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Chapter one

Business as usual


“AGH!” Divia screams, waking up from her nightmare. She quickly looks around her dorm room with her grass green eyes. “Oh… it was just a dream.”

She gets out of bed and gets dressed in her casual red clothing. She puts on her dark red short shorts and her vibrant red crop top. She wanders over to the mirror and puts her long blonde hair in two ponytails. This does not, however, stop one lock of hair from constantly getting in her face. She sighs, and starts to put on makeup.

Once she has her ruby red lipstick and Sparkly red eyeshadow on, she puts on her favorite pair of Scarlet 6 inch heels. She gets her school bag and steps out of her dorm.

Out on the couch, her bestie Gracie was waiting for her.

“Good morning Divia!” She says, happy, “Are you ready for a new school day? I baked cookies for you!”

“Thanks Gracie.” Divia says, biting into one of the sugar cookies that Gracie made. Gracie was a natural baker, being the fairy of sweets. “MMMM! Is this mint?”

“It’s a special magic cookie. It replicates your favorite flavor!”

“It did a good job! You are amazing!”

“Thanks” Gracie says, blushing. 

“Did I hear cookies?” Says a voice from another dorm.  It was Jesta, the fairy of pranks. “I must try one!”

Jesta grabs around at thin air until finally locating the plate. “Ah! Here it is!”

Jesta was born without eyes. Where they should be, were two White holes. Her face was half red and half black, with golden details. She had this magical amulet around her neck that allowed her echolocation and tracking powers.

“Save some for me!” Said a small voice in a rap beat. Divia groaned. It was Treble, fairy of rap.

“This tastes like mango” she says, smiling. “I can’t wait to tell my mom about you. This semester, my mom will be teaching third years!”

“I don’t understand how a failure like you managed to become a third year” said another fairy. It was autumn, fairy of summer. “You haven’t even gotten your charmix yet, and we are halfway through 3rd year.”

“Ugh shut up autumn!” Treble says, trying to punch the rude fairy.

“GUYS CALM DOWN!” Divia yelled. “As a princess, I can’t be around such negativity. We need to head to breakfast anyways. Come on guys!”

The 5 girls walk down to breakfast, chatting about the classes. They get their food and sit down.

“So… how was last night, Gracie?” Divia asks, trying to hold back giggles. “Was Raven a good match?”

“I told you,” Gracie says, shoveling food into her mouth, “That he mphlmph”

“He what?” Jesta says, looking in the wrong direction.

Gracie swallows her food and is just about to answer when a fairy runs into the cafeteria and sits down next to Gracie.

“Sorry I’m late” he says, trying to catch his breath. “I was… Busy…”

“AMORAN!” Jesta yells, getting up to hug him. “Where were you last night?”

“Talking with a specialist from red fountain who was interested in joining my cause” Amoran responded, shyly.

Amoran was one of the few male fairies at alfea. He was a special case of dragon flame damage. Dragon flame damage is when a male is born with too much dragon flame that eventually manifests itself as fairy power. He was by far the most attractive male on magix and was the reason that So many specialists spontaneously became bisexual. He didn’t live in dorm section 7, but would constantly come over to talk with Jesta so much he pretty much did.

“Did he decide to join?” treble asked, curious.

“He hasn't decided yet.” amoran responded. “I’m still trying to convince that couple from last week as well. Hopefully they join. I need more members.”

“Yeah. Hey, have you seen my cool new necklace from Poplar?” Divia asks Autumn. “This gem was forged from the magma of the Gala Volcano. It’s really rare.”

“It’s just a glorified rock, Divia. Your power of popularity won’t make the stone any more valuable.” Autumn Gets up and puts her breakfast plate away.

The rest of the meal was uneventful, at least in divia’s opinion. Jesta cracked some dumb jokes that only she laughed at. By the time the bell rang, Divia was bored.

“AHHHH!” Gracie yells, not prepared for the sudden and loud noise. She jumps up and quickly puts her dirty things away. “Gottogoicantmissclassbye!”

Treble, jesta, and Amoran all left quickly as well, not even bothering to put their dirty things away. As divia leaves the Cafeteria, Autumn stays behind to put the other’s stuff away.

Divia runs to her first class of the semester, worrying about what the teachers will think of her. I already know Bloom will hate me, she thinks, rushing past some first-years. I’m not sure about the other 4…

She Gets to the classroom door with the pink sparkly sign labeled “Winx” in bright  Green letters. Of course its glitter, she thinks, catching her breath. Bloom always was a show-off.

The door swings open, revealing the modest classroom inside. There, she sees 6 chairs on one side, and 12 chairs on the other. 10 of the 12 chairs are occupied by various fairies. The 6 fairies on the other side are the Winx club. From left to right she saw Bloom, Flora, Stella, Aisha, Musa and Tecna.

“Come in! Come in!” Said flora, looking at Divia. “Take a seat, we are just about to get started. Tecna, please take attendance.”

Divia sits down in one of the empty chairs. Her classmates names get called, one by one.


“We both no she’s here, tecna” says bloom in a toxic voice. “Her Bitch of a mother-”

“LANGUAGE” yells Flora, trying to cover bloom’s mouth with her hands. Bloom shakes her off and stands up.

“No!” Bloom says, glaring at Divia. “Her mother is that no good, Disgusting, Piece of Crap that deserves-”

“-A loving husband and a good life?” Divia says, standing up. She hated people talking crap about her mom. “Oh, I’m sorry she was ENGAGED TO SKY BEFORE YOU TWO MET. I’m sorry she TRIED TO TALK SENSE INTO HIM. is any of that my fault? No. So stop screaming about my mom and move on.”

“Divia, Bloom, please-” Aisha tries  to warn, but to no avail.

You dare to talk back to me, the Guardian of the dragonflame and queen of eraklyon? ILL SHOW YOU! BLOOM-”


Everyone goes silent, staring at the fairy who just swore. It was flora.

“We. Are. Here. To. TEACH!” She says,, pushing bloom back into her seat. “Now leave the poor kid alone, or leave us all alone.”

“Fine. I’ll just leave.” Bloom stands up again and heads out the door, flipping Divia off before shutting it.

“Very sorry about that, class” says Stella, sheepishly. “Bloom usually isn’t this hostile. Now, today’s lesson was supposed to be about the dragonflame, but since bloom left, it will be about solaria! Now, solaria has one of, if not the brightest stars in the entire magix dimension…”

Stella drones on and on about Solaria, and how she was queen, and how monarchies worked, blah blah blah. It was all boring to Divia. She was just about to fall asleep when the bell for the next class rang.

“That’s all the time we have for today!” Stella said, beaming. “If you want to look good, I also have-” but Divia had already left the room.

Divia walks towards her next class, Potions, hoping that it would be at least a little more interesting.