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Don't Blame Our Biology

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When Peter Parker was eleven years old his life changed forever. The head teacher at his school called him into her office and together with his aunt and uncle told him his parents had died. His kind, gentle, loving mom and dad who had given him everything killed in a car accident. Peter sat there in silence, unable to process this enormous tragedy.

He had got up for school that morning, just like every other day. His mother had made him blueberry pancakes and she and his dad had flirted and laughed in the kitchen, making Peter's little face blush at their closeness. He loved his parents, he loved his happy, safe life. His whole world was in their warm cosy home, surrounded by love and security. 

How was his childish brain supposed to understand that he would never see their faces or hear their reassuring voices ever again? His entire existence thrived through their guidance and understanding. No subject was too complex, no question too far-fetched. Honesty and transparency was the core to their relationship. 

Peter was a caring level-headed boy. He understood kindness and generosity and he treated his peers just so. It wasn't always reciprocated and on many an occasion he had been the victim of bullies, but he always did his best to ignore them and carried on being himself. The all-embracing support of his Beta parents made him proud of who he was. They instilled the notion that sometimes people who lacked love and affection in their lives were unable to adapt socially and they became bullies to feel noticed. They were merely seeking some form of attention even if it was negative.

It was on that premise that Peter had made friends with another boy who joined his class at the start of fourth grade. In contrast to Peter who was so bright the school had moved him up a year, this boy had been held back a year. So, despite their two-year age difference they found themselves together in the same class. 

This boy was from a broken home, his mother fled an abusive marriage and battled her own demons in the shape of drink and a string of unsuitable men who thought nothing of using both her and the boy as punch bags. He had almost no social skills, lashing out at the drop of a hat, disruptive and untamed, always acting the class clown. He'd never had a stable home and once again this would be a fresh start for him and his mother.

He was the complete opposite to Peter and yet against the odds they became friends, inseparable friends and in that one devastating moment he was the only person Peter could think about. He wanted to be with his friend, he made him feel safe, like his parents did.

He was his best friend.

His only friend.



(Three years before)

"Class we have a new student starting today, his name is Wade Wilson, please make him feel welcome." The teacher stood beside the slightly dishevelled looking boy who stood smirking at the other kids. "Take a seat over there next to Peter. He can bring you up to speed with our first project of the year." 

Peter was a year younger than the other kids in fourth grade. His intelligence and eagerness to learn had put him miles ahead of his peers, so the school decided to move him up a year. This brought its own issues in that Peter was now considered a nerd and a show off and often pushed around by the older kids. 

"Hi I'm Peter nice to meet you." He smiled sweetly at the new boy, but he rolled his eyes and slumped down in his seat.

"Yeah whatever, this place is so dumb." Wade looked around at the other kids and frowned. He was a year older than the others, having been held back due to problems at home. He had missed almost an entire year of school moving around with his mom trying to escape from his abusive father. 

Unlike Peter's parents who were both calm rational Betas, Wade's folks were tumultuous. His mother was an overly subservient Omega who had spent her life choosing the wrong men and alcohol over her son. There had been a baby girl, but she died from a heart condition at one month old. This had fuelled the mother's drinking as she blamed herself for her daughter's defective heart. The doctors warned her not to abuse her body during pregnancy but she carried on regardless. 

Wade's father was a brutish Alpha, prone to drinking heavily and sleeping around. He was nasty and violent and resented the boy and his mother. It was more likely that the father's cruel treatment of his wife lead to Wade's sister being born damaged, but he never missed an opportunity to remind the poor downtrodden woman that she had murdered his daughter.

In trying to escape this awful man they ended up in the same neighbourhood as Peter and his family and Wade became the younger boy's new class mate. The teacher hadn't intentionally placed the older boy next to Peter, but he had sat alone since the start of term and she thought it might be good for them both to interact. She hoped the younger boy's good manners and kindheartedness would rub off on Wade, encourage him to soften.

"Hey give me your pen." Wade snatched Peter's blue pen and started making crude drawings on his exercise book, ignoring the lesson content. Peter calmly took out another pen and said nothing. He wanted to show him his workbook, get him to join in on his idea for a project, but Wade looked disinterested and Peter found him a bit intimidating.

"Do you live close by? I live over on West Preston Avenue, you know it?" Peter tried to make conversation.

"Pfft...look kid I don't care where you live. Me and my mom will be out of here by the end of next week." Wade continued doodling pictures of cartoon characters, mostly shooting and stabbing one another. Despite the violent content, Peter thought the drawings were good.

When it came to lunch time Peter walked out into the corridor and almost immediately one of the older kids knocked his bag to the floor and kicked it down the hallway. He ignored the jeers and name calling and calmly walked over to his bag and lifted it up, but he could see liquid dripping from the bottom and realised his flask must have broken.

"Hahaha check out nerdy Parker's bag. Eww it smells like pee. Yeah Parker you smell like piss! Hahaha what a dork." The older kids fell about laughing at Peter's leaking bag and to his disappointment the new boy was joining in. Wade was just as much of a bully as they were, he fitted right in. Unlike Peter who now had to empty his sodden bag and try to save his precious workbook. He waited for the other kids to leave to see what the damage was. His workbook was all soggy and all the hours he had put in researching his favourite subject now seemed pointless. He had tears in his eyes at the loss of his work. He didn't care that his lunch was soaked and his other books. His only concern was his project.

One of the teachers approached him and asked if he needed some help. He started telling them about his project when he got upset. This made things worse as some of the other kids saw him and ran off outside to tell the rest of the group. The teacher helped him empty the wet things from his backpack and dried them off, giving him a temporary bag to use. He patted the boy on his shoulder and tried to be understanding, showing him that he could still read the words and he would just have to copy them into a new book. Peter sniffed, drying his tears and nodded. 

The rest of the day he had endured sniggering and faces being pulled. At one point a note was thrown his way with a picture of him crying. He recognised the art style as the same as Wade's other drawings. By this time the older boy had moved to a different seat, feeling more at home with the less amiable boys. Peter tried to close his mind off from the others. He knew they were just being stupid, attention seeking by picking on the youngest. His parents had warned him that this could happen, but that he should just stay true to himself. They explained that sometimes when a person did well or was good at something certain people would get jealous because secretly they wished they were that good too. The sad thing was if they spent half as much time on their work as they did on bullying other kids they could do so much better in school. Peter took a deep breath and started copying his work into a new book.

When it was time to go home Peter walked along the street and noticed Wade across the road. He didn't approach him, but watched as he kicked a can while trudging along. He didn't seem in a hurry to get home. He headed down a side street and Peter saw him head into a building with many residences. The windows looked dirty and there were no curtains or blinds and there was trash overflowing out the front and someone had left an old refrigerator and some tyres. It looked a mess and Peter felt sorry that Wade had to live there when he had a nice home with a porch and a garden.

He thought about his mother telling him that he should always be kind to people less fortunate than himself, even if sometimes they weren't nice. People who didn't know love and affection in their lives behaved accordingly. They didn't know how to be compassionate or good-hearted. He always tried his best to be considerate and caring towards others. He carried on walking home, but he kept thinking about Wade and where he lived. He decided he would try again to make friends with him. Maybe when the other kids weren't around.

Two days went by before Peter saw his new class mate again. He turned up late looking unwashed and sporting a black eye. The other kids started mumbling to each other and seeing that they had closed ranks he scowled at them and sat down beside Peter again. The teacher didn't pay him much attention and asked that the class work on their individual projects. Wade had no bag with him and no workbooks or pens. Peter offered to share his and silently the bigger boy took some pens and paper and started drawing. 

"I saw you walking home yesterday. You live on Lincoln Rd?" Peter was being friendly, but it rubbed Wade up the wrong way. He narrowed his eyes at his class mate and stabbed the pen into the desk.

"What? Are you some kind of weirdo, cry baby? You following me? You see this pen? Next time I'll stab it in your arm. Keep the fuck away from me." Wade whispered at him, but the teacher caught wind of something being amiss.

"Is everything alright Peter? Wade? Are you working on your ideas?" She watched them closely.

"Yes..erm everything is fine. I'm showing Wade my project." Peter covered for the older boy, but rather than being grateful he stamped on his foot under the table, making him wince and gasp. He could hear the other kids laughing, taunting Wade that Peter was showing him his project.

"Suck up." Wade sneered at him. Peter said nothing, he carried on writing, choosing to ignore his class mate for the rest of the morning. 

As Peter walked into the cafeteria at lunch time he noticed the more rowdy kids congregating round one of the bigger tables. Wade was nowhere to be seen. He wondered why he wasn't sitting with them. He decided to walk outside as the sun was shining and some kids ate their packed lunches at the picnic tables. He spotted Wade sitting alone by the big tree and he walked over.

"Hey why are you sitting here?" Peter could see Wade's face looked weird. His eyes were red and he sounded like his nose was blocked up. He looked like he'd been crying.

"Oh boy don't you ever quit? I told you to leave me the fuck alone." Wade turned away and wiped his eyes.

"Are you not having any lunch?" Peter persisted, he didn't want Wade to be sad.

"Nope, not hungry. The food sucks here anyhow." Wade shrugged his shoulders and Peter heard the distinct sound of his gut rumbling.

"Yeah. My mom won't let me eat the food they have here, she gives me a packed lunch. You can have some if you want. I got enough." Peter sat down beside Wade and started unpacking his lunch. He loved his mom's food, it was always nice sandwiches and fruit and potato chips and a snack bar. She stopped giving him a flask after the leaking bag incident and gave him juice boxes instead. He handed one to Wade, smiling at him to take it.

The bigger boy took the drink and eyed the tasty looking food. He licked his lips and Peter handed him a sandwich. He took it without saying a word. It was delicious, pastrami and cheese with tomato and lettuce and mayo. He had never had such a nice sandwich before. He took a handful of potato chips and crunched away, his belly feeling happy at finally getting some sustenance. The truth was that Wade hadn't eaten for two days and the black eye had been courtesy of his mother's latest squeeze, some drug dealer she'd picked up at a bar.

"Would you like grapes or the banana?" Peter held up a plastic container and Wade took some grapes. He carefully bit into one and tasting its sweetness he quickly shoved the others in his mouth. He had never eaten grapes before. Peter hummed as he ate his banana and finally when he had finished he snapped the snack bar in two and handed half to Wade. They sat munching away in silence, both enjoying the chocolate. 

"You could share my lunch again tomorrow if you like. My mom always gives me too much." This was a lie, because despite his small frame Peter had a big appetite, but he could tell Wade was hungry the way he devoured the food. He thought maybe the boy's mother had no money for food. This was true to an extent, except she spent all her money on alcohol and cigarettes. If young Wade wanted to eat he had to catch her before she started drinking. On a good day she would go to the store and buy food, but mostly it was a bad day and Wade had to fend for himself. He had already gained the sympathy of a neighbour and she had given him a couple of dollars, but he had soon spent that. 

"Yeah, okay." Wade thought he better stay friendly with the nerdy kid, he saw him as a provider. It wasn't that he didn't understand kindness, he had just learnt to see people as givers and takers. He knew how to stay close to the givers, get what he could, in case the next day there was nothing. Somebody like Peter was a perfect giver. Wade decided he would be his friend if it meant he would get fed.

Peter on the other hand saw only the possibility of having a friend. He was lonely, none of the other kids wanted to hang out with him. They thought he was weird because he had been moved up a year. In previous years he had a couple of friends, but not many and as he got further ahead with his learning they all tapered off. He longed to have someone to hang out with and talk to about things they liked. Maybe he wouldn't have much in common with Wade, but he was willing to give it his best shot. In Peter's eyes they had bonded over lunch and that was his ticket to finally having a buddy.

The rest of that week Peter shared his lunch with Wade. They didn't say much, apart from Peter telling him about his project and what books he liked to read. Wade just nodded and ate the food. He didn't read books, except at school if he had to. He certainly didn't read them for fun, he never saw the point. Listening to Peter prattling on about the stories he liked made the older boy wonder about some of them. The way his class mate talked about the characters and storylines it was like listening to someone telling him about a movie. Wade liked movies. Every day the food was nutritious and filling and it became the sole reason Wade came to school. He had found a way to get at least one meal a day and he felt happy to sit and listen to Peter while they ate.

The younger boy had noticed a change in his class mates and their behaviour towards him since he had started spending more time with Wade. He hadn't been bullied for days and it felt nice. He hated always feeling on edge the minute he stepped inside the classroom and it was worse in the hallway. There always seemed to be someone who wanted to take out their frustration on Peter and he never fought back. He just put up with it and then waited for them to disappear so he could carry on with his day. It seemed like Wade was the deterrent he needed. They were all scared of him.

Alas this didn't last. The weekend went by and as Monday came around Peter made sure he asked his mom for extra food for his lunch. She had noticed the previous week he had been ravenous when he got home from school, tucking into cereal and snacks before dinner. His mom had put it down to him being a growing boy and gladly provided more food if it made him happy. As he made his way to school he felt uplifted knowing he would be seeing his new friend, but as nine o clock came and went there was no sign of Wade. He sat alone at his desk and felt his heart sink as the other kids started doing their usual mean stuff. Once again he ignored them and buried his head in his books.

When lunch time arrived Peter hung back, letting the other kids leave the classroom first. He felt nervous about going into the cafeteria on his own after spending a few days with Wade. He decided to go outside instead, but as he walked out of the main doors he felt someone grab his back pack and pull him to the ground. He fell onto the floor and could only watch as the older boys unzipped his bag and emptied out the contents. They ripped open his lunch and stamped on it and took the juice boxes and snacks for themselves. Then they picked up his workbook and made fun of his project.

"Hahaha what the hell is this crap? Spiders? Who the hell writes a project about spiders, you are a freak Parker! This is what we think of your stupid project." The mean faced boy ripped the pages out of Peter's workbook, scattering them over the courtyard. The younger boy sat in tears as he watched his hard work destroyed once again. He put his face in his hands and cried his heart out. He just wanted to come to school and do his work and feel happy, but for some reason these boys hated him for that.

As Peter sat there sobbing into his hands two things happened. Firstly one of the older boys grabbed his back pack and whacked him across his head with it, shouting at him. This made Peter cry even more, but then he heard another voice coming from across the courtyard and then footsteps running and a thud as the mean boy fell to the ground. The other kids went completely silent and as Peter peeked through his fingers there was Wade standing over the other boy.

"You want some too? Anybody want to get their ass kicked? If you come near my friend Peter again I will fuck you up you hear me?" Wade started picking up Peter's things and what was left of his lunch. Wade growled at the other boys and they handed over their lunch money to give to Peter, muttering apologies as they made a swift getaway. The boy sat on the floor had a bloody nose and was crying. Peter scrambled to his feet and held a hand out to help him up. Wade shook his head, but he knew his class mate was good-hearted and he didn't hold grudges. The boy stood up and wiped his nose on his sleeve. Wade made him apologise to Peter and then he ran off.

"Are you okay?" Wade brushed Peter's jacket off and handed him his bag. 

"Yes. Thank you." Peter was in awe of the way his new friend had dealt with the bullies. Wade may have only been ten years old, but he acted much older. He'd grown up fast in his short chaotic life. Wade had witnessed things a child should never be exposed to, but nobody had ever really given a damn about him. He stuck up for Peter because the younger boy was a nice person and above all he was his regular food source and no dumb kids were going to ruin that for him.

By the end of the day the incident in the courtyard had spread all round the school and the boy with the bloody nose told the teacher Wade and Peter had beaten him up. None of the other bullies were saying anything, they were all too afraid that they would suffer the same fate. 

The Head asked Peter if she could speak to him and to his horror she had called his mom. He smiled sheepishly at her as he sat down. He knew she would let him explain, but he didn't want Wade to get into trouble. He was his new hero after all.

"Peter do you want to talk to me about something? I've heard some strange things about you and another boy called Wade? Is he new? Mrs Carter tells me you were involved in a fight, is this true?" Mrs Parker looked lovingly at her son, she just wanted him to be honest.

"I'm sorry mom...and Mrs Carter. It wasn't really a fight. Wade was helping me because they ripped my project up and threw all my stuff on the floor. He's my friend and we have lunch together. I share my food with him because his mother has no money and he never has anything to eat. I didn't want him to be hungry. I'm so sorry mama." Peter was blushing and shifting in his seat. He hated the idea of upsetting anybody, let alone his beloved mother.

Mrs Parker and the Head gave each other a knowing look. Wade's distorted home life had been the topic of conversation before Peter entered the room. They knew he was troubled and they wanted to make sure he wasn't leading the younger boy down the wrong path.

"This wasn't the first time they picked on you was it Peter? One of the other teachers told me about what happened in the hallway the other day. You need to tell us when things like this happen or we can't help you." Mrs Carter was firm but kind and she was not impressed with the other boys. "Mrs Parker if you are happy for me to handle things then I will speak to Wade and the other boys and make sure they all understand that I will not tolerate violence or intimidation of any kind." 

"No...please don't punish Wade, he is my friend. If he gets into trouble he might not come back to school. They don't bother me when he's here. her, you get it don't you?" Peter was in tears at the thought of losing his brand new friend and protector.

"Don't worry, Wade won't be in trouble. I am just going to talk to him and his mother, just like I am going to speak to the other boys with their parents too. You are a very good friend Peter, looking out for Wade like that, you did a kind thing sharing your lunch." Mrs Carter smiled at Peter and nodded at his mother. 

"Would you like to come home early today Peter? We could bake some cookies if you like." Peter could almost smell the cookies, but he didn't want to leave Wade, so he told his mom he would be home at the usual time. She understood and gave him a hug. He was her best boy and she could not have been more proud of his selfless little heart.

"Peter sweetie if you would like to invite your new friend round to the house that would be fine. I bet he likes cookies too. Why don't you ask him?" Mrs Parker felt a level of concern for the older boy's welfare and she wanted to meet him for herself to make sure the friendship was genuine. The last thing she wanted was for her son's good heart to be taken advantage of.

At the end of that school day Peter asked Wade if he wanted to come over to his house for cookies. He purposely mentioned food as that seemed to be Wade's main driving force in life. Peter desperately wanted the older boy to see his room and all his stuff. He wanted to share the things he liked with him. So, when Wade agreed he couldn't have been happier. The younger boy proudly walked alongside his new friend as they made their way to Peter's home.

Wade had never lived in a nice house with a porch or a garden. The most he had was a small concrete yard to throw a ball about among other people's trash. For a short while when his mom was pregnant she tried to make things nice for them. They moved into a small apartment with a balcony and she decorated it with bright happy colours. There had been food in the refrigerator and clean clothes every day and his mother didn't touch a drop of alcohol for months. Wade thought things were finally changing and he began to relax more. He felt 'normal' for once in his short life. 

Then one day his father reappeared after six months absence. He had been living in Las Vegas with a wealthy Omega. The woman had won some money on the lottery and the wily Alpha had jumped at such an opportunity, spreading his pheromones all round the unsuspecting Omega. It had all fallen apart when the woman lost most of her fortune in the casinos and Wade's father no longer had a cash cow to leech off.. He had no loyalty towards anybody, a sexual predator, a snake of a man. He slithered through life creating misery and chaos wherever he laid his hat.

Within one week of his father returning the shouting began again and his mother was sporting a black eye. He noticed the food soon ran out and instead of milk and juice his mother bought vodka and gin. The baby crib stayed in its box, never getting assembled and the money she was saving in the tiny pink piggy bank was squandered by his deadbeat dad. Later on in his life Wade realised his baby sister never stood a chance. How could she have survived with those two as her parents? He always promised her that he would look after her, but he was never given that chance. He was a kid, an eight year old boy, when she died. That was the day he was forced to grow up, leave what remnant of a childhood he had behind him. His mother never recovered and her addictions spiralled out of control. Wade learnt to look after himself. His father came and went when it suited him and every time he disappeared new men would appear, all Alphas, all selfish, all just after one thing.

For Wade, walking into Peter's family home was like entering into a dream world. It was cosy, bright and welcoming, the smell of baking filled the air, music drifted through the house from Mrs Parker's radio. The older boy looked around and imagined this must be what heaven was like. Then when he saw Peter's mom he knew for sure, because to him she looked like an angel.

"Hello Peter how was school? Oh and this must be Wade, please to meet you. I'm Mary Parker. I hope you like cookies because I've made far too many for Peter to eat on his own." She winked at her son as she lead them both into the kitchen. Wade's eyes widened as he saw the cookies piled high on a plate. He reached over to take one, but stopped as Mrs Parker gestured towards the sink. "Wash your hands first please, then you can help yourself."

Wade blushed deep crimson at his mistake. Usually manners and good behaviour were not high on his list, but something about Peter's mom made him want to do his best. She was just so nice, he felt a warm feeling in his belly when she smiled at him and spoke in her gentle voice. Years later when Wade had been through a rough time as an adult he would often think about Peter's mom and how kind she was. Many a moment he had wished she was still around to talk to. He would laugh thinking about his childhood self being completely in love with his friend's mom. It was cute and innocent, born from a desire to feel wanted by a parent.

Sitting in the Parker's kitchen eating the still-warm cookies Wade felt happier than he could ever remember and his ten-year old brain decided in that moment he never wanted to leave. He wanted them to adopt him, make him Peter's brother. He made all kinds of promises with himself that he would be good and well-behaved and do his homework, bargaining with the universe to let him stay in that lovely place. 

"Come on let's go to my room. I've got some cool stuff to show you. Do you like comics? I have loads, you can borrow some if you like." Peter's face was radiating pure joy that his new friend was in his house and going to see his room. He could barely contain his excitement as he bounded up the stairs. Wade grabbed an extra cookie before following him. He glanced at Mrs Parker and she smiled warmly at him, making him blush once more.

Mary Parker knew about Wade's home life. She was on close terms with the Head of the school Mrs Carter and they had spoken about Peter's friendship with the new boy prior to the conversation about the fight. She felt sorry for Wade, no child should have to bare witness to their parents destroying each other. Seeing how happy her own son looked now he had a new friend made Mrs Parker want to encourage the two boys friendship. The Head had told her Peter was having a positive effect on Wade even just after a couple of days. He seemed calmer and less provocative in Peter's company. More importantly he had actually participated in class and done some work. Mrs Parker wondered if that was also because the child had eaten some food courtesy of Peter's lunch. She had observed how he had guzzled the cookies with the voraciousness of someone who hasn't eaten for days.

She was mindful not to impose on another's child, but her nurturing instinct told her she should keep an eye on Wade, make sure he was safe. She had also decided it would be better if Peter didn't go round to the older boy's house. Unless she knew for certain that there was nothing untoward going on she couldn't trust the situation. Mrs Parker didn't want her only son to be exposed to any kind of social degradation. He would have enough to deal with later in life, she wanted his childhood to be as carefree as possible. It pained her heart to know he had been the victim of bullies at school and the knowledge that Wade had stepped in to protect him was a big relief, but she still needed Peter to understand that violence was never the answer. 

Her son was a good-hearted soul and she and Mr Parker had done their best to instill good morals and decent values into him. They were both mild-mannered people from a long lineage of Betas so it was fairly certain that Peter would be a Beta too. Judging by what Mrs Carter had told her Wade's parents were Omega and Alpha so the boy could present as either. She could already see that he had a bigger build than Peter even being two years older. For a ten year old he was tall and sturdy, prime Alpha characteristics. She would have to talk to Peter about ALpha/Beta/Omega biology since the school wasn't really very reliable on these matters. She knew that even if Wade presented as an Alpha and Peter grew into a Beta it could still be an issue if the two boys were in close contact. Mrs Parker laughed at how far she was getting ahead of herself. Most teenagers didn't present until they were sixteen or older and that was a long way off yet.

"This one is a tarantula and this one is a huntsman spider, they are native to Australia. Oh and this one is a black widow, look at the red markings on the body." Peter was showing Wade pictures he had used for his project. He was crazy about spiders and arachnology. His friend lay on the bed leaning on his elbow, pretending to be interested. Wade didn't have any hobbies so to hear someone so engaged about one subject was a fascination in itself. His childish brain was happy lying on Peter's soft bed that smelt of washing powder and a faint scent of cookies. His friend's voice was gentle and lyrical, making him feel a little sleepy. He hadn't slept properly in days. His own bed was a mattress on the floor with thin sheets and a stained duvet that only smelt of damp and cigarettes. He had lay awake listening to his mother crying and then laughing and then her latest squeeze had turned up and they had sex. Loud animalistic noises made the young boy feel uncomfortable and he had stuck his fingers in his ears to block out the sounds. Compared to the discomfort of his own home Peter's room felt like luxury. Without realising he drifted off to sleep.

Peter sat watching his new friend as he slept. It had been thirty minutes since he fell asleep and the younger boy had put a blanket over him. There was something about Wade's face that gave Peter a funny feeling in his belly. Like he wanted to climb on the bed and lay beside him, hold his hand even. He wanted to be close to this bigger boy who had saved him from the bullies. 

Of course later in life, when Peter was an adult, he realised the moment Wade saved him was probably when he inadvertently fell in love with him. At eight years old Peter didn't know what that kind of love was, but he knew he wanted to stay friends with Wade forever.