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Hypnotic Dreams

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Gentaro drags his limbs upstairs, until he’s in front of the door of his own apartment. He looks for the keys as well as for the tiniest bit of strength to be able to open up the door before collapsing in the hallway. It’s been one hell of a night.

It’s not the first time that he comes home devastated like this. It’s not the first time that some random strangers decide to pick a fight with them, just because. Gentaro was walking around Shibuya’s less crowded streets, enjoying the company of a certain gambler, when they were attacked. Dice pulled out his hypnosis microphone to protect Gentaro but those guys had one, too, somehow. It was self defense, really, so Gentaro wasn’t feeling guilty at all when the two of them left their one time enemies laying on the ground, bleeding and coughing. A couple of hours and they would be back on their feet, for sure. But still, some of their hits landed and Gentaro knows how much he can handle. He’s sure he has some bruises and cuts underneath his layers of clothing, not to mention he’s feeling out of breath. Dice too, for sure, must have been hurt. Gentaro knows, yet he didn’t invite Dice to spend the night at his place. He only wanted to treat his wounds and sleep, trying to forget the unhappy turn of events of their evening.

He does take care of his wounds and then heads to bed, feeling a bit light headed and dizzy.

Gentaro closes his eyes and falls fast asleep, hoping that he’d be able to work and write the next morning like nothing happened.


Dice. Dice’s magenta eyes, Dice’s deep staring, Dice’s lips curved into a smile.

Gentaro sees Dice’s face in front of him, and he’s very, very close. He doesn’t know why he’s seeing his partner in such a vivid manner, he doesn’t think about it much. Gentaro is too lost into those eyes to be thinking of something else.

“Hehe” Dice chuckles, that sound going straight into Gentaro’s system and sending shivers down his spine. Why’s he reacting like that to his friend’s voice? A voice he’s listened to so many times, yet it’s like hearing it for the first time and it sounds like music to his ears.

“That was close” Dice says, but Gentaro is too distracted by the little distance that’s left between his body and Dice’s. Close indeed, Gentaro thinks to himself and hums.

“I’m sorry, what?” Gentaro finds himself replying.

He realises just then that he and Dice are still in that dark alley, where they’ve been attacked by those strangers.

“Thank god I had my mic with me, right?”

Right. Dice is talking about their fight. Gentaro looks around: there’s not a single trace of those guys on the ground, there’s literally nobody in the street with them. They’re alone.

Gentaro takes a step back and his back hits the wall. He’s cornered, he reckons. With Dice standing in front of him, so damn close, preventing him every possible escape route.

Dice takes a step forward, regaining that little distance Gentaro had just conquered for himself. Then he reaches with one hand and Gentaro’s instantly shuts his eyes, expecting warm hands to be on his skin every second now. But Dice’s touch doesn’t arrive: he’s placed a hand on the wall behind Gentaro, resting his weight upon that. It’s at the same level of Gentaro’s head, when he opens his eyes again he feels a bit stupid for thinking that Dice… what did he think Dice would do? Touch him? Caress him, maybe? As if.

But the rush of adrenaline given by that thought alone was erupting inside him, making Gentaro quiver and tremble.


Gentaro gasps loudly as he wakes up. It felt so real, he’s shocked to his core. What was that? He’s not sure. He’s dreamt about Dice, about his posse before, so this wasn’t new to him. But seeing Dice like that, having Dice almost pressed against his body like that, was a whole new thing. A whole new problem Gentaro isn’t sure he’s ready to face.

He tries to shake away the thought for the whole day, while focusing on working on his new novel as a distraction. It works, it really does, until in the evening he receives a text message from Dice and he’s pretty sure he feels his heart skip a beat just because of that.

Silly, he thinks to himself. It’s not the first time that Dice and him exchange messages. Why’s he so riled up all of a sudden? Dice simply wants to know if he’s okay after their fight. He types a reply saying that everything’s fine. Gentaro’s mind replays that scene from his dream right after he sent the text, as if it was mocking him: making him feel even more flustered. Dice just felt so close.

He pushes away the thought once again as he prepares for bed that night, expecting to get some well deserved rest. But his mind has other plans.


He dreams of Dice again. It’s the same kind of dream, he realises as soon as he sees Dice face close to him. They’re in the same street, just like the previous night, no trace of their attackers. Gentaro allows himself to get lost into Dice’s eyes for a while, since he stays silent and just lets Gentaro stare at him. Gentaro steps back, Dice follows; he’s against the wall, again. Dice’s lips look tremendously inviting. He’s ashamed of that thought, but Gentaro reckons it’s just a dream, so maybe he can be self indulgent for once.

He bites his bottom lip while never breaking eye contact with Dice.

That same rush of adrenaline he felt the night before is back in his system, he wonders if Dice is feeling it too.

He wonders what it’d feel like to actually touch him. To have Dice touching him. Would the dream just vanish? Would he wake up? Would it actually feel good?

Gentaro tentatively caresses Dice’s face. Dream-Dice doesn’t vanish, instead he leans into the touch. Interesting.

Gentaro takes Dice’s free hand in his own and brings it to Gentaro’s face, making Dice caress his skin in return. Dice follows his movements as instructed, a smirk now appearing on his lips. Gentaro wonders if he’s enjoying it too…?

A new rush of adrenaline hits him, suggesting what to do next. A urge that Gentaro didn’t even know he had in him is telling him to push forward, to dare more. And so he does.

He pulls Dice’s fingers from his own cheek closer to his mouth. Dice’s fingers linger on Gentaro’s lips for a second, then Gentaro pushes them inside. Dice’s eyes widen in surprise; yet he doesn’t pull back. Gentaro sucks, he flattens his tongue around them and hollows his cheeks, taking them in and licking them clean. He closes his eyes for a bit, getting lost in the sensation of sucking those long fingers, Dice’s fingers, something he never thought of doing before yet it seemed like the most natural thing to do in that moment. Gentaro realises he’s feeling hot all over; he’s getting excited just by sucking some fingers. When he opens his eyes, he sees Dice’s mouth is hanging open. It’s all too much, Dice’s is just too inviting. Gentaro takes those fingers out of his mouth and crashes their lips together.


He wakes up. No gasps, no surprises. Gentaro opens his eyes and he just knows. He knows he’s screwed.


The dreams never stop. Gentaro is exhausted; it’s not like he’s not getting a full night of sleep, it’s not the lack of sleep that’s causing him stress. It’s the persistent presence of Dice every time he closes his eyes that’s become pretty disturbing. He keeps re-living the same scene over and over: he touches Dice as a test, he makes Dice touch him in return, then somehow Dice’s fingers always end up in Gentaro’s mouth. He ends up kissing Dice, because of course he does, he’s into deep now. He couldn’t stop himself even if he tried.

But the problem is: in the last dream he has, Dice kisses back.

It’s not just pressing and touching, Dice willingly opens his mouth fully to let Gentaro in, and now he can’t get the thought out of his head ever since.

Thankfully their posse doesn’t have plans to meet up and practice in the near future, but Gentaro wonders for how long he can keep living in his own apartment like a hermit and avoid Dice.

That night, Gentaro is worried. He’s worried he’s gonna end up in the same dream set again, he’s gonna kiss Dice hard, he’s gonna keep falling hard for him and there’s nothing that can stop him from going further, ruining everything. He’s scared of his own mind, of the possibilities that the scenario offers. He tries so hard not to fall asleep, he tries to stay awake and just keep writing on his laptop; it’s around 3am that he fails. The dream begins again.


Gentaro is aware it’s happening, he’s trapped in that street with Dice again. He knows he failed, he knows he can’t escape the dream. A thought crosses his mind. Maybe I just have to let it happen? And so he does.

The weight of Dice’s lips on his own now feels familiar. Dice kisses back and lets Gentaro’s tongue find his way into his mouth; he takes the lead. Dice shivers under Gentaro’s touch, the author isn’t in the right state of mind to keep his hands to himself. Gentaro’s fingers trace patterns down Dice’s back, feeling him under his coat and the layers of clothing, secretly wishing there was none anymore. It’s like Dice is aware of Gentaro’s wish, so he begins to take off his jacket while never breaking the kiss. Gentaro gasps in Dice’s mouth, surprised but amused at the same time.

Now that he thinks about the endless possibilities, his mind begins spiralling into different scenarios; each and every one of them is getting him so turned on. Dice must know, Gentaro is sure Dice knows at this point.

The more he gives into the kiss, the more he allows himself to think about all the things he wants to do to Dice… he needs to act, do something, he needs something real in this weird dream world that’s keeping him hostage. Better take advantage of it before it disappears.

Gentaro breaks the kiss and drops to his knees. He’s never felt like this before, this urge, this need; he lets the feeling take control over him. His hands are quick to undo Dice’s belt and in just a couple of seconds, Dice’s erection springs free from his jeans.

Gentaro licks his lips in anticipation. God, he’s never wanted to be on his knees for a man so badly before. He sticks his tongue out and tastes Dice’s cock for the first time; he wonders why he never pushed himself that far in those dreams before. Dice squirms under his grip, and god, the moans he makes; Gentaro takes him into his mouth and starts working on him with his tongue, careful and slow, to draw out every little beautiful noise that’s music to Gentaro’s ears. It’s beautiful. Dice is at his mercy, despite Gentaro being the one on his knees for him.

But getting his mouth filled and letting Dice fuck his face like that just doesn’t seem enough anymore; Gentaro’s urge doesn’t stop. It grows.

Dice’s hands make their way to Gentaro’s head, fingers interlacing with brown locks. He warns Gentaro that he’s close, but Gentaro doesn’t seem to care, because he doesn’t slow down his rhythm. He goes faster, harder even. He wants Dice to come undone.

Gentaro is suddenly aware that maybe the dream will end right after he gets Dice to orgasm; for the first time after having that kind of dream, he wishes for it to never stop. There’s just so much more he wants to do to Dice, he wants more time.

Dice spills white directly into Gentaro’s mouth, for he didn’t want to pull back. Gentaro drinks it all, gladly. The dream doesn’t end.

Dice is a panting mess; he whispers softly Gentaro’s name, it’s the first word he says since the beginning of the dream. Gentaro likes the sound of that, so he decides to push Dice even further, to make him call Gentaro like that many more times.

Gentaro pushes Dice down to the ground with him, and in a second he climbs on top of him.

“What are you doing now…?” Dice asks, a bit surprised.

Gentaro smirks at him, letting lust get the best of him.

“There’s just so much I want to do, Dice, where do I even begin?” he confesses, thinking that he can be truthful since this is just a stupid dream.

“I want you to fuck me” Gentaro begins, “no, more than that, I want to ride you until you break.”


The moment Gentaro opens his eyes, he hears the familiar sound of his phone ringing.


He’s just woken up from one of those dreams, the wildest one so far; he’s covered in cold sweat and more than that, he’s painfully hard.

But he manages to get up, cover his shame with his night robe to go and answer at the phone in time.

It’s Dice.

“Did I wake you?” he asks, and Gentaro has to pray the Gods to give him strength.

“I was working” he lies.

“Can I come over a sec? Need to talk to you about something.”

Gentaro can’t bring himself to say no. Dice knocks on his door after 10 minutes.

When Gentaro opens it, his eyes meet a panting, very worried Dice. He looks like he’s just run a marathon.

“Oh dear, let me tell you in advance that whatever product you’re going to try to sell me, I’m not interested.”

“Gentaro please let me in.”

Dice looks dead serious, Gentaro starts to worry a bit. “Fine, I was just kidding. Make yourself at home, Dice.”

Dice makes his way into the apartment and sits on Gentaro’s couch, but the worried look never leaves his face. Before Gentaro gets the chance to ask why, Dice speaks up.

“You sure you’re feeling fine after that night? When we got attacked, I mean. Any weird things happening to you lately?”

Oh, that again. Gentaro swallowed.

“I’m getting very strong headaches.”

Dice’s eyes lit up. “Really? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Ah, that was a lie. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening to me, Dice.”

Dice frowns. “I thought I was fine, at first, a little beaten up I guess. Thought it was nothing ‘cos I’ve had shittier and worse fights, y’know. But then… maybe I’m just. I don’t know, getting the creeps for some side effects of their mic.”

“What are you talking about, Dice?” Gentaro studies his expression for a while.

“I wonder where they stole that mic from…’cos some weird shit’s been going on, after that night. To me, at least. I dunno, Gen. It’s weird.”

“Please be more specific so I can understand” Gentaro says, but worry starts growing in his chest. He has a bad feeling about this.

“I’m getting weird dreams” he says, and in that moment Gentaro goes pale. He can no longer meet Dice’s gaze, he’s too afraid to get caught revealing something with his very readable expression.

“In those dreams… you’re in there, too.”

Gentaro glances at him and Dice is flushed red.

“What happens in the dreams?” he tries to ask, keeping his voice as plain as he can, not to betray himself.

“We’re in the street where we got attacked, but the guys aren’t there anymore. Just me ‘n you” Dice explains.

“And?” Gentaro knows he should end the conversation right there, before it’s too late.

“It’s like I can’t move my body, like, not on my own. It feels like someone else is controlling me.”


“And… we end up doing things… like. Sexual things.”


It’s my desire controlling you, Gentaro thinks. He feels his cheek turn hot and red.

“I’m sorry” Dice apologises, “I wanted to know if you were okay. It keeps happening to me so I thought maybe you were feeling it too. I didn’t want to weird you out, though. Sorry.”

“Why would I feel weirded out?” Gentaro wants to bite his own tongue off before he says something worse and ruins everything, but he can’t stop himself.

“We were doing things, Gen. That kind of things.”

“Is it so disgusting to you?” Gentaro curses at himself. He should shut up. Let Dice go home. Forget about it all.

“Oh” Dice blinks at him. “No, not at all. I thought you’d be grossed out.”

Gentaro stares at him in shock. “You… didn’t hate it?”

“I didn’t. Is it weird?”

To hell Dice and his goddamn honesty.

“Fine” Gentaro admits, tearing his walls down. “I lied.”

Dice tilts his head to his side in a way that is so adorable, Gentaro contemplates if he should give an explanation or just skip to the part where they’re fondly making out on his couch.

“I’ve had some symptoms too. I’ve been dreaming about you, every night.”

Dice’s cheeks suddenly turn every possible shade of red.

“I think we shared the same dreams because, as you were saying, we were doing things indeed…” Gentaro takes a step closer. “But you just interrupted me, isn’t that right?”

“Uh… I did.”

Gentaro sits next to Dice. “What was I saying in the dream? Just checking.”

Dice licks his lips before speaking and goddamn Gentaro just want to ravish him right then and there.

“You… want me to fuck you?”

“Is that a question or your answer? Because if you’re asking me, I’d say yes.”

Dice visibly swallows and Gentaro can’t hold still anymore. He cups Dice’s face with both hands. “What do you want to do, Dice? Want me to make those dreams become real? You just have to say the word.”

Dice inhales sharply before whispering his answer. “Please.”

That’s all Gentaro needs: his lips finally cover Dice’s, for real this time.

Dice isn’t gentle like in those dreams they shared: thankfully now Dice can move on his own volition and Gentaro is glad he does.

He kisses back with passion, he bites Gentaro’s bottom lip and deepens the kiss while his hands are everywhere on his body, exploring and gripping tightly, pushing Gentaro closer and closer.

Gentaro moans in relief, finally getting some occasional friction on his covered erection, that’s been patiently waiting underneath the layers of clothing, waiting for something to happen. Dice notices and smirks at Gentaro, and he grinds against him to make the author feel just how excited he is too. Gentaro chuckles, he can’t believe this is happening.

“Get undressed” Gentaro orders, and for some reason Dice wastes no time and he takes his shirt off at the command. Gentaro hums, clearly enjoying the view. He wasn’t expecting for Dice to be so obedient, but he’s glad Dice is like that even though they aren’t in the dream-like dimension anymore.

“You too, Gen” Dice whispers in his ear as he pulls the edges of Gentaro’s night robe. After scattering their clothes on the floor, Gentaro takes the lead: he pushes Dice’s back onto his couch and hovers over him.

“Want me to use you, like I was about to do in that dream?” Gentaro says, as he coats two fingers with his own saliva and proceeds to tease his hole.

“I didn’t know you had this in you” Dice mutters, and to be honest Gentaro agrees with him. He didn’t know either.

“Maybe I’m just still hypnotized” Gentaro explains as he begins to fuck himself onto his fingers. “Like what you see?” the author asks, reaching deep inside him to find the right spot. It’s not hard to find, so Gentaro moans loud soon after.

Dice is speechless. “Yes, God, fuck me—” Dice curses, and he’s so cute when he’s all hot and bothered it makes Gentaro giggle, amused.

“Yes, Dice, that’s the plan.”

Gentaro takes his fingers out and proceeds to line up with Dice’s cock, which was already leaking with precum. “Someone’s excited…” Gentaro commented, smirking.

“Listen—” Dice stutters, “how could I not be? Do you know in what state I woke up every morning this week? I jerked off so hard I thought my dick would break--!”

Gentaro blinks. He waits, he’s dying to take Dice in, to be filled so hot and nicely, but for the love of God he decides to endure it, because he wants to hear more about the story Dice is telling him.

“I don’t know, Dice” he lowers his voice, “tell me about it.”

With that, Gentaro pushes himself down just a little, enough to take in only the head, and he sees stars just from that.

Dice curses, inhales sharply and tries to find the words. It seems like the most difficult task in the world, because in that moment, it is. He just wants to fuck Gentaro’s brains out but he can’t.

“When you t-touched me” Dice begins, “and you sucked my fingers—oh my god” he moans as Gentaro is shifting lower, “I was a mess. I woke up so hard and all I could think about all day was you—your pink lips around my fingers, how I wanted them around my di—Ah!”

Gentaro is finally down all the way, sucking him in so nicely; it’s warm and tight and it’s Gentaro. Dice shuts his eyes.

“If you want me to move, you have to talk me through it” Gentaro is having a hard time focusing as well, but the game they’re playing is just so much fun.

“Alright” Dice agrees. He bucks his hips upwards just a little, making Gentaro hiss, and then he’s back to the memory of those dreams.

“When you got on your knees and actually sucked me off—I thought I came in my sleep. Is that even possible?”

How could Gentaro not move and give Dice what he wanted after hearing that?

Gentaro’s hips are moving on their own, like he’s on autopilot; he goes up and down, taking in Dice’s cock all the way every time. Dice arches his back onto the cushions, his hands reach out to grip at Gentaro’s hips and when he’s almost all the way out, Dice slams Gentaro down on his cock, hard.

“Ah—like that, do that again” Gentaro orders, and Dice provides. He keeps fucking upwards to meet with Gentaro’s rhythm, slamming into him with increasing force with each thrust.

“You wanted to use me, Gen” Dice talks again, “you wanted me to fuck you open for your personal gain, right?”

Gentaro pants hard. He’s having a hard time finding the words, but he has to admit Dice is right. Will Dice think he’s just scum because of that? Will he want to cut ties with him?

But Gentaro can’t think straight in that moment, not when Dice is so hot inside him and he’s feeling on the edge.

“Gen—I’m close” Dice announces, and Gentaro can’t form coherent phrases anymore. He’s long gone, all he can think about is having Dice filling him up, he wants him to fill him up to the brim.

“Inside” Gentaro commands, as he moves his hips erratically at this point. “Come inside, Dice, please—”

With a couple more thrusts, Dice slams Gentaro down on his dick once more and he comes hard, inside him just as he requested. Gentaro is close too, all it takes for him is the warm feeling of Dice spilling inside him. He blacks out for a second, and when he regains himself he sees white spurts on Dice’s naked chest and all he can think about is just how beautiful he looks like that.

After they untangle their bodies, Gentaro decides to stay for a while, even though they’re both gross and sticky. Dice’s steady breath is calming him, so Gentaro relaxes in his arms.

“Did we just have mind-blowing se—” Dice begins to ask, but Gentaro interrupts him promptly.

“Dice. I want you to know that yes, I wanted to use you for my own personal pleasure and to satisfy my deepest desires… when the hypnotic effect of the microphone offered me the chance through those dreams, I didn’t resist the temptation. I’m sorry. But I promise you, I won’t take advantage of you, ever. This is not a lie.”

Dice leaves a quick kiss on Gentaro’s lips before actually replying, which leaves Gentaro a bit flustered and startled.

“I don’t mind it though” he says honestly, “I liked it. Hehe, I’m thinking of doing it again.”

“Are you serious right now…?” Gentaro gives him an unimpressed look.

“Do I look like a liar to you” Dice chuckles, making Gentaro smile at him in return.

“It was so hot. You’re so hot. I’ve always known that, even before those freaky dreams. Now I just have one more reason to say it.”

Dice always knows how to render Gentaro speechless. He leans in and gives Dice a more passionate kiss, taking all the time in the world to tangle their tongues together and rile him up again. It doesn’t take long before Dice is up and ready for round two. Thankfully he has a lot of stamina, because Gentaro has many things he wants to try with Dice and he doesn’t have plans to stop any time soon.