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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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When Steve arrived in the United States with his team, Sam questioned him about their secret identities and whether they would disguise themselves and hide.

Steve: We won't be hiding anymore, Sam. They need us, we come to help, they can take it or leave it... the responsibility is all theirs. And that does not mean that if they refuse, we will leave. We still fight for human life. The issue here is much bigger than a political power struggle.

Steve stated when landing the jet outside the Avengers Facility, he opened the back door for landing.

Wanda: Vis, can you walk?

Wanda asked, still very worried about him.

Vision: I believe so.

Steve: So get up.

Vision slowly rose and propped up against the jet wall, he looked at Steve who nodded at him.

Vision took the first step and almost collapsed on the floor, which made Wanda hurry up and fit under his arm. Sam also came to help him.

Sam: Vision needs medical care. I think I'll go to a hospital with him before, or... I don't know, ask Maria Hill or Dr. Cho for help.

Natasha: Hospital has nothing that can help him at the moment.

Natasha commented, as she got up from the copilot seat, she approached Steve and stood beside him, crossing her arms.

Vision: I will recover on my own, but it will take a long time, which I fear will be scarce.

Steve: The biggest problem is not knowing how much time we have.

Natasha: None! Everything is already happening.

Steve: We will not waste any more minutes then.

Steve commented and was the first to disembark. Natasha came after him and noticed that Steve was looking at the base with some look of nostalgia or maybe disappointment to get back there... she couldn't be sure and she couldn't even ask questions, he is not in the 'conversation' mood today.

Sam and Wanda helped Vision get off the jet.

Sam: Home, sweet home.

Sam commented when stepping on the lawn, but no one laughed or smiled, he himself was not smiling. Despite they all being homesick, they didn't expect to come home for this... another war.

As they walked to the building, Steve noticed that Natasha was typing something on the cell phone and then put the cell phone aside, looking ahead.

Steve: Any information that I should know?

Natasha frowned and looked at Steve, confused about the question, she was discreet when picking up her cell phone and did not notice that Steve was seeing.

Natasha shook her head.

Natasha: It was just Barton.

Steve: Clint?? Does he know we're here?

Natasha: Now he knows.

Steve: It's been a while since you guys talked.

Steve commented and upon reaching the base building, he opened the large glass door for everyone pass.

Natasha: We never lose contact.

Natasha commented, while Wanda passed with Vision and Sam through the door.

Steve: What does that mean?? Have you talked to him during that time that we were on the run?

Natasha was with a blank expression, impossible for Steve to identify any answer on that.

Steve: Do I get an answer to my question?

Steve asked, looking upset.

Natasha: There were two questions and yes. Like I said... we never lost contact.

Natasha saw Steve's expression change to more upset than before, she took a deep breath and entered the reception hall of the building, Steve came close behind.

Steve: I thought I said to not contact anyone, especially from America! I asked everyone that! You put us in a risky position!

Steve commented quietly so as not to let Wanda and Sam overhear, as they were already farther away, in a corridor where the elevators are.

Natasha: Risky position?

Natasha laughed softly.

Steve: You can have your secret ways of acting, but so does the government. You could have been traced.

Natasha: Yes, I could. But, did I? Did we??

Natasha raised her eyebrows at Steve, who fell silent, but remained upset.

Sam: Guys, the elevator has arrived. Come on!

Natasha: We’re coming.

Natasha declared and headed for the elevator, Steve joined them shortly after and neither he nor Natasha touched on this issue anymore, they disembarked along with the others on the conference floor and the only comments were about the base being deserted and that perhaps they won’t find anyone there, but Natasha commented that Rhodey probably would be there.

When they arrived at the conference room, Rhodey was on a video call with representatives of world security, including Ross who decreed their arrest.

When Ross noticed Steve and Steve’s team presence, he made a speech about Steve and Natasha's boldness to appear with their team of fugitives there and ordered the arrest of all of them. Rhodey offered to take the order, but turned off the cameras shortly thereafter.

Rhodey: This is a case of court martial, you know?

Rhodey's joke eased the tensions between Steve and Natasha, they both gave tired, although sincere, smiles. Natasha was so homesick that she hugged Rhodey. They always get along, because Rhodey is a very focused and calm guy, Natasha never understood how he is friends with Tony Stark.

As they greeted each other, another person came on the scene to everyone's surprise, especially to Natasha's surprise... Bruce Banner.

Bruce entered the conference room in his usual way. Looking shy and self-conscious, barely looking people in the eye. Natasha still looked at him with surprise and Bruce tried to imagine what she was thinking and if he should apologize now or later.

Natasha: Hi, Bruce.

Natasha commented, breaking the silence of the moment and sort of easing Banner's side. Banner was thinking that ‘hi’ was better than a shot or some cursing, but who knows what will come after that??

So far it was nothing, nothing came after the ‘hi’. There was only Sam Wilson's whispering alone: "This is weird", because now he knows that Steve and Natasha has a romance going on and before that there was a romance between Bruce and Natasha.

Wanda even looked at Sam, and she did not understand what he said or the reason of saying this, but she wasn't in the mood for anything, she worries and cares only about Vision now.

Wanda: Rhodey. Vision is hurt, he needs to rest.

Vision: No, I don't need to rest.

Wanda: Vis!

Vision: There is no time for rest, we need to discuss our next actions and it is now. I believe that Mr. Banner has something to tell us about what is happening.

Bruce: Yes. Yes. It's Thanos.

Sam: Who??

Rhodey: Guys!

Rhodey interrupted the conversation.

Rhodey: I'm sorry, but let's change the room, this place just gives me a headache.

Rhodey asked and everyone agreed.

Sam and Wanda passed by carrying Vision, following Rhodey along the way. Bruce stayed in the room, as did Natasha and also Steve... who didn't move when he noticed Bruce didn't intend to leave either.

Bruce looked at Steve and then at Natasha and then at the floor, he wanted to ask Steve to leave them alone, but he was embarrassed to do that.

Steve: How have you been, Banner?

Bruce: I wish I could say that I'm fine, but... in this situation...

Steve: I see.

Bruce: Natasha...

Bruce looked at her again.

Bruce: I would like to... talk to you for a moment... if possible.

Natasha opened her mouth to answer.

Steve: Maybe some other time.

Steve replied in her place, which made Natasha look at him with a raised eyebrow.

Steve: Let's focus on what matters now... Tony is gone. I haven't seen Thor in years, and I don't know anything about this Thanos guy.

Steve explained.

Natasha: He's right.

Natasha completed and walked to another room, where the others were gathered. Steve was going to follow Natasha, but Banner stepped in front of him and looked back to make sure that now there were just the two of them together.

Steve: Banner?

Bruce: I just want to know from you, how is she?

Steve: You should ask her directly.

Bruce: I intended... I intend but... I don't know, things are complicated at the moment and I kind of left without saying goodbye and... I don't know, I don't know if I should apologize. I didn't intend to stay two years away, it just happened, you know?

Steve listened with the same serious expression as before.

Bruce: When I heard I was gone for so long, I thought of her...

Steve: But you didn't make contact.

Bruce: No... it had already been so long. Now I'm back and I don't know how she is after our... our thing... but you two are close... what do you think?

Steve: I think it's like you said... a lot of time has passed.

Steve was tough in words and doesn't know what motivated him to be like that with Banner, it's not his custom to be that cold and almost dump Bruce on Natasha's behalf, it's not up to him to do that. Steve saw Banner clearly become more wilted by that answer.

Bruce: Yeah... it's true. I just didn't want to make her feel bad.

Steve: Ask yourself if Natasha is the type of a womand who waits and suffer for someone for so long...

Bruce: Yeah...

Bruce was thoughtful.

Bruce: You're right... it doesn't make sense.

Again Bruce looked bleak, perhaps disappointed. He expected a little more suffering from Natasha.

Steve: It doesn't mean that it's okay not to give an explanation.

Bruce: Do you think she would hear me?

Steve: Yes... but we work with priorities. Now we have to talk about this new enemy. Her head is in it now and mine too.

Bruce: Yes, yes, mine too.

Steve: So let's join the rest.

Steve suggested and Banner nodded, the two went to the room where the rest of the Avengers were gathered.

The Avengers in attendance asked Bruce to tell him everything he knew about Thanos and those stones and how they need to prevent him from having all stones, including Vision's.

They discussed the best way to protect Vision’s stone and he himself claimed they should destroy it, and Wanda refuted the idea right away and Steve said he does not negotiate lives. Then they discussed the possibility of extracting the stone without killing Vision and they asked where and by whom it could be done, because without Tony Stark and his mind, it would be much longer and more likely to fail.

Steve remembered Wakanda's technology and how he helped Bucky and Natasha to recover, he said he knew a place and everyone was more relieved at this chance to save Vision and protect the stone at the same time.

The avengers decided to start the trip the next day, it was already getting dark and they came from a long trip and Vision needs more time to rest.

Rhodey: Everyone knows your old rooms, so... feel free to use it. You all are at home.

Rhodey commented and left with Sam, Wanda and Vision, they helped Wanda take Vision to her bedroom. Now Steve, Natasha and Bruce Banner were left alone again.

Steve: I will rest too. It seems that you still have issues solve between yourselves.

Steve commented without looking either of them in the eye and left the room, feeling like he should stay but he needs to givem them some space.


Steve entered his room and as the day of tomorrow and the next ones will be pure tension he tried to empty his mind to the maximum and tried not to think about anything else and for that, he considered pertinente take a long hot bath.

Steve undressed himself and entered the bathroom completely naked, he was undecided between bathing in the bathtub or shower and ended up choosing the bathtub, where he could rest better.

Steve put the tub to fill and looked himself in the mirror, he thought about removing his beard and then dismissed the idea because it was not time to think about that.

After the bathtub filled, Steve got into it and sat down, he left his arms resting on the edge and his head hung back on the edge too, and all he thought about was to avoid thinking about anything.

Steve closed his eyes and took a deep breath three times, then he felt calmer, the silence was total, there was only the sound of water moving very slightly when he moved some part of his body and it made him relax even more.

For the next ten minutes, Steve was so relaxed and in a state of meditation with himself that he was almost asleep in the bathtub, he failed to notice the whole environment around him, he only came to himself and opened his eyes when he felt another movement in the water and felt the presence of another body in the bathtub.

Steve was startled, of course, he sat up abruptly just as he opened his eyes and grabbed the edges of the tub, as if he had to go into a fight now.

- It’s me.

Steve listened and looked at those pair of legs in front of him, he moved his gaze from her knees to her thighs, from her thighs to her groin, then her belly, her beautiful breasts, neck and face... recognizing that whole body.

- I am sorry. You were so into yourself. I tried not to ruin it.

Commented the woman. Steve was speechless and without immediate reaction, he just gaped, trying to remember how to speak eloquently.

Steve: I... I ju-just...

Steve managed to pronounce, then sighed.

Steve: You didn't ruin anything, Natasha.

Natasha took a deep breath and crouched down until she sat in the bathtub, between Steve's legs, she leaned her back against the wall and stared at Steve who looked back at her.

Steve: I just thought you would be busy tonight.

Natasha: Busy?

Steve: Yeah... with Banner.

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: How?

Steve: You guys have a lot to talk about.

Natasha shook her head slightly.

Natasha: No. We don't.

Steve: You haven't seen each other for a long time... he walked away without giving you a feedback or an explanation, so...

Natasha: So?

Natasha asked.

Steve: So... you have to talk about it and solve...

Natasha: There is nothing to be resolved. We needed to talk, yes, it's true and we did.

Steve frowned slightly.

Steve: You must have been talking for less than half an hour, so I guess.

Natasha: It took less than twenty minutes.

Steve raised his eyebrows, showing surprise.

Natasha: As you said, he moved away and that is clear enough to me.

Steve: He certainly gave you a reason.

Natasha: He gave me that reason when after the Ultron events he was leaving on that jet and I clearly asked him to return and he didn't.

Natasha stated coldly.

Steve: But something may have happened, did you let him explain himself ??

Natasha sighed and smirked while looking away, then looked back at Steve.

Natasha: Something happened, Steve. But it happened after my request and his rejection, he said that he intended to get in touch later but that he was unable.

Steve: It must be true.

Natasha: It is, but it doesn't matter.

Steve: Doesn't it matter?

Natasha: No. Two years, Steve. I don't expect anyone for that long.

Steve sighed and seemed slightly relieved by this.

Natasha: Anyway, that would never go forward.

Steve: We both were not made to get attached to anyone.

Natasha nodded.

Steve: I'm sorry.

Natasha: Do you?

Steve: Of course. I care about you and Banner.

Natasha: Hm...

Natasha sketched and then chuckled and mocked.

Steve: What is it?

Natasha: You are still a terrible liar.

Steve: I didn't lie. I care about you and him, as individuals, as friends and...

Natasha: I'm not talking about that part.

Steve fell silent.

Natasha: It's the part about being sorry.

Steve took a deep breath and looked away.

Natasha: You don't feel sorry for that.

Steve didn't answer, he kept looking to the side, until he heard the sound of the water moving because Natasha got up on her knees, he looked at her and she rested her hands on the floor of the bathtub and crawled slowly by his legs.

Natasha rested her hands on Steve's thighs and was kneeling close to his groin, between his legs.

Natasha: I could say...

Natasha whispered, while keeping her gaze fixed on Steve in a way that it was impossible for him to dodge.

Natasha: That you are actually relieved...

Steve: Relieved?

Steve repeated the word just to say something, he is in no position to answer rationally with Natasha’s seduction skills.

Natasha: Yeah...

Natasha expressed in a slurred way, she moved her hands to the edge of the bathtub and leaned, lifting her body from the water enough to be able to sit on Steve's legs, who automatically had to start taking a deep breath.

Natasha had not yet moved her gaze.

Natasha: Relieved to know that me and Bruce are done...

Natasha whispered and reached her hip forward, and she could feel that Steve's cock was already erect because when she stuck more to his body she could feel it against her belly.

Steve: So you’re done??

Steve declared and it was as if he were in a trance, as if he had been seduced by Medusa herself, he couldn't help but look at Natasha.

Natasha: Yeah... me and Banner... were you relieved?

Steve's breath came out totally shaky, he practically rolled his eyes and closed them when Natasha slid her hands over the edge of the bathtub, holding the edge right behind his back and slowly lifted her body, rubbing her belly and groin against Steve's cock, who now let out grunts and gripped the edge of the bathtub firmly, while Natasha slid her body down again.

Natasha brought her face close to Steve's neck and left her lips close to his skin, but just enough for him to feel her breath. Natasha brought her lips to Steve's ear.

Natasha: Are you? Are you relieved?

Natasha was enjoying Steve's expressions and reactions, while slowly moving up and down, she watched the way Steve lost control over himself, he is totally hers right now. Natasha loves moments like this, it is inevitable to feel powerful, it is at times like this that she knows she can ask for anything that she would be able to have.

Steve: Hmmm.

That was what Steve replied, still breathing heavily. Natasha smiled discreetly and again lifted her body up a little and this time she rested a hand on Steve's shoulder, she had to bend her knees to return to sit on Steve's lap and this time she fitted her opening on his cock, which made Steve's passivity end.

Steve released the bathtub and put his hands on Natasha's waist, he didn't even let her make any more movements, he moved her waist up and down making her bounce on his cock several times and very quickly. Natasha held Steve's face with one hand and made him lift his fac a bit so she stuck her mouth on his and while Steve pumped her pussy, she caressed his tongue with greed and many moans.

Natasha: Ouch!

Steve: What ??

Natasha: My legs...

Natasha exclaimed and Steve stopped the movements, leaving her sitting on his cock.

Natasha: Can you come any further?

Steve: Yes.

Steve left an arm around Natasha's waist and used his other hand to hold the edge and move the body forward, bringing Natasha along.

Steve: Has it improved?

Natasha looked at her legs.

Natasha: I think it got worse.

Natasha smiled.

Natasha: Wait...

Natasha got up a little and wrapped her legs around Steve's waist, she hugged Steve's neck with one arm and with her free hand she grabbed his cock and placed back into her opening, letting out a muffled moan, while biting her lower lip.

Steve: Everything okay now?

Natasha: Yes, I Guess so.

Steve put his hands on Natasha's waist again and went back to move her waist up and down.

Steve repeated that movement several times, until they both were completely overwhelmed by the wave of pleasure they were feeling, Natasha was the first to come, Steve still held on for a few more minutes before coming and soon as he did, he hugged Natasha's entire waist and once again she pressed her lips to his, also hugging his neck, using the kiss as the final item of this act.

Steve loosened his arms around Natasha's waist and she blew out a breath, then got up and left the tub.

Steve: Where are you going?

Steve questioned watching her get out of the bath.

Natasha: I don't know about you, but I'm getting numb in there.

Steve laughed softly.

Steve: It’s a terrible place for sex.

Natasha: But it was worth it.

Steve: That’s for sure.

Natasha smiled and sighed again, she turned to walk away but stopped when Steve grabbed her fingers, she looked at him raising her eyebrow, asking him what he wanted.

Steve: I'm sorry for earlier... is just because being back... I can't explain. I thought I would be happy but that's not exactly what I'm feeling right now.

Natasha: What are you feeling now?

Steve looked down and sighed, looking thoughtful. After a few seconds he made negative with his head and looked Natasha in the eye again.

Steve: Honestly? I don’t know. Disappointment, perhaps.

Natasha: Disappointment with what or with whom?

Steve made negative with his head again.

Natasha: Okay, I understand.

Steve: It is difficult to put into words sometimes.

Natasha: Yes, I know.

Natasha tried to walk away again, but Steve held her hand tighter.

Steve: And you?

Natasha stopped and looked at Steve.

Natasha: Me??

Steve: How do you feel?

Natasha sighed and made negative with her head too.

Natasha: Horny.

Steve frowned slightly.

Natasha: We're being honest, aren't we?

Steve: Yes.

Natasha: So what are you going to do about it, Captain Rogers? Oh...

Natasha covered her mouth, laughing.

Natasha: Sorry... Rogers.

Steve laughed softly.

Steve: Well, I can help you with that.

Natasha: I'm counting on that.

Steve: Come back here then.

Natasha: We just proved that the bathtub is a bad place for our purpose.

Natasha commented, raising an eyebrow.

Steve: You're right...

Steve rested his hands on the edge of the tub and then stood up as he released Natasha's hand for that, she turned and walked over to the bathroom sink. Steve approached her from behind and put his hand on her navel, he also put his nose in her hair and slid it through it until it reached Natasha's neck, he used his other hand to get her hair out of the way and placed a kiss on her neck which made Natasha smile and lower her head a little.

Natasha just turned her face to the side a little and captured Steve's lips with hers, she kissed him with affection and gradually the kiss evolves into something more sensual.

Natasha responded to the kiss but for a few seconds, then she interrupted the kiss and opened her eyes to look at Steve, who still had his eyes closed and tried to kiss her again and he only opened his eyes when he tried to bring his mouth close to hers and she dodged.

Steve looked into Natasha's eyes a little confused.

Natasha: Can you give me five minutes?

Steve nodded and took a step back, taking his hands away.

Steve: Are you okay?

Natasha turned to face Steve and nodded.

Natasha: It's a woman thing... just five minutes.

Steve: How about two?

Steve smiled.

Natasha: Three and end of discussion.

Natasha smiled back.

Steve: Yes, ma'am. I will be in the room.

Natasha nodded and Steve came out of the bathroom, closing the door to give Natasha privacy but he wants to know what she wants to do there alone and he wants her right now again.

The next three minutes felt like it was half an hour for Steve, he walked around the room wondering if he should wear something or even wait naked, if he should stay in bed, sitting or standing. The only thing he managed to decide was to dry himself and that was what he was doing when Natasha came out of the bathroom.

Natasha said nothing, just the sound of the bathroom door opening caught Steve's attention who was next to a chair and had just put the towel over it, he turned and looked at Natasha.

He looked at her from her head to her feet and back again, she was naked before when she invaded his bath and he saw her naked before a few times but seeing her body like this is always exciting for him, his eyes roamed over Natasha's body, he recorded each detail of it, even her scars.

At the end of this visual analysis of Natasha's body, Steve was ready for another love session with her and she didn't need to say a single word for that.

Steve: Can you turn around for me?

Natasha frowned slightly at Steve's request.

Steve Rogers wants to see her butt? Something common to any man, but Steve?? And he still asked verbally... why is she still surprised?

Natasha looked at Steve's cock and raised both eyebrows, she took two steps out of the direction of the bathroom, but she was still far from him, she turned slowly and turned her back, she pulled her hair to the side and looked at Steve over her shoulder, she looked him in the eye and raised her eyebrows again as if asking if he is satisfied now.

Natasha turned her face forward when Steve started walking towards her, she took a deep breath and felt her body shiver completely when his body cast a shadow on hers.

Natasha got a little startled when she felt Steve's fingers on her shoulder, directly over her scar. She would not be frightened if he had touched anywhere but the scar... that was not what she wanted him to focus on, she has a certain shame about it, she even hates to remember that they are there and Steve had never touched them before.

Natasha took a deep breath again, because Steve still had his fingers on her scar, she tensed and thought about walking away but stood still without reaction.

Steve: Would you tell me about this one?

Natasha turned to face Steve, then she looked ahead and then down.

Natasha: It is one of the oldest.

Steve: It was a shot.

Natasha: Yes...

Natasha confirmed.

Natasha: A warning shot.

Steve: Warning??

Natasha: For me to know how much it hurts to disobey orders.

Steve was quiet.

Natasha reached over her shoulder and stroked the scar, moving Steve's fingers from there.

Steve: I'm sorry about that.

Natasha: Me too. But... it taught me something later when I disobeyed again...

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: Pain cannot overpower me anymore. I had to learn to deal with pain to be free, I was willing to die to be free.

Steve: I'm glad you didn't die and I'm glad that you freed yourself.

Natasha: I no longer admit to being in any mental prison.

Steve: It will never happen again. Not while I'm around.

Natasha gave a small smile and tried to turn to Steve, but he grabbed her waist and kept her back to him, he touched another scar of hers, a thinner but long one.

Steve: Knife?

Natasha: A sword.

Steve: Sword??

Natasha: It was a pretty crazy mission.

Steve: And this one?

Steve touched one further down.

Natasha: 'Bye, bye, bikinis...' does that line sounds familiar to you??

Steve frowned slightly and then he remembered that moment at the beggining of their friendship.

Natasha: Your friend made it.

Steve: Bucky... is it the same as the front?

Natasha: The shot was through me... accurate.

Steve: I'm sorry about that too.

Natasha: Don’t be... it wasn't you.

Steve: You are very beautiful, Natasha.

Natasha frowned slightly and finally turned to face Steve.

Natasha: Why are you saying that??

Steve: Because I felt I should say... I think I made you uncomfortable now.

Natasha: When you touched my scars... yes, you did.

Steve: They are beautiful, they look like tattoos on you, they are part of you. I also have mine...

Natasha: I love your scars.

Steve: I love your scars.

Natasha and Steve smiled at each other until the smile fell apart, they spent a few seconds staring at each other in silence and it was strange how they seemed to be breathing at the same intensity and it was strange that these breaths changed at the same time, their breathing quickened and they both looked different and hot to each other.

It is not known who started what but after that moment, the two clung instantly, the kiss was anxious, it was pleasant and it was desperate. Natasha jumped and locked her legs around Steve's waist, who carried her up against the nearest wall and left her body against it while taking turns between kissing her lips and sucking hard on her nipple.

Steve and Natasha made love for hours, he had her there on the wall, then he had her on the table and finally he had her in bed where the night of love ended.


The next morning, unfortunately, they didn't have much time for anything, they couldn't talk, they were woken up by Wanda Maximoff who knocked on the bedroom door, asking if Steve was ready. Just then Steve and Natasha realized they were late, so they got ready quickly and fly over to Wakanda.

Steve and Natasha thought they would have time to talk or have some time for each other again when they arrived in Wakanda and were received by King T'Challa, but they barely know what was going to happen there.