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Late Prompts

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  • Robb Stark (Game of Thrones) X Arthur Pendragon (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword)
  • Tauriel (The Hobbit) x Valkyrie (MCU)
  • Napoleon Solo (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) X Miriam “Midge” Maisel (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)
  • Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) X Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
  • Vortigern Pendragon (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword) x Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
  • Erik Lehnsherr (X-Men: First Class) X Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  • James T. Kirk (Star Trek) X Rey (Star Wars)
  • Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals) x Kisa | Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series)
  • Daisy “Quake” Johnson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) X Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Kingsman)
  • Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) X Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
  • Beverly Marsh (It) x Eleven | Jane Hopper (Stranger Things)
  • Matt Murdock (Daredevil) X Selina Kyle (Catwoman)
  • Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf) X Bucky Barnes (MCU)
  • Natasha Romanoff (MCU) X John Wick (John Wick)
  • Darcy Lewis (MCU) x Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
  • Joseph Dredd (Dredd) x Octavia Blake (The 100)
  • Maria Hill (MCU) x Merlin (Kingsman)
  • Thranduil (The Hobbit) X Loki Odinson (MCU)
  • Steve Rogers (MCU) x Mera (DCU)
  • Dean Winchester (Supernatural) x Wynonna Earp (Wynonna Earp)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) x Clarke Griffin (The 100)
  • Ravenna (Snow White and the Huntsman) X Morgana (Merlin)
  • Murphy and Connor MacManus (The Boondock Saints) x Anna Poliatova (Anna)
  • Frank Martin (The Transporter) x Lorraine Broughton (Atomic Blonde)
  • Baby Doll (Sucker Punch) x Priest (Priest) 
  • Gretel (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) X Prince Nuada (Hellboy: The Golden Army)
  • Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones) X Roan (The 100)
  • Maleficent (Maleficent) X Jareth (The Labyrinth)
  • Dutch (Killjoys) x Leonard McCoy (Star Trek)
  • Sam Winchester (Supernatural) X Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
  • Diana Bishop (A Discovery of Witches) x John Constantine (Constantine)
  • Queen Freya (The Huntsman: Winter’s Wars) x Conan (Conan The Barbarian)
  • Roxy Morton (Kingsman) x Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons (Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Faramir (The Lord of the Rings) x Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)
  • Lucian (Underworld)  x Tamara (Conan The Barbarian)
  • Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) x Katia Von Dees (Hitman Agent 47)
  • Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn 99) x Kate Kane (Batwoman)
  • Darth Maul (Star Wars) x Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)
  • Hattie Shaw (Hobbs & Shaw) x Jane Kano (Charlie’s Angels)
  • Face (The A-Team) x Han Cho Bai (Red 2)
  • Jacob Hood (Eleventh Hour) X Santiago “Pope” Garcia (Triple Frontier)
  • Selene (Underworld) x Mina Harker (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)
  • 47 (Hitman) x Elena Houghlin (Charlie’s Angels)
  • Dagonet (King Arthur) x Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)
  • Borra (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil) x Catia (King Arthur: Legend of the Sword)
  • Diaval (Maleficent) x Yennefer (The Witcher)
  • Sabina Wilson (Charlie’s Angels) x Daphne Kluger (Ocean’s Eight)



Chapter Text

“Honestly, Stark…” Arthur sighed heavily. “I didn’t think you could get any less romantic.”

Robb snorted. “Romantic? Me?”

“Yeah, well… A man can dream.”

Robb gave the other man a look. “Arthur…”

“At least give me some wine before you start commanding me to take off my shirt…”Arthur started.

Robb rolled his eyes. “Arthur.”

“Yes, darling?” He batted his eyelashes at Robb.

Robb let out a long-suffering sigh. “Can I check your wound?”

“If you insist…” He shrugged, pulling his shirt off.

Robb did love this man, but -on occasions such as this -he wondered what he’d done to deserve such a pain on his ass.

Chapter Text

“Where are you going?” Tauriel asked a bit confused. It was the middle of the night; why was Valkyrie getting up?

“We’re out of booze.” She informed the other putting shoes on. “I’m going out to get some.”

“You have got to be joking.” Tauriel said dryly.

“I’m not. I never joke about booze.”

Tauriel groaned. “Valkyrie, get back in bed!” She demanded, but there was a bit of a pout there.

Valkyrie had definitely seen it and was amused. “If I don’t, are you going to pout harder?”

Tauriel gave her a glare, but the other woman laughed and kicked her boots away. “You’re lucky you’re cute.” She teased as she crawled back in bed.

“Yes, I know.”

Chapter Text

“Are you going to keep ignoring me?” Midge asked, using her toe to poke at Napoleon’s hand.

He took a deep breath before turning to her. “Quit touching me, you’re feet are cold!”

Why was he so grumpy today?

“I’ve already apologized for last night!” She insisted. “You told me it was fine, and now you’re like this.”

“I’m not like anything.” He insisted, turning his head away.

“Yes, you are!” She protested. “You won’t even look at me. Was my kiss that offensive to you?”

“The fact that you kissed me thinking about your idiotic ex-husband is offensive to me.” He finally snapped back.

Midge just sat there, staring at him in stunned silence, for what felt like forever, until… “Oh! You’re jealous.”

He snorted. “No, I’m not.”

Chapter Text

“Here.” Lara passed her a beer, even though Diana looked way too classy to drink beer.

“Thank you.” Diana smiled kindly at her. “Nice place.” She told her, even though the house and mostly covered in dust.

“It’s a place.” Lara shrugged.

“You’ve been alone for a long time, haven’t you?” Diana asked.

“So have you.” Lara pointed out.

“I have.” Lara agreed. “Holding everything in doesn’t help, you know?”

Lara left out a humorless chuckle. “So I’ve been told.”

Chapter Text

“The wheels of fortune change often, Sansa.” He cupped her chin. “I’ll do my best to create an empire that will last for generations, but…”

“Don’t say that.” She asked, pressing her face to his palm. “We aren’t going anywhere.”

“You’re young.” He told her kindly. “I’ll never let anything happen to you, but if it happens to me… You can live a full life. You can forget all about this.”

Sansa threw herself at him, hiding her face against his chest.“How could I ever forget about you?” She demanded, angry at her husband. “You were the one that set me free.” She looked at him, tears in her eyes. “Do you really think I wouldn’t stand by you to the bitter end?”

Vortigern’s chuckle lacked humor, but it wasn’t cruel. “Do you really think I’d allow you to see the bitter end? Never, my love.”

Chapter Text

“Erik, this is madness! You have to stop.”

“Susan…” He sighed tiredly.

“When does this end?” She demanded, sitting by him on the bed. “When you’re dead?”

They’d had this argument a thousand times before, and Erik knew they’d have it another thousand more.

Susan couldn’t understand his desire for revenge, even if she loved him.

“Please, not tonight.” He asked cupping her face. “Just smile.” He asked. “I really need to see your smile now.”

But she had no smiles left, only tears.

Chapter Text

“Hey.” Kirk gave her a tired smile. “What are you doing here?”

Rey’s answering smile was tentative. “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

Kirk cleared his throat. “Of course.”

She came to stand beside him, looking out to the vastness of space.

“Did you get used to it?” Rey asked him. “To seeing it everyday?”

“No.” Kirk answered immediately, because he didn’t have to think about it at all. “I’m still amazed by it, and I believe it’s what I love the most about space.”

“And here I thought it was because of the Federation.” She teased.

“Only if it’s because I get more rules to break.” He teased back, making her laugh.

Chapter Text

“Why are you like this?” Klaus asked Kisa’s back, since she wouldn’t turn around and look at him.

She scoffed. “Forget it. You’re a fucking asshole.” She grumbled.

“Name-calling? We’re down to that?”

She finally turned to him. “We aren’t down to anything. We’re done.”

Klaus arched an eyebrow at her. “I beg your pardon?”

“You won, Klaus Mikaelson.” She told him, her voice flat, her eyes flashing. “I’m leaving this town.”

Chapter Text

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got you.”

“Did you call me ‘babe’?” Daisy was staring at Eggsy.

“It’s cool, don’t worry.”

Did he just… Was he really… “Did you just flick me?” She demanded.

“Follow me, darling.” He started walking away.

“What the hell is wrong with you today?” Daisy asked, completely shocked.

“I feel great.” He just told her.

“Right…” She drawled, then touched her comm to activate it. “Merlin, be advised that Galahad is weirder than normal…”

Chapter Text

Stiles could handle a lot of things, but crying girls were complicated.

Correction: normal crying girls were complicated. A crying Blair was a disaster.

She was so determined and strong all the time, that it was particularly painful to see her crying. Mostly because the situation must’ve been quite hopeless in her eyes, for her to be like this.

“D-did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?” He said out of nowhere.

That shocked Blair enough to make her stop crying. “What?”

“They’re very… You know… Brown… Chocolate-y…?”

“What is your problem?” She demanded, clearly back to doubting his sanity.

Oh, that was better.

Chapter Text

Bev and Eleven were under the blanket, holding hands with only a flashlight to give them light. Protected from the world in a way only blankets could do it.

“Tell me a story.” Eleven asked.

“I don’t know any happy story.” Bev told her softly. “I can’t remember any.”

“Me neither.” El confessed.

“Sometimes…” Bev licked her lips. “Sometimes I think I’ve never really lived before I left Derry.” She confessed. “Like I was trapped in the dark and nothing was real.”

El watched her in silence. “I lived like that.” She admitted.


“I was trapped, inside a cell. But it wasn’t a feeling. It was my real life.”

Chapter Text

“You look tired.”

Matt loosened his tie. “I haven’t slept in ages.”

“Something on your mind?” Selina asked politely.

He scoffed. “You could say that.”

“What you’re facing, darling, it’s a moral dilemma.” She told him silkily, and he didn’t need to be able to see to know she was smirking. “You don’t know what to do about me.”

“You’re not wrong.” He admitted.

“But it’s not only that.” She continued. “You have terrible taste in women. I mean, Elektra Natchios? Ew.”

“How do you know that?” He demanded.

“I know a lot, darling.”

Chapter Text


“I’m fine, Lydia. I promise.” He told her, even though he was about to sew himself.

“Fine.” She snapped. “Don’t say anything and make me worry.”

He could imagine her, tapping her shoe against the floor, probably pissed at him. “Don’t be like this, doll.” He asked her.

“Don’t be like this?” She repeated, and he knew he’d pissed her off. “I’m sorry for caring.”

“That’s not what I…”

“Good luck finishing your SOLO mission.” She hung up before he could say anything else.

Well, fuck… She was really angry this time.

Chapter Text

“I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”

John threw her a look. “It hardly took that much convincing.”

“It took some.” She threw back, clearly amused.

John scoffed. “You haven’t changed a bit.”

“I take offense to that.” She told him. “I’ve changed a lot.”

“A lot?” He arched an eyebrow. “You still have the exact same shitty sense of humor.”

“Right, because you’ve always been the king of comedy.”

“Better than you, Russian princess.”

“Shut up.”

Chapter Text

“Darce, don’t get angry, but…”

“Stop.” She put her hand up. “If you’re speaking softly like this, you fucked up, so just tell me.”

Derek sighed. “It wasn’t on purpose, okay? I accidentally said we were hooking up.”

“That’s fine.” She shrugged. “I can use the street credit.”

When Derek didn’t grin back at her, Darcy knew this wasn’t the problem. “Coulson heard about it.” He continued. “And… We can’t work together anymore.”


“There’s this thing about couples working closely…”


“I know, but…”

“I could punch you right now.” Darcy growled.

“Babe.” He couldn’t contain a grin. “It’d be like getting punched by a kitten.”

Chapter Text

“Get out of my way, Judge Blake.”

“I can’t.” She told him firmly. “I won’t let you arrest them for the crime of existing.”

“That’s the law.” Dredd pointed out.

“Well, it’s wrong.”

“It’s not up to you to decide that.” He pointed out.

“Yes, it is. I’m a Judge. What do you say?” She challenged. “I’m the Law.”

“You’re making a mistake.” He insisted. “You’re better than this.”

“Don’t lie to me.” She snapped at him. “You never saw me as a partner, as a fellow Judge. I was always a dirty grounder for you.”

“If that was the truth, don’t you think I’d’ve shot you by now?”

Chapter Text

“Why are you doing this?” Maria demanded from the other side of the comms.

“Better me than one of the kids.” Merlin told her as he checked his rifle one last time.

“This is stupid. You don’t have to do this alone.” Maria insisted. “We can get a team out there.”

“Harry won’t last that long.” Merlin told her simply. “You take care of them for me, ok?”

“Merlin, don’t you…” But the static was proof that he wasn’t using the comm anymore.

Chapter Text

“Consort, hm?”

Thranduil gave Loki a careful look. “You don’t like it?”

“I wasn’t expecting.” He admitted.

“I thought about it for a long time.” Thranduil confessed. “I wanted you to know that this isn’t a secret, it’s not illicit.” He cupped Loki’s face. “You’re always on my mind. I want you always in my life too.”

Loki scoffed. “Thranduil, there you go trying to make me blush.”

“Shush.” Thranduil admonished gently, kissing his lips.

It felt good to be out in the light together.

Chapter Text

“It’s an odd feeling…” Mera confessed in a whisper, her hand resting on Steve’s cheek. “You’ve always felt like home.”

Steve sighed softly. “I’d never trap you here. If the ocean is calling you…”

“Are you telling me to go?” She asked seriously.

“I…” He took a deep breath in and covered her hand with his. “I’m afraid of being selfish, of asking for more than I should.”

“Ask, Steve Rogers. You won’t know the answer until you make the question.”

He closed his eyes, but when he opened them, she could see the decision in them. “Stay. Here.”

Chapter Text

“Have you always been this beautiful?” Dean asked in awe.

Wynonna rolled her eyes. “No. You have a concussion.” She told him dryly.

“And that’s making you prettier?” He seemed confused.

“I think it’s making you stupid.” She snorted.

“I’ll have you know I’m the smart brother.” He informed her as Wynonna helped him get up.

“Bullshit.” Sam called from somewhere in the back.

“Clearly.” Wynonna drawled.

Chapter Text

“I don’t understand the problem.” Daenerys insisted.

“I didn’t come here to watch you become a tyrant, focused on that damned throne!”

“This is not what is happening!” Daenerys insisted. “Westeros needs to be freed from those Houses that are always tearing at each other for power. My council…”

“That is the problem, Dany.” Clarke finally snapped. “I followed you, not your Council. I fell in love with you, not them.”

“What are you saying?” Dany asked, fear in her words.

“Where is that Dany that promised me a place in her heart?” Clarke asked, tears in her eyes.

Chapter Text

“You love me.”

Morgana looked at Ravenna. “You sounded surprised.”

“I am.” She admitted. “I’ve used love as a tool for a long time. I never expected to be actually loved, even if I showed my darker side.”

“I love you because you showed it to me.” Morgana confessed. “You never hid anything from me. Not even your darkness.”

Ravenna grinned. “So you love me.”

“It’ll be our secret.” Morgana winked at her.

Chapter Text

“If we get caught, I’m blaming you.”

Murphy grinned at her. “Aren’t you a pro at this? We’re fine.”

“I’m a pro.” Anna told him dryly. “You two are idiots.”

“Don’t get soft on us now, love.” Connor teased her.

“Why did I think this would be a good idea?” Anna grumbled.

“Because it is.” Murphy insisted. “You’ve been killing people for a long time. It’s time to do this for a good cause.”

“They always say it’s a good cause.”

“Yes, but this time you decide.” Connor told her seriously. “This time you choose when to say no. And we won’t turn our backs on you if you say no.”

Chapter Text

“What have I told you about this?” Frank plucked the cigarettes from between Lorraine’s fingers.

She rolled her eyes. “Don’t you think I deserve one? All things considered?”

“No.” He told her simply.

Lorraine chuckled. “Fine.”

They sat side side by side. “Are you alright?” Frank finally asked.

Lorraine shrugged. “I’ll survive. The funny thing…” She gave him a sideways look. “You’ve always got me. Since the beginning. I wasn’t expecting that."

“I wasn’t either.” He admitted. “But it’s not a bad thing.”

Chapter Text

“Things are bound to get more dangerous.”

Baby Doll shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m not telling you to.” The priest told her simply. “I’m just giving you a fair warning.”

A incredibly small grin appeared on her lips. “I’ll consider myself fairly warned.”

He gave her a look. “This isn’t easy for me… I’m used to being mostly alone, but… I appreciate having you here.”

She put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t go soft on me now, father.”

He rolled his eyes. “Not that type of priest.” He grumbled.

Chapter Text

“Are you flirting with me?” Gretel spluttered, flustered.

“You finally noticed?” Nuada hummed.

“What about all that talk of ‘little human’?” She demanded, hands on her waist.

“Pet name.” He offered easily.

“I don’t believe you.” She told him flatly.

His smirk was diabolical. “That’s the fun part; convincing you.”

Chapter Text

Margaery hugged herself, trying to keep the cold away.

“Come back to bed.” Roan called from behind her. “I’ll keep you warm.”

She snorted as she turned to him, an eyebrow arched. “Really?” She drawled.

He just gave her a flat look and indicated the blanket next to him.

Margaery rolled her eyes. “Yes, because that was exactly what you meant by that.”

“Are you calling me a liar, princess?” He asked in that low growly voice of his.

Margaery smirked. “What if I did?”

“Come here so I can teach you a lesson.”

Chapter Text

“Stay here tonight.”

“Why?” Maleficent asked, clearly doubting his motives.

“Where do you plan on going?” Jareth pointed out lazily.

“I do have life.” She insisted grumbly.

“That remains to be verified.” He added.

She glared at him.

But she did spend the night.

Chapter Text

“Are you drunk?”

“Excuse you?” Bones asked dryly.

Dutch grinned. “You were in such a good mood, I was starting to get suspicious.”

He rolled his eyes. “Why does everyone think I’m grumpy?”

Dutch’s eyebrows almost disappeared under her hair line. “You’re joking, right?”

“I’m just realistic.” He insisted.


Chapter Text

“If I die, I’m going to haunt you.”

“At this point…” Sam sighed. “What’s one more?”

That gave Felicity pause. “You’re joking.”


“No, say you are!” She insisted. “People can really get haunted?”

“Yes…” Sam answered carefully. “That’s what keeps us working. Well, when the world is not ending.”

“Oh no. I didn’t want to know that.” Felicity whined.

“Then why did you ask?” Sam was legitimely confused.

Chapter Text

“You’re a bloody idiot, you know that?”

“Excuse me?” Diana gasped. “I’m trying to help!”

“Stop being so bloody self-sacrificing!” John snapped. “You don’t have to risk your neck for everyone out there.”

“I’m not risking my neck for everyone.” She protested.

“Oh really?” John threw sarcastically.


“Then what the hell are you doing?”

“Risking my neck for you, you idiot!”

Chapter Text

“Trust me.”

“I don’t need to trust you.” Freya told him simply. “I just need you to do your job, Cimmerian.”

Conan scoffed. “You really know how to sweet talk a man, lady.”

She was not amused. “I’m not trying. You have one thing to do; do it well and you get your reward. Fail…”

“Complete the sentence.” Conan challenged. “Tell me what I have to fear, Your Majesty.”

Chapter Text

Roxy pushed the door to Fitz and Simmons’ room only to find them in bed. Fitz had a tablet on his left hand, while his right hand was busy massaging Simmons’ head. Jemma had a book on her hands.

They both looked up when she opened the door, and smiled at her. “Roxy.” Leo smiled.

“Come cuddle.” Jenna invited.

Roxy kicked her shoes off and went.

Chapter Text

“You deserve so much better.”

“Don’t say that.” Faramir asked, cupping Jon’s face. “What would you say if I told you that?”

“That you’re mad.” Jon answered immediately.

“Well, I think the same.” Faramir insisted. “Very often I think you could be with someone greater than me…”

“I couldn’t ever…”

“So it’s settled.” Faramir spoke firmly. “Both of us need to accept who we are, but we can do this together. No more talking of who doesn’t deserve the other, deal?”

Jon’s smile was small but sincere. “Deal.”

Chapter Text

Tamara held on to Lucian’s wrist. “Can’t you stay a little longer?”

He looked at her in silence for a second, before letting out a sigh. “”Is that a wise choice?”

Tamara pulled at him. “Tonight it is the only wise choice.” She told him.

Lucian put his knee on the bed, his hand going to her nape. “Hasn’t anyone taught you to be careful around wolves?”

“If I listened to others I wouldn’t be here at all.” She pointed out, her eyes holding his.

Lucian smirked.

Chapter Text

How was that her life?

“So what now?” She snapped impatiently, glaring at Snake Eyes.

As usual, he didn’t answer. This was getting old fast. 

“I hope I’m never stuck with you on a deserted island.” She grumbled.

Katia might not be able to see his face, but she was pretty sure he was not amused by her cheekiness.

Chapter Text

Rosa opened her eyes, still a bit groggy.

“Morning.” Kate called cheerily.

“No talking.” Rosa grumbled, making Kate chuckle.

“Someone is grumpy in the mornings…”

Rosa groaned, then felt Kate leaning over her. “What are you…”

Kate started showering Rosa’s face with small kisses. “Wake up and I’ll give you more.” She promised with a smirk.


Chapter Text

“You said my name in your sleep.”

Jaye gave him a sideways look, but didn’t stop fixing her hair. “It was probably a nightmare.”

Maul snorted.

“What?” She demanded, falling for his tatic very time.

“Do you always sigh in your nightmares?”

He had her there…

Chapter Text

“There’s no way in hell you’re going to do that.” Jane said firmly.

“Why not?” Hattie wanted to know.

“Because it’s suicide!”

“It’s the only option!”

“No, it isn’t.” Jane insisted. “Why are you always so quick to jump in front of a terrible situation?”

“Because someone has to do something!”

Chapter Text

“How drunk was I?”

Han scoffed. “Not as much you wish you were.”

“Oh come on. Don’t be like this.” Face’s smile was pure charm.

“You convinced me to steal state secrets, and now you want to act like you didn’t know what you were up to?” Han wasn’t amused.

“I’m joking, babe.”

Han glared at him. “Don’t call me ‘babe’, you jerk.”

Face just grinned prettily.

Chapter Text

“You’re a nerd.” Pope said affectionately.

“And you think you’re what?” Jacob asked, somewhat amused. “The jock?”

“No. I’m the charming rebel.” Pope teased, sliding closer to the other man. “With the leather jacket and a devilish smile.”

Jacob snorted. “Really?

“Yes. Tempting the nerd.”

Jacob rolled his eyes and pushed him away.

Chapter Text

“I care about you.”

Selene stopped loading the bag with weapons and turned to Mina. “I know you do.”

“Then let me be by your side.” The other woman pushed. “You don’t have to do this alone.”

“I’ve already lost too much.” Selene told her. “I can’t lose you too.”

Mina sighed. “Why do you always treat me like a damsel in distress?”

“Because you’re such a lady.” She answered honestly.

Mina had to laugh at that. “I’m also a 200-year-old vampire, so… I can handle myself.”

Chapter Text

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

Brienne had to hold in a snort. This was so typical of Dagonet; even when he wanted to be helpful, his blunt manners and directness made it sound like an order. “Nothing.”

“I don’t believe you.” He said exactly the same way.

“It’s nothing you can fix.” She insisted.

“That might be.” He conceded. “But you don’t have to hold it in you just because of that.”

Chapter Text

“It’s late. Shouldn’t you be asleep?” 47 asked, his eyes on his guns.

“I can’t sleep with a trained killer fully armed in the next room.” Elena babbled. “Sue me.”

He gave her a brief look with an arched eyebrow, then promptly went back to his task.

“Shouldn’t you sleep?” She offered, uncomfortable with his silence.

“I don’t require as much sleep as you do.”

“Are you robot?” She blurted.

At least that got a reaction out of him. He was looking at her like she was insane.

Chapter Text

Borra cleared his throat. “I got you a present.”

Catia seemed surprised. “You did?”

Borra was clearly uncomfortable. “I heard it’s customary to get the bride something.” He told the floor.

Catia wondered if he realized this made him look vulnerable and therefore… A bit adorable. “That’s really kind of you.”

“I want you to know that I’ll do everything in my power to be a good…” He cleared his throat. “A good husband.”

Chapter Text

“Are you hurt?”

Diaval took a little too long to answer. “No.”

Yennefer gave him a look. “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”

“I had an encounter with a wall.” He confessed.

“What?” She was baffled.

“I became human mid-flight.” He spoke quickly, thoroughly embarrassed. “I’m fine. Mostly.”

“I see…” She drawled, trying to fight off a grin.

Chapter Text

“I’m onto you, lady.” Sabina warned the actress in front of her.

Daphne rested her chin on her hand. “You’re adorable.” She gushed.

“Hm…” Sabina spluttered for a minute, not knowing what to say. “And you are… Absolutely gorgeous, to be honest. But also! You’re a thief.”

“Me?” Daphne gasped in outrage.

It was so fake Sabina had to roll her eyes. “I’ll prove it.”

“Then this will be fun.”