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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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When Steve and Natasha finished satisfying their carnal desires, they lay on the couch in the meeting room for a long time, just resting and enjoying each other's presence and skin, as they both remained naked.

Natasha was lying on top of Steve's body, with her head resting on his chest, staring at the emptiness and Steve with his face buried in Natasha's hair, breathing her scent while leaving his heavy hand resting on the skin of her back.

Steve likes to caress Natasha, but prefers to stay like this... with his hand resting on her, feeling every inch of her skin. That's because he is used to feeling only his own hands and they are always so rough, big, rough and Natasha's skin is the opposite of that, it is always smooth, hydrated, delicious to be felt. Every time he sees her back or her belly, he feels an overwhelming need to be in contact with those areas.

They were both silent and standing in each other's comfort like that for more than half an hour. Steve even thought Natasha was dozing off after the intensity of the love they made, so he was quiet, letting her rest, while he felt the peace of being smelling her and the weight of her body.

Natasha: Steve?

Natasha whispered and Steve realized that Natasha was not sleeping.

Natasha: Would you like to be a father?

Natasha asked out of nowhere and Steve frowned, finding the question strange and meaningless.

Steve: What??

Natasha: Would you like to be a father?

Natasha questioned again and now she lifted her head and rested her hand on Steve's chest, then rested her chin on her hand while looking him in the eyes.

Natasha: Have you ever stopped to think what it would be like to be a father?

Steve looked confused and genuinely didn't know how to respond, he never seems to have thought of that.

Natasha saw him blink and sigh, looking for a logical answer.

Steve: No.

Natasha just stared at Steve.

Steve: In the past? Yes... I think I already wished for a normal life, not necessarily with children but a life without so much stress and movement. Living in a simple house, retired.

Natasha: Married?

Steve: I already thought about that...

Natasha: Who did you think you were married to?

Steve looked away and sighed, looking troubled by the question.

Natasha: Peggy? It would be with her, wouldn't it? Okay, you can tell me.

Steve: I imagined life with her, yes. I visited her before she passed away and she told me about her life, about her children, about what she experienced and I imagined having this opportunity. I imagined what it would be like to live with her if I hadn't ended up on the ocean.

Natasha: You were wondering what it would have been like if you were her husband...

Steve nodded.

Natasha: And being the father of her children...

Steve: Also.

Steve sighed.

Natasha: When you thought about being a father, did you... wish that too? With somebody? Since with Peggy it wouldn't be possible anymore.

Steve: I don't think so...

Steve frowned slightly because those are unexpected questions and that he didn't think about these things, especially now after the snap.

Natasha looked down, looking thoughtful.

Steve: But why is that question now?

Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: Nothing...

Steve: Nat?

Natasha continued to look down.

Steve: Would you look at me?

Natasha looked Steve in the eye.

Steve: What's up with you?

Natasha: Nothing, Steve.

Steve: Now is it th time to hide things from me? Speaking of the past and children... are you planning something?

Natasha looked at each of Steve's eyes, while her lips trembled when she hesitated to speak. It took a few seconds for her to speak at last.

Natasha: What if I was?

Steve: What do you mean??

Natasha: What if I was planning?

Steve: Planning what??

Steve blinked and frowned.

Steve: Having a family??

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: What if it was?

Steve: With me?? Like, the two of us?? With children?

Steve asked and the many questions about it made Natasha feel that this was something very absurd and even pathetic. What happened to her to ask Steve about something like that?? Did she lose her mind??

Natasha: It was just... I don't know...

Natasha gave a half smile and lifted her upper body, sitting on the couch between Steve's legs, who rested his elbows on the sofa and looked at her.

Natasha: A daydream... that was just a daydream.

Natasha chuckled and stared at the floor, making negative with her head.

Steve: This conversation is very weird.

Steve stated and Natasha closed her eyes tight.

Steve: Natasha??

Natasha followed in the same position.

Steve: Now I... I need to ask... are you... are you pregnant??

Steve sat on the couch.

Steve: Why are you asking me these things?? I thought you couldn't have children... didn't you tell me something like that once? Or did I get confused?? Because if you are... I'm sorry to have responded like that. I would be immensely Happy, if...

Steve asked and waited for an answer from Natasha, who kept her eyes closed, she turned a little to him and finally opened her eyes and Steve saw her eyes full of tears.

Steve: Nat...

Steve was immediately concerned and Natasha made negative with her head.

Natasha: I'm not pregnant.

Steve put his hand over Natasha's.

Steve: Did I say anything wrong? I am sorry.

Natasha: It wasn't you. It was not your fault. Not even mine, this time...

Natasha got up and Steve took her hand.

Natasha: I need a shower.

Natasha looked at Steve and gave a small smile.

Natasha: We took a great risk today.

Steve: We were going to be discovered in the worst way if anyone else had come here.

Natasha: I think it's the best way.

Natasha said picking up her clothes across the room and dressing them back.

Steve: It would be Worth it.

Steve got up and started to dress too.

Natasha: I think that... in the challenge of not crying... you win.

Steve looked at Natasha confused.

Natasha: I think I cried more than you did... since we met on that SHIELD aircraft carrier. Tell me something... do you cry when you are alone?

Steve stopped to reflect.

Steve: Not that I remember.

Natasha: Not even when Peggy died, I saw you cry... I saw a single tear fall when you carried the coffin. She was the love of your life and that was it... a tear, just one.

Steve shrugged.

Steve: It doesn't mean that I didn't feel her loss.

Natasha: I know you did so I went to see you and talk to you.

Natasha sighed and walked to the door.

Steve: Won't you wait for me?

Natasha: For what? Get out of here hand in hand ?? Exchange kisses down the hall...

Natasha asked with raised eyebrows.

Steve: Forget it.

Natasha smirked.

Natasha: See you later.

Steve didn't answer, he got dressed and then left the meeting room.


After the shower, Steve decided to shave and while he finished the task in front of the mirror, he felt the mirror vibrate and heard the sound of an aircraft turbine, he frowned as close as the sound was to the building. It could be anything.

Steve tried to put on a shirt quickly and when he arrived in the hallway, he saw Natasha and Rhodey, who also heard the sound, they just looked at each other and Rhodey accessed the images from the facility’s camera through the tablet, but there were no images.

Natasha: Try the roof cameras.

Rhodey activated the roof câmeras and saw a strange aircraft and an extremely bright object below it.

Steve: Another attack??

Steve questioned and everyone was confused.

Rhodey: Who would attack now?? Even being from outside the planet... this hasn’t happened anymore.

Natasha: It may be a request for help. I'm going to get my jacket. Rhodey, call Bruce... we never know what it might be, it's good to have the Hulk around.

Rhodey: If the Hulk decides to help...

Rhodey commented and nodded and immediately ran to Bruce's room to wake him up, meanwhile Natasha ran to her room in search of her jacket.

When Natasha returned to the hall, wearing her jacket, she frowned when she saw Steve still there.

Natasha: Steve? What are you doing?

Steve: Waiting for you.

Steve replied as if it was obvious.

Natasha: Waiting for me?? Let's go outside!

Natasha ran for the stairs and Steve ran too, they joined Rhodey and Bruce on the first floor.

Steve: Pepper??

Steve looked in surprise at Pepper Potts who came down the stairs last, but running.

Steve: I didn't know you were here.

Pe: I arrived in the late afternoon, I was in Tony's room, I needed to be in contact with something from him.

Steve nodded positively, understanding her need.

Pe: I woke up to that sound... what is it?

Bruce: Are we under attack?

Pe: My heart doesn't believe it's an attack.

Rhodey: If it was an attack they would have already shot at us...

Steve: Let's see what they want and what they need.

Pe: Steve??

Steve looked at Pepper who looked very distressed, she seemed to want to say something but she was out of courage. Steve touched Pepper's arm to comfort her.

Steve: Let's go outside.

Everyone left the main building and ran to the lawn where the aircraft was being landed and they were finally able to identify that the bright light under the spaceship was actually a woman.

As soon as the spaceship gate was opened, a tall woman with blue skin appeared and she was propping up someone they had not seen in a while and they believed that he was dead.

Steve immediately ran to help support him.

Tony Stark looked at Steve.

T: I couldn't stop him.

Steve: Me neither.

Tony stopped walking and looked at Steve.

T: I lost the kid.

Steve: Tony... we all lost.

T: So...

Tony was about to speak but Pepper interrupted them.

The disbelief to be seeing her beloved, prevented Pepper from running to Tony at first, but as soon as she recovered she was overcome with emotion, longing and concern, she hugged him tightly, finally feeling some relief.

Pe: Tony! Oh, my God!


After treating Tony a little... a little because he wanted to have a meeting and not be treated... Steve gathered all the Avengers in the meeting room, even those who were asleep, and also those who were guests at the base, such as Rocket, Nebula and Carol Danvers.

Natasha informed Tony, Nebula and Carol Danvers about Thanos' and that they were doing a worldwide survey of the losses that had occurred, but that everything already indicated that Thanos did what he had promised: He killed 50% of living creatures of the entire universe.

At that same moment Carol Danvers saw a picture of an old friend from Earth, Nick Fury... he was bald and older now but that face was the still the same. The eye patch reminded her of the cat that followed their trajectory on Earth. Carol mourned the death of Nick Fury.

Tony also asked why Thor was so serious and quiet and Rocket said that Thor was extremely sad about everything that happened.

T: Where is he? Thanos? Where is he?

Steve: We don't know. He opened a portal and disappeared but we have been monitored by satellites and other resources, but nothing so far.

Steve was avoiding talking too much because he knows Tony Stark very well, this is their first reunion since the Civil War but he needed information about Thanos, since Tony was in direct contact with him and just arrived from another planet.

Steve: Did he give any clues? Any coordinates? Anything?

Tony heard the questions and simply farted with his mouth, mocking Steve.

Natasha took a deep breath and rolled her eyes. Despite knowing Tony too, she doesn't believe that he is going to make fun of the situation now. If Steve fall on his provocations and do the same... nobody get anywhere.

Natasha knows that they will always fight because they were men with big egos. Yes, Steve also has a big ego and she recognizes that.

Steve looked at Natasha and she made negative with her head, indicating for him to keep himself in line, since Tony won’t. Someone has to be the adult after all.

Steve decided to cool down when he interpreted Natasha's look, he looked back at Tony and kept his voice calm.

Steve: Tony, I need you to stay focused.

T: And I... I needed you.

Here we go again!!! Natasha thought as she hoped Steve wouldn't fall for Tony's tease.

Let him talk, let him put it out, Steve. Natasha thought.

T: There in the past... so it goes beyond what you need. It's too late buddy, sorry.

Tony said full of rancor and still using a lot of sarcasm.

T: Do you know what I need? I need to shave. And I remember...

Tony gets up dramatically by dropping things and taking the medication out of his vein.

Rhodey: Tony! Tony, Tony...

Rhodey tried to intervene.

T: To warn everyone here... that we needed na armor around the world to protect us.

Steve: Yeah, but it didn't work, did it?

Steve, don’t... Natasha sighed.

T: I said we were going to lose. And you said we were going to lose together too. Well, guess what... we lost. You were not there. But that's what we do... we work and intervene after what happened. We are the Avengers, not the Prevengers, right?

Tony declared.

Rhodey: Tony, calm down. We got your point, sit down.

T: No, no. She is great, by the way!

Tony pointed to Carol Danvers, who frowned at being pointed out in the middle of the discussion, as if she were part of it.

T: We need you...

Natasha put her hand on Steve's discreetly while Tony talked to Carol.

Natasha: He didn't mean any of that.

Natasha whispered to Steve, who was looking down.

Natasha: We were doing our part but he doesn't know.

Natasha tried to ease the guilt that Tony was trying to make Steve feel.

Natasha released Steve's hand when Tony advanced on him, all angry.

T: I have nothing for you, Cap! No coordinates. No clue, no strategy, no option!

Natasha took a deep breath watching the scene, wondering if she should calms Tony down with a warning shot right in the head.

T: Zero. Anything! Not even my trust, you liar...

Tony even had a bigger act in his show which was to rip the metal “heart” out of his chest and hand it over to Steve.

Tony collapsed on the floor shortly afterwards and Steve and Rhodey tried to catch him up.

T: I'm fine!

Tony declared refusing help.

T: I...

Tony looked like he was having trouble breathing, seconds later he passed out on the floor.


The day started to dawn and they didn't even realize how long the meeting was. They waited for an opinion on Tony's health and Rhodey said he was fine but needed to rest for the rest of the day.

Carol Danvers: You guys take care of him, I'll bring him an elixir when I get back.

Carol announced and walked to get out of there, attracting the attention of Steve and Natasha.

Steve: Where are you going?

Carol Danvers: To kill Thanos.

Carol said without ceremony. Steve and Natasha frowned, watching her, then looked at each other.

While Carol tried to get further away, Natasha reached her out to explain how the Avengers work, which is a team despite all the fighting that goes on between them.

Steve: We know that up there is more your territory, but this is our fight too.

Rhodey: Okay, but... do you even know where he is?

Carol Danvers: I know people who may know.

- Don't waste time.

Everyone looked at the serious woman who hadn't spoken since she arrived on Earth: Nebula.

Nebula: I know where Thanos is.

Steve: Where?

Natasha touched Steve's shoulder.

Natasha: Not here...

Natasha nodded to Tony and Steve agreed, it was better to speak further away from him so as not to provoke strong emotions in him again and make him leave his rest.

Again everyone gathered in another room and Nebula gave a brief description of how she was raised by Thanos and she explained that he had a goal after he managed to complete his evil plan, which was to go to the Garden.

Rocket displayed the planet Nebula was referring to and it was found that he used the gauntlet again.

Everyone was agitated and excited about the possibility of finding Thanos, so was Natasha, she immediately put her hand on her belly, thinking that if she could avenge her son's death with Steve, she would do it, even if it was the last thing she did in her life. What if by some chance... killing Thanos... it was possible to reverse this situation? Would she still have her son back? Maybe... then it would be worth dying for.

Natasha was excited and hopeful now, finally some ray of hope, finally some good news in the midst of so much tragedy.

Rhodey: He has the stones.

Rocket: Yes, he used it two days ago from what I could detect on the radar.

Carol Danvers: So let's get them.

Rhodey: Simple as that?

Bruce: Guys, we are lacking people on the team than the last time we faced him...

Bruce reminded the excited ones.

Steve: Yeah, it's that simple.

Natasha: Even if there is the slightest chance of undoing that, we should try... for everyone who is not here in this room right now.

Natasha declared with vigor that everyone agrees and has as much desire as she does to go after Thanos.

Bruce: If we do that, how will we know that the result of our actions will not be the same as before?

Carol Danvers: Because you didn't have me before.

Rhodey asked Carol where she was since she is so powerful and Carol replied that Earth is not the only planet in the universe, nor the center of the universe.

While they debated about it, Natasha approached Steve and gave him a small smile, which made Steve frown, but out of empathy... he smiled back.

Natasha: We need to do this.

Natasha whispered only to Steve, as if it were a request, she was making it clear that she really wants this to happen and nodded.

Steve: We will.

Natasha lightly stroked Steve's arm and walked away again, she saw Thor walking to Carol, very hard and saw him call his stormbreaker with his hand, which passed by Carol quickly and did not shake her at all.

Thor: I like this one.

Steve: Let's get this son of a bitch.

Rhodey raised his eyebrows in surprise at Steve swearing and looked at Bruce and then at Natasha, who smiled and shrugged.

Bruce: When... when are we going to do this?

Natasha: Right now.

Rhodey: Now??

Steve: Yes, but we can't arrive like this... out of nowhere... we need planning.

Thor: There is nothing to plan, it is to get there and attack.

Nebula: I believe the same. Attack...

Rocket: But of course it is attacking!

Natasha: And being killed...

Rocket: I'm not afraid to die, girl.

Natasha: Neither do I.

Natasha stated to Rocket.

Natasha: But I don't want to die without the certainty that I killed Thanos first. The goal here is just one... to try to undo what Thanos did, not being possible... the goal is his death.

Natasha stated and then looked at Steve.

Natasha: Too much planning is also not wise.

Rhodey: And Tony is bedridden.

Natasha: Tony won't be coming with us, we can't wait for him.

Carol Danvers: If I have to wait, I'll go ahead, you'll arrive later.

Steve: We are a team.

Carol Danvers: You are a team.

Rocket: I'm not an Avenger.

Rocket laughed at his own joke.

Natasha: Here's what we're going to do...

Natasha took the lead in this plan because if she allowed Steve to do it, he would want to meet only with her first to discuss the actions then gather everyone, pass and pass on information and no one has the time and patience for that, she will be more objective, she has more interest in this mission than everyone there.

After explaining the entire mission to those present, they all boarded the spaceship and went to the planet that Nebula indicated where Thanos is.


As they approached the planet, Carol Danvers announced that she was going to go ahead, reconnoiter the location.

While they waited for her turn to enter the planet, each one of them went to do what they feel like they should do until the moment to act.

Natasha was checking data on the tablet, while Steve seemed to have his head elsewhere.

Natasha saw Steve make small movements and looked at him discreetly to see what he was doing, she was just going to check it out, but he was so intent that she looked at him twice and then at what he was looking at.

Natasha wished she hadn't been so curious to see what he was watching, she should focused on the tablet and just on the mission, she would avoid feeling her heart breaking in half when she saw him looking at a picture of Peggy Carter, she felt like she was being betrayed.

How can I compete with that? Natasha thought while looking at Peggy's photo, she lowered the tablet a little, which made Steve notice that it was being repaired by Natasha, he immediately closed the compass.

Natasha looked directly at Steve who was staring at the front of the aircraft, looking embarrassed.

What kind of love is that, Steve? Why don't you feel it for me? Why does it still hurt you? I'm sorry, Steve... Natasha was sorry to see him still suffering for someone who has died, even though it hurts her not to be loved by him in the same way, it hurts even more to witness his pain and she wants nothing for him, in addition to feel good.

Natasha continued to stare at Steve. You'll be fine.

Natasha: This is gonna work, Steve.

Natasha comforted Steve, even with a broken heart.

Steve: I know it will.

Steve replied.

Steve: Because I don't know what I'm going to do if don’t.

Steve looked at Natasha at last, unsure of how to portray to her what he is feeling or why he is looking at Peggy's photo. It was just a question of memories, memories of a good time in his life. Remembrance of what could have been and was not. He remember everything that came after being defrosted, the reunion with Bucky, bringing his friend to the good side and after being successful at it, watching him friend die, watching his two best friends die and thousands more.

Lost is the word that describes how Steve is feeling and it does not mean that he does not love Natasha as she thinks, but there is no time for explanations now and Natasha now does not want to know about that too, nothing else matters to her than her son, cause she knows that  her unborn baby would love her unconditionally and she would love him the same way and even more, this is not about Steve, it is about her and her goals.

Carol Danvers returned to the ship to say that she found nothing much in the way of access to the planet, no traps, nothing by the ground, nothing monitoring, nothing... everyone thought it was strange.

Carol Danvers: It's just him.

Nebula: And that is enough.


Natasha: Carol... you first.

Natasha ordered when they found Thanos' exact location in a small hut.

Carol made the first attack on Thanos inside his home.

Natasha: Bruce... everything right at the Hulkbuster?

Bruce: Yes.

Natasha: Then it's your turn. And yours too, Rhodey.

Rhodey: Going in now.

Bruce and Rhodey made their attacks, helping Carol Danvers to dominate Thanos.

Natasha: Thor??

Thor: I'm already here!

Thor said, already approaching with his Stormbreaker, with which he dealt a blow to Thanos' arm, cutting off much of his forearm where the infinity gauntlet was.

Outside, Natasha and Steve were just waiting for the moment to be able to enter the scene. Steve got ahead and Natasha came close behind him.

Rocket went to check the gauntlet and saw that none of the stones were in the gauntlet anymore.

Rocket: No...

Steve and Natasha approached the gauntlet and were appalled to have none left. Steve looked at Natasha, who was staring at the gauntlet with her heart in her hand.

You didn't do that! Natasha thought, filled with hatred and fear that her plans were going down the drain, she took a deep and heavy breath as if the air was thin.

Steve looked at Thanos.

Steve: Where are the stones?

Thanos explained that after the corrections he made in the universe, the stones were useless.

Bruce: You murdered trillions!!!

Bruce said in disgust, delivering a blow to Thanos who fell to the ground.

Natasha continued to breathe slowly with so much hate, she was feeling that Thanos stole her chance again, she could not believe this reality anymore, she stared at Thanos and with a shaky voice of hate, she asked...

Natasha: Where... are... the stones?

Thanos: Gone...

Thanos replied.

Thanos: They were reduced to atoms...

Thanos emphasized and saw Natasha's eyes tear up.

Bruce: You wore the stones two days ago!

Thanos: Yes, I used the stones to destroy them. It almost killed me, but the job is done. I am inevitable.

Rhodey: We have to look, he may be lying.

Nebula: My father is many things, a liar is not one of them...

Nebula commented, clearly shaken.

Thor looked at Steve and then at Natasha, since she was the leader of the mission, Natasha nodded to Thor, authorizing Thanos' death. Thor raised his Stormbreaker while Thanos was distracted by one of his daughters.

Thanos: Thank you, daughter... maybe I was too hard, but...

Thanos did not finish the sentence because his head was cut off.

Rocket: But... what... what did you do??

Rocket was shocked.

Thor: I went for the head.

Thor spoke and immediately left the hut, looking very shaken too.

Natasha was unable to move after this scene, it was not for Thanos, but the frustration of seeing the hope she had gained hours ago be decimated with such cruelty by Thanos. From all the tortures she suffered in her life, this was the most devastating.

Natasha did not want to believe what was happening, she was shaking a lot while watching Thanos' mutilated body, still finding very little what he suffered compared to what she and everyone else is suffering, everyone was hopeful.

Natasha put her hand on her belly.

He won’t never come back. Natasha concluded, trying to conform, but she only knew how to feel a lot of hate and despair. Hate for being filled with hope, hatred for Thanos being so disgraceful, hatred that she was grieving for a child that she didn't even know or feel moving in her belly, she didn't know that she would care that much, imagine if he had been born... now she can imagine how Clint has felt about having lost his three children... this pain must be very unbearable.

Rhodey: We should go home now...

Rhodey spoke after everyone's shock and silence.

Rhodey: Nat?

Rhodey observed Natasha's condition before everyone else, because Steve was further back and couldn't see her face.

As soon as Rhodey called her, Steve looked at Natasha and saw her with closed fists and shaking a lot, he approached her and touched her shoulder.

Steve: Nat?

Natasha took Steve's hand out from her abruptly and walked away from him.

Natasha: Don't touch me!

Natasha screamed and Bruce took off the part of the armor that hides his head, looking confused at Natasha.

Steve was startled by Natasha's aggression.

Bruce: What's going on?

Rhodey gestured for Bruce to be quiet, but he seemed concerned for Natasha as much as Steve was.

Steve: It's okay...

Steve said to Natasha and tried to approach her again, but respected her personal space, didn't try to touch her again.

Natasha: It's not okay!

Natasha said, her voice choked with tears.

Steve: I know... but we try to reverse it, I know this is not what we expected, but... it is out of our reach now. We can only move on.

Natasha: I KNOW THAT!

Natasha screamed angrily.

Natasha: I know!

Natasha lowered her voice and rested her hand on the wall, feeling weak and trying to hold on to her emotions, but it was very difficult, she looked like she was suffocated.

Steve: Natasha...

Steve called calmly again.

Natasha slowly looked back at Steve, she pressed her lip to the other and made negative with her head.

Steve: We can try something else.

Steve said, feeling desperate to see such anguish in her and to want to comfort her in some way.

Natasha frowned.

Natasha: Try what?? Don’t, Steve! Just don’t! Do not start! Don't tell me to calm down, don't say it's okay... it's not okay! You should...

Natasha pointed a finger at Steve in accusation.

Natasha: You should be as angry as I am...

Steve: I am.

Natasha: YOU’RE NOT!!!!

Natasha screamed.

Natasha: No, you're not... you're too calm, you don't know anything... all you do and have always done is just regret those who died years ago and will never come back!

Natasha let go at once and Steve was confused, as were the others. Nobody dared to say a word.

Natasha took three deep breaths and looked back at Steve, now she seemed lost and needing more comfort than a fight, she changed the tone of her voice.

Natasha: He took something from us... from both of us, Steve. Something that belonged to me...

Natasha declared with many tears rolling down her face and Steve had no idea what she was referring to, no one else there had any idea, they could only deduce that she was talking about the deceased colleagues, but she said “about both of us”, so it is something important just for her and Steve. Was it about Sam? Fury? Maria? No one knows

Steve: What is it, Natasha?

Natasha: Our son... Thanos killed him. I was pregnant... of you...

Natasha dropped the bomb.