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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Natasha and Steve were very shocked to see Scott Lang by video from the cameras at the entrance to the building. Steve even thought it was na old footage, then found that Scott Lang was right there.

Natasha: How did this happen???

Steve: I don't know, I'm confused!

Natasha: Did he escape from Thanos?? Wh-what? Did we miss the count?? How is he here?

Steve: We will have to know with him.

Steve said and he was calm but Natasha was a nervous wreck, her mind boiled when she saw Scott, she was thinking of several possibilities for him to be there now and one of them was that Scott managed to escape the snap, that he disappeared but found out some way to return and if he managed to return from there, then everyone else is alive and not dead and she may be able to rescue her friends and who knows... but it seemed unlikely to her, that she could recover her unborn child. Who knows? Nothing more can be doubted. Everything is possible now.


After Scott entered the building, he was greeted by Steve Rogers at the reception with a handshake.

Scott: So nice to see you, Captain!

Steve: Please call me Steve. It's good to see you too.

Scott: Where's everybody?

Scott asked, still shaking Steve's hand and shaking it.

Scott: If there is everyone here... Is there everyone? Oh, heavens, don't tell me there is only you left.

Steve: No. Natasha is waiting for us in the meeting room.

Scott released Steve's hand and put his hand on his chest, taking a deep breath of relief.

Scott: Good.

Steve gestured for Scott to pass, indicating the way and walked with him to the meeting room.

Scott: She survived. How nice is that.

Scott commented as he walked down the halls in Steve's company.

Steve: There are more of us still.

Scott: Great... who??

Steve was telling Scott who of the avengers had survived the snap until they reached the meeting room.

Steve opened the door of the meeting room and Natasha was attentive to Scott who came in and went straight to her and hugged her, which was a little strange. Natasha did not return the hug.

Scott: Sorry, that was weird. It's just... there's nobody on the street. Everything is very strange.

Scott said immediately after releasing Natasha.

Natasha: Scott, how are you here?? Did you escape?? Did you disappear in the Snaep Day?

Scott: Snap Day??

Scott frowned in confusion.

- Mommy.

Scott was startled by the sound of a baby's voice, he frowned and looked for where the sound came from but he didn't find it immediately, so he decided to ignore it, thinking it was something in his head, but the sound was repeated.

- Mommy!

Scott looked at a small red-haired being coming out from behind the couch, crawling, then resting his hands on the couch and standing.

- Mommy!

The child repeated in a grumbling tone, he scratched his eyes and started to bend his knees repeatedly.

Scott: A child!

Scott looked more like he saw a snake.

Steve walked over to the couch and picked baby James up.

Steve: What is it, James?

- Mommy!

James continued to complain.

Scott: Are you babysitting for someone?

James held out his arms to Natasha and Steve took him to her, handing James over to her lap.

Natasha took James in her arms but he continued to mumble and squirmed a little.

Natasha: Hush... no, James.

Natasha put her hand on James' head and made him lay his head on her shoulder, which stopped James from grumbling.

Steve: Scott, this is James.

Scott: Hi, James!!!

Steve: He's my son and Natasha's.

Scott let his jaw drop slowly, until his mouth fell open.

Scott: Whhhaaaaay?? Oh really??

Natasha: Yes. Scott, keep talking... why are you here? How are you here??

Scott opened his mouth to speak but James lifted his head and started to mumble again and was now closer to crying.

Natasha: James, now is not the time.

Steve: He wants something. Sleep??

Natasha: Maybe, but he is better off with a bottle at this hour.

Natasha commented and then went to the counter of the mini kitchen inside the meeting room, she opened the fridge and took a bottle of milk.

Natasha: Is that what you want?

James reached for the bottle.

Natasha: Just ask, James. You don't have to cry about it.

Natasha commented to James and then walked with him for behind the couch where James had a cabin built with several toys.

Natasha put James in the cabin and handed him the bottle.

Natasha: But I think the crying was about the bottle, isn’t it?

Natasha asked and gave James a short smile.

Natasha: Lie down...

Natasha made James lie down in the cabin and he himself held the bottle and took it alone.

Natasha: Good boy.

Natasha stroked James' belly and then went back to where Steve and Scott were.

Natasha: Sorry. Explain to us what happened.

Scott: Snap is what Thanos did, right? It's what they call it. My daughter talked about it... she is so big, right now, guys! I can't believe I lost so many years of her life!

Scott commented and then explained that he didn't go away with the snap, that he was doing an experiment in the quantum realm and how the dynamics worked there. Natasha said she was sorry for all the years he spent inside that thing and Scott said it just seemed like a few hours not years.

Steve and Natasha let Scott finish his story and reasoning because he also started talking about how the machine he and the Pym created to travel through time works.

When Scott finished his own story, he seemed more incredulous than Steve and Natasha who were in a tortuous silence after Scott ended his entire story. Steve looked at Natasha and she looked back at him, then they both looked at Scott Lang.

Scott: I know it sounds crazy.

Natasha: I get mission reports from a raccoon so nothing else sounds crazy.

Natasha clarified and relieved Scott.

Scott: So who can we talk to about this?

Steve: What do you mean?

Scott: Don't get me wrong... we need experts in this area of science. To do tests.

Natasha: Tests?

Scott: Yes... we can go back in time... to before Thanos...

Natasha looked at Steve again and her heart sped up. So that's it, they may have one more chance to save everyone. Save their unborned son.

Natasha almost smiled, but stopped herself from feeling too much hope.

Scott: So... do you think anyone can help us with this?

Steve: Yes.

Natasha: Tony.

Steve: Tony.

Steve and Natasha spoke at the same time.

Scott: Ha-ha, synchronized... Stark? Yes, he would be great. He is here?

Natasha: No.

Scott: And is he coming soon?

Steve: Actually, he doesn't live here anymore. The Avengers broke up... again...

Scott: Too bad, that reduces our chances of making this work 80%.

Steve: We will do our best with what we have.

Scott: It's not enough, Cap... I mean, Steve, I'm sorry.

Natasha: We can talk to Tony.

Natasha declared and Steve looked at her confused.

Steve: Can we?

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: Yes.

Steve: He doesn't want to talk to us. To me.

Natasha: He's doing better, it's been years.

Steve: But he already said that about work, especially with us, he is not interested.

Natasha: But when we tell him, he will hear.

Steve: He won't.

Natasha: We will only know if we talk to him.

Steve: I know how he will react badly. It's no use.

Natasha: We need to try.

Steve: It's a waste of time, Nat.

Natasha: Why are you so resistant about it??

Steve: Me? He is.

Natasha: You two are more alike than you know.

Steve: Oh, there we go... now this is about me...

Steve took a deep breath, frustrated.

Natasha: No, this is about all of us and who's gone in the Snap. We have to try to get around this situation.

Steve: We tried this before.

Natasha: But this time is different.

Steve: Do you think it would work now?

Natasha: I don't think anything. I'm not sure of anything, to be sure we need to hear from those who really understand the subject. So we have to talk to Tony!!!

Natasha declared, very irritated.

Scott: Guys??

Scott waved but Steve and Natasha were engaged in the argument between the two of them.

Natasha: I just know that we have waited a long time for a new chance and now that it has appeared, we have to grab it.

Steve: Who was waiting for another chance?

Natasha looked at Steve angrily.

Steve: Aren't you satisfied with what we have?

Natasha: What do we have, Steve??

Steve: A life together!!!

Scott: Hey, guys.. guys...

Scott whispered and then walked over to the couch.

Scott: I'm going to talk to... to James.

Scott approached James' cabin.

Natasha: Life???

Steve: Uh... what do you call that??

Natasha: Are you happy? 100% happy??

Natasha asked and Steve fell silent.

Natasha: I thought so!

Steve: I'm happy, Natasha! You are not and only knew it now...

While Natasha and Steve argued, Scott looked at James.

Scott: Hey! James! It's James, right??

James looked at Scott and frowned.

Scott: How are you? Hi!! What are you doing, little man?

James remained serious, looking at him.

Scott: What a nice little house you have there! I loved the pajamas too.

Scott smiled and then wiggled his fingers in the air, trying to make James smile.

Scott: Brrrruuu...

Scott made a sound with his mouth and James frowned more.

Scott: Cassie laughs so much at this. Oh, she liked that too...

Scott covered his face.

Scott: Where's Scott? Where??

Scott discovered the face.

Scott: PEEK-A-BOO!!!

Scott saw James pout, his lip trembling.

Scott: Oh my God! No, no, calm down... it’s Okay...

Scott looked back at Steve and Natasha and they were still arguing.

Scott: Okay... don't cry... don't cry...

It didn't help. James used all his strength to scream out loud, crying hard.

Steve and Natasha were startled by James' shrill cry, they looked at Scott who left the couch with his hands up in surrender, warning that he didn't do anything.

Steve went to James.

Steve: Hey, champion, what is it? What happened??

Steve picked James up and rocked him slightly.

Scott: I was just trying to make him smile. I swear.

Scott justified feeling guilty.

Natasha: Don't worry. He's not used to strangers. It is not personal.

Natasha clarified.

Natasha: Take him to the room, Steve.

Natasha asked and Steve took James' favorite teddy and left the room.

Natasha looked at Scott.

Natasha: Have you slept, Scott?

Scott: Not really.

Natasha: I can tell. We have rooms available if you need.

Scott: Thank you but I prefer to stay with my daughter. I promise to get here early tomorrow if we go to see Tony.

Natasha: No problem, I understand.

Scott: If a few hours away from her has made a difference to me. For her... five years away from me, it must have been bad. I guess.

Natasha: Of course it was.

Scott: How will you manage the issue with Stark?

Natasha: We will talk to him together, even if it's just you and me.

Natasha clarified.

Natasha: I just can't go today, I have no one to leave James with. Tomorrow we'll talk to him.

Scott nodded in agreement.

Natasha: See you tomorrow, Scott.

Scott: See you tomorrow and congratulations...

Natasha looked at Scott confused.

Scott: For your son... he looks great.

Natasha thanked him with a small smile, then left the room and went to the bedroom.


When walking to the bedroom, Natasha has already prepared to deal with Steve's interpretation of the discussion they had almost now. About her not being happy with the life she has with him, he got it wrong, but she also said in the wrong way because she still needs to try to save her unborn child.

Natasha entered the bedroom and Steve was sitting on the bed, with James on his lap, brushing his hair while James slept. Natasha noticed that James was showered.

Natasha: Scott went to his house.

Natasha commented to start the conversation.

Steve: Didn't he want to stay?

Steve asked without looking at Natasha, just paid attention to brushing his son's hair.

Natasha: No, he... he wants to be close to his daughter.

Natasha replied and walked around the room, arms crossed.

Natasha: Understandable. She lost five years of living with her father.

Steve: Yeah. It must not have been easy.

Steve answered, but always without looking at Natasha, who sighed and sat in the armchair that is diagonal to the bed.

Natasha: Are you upset?

Steve shrugged.

Natasha: Steve, I'm giving you a chance to talk about our discussion.

Steve laughed softly and made negative with his head, which irritated Natasha.

Natasha: Okay, if you want to stay in this situation, it is your problem.

Natasha took her boots off her feet, then got up and walked to the bathroom, looking very impatient and she hoped this would make Steve regret it and talk to her like the two adults they are, but he didn't stop her.

Natasha then took a long shower to cool her head, dried her hair, put on panties and a simple tank top, then returned to the bedroom and saw Steve lying in bed with James in the middle of it.

She couldn't tell if he had slept because Steve was lying on his side, his back to the bathroom, where she had come from now.

Natasha came around the bed and lay down next to James, she could see that Steve was still awake, she lied on her back.

Steve: Why are you not satisfied?

Steve asked and it made Natasha look at him, she was slow to answer and Steve was quiet waiting for an answer and he seemed worried and afraid of what she might answer but he needed a frank answer to know what to do with his life.

Natasha: What I said before... when Scott was here...

Natasha started the explanation.

Natasha: It's not about you or James.

Steve: It seemed so.

Natasha: No. It is about my life as a whole.

Steve: Yes, Nat... that's what I'm trying to understand and I don't think you even know what you're feeling... you love James, I know, but maybe you don't love me and that's why you don't feel that we are complete and that we are happy.

Natasha just heard Steve, he wasn't using an accusatory tone or anything, in fact it was a conformity tone.

Natasha: Let me ask you something, because sometimes I also don’t know if it’s just me who feel this.

Steve was attentive.

Natasha: When I told you what Thanos did to me. To us... taking our child out of my womb... you were angry and sad. Right?

Steve: Right.

Natasha: And that passed?

Steve: Not quite, I still remember and get angry but not like that time, I have another gift here to fill and distract me.

Natasha: Fill...

Natasha looked at the ceiling and nodded.

Natasha: That's the word... I was very empty...

Natasha commented.

Natasha: When James was born, I was filled with love. I felt joy... relief... I was very full, but... I was not entirely complete. I wondered why I was still feeling this if I have James and he is the most important thing in my life... so why is it still not enough??

Natasha asked and then looked at Steve.

Natasha: It is because I know that something was taken from me and I thought I just had to get used to it, I even got used to it but then Scott came and said that there is a possibility to bring everyone back and our son... the first child, all the hopes went back to probing my head and bringing him back would make me feel more complete.

Natasha said and Steve went silent.

Natasha: Don't get me wrong, I love James, he is everything to me, he changed our lives completely and for the better. Look at him...

Natasha looked at James, who was sleeping peacefully and holding Steve's hand, who also looked at his son.

Natasha: He brings me peace, he brings me hope and motivation.

Natasha declared.

Natasha: A few days ago, Rhodey was reporting to me about his actions and ended up reporting about Clint.

Steve raised his eyebrows, surprised and interested.

Natasha: He's... pretty out of control.

Steve: How so?

Natasha sighed and made a negative with her head.

Natasha: He is suffering. A lot. For his losses... after all he lost the whole family at once.

Steve: I was thinking his disappearance was strange but you didn't say anything or go after him, so I thought everything was fine.

Natasha: I had my reasons for back off. I was very angry but that passed with time and especially when I started to live with James daily and I did what you always do.

Steve didn't know what it was, he let her speak.

Natasha: I put myself in his place.

Natasha stroked James' arm and ran her thumb over his cheekbone, then ran her index finger over the tip of his nose, which made James feel itchy and run his hand over his face.

Natasha: I couldn't even imagine losing a child. I missed the first one and it was very painful, but there is a difference between what was not born and what was born because I knew what was born, I know his voice and his smell and it would be impossible to accept that he was gone forever and now I see the side of Clint... I would be trying to kill myself too if I lost James. He didn't lose just one, he lost three children.

Natasha said and although Steve was shocked, he didn't judge her way of thinking, maybe he would be like that too.

Natasha: I asked Rhodey to find out where he is or where he is going... but I still haven't had the courage to look for him.

Steve: We can look for him together.

Natasha: We have other responsibilities now. We have the Base, we have James. Rhodey will find him, I'm sure.

Natasha declared.

Natasha: I don't know if I'm making myself clear, Steve. I said that losing James would be much more painful than the loss we face but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt the loss of the other and everyone else. Do you still think about Sam? Bucky? Wanda??

Steve: Yes. More than I would like.

Natasha: Yeah, I think about them and I think about our son. I know that we are comfortable living here with James, it seems finally safe but if now there is a chance to bring your friends back, the relatives of the people outside, our son... why not?

Steve: We don't even know if it's possible.

Natasha: Yes. We don't know, as Scott said... we need to do tests and studies, but we need Tony's help with this, so I already decided to go and talk to him tomorrow. Scott is going too and I would love for you to join us.

Natasha declared and Steve sighed, remaining silent for long seconds.

Steve looked at Natasha.

Steve: I will go with you.

Natasha smiled slightly and reached for Steve's face.

Natasha: Thank you.

Steve: I think you're right, maybe it isn't possible, maybe it is... but we have to try. I just don't know if Tony will accept leaving his comfort zone and I will understand if he doesn't want to participate.

Natasha nodded.

Natasha: I would not be satisfied if I didn’t try.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Steve: Should we sleep now?

Natasha: Yes, but... I need to tell you something yet.

Steve paid attention to Natasha and she caressed his face, while looking at the details that composes his face, she stopped and just kept looking him in the eyes.

Natasha: You asked early about my love for you. I hate that you have any doubts about this. I am not the most loving person in the world, nor the most communicative. But I've been with you, Steve, every day... for many years. So I'm going to say this now... I love you and you are enough for me but please don't expect me to repeat this for no reason. And don't worry about the possibility that I stopped loving you. If that happens, I will not pretend to love you, I will not live a fake life, I will be very clear because above my love, I have my respect for you. I would totally set you free to live life with whoever you want.

Natasha declared honestly and Steve sighed and put his hand over hers.

Steve: Sorry for saying that, but... it was good to hear all of this, Nat. I didn't know I needed to hear that and I think today was the first one that you told me that you love me.

Natasha: You're already making me regret saying that...

Natasha smiled more and Steve smiled back sweetly.

Steve: I love you too, Nat.

Natasha: Well... now is the part where you kiss me to prove it.

Steve: I was just about to do that...

The two laughed quietly, then got up a little from the bed to exchange a tender and intense kiss. They end the kiss with a quick one and Natasha looked away and scratched the back of her neck.

Steve: What is it?

Natasha took a deep breath and looked at Steve.

Natasha: Well, I wanted to do something now, but... you made James sleep here in our bed.

Steve smiled.

Steve: I can put him in the crib.

Natasha: I would hate to do that with him in this bedroom yet.

Steve: You don't like him sleeping in another room.

Natasha: It's a long way from here.

Steve: It's two doors away.

Natasha: I'm afraid I won't hear him cry but I even let him sleep there more than before.

Steve: Now he's walking and he can come and call us. He did it the other day.

Natasha: Yes.

Natasha sighed.

Steve: What we need to do is put a barrier on the stairs, because he is already walking the entire building.

Natasha: This is true.

Steve: And... maybe we should have a house out of here?

Natasha: Are you asking me to marry again??

Steve: No, I'm saying that we should have a home to live with James. Because we have toys, bottles and pacifiers all over the Avengers facility... even in the training room, Nat. I wonder if it's weird for our employees.

Natasha: Did anyone complain??

Natasha frowned.

Steve: No, nobody complained.

Natasha: Because they all play with James. James is very comfortable with everyone as long as me or you are around.

Steve: No, no, nobody said anything. It's just that this is where we work, I don't know if it's healthy for him to be here. Maybe he needs a place to call home... you know?

Natasha: I think so.

Steve: And... it demands a lot of our attention, even though he has grown.

Natasha: And?

Steve: And... I think he needs to play.

Natasha frowned.

Natasha: But he plays and watches cartoons.

Steve: I meant with other children...

Natasha: Oh yes... I thought about that too.

Steve: Good! Because it is important for him to be with children the same age.

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: What do you suggest? He's two, soon he'll have to go to school anyway.

Steve: Since tomorrow we are going to the Stark, we can talk to Pepper, find out if she took Morgan to a daycare or something.

Natasha: Okay.

Steve and Natasha went back to lie down and continued talking about random things until sleep hit and made them both sleep.


The next morning, Natasha and Steve woke up early because they needed to leave. While Steve was having breakfast in the cafeteria, Natasha was at the building’s reception lounge with James, but as the area there is quite large, James was contained within a playpen with enough area for him to play.

James was there because Natasha needs to writw down the tasks for the staff to do while she is not there, so she was sitting on one of the sofas, with her foot on the coffee table and a tablet in her hand, where she typed the tasks of the day.

From where Natasha was she could see James and he could see her, so he was calm, but he call out her attention from time to time, which didn't bother Natasha.

James: Head. Head.

James said and Natasha spied him quickly and saw that he was talking to himself and pointing at his head.

J: Baby... foot... head, foot...

Natasha observed if he was touching his feet, but James was pointing only his head and shoulder, not your feet.

Natasha: That's your shoulder...

James looked at Natasha, she lowered the tablet and pointed at her head.

Natasha: Head...

Natasha touched her own shoulders.

Natasha: Shoulder...

Natasha explained.

J: Head, feet... “shoulda”... toes.

Natasha smiled.

Natasha: Head... Shoulder...

Natasha was pointing out the members she was talking about.

Natasha: Knee... and feett.

James frowned.

Natasha: Okay... you're going to record someday... do you remember the song? Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes...

Natasha sang and saw James touch his head and then crouch down touching his foot, trying to dance to the music.

J: No, no.

James made no with his little finger.

Natasha: What?? Mom can not sing?

J: No.

James made negative with his head.

J: Head and toes, head and toes...

James sang alone and kept pointing only at the head and shoulders. Natasha smiled while watching and then turned her attention to the tablet.

Steve: Nat, I brought your coffee to go.

Steve commented when leaving the kitchen and entering the reception lounge, he went to Natasha's sofa and handed her a mug with a lid.

Natasha: Thank you.

Steve: Do you want to go get something to eat? I stay here with James.

Natasha: No, I'm just going to finish this. Did you see what he is doing?

Steve looked at James and saw him singing the wrong song and putting his hand on his head and shoulder. Steve smiled and sat on the couch facing Natasha's.

Steve: Did you teach him?

Natasha: I tried at least.

Steve: James?

James looked at Steve.

J: No. No.

Natasha: Now that you've learned to say yes and no, you just want to deny everything, James.

Steve: Hey James... look ... daddy will do... head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes... and eyes and ears and mouth and nose, head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes...

J: No.

Steve: head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes... and eyes and ears and mouth and nose, head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes...

Steve danced the song and James thought it was so funny that he laughed out loud and touched his nose.

J: Noooose and head!

Steve smiled at James.

Steve: That's right.

Natasha: He could take a shower before we left.

Natasha warned.

Steve: Okay, I do that, but will we take him with us?

Natasha: I don't know.

Steve: I think Morgan will like to see him.

Natasha: So let's take him. Not least because we don't know how long this conversation is going to take and James doesn't stay with anyone for long.

Steve: So it's decided. Who is going for a ride?? Is James Grant Rogers?

Steve got up and picked James up.

Steve: Yes! It’s my boy!! Let's go for a ride! Let's meet friend Morgan...

Steve walked with James to the second floor.

Steve: Can you say Morgan? Mor-gan... say it...

Steve talked to James and after the shower, he got everything ready for their visit to Tony Stark's house.


Steve: Should we call first?

Steve asked Natasha while putting some James stuff in the suitcase, like a stroller and toys.

Natasha: That would give him time to leave the house and not see us.

Natasha replied, while waiting by the car.

Scott: Is it really that bad, guys ??

Scott asked, he had already arrived at the base and was now holding James in his lap who accepted his presence after about fifteen minutes of conversation.

Natasha: We hope not.

Steve: It's kind of unpredictable when it comes to Tony.

Steve replied after closing the suitcase and approaching Natasha and Scott.

Steve: Do you want to drive?

Natasha: No. Do you want to, Scott?

Scott: No, thanks.

Scott commented and put James in the car seat and fastened the belt to him, then boarded the car.

Steve and Natasha also boarded and then traveled more than 2 hours to Tony Stark's house.


Steve, Natasha and Scott arrived at the Tony Stark and Pepper Potts property. Tony was outside the residence with Morgan on his lap and as soon as he saw them arriving Tony already made an expression of discontent, he took a deep breath and walked to the porch of the house, he stopped and looked at the ex mission companions, then took his daughter into the house.

Morgan: Who are they, Daddy?

Morgan asked, curious.

Tony: What do you mean who they are? They are beggars... or Jehovah's witnesses.

Morgan: What is that??

Morgan laughed.

Pepper: Who, my love?

Tony: Nobody!

Tony replied in place of Morgan.

Morgan: Captain America and the Black Widow are out there.

Morgan told the truth.

Tony: Did you know who they were all this time and you still asked me, Morgan??

Morgan smiled, lifting her shoulders.

Tony: And how do you know that? I didn't teach you about Captain America and Black Widow...

Morgan forced to go down from Tony’s lap and tried to go outside, but Tony stopped her.

Tony: You are not going outside now, I need to talk to those people and... your mom was asking you to eat.

Pepper: Come here, my love...

Pepper called Morgan and she ran to her mother.

Pepper: Go wash your hands and then come down to lunch. Oay?

Morgan: Okay, mommy!

Morgan ran up the stairs and Pepper looked at Tony.

Tony: Honey, can you go over there and say I'm not home?

Pepper: They already saw you, Tony.

Tony: Yeah. It is true.

Pepper: They have something to say, that's why they came.

Tony: I'm not interested.

Pepper: But you will hear what your friends have to say.

Pepper passed Tony and went to the balcony, she gave a big smile when she saw Steve and Natasha, mainly because she saw James, who was standing and holding Natasha's hand.

Pepper: Steve! Natasha! Good to see you! Scott, isn't it?

Scott: That's right.

Pepper: I thought you had gone in the Snap...

Scott: Oh, I know, everybody thought that but I didn't disappear on the day of the Snap... long story, tho...

Pepper: Oh!

Pepper looked back at James.

Pepper: Hey! James?? Oh, my God! What a slouch godmother I am! You look so great!

Pepper commented and Tony appeared behind her on the porch.

Pepper walked over to James and he immediately hugged Natasha's legs and tried to climb her.

J: Mommy.

Natasha: James it's okay...

Pepper picked James up and he struggled and threatened to cry, he held out his arms to Natasha.

Natasha: This is Pepper, James. It’s okay.

Pepper: Awn, James... all right, look... do you want to see Morgan?

James totally ignored Pepper and as Natasha did not save him, he appealed to his father.

J: Daddy!

Steve took two steps to pick James but Tony approached him first.

Tony: Hey.

James looked at Tony.

Tony: Look at this...

Tony showed off Iron Man's mechanical hand but it was a toy that Morgan was using.

Tony: Do you want this?? Come with me.

Steve: He's not going with you, Tony.

Steve tried to alert and was silent when James agreed to go to Tony's lap and without crying.

Tony: Sorry, What?? What did you say? I didn't hear you...

Tony mocked Steve.

Tony: He adores me.

Tony commented and then went to the porch with James on his lap.

Tony: James you are more than welcome to my home. I'll show you something...

Tony took James inside.

Pepper hugged Steve and Natasha, then asked them to come in, but when they arrived on the porch, Tony warned...

Tony: Only James is welcome!!!

Steve took a deep breath and Natasha looked at Pepper who was embarrassed.

Natasha: We will wait here. We need to talk to Tony. Would you mind looking at James in the meantime?

Pepper: But of course not! I will love it. Morgan too. Did he have lunch?

Natasha: Not yet.

Pepper: So can I give it to him?

Natasha: Yes, I brought his food.

Pepper: Oh, he's going to eat my food. It's all vegan and very healthy.

Natasha nodded and Pepper entered the house.

Scott: Is this going as expected?

Natasha: Yes, it is.

Natasha commented.


Inside the house, Tony was getting along well with James, who was attentive to what Tony was showing him inside the house. Pepper shouted Morgan and she was delighted when she saw James and James was also enchanted by her.

Tony finally left the house and went out on the porch to chat with friends, even poured juice for them.

Tony heard all of Scott's explanation of his experience in the quantum world and said that he survived and Tony said that Scott was just lucky, that the chances of it all going wrong were astronomical.

Tony: Then you want to do na assault in time?

Scott: Yeah.

Steve: If we go back in time, we can steal the stones before Thanos.

Natasha: And then we can bring everyone back.

Tony chuckled softly.

Tony: Or screw things up even more.

Steve: We wouldn't do that.

Tony: Look, I have to say that I missed your optimism.

Tony said, still mocking Steve.

Scott started talking to Tony, trying to make him understand that there is a possibility of time travel and that if they did everything right it wouldn't go wrong and as Scott struggled to convey this to Tony, Natasha began to lose hope that Tony would help in their cause because he is stubborn, proud and because he is afraid of losing everything he has built, he has a complete family now. Everything represents a great risk.

Natasha was quiet and walked to the other side of the porch next to Steve, who discreetly touched her hand and released it when she turned to face Tony.

Natasha: Tony...

Tony looked at Natasha.

Natasha: I lost a son. We have to react.

Tony: You tried already. Did not work.

Tony declared and that made Natasha look away.

Scott: Tony, I know you have a lot at stake, me too. But there are people who are important to me who are gone in the Snap, as well as many others who are important to everyone and now we have the chance to reverse all that.

Scott became more exalted and began to speak with more desperation and appeal.

Scott: We can bring everyone back! We can bring your friends' son here back and you want to tell me that you don't want to try...

Tony: That's right. I don’t want to.

Tony interrupted Scott, who fell silent.

Morgan appeared and climbed onto Tony's lap.

Morgan: Mom said I to come save you.

Tony: Thank you. Im saved ...

Tony declared and then looked at the visitors.

Tony: I wish you all had come to ask me for something else. Anything else...

Tony got up and approached Steve.

Tony: I'm happy for you and Natasha. You have a wonderful son and you are taking good care of the Avengers’s basis. If it was anything else you asked me for, I would be there like when you called me to baptize James... anyway there are 6 places at the table if you want to stay for lunch.

Steve took Tony's arm and looked at him with understanding.

Steve: Look Tony, I get it. I am also happy for you and Pepper. I'm also afraid of what might happen, but this is our second chance.

Tony: I had my second chance right here, Captain...

Tony indicated that he was talking about his family and his home.

Tony: I can't risk that.

Steve nodded and Tony went inside the house.

Tony: If you are not going to talk about work, you can stay for lunch.

Tony declared and the visitors stayed on the porch.

Natasha approached Steve.

Natasha: He's scared.

Steve: And he is not wrong about that.

Scott: Okay, but so what? Do we give up?

Steve: I didn't say that.

Scott: And do we have another chance?

Steve: Yes, we need a brain bigger than his.

Scott: Bigger than his??

Steve: Yes.

Steve looked at Natasha.

Natasha: Bruce.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Scott: Wow, yes, the Hulk! Maybe it will help.

Natasha: He will.

Natasha stated with conviction.

Scott: So are we going to do that?

Natasha: Actually, Scott, we need to stay a little longer if you don't mind...

Steve: We should have said that to you before I gave you a ride. But it will take less than one hour.

Scott: Okay. Good thing the food is ready, right??

Scott, Steve and Natasha had lunch with the Starks and to Natasha and Steve's discomfort, James was very comfortable with Tony and for Tony’s disappointment Morgan was delighted with Steve.

Natasha collected all the information she needed from Pepper and now she was sure that James needed to spend more time with other children, he wouldn’t need to stay in the nursery every day but go to specific places for children of his size.


The next day, Natasha and Steve went to talk to Bruce Banner and he was in Hulk form. The meeting was in a cafeteria and they had a relaxed conversation.

As Natasha expected, Bruce was ready to help them in this endeavor, but he made it clear that he was not an expert in that area. Steve, Natasha and Scott accepted the help anyway.


In the first tests, it was very difficult because Bruce ended up bringing the wrong versions of Scott, a version of na old man, a teenager boy and even a baby came, which James saw and pointed at him smiling.

J: Baby!

James smiled pointing at baby Scott and ran towards him.

Natasha: James! No!!!

Natasha ran and grabbed James.

Steve: He should been in the pen.

Bruce: Definitely! It's not safe here for him, guys.

Natasha: Bruce, just bring Scott back. I deal with James.

Natasha declared, bringing James on her lap to next to Steve and Bruce.

Bruce brought Scott back at the right age.

Bruce: It worked!

Bruce commented excitedly.

Steve and Natasha were not happy.

Bruce: Guys? It is not what you wanted?

Steve: This is very risky. It will not work.

Scott: It already worked, people.

Natasha: This is not working.

Scott: Hey.

Natasha: We are not going to take a trip back in time when we can return as teenagers or babies. We have a son to raise, Scott. This is a very expensive price. I will not pay... not even at the risk of not recovering my unborned son.

Natasha declared and soon left the test room, carrying James with her.

Steve: I'm sorry.

Steve was sorry and went to check on Natasha and he was relieved that she realized that this way, without guarantee that they will return in the correct time, it would not be possible to make the assault in time.

Natasha was sad the rest of the day and Steve was sorry for her but he knew it would pass, and to the surprise of him and the others, the next day, Tony Stark appeared at the Avengers’ building and announced that he had the solution to their problems and he even returned Steve's shield.

Tony questioned if they would get all the Avengers back together to help with the mission and Steve said yes, then thanked his friend and took him inside the building.

Tony: My son!

Tony exclaimed as he entered the base and saw James playing with Scott to build blocks.

Tony: I mean, godson...

Tony corrected himself and went over to James while Steve went upstairs to tell Natasha the news.

Natasha: Oh my God, will he really help us?

Steve: Yes.

Natasha: We are going to have our son back, Steve!

Steve: We will.

Natasha: This is very important to me.

Steve: I know.

Steve stroked Natasha's thigh.

Steve: Tony asked to call everyone back.

Natasha: I will do that immediately. I'll call Carol, Nebula, Rocket and... anyone I can.

Steve: I'm going to call Rhodey back too. What about Clint and Thor?

Natasha: We can ask Bruce to get Thor. As for Clint... he won't be back until I speak to him, so I will have to travel.

Steve: Okay. Are you ready for this?

Natasha: No... but I will try.

Natasha stated and she asked who James was with, Steve informed her that he was with Scott and Stark, so she ended up locking the bedroom door and made love to Steve but nothing too long because James would cry for being without his parents around for so long. .


About 3 days after Tony's arrival, Natasha went to Tokyo and took less than 24 hours to find Clint’s location. Where there was a trail of blood, there were traces of Clint Barton's signature.

Natasha found him on the street, facing an opponent who used a katana to defend himself. Clint won the fight easily, the way she knows he is capable and without giving a chance for defense.

It was raining that night and even on his back, Clint knew who the woman who watched the whole fight was.

Clint removed his mask and looked to the side, then spoke.

Clint: You should not be here.

Natasha: And neither do you.