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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha: Bruce??

Natasha frowned and narrowed her eyes slightly. It has been so long since she has heard from him that it is a shock to hear his name now and that it was him on the phone with Steve a few seconds ago.

Steve just nodded to confirm.

Natasha: What...

Natasha said in a low voice and stopped to try to understand why Bruce called and why he called Steve and not her, she recovered quickly and continued.

Natasha: What did he want?

Steve: To talk about a new threat...

Natasha: Threat?? And are they calling us back? So it's a global threat.

Steve nodded.

Steve: Actually he assures that is an universal threat, Bruce seemed to be on the run and very busy.

Natasha frowned more, showing concern.

Natasha: But it was Bruce and not the Hulk... so he's not in combat yet, right?

Steve frowned slightly and saw that Natasha's reasoning makes sense.

Steve: Anyway, he said he needs us over there.

Natasha: Need us or only you?

Steve: All of us... we have to go and find Sam and Wanda immeaditely.

Natasha nodded.

Steve turned and walked to the bathroom.

Natasha: Steve??

Steve stopped and looked at Natasha.

Natasha was looking at Steve and her face was tense, she wanted to say something or better saying... she wanted to ask more about Bruce Banner, if he sounded to be fine and safe on the phone, but she gave up the idea of asking about him, she doesn't know how Steve is going to interpret and she is afraid to know the answer.

Natasha made negative with her head.

Steve: Are you alright?

Steve asked when he saw her hesitating.

Natasha stared at the void for a few seconds, then looked into Steve's eyes and nodded.

Steve didnt seem convinced as he remained still, waiting for her to say what she had to say.

Natasha: I just...

Natasha sighed and eased the tension in her face.

Natasha: What will happen now?

Steve: I don't know. Let's get the team together and see what we do.

Steve responded and felt that what he said was not the expected answer, or that it was not enough. Natasha still seemed to be hesitating about something, or waiting for something and that made him come closer to her.

Steve: What worries you?

Steve asked in his gentle and understanding way. Natasha looked him in the eye and didn't know if she was comforted by that look or scared by the correct answer to be given about what really concerns her.

Us. Natasha thought, but didn't comment out loud.

Natasha: Nothing...

Natasha shook her head.

Natasha: Take your shower... I'll take one after you.

Steve: Sure?

Natasha: Yes.

Steve finally went to the bathroom and he felt very concerned during the shower. Something was making him anxious about Bruce's call, especially after so long. Why wasn't Tony on the phone? What is going on? What kind of new threat are they facing? Did Tony need him, but he didn't want to call him because of his big ego, so Banner called him instead? Or is Tony very hurt?

The questions kept coming up.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom... Natasha was asking herself the same questions while waiting for Steve to finish the shower. Her intuition was even stronger, she tried to call Wanda Maximoff and was unable to contact, she even tried two more times and no one answered.

Natasha also called Sam, who was also unavailable and when she tried to call for the second time, she noticed that her cell phone had no signal. It could be something common but for her... that meant something else.

Natasha took Steve's phone and he was also without a signal, she went to the phone in the motel room and he was without a line, which made her frown and become more tense.

Natasha, then, decided to walk to the bedroom window, she opened a gap in the curtain and as the glass was very dark, she didn’t have much view of the street, but she saw that people were touching their cell phones and the expressions on their faces, it seemed that they also had no signal. Natasha can swear that's what's bothering people on the street.

Steve: Do you want to take a shower now?

Steve asked when he got out of the bathroom and almost gave Natasha a fright, who was taken out of her thoughts about what could be happening and if what is happening there now has anything to do with what is happening in America. Could it be related?

Natasha looked at Steve with a frown, because she was tense, she nodded and picked up her clothes before going to the bathroom.

As she needed to think and fit the pieces of the puzzle, Natasha locked herself in the bathroom, she showered while reflecting about the several events they have been gone through, the old and the recent.

We will fight for the world once again. Why did I think it could be different? For a moment I thought it was over. Natasha thought, she increased the strength of the hot water and let it burn some of her skin.

Natasha took a deep breath, while letting the water hit her nape. We can't run away forever, but I wish we could sometimes. I can't have those thoughts right now. Natasha concluded and looked up, she turned the hot water down so the water wouldn't burn her face.

Natasha turned off the tap and took a towel to dry herself, but all she did was wrap herself in the towel and stand in front of the sink counter, she rested her hands on the counter and looked at herself in the mirror.

The mirror image is distorted because it has been blurred with the steam from the bath. Natasha ran her fingers over the mirror at her eyes direction so she could look at herself.

Natasha took another deep breath as she looked at the image of herself.

There is no peace for you in the world, Romanov. What are you waiting for? What are you wishing for? Do your job and forget about yourself... You do not exist. You do not matter. Natasha told herself in thought.

Steve: Nat??

Steve called her.

Natasha shook her face slightly and looked towards the door.

Natasha: Yes??

Steve: Is everything okay there?

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha replied shortly.

Steve: I haven't been able to contact Sam yet.

Natasha: What time is it?

Steve: Almost 11am.

Natasha: He's probably asleep. Did you try Wanda?

Steve: No, in fact, we are totally without signal. Do you think you are...

Natasha: Steve??

Natasha interrupted Steve and he fell silent.

Natasha: Can you wait a few minutes? I am leaving soon.

Steve: Of course. Sorry...

Natasha noticed that Steve's shadow moved away from the bathroom door, she sighed and looked briefly at her in the mirror again.

Let's finish this job. Natasha commented and finally dried off, then immediately put on her clothes and left the bathroom.

Natasha: Are you ready?

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: Yes.

Natasha: So let's go.

Natasha said, taking one of the two pistols she brought with her, which were on the side table of the bed, and placed it hidden in her clothes.

Natasha: We will take Sam and Wanda and gathered to analyze what we're up against together. We cannot arrive in America like that with our faces or we will be arrested, so I have to provide new identities and new disguises. From what I remember, Interpol has already compromised all of our latest disguises. It's one thing to camouflage myself, another is to camouflage myself with 4 people along. They are not so stupid...

Natasha declared, while putting her hand on the other pistol to put away, but she stopped when she felt Steve's hand on hers.

Natasha looked at Steve with a frown, she almost understood this as an attack and looked at him mortally, but soon she calmed down when she realized who he was.

Steve: I know what we have to do... but I have a feeling... a feeling that what is to come will not be easy.

Natasha: It never is...

Natasha commented in a low voice.

Steve: No...

Steve shook his head and sighed.

Steve: Never is... but... I feel like we won't have the moment we had here in this roon in anytime so soon...

Steve commented while letting his fingers fall between Natasha's fingers causing her to drop the pistol on the table and hold his hand. Automatically it also made Natasha turn her body to face him.

Steve: So I'm thinking... that we should...

Natasha: Enjoy the time, the moment...

Natasha completed for Steve, as she already imagined what he was thinking. Steve nodded in agreement.

Steve: While we still don't know what we're up against. Just while the world does not invade this room. Just while the world does not invades us both...

Steve commented in a low voice, while making Natasha put her arm over his shoulder. Steve moved one of his hands to her waist and the other hand to her face.

Natasha sighed as she looked into Steve's blue eyes.

Steve: I feel like nothing will be the same after we walk out that door...

Steve looked briefly at the bedroom door and looked back into Natasha's eyes, who nodded.

Natasha: It won't be.

Natasha confirmed and stood on tiptoe so that her arms could better wrap around Steve Rogers' neck, but she was just hugging him, she pressed the side of her face against his chest and Steve slid his hand across her back onder her shirt so he could feel the texture of her skin. Steve needs to record that feeling of touching her skin and needs to record the sensation of her kiss and her sex.

The fear of taking a long time to have these sensations again and to have moments like that, was what made Steve put his lips on Natasha's forehead and use it as a way to make her remove her face from his chest.

Natasha pulled her face away a little and already looked up at Steve, she felt what he was hunting... it was her kiss, her sex and she was wanting the same, and it was great for Natasha to know that right now he feels the same as she does, he also feels this desire to relive the experience they had in Wakanda and in that motel room all night, when they left the world outside and lived just for themselves.

This moment is important for both of them, because the feeling they have, is that will take a lot of time to repeat again or that it may not even repeat again, so they should enjoy it now, they should give themselves up once more and then face the world or let the world invade them both.

Natasha thought about it while feeling Steve's mouth fitting over hers, she parted her mouth and allowed his tongue to invade her mouth, she exchanged caresses with his tongue and massaged his neck, while she felt Steve holding the bar of her tank top and lifting it, while at the same time made her take short steps back to keep her back to the bed.

Natasha almost fell on the bed but Steve grabbed her body and kissed her again, but Natasha put his hand on his face and pushed him away again, just so she could lie on the bed.

Steve stood by the bed, staring at Natasha's face and body for a few moments, until he removed his shirt and lay over her body. They immediately restarted the kiss and the exchange of caresses.

Steve suspended Natasha's tank top even more and dragged his hand over her belly willingly, he broke the kiss again to spread kisses down her neck to her cleavage and then over her belly until reach her navel.

Steve gave Natasha's belly a hickey, just below her navel which made her hold tightly on Steve's hair and involuntarily contract her belly.

Steve gave several more kisses on the hickey mark he made and now that he was too close to the hem of her pants, he opened the buttons on Natasha's jeans and had difficulty in unzipping the zipper.

Steve ended up breaking the zipper with the strength he used, he was already starting to lower her pants, when he noticed that Natasha was completely immobile and no longer responding to his touches and caresses.

Steve looked up to see Natasha's face and caught her staring at the void, completely lost, he immediately got worried and projected his body higher again to look her in the eye.

Steve: Nat?

Natasha was still looking at the void, even though Steve was in front of her.

Steve: Nat??

Steve frowned when he saw Natasha's eyes shining brightly, as when the person is touched by something but it is not a cry yet.

Natasha: It already invaded us.

Natasha commented and looked Steve in the eye at last.

Steve: What??

Natasha sighed and reached for Steve's face.

Natasha: The world...

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: It already invaded us...

Steve understood what she was talking about, he took a frustrated deep breath and looked away. Natasha slid her hand from his face to his arm and stroked him, to comfort him.

Natasha: Don't you feel it?

Steve: Yeah but I am ignoring that.

Natasha: You can't ignore that, Steve... there's work to be done and. we have no pleasure before that.

Steve: So this is it.

Steve spoke and got off Natasha, still not looking at her.

Natasha sat on the bed.

Natasha: In our lives... the world... the job comes first.

Natasha justified again.

Natasha: They need us... Steve, I looked at the street... there is something going on and I feel that there is something worse to come...

Steve: I feel it too.

Steve looked into Natasha's eyes now.

Steve: That's why I wanted to postpone that... but you're right. Let's get the job done.

Natasha: And maybe after that... the two of us...

Steve: We know that nothing will be the same.

Natasha felt her heart sink at Steve's answer. She wants to go back to what they’re having there now. Why can't they?

Natasha: But are we going to change??

Steve: Aren't we going?

Natasha: No... I... I will not change for you, maybe for the world... but not for you.

Steve looked away and took a deep breath, he got up from the bed slowly, looking like he was carrying a huge weight on his back.

Natasha was slightly hurt that he did not return the expression that she used that she will not change with him no matter what happens from now on, but that is not something she will comment on, it is not something she thinks she has the right to comment on or demand from him.

Steve: Let's pay the bill and go.

Steve stated dryly. Natasha nodded and adjusted her clothes when she got up to leave.


Steve and Natasha left the motel and walked back to the hotel where they were staying, they noticed a certain uproar among the people on the street, everyone still seemed to have no phone and cell phone signals.

Steve and Natasha tested their phones again and remained with no signal. The further they walked, the more suspicious they became. Steve can't help but look back all the time to see if something or someone is about to attack them. Everything is so weird now. Everything is strange on the streets.

Steve and Natasha walked for fifteen minutes and when they passed in front of a bakery, they saw all the customers crowded inside, trying to watch the news.

Steve and Natasha looked at each other immediately, frowning, they approached the bakery, but it was impossible to get close to the TV, a lot of people in there.

Steve: Entschuldigen Sie, Sir. Was ist los?

Steve asked, in German, what was happening to an old man who was coming out of this crowd of people in the bakery, making negative with his head.

- Was ist los??? Hã!! Es passiert wieder.

The old man replied that everything was happening again and returned to make negative with his head.

Natasha: Tut mir leid Was ist wieder los?

Natasha asked again what exactly happened.

- Hilter, Zemo, Loki, Ultron... jetzt noch eins ...

Natasha and Steve frowned again because he claimed that another dictator had arrived to threaten the world, he said that commenting on the names of cruel dictators who have tried to take over the world before.

Natasha and Steve wondered who it would be now trying to do that again.

- Ich will es gar nicht wissen, ich bin alt. Scheiß auf dich.

The old man stated that he is not interested on knowint about that anymore because he is old and feels like the world desserves, he went off mumbling about it and when Steve noticed the expressions on the faces of the people at the bakery, he noticed that they were scared and very worried.

A piece of television appeared and Steve could see that there were alien spaceships, he frowned more.

Steve: We have to go!

Natasha looked at the determination and concern on Steve's face, she followed him to the hotel and there they found neither Sam nor Wanda.

When Natasha arrived in the room, she noticed that Wanda left the hotel carrying her backpack and some clothes, she could see in her open suitcase lying next to the bed, that meant she left to spend the night in a premeditated way.

Natasha left the room and went after Steve.

Natasha: Did you find Sam??

Steve: No.

Natasha: We need to find him and go.

Steve: We need to know what we are dealing with as well.

Natasha: What did you see at the bakery?

Steve: I saw that there are alien ships and one of them is not that far from here.

Natasha took a deep breath and felt her phone vibrate, she frowned for finally the cell phone signal came back.

Natasha checked the call and it was Sam.

Natasha: Sam?!

Sam: Natasha!! Wow, you won't believe what's going on!

Natasha: Sam! Where you are??

Natasha interrupted him

Sam: At the hotel's restaurant. My cell phone just started working now and everyone else's stopped too. I tried to find Steve and you and Wanda, but nobody seemed to be in the room. I figured you and Steve went out together, but Wanda was asleep.

Natasha: She is not sleeping, she is not even in her room. Do you know where she is??

Sam: Oh God, I don't know. Listen... you must not be aware of anything, come down here to watch the news...

Natasha: Alien ships.

Sam: Yeah.

Natasha: We are going down.

Natasha ended the call and Steve looked at her waiting for information.

Natasha: We will meet Sam at the restaurant.

Natasha declared and went down the stairs with Steve, the two arrived at the hotel restaurant and saw the guests all gathered there and even the employees.

Sam: Hey.

Sam approached them.

Natasha: What did they say about these ships? When did they arrive ??

Sam: It's been a few hours and NASA said they appeared around the Earth in the blink of an eye.

Steve: Was there an attack? Are they friends or enemies?

Sam: There hasn't been anything yet, at least not here. All I know is about this country, they didn’t comment much about other áreas.

Natasha: They are recognizing the territory first.

Steve: Or looking for something.

Natasha: We need more information, I will call Hill.

Natasha declared and walked away from Sam and Steve.

Sam: What are we going to do??

Steve: I don't know yet, Sam. Didn't Wanda comment where she was going?

Sam: No, she just disappeared.

Steve: So the first thing we are going to do is find her.

Sam: And then what?

Steve: Then we'll see.

Sam: Yes, sir. How do we find Wanda?

Steve: She has a tracker.

Sam: Really??

Steve: Natasha thought it was better, because she keeps disappearing and we don't want to suffocate her, we know that she is young and needs space and we know that she and Vision have a kind of romance, but we can't risk being without her. Let's get dressed appropriately.

Sam: Uniform?? I thought we would never use that again!

Sam commented excitedly and in a good mood.

Steve: We have to go.

Steve said dryly and Sam broke his smile.

Sam: Yes... of course.

Sam went up to the room and Steve, too, the two dressed up and drew attention when they appeared in uniform in front of the other guests. Natasha was wearing a new costume, which she received as a gift from Maria Hill, along with her new weapons.


While Steve, Sam and Natasha prepared everything for the trip, which took some hours because Steve was not clear about what he intended to do, but it was certain that they would go far by the amount of things they were taking, buying and storing.

Meanwhile, in a country not too distant, which by jet, Steve would take 3 hours to go from where he, Sam and Natasha are to where Wanda is.

Wanda was trying to decipher something about the jewel that Vision wears on his forehead and that he has been complaining about.

Vision said that the stone was trying to talk to him.

Vision: Tell me what you feel?

Vision asked, directing Wanda's hand to his forehead. Wanda sighed and concentrated, she drove a red cloud to the stone on Vision's forehead and tried to feel what she was transmitting. The stone said nothing to Wanda, she couldn’t feel anything but Vision and it was strange that the stone seemed to convey what he feels, and he is an android, supposedly without feelings.

It is not the first time that Wanda feels this, she feels that Vision really has feelings for her just by the way he looks at her and care about her, he is a great comfort to her, she loves his company very much and that because he makes her forget everything bad that have happened to her.

Wanda does not control Vision and yet, he decided to ignore his creator, Tony Stark, and ran away to be with her. The first time they met it was a big surprise, she didn't believe he would really came just to see her and didn't believe when he kept coming whenever it was possible.

It was not long before they had seen each other and he got in touch with her, saying he missed her, claiming that he needed to see her and that he needed to talk to her. Wanda didn't even hesitate, things were cool with Captain America's team, so in the middle of the previous night she ran away to be with him.

Wanda did not have a jet to fly as far as she went, without arousing suspicion, but Vision came looking for her and took her in his arms to the nest that they can create in anywhere.

Wanda: I just feel you.

Wanda replied to Vision, he gave a discreet smile and put his hand on her face, then kissed her with the affection he thinks she deserves to receive.

As they parted their lips away, Wanda smiled.

Wanda: We spent all day here...

Vision: I would spend na eternity with you without getting tired, Wanda.

Wanda: You don't get tired of anything, Vis.

Vision smiled.

Vision: Your fake parents must be very concerned.

Wanda laughed softly.

Wanda: Do you mean Steve and Natasha? I think they are busy, there is no missed calls... I told you that everything was quiet over there... they are not worried, they must not even noticed that I am not there yet.

Vision: Does this mean that we still have a few hours?

Wanda: It means that we still have a few days.

Wanda declared smiling and Vision smiled back.

Wanda: No... so many days, Steve would give me a huge sermon.

Vision: So a few hours?

Wanda nodded in agreement.

Wanda: Just a few hours... are you hungry?

Vision: No, but I can pretend that I am.

Wanda and Vision laughed softly.

Wanda: Sometimes I really forget that you...

Vision: I know... do you want to go out to eat?

Wanda: Yeah, I think you can walk on the streets now that you are in that disguise.

Vision seemed almost to have blushed, he was embarrassed.

Vision: This look does not scare children...

Wanda: And you like them, don't you?

Vision: I do. They are sincere. Do you like children?

Wanda: Of some yes...

Vision: Have you ever thought about having children, Wanda?

Wanda: I have.

Vision: Really?

Vision was surprised and doesn't even know why.

Wanda: I even thought about names.

Vision: What would you call them?

Wanda: Wiccan.

Vision: Wiccan? Is that a male name, right?

Wanda nodded in agreement.

Vision: What if it was a girl?

Wanda: Hm...

Wanda thought for a moment and shrugged.

Wanda: I think Lina...

Vision: Wiccano Maximoff and Lina Maximoff...

Wanda: It doesn't rhyme, right?

Vision: I think it fits but children are something I can never give to you, Wanda.

Wanda: Yeah... but maybe I could give it to you.

Vision frowned slightly.

Vision: How??

Wanda: Should we eat now?? I'm starving.

Vision: Yes.

Wanda and Vision went out to eat and Vision really tries to talk to every child he sees. Children likes Vision in human form, but parents are always staring and frowning at the children, for he being a stranger.

When they finished dinner, the two hugged in front of the restaurant, the night was cold.

Vision: Do you want to take a taxi back to the hotel to pick up your things before you go?

Wanda: No... I prefer to walk.

Vision nodded and the two held hands as they walked back. As they walked, they both missed each other. Vision changed his mind about Wanda staying only a few hours and as they passed in front of a cafe, he stopped her and asked her to stay with him for good and Wanda was confused about what to do, but knows that her heart wants to be with him, but her heart also doesn’t want to leave her great friend’s team behind.

Wanda started to consider not staying with Vision for good, she really cares about Steve, Natasha and Sam, she does not want to disappoint them so she almost refused, but the TV news was got her attention before she could say something to Vision.

Wanda and Vision saw the news about the alien attacks and that Tony Stark was missing. Immediately Vision felt guilty and worried about Tony, he said he needed to go back immeaditely to help and Wanda was worried about him and his safety, she wished she had just agreed to stay with him, so she asked him to stay...

Wanda: If that's really true, then maybe leaving is not the best idea...

Wanda said in a shaky voice and Vision moved away from her.

Vision: Wanda, I...

Visão did not finish the sentence because his body was traversed by a kind of spear, which caused his body's functions to collapse and his human form to come apart. Wanda shouted the name of Vision, completely shocked and desperate.

It took Wanda a few seconds to try to understand what was going on, but she soon activated her powers to attack that being that attacked Vision from behind.

Wanda formed a red cloud with her hands and was about to launch it against the alien but before she could perform that action, she was attacked from behind also by another alien.


Natasha: We were in Germany... why couldn't she have stayed there?

Sam: Why go so far??

Natasha and Sam commented to each other.

Steve: Just let me know if those aliens are close to her.

Steve cut off their conversation, he was impatient with the conversation. The three were already on the jet en route to Scotland, where Wanda was.

Sam: From the images NASA has and the location of it by GPS, yes... they are getting closer and closer to Wanda, as if they were following her. How strange... is it a coincidence ??

Steve: I don't think it is.

Natasha: Me neither.

Sam: What do they want with her?

Steve: I'm not sure. Wanda has a lot of power, they may think she can disrupt their plans, we have to go faster and guarantee her integrity.

Natasha: We're almost there!

Natasha commented.

After about an hour more travel, they landed the jet and went to the train station, following Wanda's GPS. Steve ordered the team to split up by the station, as he doesn't know the powers of these aliens, he and Natasha have already taught Sam and Wanda that surprising enemies can be the best weapon to win a battle.

Steve was the first to perform at the train station, he had already noticed that Vision was injured and that Wanda was defending him. Steve was attacked by one of the creatures, but he took the spear that was thrown at him. It didn't take long for Natasha and Sam to join him and use the detail of the surprise to defeat the enemies.

Natasha wounded one of the aliens and the other alien showed immense concern for him, which made Natasha understand that they love each other, it is not known whether as brothers or as lovers.

The alien threatened Natasha before disappearing with his partner.


Natasha: Well, I thought we had a deal...

Natasha commented when closing the jet door, after everyone boarded.

Natasha: Stay close, check in... don't take any chances...

Natasha commented, almost like she was giving a lecture like Steve usually does, but he was strangely and extremely silent about everything.

Natasha sat next to Sam as a co-pilot and Sam turned to Steve.

Sam: Where to, Captain??

Steve sighed before speaking.

Steve: Home.