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Chapter 12

Alluring tale


“...and that’s when I slapped him in the face” Gracie says to Divia and treble while they chill in the common room waiting for autumn to return. “That Raven was a nasty piece of work. I do feel bad for him, what with his father and all…”

“Don’t,” treble says, a slight chuckle in her voice. “You aren’t your parents. You don’t need to always walk in their footsteps. If you do, however, be prepared to trip in the same places.”

“You said it, girl!” Divia gives treble a high five, then directs the attention of the conversation to treble. “How has Siree been?”

“He’s been wonderful! We went out for dinner yesterday, and we kissed on the sidewalk.”

“Wait, Divia,” Gracie interrupts. “Didn’t you have an ex named Siree? Didn’t you break up with him because he kept… you know…”

“Oh yes.” Divia looks at treble and says “you’re dating my worst ex, and that’s saying something because I once went out with that burnt onion of a character Raven.” Gracie didn’t even get a chance to laugh at ‘Burnt onion’ before Divia’s tone got super serious. “Listen up. You make one wrong move with him and you’ll end up dead. Understand?”

“Is that a threat?” Treble gasps. “Are you… Threatening me?”

“It’s not a threat, it’s a warning. Now, let’s talk about something… else. How about… Siblings?”

“Don’t have em” Treble and Gracie say simultaneously.

“Cooking!” Gracie suggests.

“Songs!” Treble says.

“Anything but politics!” Divia states.

They had just started talking about how they don’t like politic when gracie gets another holomessage from her mom.

“Do you want us to-” treble starts, but Gracie waves at her to shut up and stay with her.

“Gracie?” The cold voice of Allurely says, sending a chill through the room. “Why haven’t you apologized to Raven yet?”

“I… I’ll get on that, mother… I have been… busy…”

“Busy?” The red haired lady glares at Divia and Treble. “Busy hanging around with these nobody’s? Seriously? When I sent you to this school you promised by the time you left you would be married to the man of my choice!”

“No, I promised I would find love!” Don’t cry, Gracie. She’s here. I’m safe. She can’t hurt me here… “I… Ive had enough of you!”

“Well it’s not up to you. Nothing is up to you. This is not your choice. Remember the salt? I’ll do that again if you don’t follow my instructions. Say sorry to raven. Go “the extra mile” if you must. Earn back his trust, and then you can get married and live happily together. Understand?”

“Hey that’s not-” Divia starts to state, but is shoved out of the way by Gracie. 

“Y-yes, mother. I understand,” Gracie says, defeated. The holomessage turns off and Gracie miraculously holds back her tears.

“Dude,” treble says, shocked, “that’s not alright! Don’t let her force you around!”

“If there’s anything I can do-” Divia starts.

“What you can do,” Gracie says, about to break down, “is leave it. I don’t want anyone else involved. I only let you stay so she wouldn’t cuss me out or anything. Besides, it’s getting late. Face it, with Autumn, Jesta, and Aida gone, maybe we can get a full nights sleep for once!” Out of her mouth came a sad, forced laugh that made it even more clear she’s not ok.

“Gracie, I will let this go,” Divia reassures. “On one condition. If I hear your mom does anything bad to you, I’ll call the police. Deal?”

“Don’t do that,” Gracie says, not wanting her mom thrown in jail or worse. “She’s a good mom! She doesn’t deserve jail!”

“And you’re a good friend who doesn’t deserve to get hurt. If you really don’t want me to call the cops on her, then am least let me defend you if she does come. That’s what a friend does, after all.”

By this time, treble had left, probably to try and flip over that picture frame by autumn’s bed. 

“Divia…” Gracie pauses, contemplating what to say next. You’re my best friend/more than friend? I want to stay by your side forever? She settles for a tight hug. During this hug, however, she whispers something that she had never admitted to anyone, even herself. “I...I love you Divia.” 

Based off the look that Divia has on her face when Gracie goes on to bed, that of the ear-to-ear smile and ruby red blush, Gracie knew the girl she loved understood the meaning.