do you see another option?

Steve: Not really. But do you have a plan?

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: I don't know if it will work, but we will have a chance...

Sam: Oh, damn...

Natasha looked at Sam and then at Steve, who was looking at the stairs that go down to the basement.

Natasha: Steve... the sewer is not a good idea...

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: Trust me, we will surrender.

Steve was silent, seeming to think about it which made Natasha touch his hand.

Natasha: Steve?

Steve looked at Natasha again, he sighed and then he nodded.

Steve: Right...

Sam: Shall we surrender?

Steve: Yes.

Sam: Damn, I just got out of jail. I'm going back to Donny... that's it... poor me.

Sam joked and then he, Steve and Natasha went to the prison yard and found the place filled with a shock squad, three helicopters that put the lights on them all. It seemed too much for just 3 people.

The three raised their hands and really gave themselves up to the Japanese authorities and everything was filmed by several TV crews, who showed the images to the whole world.

After being handcuffed, the three were put on a flight with a stopover in London, only then to leave for America.

Sam: I'm starting to think that this was a bad idea.

Sam commented on seeing the plane's structure and also seeing that there were few guards on their plane, but just because the flight is monitored by the Japanese government and in any emergency situation, the plane is scheduled to self-destruct.

Sam: Bad, bad idea... was your plan to strike back and take over the flight, Natasha? Did you notice the model of this plane?

Steve: What about it?

Sam: This plane here is one of the most modern, designed to transport powerful terrorists and criminals. If we try anything in here, someone in Japan presses a button and we're done. This whole thing here explodes.

Steve frowned and looked at Natasha.

Steve: Did you know that?

Natasha: It occurred to me that they could put us on a jet like that.

Sam: So you know it was over.

Steve took a deep breath.

Natasha: I still have a plan. We will only stay on this plane to London, where they usually make a stopover, then we will go on an American jet, we just have to keep calm and wait...

Steve: Okay.

Sam: Okay... I have to trust .. and guys...

Sam sighed.

Sam: I'm so sorry for being captured.

Natasha: You don't have to apologize, Sam.

Sam: Guys, since it is to spin quietly, so I'm going to take a nap, I couldn't sleep in prison for fear of waking up naked.

Natasha ended up laughing under Sam's sentence, but Steve was serious. Sam kind of gave up trying to cheer Steve up, then leaned his head against the aircraft wall and closed his eyes.

The trip went silent for the next hour.

Steve: What do you want to do?

Natasha: Nothing myself.

Steve: And will it work?

Natasha: We had no other option. The sewer was going to kill us, react too...

Steve: Yes, I understand that part, I trust you... but I don't know what happens now...

Natasha: I also don't know, I'm just wondering if someone I trust is aware of what's going on and if that someone is going to help, or will be able to help.

Steve: Oh, so it involves someone else...

Natasha: Yes, probably.

A silence followed in the jet for a few minutes.

Natasha: Are you upset about leaving Wakanda? For leaving Bucky?

Steve: I can't go back there anymore...

Natasha: I imagined...

Natasha sighed.

Steve: I am sorry.

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: It’s Okay, Steve... at least it were very good days.

Steve sighed and nodded.

Steve: Yes, it were...

Natasha: It seems like... a good place to settle down and stay... Bucky was enchanted.

Steve: Yes... me too.

Natasha: Me too.

Steve looked at Natasha in surprise.

Steve: You are young, Natasha... you don't need to settle down now.

Natasha: I've fought all my battles... if I'm still fighting, it's for you.

Steve gave Natasha a tired smile and she brought her face close to his and gave him a kiss on his lips to comfort him.

Sam: Man, what a terrible position to nap! I can not...

Sam spoke and opened his eyes, then he lost his speech when he saw Steve and Natasha kissing, the two stopped and looked at him.

Sam: Huuhh...

Sam was so confused that he couldn't understand the whole situation.

Sam: W-w-were you kissing???

Sam frowned. Natasha and Steve did not respond.

Sam: Is that part of the plan??

Natasha: No.

Sam: No???

Sam was shocked.

Sam: Isn't it???

Natasha: No.

Natasha responded frankly and serenely.

Sam looked to the side and frowned.

Sam: So why were you two kissing??? You were kissing like... on the lips... you know that, don't you?

Natasha: Yes, Sam. We know.

Sam: So...

Sam still looked very confused.

Sam: What does that mean?

Natasha: That we kiss and that's it.

Sam: Dude... I've been dreaming about it for so long... but I thought it was impossible... were you really kissing???

Natasha rolled her eyes.

Sam: Would you kiss again just so I know it's not a dream??

Steve: You should try to sleep... we have hours of travel ahead. You too, Nat.

Steve cut the conversation.


The three only arrived in London the next day, from there, the London government was instructed by General Ross himself, to place the three prisoners on a US government plane, as a preventive measure.

Natasha already expected this, now they just need to keep waiting, she just knows that she cannot board the American plane, so any rescue interference had to happen now that they are getting into a strong car to be taken to Heathrow airport, where the American plane was waiting for them.

Of course, inside the strong car, there were federal, American and London guards escorting the three prisoners. The trip would have a short duration, of only 15 minutes and for 13 minutes nothing happened. Natasha could already see the airport from the car window and imagined that her help would not arrive.

A few meters from the airport entrance, one of the guards demonstrated, attacking the other guards inside the strong car, then he removed his helmet, revealing his real identity.

- Damn, my hair...

- Sixth time, Natasha... and second time, Steve and Sam... that I risk my job to save your asses. I have more to do than rescue you.

Complained Maria Hill, who then smiled.