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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha: Doctor, I am sorry but if you take another second to answer us, I will have to draw my gun and shot you.

Natasha declared and Steve touched her knee to make her keep it down, while staring the doctor.

Steve: She didn't mean that.

Natasha: Didn't I??

Natasha and Steve looked at each other with furrowed brows.

Steve: You don't let him talk!

Natasha: Me? He's taking too long to answer.

Steve: You keep asking.

Natasha: Sorry if I want to know if I'm pregnant! But I am a woman and the most interested in here!

Steve: Are you the most interested??

Natasha snorted and made negative with her head.

Steve: What does that mean??

The doctor turned his chair a little to face them both.

- Steve and Natasha... please calm down...

The doctor asked and gestured for calm.

Steve and Natasha stopped the discussion and faced the doctor.

- Anxiety is perfectly normal and I'm sorry to inform you, however, through the images, I can't see a fetus.

Steve and Natasha listened and they were silent and looking confused as if they had not yet received an answer about what they expected.

Natasha looked down, more specifically at her own belly and parted her lips, she seemed to want to say something, but no words came out.

Natasha: So... I'm not pregnant...

Natasha whispered to herself, warning her to abandon her excitement and hope, she felt Steve's hand on her shoulder and she could feel that he was staring at her, probably with pity or regret.

The doctor took a paper towel and left it on Natasha's belly.

- I also cannot say that you are not pregnant yet.

Steve looked at the doctor, but Natasha was still looking at her belly and talking in thought to herself.

I'm not pregnant. I'm not pregnant. Natasha repeated it several times.

Steve: How so?

- Remember that I said that imaging tests at the beginning may not show signs of pregnancy?

Steve: Yes, it is true. See, Nat?

Steve looked at Natasha and the doctor too.

- I realize that you are disappointed, Young lady, but I advise you to wait for the result of the blood test tomorrow but whatever it is, don’t worry you are still very young. If you are not pregnant now, you can get pregnant whenever you want.

Natasha just made negative with her head.

- I really need to leave now. Go home and return tomorrow. There is no point on being upset about it now. Don't even fight with each other... consider that as an experience for you both to get closer, to get stronger together.

The doctor tried to appease, but Natasha looked inconsolable.

Steve: Thank you, doctor. Sorry to late you.

- Come back tomorrow. We never know.

The doctor left the room and Steve watched Natasha for a few seconds, he was waiting for her to manifest but she was neither moving nor blinking.

Steve sighed and took the paper towel, he started to clean the gel that was in Natasha's belly.

Steve: We have no way of knowing yet. The doctor is right... we are ansious, we must wait for the final result of the blood.

Natasha: What if...

Natasha commented.

Natasha: What if I was pregnant and I already lost the baby... as it used to happen...

Steve: No...

Natasha: But it can happen... it is expected...

Steve: You shouldn't think about that.

Natasha: I need to think. I need to expect the worst because I once hoped for the best and Thanos destroyed everything.

Steve: I'm sorry about that.

Natasha: I know you do.

Natasha sighed and sat on the stretcher.

Natasha: I'm going to change... wait for me outside.

Steve: Okay...

Steve left the room and went to the reception to wait for Natasha. She took a while to appear there and Steve didn't go after her, he knew she was working on the information received in her head.


Natasha: I'm ready. Let's go?

Steve: Yes.

Steve got up and accompanied Natasha to the parking lot, then to her car. They made this journey in silence.

Natasha: Are you going back to your apartment?

Natasha asked as she opened the car door, then she turned to face Steve.

Steve: I don't know.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds.

Steve: I thought about going to the Avengers Facility this time but I don't know if you want me around.

Natasha: I do...

Steve: So, I’ll see you there.

Natasha: Aren't you coming with me?

Steve: No, I came with my bike, remember?

Natasha nodded, then sighed.

Natasha: But I'm thinking about not going there now.

Steve: And where do you want to go?

Natasha: What do you suggest to me?

Steve looked down the street and sighed, thinking about somewhere.

Steve: Maybe somewhere to eat?

Natasha: I'm not hungry.

Steve: Do you want a place to be in peace?

Natasha: Exactly that.

Steve: I think I know of a place, do you have a jacket in the car?

Natasha: I do, why?

Steve: It's cold there, but I think you would really like that... Russian.

Steve joked and gave a small smile, to which Natasha tried to react, but failed.

Natasha: I’ll follow your bike.

Steve: Okay...

Steve was going to walk away, but decided to step forward and put his hand on Natasha's face, he let his hand slide towards her neck and kept only his thumb on her cheekbone.

Natasha looked Steve in the eyes and sighed when he gave her a sweet kiss on the lips.

Steve: Are you okay?

Natasha: Yes...

Natasha whispered.

Natasha: Not that my expectations were very high but I still had some.

Steve: This is very important for you, isn't it? I can see that now.

Natasha made negative with her head, she looked away for a few seconds and looked Steve in the eye again.

Natasha: It's not like I'm going to die of sadness for not being pregnant, I never wished it for myself before, I never thought I was capable of generating and taking care of a life, but then... after all the wars that we've been through... the emptiness that was already in me has grown so much. I thought I would be lost and alone.

Natasha said in a low voice and Steve just heard.

Natasha: When I found out I was pregnant, everything changed. Steve, I don't know how to explain it, but... the void...

Steve: It was filled.

Natasha: No, but... it seemed like it could be filled, I felt hope, I felt strength... so I wanted to go after Thanos and try to get that life back inside me and I would feel complete.

Steve watched Natasha's eyes sparkle and it made him hug her fully and protect her head by stroking her hair.

Natasha: Thanos took this chance from me. From us... and every time I remember, I feel so much hate!

Natasha took a deep breath.

Steve: I hate that he made you go through this and I want you to tell me what I can do to make you feel better. I would do anything to make you happy.

Natasha turned her face to Steve's chest and took a deep breath, smelling him. Would you give me your unconditional love, Steve? Would you give me that? Natasha thought.

Natasha: I don't know what to say.

Natasha said.

Steve: When you know, let me know.

Natasha nodded and then got in the car. Steve went to his bike and as promised, he went with Natasha to an uninhabited industrial pier, where they spent the end of that afternoon together, they ate peanuts for lunch and dinner, talked more about life, about work, about Clint and his disappearance, about the future and then they went home.

As soon as they arrived, Steve and Natasha were approached by the staff to address some technical and operational matters at the building and that was great to keep Natasha distracted from reality, she went to help the operational group and Steve went to help with technical matters.

Late at night, they saw each other again when Steve knocked on Natasha's bedroom door.

Natasha: Yes??

Steve: It's me.

Natasha: Come in.

Steve entrou no quarto e olhou para Natasha, diretamente para as pernas dela, pois ela estava de camiseta e calcinha e com uma toalha na mão.

Natasha: I'm going to take a shower, do you need anything?

Steve shrugged and shook his head.

Natasha: So you came looking for my company only?

Steve nodded and Natasha gave a small smile.

Natasha: Okay, Rogers... I need a bath for at least half an hour, so feel free to turn on the TV. Try not sleep until I get back...

Natasha said and went into the bathroom, but left the door open. Steve walked over to the bed, sat down and took the control, he turned on the TV and looked at the bathroom, where he saw Natasha finishing undressing and entering the shower box.

Natasha: What about Alfred? Did he admit that he typed the wrong data in the spreadsheet?

Steve: Hm... yes, he confessed.

Natasha: He resisted well.

Steve: Yes. If he hadn't confessed, I would have to ask him to leave the team and the promgram. There is no problem in making mistakes but there is problem on not assuming the mistakes and above all letting your co-workers take the blame instead.

Natasha: And what was his punishment, anyway?

Steve: I don't call it a punishment, I just made him fill out correctly and I told him to repeat this job for the rest of the month.

Natasha: So it's a punishment because nobody likes to do this job. Not even Maria liked it and she loved spreadsheets.

Natasha commented when remembering her friend.

Natasha: I miss her.

Natasha stared at the water hitting the bathroom tile.

Natasha: Do you think... they really died? Or do you think they are somewhere that can hear us?

Natasha asked and it made Steve feel the need for eye contact, so he got up and went to the bathroom entrance. Steve looked her in the eye.

Steve: Even if they died, I believe they could hear us.

Natasha: You are still a man of faith.

Steve: You don't?

Natasha: I don't think I ever was.

Natasha confessed.

Natasha: But sometimes I thought about faith and what I feel and believe.

Steve: We have to believe in something.

Natasha: It is part of human nature. It must be difficult to not believe at all in anything. Having nothing to cling to.

Steve: That is true.

Natasha: What do you hold on to today?

Steve looked at the floor and seemed to be reflecting, he sighed and crossed his arms, then looked at Natasha again.

Steve: Almost nothing...

Natasha turned her attention to the bath, she took the soap and slid it on her shoulder.

Steve: But basically... it's you.

Natasha looked at Steve with much surprise, her forehead was slightly furrowed.

Natasha: Me??

Steve: Yeah.

Steve nodded.

Steve: Are you surprised?

Natasha: To tell you the truth... I am.

Steve laughed softly.

Steve: What other reason do I have to get up every day? If not to see you, stay with you... the world doesn't need me anymore, you don't need me, but I need you.

Natasha was so amazed at what she was hearing, that she spent a few seconds wondering if this was real. It was true because she knows Steve is always honest.

Steve: Sometimes, I am very grateful to God for saving you from the Snap. I lost a lot of people that I loved and if I had lost you too, I wouldn't be here anymore.

Natasha: What does that mean??

Steve: Exactly what it looked like.

Steve said frankly. Natasha took a deep breath looking at him and then opened the stall door and called Steve with her head.

Natasha: Come here.

Steve looked at her and then approached the shower stall. Natasha took the hem of his shirt and lifted it. Steve finished taking off his shirt and while he was doing it, Natasha loosened the belt on his pants, then she opened the button and the zipper on Steve's pants.

Steve felt Natasha's hand slide into his pants and it made him look at her, who used her other hand to grab Steve's neck and make him tilt his head enough to kiss her.

While Steve felt his cock get stiff with Natasha's stimulations, he took off his shoes and then rested his hands on the glass of the stall.

Steve held tightly on the glass of the stall when Natasha pulled down his pants and underwear and knelt before him, at that moment he looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath, trying to maintain control.

Natasha: Steve?

Natasha called him and Steve ducked his head to look at Natasha, she gave him a small smile.

Natasha: I want you to keep looking at me.

It’s not like Steve doesn't appreciate stare at Natasha doing him a blowjob but you got to understand that it is Natasha doing that, that one with extremely seductive green eyes, the one with tempting lips, the one with perfect facial symmetry. How is he going to watch this without coming fast? When he looks elsewhere it is already difficult to hold on, but looking straight into her eyes is very hard to control himself.

Steve took a deep breath and then held his breath when Natasha kissed the base of his cock, she held his testicles and distributed kisses along the entire length of his cock until she reached the top, where she started using the tip of her tongue and then her tongue’s extension to lick from the top to the bottom and back.

Natasha could only hear Steve breathing harder and harder with each lick she gave to him and she could feel his leg shaking spontaneously a lot.

Natasha: Grab my hair, please.

Natasha asked and Steve held her hair, he entwined his fingers through her strands and grabbed it very tight, already directing her mouth to what she was doing before. Natasha made her neck flexible on purpose, so Steve would guide her head as he plases to satify him and Steve enjoyed every minute of it, he was so turned on that turned on Natasha equally.

After long minutes, in which Natasha practically swallowed Steve's cock and then started to took it out of her mouth and placed it back many times. Steve released her hair and crouched down to hold Natasha's waist, who immediately sat on Steve's legs and introduce his cock inside her. Natasha let out a loud moan of satisfaction as soon as she did this action, she held on Steve's neck and started bouncing on his cock up and down while he was still crouching.

Natasha increased the speed of bouncing on Steve little by little and let out moans of pleasure as she did so, she felt Steve hold tightly to one of her breasts and looked into his eyes when he started to squeeze her nipple between his fingers tight and the more he he squeezed it, the more she moaned and lost her concentration in the rhythm of bouncing on him.

Natasha: Yes... oh God..

Natasha said, indicating that it was the right way and Steve squeezed even more what made Natasha close her mouth and let out a restrained cry, followed by another and another when Steve lowered his head and started to run the tip of his tongue over her squeezed nipple.

Natasha: Steve!!

Natasha screamed his name and threw her head back and again repeated his name and said 'yes' many times, and the screams stopped being contained to be free and to echo throughout the bathroom. Natasha stuck her nail in Steve's neck when she started to come.

Steve: Ouch!!

Steve felt the effect of her nails, it was nothing light, she stuck her nails on his skin for real.

Natasha stopped bouncing, but left Steve's cock completely immersed inside her while still feeling the effect of that orgasm running through her body, which caused her to have spasms and to roll her waist a little on top of him.

Steve smiled as he watched Natasha's pleasure, it was delicious to see and hear her cuming.

Steve released Natasha's breast and held her waist with both hands, because now her body is a little soft after the orgasm. If before he thought he was on the verge of coming, now he will force himself to last as much as he can to have more of it.

Steve pulled Natasha closer to him, hugging her back, which made Natasha hug his neck and put her mouth against his, kissing him again with affection but also with much desire.

Steve grabbed Natasha's waist again and lifted her body enough to remove her from his cock and again he made her sit back on him again, he did it about four times slowly while they were still exchanging caresses with theirs tongues. Steve was unable to just crouch for so long, so he ended up sitting on the floor and held Natasha's waist just above his body.

Steve needed this space to be able to do the work for her, he started lifting his hips up and down, thrusting his cock into her opening until the end and removing it back, then he started to stock up faster and shorter, which soon again stimulated Natasha, who was biting her lip and holding her own breasts, she came again moments later and she wanted to turn to turn her back to Steve and bounced on him again, in an attempt to make him come too but Steve was resisting well, he only came moments after when she was on all fours and he positioned himself behind her and returned to punch his cock against her opening.

They ended this whole act with a long kiss on the mouth and as soon as they recovered, they went into the shower together to bathe.

When Natasha took the soap to lather up, Steve took her hand and turned her back to him, he kissed her shoulder and it made Natasha smile, she turned her face so she could look at him and also held his chin to make he look at her.

Natasha: You were wrong.

Steve: About what?

Natasha: When you said that I didn't need you.

Steve stared at Natasha.

Natasha: I do need you, Steve Rogers. Steve Grant... Rogers.

Natasha smiled and Steve smiled back, giving her a long and tender kiss, then he his hand on her belly, which made Natasha put her hand above his.

Natasha: If I have a child in here, Steve... I would be very happy.

Steve: Me too...

Natasha: But if I don't... I'll be Okay, I Guess...

Steve: I'm sure of that too.

Natasha turned to Steve and looked at him for a few seconds, she gave a small smile and hugged him.

After the shower, the two went to sleep and the next day, they woke up much less anxious and prepared for any result that came from the exam.


Steve and Natasha thought they were prepared for the result, but as soon as the doctor informed the result of the exam, the two were without immediate reaction.

- And then...

The doctor said because no one said anything in the office.

Steve: Say it again... please repeat...

Natasha: We need to hear it again.

The doctor did not know how to interpret the faces that Steve and Natasha were doing.

- Natasha Romanoff, you have been pregnant... for about 35 days.

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: You are pregnant!

Steve put his hand over Natasha's, who was looking at the void, still without emotions.

Steve: Nat... Nat??

Natasha: I'm pregnant...

Natasha whispered to herself.

Natasha: I am pregnant!!!

Natasha repeated.

Steve: Yes!!!

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: With your child.

Steve smiled and now the emotion overwhelmed him, his eyes shone.

Steve: We will have a baby... together.

Natasha: Together... oh my God.

Natasha smiled and suddenly started laughing. If her smile was rare, a laugh was much more and she was laughing a lot, which scared Steve at first, but cheered him up later.

Natasha put her hands on her face and let it out at once, as if she had been holding the air for a long time. Her eyes still indicated a lot of surprise.

- Now that we know you're pregnant, we need to start the prenatal care. We will do new blood tests, check how the vitamins are, start a food supplement...

Steve: Is there a specific diet, doctor??

- No. She can eat whatever she wants, but she has to be careful with fat and sugar.

Steve: So better not to eat those stuff. Did you hear, Nat? No sugar and fat.

- That's not what I said, but good luck trying to restrict the feeding of a pregnant woman.

The doctor laughed and Steve looked seriously at Natasha, who was not even listening to what they were saying, she has her hand on her belly and looking at nothing.

Steve: It is better to invest only in healthy food, we want him to be health too.

- Don't worry too much, worry more about vitamins. Folic acid is essential to start.

Steve: Are you going to give this in writing?

- Of course.

Steve: Can she walk?

- Are you really asking that??

The doctor frowned at Steve.

Steve: Sorry, I... I'm confused and nervous, this is my first time on being a father

- Okay, but use the logic. She is pregnant, she is not sick.

Steve: Yes... my God, doctor !!!

Steve seemed to have seen a ghost.

Steve: It's just that the two of us yesterday, we... we had sexual intercourse... would that cause any damage to the baby??.

- I don’t think so.

Steve: But wouldn’t be better if you examine her and check if everything is fine... because last night it was nothing light, so...

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: What are you talking about??

Steve: About yesterday... you and me in the bathroom...

Natasha: By God, Steve! He doesn't need to know that!!!

Steve: But we made love and you are pregnant. Could we have done that???

Natasha: I don't know... I can't go 9 months without having sex.

Natasha looked at the doctor waiting for an answer.

- You can have sex, however... it is good to avoid the... violent sex. It's too early, you never know.

Steve: You are absolutely right.

Natasha: Doctor, I need your discretion about this pregnancy.

The doctor nodded.

Natasha: We have no way of knowing if this pregnancy will last until the end, right?

- We hope everything goes well.

Natasha: I have a history of spontaneous abortions... my body does not accept another life inside me but I have been pregnant for more than a month and it gives me the hope that this baby will be born.

Steve: He will be born.

Natasha looked at Steve and he kissed her hand.

- We will monitor this pregnancy closely and take care that everything goes well. I am confident and you should be, too.

Natasha nodded.

- Now, I will explain to you what can and cannot do during pregnancy, if you follow everything correctly, you will have a perfect child.

Natasha and Steve were attentive to the doctor and his instructions, the consultation lasted for almost an hour and still, they left the clinic feeling that they know nothing about pregnancy and children.

Steve: We must go back to the Avengers Facility for you to sleep.

Natasha: I'm not sleepy.

Steve: Okay... so you can just lie down and rest.

Natasha: No, I don't want to rest.

Steve: Natasha...

Natasha: Steve...

Steve sighed.

Steve: Where do you want to go?

Natasha: Home, but not to sleep.

Steve: Okay, give me the keys.

Steve held out his hand and Natasha looked at him seriously.

Natasha: Why???

Steve: I will drive.

Natasha: I came driving.

Steve: Yes, but now you are pregnant, so I’ll drive.

Natasha: I was pregnant before, Steve! I just didn't know that! Get out of my way if you don't want to see me stressed.

Steve: I don't want you to stress...

Steve got out of the way and boarded the passenger seat.

Steve: We don't ask about the belt.

Steve commented when Natasha sat down and started to put on the belt.

Natasha stopped all movements and looked at Steve.

Steve: You can squeeze the belly if you put it on...

Steve stammered to explain.

Natasha: Steve?? Do me a favor?

Steve: Of course. Anything you want.

Natasha: Get the fuck out of my car!

Steve: Nat...

Natasha: Get out of my car!

Natasha screamed.

Steve: Really??

Natasha: Yes! I can't get stressed and you're stressing me out!

Steve: Okay, Okay... sorry...

Steve took off his belt and got out of the car, he saw Natasha start the car, making the tire sing and he was concerned about the way she drives, he took out his cell phone to call a taxi or Uber, but he saw Natasha's car coming back.

Natasha: Get in!

Steve: Sure?

Natasha: Don’t make me regret.

Steve got in the car and was quiet. Natasha drove back and looked at him.

Natasha: Sorry...

Steve: Okay. I'm very nervous.

Natasha: Me too, but I can't let nervousness take over. Everything will be fine, I feel fine.

Steve: Do you feel good?

Natasha: Yes. Better than never...

Natasha put her hand on her belly again and smiled.

Natasha: I could never imagine that.

Natasha smiled and then sighed, she looked at Steve.

Natasha: Just promise me one thing.

Steve looked at her, waiting for her to say what it was.

Natasha: We can't forget about the first child.

Steve: I will not forget.

Natasha: And... this son... who is with me here now, he will know that he had a brother. We will tell him that I lost his brother when he got older.

Steve didn't comment about it.

Natasha: I will never forget the other one, Steve, I still love him, I think I will love him forever. Let him live at least in our memories. Promise me that he will know about his brother.

Steve: Okay, Nat. He'll know.

Natasha smiled and drove home.

Upon arriving home and getting out of the car, Natasha went to Steve and he felt that she wanted to say something.

Steve: What is it?

Natasha: I'm thinking about... Maria and Nick...

Natasha smiled and became serious.

Natasha: How would they react to this news... I can't even imagine... I think they would only believe it when my belly was huge... but what would they say? I really wish I could know...

Steve: I just know that they would be very happy for you.

Natasha: For us.

Steve smiled and stroked Natasha's hair, then kissed her forehead and pulled her into a protective hug.

Natasha sighed and hugged Steve back.


Two and a half months later...

Natasha: If only Clint were here.

Steve: Any news from him?

Natasha: I know the way he acts, so he's been doing things... justice with his own hands. For him to be doing this it is because he is suffering a lot.

Steve: We should try to find him.

Natasha: Yes. I think I know where he is now.

Steve: Where?

Natasha: I can't say, but I will see him. I will need a few days out.

Steve: Days??

Steve frowned.

Natasha: Yes.

Steve trembled his lip as if to say something, but closed his mouth and became serious.

Steve: Is he that far away?

Natasha: Yes.

Steve: I don't want you to go alone.

Natasha: It's only a few days. I'll be fine.

Steve: You have to promise me that you will push yourself and you will rest and take care of you and my baby.

Natasha: I promise, Captain.

Steve: Will you call me?

Natasha: Probably. Will you miss Me?

Steve: I already am.

Natasha rolled her eyes but her lips curved into a smile. Smile which, Steve kissed affectionately.


Natasha went after Clint Barton to tell him the news about the baby and also she wanted to know how his friend is doing.

Natasha had to cross the border of Mexico to get to him and quickly found the place he was hiding, but she only found the place. There was no sign of Clint Barton there, but in the papers and data on the notebook, Natasha found many clues as to where he had gone and what to do.

Clint is avenging his grief on each and every type of thug. He is in Mexico behind a large drug barracks, which uses a boxing gym as a point of sale and uses a lot of the fighters as security guards in this business.

Clint was very lucky that Natasha went to meet him at the gym now, as he was taken by surprise when the gym fighters revealed to work for the drug quartels. In a stroke of fate, Clint ended up being dominated by the guys and he was taking a nasty beating in the middle of the ring by several fighters, who were happy to see him stagger, fall to the ground, get up and get knocked out again.

Natasha arrived at the gym discreetly and frowned at that scene, she waited a long time, just watching, because even with men that size, Clint could get out of there, he could even defeat them if he wanted to, the problem is that he doesn't seem to want that.

Until Natasha confirmed that Clint was there to die, it took a long time. Clint's face was completely bloody, as were his hands, and he stopped fighting back.

Natasha approached the ring and whistled loudly, attracting the attention of the attackers.

Natasha: Why don't you go play with someone of your size?

Natasha asked and invaded the ring, she tilted her head, looking at one of the attackers, who spat on the floor and then went after her. Natasha used her fighting and defense skills, dodged one, hit the other, jumped to one side, did somersault to the other.

Natasha: CLINT!

Natasha shouted for him to react, he just looked at her and continued on the floor.

Natasha managed to finish three attackers and when she was trying to finish the fourth, she was grabbed from behind and immobilized. The fourth attacker took the chance and punched her in the face, which made Natasha's nose bleed instantly.

At that time Clint reacted, which confirmed that he was really trying to kill himself, he got up and threw himself on top of Natasha's attacker.

While Natasha got rid of what had grabbed her from behind, Clint fiercely punched the other attacker who was already passed out, but Clint couldn't stop punching him in the face.

Natasha: Clint! He’s done! Clint!

Natasha finished getting rid of another attacker, they were all already on the ground, unable to attack again but they were alive.

Natasha approached Clint.

Natasha: CLINT! STOP!

Clint did not stop, the fighter's face was already becoming deformed from so much punch and blood.

Natasha: CLINT! You will kill him!

Natasha shouted, trying to get Clint to stop.

Natasha: CLINT!

Natasha decided to restrain Barton, she approached to try to immobilize him but Clint used his elbow to punch Natasha in the stomach and prevent her from stopping him. Clint had no idea of Natasha's pregnancy, and they have used violence against each other several times to contain the other and this has never resulted in the end of the friendship, it is as they are. Not even in the Civil War, they stopped being friends, for having fought among themselves.

Natasha felt an unusual pain when she was hit, she put her hand on her belly and staggered backwards, then leaned on the ropes of the boxing ring and held tight to her belly.

Natasha: No...

Natasha whispered, feeling desperate.

Clint had to stop his anger when he saw Natasha give up on him so fast, he looked confused at her lying on the ropes of the boxing ring, having only taken one single blow.

Natasha looked Clint in the eye and he saw pure terror in her eyes.

Clint ran over to Natasha.

Clint: Natasha!!!

Natasha: Am I bleeding???

Natasha asked and Clint looked confused again, her face is bleeding.

Natasha: My legs...

Clint looked at Natasha's pants and saw a blood stain on her pants, gradually increasing.

Clint: Ye-yes...

Natasha started to cry and all this was pretty bizarre for Clint because for him, she is not that hurt to be reacting like that, much less to reach to the point of crying.

Natasha: Clint...

Clint walked away from Natasha because he thought she just came to talk about his dead family, it was obvious that she would recover from a punch in the face and a jerk in the belly, so he doesn't have to stay there and listen to her speech.

Natasha: Clint!

Natasha called again and Clint was already coming down from the ring.

Natasha: I'm... I'm pregnant...

Clint froze as soon as he heard Natasha, he looked at her and understood that the tears were real and understood why she was crying that... the blood on her legs was from her baby.

Clint immediately returned to Natasha and took her to the nearest hospital, praying that it would take time to save them.

Inside the car, Natasha just repeated nonstop...

Natasha: I'm losing him! I'm losing my baby!


A few hours later, Steve noticed several missed calls from a number with foreign IDD, he was surprised by that and didn't know if he should return the call but the phone started ringing again... same number.

Steve took the call.

Steve: Steve Rogers.

- Steve.

Steve: Barton??

Clint: Yes... Steve, I have something to tell you... about Natasha.

Steve: What about her??

Clint fell silent on the line.

Steve: Clint! What about Natasha???

C: She...