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Don't Blame Our Biology

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(2 years earlier)


You're a weak pathetic Omega.

No it's not true. It can't be. It's a mistake.

No Wade you know it's the TRUTH!!

Hahahahahaha you're a joke Wilson.

"Bruce are you sure? How has this happened?" Wade sat in Bruce's lab and stared in disbelief. This was another blow to his already crumbling self-esteem after the horrors of Weapon X. First his skin and now his Alpha status torn away from him.

"I'm sorry Wade it looks pretty conclusive to me buddy. Just the simple blood test showed up hormone levels that match those of an Omega, add to that the chemical tests and it's shown me you are well on your way to becoming a full Omega. Consider this phase you're in now like puberty." Bruce tried to show Wade the test results, but he waved them away, unable to deal with the enormity of this discovery. 


Uh oh ..even're an UGLY Omega...who's gonna want you?!!

Hahahaha not pretty baby Peter.

He only wanted your ALPHA!

Face it Wade...your life is OVER!

"Stop it. My life was over the day I left shut up!" Wade muttered to himself as he paced up and down the lab. As usual the voices spoke the truth. They were right, nobody would want him now. 
Wade saw the concerned look on Bruce's face. He pulled out the photograph of him and Peter as kids. Just seeing his sweet young face caused The Merc to catch his breath, memories flooded his damaged mind.

Sunlight, warm breeze, your mom telling us to stand still.

Your face, happy.

The sound of your laugh.

I hear that sound in my sleep Baby Boy.

And your scent...even then...locked in my mind forever.

Freshly baked cookies.

Even when your Omega scent took never left you.

Cookies and Almonds.

My Peter.

Not anymore...he won't want you now.

"Remember at Weapon X I told you there was somebody I needed to find? This is us as kids, that's him on the left. Bruce, I don't know what to do. If what you're saying is true and I really am an Omega, then I may as well stop searching. My friend he's an Omega too. I was his Alpha, we were together for a short while. We mated and we were in love, but I left him. Shit happened and I got into some trouble because of my old man and I just bailed. Like a goddamn coward I ran away. I didn't even tell him to his face, I just wrote a crappy letter." Wade sighed deeply. Every day he regretted his actions.

"I never stopped thinking about him. I used to have another photo of us both after we got together, but I lost it in the fire at Weapon X. I don't need the other photo, because every time I close my eyes I see his face. I love him so much, but if I'm an Omega it's pointless. I was his Alpha, that was my only chance of rekindling any kind of connection with him. It would always be a long-shot whether he'd even speak to me after all this time, but I figured if he caught my scent there could be a chance. That's not going to happen now. I've blown it man. I got rid of the cancer all because I wanted to find him...tell him how fucking sorry I was for leaving him. He's never ever going to forgive me now." Wade covered his face with his hands. He wanted to cry, shout, punch the wall, but numb shock replaced his emotions. All he could do was sit there and look lost. 

"You know it is possible for two Omegas to fall in love and live happily together. If you were mates once, there's no reason you couldn't be again. I just think you've come so far it would be a shame to give up. If you love him, keep trying Wade. Nothing in life is certain, not really, especially this world we live in." Bruce tried to comfort him.

Wade's mind could only focus on how often he'd failed in his life. It always felt like he never caught a break. His childhood, his mother, his sister's death, his disgusting father, getting kicked out of Special Ops, cancer, Weapon X and then the final insult, becoming an Omega. 

Yet, all those things paled in comparison to the pain he felt over leaving Peter. The knowledge that he hurt the one person he loved more than life itself cut him deeper than any torture he endured at Weapon X. Since the day he left him all Wade wanted to do was make it up to Peter.

The Merc grinned sarcastically to himself. This was another one of life's curveballs. As if covering him in scars wasn't enough, Mother Nature decided he should spend eternity as an Omega. It felt like she was punishing him for messing with the cancer.

Yeah, by rights I should be dead.

Well, that ain't ever gonna happen now Jello-Face.

Oh that's a new tired of Offal-Features?

Hey OMEGA shut up!

Yeah...we can call you anything we want to and there's nothing you can do about it!

Hey? How long until you get fucked by some sleazy Alpha?

You're gonna go into heat...ohhh that's gonna be FUN!

Take that big old knot...You better watch out bitch-boy.

"Jesus fuck...shut up...please." Wade tried to block the voices. He glanced across the lab and there on the far wall a poster caught his eye.


"That poster, it reminds me of him, my friend." Wade smiled at Bruce. He could see the worry lines on his forehead. He didn't want the scientist to think he'd suddenly become helpless now he was an Omega. 

"Ah yes, the Entomology Dept. share this lab with me. Did your friend like spiders?" Bruce asked. 

"Yeah, you could say that. He was a goddamned expert, totally crazy about them. I never saw the appeal myself. He used to talk for hours, telling me every single name and detail. I didn't mind. I loved how happy it made him. His face could have warmed even the coldest heart, pure fucking sunshine. Damn...I miss you Pete." Wade groaned as he hung his head. He gave Bruce a sideways look, realising he'd said the last part out loud.

"Peter. That's his name. Don't repeat it to anybody okay? Oh and let's keep this conversation between you and me. I don't want that fucking asshole Stark and his S.H.I.E.L.D. buddies finding out I'm some freak of nature. It's bad enough they'll know what happened at Weapon X but I'm keeping a low profile. There are only 2 people in this city who know what I look like now and one of them is you. I hope I can trust you Bruce." Wade fixed the scientist with a stare. He knew if Stark found out about his further mutation he'd come sniffing around. Wade never wanted to see another needle or white coat as long as he lived. Bruce Banner would officially be the last white-coat scientist allowed anywhere near his ravaged body.

Don't let me down green boy.

Wade left Bruce that night and sloped off back to his apartment. He'd only moved in the week before. After escaping the horrors of Weapon X he figured the city would be his next stop. He needed to look up some old contacts, scout for a few jobs. The other person who knew about his identity was his old friend Weasel, who ran the best (or worst, considering the hygiene levels) Mercenary hang-out in the city. Wade knew Weasel would never reveal his name to anybody, not out of loyalty, but mainly out of fear. The Merc reminded Weasel he would put his nuts in a vice if he ever squealed. The bar owner was also a Beta, so at least he wouldn't have to worry about any unwanted questions regarding his new status. He acquired a fake ID and set to work. Wade had no intention of giving up the lucrative Merc business whether he was an Omega or not.

However, there was one thing the voices picked up on that worried him. 


He forgot to ask Bruce if his tests revealed anything. He had no idea if he would even fall into a heat. Did his Omega function the same as those that presented as teens? Would his mutated body react as a regular Omega? Wade found himself feeling fearful of the prospect of heat. He didn't like the idea of being mated by some random Alpha. He wondered if he smelt different already. 

He remembered Peter's first heat in the locker room and how badly he behaved towards the Omega. He still recalled the guilt and shame. 

Yet, he forgave me and then he told me he loved me.

I didn't deserve him.

What goes around comes around Wade.

This is karma biting your ugly chopped liver ass.

Some big butch Alpha is going to pin you down and take what he wants.

Not if I shoot him he won't!

Wade constantly fought the voices in his head. Their taunts drove him insane half the time, but their tendency to show a deeper truth always unnerved him. He needed a distraction, some sleazebags to slice up. Wade felt like he should prove to himself that becoming an Omega wouldn't change him. He could still be a Merc.

Yeah..fuck it!

Find me a job Merc Fairies.

He figured his maimed appearance would only act as an asset in the Mercenary business, make him more intimidating. 

Imagine meeting this fucked up face in a dark alley?

He still had his weapons, handguns and katanas. Nothing to stop him from picking up his life and moving forward. If and when the heat arrived he would deal with it, take suppressants, lock himself up for a week. He could buy some interesting sex toys, make it fun at least. 

I mean, how bad can it be?

Wade's only close experience of an Omega's heat was Peter. Since leaving him The Merc shunned Omegas, favouring Betas and even another Alpha for his sexual encounters. He came across the odd one, but their scent did nothing for him and he found himself feeling annoyed at their over-sensitive demeanor. The weaker ones reminded him too much of his mother. He didn't rememember her heats, he would have been too young to understand and later she took suppressants. He assumed all the times random Alphas came sniffing round were the times she fell into a heat. Thinking back just made him feel ashamed of his own inability to look after his mom, but how could he? He was a child.

In the army he'd been surrounded by Alphas and Betas and that suited him. Then after clashing with his superiors in Special Ops he found himself back out in society with no goal. A chance encounter with an old army buddy brought him to the world of Mercenaries. The risks and rewards gave him an edgy adrenaline rush. He felt untouchable until he discovered his body riddled with cancer. 

When they kicked him out the army his first instinct was to head back to his old town. He wanted to make amends with Peter, beg for his forgiveness, but four years had passed and he realised things would have moved on. He didn't think it would be fair to just show up out of the blue, besides Peter would probably be away at college. He felt nothing towards his parents. He didn't even know if they still lived there. He knew his father made a full recovery and the police closed all enquiries into his attack, because one of his High School teachers contacted his original recruiter in the army. 

The only emotion he felt about his father's recovery was anger. Ben Parker used his father's injuries against him. He knew it was wrong to involve Peter, asking him to lie to the police. He still felt a deep-seated rage at the memory of his father assaulting his beautiful Omega. He had no choice but to teach him a lesson. He didn't blame Peter's uncle, he understood he was trying to protect his nephew. Wade wondered at the time if Peter ever found out what his uncle said.

Did he ever try to find me? 

Part of Wade always hoped Peter found happiness and moved on, but another more selfish part also hated the idea of his Omega connecting with somebody new. In his mind Peter never stopped being his mate. To Wade they were meant to be, soulmates, a perfect pair. In his fragile mind he always thought one day they would be reunited and live happily ever after.

Wade's lack of any real in-depth knowledge of Omegas would rapidly become a problem as he completely underestimated the effects of a heat and how vulnerable it would make him. He knew it could be difficult from seeing and hearing Peter go through his heat and he knew about birth control and the reasons for ruts and heats, but he told himself he was different. 

Wade still thought like an Alpha. In his mind he could handle anything, especially after surviving cancer and Weapon X. The knowledge that he'd become immortal also gave him a fearless edge. He thought a heat would be no big deal.

He was wrong.

Wade discovered too late that a heat was in fact a huge deal and he'd never been more ill-prepared for something in his entire life. It caught him completely off-guard in the worst way possible and shattered his already faltering self-confidence. 

Two and a half months after discovering his new Omega status Wade just finished a job involving the kidnapping of a casino owner's wife and young daughter. He'd rescued the woman and her child from an empty building and after making sure they were home safely he returned to deal with the kidnapper. During the entire job Wade felt weird, emotional. He found himself getting upset about the child and after he took them home he broke down in tears. He failed to understand the effect his Omega hormones were having on him. Things only got worse when he confronted the kidnapper and found himself unable to pull the trigger. The guy teased him, calling him weak and saying that he could smell his Omega and he was fooling nobody with his tough Merc act. That seemed to push Wade in the right direction and he shot the guy in the head, but almost immediately after he fell to pieces. He felt overwhelmed by guilt and sadness that he'd taken someone's life, even a scumbag who didn't deserve any sympathy. 

To his shock he realised what the kidnapper said about his scent. Did that mean he was coming into heat? Wade hadn't really been paying attention. He bought scent blockers and suppressants, but kept forgetting to use them. Being a Merc nobody bothered him and they sure as hell wouldn't have dared question him about anything personal. He'd pretty much ignored his Omega since talking to Bruce, but now he suddenly felt uncomfortable. If the kidnapper could smell him that meant other Alphas could too. He needed to get home and find the scent blockers, take the suppressants, stop this from happening. 

Before he got chance to leave the scene of the crime Wade found himself bent over in excruciating pain. He felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing him in his lower back and abdomen. Soon it would be dark, he really needed to get out of there. He shoved his gun inside his jacket and tried to straighten up.

"Aaah Fuck!" Another jolt of pain shot through his midriff, doubling him over once more. He just wanted to go home, but he was nowhere near his apartment. The pain made him sweat. He couldn't lower his hood out in the street because his skin would  draw the wrong attention. In this state he needed to stay as anonymous as possible. 

How the hell am I going to avoid any Alphas?

So far Wade hadn't been interested in any of the Alphas he'd met. To his relief none of their scents had any effect on him, but heat was different. He worried about getting caught before he reached the safety of his apartment. 

Focus Wade, block out the thoughts. Don't let anything into your head.

Hide your face and keep walking until you get home.

The pain eased off a little, but he felt damp between his legs. He knew it was probably slick, but there was nothing he could do about it. 

Fuck this! Why now? 

Why is this my fucking life?

Wade pulled his hood further forward and closed his jacket. Stepping outside he realised more time must have passed than he thought as it was already dark. He took a few deep breaths and hitched his collar up higher.

Better get walking Omega.

Watch out for the big bad Alphas.

Ooohhh Wade they're going to smell your leaking hole a mile away!

Those big nasty Alphas are going to breed your fucked up ass.


The voices echoed in his mind. He needed to block them out if he was going to make it home safely. This was not the time to lose focus. He wasn't scared about getting killed, no it was the idea of being attacked against his will. Being immortal didn't make him immune to pain and trauma. He didn't think his damaged mind could handle being raped by some sleazebag. 

What? You mean like you did to poor helpless Peter?

Wade shook his head. He couldn't listen to them. He needed to keep walking.

I've got my gun. I'll shoot any creeps.

What if you can't Wadey boy? 

Heat plays mean tricks, makes you weak.

What if your Omega wants some thick Alpha cock?

The Merc stopped and leant against a wall. The voices were making it impossible for him to concentrate on where he should be going. He couldn't use the main streets as there were still a lot of people about and he didn't want to risk getting noticed. Navigating back streets was a bit more tricky, but he knew the city, he knew how to get home.

Please...just let me make it and then everything will be okay.

As Wade cut across a dimly lit street he suddenly heard footsteps and voices. A thick musk filled the air, alerting him they were Alphas. He started walking faster, worried they would notice him. They turned into a side alley and Wade breathed a sigh of relief. He stopped for a brief moment to catch his breath. A sharp pain cut through him, making him groan out loud as he grabbed hold of his stomach.

Shit...hold it together...this is bad.

He didn't understand why his healing factor wasn't kicking in, making the pain go away, but maybe this wasn't something that could be stopped. What damage was there to heal? This was a chemical reaction, something natural for all Omegas, which now included him. 

His Omega picked up on the faint smell of musk still hanging in the air. Slick pooled in his boxers, permeating the fabric, releasing his potent pheromones.



I don't want that.

I need to get back to my apartment.

Wade clutched his abdomen, puffing and panting. He could feel his body reacting, forcing his arousal. Dizzy and off-balance, Wade felt like he might faint. Holding on to the wall he tried to take control of his senses, but his arms felt like lead and the pain made his legs shake. 

"Ohhh hey what have we here!" 

Wade froze.

The musk, much heavier than before, almost suffocated him. He could feel it clouding his judgement. Wade knew this wouldn't end well.

"Looks like someone in trouble." 

The voices from before started moving closer.

Wade knew he was in a tight spot. He tried to fumble for his gun, but his hands wouldn't work. The strong Alpha scent paralysed him.

Fuck...I need my gun. Jesus ...shit. I can't ...oh my god...what the hell is happening?

Wade fell to his knees, floored by the pain and the rush of heat hormones. He couldn't think straight. He tried to talk, but all that came out was incoherent mumbling.

"Mmhno I'm ...ahh f-fine..p-please..mhnh..go..leave me." He sat on the floor trying to steady his breathing. He felt drunk, except this was much worse. The voices were too close now. 

"Oh smell that?"


"That's some sweet heat sugar right there...hey Omega you need some help?"

The sound of their laughter rang out like a chiming bell of doom. 

Come see the heat-struck Omega...come and take a bite! 

"Hey baby...why don't you let us take care of your sweet Omega ass? You smell ripe honey."

Wade curled up into a ball on the floor, the pain felt unbearable. The Merc knew how to handle pain, but this was something else. His groin ached, like he wanted the Alpha strangers to take him, fill him with however many knots they could give him. He couldn't even figure out how many guys there were.

His consciousness flitted between fear and an unquenchable thirst, a need. The Alpha's mixed scents drowned him, their heavy fragrances mixed with his confused Omega pheromones. He could hear the change in their voices, they no longer sounded so friendly. Their Alphas clearly ready to devour him. Wade desperately wished he could lash out and run home, but his Omega turned him into a quivering mess. The stronger the Alpha's scent became, the more slick soaked his crotch. 

" can't hide. You're going to give us what we want."

"Smell so, I can almost taste it!

"You're gonna present for us Omega."

"You belong to us now Omega...Take him!" 

Wade felt himself being lifted and through his heat-daze he could just make out the alleyway they dragged him into. He looked up at their faces. Three guys, red-eyed and grinning as they stood over him. Their Alphas clearly in charge. The vulnerable Omega had no choice, they would take what they wanted, what they saw as their right.

Rough hands took hold of him, ripping open his pants. The air felt cold on his slick-drenched ass. They forced him on all fours, making him arch his back. He could hear the Alphas, growling and panting as they spread his thighs apart and thrust their fingers inside him.

"Smell that Omega slick...he's sweet as fuck. Who's going first? Get him to suck your cock!" The guy who it seemed was the lead Alpha barked orders at the other two while he dug his fingers deep in Wade's ass. 

"What's wrong with his skin? He looks that some fucked up Omega shit?" One of the other Alphas stood back, not wanting to touch Wade. He wasn't as far gone as the other two. 

"Who cares what the fuck he looks like, smell him!! What's wrong with you, you still a goddamned virgin or something?" The bigger Alpha growled as he unbuckled his belt. "I'm going to fuck him right now, he smells too good!"

Wade began to cry. He couldn't defend himself. His Omega wanted them to violate him. He tried to fight it, but his body felt too weak. He finally began to understand how Omegas got pushed around so easily. If heat rendered them so helpless was it any wonder they were so vulnerable? Was this how Peter felt that day in the locker room? Did Wade behave the same way as these Alphas? Did he really just take what he wanted? A forlorn sense of shame and regret spiked his conscience. This was his punishment.

The voices were right.

This is karma coming to bite me.

I deserve every bad thing that happens to me.

I'm so sorry Peter...for everything I did to you.

The grunting Alpha broke Wade's thoughts, his groping hands spreading his ass further apart. The Merc couldn't stop himself from keening as the main Alpha rammed inside his slick hole. It felt weird, like an intrusion, big and uncomfortable, but it still made him hard. His Omega needed to be taken, filled with eager Alpha cock. Flashbacks of Peter, his tear-soaked face, the look in his eyes, asking one question.


Why did you leave me?

My beautiful Peter.

You deserved so much better.

The third Alpha unzipped his jeans and pulled off Wade's hood, but the minute he saw his scarred appearance he hesitated. 

"What the fuck? Hey man this Omega isn't right...I don't care how sweet he smells...look at him!" The Alpha pulled a disgusted face and pushed Wade's head away from him.

"Hahahaha you two are fucking losers. I'm gonna have his tasty Omega cunt no matter how butt-ugly his face is. Yeah, he's taking it real good....that's it you messed up slut...walking out here all alone in your heat. You were just waiting to get fucked weren't you?" The Alpha thrust inside The Merc, over and over, deeper with every push. 

Wade cried and pleaded, one half of him begging for more, the other half cursing the Alpha to let him go. He could feel himself getting more and more aroused, his body craving the Alpha's pounding cock. His own erection leaked pre-cum as it bounced against his thighs with every shove. Wet slapping noises echoed round the alleyway as the larger Alpha speeded up his assault on Wade's soaking hole. He could hear him grunting and huffing as he chased his release. The Alpha's knot was fully inflated, ready to lodge inside The Merc's ass. 

"You're mine hear me..once I knot you I can have you whenever I want you hahahaha....damn you are one ugly bastard...I'll fuck you with a bag over your head...stop me from throwing up!" The Alpha's cruel words hit Wade hard. As if the humiliation of having his heat cherry popped by some random in a disgusting alley wasn't bad enough. Wade didn't want to be owned by this Alpha, he started trying to break free from his hold, fighting his Omega's urges. The Merc's last shred of rational thought fighting for control.

"Oh no no you're not going anywhere, I'm gonna knot you Omega! Hey, help me hold him down." The Alpha grabbed Wade's hips tighter. One of the other Alpha's ran back over, kicking Wade's jacket aside as he leant down to restrain his arms. 

"Oh man, is that a gun?" The third Alpha bent down, picked up Wade's gun and pointed it upwards pretending to shoot. Not realising the safety catch was off he accidentally fired it. The loud bang ripped through the alley, sending the shocked young Alpha staggering backwards. The gun fell to the ground causing it to fire once more, except this time it hit Wade in his side. 

The Merc cried out as he felt the bullet pierce his flesh and lodge in his ribs. Horrified by the bleeding wound the other Alpha let go of Wade's arms, jumped up and ran away. The bigger Alpha cursed loudly as he pulled out. 

"FUCK YOU morons!! I'VE NOT FINISHED HERE!! FUCKING COWARDS! Quit your whining, Omega..I'm not done with you." The Alpha knelt over Wade and jerked himself off as The Merc lay crying on the cold floor, blood oozing from the wound. His heat combined with the impact of the bullet made him feel nauseous and woozy. His body gave up as he lay there sobbing.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! Ah ...Fuck Omega ..your scent is getting me off..ahh...yeah...OHHH WHAT??? SHIIIIT WOOAHH" The Alpha's voice suddenly sounded far away, like he'd been catapulted to the top of a building.

Thwip Thwip.

What's that noise?

Wade clenched his eyes shut, this was all getting too weird. His heat made him feel too drained and the wound throbbed in his side. He knew his body would reject the bullet sooner or later as he healed. Lying face down on the wet grimy ground he could feel himself slipping in and out of consciousness. He noticed a shadow and then a calm friendly voice that made him feel strange, warm.



"Hey there, I'm not going to ask if you're okay because I can see you're not. I'm not going to hurt you, don't worry. I just want to help you. Please don't be scared." Wade didn't know who the kind person was, but their voice had an instant calming effect on his Omega. 

"I'm going to help you get dressed, can you sit up?" Wade tried to move, his side burning from the gunshot wound. He felt the person cover him up with his jacket. He caught a glimpse of red and blue as he tried to look over his shoulder. Then he passed out.


The last thing Wade remembered before he lost consciousness was a heavenly aroma, like vanilla, but sweeter. That same scent filled his senses as he woke up in his apartment. 

Wide-eyed The Merc looked down at his body. He was wearing a clean t-shirt and fresh boxers and whoever helped him had put clean sheets on his bed. They'd also applied a dressing to his side, but he knew the wound would be healed already. 

Thank you super healing factor.

The sweet vanilla scent hung in the room like a heavy shroud. It smelt familiar, but he couldn't place how or where he'd smelt it before. It reminded him of ice-cream. More importantly, it seemed to pacify his Omega, stemming his pheromones. 

Wade had no idea how long he'd been lying there or how he even got home. It was still dark outside so a couple of hours at most. He tried to remember what happened, but as the memories flooded his mind he wished he could forget them again.

"Damn you are one ugly bastard.

I'll fuck you with a bag over your head."

"How could I forget that charming character?" Wade frowned sarcastically, but his heart felt heavy. He expected life would be that way now he resembled three-week old burger meat. Even when his body emitted the right pheromones, that still wouldn't hide his skin from potential suitors, not that alley boy was ever in the running.

Alpha prick.

"Ahh...shit...oh no not this again." Wade curled into a foetal position as the heat cramps returned with a vengeance. He tried to inhale the scent that lingered in the room, but it wasn't strong enough. Something about it made him need more.

"AHHH...mnggggg...oh god...fuck this shit!" Wade tried to crawl out of bed. He needed to find the suppressants he'd bought weeks ago, anything to stop the agony of his heat. He ended up on the floor. As he sat hugging his knees, waiting for the pain to subside he saw two legs appear in the doorway.

Blue and red.

"Hey? You alright?" A voice like liquid sunshine spoke softly. 

Wade felt like he was dreaming.

Sweetness.. baked goods...muffins.


" hurts too much." Wade's emotions engulfed his senses. A sob caught in his throat as he attempted to get back up on the bed. He tried to hide his face, too conscious of his skin.

Please don't think I'm a monster.

The blue and red legs crouched down beside him, revealing a full suit with what looked like a large spider emblem on the chest area. The figure wore a red mask with large eyes and a spider's web stretched across the fabric. 

"W-who are you? How did you get here?" Wade felt confused, but even more so he felt light-headed from the delicious fragrance coming from the masked man.

"I'm Spider-Man, pleased to meet you Jack Preston. Sorry I found your ID, that's how I knew your address. I thought you'd be better at home seeing as you looked pretty bad when I found you." Wade forgot about his fake ID. He based the name Jack Preston on places associated with his and Peter's past. They'd both attended Jackson High School and the Parkers originally lived on West Preston Avenue.

Better to keep quiet about my identity. 

The masked man helped Wade get back on the bed. The Merc found himself wanting to stay close to him, scent him.

Damn, he smells gorgeous.

What is that suit about?


He... like Peter...could it be? 

No...stop it Wade...this guy's an Alpha.

Are you sure about that, Pretty Polly?

"T-thank you..ahh..hmm..shit this is my first really bad heat..hey are you an Alpha?" Wade felt it might be better not to let on this was actually the only heat he'd ever experienced due to his mutation. He didn't know if the masked Spider-Man had any dealings with The Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Erm..yes I'm an Alpha..but don't worry, I won't hurt you." His gentle voice stirred something long forgotten in Wade. A safe feeling, recognition, attraction. 


"Yes, it's, I'm sorry..for this, me. Thank you for bringing me home and cleaning me up, that can't have been a task. I don't usually recommend people get close and personal with this toxic wasteland all over my body." Wade turned his face away, shame creeping over him. 

"Please don't apologise. You can't help how you look. I didn't want the bullet wound to get infected and I thought if you woke up nice and clean it would help you feel better. Honestly, I don't care about your skin, I just wanted you to be okay. I'm sorry I didn't find you sooner, the sound of the gun shots caught my attention." Spider-Man's kindess bowled Wade over. He felt both grateful and enamoured by this mysterious man.

Please stay with me.

"I've had the worst day today smell really good,'s just...ahhh shit. Please could you help me one last time? Just sit with me, let me scent you...please?" Wade begged the masked man to grant him some relief from the agonizing heat.

Spider-Man said nothing and climbed on the bed to sit beside Wade. He placed an arm round the big scarred man and let him scent at his neck. The Merc's Omega instantly relaxed, making his entire body, well almost, go limp. Wade couldn't hide the imposing boner in his boxer shorts as he lay against the sweet-smelling masked man.