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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Maria Hill: So, did you miss me?

Natasha: Why else would I get your attention like that?

Natasha smirked and raised an eyebrow, she and Maria Hill were now talking in a deserted and somewhat dark alley, where the car that rescued Natasha, Sam and Steve stopped so they could disembark. The two were still close to the car, while Steve and Sam were a few feet away, but also in the same alley.

Maria Hill: This is a peculiar way of drawing attention... "Hey, I'm about to be deported to the country that wants to arrest me and if possible kill me".

Natasha: You know that normal was never my style.

Natasha declared in a good mood and Hill got more serious, she sighed and crossed her arms, and also spoke quietly.

Maria Hill: You need to be more careful Natasha. The American government is not kidding and I don't want to lose you.

Natasha: You won't. It was just this time. We will not give another chance for this to happen again.

Maria Hill: So be it.

Hill was silent for a few moments and then looked briefly in the direction of Steve and Sam and saw the two talking, then she looked at Natasha again.

Maria Hill: Steve is changed.

Natasha looked at Steve and observed the usual... tension in his body and face.

Natasha: He is.

Natasha commented quietly and then looked at Hill.

Natasha: However, he has reasons for that. He's really tired, Hill.

Maria Hill: Aren't we all?

Natasha: Yes. But he had two lives in one... this is much more stressful, he didn't ask to come back.

Maria Hill: Look... I don't want to sound insensitive, ungrateful, or anything like that. I even understand Steve and his depression... really, I just think he could seek professional help.

Natasha: He won't do that.

Natasha soon answered.

Maria Hill: But he should.

Natasha: I agree.

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: We both need it too... will you do it?

Maria Hill: Will you??

Natasha: You know the answer.

Hill nodded in agreement.

Maria Hill: Bunch of fucked up we are.

Hill commented again and sighed again.

Maria Hill: Well, I need to go. For all intents and purposes, I'm in my office at SHIELD. I've never been here...

Natasha: What if someone shows up in your room? To talk with you?

Maria Hill: I have a good assistant.

Natasha: Alex...

Hill nodded in agreement.

Natasha: She's not that good...

Natasha commented dismissively and Hill gave a low laugh.

Maria Hill: Really?

Natasha: Really...

Maria Hill: Jealous now?

Natasha: Better that Alex take care and know her place.

Hill continued to smile and mad negative with his head. Natasha smiled back and then sighed.

Natasha: Hill, thank you very much.

Maria Hill: Don’t start and don’t finish it... I got it this time but I can't guarantee the integrity of you or Steve and the others anymore, if you're going to disappear, disappear for good... don't give it another chance, or you all will end up in jail... maybe in a coffin.

Natasha: I am aware. Do not worry.

Maria Hill: Don't give me any more reason to worry. Do you need anything?

Natasha: No, we are okay.

Maria Hill: Not even money?

Natasha: Not even money. Steve achieved a lot with a friend.

Maria Hill: Friend? Stark?

Natasha: If they still spoke...

Maria Hill: Who, then?

Natasha was quiet and Hill raised an eyebrow.

Maria Hill: Confidential, huh? Okay.

Natasha and Hill sighed at the same time.

Natasha: Take care, Hill.

Maria Hill: You too.

The two said in a strange way, but they were unable to actually embrace to say goodbye.

Hill opened the car door to board and looked in the direction of Steve and Sam.

Maria Hill: Hey, boys!

Hill said louder, which made Steve and Sam look at her.

Sam: Are you leaving, Hill?

Maria Hill: Yes, but I just remembered...

Steve and Sam took a few steps towards the car, while Hill closed the car door and walked around to go to the trunk.

Hill patted the car twice and the driver activated the trunk opening.

Maria Hill: Steve, can you take this?

Steve came closer and saw two big black bags, he took the bags and looked at Hill.

Steve: What is that?

Maria Hill: A small gift for you. Use wisely and with caution.

Steve: We appreciate and appreciate your generosity, Hill. This will not be forgotten, count on us for whatever you need.

Maria Hill: I will.

Steve: Come back safely.

Hill nodded and finally got in the car and just then, Steve went to notice the driver.

Natasha approached Steve and Sam, while Hill's car backed up the alley to retreat.

Steve: That driver...

Natasha looked at the driver and frowned.

Natasha: Coulson?

Sam: Who is Coulson??

Steve: Someone I believed was dead.

Steve looked at Natasha who shrugged.

Natasha: I thought the same, don't look at me.

Steve sighed.

Steve: Let's get out of here and find Wanda.

Steve ordered and the three left the alley and in addition to looking for new identities, they also made purchases, before recovering the jet and being able to find Wanda Maximoff.


Sam: Back on the route, or rather, back to the routine.

Sam said as they boarded their jet again.

Sam: Natasha, I'm even going to take the first driving round.

Natasha: Make yourself at home, Sam.

Sam went to the pilot area and sat on the bench, he activated the turbines and then took off, then closed the rear door.

Steve: Natasha??

Natasha looked at Steve.

Steve: We need to check our weaponry and keep the groceries we bought.

Natasha: Okay.

Steve: Which do you prefer?

Natasha: Don't you know?

Natasha raised an eyebrow and gave Steve a small smile that didn't smile back.

Steve: Then I will check the groceries and store them.

Natasha nodded and moved closer to Steve.

Natasha: Are you okay??

Steve: Yes.

Natasha: It doesn't seem to be.

Steve: I just said yes to cut the conversation ... of course none of us are doing well.

Natasha: So you don't want to talk about it, okay.

Steve: Was I rude??

Natasha: No, just honest.

Natasha commented.

Natasha: As always.

Natasha added and moved away from Steve to go to the armament shelf. Every time it is necessary to remove everything, count the ammunition, replenish the ammunition if necessary, count how many ammunition each weapon has available and leave the hand, the weapons that have more ammunition available.

Natasha always takes the opportunity to clean her weapons, which are usually smaller, and whenever she can, she acquires some new equipment when they need to buy weapons or ammunition and this time, she bought a support to hang the new equipment that Maria Hill gave as a gift for her.

In fact, Hill gave weapons for all of them to use when she asked Steve to get the bags from the trunk of her car, but Natasha considered that those sticks were for her, because Hill already knows how she likes to fight and knew that it would attract her.

Natasha took two batons that looked like police batons, but they are diferente, they have electrical discharges. Natasha almost smiled when checking this news on the batons, electric shocks are a characteristic of her and Hill ordered it to be done for her, already thinking about how much she would like to use it.

Thank you, Hill. Natasha thought while turning on the batons and they emitted a white light.

Sam: What is that??

Sam was curious to see Natasha's batons, the sound of electricity and light, caught his attention.

Natasha turned to Sam and held out the batons.

Natasha: Gift from Maria.

Sam: Wow, so dope. Are they for me?

Natasha: Go on dreaming!

Natasha commented, laughing softly and Sam laughed too.

Steve: It's cool, I like it.

Natasha looked at Steve who was on the other side of the jet, kneeling on the floor, taking cans out of a huge black travel bag.

Natasha: Do you want to train with me?

Natasha proposed to Steve who, for the first time that day, laughed softly and lowered his head.

Steve: We have things to do.

Natasha shrugged and took a few steps towards the center of the jet.

Natasha: We will stay on this plane for hours, these things are not going anywhere.

Natasha suggested, tilting her head slightly and raising an eyebrow.

Natasha: C’mon... Or are you afraid of getting a shock?

Steve laughed softly again and again made negative with his head, he stood for a few seconds and then stood up, leaving the things he was keeping on the floor.

Steve: Right, Romanoff...

Natasha smiled more when Steve got up.

Natasha: Choose your weapon...

Natasha suggested, raising her eyebrow twice.

Steve: I already chose.

Natasha frowned slightly, looking at Steve, who slapped his hand on his biceps, demonstrating that his body is the weapon he chose.

Natasha: Okay... bold.

Natasha went to the central area of the jet, where there is less stuff to interfere. Steve moved there too.

Steve: Do you need time to find out how it works?

Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: I prefer to find out during the fight.

Steve: Are you sure about that?

Natasha: Shut up and attack!!!

Natasha ordered, staying in an attack position, as she does not usually make a defensive position, she usually just attacks and keeps attacking.

Steve snapped his neck and then walked closer to Natasha and already hoped she wouldn't wait for him to deliver any blow, she came running lightly, with those short legs and despite coming in front of him, when coming very close to him she swerved to the side, resting one foot against the jet wall, and using the wall to jump high and hit his back.

Steve dodged the blow, grabbing her arm before he was hit and knocking her to the floor. Natasha didn't even touch the floor, because as soon as the blow was interrupted, she wrapped her legs around one of Steve's legs and also predicted that he would drop her on the floor, so she also held his belt and with her free hand she hit his neck with the baton and fired the shock from the stick, which made Steve groan.

Steve grunted more from the surprise of shock than from pain, he didn't even expect her to give him an electric shock for real, he thought she would just hit him, but Steve also doesn't know why he is still surprised by some of the things Natasha does, but how else she would be able to hit him if not by surprise him in some way?

Of course, it wasn’t a big electric discharge, Natasha had already felt three different intensity buttons on the stick and fired a medium discharge on Steve.

As soon as he recovered from that surprise, Steve moved the stick away from his neck and in a light movement, wrapped his arm around Natasha's, keeping her trapped in his and little by little he started to twist her arm, making her grit her teeth and grind her face.

Steve: Let go.

Steve ordered and Natasha just snorted, still gritting her teeth.

Steve: Let go!

Steve ordered again and twisted Natasha's arm more, which made her cry out in pain, but it was a quick cry, but it caught Sam's attention. Natasha ended up dropping one of the batons.

Sam: Look, I'll just say this once! Stop now, or you'll both be grounded!!! Don't make me go there, huh! If I take my belt off you will regret!!!

Said Sam, pretending to be angry, but he knew it was just a training session for Nat and Steve, he decided to joke when he heard Natasha scream in pain.

Steve and Natasha ignored Sam.

Natasha put her mouth on Steve's arm and bit him hard, because he was in uniform and just like that to have some effect. Steve ended up loosening his arm in hers and that was enough for Natasha to throw her own body backwards, knowing that she was going to fall to the floor, but it was necessary to release her arm.

Before her back hit the floor, Natasha threw her arms over her head and supported them on the floor, easing the fall on the floor, she even took advantage of the position of lying on the floor, to kick hard the bend of Steve's knee but that didn't make him fall, but made him bend his leg and consequently his body. Natasha took the moment to turn a little to the side and kick him hard and it was not just once, she kicked him twice in the face and put the stick in his waist, immediately giving the heaviest electric discharge and all this did Steve took a step back and brought his hand up to his nose, which started to bleed from the blow.

Natasha watched the other stick lying on the floor and crawled over to get it back, but as soon as she put her hand on the stick, Steve grabbed her by the hair, pulling it back.

Natasha laughed at the way Steve decided to stop her from reaching for the baton, she bit her bottom lip and looked him in the eye.

Natasha: You don't pull my hair like that when you are supposed to do that.

Natasha commented while Steve held her hair tightly in his hand.

Sam: Did I hear what I thought I heard? I hope not, my God...

Sam commented quietly to himself, looking from side to side.

Steve: I didn't know you liked that.

Steve countered Natasha's comment by letting go of her hair and then taking the other part of the baton.

Natasha: I think you need to know everything that I like or don't like on bed.

Steve: Why don't you tell me?

Natasha: Why don't I show you??

Natasha smirked and raised an eyebrow, which made Steve chuckle.

Sam: Oh... hi... guys... I'm here.

Natasha got up from the floor and straightened her hair.

Natasha: Don't worry, Sam. Steve doesn't appreciate an audience for that kind of stuff.

Natasha commented still looking at Steve, who was smiling, but looking at the baton.

Natasha: Tired?

Steve: No... just analyzing this piece...

Steve held out his hand for the other baton of Natasha.

Natasha: I don't want to be the weapon.

Steve: I just want to test something.

Natasha handed the other stick to Steve, who snapped it together and spun it around, making it a big stick.

Natasha: Did you figure this out yourself? I am very impressed.

Steve just smiled and handed the stick back to Natasha.

Natasha: This is going to be very useful.

Steve: Especially since it is non-lethal.

Natasha: But it could be... if I want to.

Natasha made it clear.

Steve: I hope you don't have to use it that way.

Natasha: Me too.

Steve and Natasha went on with their training for another hour, then went back to doing what they were doing before and both with minor injuries from the training. In fact because of Natasha who likes to be tough when it comes to fighting, even when it's just a simulation.

Sam: Could anyone switch places with me here?

Sam asked, after yawning for the thousandth time.

Sam: If I stay here any longer I will end up sleeping, I need another activity.

Natasha: I will.

Steve: Leave it to me, Sam.

Steve and Natasha volunteered at the same time.

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: Do you want to pilot?

Natasha frowned and Steve shrugged.

Natasha: You never wants it.

Steve: Just because you and Sam seem to like it a lot, but I don't care, especially since I finished packing supplies here.

Natasha: If so...

Natasha indicated the pilot's seat with her head.

Natasha: Make yourself at home.

Steve replaced Sam as a pilot and Sam asked Natasha if she wanted help and she said that he could rest, that later she would call him.

It took Natasha another half hour to finish her task, she put the empty bag in the compartment and then prepared a coffee and poured it in two mugs, one for her and one for Steve.

Natasha walked over to the co-pilot seat and sat down, she handed Steve one of the mugs.

Steve: Thank you.

Natasha nodded and took a sip of her coffee.

Steve: Did you get any contact with Wanda?

Natasha: None for now, but she knows the deal... wait incognito in the appointed place, they must have already announced on TV that we escaped again, so she knows that we would be slow to meet her and she knows that we are on our way.

Steve: I have the impression that she is relieved to be able to stay away from us a little longer.

Natasha smiled and took another sip of coffee.

Natasha: Steve?

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: Are we close to any unstable areas?

Steve looked at the monitors and made negative with his head.

Steve: No, everything is quiet ahead.

Natasha: Can you put it on autopilot?

Steve frowned slightly and put the jet on autopilot.

Steve: Okay... do you need anything?

Natasha: I do...

Natasha stated and Steve looked at her, still confused.

Natasha: But what I need you can't give me now... with Sam here.

Natasha commented softly and Steve finally understood what it was all about, but he didn't seem so touched by it, he still had that tense cloud over him.

Natasha: Aren't you in the mood?

Steve: What? No... it’s not that.

Steve looked at the panel and made negative with his head.

Steve: I wasn't thinking about that.

Natasha: You look very different than in Wakanda...

Steve: I really feel different.

Natasha: I just wanted to know if what we were living there... if... it is different out here.

Steve: Why are you asking me that?

Natasha: Because you haven't touched me since we left Wakanda, you barely spoke to me.

Steve: We didn't have time, Natasha and we are not alone.

Natasha: And is it just for that reason??

Steve: What other reason would be?

Natasha shrugged and looked away, making negative with her head.

Natasha sighed and looked back at Steve.

Natasha: Would you let me know... if you are no longer interested in the two of us? Would you let me know?

Steve placed the coffee mug on the cup holder between his seat and Natasha's and then turned to Natasha, looking her in the eye.

Steve: I think that will never be possible.

Natasha: To let me know?

Steve: To not being interested in the two of us, Natasha.

Natasha just took a deep breath and stared at Steve, looking hopeless too.

Steve: Sorry if I seem so distant... but it's just work... I get very focused.

Natasha: You are right to stay focused, I don't want you to be different for being with me. I just asked because...

Natasha sighed, hesitating to say what she wanted.

Natasha: Because... I don't want to confuse things again, to think that this is real, that we have feelings for each and then discoverind it was nothing or just was feeling something...

Steve: So... you think you feel what you feel, alone?

Natasha shrugged.

Steve: Well, you don't feel alone, Natasha. I feel it too. Okay? And I won't go away and leave you...

Steve commented, aware that Natasha was scared that he would do to her, which Bruce did, leaving her without any excuse or goodbye.

Natasha nodded.

Steve: It was just because of this mission...

Natasha: Okay...

Natasha rested her forearm on Steve's arm and continued to look him in the eye.

Natasha: But you're not on the mission anymore... and Sam is sleeping.

Steve sighed and looked at Natasha's hand, then he took her hand and leaned over to Natasha's seat and Natasha also leaned towards him, touching her lips to his and exchanging a long and loving kiss.

Natasha ended the kiss, giving Steve two quick kisses and she remained with her mouth glued to his, she didn't even move her face away from him, she also left the side of her nose leaning against the side of his nose and breathed there to feel more of his scent, which made her close her eyes during the act and then open it again, letting the air escape through her lips.

Steve: Do you feel better now?

Steve asked in a low voice and Natasha nodded.

- Nearby destination. Prepare for landing. Do you want to land on autopilot? It's not recommended. Detected urban area.

The jet computer asked, which made the two of them look away a little.

Steve: Suspend autopilot.

- Suspend autopilot. Got it!

The jet's computer warned.

Steve sat straight on the seat, but Natasha put her hand on his face, making him turn for her and kissed him once again, but a faster kiss.

Steve: Prepare for landing!

Natasha tightened her belts and looked at Sam.

Natasha: Sam!

Natasha called him louder.

Natasha: We are preparing for landing!

Sam opened his eyes and then sat down and fastened the belt around his waist.

Sam yawned and ended up dozing while Steve landed the jet in an abandoned city block in Berlin.

Sam woke up as soon as he felt the impact of the jet with the ground, he yawned again and loosened his belts, he got up and stretched his body.

Sam: Okay, so... what now? Do we have to hunt the witch?

Natasha: I hope not.

Sam: Does she already know about you two?

Natasha: About what?

Sam: That you are a couple now.

Natasha: We are not a couple, Sam.

Sam: Aren't you a couple??

Sam raised his eyebrows, confused.

Sam: What are you?

Natasha: We don't label that. I would appreciate it if you did the same.

Sam: But... is it a serious relationship?? Is like a friendship or...

Natasha: It's a relationship... and that's it. We are still trying to define.

Steve: In other words, we are not trying to define anything.

Natasha: Because it is not necessary.

Natasha completed.

Sam: Do you guys really need to be confused on absolutely everything?? Even for dating???

Sam asked.

Sam: I can't wait to see Wanda's reaction.

Steve: She doesn't need to know, Sam.

Sam: Is it a secret that only I know? Oh! Thank you guys! For trusting me!

Natasha: Not a secret, but it's not public... if she knows, let it be by me or Steve.

Natasha sighed and moved closer to Sam.

Natasha: I know it's hard to understand, but... me and Steve... what we have is something personal that only concerns to both of us, it wasn't even for you to know, Sam, but you found out and we don't mind about that, but we would appreciate it if you don't tell anyone about it.

Sam: Sure...

Sam frowned.

Sam: The life of you two is all about you.

Natasha touched Sam's arm and gave a small smile.

Natasha: Thank you, Sam.

Steve: Are you ready?

Sam: Yes.

Steve: We will find Wanda then.

Steve declared, exiting the jet, followed by Sam and Natasha.


Wanda: Guys!

Exclaimed Wanda, running up to her friends when she saw them reaching the marked point.

Wanda: I'm glad you came, I saw the news and I was worried!

Wanda was a little breathless and looked very concerned.

Wanda: I thought I was on my own now.

Steve: You’re not.

Natasha: And if you were, you would be fine... we teach you what we could and defend yourself... you already do very well and better than us.

Natasha commented.

Wanda: I know, but... I didn't want to be alone.

Wanda sighed.

Wanda: It's good to be with you on this one.

Sam: Don't worry, Wanda, we will always be around.

Wanda: I hope this is a promise.

Natasha: It's our agreement... to stay close, to keep in touch, to keep us out of danger.

Wanda: It looks like I was the only one following the deal now... you all were prisoners. I don't even know how you're here now.

Natasha: You said yourself that you saw the news.

Wanda: Of you being arrested, but not that you escaped.

Steve: Didn't they report that?

Wanda: No and I have been watching a lot of TV.

Natasha: They will pretend to be with us yet.

Steve: This is good.

Wanda: How come this is good?

Natasha: Because to pretend they are with us, they will have to narrow down the search for us.

Sam: They don't want to lose their credibility and respect confessing that they captured us and lost us inless than 24 hours.

Sam explained.

Steve: Now we have to be smart and take advantage of the opportunity that came up.

Wanda: How are we going to do that?

Steve: Disappearing with our real identities for good. We are all with new identities.

Sam: Here's your...

Sam extended a set of identities to Wanda, with ID, passport and life and health insurance number.

Wanda held up the documents.

Wanda: What do we do now?

Steve: What we were doing before, but even more discreet...

Steve replied.

Steve: And Wanda... we will be delaying contact with friends now.

Wanda: Friends?

Natasha: You will have to stay out of contact with Vision again for a while. The same goes for any of us.

Wanda sighed and relaxed her shoulders, showing dismay.

Wanda: Back to that??

Steve: It's just for a while.

Natasha put her hand on Wanda's back.

Natasha: Don’t worry, you will see him again.

Natasha stroked Wanda's back in a gesture of consolation. Wanda was nodded.

Wanda: I will do whatever is necessary.

Sam: So, guys... are we going to stay here or go somewhere else?

Steve: I think we can stay here for a while. What do you think?

Steve turned to Natasha who shrugged.

Natasha: It can be.

Steve: Wanda... you've been here for more days. Do you know where we can stay?

Wanda: Are you asking me that??

Steve: Is it absurd?

Wanda: No, it's just that you never ask me for advice on things like that, I just follow where you three suggest going.

Steve: Well, I think it's time for us to change that. It was the three of us who screwed up last time. We will follow a younger and more open mind. We trust you.

Steve commented and Wanda smiled.

Wanda: Well, I'm in a hotel... a pigsty, actually.

Sam: There is! Expected... has a bathroom that works?

Wanda: Yes, but it is shared...

Natasha: Is it a hostel?

Wanda: Yes.

Natasha: Good choice, we can mix easily.

Steve: Show us.

Wanda nodded and guided the team to the very simple hostel where she was staying.


Wanda: Natasha...

Wanda called to her when they entered the Hostel.

Wanda: You can stay in my room.

Natasha: Is it a couple’s room?

Wanda: No, it's shared with 3 more girls, but I had already booked two beds... just in case.

Natasha gave a small smile.

Natasha: Look at you, thinking ahead... I'm so proud.

Wanda: Stop talking to me like that... you sound like Steve talking.

Natasha: But we are proud.

Wanda rolled her eyes.

Steve: Have you asked for rooms?

Steve asked as he entered the hostel, followed by Sam.

Wanda: You and Sam need to request room in the men's ward. There won't be a single room here...

Steve: Okay. But just me and Sam??

Wanda: I had already booked a bed for Tasha.

Steve: O, right ...

Steve looked at Natasha who shrugged and sighed. Steve nodded and went to the front desk, to ask for a room.

Wanda: Come on, I'll show you where it is.

Wanda said to Natasha and then looked at Sam and Steve.

Wanda: Good night, boys.

Steve: Are you going to sleep already?

Wanda: We need a shower.

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha confirmed and then looked at Steve.

Natasha: But... I intend to eat something... later.

Natasha commented, giving an excuse to be able to go out and be with Steve.

Wanda: Oh! There is a wonderful pizzeria that delivers here. We don't even have to leave.

Natasha: Oh, I see...

Natasha frowned slightly.

Natasha: I think I intend to eat something else.

Wanda: What do you want to eat?

Natasha: I don't really know, I'm thinking about going out and looking for something.

Wanda: After spending all day flying??

Natasha shrugged.

Wanda: Good luck with that, but I will not keep you company.

Sam: I'm in favor of ordering pizza right here. How about you, Steve?

Wanda: Join the pizza team, Cap!

Steve gave a small smile and looked discreetly at Natasha who raised her eyebrows.

Steve: I think... I'm not hungry.

Natasha gave Steve a disappointed look, he was supposed to say he was going to eat out with her, did he not understand that???

Steve: But I saw an open bookstore and I really need a new book, maybe two.

Steve said, raising his eyebrows and looking at Natasha, who understood what he was doing.

Wanda wrinkled her nose.

Wanda: I won't even question that. See you tomorrow, then.

Steve: Good night.

Wanda: Good night.

Sam: Good night, girls.


Wanda and Sam ordered pizza and ate at the hostel, Steve went out looking for that bookstore and Natasha left about 15 minutes after Steve, but with no idea where he would have gone.

Natasha stepped on the sidewalk and checked the time on her wristwatch, she looked around the streets and a reflection coming from a more distant point caught her attention, she saw the reflection disappear and then come back and the movement of the lights, made she understand the meaning of that code.

Natasha went to the place where the reflection was coming from and was around a corner, at first she saw no one, then felt a hand on her wrist, which made her pull her arm and close her fist by instinct.

Steve: I almost thought you had given up.

Steve said, relieving Natasha and making her take a deep breath.

Natasha: I'm really tired, I won't deny it.

Steve: We can still go back and sleep.

Natasha: I would accept it if we were in the same room. I would like to sleep with you tonight.

Steve: But we can't.

Natasha: No...

Steve: But we can be together now... and... about what I saw today when I came here, it was not a bookstore.

Natasha: No?

Steve: No.

Natasha: What was it?

Steve: It was a...

Steve was unsure how to say it.

Natasha: What??

Steve: Hm... a motel.

Natasha opened her mouth and pretended to be shocked.

Natasha: Were you aware of that, Rogers???

Steve: Not on purpose.

Natasha: Oh what a pity... I wanted it to be on purpose.

Natasha laughed softly.

Steve: Are you... interested?? You want to go there?

Natasha: Straight to the point, huh?

Steve: We don't have that much time available.

Natasha: You are completely right. Let's go.

Natasha nodded and Steve put his hand on her back, leading her to the place he saw earlier.

As they walked down the sidewalks, Steve's hand went from Natasha’s back to her waist and while walking and talking they both ended up exchanging kisses along the route until they reached their final destination.