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Endgame Romanogers Fanfic

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Clint: Did you come here to get revenge at last?

Natasha frowned slightly at the question.

Natasha: I never intended that... even tho because my son is alive and well.

Clint went silent and Natasha moved closer to him.

Natasha: He sleeps in the crib you made for him. Every day, but not every night.

Clint looked at Natasha.

Natasha: Sometimes he just wants to sleep in my bed, with Steve and me.

Natasha commented and Clint followed in silence, she just wanted to break the tense atmosphere between them, make him understand that there are no hurts and resentments, nor demands.

Natasha: Usually when he or me spend the night out, he sleeps in our bed, so tonight I'm sure he will sleep with his father.

Natasha followed.

Natasha: I don't like being away from him. Especially at night. I never stayed more than two nights away and when I come back, it seems like I lost years of his life.

Natasha sighed.

Natasha: He manages to be hurt and upset by some small things, he has Steve's way of dealing things. He's very calm, tho but also very smart... he learns new things every day. Silly things that kids really have to learn but I'm so sorry when I'm not around to see that moment.

Natasha noticed that the conversation has already had an effect on Clint, who was previously aggressive and on the defensive, she broke the ice, he is more relaxed now.

Natasha: Every second is so precious.

Clint: I know how it is.

Natasha: Yes, you know. You went through that like 3 times. Cooper... Lila... Nathaniel...

Natasha almost whispered and realized that Clint dismounted when he heard the names of his children, he lowered his head.

Natasha felt a pain in her heart when she saw Clint's suffering look, because now she can put herself in his shoes and imagine what it's like to lose a child. It would be unbearable for her to lose James, and it is being unbearable for Clint to have lost three children. It is a lot of pain, a lot of mourning, a lot of anger and she left her friend alone facing this pain for a long time. She shouldn’t have done that and she regrets it very much.

Natasha took Clint's hand.

Natasha: It isn't fair, Clint.

Clint took Natasha's hand and took a deep breath, holding back the tears.

Natasha: They were very young and very special. I'm sorry I didn't come earlier. I was hurt but right after James was born, I was embarrassed. You would never hurt me...

Natasha declared and Clint looked her in the eye again.

Natasha: I know you love me. And I... I love you, Barton.

Both Clint and Natasha were moved and let those emotions come to the tears that streamed down their faces. Natasha rested her forehead on Clint's forehead and looked at him closely.

Natasha: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I wasn't here for you earlier.

Clint made negative with his head, still unable to express himself verbally.

Natasha: But I came to bring you good news.

Clint was indifferent.

Natasha: There is a new chance...

Natasha was silente for a few seconds.

Natasha: Scott Lang... the Ant Man, he appeared at the Avengers’ facility.

Clint now showed surprise and shock.

Natasha: He didn't disappear on the day of the Snap, he was stuck in a kind of... another dimension.

Clint frowned.

Natasha: Sorry, that's how I can best describe to you. He will explain it to you later. What happens is that we can undo what Thanos did.

Clint showed even more surprise now.

Natasha: It's a time machine... it allows us to travel through time and the idea is to go back and get the stones before Thanos. It's crazy, I know but I saw it with my own eyes. Scott traveled back in time.

Clint: Don't give me false hopes, Natasha.

Clint finally said.

Natasha: Sorry... I wanted to give you this earlier. I need you. We all need you for this to work. Come back with me.

Clint sighed and Natasha thought she would have to push hard to convince Clint, but he surprised her.

Clint: If we go now, James will only need to stay one night without you.

Clint commented and Natasha gave a half smile, she hugged Clint tightly and then they took care of their return home.


Steve: Okay, Okay, James. I am here. Calm down...

Steve said as he approached James' crib, and he was crying a lot, sitting in the crib.

Steve: What is it? Why did you wake up?

James scratched his hair and rubbed his face hard, still crying.

James: Mommy...

Steve picked James up.

Steve: Hush... let's see if she sees us now.

Steve commented and called Natasha's cell phone, but it was out of the area and the video call she didn't answer either.

Steve: She is not answering. She must be busy.

James: Mommy, want mommy.

Steve: I know, James. I want her too. She is taking too long, right?

James nodded but continued to cry.

Steve: Shall we watch some cartoons? What do you think?

Steve turned on the bedroom TV and took James to bed with him, then put it on the cartoon channel and James stopped crying a little for paying attention to TV.

Steve: PJ Masks is their name, right? What they do? Huh?

Steve asked James but he was just paying attention to the cartoon.

Steve: So you like this one.

Steve lay down on the bed and James sat watching TV. Steve was patting James on the back to see if it brought his sleep back.

James was calm until the commercial break, he yawned and started mumbling again.

James: Mommy...

James called again and Steve sat on the bed.

Steve: Don't cry, son, how about a bottle? Do you want a bottle?

Steve took James on his lap and left the room with him, he took him to the mini kitchen on the same floor of the bedroom and prepared a warm bottle for him. James held the bottle and then lay down in Steve's arms, wanting to take the bottle lying down.

Steve settled James on his lap the way he wanted and decided to take a walk around the base so he could fall asleep with the movement.

As Steve walked, James stared at him. Steve looked at James and James frowned but Steve smiled at him anyway.

Steve: It's not Mommy's face, is it?

Steve commented in a good mood.

Steve: I wouldn't like to see myself in the middle of the night too.

When Steve came down the stairs, he saw Tony Stark sitting on the lounge sofa. Despite his back to the stairs, Tony noticed Steve's presence, looked at him briefly and then looked at the cell phone in his hand.

Tony: So that's it, my love. Give Morgan a kiss for me, okay?

Pepper: I will, baby. I miss you but do your job, then come back to us.

Tony: I miss you too. Love you.

Pepper: We love you too.

Pepper smiled and ended the call. Tony left his cell phone on the sofa and crossed his arms, he looked at Steve who approached him.

Steve: Can't you sleep?

Tony shrugged.

Tony: A lot stuff in my head.

Steve: I imagine. I'm glad you're here, Tony.

Tony: Yeah, yeah, yeah... we've had this conversation before... you don't need to thank me anymore, I'm here with my heart.

Tony looked at James.

Tony: He can't sleep too, right?

Steve: He’s missing Natasha...

Steve explained.

Steve: Sometimes when he wakes up and just sees me, he seems to be disappointed that it isn't her.

Tony: Oh, that is totally understandable. I would also prefer to see Natasha than your face.

Steve sat on the couch facing Tony's.

Tony: Don't feel bad about it. When Morgan was younger, she didn't want to hang with me, but now we are like nail and flesh.

Tony said to comfort Steve.

Tony: You are a good father. I knew you would be.

Steve smiled and nodded.

Steve: Thank you, Tony. You too.

Tony: I have doubts about that. I should be at home with my daughter and my wife, but I'm here.

Steve opened his mouth to speak but Tony gestured to him to wait.

Tony: You don't even have to spend your motivational speeches, I already know and I have already considered the need to be here and I am still here.

Tony justified.

Tony: But I always think it could be a mistake.

Steve: I think about that too.

Tony: We can lose everything. We didn't have much after the snap and now we're going to put the little we have at risk.

Steve: I talked it over with Natasha, I'm also scared, Tony. Because...

Steve sighed.

Steve: I don't want to ruin anything. Nothing that we have managed to build so far. And I'm only willing to do that because from what you said... what we do in time travel, it won't change what we have here now. This is what motivates and consoles me. James will be here anyway. Morgan and Pepper will be here. Their future is guaranteed.

Tony sighed.

Steve: Our futures is what will be at risk now.

Tony: So... you and Natasha... are going to choose which of you two will go on this mission?

Steve: The two will go.

Tony: But what if something happens... what about James?

Tony asked and Steve frowned, he was taken by surprise by the question, he looked at James who finally fell asleep and kept thinking about Tony's question, he didn't know how to answer because he hadn't stopped to think about it and this is something to be debated with Natasha when she comes back.


Natasha and Clint Barton arrived at the base the next day, towards the end of the afternoon.

Steve was waiting for the two of them at the building’s access door with James on his lap, as Natasha had sent a message that she was about to arrive.

Steve noticed the car that was stopping right in front of him.

Steve swung James up and down slightly and pointed it at the car.

Steve: Look, it's mommy!

James was uncomfortable with the brightness of the day, he was frowning and turned his face to look over Steve's shoulder.

The car stopped and finally Natasha got out of the car, wearing sunglasses, she pulled it out and looked at Steve and James, which made her smile at both of them immediately.

Steve: Welcome back!

Steve smiled when he saw Natasha approaching, he crouched down a bit and received a kiss from Natasha, they looked into each other's eyes briefly and then Natasha poked James in belly.

Natasha: Why are you hiding from me? James??

James turned his face to see Natasha, he smiled and she tried to pick him up, but he hugged Steve's shirt, refusing to leave his lap.

Steve: Go with mommy, James.

Steve placed James on Natasha's lap, but strangely he grunted and stretched back to Steve, who picked him up again.

Steve: It’s mommy, James. Weren’t you crying just now and last night for her?

Natasha had to go after Steve to see James' face and he was serious and his eyes were a little red, confirming that he was crying just before she arrived.

Natasha: What is it, James?

Natasha whispered to him.

Natasha: Are you upset with me for leaving you for a whole day?

James said nothing, he just looked at Natasha.

Natasha: I'm sorry I spent the day and night out, you're totally right to be hurt, but I want you to know that I missed you all the time. I love you so much, like so much that I never want to be away from you again.

Natasha said looking into James' small blue eyes and soothingly, she also stroked his hair, which made James lay his head on Steve's shoulder.

Natasha: Look who I brought with me...

Clint approached as he got out of the car.

Clint: Steve!

Steve: Barton!

Steve smiled and nodded to greet his friend.

Clint: So this is the one... James! The blessed fruit!

Steve nodded, showing pride, he had to turn around so Clint could see James' face.

Clint: Hi! Oh, he is very cute! Hi, James!

Clint waved from a distance and James didn't smile but he didn't reject him either, because Clint respected his individual space. Usually people go out and put their hand on him or hold him and he doesn't like it.

Natasha: He's a little bit shy.

Natasha explained and James finally reached out to ask for her lap.

Natasha: Oh, so are we okay now? How nice.

Natasha took James in her arms and kissed his face for long seconds, then sniffed his neck for a long time which made James laugh and squirm.

Natasha: Were you charming me, James?

Steve: Let's go in. Thor arrived too.

Natasha: Did he come? Great! Any news from Carol?

Steve: No. None.

Steve, Natasha and Clint entered the building talking, they met Thor and were amazed to see his condition.

Natasha: So, how are things here?

Steve: Everyone is working on building the machine that will take everyone on this time travel. Even the new employees.

Clint: I'm glad we already have something to do, I'll leave things in my room and I'll help too.

Natasha: I will go too.

Steve: Nat, I wanted to talk to you. Alone.

Clint: See you later, guys.

Clint waved goodbye and hurried up to the second floor.

Natasha: Talk to me?

Steve: Yes, can we go to our bedroom?

Natasha: Uhm...

Natasha narrowed her eyes.

Natasha: To talk to me?

Steve: Yeah.

Natasha: Talk? Is that how you call it now??

Natasha raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Steve: That's not what I'm talking about.

Natasha: No?? What a pity.

Natasha took a deep breath.

Natasha: I was in need of that.

Steve: Really, Nat...

Natasha: Okay... let's go then.

Natasha and Steve went to the bedroom, on the second floor. Natasha put James on the floor and turned on the TV on a cartoon channel, but what he wanted to do was play with the toys he had spread around the room.

Natasha: So...

Natasha said and took off her shirt, walking towards the bathroom. Steve followed her there and leaned against the doorjamb, while Natasha started unbuttoning her jeans.

Natasha: What is it?

Steve: It's about time travel that we will be doing in a few days.

Natasha: What about it?

Steve: Have you ever stopped to think that we will leave James without the two of us here?

Natasha took off her pants and panties, she looked at Steve and shrugged.

Natasha: We will call the nanny.

Natasha said calmly, she took off her bra and Steve did not avoid looking at her breasts, he accompanied them to the shower box, where Natasha entered and started taking a shower.

Natasha: It will be about 1 hour that we will be out, according to Tony's estimate.

Steve: Yes...

Natasha: So for him, it won't be long away from us.

Steve: I know, but... for example, Tony will go with us.

Natasha: Yeah.

Natasha put her face under the water.

Steve: But Pepper will stay here.

Natasha: Yes...?

Steve: Because of Morgan...

Natasha: Yeah...

Steve: So if something happens to Tony, Morgan will still have Pepper here.

Natasha looked at Steve.

Natasha: What are you asking me for? To stay with the kids and take care of the house, while you go out to work???

Natasha raised her eyebrow.

Natasha: And you want the food to be ready and served on the table when you get home??

Steve took a deep breath and made negative with his head.

Steve: I knew you would react like this.

Natasha did not answer.

Steve: I'm not saying who among us should stay, I'm saying that one of us should stay with James. We don't know what can happen when we travel through time. If something doesn't go as planned, James could be without his parents. And we are his only family.

Natasha was quiet, while soaping herself, she was reflecting on it but didn't show it.

Steve: It would be very selfish of us not to think about him. We have to keep that in mind. I don't want him to be alone.

Natasha: I don't want that either, Steve.

Steve: So what are we going to do??

Natasha: Tony said exactly what each one should do. We can't just bailed out with the team after we insist so much. There's not much left of us, Steve. How are we going to embezzle the team now?

Steve: I don't know.

Natasha: I'm also thinking about James and I know that we will be very careful to get back to him. So let's make a security pact... let's go back to James. We cannot leave him alone. We will not fail.

Steve still looked very worried and a little distressed, he looked down at the floor and sighed, then he nodded.

Steve: We will not fail.

Natasha: Hey...

Natasha called Steve and he looked her in the eye again.

Natasha: I trust you completely. Trust yourself too.

Steve sighed again, he looked at James who was biting a teddy bear and watching the television, he took advantage that he was quiet and behaved and went inside the bathroom, he opened the door of the stall and Natasha approached him.

Natasha: This will work.

Steve: You said that before.

Natasha: I know. But it's different now. Don't you feel it?

Steve: Strangely I do but I'm not sure if it makes me happy or not.

Natasha: You are afraid... I understand. The biggest risk is that... it won't work, and if it doesn't work, we will come back and be as we are. And then I would never try again.

Steve: You would have to contente yourself with me and James.

Natasha gave a small smile.

Natasha: I love my boys.

Steve smiled back and Natasha stood on tiptoe, stretching her face towards Steve, asking him for a kiss. Steve kissed Natasha slowly and lovingly, he just didn't participate in that bath with her because James was awake and in the room.

Steve and Natasha didn't make love at that time but they did later at night after James fell asleep, they woke up making love again and every time they had the opportunity during the day, between breaks, they did too.

On one of their escapades to make love, when they were returning they went to the lounge to get James back who had stayed with Clint, but neither of them were there.

Scott came by eating a sandwich, he was leaving the cafeteria.

Scott: What's up, guys? Do you want some?

Natasha: No.

Steve: Thank you.

Natasha: Did you see Clint?

Scott: I did. He is in the bathroom now. He ate a strong pepper that Thor gave him and it didn't go well. Don't go near the bathroom here in the lounge by the way.

Scott commented with his mouth full.

Natasha frowned.

Steve: And is James with him??

Scott: Of course not! He left James with me.

Scott replied and bit another big piece of the sandwich.

Steve: Okay, but then where is he?

Scott: He who??

Natasha: My son, Scott!

Scott: Oh yeah, right, he was with me, but Tony got him.

Natasha: Tony???

Scott: Yep.

Steve: And where did Tony take James?

Scott shrugged.

Scott: Probably at the time machine's test lab, he works on it almost 24 hours a day.

Steve and Natasha went pale.

Scott: He's with Tony, guys. Chill ot!

Steve: In the lab!!!

Steve and Natasha hurried to go after James, they found him in the testing room of time machine, in Tony Stark's lap, while he typed data on the virtual keyboard of the machinery.

Tony was talking to James and James was very attentive to him but Steve and Natasha couldn't tell what they were talking about.

Natasha: James!

Steve: Tony !!

Natasha ran over to Tony and picked James up.

Steve: I can't believe you brought James here.

Tony: Uh, I was doing you two a favor so you can fornicate.

Steve: We left him with Clint.

Tony: He had an emergency. Am I not reliable?

Natasha: You are, Tony, but not in this place. James almost got into the machine the last time he was here.

Steve: You should know that it is not safe for a child. Do you leave Morgan close to your experiments at home?

Tony: I do. She even participates.

Steve: Too much lack of responsibility!

Tony: I am her father. But anyway, you are right... you are the parents, I shouldn't have brought him here even though I didn't know it was forbidden. My bad.

Steve: Thanks for understanding!

Natasha: He needs to take a bottle now.

Natasha declared and already started walking towards the exit.

Steve: I will go with you.

Steve followed Natasha.

Steve: Say goodbye to Tony, James.

James waved to Tony who waved back, smiling.

James: Bye, dad.

Tony: Bye, son.

Steve and Natasha stopped walking and looked at Tony at the same time.

Steve: Did you teach my son to call you ‘dad’?

Tony: What? Me? Never!!!

Tony smiled and blinked.

Steve was about to come back and argue with Tony about it but Natasha took his arm and said it wasn't worth it and explained that for James it's just a joke, that he knows who his real father is.


While Natasha was preparing James's milk, she looked at Steve.

Natasha: You were right.

Steve was playing hide and seek with James, he looked at Natasha.

Natasha: We cannot create James here in this place. Here is where we work and not a home. What happened today, it happened before, we left James with someone, who gave him to someone else and we had to look for him through all the building and this place is huge.

Natasha said and went over to the table, where James was sitting.

Natasha: Thank God everyone takes good care of him and it is not because I don’t trust them to be with him but James needs a house, a real home and not so big, but it’s his own space. Only our space. You know?

Steve became more attentive.

Natasha: We should live together, out of here.

Steve nodded in agreement.

Natasha: And I think... that... uhm... maybe we could get married.

Steve raised his eyebrows, very surprised.

Natasha: Not at a church, tho... I don't want anything like... to call a lot of atention.

Steve: Me neither.

Natasha: But I want to marry you. I want to have your name.

Steve was still very surprised and he smiled at Natasha.

Natasha: So... let's go on this last adventure with the Avengers and then when we get back, we'll find a house and... we'll get married and live only for ourselves.

Steve: If we succeed in this mission...

Natasha: We will succeed.

Steve: So I won't be coming back to work here anymore. I got tired... and I want to retire.

Natasha: Do you want me to abandon that too?

Steve: No, I'm talking about me. I will stay at home, you do what you want.

Natasha smiled.

Natasha: I like it when you say things like that, it makes me want to be naked.

Steve laughed softly and made negative with his head.

Steve: You had to ruin the romantic moment.

Natasha started to laugh softly and kissed Steve's face who looked her in the eye and stole a kiss from her.


Three more weeks gone by and the time machine was ready for the first test. Scott was chosen for the test because he had been there before but he went into an anxiety crisis because he knew the effects of this trip and Clint ended up offering to be tested on his place.

Steve and Natasha had already talked about the question of James being alone without the two and they agreed to wait for the machine test to decide whether the two would go or if only one of them would go on this time travel.

Fortunately Clint's test worked great with the device that Tony created to travel using a kind of GPS. Study meetings were held to study the Infinity stones and their actions, as well the debate about the destination of each one of them.

Today, they were deciding the mission of each one and who would pick which stone and where.

Thor gave a long and confused speech about the red stone and he ended up talking more about Jane, his ex girlfriend than about the stone so Tony cut him off and gave Rocket a turn to talk about the purple stone. Nebula talked about the yellow stone and that Thanos found it in Vormir, which caught Natasha's curiosity, who wrote down details about everything that was said.

Natasha: What is Vormir?

Nebula: A place dominated by death. It is at the center of heavenly existence. It was there that Thanos killed my sister. Gamora.

An uncomfortable silence formed in the room. Nebula seemed thrilled to report about her sister's death and the way she narrated, made the place sound like something very negatively charged.

Scott was the first to break the silence after Nebula's declaration.

Scott: Ouch, I don't want that one.

The meeting followed and they talked about the green stone, which was kept by Doctor Strange.

Natasha asked about the doctor and his specialty. Tony and Hulk talked about his house and Natasha drew their attention to the fact of having three stones in New York at the same time, in a certain period.

So they determined that the blue, yellow and green stones was in New York and should be recovered together. The red was in Asgard, the purple in Morag and the orange in Vormir.

It was easy to decide who was going to get the red one, it would be Thor for knowing Asgard well.

Tony: Who will accompany Thor?

Thor: No one needs to accompany me.

Natasha: Someone needs to accompany Thor!

Rocket: Okay, I accompany the big guy here. He reminds me of Groot. I'll take care of him.

Rocket volunteered.

Steve: Okay, so in New York, we have three, so I suggest you go with me, Natasha and Tony.

Rocket: Who's going to Vormir?

No one volunteered at first, but then Clint volunteered.

Rocket: Oh, alone? Are you sure?

Scott: Go with God! I’m not going there.

Natasha: I don't think Clint should go alone in a place like this.

Steve looked at Natasha and she looked at him, making negative with her head.

Natasha: I don't want him to go alone.

Steve: And I don't want to go without you.

Natasha: Steve...

Natasha pulled Steve in a corner of the room, while the others decided who would get what.

Steve: Why do you have to go with Clint??

Natasha: Because he is my friend, I am indebted to him and you saw him... he is not being himself... he is suffering and I feel that he needs me now.

Steve: I need you, too. We made a pact.

Natasha: Yes, but going with Clint doesn't change that. We will still have extra care to get back to James.

Steve: I was planning to do everything to make you safe.

Natasha sighed and then put her hand on Steve's face and made him bend over to give him a kiss.

Natasha: Thank you...

Natasha whispered and looked Steve in the eye closely.

Natasha: I can do this alone. Do not worry about. It will be all right.

Steve: Is that your final decision?

Natasha: Yes. I will go with Clint.

Steve did not like Natasha's decision, he is a little jealous, despite the concern, Natasha has been too protective and caring for Clint since he arrived in America. Steve knows it is not a love relationship, but he knows that he and Natasha have too strong ties an even though they are friends, it seems that what they both have is stronger than what he and Natasha have, but he never got to verbalize this jealousy and discomfort for her.


The big day came, each team was defined and now gathered in the circle of the time machine. It was pointed out that there was only one chance to do this mission.

Pepper Potts went with Morgan to the Avengers’s building so she could take care of James for Steve and Natasha.

James didn't want to be with Pepper, he didn't know her very well and cried as soon as he was placed in her lap.

Pepper: Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Pepper tried to tranquilize Steve and Natasha.

Natasha: James... James... listen to mommy, it's Okay baby, I'll be right back for you, it will be so quick that you won't even notice that I left.

Natasha tried to calm him down but James was more desperate to try to get to her lap.

Steve: We better go.

Tony: Yes, guys. Move! Do not worry. The time here will be just a minute.

Tony remembered and that comforted Steve and Natasha who got on the machine and stood next to each other.

Bruce: Everyone ready?

Bruce was close to the activation keyboard.

Steve: Are you ready?

Steve whispered to Natasha who smiled and nodded. Steve leaned over to kiss Natasha but Natasha shook her head.

Natasha: I'll see you in a minute...

Natasha declared.

Natasha: And then you can kiss me...

Steve smiled and nodded. Bruce activated the machine and then positioned himself, soon the machine started up and launched everyone in a time tunnel.

Everyone's mission is unfolding, everyone knows it, especially that moment when Natasha and Clint arrive at Vormir and the Red Skull informs them what it takes to have the soul stone.

Natasha and Clint needed time to decide what to do. Each sat in a corner and were weighing the pros and cons.

All Natasha could think about was James and the pact she made with Steve, she couldn't leave her son alone, but how would she kill herself in Clint's place?? And the children of Clint? Who has more to lose?

Natasha kept thinking about it and in all the accounts she did, the only possible choice of sacrifice was her. She trusts Steve, she knows that he will go home, she has no doubts about it and she has no doubts that Steve would make up for her absence in James' life, he is a good father.

Maybe James will forget me... Natasha thought about it and started to cry right away. I don't want him to forget me. Natasha thought and closed her eyes. And my first child... as for you... I don't think we will ever meet again... and if I won't leave, neither will you, but I tried it for you and everyone else. Everything was worth it.

Natasha: Whatever it takes.

Natasha whispered spontaneously and to herself.

Natasha and Clint have a set time to stay in that place, they needed to decide who would sacrifice so Clint went to Natasha.

Clint: Whatever it takes...

Natasha was startled by Clint's voice, she got up and approached him. What ideas is he having? Probably the same as her. It won't be you, Barton.

Clint: We both know what will happen.

Natasha nodded and Clint took her hand. Natasha put her hand over Clint's and he frowned slightly.

Clint: I think we are talking about different people here.

Natasha: In those five years, all I did was to get to this moment...

Clint: Don't talk to me about heroism.

Natasha: I'm trying to save your life, you idiot.

Clint: And I want you to do that?? Natasha, you know what I've been doing these past years... I deserve it.

Natasha: I don't judge anyone for their mistakes.

Clint: But you should.

Natasha: You never judged me...

Clint: You are very stubborn, you know?

Natasha only made positive with her head, her eyes were fragile and moved. Clint was also thrilled but he seemed more determined, he was not going to let Natasha kill herself in his place.

The two put their foreheads together and took a deep breath, enjoying the last moments together.

Natasha: I have one last request.

Clint was silent.

Natasha: Tell Steve that... I am sorry for breaking the pact, ask him to forgive me and when James grows up, tell him... that I'm sorry too, that I never loved anyone in my life as I love him.

Clint lifted Natasha's forehead.

Clint: Say it yourself, for him...

Clint declared and then immediately struck Natasha with a blow that made her fall to the ground. He immobilized her and looked at her again.

Clint: Tell my family that I love them.

Natasha escaped Clint's blow and counterattacked him, throwing him to the ground and threatening him with her 'widow's bite'.

Natasha: Why don't you say that to them yourself?

Natasha fired at Clint, which shocked his body, she ran towards the abyss and Clint ignored the pain he was feeling to remove the shock disc and get up fast to shoot an explosive arrow near where Natasha went, which threw her away and hurt her.

Natasha was distressed to see Clint run and launch himself into the abyss and Clint was certain of his success in killing himself but Natasha still had one last trick... she ran and launched herself right after him, she grabbed his body and used her rope of steel to attach to the top of the cliff, she tied the other end of the rope to Clint's uniform and she would have thrown herself right afterwards but Clint grabbed her wrist.

Clint tried to hold Natasha in every possible way, he would not let her go but she was letting herself slip by his hand.

Natasha: Let me go.

Clint: No.

Natasha looked at him as calmly as she could.

Natasha: I'm okay.

Clint: Please... Tasha.

Clint said, quite moved.

Natasha: It's okay... just tell James... I love him.

Natasha declared and realizing Clint's resistance to letting her go, she took action, using her feet to propel her body back and automatically let go of Clint.

Watching Natasha's body fall off the cliff was the worst scene Clint had ever seen, he was terrified and heartbroken and was emotionally destroyed when he saw her body smashed against the ground.


At the base of the Avengers, in the testing hall, Pepper Potts was waiting for the return of the Avengers, she was with James on her lap, who was still crying. Morgan was using the stroller of James as a skateboard, pushing it back and forth.

Pepper: Stay calm, James. It's okay... look...

Pepper saw the machine making a sound.

Pepper: They are already coming back!

Pepper smiled and she was very anxious and worried, she was afraid something was going to go wrong but she was relieved when everyone finally returned. Well... everyone, except for Natasha.

The Avengers looked at each other and then looked at Clint, who fell on his knees. His face didn't look good.

Bruce and Steve looked at him with concern, especially since Natasha was not with him.

Steve: Clint? Where's Natasha??