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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Steve: Is it by any chance... this place... this kind of place... impersonal to you?

Steve asked Natasha, he just got out of the shower in the motel room where they both were, he asked Natasha to wait for him to finish the shower because she had showered at the hotel, but he didn't.

Steve asked Natasha that because she was standing by the window and although she was looking over the window, she seems to not be really paying atention, she looked lost in her thoughts.

Natasha remained there with her arms crossed, leaning against the smoothing of the window, watching what she could on the street between the shades of the half-open blind window.

Natasha: Sorry... what?

Natasha was really absorbed in her thoughts and despite noticing Steve's movement opening the bathroom door she didn't understand what he said to her, she just turned her face to look at him and saw him wearing only boxer shorts, he was with the used towel over his left shoulder, then he removed it and placed on the bedroom chair before come close to her.

Natasha turned to Steve when he got closer to her.

Steve rested his hand on the window behind Natasha, close to where her face was and looked at her closely.

Steve: What are you thinking about?

Natasha made negative with her head.

Steve: Don't tell me it's nothing... I wouldn't believe it.

Natasha continued to look at Steve and looked deep into each of his eyes, thinking about what she would share or not.

Natasha sighed when she realized that it's hard not to be honest with Steve, the peace that his eyes have and the way he talks makes her feel very safe and sure that she can trust him with anything, anything at all.

Steve: You really love windows.

Steve commented when he noticed her taking a long time to respond, looking for a way to hide her thoughts.

Natasha frowned slightly at the unusual and weird comment, then she understood that it was a joke because she saw him smiling, which made her relax her face and almost smile.

Steve: I like this one too.

Steve joked again and winked both eyes slowly at Natasha, who this time smiled more but without showing her teeth.

Steve took a lock of Natasha's hair and put it behind her ear. Natasha watched him.

Natasha: I was thinking about nothing at all, or everything... basically the pas ...

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: Do you miss it?

Steve asked.

Steve: Past?

Natasha: No... what exactly would I miss? I never spent enough time with anyone or anything to miss it.

Steve: You spent a lot of time with Clint, you are very close...

Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: It's different... and I don't stay with him all the time, we hardly see each other but we really enjoy the time we have when we're together... he's a great friend, I have a lot of affection for him and his family.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Steve: Isn't there anything else that you've gotten attached to over the years that makes you miss it?

Natasha shook her head.

Natasha: I mean... there is... but he is with me right now, so I don't miss him.

Natasha smiled and Steve smiled together, he brought his face close to Natasha's and kissed her lips in a very delicate way, that kiss was full of tenderness.

Natasha and Steve closed their eyes during this kiss, Natasha was the first to open her eyes and face Steve, she pulled her lips away from him a little.

Natasha: But I confess that... sometimes I fear that this guy here...

Natasha touched Steve's chest, indicating that she was talking about him.

Natasha: May he get lost... and never come back.

Steve took a deep breath and looked away.

Natasha: Would you try?

Steve: Try?

Natasha: Yes... try to stay the same... I understand your anger and your disappointments, but you still have me... and Wanda... and Sam... even Bucky...

Natasha explained and Steve continued to stare at the floor.

Natasha put her hand on Steve's face and her fingers were pricked by Steve's thick and rough beard, she made him turn his face to her and made Steve look her in the eyes again.

Natasha: I'm afraid we won't be enough for you. I don't want to disappoint you, Steve.

Steve took another deep breath as he looked at Natasha and her words cut his heart, he felt the pain and the weight of what she was saying, it wasn't just about romance, it was about their friendship, of all of them, Natasha knows that he has been shattered and disgusted with life since Peggy left and since his fight with Tony and the consequent disintegration of the original Avengers team, everything he has been dedicating his life to since he came back to life.

Steve: You lost everything like me...

Natasha: And I lived only once. You lived twice...

Steve: Peggy said I should live my life, because she lived hers.

Natasha: Yes, she lived. And she was right to tell you that.

Steve: Sometimes I lack motivation, understand?

Natasha: I do.

Steve: I just don't know how to not contribute with anything to make the world better and safer. I just think about doing the job.

Natasha: Steve, I feel the same way.

Steve: And sometimes do you also feel that maybe you don't make a difference? New heroes have arrived and will arrive, new enemies keep on coming...

Natasha: Nobody is equal to anyone.

Natasha gave a small smile and left Steve, she walked to the bed and sat on the edge, resting her hands on the mattress.

Natasha: Don't you think I know that Wanda is much more powerful than me?? She could defeat me with a snap.

Steve: I don't know if with just one snap.

Natasha: She just has to break my neck... she just doesn't have the maturity to use all of her gifts yet but she will get there.

Natasha commented and continued to look at Steve.

Steve: You and I are very similar... we don't have any special powers, I mean... you have the serum, yes... but... you don't fly, you don't fire rays nor have telekinesis and teleportation power, but... we don't give up easily, we find our way of fighting and contributing to battles the way we know and can... our minds work fast to make up for our lack of "powers".

Natasha: So I don't know if the world would survive without us, it is quite possible that it would and I don't care about that, what matters is that I'm here to help in the way I can and I wouldn't stop until I keep everyone safe and I don't mind die for that.

Natasha completed.

Natasha: And I know that you are the same as I am. It is not contempt for our lives, it is how much we value the others ...

Steve nodded, getting serious and reflecting on the things Natasha said.

They both reflected on this because a tense silence remained in the air for a few minutes.

Natasha took a deep breath and leaned further back on the bed.

Natasha: The question that doesn't stop now is...

Natasha broke the silence, which made Steve look at her.

Natasha: Why did you leave the bathroom dressed?

Natasha raised her eyebrow.

Steve: Dress? It's just the underwear...

Steve answered awkwardly.

Natasha: It's still clothes and it's covering you.

Steve: Only my private part.

Natasha: That is already a lot.

Natasha joked and Steve laughed softly.

Steve: Are you dressed...

Natasha looked at herself and confirmed that she was still dressed, she looked back at Steve.

Natasha: I am... I think it's because I was waiting for you to undress me...

Steve smiled and made negative with his head.

Natasha: I would have worn something special, but... I don't usually buy sexy lingerie to be running around.

Steve: You don't need anything at all to look sexy.

Natasha: I like what I hear, I like what you say...

Natasha commented while smirking still with her eyebrow raised, she saw Steve laugh with her comment and saw him lower his underwear to the floor.

Natasha bit her lower lip while smiling when she saw Steve naked.

Natasha: Now I also like what I see.

Steve took a long time to look at Natasha because he was a little embarrassed, but he approached her and stood facing her, then he looked down to look her in the eye and Natasha was already trying to get naked too, she was removing her tank top but Steve held her hands.

Steve: Let me do this...

Steve commented and Natasha moved her hands away, she raised her arms in the air so Steve could take off her tank top.

Steve removed Natasha's tank top and throw it at the floor, then he stared at her bra and decided to slid his hands on her shoulder, then he placed his fingers under the straps of her bra and slid gently over her skin till causing it to fall.

Natasha: Wait...

Natasha asked as Steve prepared to lower her bra further, she ran her hands through her hair, even though they were at shoulder height, and left it behind and up, as if she were going to pin it in a ponytail and a good part of the strands came loose in this attempt.

Natasha: Would you hold it for me?

Steve held Natasha's hair, but awkwardly, which made him release almost everything. Natasha had to run her hands through her hair again and made him hold it again.

Natasha: You need to hold on tight.

Steve: Sorry.

Natasha: Don't be sorry now.

Steve: What do you want to do? Do you want to do a ponytail? Do you have that thing to hold it??

Natasha: No, I just want you to hold it.

Steve: Hold it??

Steve was confused.

Natasha: Yes, Steve...

Natasha whispered as she sat down on the edge of the bed, she put her hands on Steve's waist and looked him in the eye again.

If he didn't understand what she was doing before, and maybe he still doesn't understand what she intends to do, at least he could feel that something was going to happen, because he felt a chill from the way she looked at him now, as if he was her prey, her look was different from what she was looking at him a few minutes ago, it wasn’t tender, it was pure fire... someone could get burned with that look.

Steve, sometimes, doesn’t know what to do with Natasha, but now he didn’t even need to do anything, in fact, all he was doing was trying to breathe normally, because the air got scarce when Natasha placed those thick and warm lips on his navel.

Natasha kissed Steve’s navel, then she kisse the region just below his navel, and then further below that, walking with provocative kisses all over his groin, until it was inevitable for her not to touch her lips on Steve's cock which soon started to ger hard.

Steve was completely disoriented when he felt Natasha's lips swallig his entire cock and moving to the tip, then moving till reach his balls, slowly and in the way he likes. Steve threw his head back, trying with all his strength not grunt but it was inevitable, Natasha knows what she is doing and it’s perfect.

The closer Natasha brought her lips to Steve's balls, the tighter he held her hair, Natasha already predicted that it was a matter of instinct for him to control her head so that she could please him in anyway he wants.

Sometimes Steve would hold her head too tight preventing her from taking her lips off his member again, she had to push him to breathe and repeat the action, this followed for a long time with her in that same position but she had to stop to take off the jeans she was wearing, she sat back and devoured Steve's member, while she herself used one of her free hands to finger herself letting out small moans directly over Steve’s cock, which made him even more horny.

Steve was calling Natasha’s name several times.

Natasha: Steve??

Natasha interrupted again.

Natasha: Will you... come... now?

Steve just shook his head.

Steve: I can take some more...

Natasha: Ok .. but... let me know, ok ??

Steve: Huh??

Steve was no longer himself, he didn't even know what he was saying or what she was saying, he just grabbed Natasha's hair tighter and made her continue what she had stopped.

Natasha went back to give Steve oral pleasure, and she could feel the veins of his member very spare against his skin, and she was equally horny, so much that she started to touch herself and after a few moments she had to stop sucking Steve's cock in order to moan as she, frantically, accelerated the movement of her fingers on her intimate part.

Natasha: Oh, God!

Steve silenced Natasha by holding her face with both hands, Natasha again devoured Steve's cock and when he called her name again she moved and stopped because she was cumming with her own touches and her body reacted by raising her butt from the bed.

Steve did not take long to come after seeing Natasha in that state, and he forgot to warn her, but Natasha looked away as soon as she felt he was starting to come, she tried to help him, smoothing his cock for him, but Steve prefers when he touches himself until he stops coming.

Natasha thought Steve would need some time to react, or rather, to act again... but he was already putting his hands inside her bra and squeezing her nipple between his fingers.

Steve leaned over Natasha and have a quick kiss, followed by a longer kiss with his tongue, then followed by another quick kiss, which ended with him ripping off her bra.

Steve leaned over and touched his lips to Natasha's nipple, he sucked her nipple until he felt it completely stiff, just to be able to pass the tip of his tongue on him in a circular motion, again sucking on her nipple and then trying top ut everything he can of her boob inside his mouth.

Natasha let out low short moans as Steve did this and then he did the same with her other breast.

Steve stroked Natasha's belly and slid his hand up to her panties, he felt her panties very wet and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Steve corrected his posture again, he looked her in the eyes and again he leaned over to her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Steve: Lie down for me...

Steve said on Natasha's lips, he kissed her bottom lip and corrected the posture once again, he watched Natasha lay her back on the bed and crawl backwards to approach the headboard.

Steve held his cock while watching Natasha's body move, he looked avidly at her boobs and used his other hand to pull her panties down.

Natasha helped Steve by lowering her panties to her feet, she put her feet on the bed, leaving her knees bent, while looking at Steve and she was way more turned on by the way he looked at her body and she clearly felt more horny by the way how he masturbated when he saw her completely naked.

Steve moved Natasha's knees apart from one another, making her legs spread wide, he continued touching himself and slowly crouched, until he was kneeling on the floor.

Natasha felt Steve grab her ankles, which made her lift her head off the bed to look him in the eye and see what he was doing.

Steve pull Natasha's ankles down in just one hard move, bringing her body down on the bed again to the point that she got her butt right on the edge of the bed.

Steve finally stopped masturbating and stared at Natasha's intimate part, he could see how wet she was and he could feel her anxiety when he dragged his beard from the inside of her thigh to her groin because her body was shaking involuntarily.

Natasha propped her elbows on the bed and used them to support her head up to be able to look at Steve, but when she felt Steve's mouth at the opening of her intimate area she threw her head back, she pressed a lip against the other and looked back at Steve, she saw him drag the length of his tongue from her opening to her clit, which made her press her lip even more against the other and moan steadily.

Natasha let her head fall back again when she felt Steve's tongue go down again to her opening and back to her clitoris, where he passed only the tip of his tongue quickly up and down, about three times in a row and went down slowly to her opening again.

Natasha: Holy shit, Steve...

Natasha had to open her mouth to breathe better and each time Steve came back with his tongue to her clit and rubbed it against her clitoris quickly several times, she breathed harder and the air came out of her mouth slowly.

Steve was testing how her body reacted at different speeds and he noticed that going fast on her clit, makes her much more horny. Steve just has to make her feel ready for him and although Natasha feels pleasure in both ways on the speed as her pussy is being licked, Steve preferred to go slower because he wants to eat her pussy for much longer.

Natasha lift the butt of the bed and rub her clit against Steve’s mouth and sometimes against his face as she moaned and held tightly to the bed sheets.

Natasha only moaned louder when she started to come, she called Steve's name once while she came moving her hips up and down and Steve made the same movement with his head, but in the opposite direction, increasing the rubbing against Natasha's clit and increasing her pleasure.

Natasha came tasty and calmly, she moaned softly afterwards and her breathing started to stabilize while she relaxed her body on the bed.

Natasha thought it was a time for each one, to give oral pleasure, but Steve was not satiated yet, he climbed on the bed, projecting his body over hers, he looked her in the eyes, while Natasha was still trying to recover her breath, then Steve kissed her lips with affection and love, then he started to provoque her with ths kiss then moved the kiss down to her chin and her neck.

As soon as Steve and Natasha got totally horny again, Steve made her turn her body on the bed, Natasha was on all fours on the bed. Steve lay on his stomach on the bed, and fit his head between Natasha's legs, then he placed his hands on her butt and pulled her down making her sit on his face, which already caused Natasha to let out a moan.

Natasha took a long time straddling Steve's face and just there, she came twice and she would came the third time if it weren't for Steve's urgency to have her because he couldn't wait any longer.

Natasha sat on Steve again, but this time with her opening against his rigid cock, she moaned and called his name again when she felt his cock getting immersed inside her. Steve also called out her name and just held Natasha's thigh while she fidgeted to keep his cock entirely inside her.

Natasha threw her head back when she got what she wanted, she squeezed one of her boobs and moved her hips in circles, making sure that her butt was completely against Steve's body.

Steve was mesmerized by the image of her body, completely feminine, completely perfect, even her features of pleasure made him more honry to be possessing her.

Natasha was doing all the work now, Steve only pressed her thighs violently, increasing the intensity with which she moved over his cock.

Natasha stopped for a few seconds and lowered her head to look at Steve, but her hair insisted on being over her face. Natasha shook her head in a very sexy way, making her hair fall just to one side, she was able to make eye contact with Steve and decided that he deserved a kiss.

Natasha laid her body on Steve's and touched her lips to his, Steve sucked Natasha's tongue and groaned when Natasha changed her movements... from rolling to moving up and down on his cock.... slowly, until she became very excited to the point of beginning to moan, correct her posture and bounce on Steve's cock until both reached their climax.

The night of intense passion followed for hours, the day dawned with both of them still making love, in a much more lazy and slow way, the two exchanged infinite kisses and caresses, they were wrapped by a sheet.

Steve stopped kissing and worshiping Natasha's body when he heard one of their cell phones ring, which made Natasha frown.

Steve: We don't have to answer that.

Steve commented frustrated at being interrupted, even though it was already expected that they would have to interrupt their activities this morning.

Natasha: No...

Natasha smiled, she looked at Steve and he brought his face closer to hers and they kissed again and they heard the cell phone go silent which gave them peace to continue with this lazy morning.

Once again the cell phone rang and they both stopped kissing.

Natasha: I feel that we will have to attend this, don't we?

Natasha asked and Steve took a deep breath, still frustrated.

Steve: If it's Sam, I'll send a message... he already knows about us, so it's okay for him to know where we are and he can even give us a break and despite Wanda...

Natasha nodded.

Steve had a hard time getting rid of the sheet so he could release Natasha's body and get out of bed, he grabbed his jeans and took out his cell phone, but there was no missed calls.

Natasha: Isn't it yours?

Steve: No, I think it's yours.

Natasha: Mine doesn't have that sound...

Natasha commented and Steve frowned. The cell phone rang again and his pants were vibrating.

Natasha: Is it yours or no?

Steve: Yes, but not this one.

Natasha: Is there another phone??

Steve: Yes...

Steve commented and frowned, he reached for the other phone.

Natasha: I don't know this device.

Steve: It's just for emergencies in case... if that person needed it, I told him to call me on this number.

Natasha frowned.

Natasha: Who??

Steve: Tony Stark.

Natasha was surprised.

Natasha: Will you answer?

Steve seemed undecided, but he knew that for Tony to be calling, something very big and maybe dangerous is happening, because Tony would not call to apologize.

Steve took the call.

Steve: Rogers?

Natasha saw Steve frown more and then look extremely shocked and worried.

Natasha: What happened??

Steve: I see. We are on our way...

Steve declared, lowering his head and ending the call.

Natasha: On our way?? What does Tony wants??

Steve: It wasn't Tony.

Natasha: Wasn't Tony ?? So... who was it??

Steve looked up and looked at Natasha.

Steve: It was Bruce Banner.