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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Rocket: Thanos, son of a bitch!!!

Rocket shouted, very angry, not knowing that this news would be shocking and impacting to everyone there in that environment, he was just showing empathy for someone else who suffered post-snap losses.

Despite being a surprise to everyone, nobody was as shocked as Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner, as they were the only ones who knew about Natasha's infertility.

Steve and Bruce were completely silent. Steve didn't know what to say, he didn't know how to act, he didn't know how and where to look but at Natasha.

Natasha is already feeling regret to have told Steve about the interrupted pregnancy this way, even more than she told it in front of everyone, but it must be understood that she was not thinking about who was there or not, she had all her hope of having something to cling to thrown away from her again.

It was not enough the moment to have seen Steve with Peggy's compass, there are still the losses of Thanos' snap, there is still the destruction of all the stone and there is still the pregnancy interrupted. Usually she takes care of everything alone, she takes care of what she feels and takes care of what others feel, but not today... today she reached her limit. Thanos did that.

How to move on now?

Back to that moment when Steve seemed to be processing the information received yet... Natasha vowed to herself to not to tell him about the pregnancy so as not to make him suffer since the child was already gone, there was no need to make him mourn either, he was already suffering. He is always suffering and she still throws this bomb at him... just like that. It wasn't supposed to be that way.

Bruce: Pregnant??

Bruce spoke first, still looking puzzled.

Rhodey: Guys, we have to go back...

Rhodey took the initiative to try to give Steve and Natasha privacy.

Carol Danvers: There's nothing else to do here... in this case... because Steve and Natasha need time alone to talk. We have things to do on the aircraft before we leave... right, Rocket?

Rocket: Yeah... yeah... we got it.

Rocket frowned and together with Carol, he headed out of the hut

Rhodey: Come on, Bruce...

Bruce: Pregnant??

Bruce asked again and Natasha looked at him, already sighing.

Bruce is another one who didn't need to know that way too, even though Natasha didn't have anything romantically with him anymore, she told him that she couldn't have children.

Natasha: I can explain... or I can't, I don't know, but Bruce... I am sorry anyway, I need...

Natasha looked from Bruce to Steve.

Natasha: I need to talk to Steve first.

Bruce: Apparently, you do.

Bruce looked at Steve who did not leave the same position and did not stop looking at Natasha perplexed yet.

Bruce chuckled and shook his head, then left the hut.

Rhodey: Nebula, I feel for your loss. Thanos was still your father...

Nebula: Don't be sorry. Nor should I feel sorry.

Nebula spoke up and then left the cabin. Rhodey left shortly after and Steve sighed after when he got alone with Natasha. It was his first reaction.

Steve: Is this for real??

Natasha: And would I play with something like that?

Steve did negative with his head a few times.

Steve: So... you were pregnant... with my child... and you didn't tell me?

Natasha couldn't say anything, she just made negative with her head.

Steve: By God, Natasha I let you fight in the war while pregnant??

Natasha: I didn't know I was pregnant at the time.

Steve: When did you find out?

Natasha: I felt strange when we were in Wakanda, my body was different, but I didn't care much and then after the snap and that everyone started to... disappear, I felt a lot of pain in my belly... no exactly pain, but discomfort. I thought it was the heat, I thought I was about to disappear too, but I remained here...

Natasha told.

Natasha: So... a few months ago, I went to the doctor, I did some tests and... he confirmed that I was pregnant.

Natasha paused to take a deep breath.

Natasha: But I didn't have a baby on the ultrasound because he was taken by Thanos and... the doctor said it was quite normal for this to happen because for my body I was still pregnant and I could feel the effects of the pregnancy and the tests still pointed out how if I was pregnant.

Natasha said and Steve was just listening, as if she were speaking in Russian now, his face showed only incomprehension.

Natasha took a deep breath when she noticed how lost he was, she pressed one lip against the other and again her eyes filled with tears.

Natasha: I didn't know what to do, Steve, I...

Natasha lifted her shoulders.

Natasha: I was in shock. I couldn't believe it, I never imagined it could happen... both my pregnancy and having it terminated.

Steve: I didn't even imagine... I'm...

Steve made negative with his head again.

Natasha: Sometimes I think that if I knew before that I was pregnant, maybe I... I could have protected the baby, I don't know...

Steve: You know it wouldn't be possible, Natasha. Even if you weren't on the battlefield. He chose randomly...

Steve managed to reason at least that. Natasha was silent when he spoke, she was anxious for him to speak more, but all he did was walk around the hut slowly and then he sat in a chair.

Natasha: Steve...

Natasha looked at him.

Natasha: You need to say something...

Steve nodded.

Steve: I know that... I mean... I will say but... my brain... my head... it's just that it's a lot.

Natasha: I didn't want you to know that way. Forgive me.

Steve: And how did you want me to know? Or better when?? Why didn't you tell me before?

Natasha: Because you were suffering! You were mourning for your friends... for your past, you went through a lot and... I couldn't stand to see you like that and... I just didn't want to see you suffer any more.

Steve: You were suffering too.

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: You lost too.

Natasha bit her bottom lip.

Steve took a deep breath and ran his hands over his face nervously, he looked at Natasha again.

Steve: How long... did he live inside you? Do you know?

Natasha: A few weeks...

Steve: Did it come to a month?

Natasha was positive with her head.

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha replied, trying to not cry anymore, she saw Steve doing positive with his head a few times.

Steve: A son... that's... I don't know...

Natasha: What are you feeling?

Steve: I want to be happy, but I am very upset. Very, very upset.

Natasha: I am sorry.

Steve: Natasha, you don't have to apologize. It's not your fault. I never imagined I could be a father and now that this reality has been presented to me...

Steve laughed softly and made negative with his head.

Steve: My mind traveled to thousands of versions where you would tell me this earlier but he would still be inside you. I was going to see your belly grow throug the months, I was going to meet him and talk to him and knows his voice, his eyes...

Natasha listened to Steve and took a deep breath to avoid crying, but it was very difficult, since she also imagined this was possible.

Natasha: I never wanted to have kids but when I heard that he was here once...

Natasha touched her belly.

Natasha: Everything changed and... I started wanting this more than anything, I wanted him...

Natasha smiled through her tears.

Natasha: I wanted him so badly! I...

Natasha paused to recover.

Natasha: I thought that coming here... and meeting Thanos, everything would change and he would come back, I had hopes...

Steve: My God, Natasha...

Steve took a deep breath.

Steve: You knowing that... remained quiet... you didn't share it with anyone. You could have told me, no matter how I was, it is not something to go through alone.

Natasha: I'm used to it.

Steve: But I don't want you to be.

Natasha: It doesn't matter now... it's over.

Steve held out his hand to Natasha and she hesitated before walking over to him. Steve held Natasha's two hands and kissed their backs for a long time.

Steve: I am sorry that you have been through this.

Natasha: I am sorry too.

Natasha let go of Steve's hands in order to take her hands to his head and stroke it.  Steve hugged her legs, leaning his face on her belly, he kissed her belly and Natasha felt a little more comforted.

Natasha: I don't know how our life will be like from now on.

Steve pulled his face away to look up and look into Natasha's eyes.

Steve: I don't know either.

Natasha: I don't know if I will get over it.

Steve: We can't get over something like that.

Natasha: You didn't feel him... Steve, I don't even know if this pregnancy would last until the end... I thought I was infertile... my uterus... my body was poisoned in a surgical procedure, so he attacks any unusual guest, be it bacteria or... embryos.

Steve: So...

Natasha: If I got pregnant before, I had no way of knowing because my body eliminated anything in the first days... when the doctor said 5 weeks, I... I was in shock, I thought that maybe because it was your son.. having your serum... that he would be different and he would survive. But it could be that if he were here he would be killed by my own body.

Steve made negative with his head.

Steve: He wouldn't... he would resist... he would be like his mother and father.

Natasha gave a tired smile.

Natasha: Is it weird that I still love him?

Steve shook his head.

Natasha: Do you think it's normal?

Steve: I do.

Steve shrugged.

Steve: I just found out about him and I already love him.

Natasha: Do you?

Steve: Yes. So it is very conflicting... I want to be happy but at the same time I cannot, because he was taken from us and he was not to blame for anything... just like many other children...

Steve took a deep breath, tensing, he looked at Thanos's severed head.

Steve: How could he do that?? No one else is going to be normal again.

Natasha: I can only think about Clint and his children... he disappeared ... I know he's in a lot of pain and I can't help him right now. There is no consolation for something like that.

Steve: Unfortunately I have to agree, there is no consolation.

Natasha: So how are we going to live?

Steve: I don't know but we have to live, right? We are here... Thanos left us here. We have to move on.

Natasha: I don't know if I can.

Steve: I don't know either, but we will try...

Natasha nodded and Steve stood up, he pressed his lips against hers, and then hugged her tight.

Steve: It's time to go back home.

Natasha sighed and nodded, then she and Steve left the hut and boarded the aircraft.


Inside the aircraft, no one had the courage to ask questions, no one imagined that Steve and Natasha had a romance going on, but most were not impressed either.

Bruce looked a little upset and Natasha understands this, but it is not in front of everyone that she will justify herself and she will only justify the issue of being pregnan, because she told him once that she couldn't have children.


As soon as the aircraft returned to planet Earth, everyone was exhausted and discouraged, each went to bathe, eat and sleep, although it was still morning.

At the end of the day, Natasha went to Bruce to talk and explain the situation.

Bruce didn't do any drama, he just said he was very surprised and something indicated that he was a little sad to know that Natasha and Steve are romantically together, he thought that maybe he and Natasha could have something back but he understood that wouldn’t be possible anymore, he did not insist or make any demands, he even wished them both happiness.


The next day, the whole group was gathered in the base cafeteria, most of them sitting at lunch. Natasha was standing, leaning against the wall, just looking at the void.

Tony Stark entered the cafeteria, looking much better, he didn't sit at the table, he stayed near the end of the table and looked at everyone.

Tony: So that means you found Thanos, killed him and nothing changed... you wall spent time and fuel for nothing. You should have stayed here.

Tony started the speech and Steve dropped his fork on the plate, showing impatience, he propped his elbows on the table and rested his forehead in his hands, taking a deep breath so he wouldn't have to look at Tony and argue with him.

Tony: Look how Cap came back, look at Thor... they're all depressed. Look...

Tony pointed to Natasha.

Tony: Even Natasha is devastated... you can call me boring, but at least I'm smart enough to not to try to disappoint me anymore.

Tony declared to the entire group.

Tony: Speaking of not getting disappointed anymore... I came to say that I'm out.

Now Steve looked at Tony, as did the others.

Tony: I'm out, don't count on me for this Avengers story anymore. Iron Man is retired... don't count on me for anything, forget that I exist.

Tony was interrupted by Pepper who entered the cafeteria and rested her hand on Tony’s shoulder.

Pepper: What did we talk about, Tony?

Pepper whispered to Tony in a spiteful tone, but he was looking at the others smiling.

Tony: What? No, I was being nice... wasn't I, guys??

Nobody answered.

Tony: Honey... why would I be nice to them now? Huh? There's no reason to be nice, there's no reason to smile, there's no...

Pepper put her mouth close to Tony's ear and whispered something to him, which made Tony's eyes widen and then he looked at her.

Tony: Really?

Pepper smiled and nodded.

Tony: Honey... I can have a heart attack... don't mess with me.

Pepper started to laugh and her eyes were shining with emotion.

Pepper: I'm not kidding, Tony.

Tony looked at her in amazement, but smiling for a few seconds, then he sighed and held her face, he gave her several kisses in a row and seemed quite moved now.

Pepper: So be nice...

Tony: Just for you ...

Tony pointed at Pepper's face and then pointed at her belly.

Tony: And for you.

Tony turned to the others again, smiling.

Tony: Change of plans, according to Miss. Potts, I need to be nice... so you are the first to know that... I'm going to be a father!

Natasha looked at Pepper and then looked at Steve, who was looking at her too.

Rhodey: What?? No way!!! Tony... Pepper... congratulations!!!

Rhodey and the others came to greet Tony and Pepper. Steve got up to go to Natasha, but she was quicker and left the cafeteria quickly and discreetly, so Steve decided to go greet Pepper and Tony on the news.


While the team celebrated the pregnancy and Tony proposed to Pepper again, Steve went up to the second floor after Natasha, but she wasn't in her room, he looked for her in several rooms in the building and then checked the external cameras and he found out that she was on the roof.

Steve went to Natasha and when they saw each other, they just hugged each other tight and said nothing more. They stayed alone on the roof until the sadness passed and then they talked about different subjects to distract themselves from the news of the pregnancy of Pepper Potts.


The next day each Avengers and allies went mind their own business. Starting with Thor, who decided to leave the Avengers building and went to join the Asgard community that was trying to make a new home in another corner of the Earth. There was no lack of space to live now.

Tony also left the Avengers Facility and moved in with Pepper Potts, he made sure to leave without saying goodbye and without giving his new address but Pepper passed this information to Steve about a week later, when her wedding and Tony was held.

About a month later, Bruce decided that it was his time to take care of his life and also left the Avengers facility.

The others continued to live at the base for a while longer and those who were not from Earth were trying to adapt to life here, which was difficult.

Considering the new figuration fo the group, Natasha decided to separate who remained in teams to monitor and help countries and even other planets. Carol Danvers already had this custom of helping other planets, so she was in charge of the most distants ones. Rocket and Nebula were sent to closer planets, Rhodey and Okoye took care of countries on Earth, while she and Steve were taking care of all the Americas.

About Natasha and Steve relationship... over time, they continued to have an unlabeled relationship, but everyone was aware that they were together. Both still suffered for their unborned child, Natasha more than Steve and sometimes they fought and moved away for some time then one of them would go talk to the other and everything got well again.

They went on like this for almost two years in these terrible fights and returns, always hurting each other as much as they could, all to pass the time and be distracted from the depression that haunted them both.

It was until the day they had a really ugly fight and Steve left the building to stay in an apartment around town for a few days.

Natasha was in the Avengers building control room and frowned out of nowhere, she got up and went to the base kitchen, there she took a packet of bread and a jar of peanut butter, she made four peanut butter sandwiches and she ate all four, still not satisfied, she ate all the butter in that pot and took another one to eat little by little while finishing her work in the control room.

Natasha was typing data on the computer at one point and the next she was sticking fingers into the jar and eating the peanut butter, she spent the day using it and the next morning, continued with that same appetite for peanut butter, ate it for breakfast and at lunch and she thought of being disgusted that she was eating it, but she didn’t, I just wanted to eat more peanut butter.

Three days later, in the middle of the afternoon, Natasha was on a video conference with Okoye, who was giving information about the situation in the countries of Africa and Asia.

Okoye: This must be good.

Okoye commented out of the blue, making Natasha frown, not understanding what she was talking about.

Okoye: What are you eating?

Natasha continued with a frown and looked at the pot in her hand.

Natasha: What? That? Hm... it's peanut butter.

Okoye: It must taste extraordinary. All these days that we talked you were eating this.

Natasha: It's... delicious.

Natasha commented, confused yet.

O: I can see that it is... did you eat all this alone or is Steve out there?

Natasha: Steve? No... I ate alone.

O: Three empty pots... wow!

Natasha only found the amount she was eating strange when she heard Okoye say about the numbers, she looked at the empty pots on the table and was scared too, she dropped the pot on the table.

Natasha: How is the export issue?

O: It is on the way... we have reduced exports a lot... less people to consume and an accelerated level of harvest and reduction, we still need to recalculate these issues.

Natasha: There is a... country that...

Natasha seemed to want to cough, she put her hand over her mouth and then went on.

Natasha: Sorry... they donated to countries that do not have their type of agribusiness. In return, they received other incentives...

O: You mean there was a business transaction. They donated, but received.

Natasha: Yes, but not intentionally.

O: As far as I know, the policy hasn't changed.

Natasha: It may not have changed at all, but it is still a good solution for...

Natasha interrupted again.

Natasha: For...

O: Natasha???

Okoye frowned when she saw Natasha with her hand over her mouth, then she saw Natasha bend over behind the table and grab a trash can, where she vomited heavily.

O: Natasha??

It took Natasha a few minutes to stop the vomiting and feel better, she took a deep breath and wiped the corner of her mouth, she looked back at Okoye.

Natasha: Sorry.

Okoye was smiling.

Natasha: Why are you smiling?

O: Is your period on time?

Natasha frowned at the question.

O: You should call a doctor. I know these symptoms... it's good news.

Okoye commented.

O: Keep me informed.

Okoye asked and then ended the call, leaving Natasha bewildered and incredulous again.


As soon as the call ended, Natasha looked at the empty peanut jars and then looked at her belly and automatically she smiled and then laughed softly afterwards.

No... don't get your hopes up... this is not happening. Natasha told herself in thought.

But what if it is happening??? Natasha thought too and was immediately agitated.

Steve. Natasha thought and took the cell phone, she dialed him but he did not answer the first call, nor the second and she realized that due to their last fight, he was not going to answer now.

Natasha got up and while getting the car keys and jacket on the chair to get dressed, she called the doctor's office where she had been examined about years ago. Natasha asked if she was still in the attendance system on a first-come, first-served basis and they said yes. Natasha then decided to go there, she couldn't wait until the next day to know if she is pregnant.


While driving to the clinic, Natasha couldn't help smiling, it was like she felt like it was really happening, she felt different...

It took about fifteen minutes for her cell phone to start vibrating and the car display, connected to her device, identified the call as being from Steve.

Natasha pressed the speakerphone button, taking the call.

Steve: Natasha??

Steve said.

Steve: Did you call me?

Natasha: I did.

Steve: What is it?

Natasha: Where are you now?

Steve took a deep breath and was silent, showing that he is upset and that he will not give this information.

Natasha: I have news... I guess.

Steve: What news?

Natasha: Can you find me?

Steve: No, I'm busy.

Natasha: Steve, this is important.

Steve: Tell me what it is.

Natasha: I'm going to the doctor.

Steve: To the doctor??

Steve was worried now.

Natasha: Yes. Can you find me there??

Steve was silent for a few seconds, wondering if he was going or not. If it was anything else, he wouldn't go. Natasha called him sometimes when they were fighting and when he showed up it was just for them to have sex without having an eloquent conversation about what had happened and he vowed to not subject himself to it anymore, so he stays away from her when they fight.

However, in these circumstances that involves a doctor, he will not leave her alone and she would not lie about it.

Steve: Where??

Steve asked.

Natasha: I will send you the address.

Steve: I will wait.

Steve ended the call and Natasha activated the car's voice command and requested to send Steve a message with the clinic's address.

Steve was a little curious and anxious about Natasha's doctor. Was she sick ?? She never gets sick, that's why she is so concerned.


When Steve arrived at the doctor's office, he entered the reception and went straight to the service desk.

Steve: Hello! Good afternoon, I look for Natasha Romanoff.

- Natasha?? Let me check...

The clerk searched for the name and found nothing.

- Sorry, but there is no Natasha here for care.

- Steve??

Steve looked at Natasha who was leaving the bathroom now.

Steve: Nat? Are you alright?

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha took Steve's arm and led him to the waiting area.

Steve: Have you consulted already? I caught traffic and it took me a while.

Natasha: No, not yet.

Natasha informed as she sat next to him on the couch.

Natasha: I was called but I said I would wait for you.

Steve looked around the clinic and saw pictures of pregnant people, families and babies, he was frowning.

Steve: What's going on? What are we doing here?

Natasha: Look around... what do you think?

Steve frowned more.

Steve: You... are... you...

Steve couldn't say the word and Natasha just smiled and made negative with her head.

Natasha: I don't know. Perhaps...

Steve: Maybe??

Steve raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Natasha: I feel weird these past few weeks. Not only with my body, but with my mood.

Steve: Your mood, I noticed... is this a symptom?

Natasha: It seems to be... but I don't know... I... I don't want to have much hope without confirming, but...

Natasha couldn't help smiling.

Natasha: I feel like... I am...

Steve: Do you feel like you are pregnant??

Natasha nodded and frowned slightly when she noticed that Steve looked too shocked.

Natasha: Say something.

Steve: What?? I...

Natasha: If I am, that... is a good thing, isn't it?

Steve: Of course!

Natasha: We will want thi ... if he is here... we will want this baby... right??

Steve: Yes! Yes! Sure!

Steve sat more facing Natasha and he was more emphatic, because they both seemed in doubt.

Steve: It would be wonderful! I hope you are... pregnant, I mean!

Natasha: Really?

Steve: Yes!

Natasha took a deep breath and looked distressed now.

Steve: But it's okay also if you're not...

Steve tried to calm her down.

Natasha: I don't know if I want to be... I don't want to be disappointed again.

Steve: Thanos is dead, Natasha... there will be no risks this time.

Natasha: Yes, but... what about my body and what it can do to the baby...

Steve: We will not know that, but... there are doctors and scientists... we will find out together. OK?

Natasha nodded.

Steve: Let’s not think about that now.

Natasha nodded again and looked at Steve differently, almost smiling.

Natasha: Thank you for coming.

Steve: No need to thank me.

Steve smiled and Natasha stared at him for a few moments.

Natasha: Sorry for the last time we saw each other.

Steve: Okay.

Natasha: Seriously, I am really sorry.

Steve: I don't even remember why we fought.

Natasha: I bet you do when you look in the mirror and see that bandage on your forehead.

Steve put his hand on the bandage.

Steve: I even forgot.

Steve laughed softly.

Natasha: It wasn't supposed to hit you.

Steve: It didn't even hurt.

Steve continued to smile and Natasha sighed, then she touched Steve's face and gave him quick kiss.

- MS. Rushman??

Natasha looked at the doctor at the door to his office.

- You’re back!? Come on in!

The doctor came back into the room and Steve and Natasha got to their feet.

Steve: Rushman??

Steve whispered as he followed Natasha into the doctor’s office.

Natasha: Don't ask questions about my name.

Natasha replied and entered the room.

- You brought your husband this time.

Natasha: We are not married.

- Oh!

The doctor looked at both of them and then sat down.

- Then...

The doctor indicated the places for Steve and Natasha to sit.

- What brought you here today?

Natasha: It's just... I've been feeling different. My mood, my appetite... I've been eating a lot and especially peanut butter.

- Peanut butter?

The doctor laughed softly.

- So you think you're pregnant?

Natasha nodded.

- What about your periods... when was the last time?

Natasha frowned. How come she didn't think of that before? Her period was not late, so she is not pregnant... what a stupidity of hers... still made Steve come here and put ideas in his head.

Steve: Nat?

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: It's normal actually... I forgot to think about that detail... how stupid I am...

- Ms. Rushman... no problem, there are cases of women who menstruate until the seventh month. You may still be pregnant.

Natasha looked at the doctor with relief.

- You need to do the tests.

Natasha: Yes, that's why I came here. To be sure. I'll do it right now.

The doctor checked the time.

- We are closing the service for today.

Natasha: Really??

- Yes, it's 5:25pm. The clinic closes at 5:30 pm.

Steve: Could you make an exception??

Natasha: Please! We really need to know!

The doctor sighed and took the glasses off his face.

- How to deny something to Captain America??

Steve and Natasha looked at each other when the doctor proved to know who Steve was.

- Now I know where I thought I knew you from...

Said the doctor to Natasha, making it clear that he now knows who she is too.

- Don't worry, we are very discreet.

Steve: Thank you.

Natasha: So, can I do the tests now??

- Look... we will do the tests now, but the result only tomorrow.

Natasha took a deep breath.

- I have an appointment after the clinic and I will be late because of you.

Steve: We understand and we thank you.

Natasha: But the ultrasound would show right away if I am or not.

- Yes, the ultrasound could show the pregnancy if it was in a slightly more advanced stage, with about 45 days... it doesn't seem to be so I believe that we will not see anything today but calm down you can come back here the first hour of tomorrow, I will be happy to assist you.

Steve: Thank you, doctor.

- I will ask Dandara to collect your blood and to do an ultra, after it is finished, you can go home. OK?

Natasha nodded and stood up.

Steve and the doctor got up shortly after and shook hands.

- This way...

The doctor guided them to the exam room and went to call his assistant nurse to help with the exams, she collected Natasha's blood and left her ready for the ultrasound, then the doctor arrived to do the ultrasound exam.

- You can lie down, Natalie... I mean, Widow...

The doctor looked at her confused.

- How do you prefer to be treated?

Natasha: Natasha.

Natasha shrugged.

Natasha: It no longer makes sense to use another name now.

Natasha sighed and lay down on the examining table, her face was serious and showed tension, but she did not show all the anxiety she was feeling now, her heart was even racing.

The doctor prepared the exam machine and pulled it close to the end of the stretcher, he sat in the chair next to the stretcher and pointed at Steve.

- Captain, you can stay by her side, just come from behind to see it too.

The doctor guided and Steve did what was suggested, he soon held Natasha's hand and was attentive to the screen that still showed nothing.

- Do you know who would be crazy to know that you are together?

The doctor asked, while protecting the device from ultrasound and putting gel on it.

- My niece Clara. She was so crazy about you, she had everything related to the Avengers, notebooks, backpacks, pins... you two were her favorites and she was always fighting with her cousin, she has a different name... Huana, I think... That's it, Huana.

Steve: Why did they fight?

- Oh, they said it was because of... I don't know the name, I just know it had to do with who they wanted you to have a relationship with. Clara wanted you two together and Huana wanted Natasha with the arrow guy...

The doctor laughed alone, making negative with his head.

- They always fought over it at family meetings.

Steve: It looks like Clara will be happy if we are expecting a baby.

The doctor changed his smile to a sadder one.

- If she had survived the snap...

The doctor commented ruefully, removing the smiles from Steve and Natasha too.

Steve: I'm sorry.

- Me too...

The doctor sighed.

- Well, let's go...

The doctor started the transvaginal ultrasound exam on Natasha.

Natasha and Steve did not take their eyes off the screen and of the doctor, as they were not seeing anything understandable in the images, so they needed the doctor's opinion.

- Oh...

The doctor took a short dramatic break.

Natasha: Please say it at once!

- From what I see here, you two...

Natasha: What??

Natasha asked, anguished already.