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🕊Burn Like A Phoenix🕊

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Everything felt so hot, so hot in fact that he believed he was burning from the inside out. Little Izuku whimpered in his bed as his mother kept dabbing him with a wet cloth with a worried expression. He doesn’t mean to make her worried, but he keeps on doing it, and he feels bad. A harsh cough wracks his little body, in an instant his mother is by his side to give him a glass of water.


“It hurts…” He whimpered while crying a little.


In an instant, he’s enveloped in a warm embrace by his mother, who rubs his back and hugs him gently to her chest. She’s so soft and warm, not like his dad who was cold and distant. He left them when the doctor declared him to be Quirkless. Before he left though, his father was always saying mean things to him, things that made him cry as he went to bed at night. One day, his mom came home early and saw his father hit him across the face and called him “useless” as he curled up in a ball crying. He could remember hearing a loud thud before looking up to see his mom had come home and hugged him.


She yelled at his father before making him leave, and telling him to never come back.


So he did leave...and never came back.


His father wasn’t the only one to change, his best friend had started being very mean to him, too. Kacchan started calling him “Deku” instead of his real name. He even said they couldn’t be friends anymore because of his Quirkless status. After Kacchan said those words to him, he ran home and cried in his mother’s arms. 


She whispered sweet things in his ears and told him that he can still become a hero, with or without a Quirk.


“C-Can I really…?” Izuku’s innocent look was one of disbelief.


His kind mother just smiles at him, “You can, heroes aren’t defined by their Quirks. They are defined by their strong will’s and kind hearts when it comes to saving others.”


“Like All Might?”


She giggled, “Yes, like All Might. But you don’t have to be like All Might, sweetie. Just be yourself, and only yourself.”


“Be myself?” 


She nods, “You will be a very strong hero, I know you will.”


He decides to believe her words.


“My poor baby, I know it hurts, but don’t worry mommy will be right here by your side.” Inko said with a smile.


Izuku takes comfort in the fact that she’s just here with him, and hasn’t abandoned him like everyone else has. His mother told him he can become a hero, so he will be one, even if he doesn’t have a Quirk. She’ll always believe in him, and never abandon him.


Her gentle hand caresses his forehead and his bangs at the same time, “Go to sleep, honey. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


So he does.


When he opens his eyes again, he notices that he’s no longer at home. He’s elsewhere, but he doesn’t understand where this place is. Where is he?


“Mommy…?” He calls out, but doesn’t receive an answer.


Just as he was about to start panicking, he felt a warm pulse of light just ahead of him. It was a ball of flame that was in the shape of a bird. A rather large one.


Strangely, Izuku wasn’t scared. Far from it, he felt at ease when he saw the giant flame bird. As he was about to reach out and touch it, the bird glowed, its body seem to shrink to the same size as him. 


He stares as the flame body bird looked just like him now, though the differences were obvious. Like it didn’t have a mouth, nose, or eyes. Giving into temptation, he reaches his hand out, wanting to touch the flame image. He was surprised when it mirrored his movements and did the exact same thing. The tips of their fingers touched…


And he was on fire.


When he wakes up again, it's with a gasp.


So it was a dream then, but it felt so real to him. That pretty firebird was so warm, just like his mother, and when he touched it…


He looks down at his hands, the lingering feeling of that warm sensation still there. If there were words capable of describing what he felt, then he would say it was being enveloped in a blanket of warmth that protects you. That’s what it felt like for him.


Another thing he noticed when he woke up was that his mother was still by his bedside and his fever had gone down.


“Mommy.” He shakes his mother a little in order to wake her up.


She groans a little before finally opening her eyes, relief quickly washed over when she saw that he looked a little bit better. Touching his forehead, there was a hum of approval, meaning she was happy that he was feeling much better.


“Thank goodness...I was so worried because this one was worse than the last.” Inko smiles, rubbing her son’s cheek.


“I’m okay.” He assures her.


“I know, but just to be on the safe side I want you to stay home some more, okay?”




She tucks him back into bed. Unknown to little Izuku, Inko wanted him to stay home some more not just because of his random fever spikes, but because she didn’t want him to go back to his elementary school. It had been on her mind for quite some time now, about pulling him out of that school and sending him some place else. Contrary to what others may believe, she is no fool and is more observant than most give her credit for. 


For example, she knows that Katsuki hasn’t been hanging around her son as much as he used to, and it started when her son was diagnosed Quirkless. Another example were the bruises he would come home with, lying and telling her that he fell. She knows that’s not true. Then there’s the school that turns a blind eye to her son’s suffering.


Once her son gets better, she will be pulling him out of that school, but not before making sure to make everyone there pay.


Nothing is more scarier than a mother’s wrath.




Someone was calling...calling out to him.


Currently, little Izuku was outside, his fever finally gone so he decided to go outside and play. He was walking towards the forest where he and Bakugo used to play together, only this time he was alone. The reason he was wandering outside and came here is because he heard a strange voice. It was calling out to him, so he decided to go look for it.


And his search led him to the forest.


As he walked down the path, he noticed there were quite a few birds around compared to before. Getting a closer look at them, he noticed that their eyes were on him. They were staring, the birds were actually staring at him. He should be scared, but for some reason it was the opposite feeling. It was almost as if they were trying to tell him something through their eyes.


Soon more began to gather much to his astonishment. There are so many birds gathered around now that it amazed him! On impulse, he stretched his hand out, lifting his finger and soon enough, one of the random birds flew down and perched on his finger.


Izuku’s eyes lit up in awe as the bird just came down and perched on his finger. He’s heard of some people having animal based Quirks, but would that mean that he has a Quirk that’s related to animals? Or maybe just birds?


“Hi.” Izuku greeted and giggled when the bird chirped in response to his greeting. This was so nice, to just be here all by himself without anyone being mean to him. 


Such a nice feeling. why did it have to end so soon?


“See, I told you it was Deku.”


That voice was familiar, there’s no way he wouldn’t recognize it. Looking behind him, he saw it was Kacchan along with his two new friends. Why are they here? Did they follow him?


“Hey, look, he’s talking to a bird! He really is a Quirkless freak!” Tsubasa pointed at him in a mocking tone.


Kacchan gave him a mean look, “What are you doing here, Deku? I told you to never come here! You’re a weakling to get lost already!”


Izuku could do nothing but stand there frozen. For some reason his feet won’t move, and it wasn’t just his feet, his whole body refused to listen to him. Why can’t he move? His heart was beating pretty fast, too...and he felt hot again. Oh, no! Was he about to have another fever?


“Say something, you useless Deku!” Kacchan yelled, his hand giving off a spark.


Before his former friend could do anything though, the birds that were all around them started acting restless. The one that was perched on his finger rejoined the others, and when Izuku looked up at them he noticed that the birds were no longer friendly. They looked...really angry.


Kacchan and his friends seemed to notice the other birds finally, and looked a little scared.


“What’s with them…?” 


“Hey, Bakugo, these birds look really mad. Maybe we should just leave.” Tsubasa says to Kacchan.”


But in typical Kacchan fashion, he didn’t listen.


“Shut up! I’m not scared of some stupid birds!” 


The birds decided to attack after he said those words. All of them dived towards them, but they weren’t attacking Izuku, but Kacchan and the others.


“Ow! That hurts!” Tsubasa cried out as the birds kept pecking at him.


Kacchan tried using his Quirk on them, but the birds just kept on coming, “Damn, go away you stupid birds!”


Izuku could only stare as he watched the three boys be mercilessly pecked at by birds. Just as he was about to tell them to stop his eyes caught an orange bird perched on a branch. It looked so familiar though...ah! The flame bird!


This was the one that was calling to him!


It started flying away, and Izuku wasted no time in following it, ignoring Kacchan yelling for him to stop. The bird...the flame bird is calling to him. 


‘I have to go...I have to go!’


He ran and kept running as he tried to keep his eyes on the bird.


‘I’m coming...I’m coming…’


Finally, the bird stopped flying and landed on the very same log that Kacchan fell from that one time. It was also that same time where they stopped being friends. Right before his very eyes, the small, orange bird began to morph into the same shape as him just like it did in his dream.


“It's you…” Izuku said.


The flame apparition reached its hand out to him, and Izuku did the very same thing. Like in the dream, their fingers touched—




He felt a stinging sensation on his back, but a bright orange light of flames washed away any pain he may have felt at that moment. Izuku felt his whole body be surrounded in flames, he also saw that a lot of trees in the forest began to rise suddenly just as the flames around him burned brightly.


After what felt like such a long time, the large torrent of flames finally receded. Izuku looked around him and saw the trees were still floating in the air, and his body…


There were flames covering parts of his body, like his legs, arms, lower half, and his hair. What feels strange about this is that it wasn’t burning him at all. He feels so warm…




Izuku’s eyes locked onto Bakugo’s, who flinched along with his two followers that ran to catch up with them. Both boys had fallen on their butts, their eyes show fear, they weren’t making fun of him anymore. 


Now they were scared of him.


Even Bakugo looked at him with fear in his eyes, something that hasn’t happened before. And yet, he doesn’t seem to care right now. Closing his eyes, the trees fell back to the ground as he did this, he then looked up at the sky.


It was time to go.


Izuku begins to levitate in the air before taking off, flying high in the sky. As he kept flying, there was a sense of freedom being felt throughout his whole body. He kept flying, and flying until there was a light, and suddenly—


He was gone.




“So big…” Izuku said as he looked down at the blue planet. For some reason that strange light had brought him all the way out here, wherever “here” was. His body was still covered in flames, but he enjoyed being like this. Is this what it feels like to be free? Free of Quirks and people? It was nice.


He turns his head in a certain direction and smiles, “Mm, I’m coming…” so he flew to where he heard the voice again, and the next time he comes back. 


It won’t be until much later.



🔥Flames Of Return🔥

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How long has it been, since he left Earth and came out here because he was being called? It doesn’t really seem that long, but the same cannot be said for Izuku. No longer a small child full of curiosity about the world, his body has grown since then. He doesn’t even know how old he is, but he does know that his body has grown, and that he was no longer a child. He’s learned so much while being out here, he knows that his Quirk is special, and that it's very powerful. In fact, the reason he was called was so that he could come up here and control it better. 


His Quirk was too powerful and he understands why he had to stay away from Earth for awhile. It was so that he wouldn’t accidentally lose control and hurt anyone. But now it was time to go back, and he can honestly say he was really happy to be going back home because he desperately misses his mother. Though he says that, a part of him was afraid that she would be really angry with him for just up and leaving her all alone for so long. He was honestly scared, but decided that he would face his fear and go back to Earth to face her.


“I’m coming” He whispers softly before descending towards the Earth, the flames surrounding his body start growing in the form of a Phoenix. As he got closer and closer, his Phoenix form let out a mighty screech before shrinking. Izuku was in the sky, looking down at the people below, wow they really do look small when he’s up here, but that’s not important right now. Closing his eyes, he concentrates on the many voices from below, listening carefully.




“Did you see that?! A giant flame bird came out of nowhere!”


“Hey, I think I see a person up there!


“Really? It's a person?”


“I can’t see, what are they doing up there?”


‘No, none of these voices sound like mom. Maybe I should spread my range out a bit more.’ He thinks before widening his range. There was once again a flood of voices, but he was concentrating really hard to drown them out in order to find his mom.


‘Where...where are you?’


Keeping all the other noises out, he kept focusing until finally...finally…




‘There!’ His eyes widened as he finally heard her voice, and now he knows where to find her, ‘I found her!’


“Oh, that look on your face tells me you’ve found what you’re looking for.” A random voice said out of nowhere.


Just A Few Minutes Ago

Takami Keigo—or better known by his alias “Hawks” didn’t know how his day would turn out, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to get a call about some random giant flame bird appearing out of nowhere. Reports of it were coming in for all heroes, but since the creature was still in the air, Hawks was deemed the rightful person to deal with said firebird.


Yeah, right.


But as soon as he got to the scene, the firebird had shrunken down, and looked like a normal human boy to him. Did this kid perhaps lose control of his Quirk or something? And where did he come from, the sky? Not possible.


“Yo, you mind telling me where you came from and what you’re doing?” Hawks questions, only to blink when he doesn’t receive a response. Was the kid ignoring him? 


Leaning forward slightly, he sees the kid has his eyes closed, almost like he was listening to something. Tilting his head, Hawks decides to just hover in the air and see what else the kid was going to do next. There really wasn’t any need for him to try and attack the kid, for one thing, he isn’t trying to use his Quirk to attack anyone. Another point is that all he’s doing is just hovering up here with his eyes closed.


‘Wonder what he’s doing?’ Hawks wondered out of curiosity. 


He watches as the kid’s face suddenly lit up with joy all of a sudden, maybe he was looking for something and finally found it? That’s the only explanation he can come up with.


“Oh, that look on your face tells me you’ve found what you’re looking for.” He spoke again.



Izuku was aware another presence arrived, hovering next to him, but he didn’t care. He found her, he finally found his mother! And she was really close!


Without warning, he took off in the direction to where she was, leaving a flame trail behind him. He didn’t care about anything else, the only thing going through his mind right now was getting to his mother.






Inko sat alone in her apartment just like she has been for the past seven years. That’s how long you precious baby boy had suddenly disappeared after awakening his Quirk. Yes, her son did indeed have a Quirk. The doctor was wrong, and she made sure to tell him so right to his face when her son went missing. She remembers the day very clearly, her son had felt better and gotten over his fever and went out to the forest. She asked him why he wanted to go there, and his response had puzzled her greatly.


“It's calling me, so I have to go!”


Till this day, she still doesn’t understand what he meant. Soon after that, the police came knocking on her door, telling her that her son had gone missing after an “incident” that involved him and three other boys. She was brought to the police station and saw that one of the boys involved in the “incident” was Bakugo Katsuki and two other boys she didn’t recognize. The detective in charge of the case—Naomasa Tsukauchi wanted to know what happened, and so did she. The man even brought in his own sister for reasons unknown to her at first, but that wasn’t important. At first the boy’s lied and said that her son had started it. Just as she was about to call them out on their lies, Tsukauchi-san beat her to it, telling the boy’s that his sister’s Quirk can detect lies, and that if they don’t want to get into trouble they better start telling the truth.


So they did.


Inko remembers her whole body trembling as she stood there along with Masaru and Mitsuki and the two boy’s parents that they had been “messing” with their son since he was first diagnosed as Quirkless, and that Bakugo was their ring leader and had initiated it first. Even going so far as to call her son “Deku,” a demeaning nickname. The boy’s also said that they saw Bakugo attack her son from behind…


Using his Quirk.


Blinded by rage, she slapped Bakugo hard enough to send the boy sprawling out of his chair and on the ground. A big red mark stinging the surprised boy’s face. She vaguely remembers both Masaru and Tsukauchi having to hold her back from trying to attack him again, while Mitsuki went to check on her son. Having seen her lose it, the two boy’s kept talking out of fear of her, telling her that her son had awakened to his Quirk, lifting the trees in the forest off the ground and his body covered in flames. After that, her son flew high in the sky and disappeared in a flash of light.


While Inko felt happy for her son for getting a Quirk, her sadness and anger overtook her joy. Having gotten the full story, she turned to the detective and told him to help find her son, but before that she needed his help with something.


She also had something to say to Bakugo, and everyone else in the room.


“I want you all to remember this day--remember the day that your children bullied my son out of pure amusement and nothing more. Know this here, now that I will never forget how cruel your children treated my kind and sweet boy. Let this day bring your failures as parents to light.”


At her words, the parents in the room had nothing to say, but bow their heads in shame, even Mitsuki and Masaru.


“Bakugo-kun, I will not apologize for saying this, but as of today...I refuse to acknowledge you as a future hero.” 


Her cold tone was enough to make the boy feel some type of guilt.


“Mitsuki-chan, this is goodbye. I’m afraid that after today...I can’t bear to look you or your son in the eye right now. Come with me, Tsukauchi-san. There’s another place I want to stop by before we start searching for my son.” With that she walked away, not seeing the hurtful expression on her former best friend’s face, and the sad look on Masaru’s.


Tsukauchi and his sister simply followed after her, but not before giving disappointed looks at the parents and children left behind at the station.


They then went to the school where it was confirmed thanks to both Tsukauchi and his sister that the teachers were aware of the bullying, but did nothing to stop Bakugo or the other children. All of them were promptly fired, and it would be going on their record that they should never work with kids, ever. The same with the Headmaster. This wasn’t enough, but it was something and she knows her boy would be satisfied with this much.


With that out of the way, she, the detective, and some Pro Heroes got to work in finding her son. Even though even years have passed they were still looking.


“Izuku…” She whispered to herself, clutching at his All Might onesie.


“[BREAKING NEWS! Today at approximately 0:00 pm, a giant flame bird appeared above the Musutafu area! After appearing, the flame bird shrunk but citizens could still see a small flame hovering in the air, but the person didn’t move!]”


Inko brings her attention to the TV after she heard the flame bird part.


“[Pro Hero Hawks showed up to the scene to confront the mysterious individual, but the individual ultimately left the scene with the Pro Hero following after them. The Police Force have already been informed, and are waiting to hear from the Pro Hero to find out where the individual is. Please stay tuned as we will keep you updated.]”


Inko didn’t know what to think so she doesn’t think about it. She turned off the TV and stood up from the couch, but a bright light suddenly appeared, blinding her a little. When the light finally died down, she opened her eyes and froze when she saw who was right in front of her.


Standing before her was none other than her son! He looks so different now, but that’s to be expected as he disappeared when he was just a child. Now, he stands here no longer a small child, but a tall pre-teen. His hair was also a little longer, his bangs almost covering his eyes.


“Izu...ku…?” Inko calls out to him, slowly lifting her hands up and touching both cheeks. 


She’s touching him! 


She can actually touch him!


Then that means…


A warm smile graced the pre-teen’s lips, “I’m”


That was all it took for her to crack.


“IZUKU!” With a cry, she wraps her arms around her son in a tight embrace. He’s here! Her son came back and was finally home! Finally, after seven long years her son was back home with her! 


“Welcome home...Izuku…” She sniffled.


“Mm…” Izuku hums, rubbing his face against his mother’s shoulder, god he missed her so much. 


“Let me see your face.” Inko removes herself from the hug so she could get a good look at her son’s face. He still had his freckles, but his baby face was mostly gone. It looks like he had gained a little muscle, too.


Izuku leaned forward to inspect her face and frowned when he saw she had dark circles underneath her eyes. How much sleep has she lost on account of him? 

“I’m sorry…” He apologizes.


Sorry for leaving you all alone for so long…


Sorry you had to cry by yourself without me here to hug you, like you would always do for me…


Sorry for being such an awful son to you after everything you’ve done for me…


He was surprised when he felt her lips peck his forehead, with widened eyes he stares at his mother in astonishment. Was she not angry with him?

“I won’t lie to you, I’m a little angry you left suddenly without telling me anything.” Inko admits.


Izuku deflates a little.


“But...none of that matters now because you’re back home safe and sound.” She smiled.


Izuku smiles back and was about to give her another hug, but an awkward cough prevented that. The two members of the Midoriya family blink a few times as they finally notice Hawks had not only followed after Izuku, but had been standing there the whole time during their little reunion.


“Sorry, I know you two wanted to keep going for a little while longer, but that might have to wait…” Hawks comments, standing there looking awkward.


Inko was embarrassed because she just noticed there was a Pro Hero standing inside her apartment complex. Izuku on the other hand had a different reaction. Stretching his hand out, he gently ruffles the feathers of the man’s red wings, making Hawks jump a little.


“Uh…” Hawks was unsure of what to do in this current situation, but luckily the boy’s mother knew exactly what to do.


Giggling at the Pro Hero’s expression she called out to her son, “Izuku, Hawks-san looks uncomfortable.”


The boy rubbed the feathers a little bit more before backing up and giving the hero some space, “I like your wings, they’re soft.”


Hawks stood there blinking a few times before responding, “Uh...thank you?”


Inko giggled again, “Did you come here for something, Hawks-san?”


“Yeah, about that...see your son here kinda caused an incident, or panic I should say, and I kinda called the Police not too long ago so they might be on their way here.” Hawks looked uncomfortable as he said this, hoping the woman would understand his position here.


“I understand...I just watched the news not too long ago, so I know what happened. Even though my son meant no harm and didn’t hurt anyone, the police still want to speak with him, yes?”


“That’s right! But don’t worry, since he didn’t hurt anyone like you said, he should get off the hook!” Hawks said happily before noticing something, “Hm, wait a minute...are you...Midoriya Izuku? The boy who went missing seven years ago?” The hero had gotten a good look at the kid’s face, and finally noticed that this may be the very same kid that went missing seven years ago.


At his inquiry, Inko smiles brightly and answers him, “Yes, it is! He came back!”


So he has, Hawks thinks, but a part of him wondered where the kid had disappeared to in the first place. To disappear for seven years and suddenly come back would make anyone suspect that there was something going on that meets the eye.


‘But from what I can see…’ Hawks thinks, staring at the kid who was giving him the most innocent look for someone his age, ‘This kid is as pure as the driven snow, not only that, but the reason he was hovering in the air for so long was because he was trying to find his mother.’


“I wouldn’t worry about what happened today, your son’s only goal was to find you and that’s it. He did nothing else, and hurt no one.” Hawks assures her.


Breathing a sigh of relief, Inko bowed to the hero, “Thank you…”


“Don’t mention it, by the might wanna do something about your, um, lack of clothes…” Hawks points out, looking elsewhere instead of at the bare naked boy in front of him. 


“Oh, my, Izuku!” Inko gasps.


Izuku meanwhile stood there innocently as he realized that he was indeed naked. Though he should feel embarrassed about this, he felt oddly comfortable not wearing clothes at this moment. 


Rubbing the back of his head with a sigh, Hawks wonders if maybe the police have some spare clothes for the kid to wear. Hopefully.





To their luck, a police officer did give the boy some clothes. Actually it wasn’t just some normal officer, but Detective Tsukauchi. When he arrived at the apartment, he gave the boy his coat to wear while they drove to the station. The kid did the oddest thing, and that was sniff the coat before giving out a satisfied hum before hugging Tsukauchi out of nowhere. The poor guy didn’t know what to do, but in the end, he returned the hug and escorted the boy out of the apartment, with both him and his mother following. Once they were in the car, the kid had fallen asleep against his mother, his head in her lap. It was a cute sight to see if he were to be honest. For some reason, the kid wanted him to be in the same car as them, when asked why, the boy simply smiled and tugged his wrist.


Now how could he deny him, especially if he looks at him with that cute innocent face of his?


His sleeping face really is cute, he’ll probably be a hit when he heads off to school, and be quite the looker when he gets older, too. 


“Thank you, Hawks-san.” Inko thanked him out of nowhere.


“Eh, why?”


She looks down at her son’s peaceful, content expression, “When my son first descended from the sky, you didn't attack him. You were just there, waiting for my son to do what he was doing, and followed him once he found out where I was.” 


“Ah…” Though to be completely honest, the real reason Hawks didn’t try to harm the kid was because he wasn’t trying to harm anyone himself. 


‘But still...why did I just float there and wait to see what the kid would do?’ That wasn’t like him at all, but he had this feeling from somewhere unknown to him that this kid wouldn’t do anything harmful. What told him this? Instinct? Or maybe something else?


“Pardon me for asking, Midroiya-san, but aren’t you curious as to where your son disappeared to after all these years?” Hawks decides to ask the question that’s been lingering on his mind for awhile.


Shaking her head, Inko leaned back against the back car seat, “I won’t lie and say I’m not curious to know where my son has been for the past seven years, because I am. But, I have a feeling that wherever he was...there was no sense of danger, and honestly I’m just glad he came back to me.”


Such unwavering faith, this woman, who looks so meek on the outside is actually strong on both the inside and out. He remembers the case very well when it was first given to the police and Pro Heroes. How she never once cried in front of them, and the look of determination in her eyes that impressed him. The reason she wasn’t as sad as she should be was because she had faith, and believed her son would come back to her. And sure enough, he did. With a bang he might add.


Why couldn’t his own mother be like this woman sitting next to him?


He had to look away and out the window as memories from his past begin to resurface after being buried deep within himself for such a long time. No point in bringing up memories that no longer matter to him. 


Unknown to the winged hero, Izuku’s eye opened slightly and stared right at him.


Police Force Headquarters  

Once inside the police station, a police officer had gotten the boy some decent clothes. A long-sleeved black shirt, matching pants, and shoes. The kid seemed really satisfied with the clothes, too as he sniffed them before beaming with happiness. Does the kid have a thing for smelling things? Very curious.


Detective Tsukauchi brought them to a private room, with windows that could be opened. Must be one of their interview rooms, certainly looks very comfortable.


“It's a pleasure to meet you, Izuku-kun. My name is Naomasa Tsukauchi, the lead detective on your missing person’s case.” Tsukauchi introduces himself with a smile that would make anyone feel at ease. 


“Hello, Tsukauchi-san.” Izuku greets back just as politely.


Still smiling, Tsukauchi continues, “First, let me start off by saying we’re all very happy that you’re back and safe. We also know of what happened before you disappeared, so you don’t have to explain anything.”


This took Izuku by surprise, they know what happened in the forest before he was called out into leaving the planet? Did Kac-Bakugo tell them? No, there’s no way the explosion user would say anything, less he wanted to get in trouble. Knowing him he would have lied along with his friend’s. 


Thankfully the detective explained, “My sister’s Quirk is known as “Polygraph.” It allows her to monitor a person’s physiological signals by touching them, allowing her to determine whether or not someone is lying. We often bring her in during a missing person’s case, and she didn’t hesitate to come here. It was her that determined the three boy’s who were with you at the time were lying.”


Wow, having a Quirk that determines if the person is lying or not sounds very convenient. But more importantly…




Tsukauchi nods, “They first claimed you were the one that started picking a fight with them, when in truth it was the other way around. We also discovered they’ve been bullying you when you were first diagnosed Quirkless, only to be surprised when you did indeed in fact have one.”


Hawks raised a brow, he wasn’t aware the kid had been picked on. And all because the kid was a late bloomer. Quirkless Discrimination was nothing new, but it was still sad, the same can be said for those who have been discriminated against for having a Quirk that is deemed to be either “useless” or “villainess” according to society. And this kid was another victim of it.


‘What a peaceful world we live in.’ He thinks sarcastically.


“You don’t have to worry about them anymore as your mother made sure they would feel guilty about what happened, even told off some of their parents, too.” The detective said with a chuckle.


This time, both Hawks and Izuku give Inko incredulous looks, but saw the woman in a new light. Inko showed no shame as they turned their gazes on her.


“’re so cool.” Izuku finally says.


Inko lets out an embarrassed giggle, but Hawks had to agree with the kid. This woman is a total badass.


“She also slapped Bakugo Katsuki so hard he fell out of his chair.” Tsukauchi adds.


“” Izuku and Hawks said.


“It was in the heat of the moment!” Inko quickly says, “However, I do not regret my actions that day, nor my words.”


Izuku wanted to know what she said to Bakugo, but decided it would be best if he didn’t know.


“Remind me to never make you angry, Midoriya-san.” Hawks tells her, not joking at all.


“Anyway, your mother has been tirelessly searching for you for these past seven years, even the Pro Heroes on the case couldn’t help but keep on looking.” Tsukauchi said.


Seven years…


Reality really hit him as that number was said again, he had really been gone for seven years. And yet to truly doesn’t feel that long, but the same could not be said for others who felt time’s hourglass slowly move their time forward. 


“Seven years...the time I’ve been gone for…” He mumbles.


So long.


“Midoriya-kun, I’m sorry to ask this of you after you’ve finally come back, but could you tell us where you’ve been?” The detective asked.


Where has he been? He was expecting it, he really was, but…


“ understand the origin of my Quirk.” And that was all he would say.


Detective Tsukauchi could tell that was the only answer Izuku was going to give him, and decided to simply settle for that.


“I see, well in any case it's good that you’re safe and back home again.” Tsukauchi smiles, “Now...about your little display when you came back…”


“You can forgive that, besides it's not like the kid hurt anyone.” Hawks waves off, though he was still wondering about the kid’s answer from earlier.


“I agree, well now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s get you home.” 


“Yes.” Izuku smiles.


On that day, the people of Japan saw a giant Phoenix descend from the sky, but didn’t know who it was. They would soon learn though, all of them…



“Thank you so much for coming all the way back here with us, Hawks-san.” Inko thanks him.


Hawks waved off her thanks, “There’s really no need for you to thank me, keep in mind I’ll probably stop by and check on him every once in awhile though. Just to make sure his Quirk doesn't try to kidnap him again.” He said this with a wink.


Inko found his comment to be humorous though, “I look forward to having you come over again. I’ll make sure to make you some snacks once you come over.”


“Oh, you’re far too kind, Midoriya-san!” Hawks beams at her.


“My, just call me Inko-san. It only seems appropriate since I’m no longer married.” There was a hint of venom in her tone, but it went ignored.


Hawks did notice it, though he decided not to say anything on the matter, “See ya soon, kid.”


Izuku responds to this by smiling, but that wasn’t all he did. Placing both hands on the man’s cheeks, he brings his head down, and…




Inko covers her mouth in amusement, “Ara, ara.”


Hawks blinked, having not expected to get a kiss on the forehead and froze in place. Izuku moves back with a smile, “Come back soon, Hawks-san.” Before the hero could try to say anything though, the boy had already gone inside the apartment with his mother. As the door closed, he finally reacts.


Crouching down, with his wings wrapped around him out of pure embarrassment, “...what the hell? Where does he get off being all cute like that?” 


He takes it back, the kid is dangerous.



🔥A Kindling Friendship🔥

Chapter Text

Life in the Midoriya Household returned to normal.


What was once a house filled with sadness was replaced with happiness. After parting with Hawks, the two members of the Midoriya family ate a lunch and good dinner together before both retiring to bed early. Inko had given Izuku a haircut, which was long overdue. While grateful his mother took the time to cut his hair, he will admit to missing having it as long as he did. During their peaceful days, there was something Inko noticed that she didn’t before. 


And that would be the constant coming and going of birds.


At first she wrote the first appearance as nothing more than a coincidence, but after they kept coming, she decided that it was by no means a mere coincidence. 


“Ara, another one?” Inko inquired.


Izuku beams at her as the bird perched on his finger was an Izu Thrush, a species that’s in a vulnerable state due to their decreasing population. And yet here one was, perched on her son’s finger looking as comfortable as can be. It looks like her son keeps unofficial pets...the many birds that come here.


“He’s a new friend of mine, he came because he heard I came back home from the others and wanted to greet me personally.” Izuku explained.


“Oh, how nice of him. What’s his name?” Inko asked, not at all bothered by her son’s interaction with birds.


Izuku started to think about what name would suit his new little friend, “A…” He was really trying to think of a good name for his new name, “How about I just call you "Izu?" I know that Izu is already part of what you are, but I think it suits you.” 


Izu chirps, flapping his wings out of happiness.


“He likes it!” Izuku said to his mother.


“So I see, nice to meet you, Izu-kun.” Inko greeted the bird.


Izu chirped at her.


Two weeks later, Hawks came by for a surprise visit and was taken back by the birds coming and going throughout the apartment. For a moment he just sat there on the couch in utter disbelief, but he was more surprised by the fact that the two members of the Midoriya family weren’t all that bothered by it.


“Have you become the bird whisperer now?” Hawks blurted out what he was thinking.


Izuku finds it funny, “Nope, they’re my friends.” He says like it was the most normal thing in the world. Hawks could honestly say that for the first time of his life he wasn’t able to understand someone. This kid was an enigma that made no sense. 


Friend’s, huh?


A foreign concept to someone like him.


“Any plans for today, kid?”


At his question, Izuku becomes somber, “I was planning on going to the forest…”




Nodding his head, Izuku elaborates, “The forest where I disappeared from.” 


Oh, that forest…


The last place he was seen from before he up and vanished, leaving a worried mother behind. A possible attachment to the forest was definitely possible, so maybe that’s why the kid wants to go there.


“The rest of my friends want to see me, too. Some of them have been coming here to check up on my mom, watching over her.” Izuku reveals.


“Really?” Hawks wonders what Inko-san would say to that. No doubt she would find it amusing to know that the whole time she had been looking for any clues to her son’s whereabouts—she in turn was being watched very closely by some random birds around the area or further. 


Kind of reminds him of symbiosis, animals of completely different species working together without expecting anything in return. Too bad humans can’t be like animals. Humans aren’t like animals, they take what they want, take advantage of others, and expect something in return for their supposed “kindness.” this is something Hawks knows very well, for his whole life has been nothing but “give” and “take,” except in his case, he’s had everything taken from him.


His independence…


His identity…


But more importantly…




He may have been given a chance to become a hero, but it came at a price. And that was to have everything from his past taken from him, making him nothing more than a caged bird waiting for his masters to tell him what to do. A bird that’s been caged…


Is no longer considered a free bird. 


Just because Hawks flies through the sky, doesn’t mean he’s actually free.


Green eyes suddenly fill his line of sight, making him jerk backwards against the couch, “Gah! Where did you come from?! I didn’t even hear you!”


A pout appeared on the green teen’s face, “I’ve been trying to get your attention, but you were ignoring me.”


“ bad?” Hawks said nervously. Damn, he must’ve spaced out.


Izuku gives the man a soft look, “Lost in thought?”


“Yeah, been a long time since I’ve done that though.” Hawks admitted. 


He should really stop doing that, he’s too young to be acting like he’s older than he actually is. But maybe that’s not too far off…


“Let’s go.” Izuku suddenly says.


Hawks raised a brow at him, “Go where?” 


“To the forest! They want to see you, too!” Izuku beams at him with that bright smile of his.


Okay, now his interest is peaked.


“Sure, let's go!” 


He gets another bright smile, and a hug for his answer. Hawks could feel his heart pounding rapidly in his chest, his muscles feel stiff and awkward. The hero wasn’t used to people being affectionate towards him, it’s a new experience he doesn’t understand how to deal with. 


Awkwardly, he wraps his arms around the teen, returning the embrace and feels something he hasn’t felt in a very long time.






“So, this is the forest where you up and disappeared.” Hawks states, looking around to see a lot of trees all around them.


“Yes, I was called here…” Izuku's eyes drift off to some place far away, probably remembering what happened that day. 


“Gotta admit though, this forest is really nice.” Hawks comments, “These trees are pretty big.”


“Yeah, but...I feel bad.” Izuku confesses.




Izuku doesn’t answer right away, instead opting to place a hand on a random tree, looking at it with sad eyes.


“Right when my...Quirk awakened, I accidentally lifted up some trees from the ground. I really didn’t mean to do that.” He sadly says.


Hawks can tell the kid really means it, too. This kid may have the most powerful Quirk in existence, and here he is upset because he lifted up some trees from the ground. 


A pure heart, huh?


“Trees grow back, but if you still feel bad about what you did, then all you have to do is not do it again. And if you find yourself having no choice in the end, then it is what it is.” Hawks gives the beat advice he can...well for him anyway.


It seems to do the trick as Izuki smiles at the hero, “You’re really kind, Hawks-san.”




But Izuku wasn’t done there.


“You’re also honest.”


Wait! Wait! Wait!


“And you have this big brother aura around you that makes me feel safe.”


Dammit, stop! If you don’t, then—!


“I’m really grateful to have you watching over me.” 


K.O! Hawks is down!


Izuku blinks a few times, staring down at Hawks as the hero falls to the ground, in a fetal position. His wings were wrapped around him like a protective cocoon.


“Um, are you okay, Hawks-san?” Izuku asked the hero in obvious concern.


‘I LOST! For the first time since becoming the Number #3rd hero in Japan, I’ve actually lost against someone who wasn’t even trying!’ Hawks prides himself on being able to outwit anyone, and able to trick them into giving him what he wants. Information, mostly. He’s never been outwitted by someone before, nor has he come across someone as pure hearted as this kid. There’s not even a trace of any negative emotions within him.


Unfurling his wings, Hawks looks the kid right in the eye, ‘I guess a pure human being does exist in this twisted world.’


“You don’t look so good, Hawks-san.” Izuku observes.


Sighing, the winged hero stands back up, all the while trying to get his blush under control, “I’m fine—don’t worry about it!”


Not convinced in the slightest, Izuku spreads his arms out, “Would you like a hug?”


An arrow shoots right through the hero’s heart at the innocent and kind gesture.


‘Oh, screw it!’


Hawks decides to make the first move this time as he initiates the hug. Izuku was only a little surprised before he wraps his arms around the hero happily.


He’s so warm, Hawks thinks to himself with his eyes closed, as if he were absorbing Izuku’s warmth. Soaking it in until it seeps into his very bones that threaten to melt his very being. It’s decided then, this kid needed to be protected by the ugliness of this world. Not just that, but also the corruption that comes with it. 


The Hero Commission can suck it! There’s no way in hell he’ll let them have this kid under their thumb like him.


That’s not going to happen.


‘Guess this makes me your big brother from now on, okay little brother?’ Hawks thinks with a smile.




While Izuku was sleeping on the couch, a blanket draped over him, Hawks and Inko were talking in the kitchen.


“The Hero Public Safety Commission has their eyes on my son?” Inko questioned in a worried tone.


“That’s right, they wanted me to try and convince the kid to let them train him like they did with me, but I’m not going to do that.” Hawks confesses.


Instead of being angry at him, Inko takes his hands in her’s, “Did they…”


He gives her one of his trademark easygoing smiles, “I didn’t really have a choice, no say in the matter. Back then, I was just some kid who was dirt poor with no future to speak of. My parents didn’t waste any time taking the money the commission gave them in exchange for me. Being poor makes people do questionable things.”


“Like exchanging their own children for money.” Inko said, venomously.


She was angry on his behalf, somehow he’s not surprised. Both members of the Midoriya family are far too kind to a twisted individual like him.


“Don’t panic, there’s no way I’ll let them take the kid away from you.” Hawks promises, for the first time since becoming a hero there’s someone he genuinely wants to save at all costs.


Inko’s grateful smile only makes him feel even more better, “I know you will.” There wasn't a hint of doubt in her voice, she honestly has faith in him and for the first time he doesn’t want to lose that faith.


A Few Weeks Later

“How does the uniform feel, dear?” Inko asks her son.


Today, her son was about to start his first day of school at Salty Banks Middle School. Inko was both worried and excited for him. After her son had vanished seven years ago, she moved away from Musutafu to Aichi Prefecture. She wanted to get away from everything and everyone. When her son finally came back she explained why she moved, and thankfully her son understood and didn’t question her further. 


When he and Hawks went to the forest, the hero had to carry her son all the way there. Hawks didn’t seem to mind it all that much from what he told her.


Izuku turns to inspect himself in the mirror, “I really like it. Though, I’ll have to get used to wearing a uniform now.”


Inko becomes amused by her son’s comment and takes another picture of him in his middle school uniform.


“You know where it is, right?” 


“Yep, if I get lost I’ll just have my friends tell me where to go.” Izuku assures her.


Thank goodness the many birds around Japan love her son enough to help him out when he needs them.


He’ll be just fine.


Salty Banks Middle School

What a tall building.


That was Izuku’s first thought when he stared and looked up at the middle school building. A wave of anxiety washes over him, but it soon dissolves once he sees his little friends perched on some cherry blossom trees, looking down at him. 


It’s okay, we’re always watching over you.


That’s what they were saying through their eyes, and Izuku was all the more grateful to have them nearby and watching over him.


No longer nervous, Izuku takes a step forward, and then another, and another until he was fully walking towards the building. This was his new beginning, the old him died in that day, and in return he had his rebirth.




His classmates interesting bunch. 


They didn’t really care about Quirks all that much, and only focused on making friends and starting social circles. He sits by the window watching them converse with interest, making no move to start a conversation. No one made a move to converse with him, either.


Or, so he thought…




A squeaky, feminine voice greets him from out of nowhere. Izuku looks to see it was one of his classmates. She’s a short girl of a relatively slender build compared to her classmates, who has notably large hands. Her appearance is rather frog-like; she has a very wide mouth, which dips down a little in the middle just like that of a common frog, and oval-shaped eyes with large, black irises, their lower eyelashes visibly pronounced. Her hair is a dark sea-green color, and is very long, reaching all the way to her waist, the ends tied together at the bottom in a bow of hair. She has two shoulder-length clumps framing her face, and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of them partially swept to each side.


“Hello.” Izuku returns her greeting with a smile.


“You’re...Midoriya-chan, right?” She asked him.


“Mm, and you’re Asui-san, right?” Izuku responds.






“Call me, “Tsuyu-tan.” She repeated, this time with insistence. 


Oh, like a nickname of sorts.


“Okay, Tsuyu-tan!” Izuku smiles.


Tsuyu smiles back at him before taking a seat next to him, “I’m a person who likes to speak her mind.”




“Midoriya-chan, you went missing seven years ago, right?” She gets straight to the point.


Now normally,  someone else would be offended by her blunt words about a sensitive topic. But Izuku isn’t like normal people.


“Yes, I did. And I can easily guess my classmates want to ask me the same thing, but would rather avoid me entirely.” Which he wasn’t worried about, honestly he was surprised Asui Tsuyu even approached him.


“Does it bother you?”


“No, it doesn’t. I’m not that good around people to begin with, save for my mother and older brother.” Izuku clarifies.


Tsuyu doesn’t ask any further, opting to stay silent and observe him. It wasn’t weird to him, not in the least. Like being stared at by an actual frog.


“Don’t worry, as the year goes on, you’ll make more friends.” Tsuyu assures him.


“That’s true, after all...I met you.” Izuku smiles.




Izuku blinks as he sees Tsuyu cover her face with both hands, her whole face beat red.


“Um, are you okay, Tsuyu-san?” Izuku feels like he’s done this before, oh yeah he has...with his older brother Hawks.


“ can’t do that, Midoriya-chan…” Tsuyu says from behind her hands, “Being so cute…!”


“E-Eh…?” Izuku looked even more confused because now she was starting to sound like big brother hawks.


‘First big brother Hawks, and now Tsuyu-tan. It feels like I’m missing something important here.’ 



🔥Innocent Flame🔥

Chapter Text

Since their first contact together, Tsuyu and Izuku have been seen a lot together. Their seating arrangement makes it easy for them to speak to each other, and they sometimes hang out after school, too. 


Their classmates were confused as to why they seemed to get along so well. To them, Asui Tsuyu was weird because she had frog-like features that made her unapproachable. Then, there’s Midoriya Izuku, the boy who up and vanished seven years ago before just suddenly coming back. This also made him unapproachable in their eyes. 


Then...there was also his habit of being surrounded by birds a lot, he would even speak to them as though he could understand them. They deemed it had something to do with his Quirk, but still found it to be completely weird.


So they avoided him like the plague. 


Izuku wasn’t at all bothered by their rejection of him because he had Tsuyu. She was a really good friend and often worried about him, but he assured her that so long as he had her by his side, he wasn’t lonely. 


Though he was confused as to why she would always blush and mumble “too cute for this world” a couple of times, but otherwise she’s an amazing person to have as a friend. 


She acts like an older sister sometimes, too. The reason he thinks this is because she dotes and worried for him just like an older sibling would. One day, while they were in class he decided to ask her.


“Do you have any siblings, Tsuyu-tan?”


“Kero, as a matter of fact I do.” Tsuyu confirms.


“I knew it.” He smiled.


“What made you ask me that all of a sudden, Izuku-chan?” Tsuyu asked out of curiosity.


“Oh,’s because sometimes it feels like I’m being doted on by you just like an older sibling would. Not that I don’t like it, because I do! It’s just...I’m not used to anyone other than my mother caring about me in such a way…” Izuku confesses, sounding a little embarrassed.


A warm hand touches his cheek, bringing him out of his lingering thoughts.


“Of course I’ll worry about you, Izuku-chan. We’re best friends, and while I don’t know the full story about your past, I also won’t pry about it until you’re ready to tell me yourself.” Tsuyu honestly tells him.


Izuki was speechless.


“ friends care about each other no matter what.” Tsuyu said with a smile.


This made Izuki smile as he does something that takes Tsuyu completely off guard.




Like with Hawks, he kissed the top of her forehead. He then proceeded to blink a couple of times as Tsuyu let out a “kero” before hiding her face in her arms.


“Izuku-chan…!” She moaned.


Still confused by her behavior, he poked her arm a few times to get her to come out of hiding but it didn't really work. She wouldn’t move an inch. 




Izuku was looking down at the city from his perch on the rooftop of a building. His friends told him of a secret underground place where a white haired bunny with red eyes was being held captive by a “false bird.” 


He already called his mother and told her that he would be late in coming home, that there was something he was busy with. She seemed fine with his explanation and didn’t question him further. 


Closing his eyes, he felt his senses link up with one of the birds he has out on patrol. Ryukyu Robin—native to the Ryūkyū Islands of Japan. It’s feathers are very beautiful in his opinion because of their orange hue. His vision linked with the Robin as it was peering down at a certain place in an alley, seeing suspicious individuals wearing bird masks skulking around.


It was then that he finally spotted her.


The little white haired bunny with red eyes like his friends described. She was so small, and cute, but she looked so sad and miserable.


They’re hurting her…


A burning anger ignited within him, he can’t just stand by and let them keep hurting her like they have been. But he can’t just go barging into their secret underground hideout. This needs to be planned out very carefully.


First things first though, he needs to make contact with the little white haired robin. 


And he knows just how to do that.


That Night

Eri was in her room, but she doesn’t really call it that. This room was designed to keep her caged in, preventing her from trying to leave.


She knows why this is happening to her. It’s because she’s “cursed” just like her mother said before leaving. Her curse made her father disappear right before her very eyes. Why was she cursed in such a way? Why her? 


Why does she have to keep being in so much pain?


Why is she cursed? 


“Someone…” She whimpered, almost in tears as she lay in her bed.


Tap! Tap! Tap!


Snapping her eyes open she sat up in the bed, looking around frantically until her eyes landed on the window. Perched outside was a Common Hill Myna, the colors of the bird were quite beautiful, but the little girl wasn’t thinking about that.


Cautiously, she slips out of the bed before taking slow steps towards the closed window. Small she is, she was still able to open it without much difficulty, thus allowing the feathered creature inside.


Now inside, the bird turns to her, “Hello, little robin.”


Eri stares in fascination as the bird actually spoke to her in a kind tone that wasn’t full of hidden malice. 


“H-Hello…” She responds finally after being quiet for about a minute.


“I’m sorry if I scared you, when my friends mentioned you were being hurt by a “false bird” I had to see you for myself.”


Eri tilts her head at the mention of “false bird.”


“Who is “false bird?” She asked the bird.


“The bird that is hurting you.”


She goes quiet all of a sudden, understanding who the bird was talking about.


“It will be okay, for I will soon be coming to get you.”




“My friends told me where their hideouts are, so even if they move you again, I’ll know where you are.”


Eri couldn’t believe her little ears, “Are...are you coming to save me…?”


“Yes, I am, though it might take awhile, I will definitely save you. Can you wait for me?”


Hopeful tears gathered before falling down her face, “Y-Yes…!”


“Good. I’ll give you a signal so you will know. Once you see this bird again in two weeks, which is when they frequently move you to a new hideout—I’ll make my move.”


“O-Okay…” Eri nodded her head in understanding.


“You should rest now, don’t worry for two weeks go by fast. I’ll see you soon...little robin.”


Her eyes widened as the bird was about to leave, “Wait! Wh-Who are you…?”


“My name is Midoriya Izuku, what’s yours?” 




“Eri-chan, what a pretty name.” 


“Th-Thank you…” She mumbles.


“Rest well, I’ll see you soon.”


With that, the bird finally flew away, leaving little Eri all by herself. For a moment, she just stood there and watched the bird fly away until it was no longer within seeing distance. Before going back to her bed, she closed the window first.


Once back in her bed, she closed her eyes, waiting for two weeks to hurry and come so that she can be free.




With Izuku

“Well...I’m glad there wasn’t a problem when I made contact.” Izuku comments as his little friend is perched on his shoulder.


“It’s a good thing I spoke through you the whole time, right?”




Chuckling, Izuku stands up as the cool night breeze is felt against his skin. In two weeks, he will make his move.


“To hurt the precious little robin in such a way…” An angry expression becomes visible on the normal, sweet boy’s face, “...I won’t forgive this.”


To anger a Phoenix, is to anger all.




“What’s wrong?” Tsuyu is very observant, and for the past few days she’s noticed that her best friend has been acting strange.


“Nothings wrong, it’s just that...she’s following us again.” He said, announcing their stalker out in the open.


“Oh, her, huh?” Tsuyu noticed the girl stalking them a few days ago, but didn’t say anything. She figured the girl had her reasons, so it didn’t bother her all that much. It would figure Midoriya would also notice her at the same time Tsuyu did.


“Does her stalking us bother you?” She asked.


He shook his head in the negative, “No...rather, I understand why she’s doing it.” Having said that, he stopped walking and looked back, “You can come out now.”


Tsuyu stood there patiently as their stalker finally came out of hiding to reveal herself. It was indeed a girl with a most prominent feature—being her head and neck. It was that of a gray patterned snake, with bright yellow eyes, slits as their pupils, with a shock of spiked, shoulder-length red hair around the top. Despite this, however, her body is of a regular human shape, and is quite petite with fair skin. 


Izuku recognized her instantly, this was their classmate—Mongoose Habuko. She was in the same class as them, and like them, she was avoided outright because of her physical appearance—something she can’t help. 


That’s mainly the reason why both Izuku and Tsuyu weren’t creeped out by her stalking, because they both understand the feeling of loneliness and isolation because you’re different from the people around you.


“Hello, Mongoose-san.” Izuku greets.


Since they couldn’t read her facial expression due to her reptile-like appearance, they weren't able to tell if she was surprised by Izuku’s greeting or not. Best leave that up to their imagination then.


“H-Hi…” Mongoose at least responded to the greeting, even if she was still a little embarrassed.


Unbothered by her shyness, Izuku stretches a hand out to her, “Would you like to walk home with us?”


This time, their classmate opened her mouth, probably expressing herself more that way. And from what they can tell, she was shocked that he would even invite her to walk home with them.


“ want to walk home with me…?” 


“Yes!” Izuku beams at her, his smile positively radiating to the point where Tsuyu had to cover her eyes at the sheer brightness of his radiant smile.


Mongoose stood there for quite some time before practically launching herself at Izuku, enveloping him in a hug. The boy didn’t mind the hug in the least and returned it, feeling the girl’s tears on the side of his face. How terribly lonely she must’ve felt due to her appearance, but it's okay now.


“It's okay, there’s no need for you to cry. Because from now on, we’ll be the best of friends.” He said with a smile.


Mongoose hiccups before crying even more, touched by his words perhaps. Tsuyu decided to join in the group hug, so now it was all three of them hugging each other. 


“Th-Thank you...thank you…” Mongoose thanked him over and over again, but there really wasn’t a need for her to thank Izuku at all. He understands her feelings better than anyone, that’s why he reached out to her instead of rejecting her like everyone else.


Like when his little friends were the only ones to give him kindness over humans told him over and over again…


You are not alone.


And neither is she—


— Not anymore.



Midoriya Izuku’s Diary—Entry 1


Life seemed so much simpler as a child.


Whenever I felt sad or lonely, my mother was always there to make me feel better. All of the negative feelings I felt as a child vanished so long as she was there to make me feel better. Her words were always loving and kind, not a single lie came out of her mouth-not even when I was first diagnosed as Quirkless. From the very beginning she believed in my dream and supported me, protected me from my fath—that man, and kept on tirelessly searching for me for seven years.


In my heart, I was deeply saddened that my one best friend cut off our bond because I didn’t have a Quirk. Not only that, but before I left this planet, he hurt me by using his Quirk on me. It healed of course, but that day signified that we were no longer friends. I’m worried that if he continues down the path he’s going...then he will not be seen as a hero, but as a villain.


Mom sat me down and made it very clear that Bakugo wasn’t welcomed around me at all. She even went so far as to cut off her friendship with Mitsuki-san. I’m worried about her, but she assures me she’s okay, and I know she’s not lying to me, either.


But, I still worry…


Two Weeks Later

Time really does fly by, and just as quickly. Tonight was the night that he was going to rescue the little robin from the “fallen birds.” he didn’t have to worry about his mother for she was having a girl’s night out with Tsuyu and Habuko’s mothers. Since becoming friends with the two girls they became close enough to introduce their families. His mother adored both Tsuyu and Habuko, and loved their parents even more, so she had no complaints or worries about him making friends with them around. 


So here he is, standing above a nearby balcony, looking down at an alley where his friends told him that the little robin was going to be taken to another hideout. He’s already prepared to save her, and he won’t fail. He won’t. 


Currently perched on his arm was a Peregrine Falcon, or “Hayabusa” a bird that is known as the fastest. Izuku already has this one, and some others prepared to grab Eri quickly, while the rest of the birds focus their attack on the “fallen birds.”


“There she is.” Izuku whispers as he spots the little girl being escorted by a man wearing a plague mask. He was the one that kept hurting the little robin, which is why Izuku will make sure to give the man something special for his cruelty.


“Are you ready, everyone?” Izuku inquires to his many friends hidden in the shadows. When he got cries from all of them his eyes glowed orange.


“Then... go .”


As one, all of the attack birds Izuku gathered began to let out war cries before charging at the fallen birds. They were taken off guard by their appearance and were unable to defend themselves in time, but this worked out for Izuku. His eyes were Eri the whole time, he watched as she managed to get some distance between her and the plague bird.


“Second wave, go!” 


The falcon quickly flew off his arm, the others followed the leader bird’s league and dived in for the retrieval. In one fell swoop, all of the gathered hawks grabbed the little girl, but it was thanks to Izuku using his Quirk to help levitate the birds and Eri towards him. Once she was close enough, the hawks released her into Izuku’s arms.


“I got you, little robin.” Izuku greets her with a smile. She was so small, far too small in his opinion, but he’ll fix that once he gets some proper food into her. The little girl was staring into his eyes, red eyes widened in recognition when she heard his voice.


It was him!


“I-Izuku…?” She questioned, nervously.


He gives her a gentle smile, “Yeah, it's me. I told you that I’d save you, little robin.” It looks like the bandages on both her arms and legs are new, something that angers him greatly. Something leans against his chest, looking down he sees it was Eri leaning against him. She was trembling, and he could hear little sobs coming from her smaller body. 


How could someone as sweet and precious as this little robin be thrown to the fallen birds without hesitation? No—now wasn’t the time to get angry, oh but he will later on, guarantee that. 


“Good work everyone, fall back.” He mentally calls his friends back to him.


At his mental call, all of his friends stop attacking the fallen birds, but one made sure to scratch the one wearing the plague mask's eye out before flying away. Let that mark remind him that made an enemy out of him and his friends for hurting the precious little robin.


Embracing the small robin, he rubs his face against her’s, “Time to come home with me, Eri-chan.” The many birds that came at his beck and call flew away, while he and Eri used his phoenix flames to take them to the apartment. 


Come morning, he has a lot of explaining to do.



Inko stares at the little girl that was currently clinging to his son. 


Last night when she went to go check up on him, she saw a little girl clinging to him in her son’s bed. She wanted to wake him up and ask where this girl came from, but decided to let him sleep.


But her son was wide awake now, and said little girl was still very much clinging to him in the form of gripping his clothes. They were all seated at the dinner table, and Izuku was calm and waited for his mother to start first.


“Izuku-kun, who is this little girl and where did she come from?” Inko questioned.


Izuku explained that his friends told of a small child that was being abused by her caretakers who wore plague masks, and that she needed help. Her heart broke at hearing the little girl being abused by those who were supposed to take care of her. As mad as she should be, a part of her couldn’t bring herself to be angry because her son didn’t actually start a fight with these “fallen birds” as he called them. The birds did most of the work.


Sighing, she smiles at the two, “I’m not going to tell you that she can’t stay because that would be wrong of me, that being said, she can stay here for as long as she wants.”


Seeing her son absolutely beam at her with that smile of his was worth it. The little girl also looked to be very happy.


She should probably tell Hawks about all of this though, chances are he might know who the people who did bad things to this little girl are. And this little girl will be staying with them for one simple reason—


—This little girl is simply adorable!


Unknown Hospital

Izuku was walking down the hallway of an unknown hospital. Why was he here, you ask? At a hospital that specializes looking after patients dealing with psychological problems. What brought him here was that one of the birds he has patrolled around here—Alauda, or Skylark has been watching over a woman and keeping her company when her visitors leave for the day.


He brought her some flowers, which the Skylark claimed to be her favorite. Normally, only families are allowed to visit the patients, but the nurse let Izuku right through for some reason. How strange.


Arriving in front of the room, he politely knocks on the door.


“Yes? Come in?” The voice on the other side spoke.


Izuku slides the door open and closes it behind him. He turns to face the woman and instantly takes notice of her features. She has straight shoulder-length white hair with rather long bangs over her face, and tired-looking brown-gray eyes with reasonably long eyelashes. She was still very beautiful to look at.


“Hello? Who might you be?” She kindly asked.


He gives her a kind smile in return, “I’m...Izuku.” With his introduction out of the way, he moves to give her the flowers he brought with him, and she responds in kind by moving to take them from him.


This was the day that the Phoenix met the Snow Woman.



🔥Ignited Resolve🔥

Chapter Text

Having Eri as the new edition to their family was a welcomed blessing. The little robin was as sweet as can be, and positively adorable. First example is when she sleeps in the same bed as Izuku. She snuggles into the boy’s chest before drifting off to sleep, it was simply the cutest sight ever! Izuku would feed her whenever they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Inko found the sight to be simply adorable. 


Hawks came by for a visit again, and was very surprised to see little Eri. All it took was one look at the little girl and he was attached.


“Double cuteness?! You’re killing me here!”


Izuku had no idea what Hawks was talking about, and didn’t bother to ask.


But he did have to explain where the girl came from though. Hawks made sure to listen very carefully, his eyes narrowed when he figured out who the “false birds” Izuku was talking about were.


Shie Hassaikai.


A yakuza organization suspected of dealing in the drug known as “Trigger.” Izuku had never heard of the drug before, but made a mental note to have his friends look into it, and let him know.


After getting the necessary paperwork for Eri to be officially adopted into the family, Izuku would pay a visit to the Snow Woman.


She was a very kind lady, telling him about her children every time he came to visit. But Izuku could sense a layer of sadness every time she talked about them. 


Particularly her youngest.


“I...I hurt my own child…” 


The clear heartbreak in her voice was enough to convince Izuku that she felt genuine guilt for what she did. He can tell she didn’t mean to, and he was determined to find out who the cause of her mental breakdown was.


All he could do at the time was gently grab her hands and smile.


“You didn’t mean to, please don’t keep blaming yourself like this.”


She was quiet.


“I believe the two of you will meet each other again someday, and when you’ll both be smiling.” 


This earned him a tearful hug in return for his kind and non judgmental words.


Izuku vowed to keep visiting her in order to keep the woman company. Sure her daughter comes to visit, but it’s every once in a while. To make up for the Snow Woman’s daughter not being able to come everyday, he does so in her place. His presence makes her feel at ease, and she tells him so.


Izuku tells her that his friends will always be here to keep her company, too.


He tells Tsuyu and Habuko about him having a new sibling, much to their delight. 


“Two cinnamon rolls...double the cuteness!” Habuko practically squealed.


“Cuteness overload, kero.” Tsuyu said, blushing.


Like Hawks, Izuku had no idea what they were talking about.


They both came over to meet Eri, and instantly fell in love with her. Eri was very shy, of course, but eventually warmed up to them.


Izuku was happy for her.




“I’m heading out now!” Izuku announces as he heads for the door.


Today he was just going out for a walk. Eri wasn’t coming with him this time—actually, it’s best she stays inside for today. His friends reported to him that the Plague Bird was constantly searching for her. 


As much as he hated making her stay home today, he has to for her sake.


“Take care, honey.” Inko said, waving.


Eri followed her league with a sad expression. Not liking her sad face, Izuku walks over before crouching to give the girl a hug.


“I won’t be gone for very long, I promise.” He promises.


Eri returns the hug, “Promise, promise?”


“Promise, promise.” He chuckles before removing himself from the hug. With another wave, he left the apartment.


The second he left the house, a bird perched on his shoulder. Smiling, Izuku greeted the bird before continuing his walk. It’s such a nice day outside today, perfect for a walk. The mild temperature put him in a good mood, the air reminding him of the time he spent up there. 


This would be a good diary entry.


“Fuck you—!”


Hearing a random angry yell made him jump a little. What’s going on? From the sounds of it, the voice came from the alley he was currently standing next to. Sending a silent nod to his friend, the bird flies towards the source of the voice, with Izuku following close behind it.


When he finally arrived, he saw three men with their backs to him, but he could tell that they were harassing someone—no, he can see it was two people actually. He can tell by looking at their feet.


These people…


“Please step away from those two.” He politely requested.


His voice got their attention thankfully, but also the two people they were harassing. Now that the three men had moved a little he could see that the two people were a male and female. The male was tall with black hair, some scars on his face that looked to be kept together by some stitches, and turquoise eyes. The female looked to be around his age, with fair skin, slightly inward-tilting eyes, irises bright yellow and their pupils thin slits, making them somewhat resemble those of a cat, and short dirty ash-blonde hair. 


“Huh. Who the hell are you, brat?”


“Get lost before you get hurt.”


Izuku wasn’t scared, nor was he worried, “Please step away from those two...less you three want to get hurt.”


The third guy took a step forward, “Forget this, let’s just beat the brat—!” A flaming foot to the face silenced whatever he was about to say as he fell backwards, unconscious.


Standing up from his crouching position, parts of Izuku were covered in bright red flames. He was sporting two long flaming rabbit ears, and flaming red boots that allowed him to knock the man out quickly before he could do anything. The fact that his flames can change colors isn’t well known to anyone, but himself.


And red stands for attack mode.


“Wha-What the hell…?!”




“I will say this once more, please step away from those two and leave.” Izuku requests again. He was being very polite and giving them a chance to leave this place.


But of course, they did the opposite of what he was expecting.


“Screw you—!” A swift and fast kick to the chin knocked him out cold.


Ignoring the knocked out man, Izuku turned his attention to the last one, “What will you do now?” He asked, tilting his head innocently as if he didn’t just take down two men that were far bigger than him.


The last one was looking all over the alley they were in before quickly turning around, seemingly about to take one of the two he was harassing as hostages.


And in a different world that would have worked—


—would have if they were in a different world.


With a swift kick to the back of the head, the last thug fell. Letting out a huff, Izuku wills the flames away in favor of checking in on the two people he helped.


“Are you okay? Did they hurt you at all?” He asks them.


The male was silent, but the female answered him with excitement and giddiness that was new to him.


“That was amazing~! Are you a hero~?!” She squealed, getting in his personal space.


Unbothered by the sudden change in her personality he simply shakes his head, “No, I’m not a hero…” Though he did want to be one in the past, he wasn’t sure how he felt about it now.


Shaking his head, he inspects her from head to toe before breathing a sigh of relief, “Good, it looks like they didn’t hurt you.”


She leans back, “Nope! We were okay though, but thanks for the help again, right Dabi?”


Izuku smiles at the male, “So your name is Dabi? I’m Midoriya Izuku, nice to meet you.”


The unnamed male, who Izuku now knows is called “Dabi” was still silent as his eyes focused solely on Izuku, who didn’t seem all that bothered by the intense stare.


“My turn, my name is Toga Himiko~!” Himiko grins, effectively returning attention back over to her.


“That’s a very pretty name…” His trails off, spotting a slight bruise on the back of her hand. Without thinking, he grabs it in a firm, but gentle grip and inspects it. She said that they were both fine, but there’s a possibility that she hasn’t even noticed yet. This needs to be looked at, and Dabi needs to have those burns looked at, too. Having made his decision, he grabs both their wrists and proceeds to run out of the alley with them.


“Eh, wait—!” Himiko said, startled.


“The hell—?!” Dabi yelped.


‘Ah, he spoke.’ Izuku thinks.



Inko thought she had gotten used to her son’s new habits, but this took her by surprise.


As she stood there, mouth wide open with wide eyes, a feeling of confusion mixed with worry bubbled within her. Just where on earth did her son meet these two?


“Mom, these two are Toga Himiko and Dabi.” Izuku introduces the two happily.


Hawks nearly chokes on the food he was eating, while Eri tilts her head in wonder of the two new faces.


Toga and Dabi meanwhile had no idea how to asses their current situation, but they were slightly worried the Number #3 Hero was here at the Midoriya residence. 


After it was quiet for too long, Inko finally reacts in a way that the two weren’t expecting.


“My! Look at you poor dears! You look like you haven’t been eating very well—not only that, but the young man has those burn marks!” Inko was already in Dabi’s personal space and checking the scars, “You come with me young man, those wounds need to be addressed—and don’t argue with me!”


Just as Dabi opened his mouth to say something, Inko had shut him up quickly before proceeding to drag him to the kitchen. Izuku grabs Himiko’s hand as his mother was preoccupied with Dabi.


“Come sit with me on the couch, you too, Eri!”


Hawks had to hold back his laughter as he watched these two be dragged unwillingly by two members of the Midoriya family. Resistance is futile in this case, he should know since both Inko-san and his cute little brother insist he come eat over here whenever he gets hungry. Not to mention check him for injuries every once in a while. 


He eyes the two his little brother brought home very carefully. The girl may look normal, but her eyes tell a different story. Then there’s the silent guy with the scars all over him, he’s very curious to know what his story is. 


Inko makes a sound before wrapping the final bandage over Dabi’s arm, “With scars such as these, I believe it's best to take you to the hospital.”


“There’s no need,” Dabi said, automatically shooting that idea down, “These scars...having them will remind me to never forget.”


‘Oh, interesting answer.’ Hawks thinks.


Inko didn’t think so as she bops him on the nose, “Be that as it may, you still need to have them checked, and you better not argue with me.” She finishes with a stern gaze that only a mother could pull off.


Seeing this, Dabi sighs and doesn’t try to argue any further.


This nearly makes Hawks give in and laugh his brains out. Oh, man! Inko-san is truly a force to be reckoned with! How in the hell did her former husband even score such an awesome and fearless lady?!


“Himiko-chan, are you hungry dear?” Inko calls out to the girl, who was sitting next to her son on the couch.


“Eh? Um...yes?” She gave an unsure answer, but Inko didn’t seem to mind all that much.


“Good! First we’ll get some food in you two, then take you both to the hospital to make sure you’re both nice and healthy!” Inko said, clapping her hands together with a smile.


Izuku chuckled before picking up Eri and heading towards the kitchen. Bringing these two here to his home was the right move, he could tell by the look in their eyes that they both needed help.


And he will never ignore someone who needs it.


Having finished their snack, they all went to the hospital to have both Himiko and Dabi checked out. Inko spoke to the doctor while Hawks stood next to her and listened without interrupting. He reported that Dabi’s scars are the result of self injury, but states that it was purely accidental as he probably used too much of his Quirk that he was unable to control. His burns were fine, and there was no worry of them getting infected, but states that he needs to apply some burn cream on his scars twice a day. Himiko was a different story…


“Blood?” Inko questions.


“Yes, her Quirk which she claims is called Transformation, allows her to transform into a physical lookalike of another individual, as well as copy their voice. To do this however—she can only transform into people whose blood she has ingested.” He explains, looking physically ill the whole time.


His reaction is one that Inko does not appreciate, but decides to hold her tongue unless he says something rude about the girl.


“I see, but she’s healthy, correct?”


“Ah, yes she is! Though a little skinny, I believe she just needs to eat a well balanced meal and she should be fine.” He quickly says.


Inko bows to the doctor, who does the same in return before walking away. When he was out of sight, Hawks gave the woman a side look, “You did well to hold that in, Inko-san.”


“Ara, you could tell?” Suddenly a dark aura surrounds the woman, even though she was smiling.


He sweat-drops, ‘Scary…’


“So, what will you do?” Even though he already knows the answer.


Inko’s smile never left her face, “You need to ask? They’re going to be living with me!”


“I figured.” Hawks said, not even a bit surprised.


“First things first though, we need to track down Himiko-chan’s parents. The same for Dabi, too. Grown or not, I’m sure his relatives might be worried about him.” Inko explains her next move.


‘Judging by their clothes, I doubt their relatives might not be all that caring—well in the girl’s case anyway.’ With an easygoing smile, Hawks knows what to do, “Right, let’s get this started.”



Hawks never thought that he’d have to play mediator between two mother’s.


Let’s explain from the beginning, shall we?


Hawks and Inko managed to track down Himiko’s parents, per the girl’s guidance with the directions to her family home. Dabi, Izuku, and Eri were waiting outside in the car, while Inko, Hawks, and Himiko went inside to negotiate about Himiko’s living arrangements.


Like Hawks predicted—the girl’s parents didn’t even hesitate to give the girl up. The reason they gave was that their daughter was unstable the moment her Quirk came in, and that they wanted a “normal” child, not an “abnormal” one. 


In other words...they didn’t want her anymore.


The reaction was fast and unexpected.




Hawk’s eyes practically bulged out of his head at the furious look on Inko’s face. She then defended Himiko.


“Your daughter is plenty normal! You’re the ones who are abnormal!”


After that, Hawks had to play mediator so things wouldn’t escalate into a full blown brawl. Himiko for her part looked at Inko as though she were a goddess, though given the current situation he didn’t blame her for the sudden admiration.


Inko was still angry as they went to the car, her slamming the door shut was obvious evidence to this. The action startled the three in the back, while Himiko looked a little hurt, but happy at the same time.




Simple, because this is the day that Toga Himiko was no more, and she was now Midoriya Himiko.


Dabi’s situation was a little different from Himiko’s, though he didn’t elaborate—he made it very clear that he could no longer go back home. Inko was understanding and didn’t push the issue further and simply asked if he wanted to be adopted into the family, too. He thought about it for a while before agreeing, but asked to still be referred to as “Dabi.” Once again, Inko was kind and understanding, accepting his request.


Two new members of the Midoriya family were now added to the mix.


That night, when Izuku and Eri were fast asleep in their shared bed, and Inko had turned in for the night—Hawks decided to have a private discussion with both Himiko and Dabi.


“I can tell you two look like the types that can hold your own in a fight, so here’s the question…” He leans forward a little, both hands underneath his chin as he leans on the kitchen table, “...want to be my new sidekicks?”


Himiko looked ecstatic, “Really?! Sounds so cool~!”


“Very cool!” Hawks said with a smile.


Dabi was silent before giving his own opinion on the matter, “If I can pay back a certain bastard, then I don’t care.”


Hawks didn’t bother to ask who this “bastard” was, but he might later on when he gains Dabi’s trust a little. 


“By the way, what do you think of the Midoriya family?” His curiosity always got the better of him at the most random times, like now for instance.


Himiko raised an arm in the air, “I like them! Izuku-kun and Eri-chan are so cute~! Like two bunny rabbits! And Mama-Inko is so cool and strong!”


Hawks nods his head in understanding, “Excellent comparisons, but my little brother’s cuteness far exceeds that of a rabbit.”


“I agree!” Himiko agreed with him on that.


“Hey.” Dabi’s cuts off their little banter.


“Hm?” Hawks hums.


“That kid...I saw something about him on the news a while back,” Dabi said, getting to the point, “He went missing, but then suddenly showed back up.”


‘Getting right to the point, huh? Well, there’s no harm in telling them everything about my cute little bro.’ Hawks decided. So he tells them everything that Inko-san told him about the boy’s past before suddenly getting his Quirk and disappearing, and so on.


Himiko smiled for a moment before pulling a knife out of nowhere, “Can I kill this Bakugo brat?”


“Knock it off, you psycho.” Dabi sighed, but he understood how the girl felt.


Hawks waves off her sudden killing intent with ease, “Maa, maa, no need for all that. Inko-san doesn’t know whether the Bakugo family have moved away or not, she’s no longer in contact with them.”


Dabi snorted, “Good thing she slapped the living daylights out of the brat. Serves him right.”


“I still wanna stab him.”


“No.” Hawks and Dabi automatically rejected.


“Boo~!” She pouted.


Ignoring her, Dabi turns his attention back over to Hawks, “Don’t really care about taking orders from someone else, but you look like the type I can get along with...until you eventually get on my nerves.”


Hawks gave Dabi a pleasant smile, “Nice to have you!” He then turns to Himiko, “And you?” 


“So long as I get to protect Izuku-kun, Eri-chan, and Mama-Inko, then I’m in!” Himiko wholeheartedly agrees.


“Good!” Hawks cheered.


“What’s going on in here?” The sudden appearance of Izuku took them by surprise, he stood there yawning in just his shorts while wearing an undershirt.


“Hey, little bro. Did we wake you up?” Hawks asked.


Shaking his head, Izuku wobbles in the kitchen, “Are you two feeling a little better now?” His question was directed at both Himiko and Dabi.


Himiko beamed at him, “Mm! I’m feeling much better, Izuku-kun!”


“Don’t worry about me kid.” Dabi casually dismissed his worry.


With a disarming smile, Izuku goes over to a confused Dabi first.




Then he went over to Himiko and did the same thing.




“We’re family now, so you don’t have to be alone anymore.” Izuku gently says before bidding them both a good night and going back to his room for some much needed sleep.


The moment he left the kitchen, both Dabi and Himiko slammed their heads against the table.


“What the actual hell…?” Dabi cursed with a blush, “Being all cute like that...damn kid…!”


“So cute, way too cute~!” Himiko nearly squeals.


Hawks meanwhile looks all the more amused, ‘The power of Izuku’s cuteness.’


It's very effective.




Something was wrong.


That’s the feeling Izuku got as he, his sister, and Tsuyu walked around the mall. Having gotten the adoption papers in order for Himiko, the girl had transferred to his school with a bright smile. Once her eyes landed on Tsuyu and Habuko, she gets in their personal space and asks to be friends. Habuko was all too thrilled to have another friend, and Tsuyu didn’t seem to mind Himiko’s personality.


That made him very happy.


Back to the bad feeling he was getting.


His friends told him that some heroes were out on patrol a lot more than usual today, so that made him be more alert. The probability of the villain coming here was way too high, so he had to be on his guard.


“What’s wrong, Izuku-chan?” Tsuyu’s voice snaps him out of it.


He thought about lying to her, but knew he couldn’t bring himself to do that, “I’m...getting an odd feeling that something bad might happen today.”


“Did your little bird friends tell you that?” Himiko thought it was cute that her new brother could talk to birds and share information with them.


“Yes, that’s why I’m looking around to make sure nothing happens.” Izuku confirms.


Tsuyu lets out a croak, “We should be okay since some Pro Heroes are out on patrol, but just in case things do go bad we’ll be safe with you here.”


This was one of the times where Izuku appreciated Tsuyu’s honesty because she’s never mean or hostile about it, but kind in a way that spares others feelings.


Should a villain decide to show up out of nowhere, then—




Spoke too soon…


“Looks like your bad feeling was well warranted, Izuku-chan.” Tsuyu states the obvious.


Himiko looks serious for once, “They’re coming in close…”


“Then we should get away from here, quickly.” Izuku tells them before grabbing both their hands and weaving his way through the crowd with ease. Once they were far away, they saw it was indeed a villain, who had snakes in her hair. Ah, he heard about her—Medusa, he thinks her name is, taken from the very Greek female herself. The hero fighting against her turned out to be Endeavor.


His eyes narrow as he watches how the man fights against the female villain. You think being the Number #2 Hero would teach him how to hold back while there’s a crowd around him, but no. As he waves his fire around, Izuku had to extinguish them so as to make sure that no one got burned. 


What a reckless and uncaring person.


The fight ended pretty quickly, though Endeavor didn’t have to show off. How people can even like the man is behind him.


“Ah, Dabi’s least favorite hero shows up.” Himiko comments.


Judging by her tone, there was a story behind that but Dabi isn’t the type to simply share his past on a whim.


Everything looked to be settled…only it wasn’t.


Medusa managed to get free while the cops were distracted and headed right in their direction. Before the woman could try anything, a flaming foot to the face stopped her.


Izuku stood before his best friend and sister, decked his red flame attack form, the same form he used to help Himiko and Dabi. He watches her slowly stand back up, bloody nose and all.


“You shitty little—”


Before she could finish her crude sentence, Izuku was already behind her, knocking out the woman quickly. Letting out a sigh, he looks down and notices a layer of ice that was aimed at the woman before it suddenly stopped. Looking back up, he spots a boy with red hair on one side and white on the other, along with different colored eyes. One was grey, while the other was turquoise (reminds him of Dabi for some reason), but the scar on the right side of his face was what really got his attention. 


Wait a minute…


Red and white hair, different colored eyes, and a scar on the right side of his face…




—The Snow Woman—Rei-san’s youngest son!


Todoroki Shōto.


He had to force himself to break eye contact when he felt a new heat source standing next to him, looking up slightly he saw it was Endeavor. The man towered over him with a stern, yet annoyed expression, not that Izuku cared. His turquoise eyes weren’t very pleasant to look at.




Dabi, Todoroki, and Endeavor…


Could they be—


“Your help wasn’t needed, boy.” Endeavor’s voice cut him off from his inner thoughts.


Unimpressed, Izuku retorts, “Had you been paying more attention instead of showboating then I wouldn’t have had to stop her from trying to harm me or my best friend and sister.”


Everything around him had gone silent at his words, but Izuku wasn’t done with the hero yet, “You also need to be more aware of your surroundings. I had to use my Quirk to make sure your fire didn’t accidentally burn someone in the crowd. As a concerned civilian I respectfully request that you start actually caring about those you’re supposed to protect instead of showing off like a middle schooler.”


Saying his piece, he walks over towards Todoroki. He can clearly hear his sister laughing her head off in the background, but didn’t really pay that much attention to her. He stops in front of Todoroki, “Thank you for trying to protect me from Medusa, hero-san.”


A little bewildered, Todoroki nods in response, “You’re welcome…”


Izuku sits right up with a smile, “You really do take more after her.” In their talks Rei expressed that Todoroki took more after her than his father, and he has to agree with her on that one.


For a moment, Todoroki’s eyes widen slightly, “What—”


“Izuku, we have to go home now~!” Himiko calls out to him.


“Oh, that’s right! I'm on cooking duty tonight!” He quickly moves away from Todoroki in favor of going over to his sister and best friend.


“Hurry, hurry!” Himiko urged.


“I’m coming!” He finally reaches them and they leave the area, not paying attention to the whispers from the crowd.


“Wow...he actually told off Endeavor.”


“I know, that was really cool!”


“Speaking of cool, did you see his Quirk?”


“It looked like a fire Quirk, but it made him look like a bunny.”


“A badass bunny.”


Unknown to Izuku, he had set things in motion for himself. Both Endeavor and Todoroki’s piercing gazes were on his back as he left, while elsewhere he had gained the attention of another individual.



Getting a pat on the head from Dabi when he got home was something he wasn’t expecting. At his confused expression, Dabi explains that someone had recorded him talking back to Endeavor on their phone, and that it was played on the news. His mom was actually proud of him as she wasn’t really a big fan of Endeavor either, and Himiko still found the whole thing funny.


As they finished dinner, they got an unexpected visitor.




“I‘ll get it!” Himiko volunteered as she went to open the door, “Eh?”


“What’s wrong, Himiko-chan?” Inko asked.


“Um...there’s a bear, mouse, something at the door…?”


Izuku decides to go and see for himself and indeed there was a strange creature that was wearing a suit, accompanied by Tsukauchi at the door.


“Greetings, pardon my intrusion, but is this the Midoriya residence?” The rodent spoke.


“Yes…?” Izuku said, unsurely.


The rodent smiles, “It's a pleasure to meet you young man, my name is Nedzu, and I’m the principal of UA High School!”



🔥Light My Fire🔥

Chapter Text

The atmosphere was stifling.


Nedzu, as the little mammal introduced himself as was sitting at the table, along with Tsukauchi and facing both Inko and Hawks. Izuku and the rest were (weren’t eavesdropping) from behind the door. It’s not everyday the freaking principal of UA just shows up at your front door to introduce himself. 


What the hell is going on?


‘Why in the hell would UA’s principal of all people be here?’ Dabi thinks.


‘So cute~! But looks dangerous at the same time.’ Himiko stares.


Izuku could sense that there was more to this mammal that meets the eye. He came here with a purpose, and it unsettled him for some odd reason.


His friends told him that the principal wasn't a bad guy, but they were a little disturbed by his mere presence alone. Possibly because the mammal was very intelligent—hence why they’re a little wary.


Back in the kitchen meanwhile, both Inko and Hawks were giving the small principal looks. It’s not like they didn’t want the mammal here, but they were bothered because of the reason he was here.


Which was Izuku.


“Nedzu-san, was it?” Inko was the first to speak.


“Yes.” Nedzu responds.


Steeling her nerves, Inko spoke once more, “I’m going to be blunt, the reason for your visit today is because of my son, isn’t it.”


“Yes, you are indeed correct, Midoriya-san.” Nedzu admits.


“Inko-san,” no one has called me by my surname since I was married.” Inko corrects, “But back to the topic at hand, why are you interested in my son?”


Hawks had to give it to the woman for not being at all terrified by the mammal. Nedzu may be an unidentified mammal, but he was far smarter than the average human. He wasn’t all that bad in the smart department himself, but he was still nothing compared to Nedzu. 


“I’ll be blunt with you, Inko-san,” the little mammal rests his chin on the top of his hands, “I propose recommending your son to take the UA Entrance Exams as a recommended student.”


Okay, they weren’t expecting that.


Himiko looked shocked, Dabi blinked a couple of times, and Izuku? His silence was telling. There was a time he wanted to be a hero, but after being called and having been away from Earth for so long, that desire...had all but faded




The one to break the silence was Hawks, “Why come here with a proposal like that all of a sudden?” There’s a reason for everything, and this current situation counts as a “situation.”


“I’m sure you both are aware that half—no— all of Japan saw the flame bird that mysteriously appeared and disappeared. All heroes also saw it, and have been scrambling like headless chickens to find the person who caused the incident,” Nedzu then eyeballs Hawks, “Imagine my surprise when finding out the Number #3rd Hero—Hawks not only knows the person, but has been keeping him a secret from his fellow heroes.”


It all happened in an instant.


Hawks proved that he was a fast hero as he pointed one of his feathers at one of the tiny principal’s eyes.


“Hawks!” Inko gasped.


Tsukauchi was debating as to whether he should get his gun out or not, but opted to wait and see what happens first.


Himiko’s eyes widened slightly at the sudden move, “Holy…”


Dabi was impressed, it’s not everyday you see a hero act like Hawks.


Izuku almost wanted to jump in there and stop whatever was about to happen, but instincts told him to hang back.


All was silent as the hero stares down at Nedzu, a sharp feather still pointed at the mammals eyeball.


“Correct me if I’m wrong...” The smile Hawks has didn’t match his eyes, “...but it sounds like you’re threatening this family. And if that’s the case…” He didn’t finish that sentence, but the underlying threat was heard.


Threaten this family in any way...and face the consequences.


Nedzu found himself amused by the threat, if the smile in his face was any indication. ‘Such protective instincts.’ He thinks gleefully, “Be at ease, Hawks. I have no intention of threatening, not harming this family. You have my word.”


The two continued having their stare off before Hawks’s posture relaxed, but he was still looking at the mammal with a wary expression. 


“I have no intention of ousting the boy if that’s what you’re worried about. In fact the reason I’m bringing this up is due to the Hero Public Safety Commission already putting two and two together.” Nedzu brings up.


Hawks didn’t even flinch as he already knew all of this.


“They’ve been watching him very closely and have deemed him as someone who should be closely monitored. Since you come over here a lot, I believed that you were acting under their orders...but now I see that my assumption was wrong.” He explained.


“Way wrong.” Hawks states, “The last thing I want is for them to try and use my little brother for whatever they come up with.” 


Let it be known that the president of the Hero Public Safety Commission is a very controlling person. And Hawks is good at hiding his negative emotions, but he can’t hide his contempt for that woman.


“I now see that. Trust me when I tell you that I’d rather not put this family in a tight position, but at the same time I don’t want him to feel like I’m taking his choice away from him.” Nedzu expresses.


At this point, Tsukauchi pipes in, “I have to agree with Nedzu-san. I may not be highly ranked, but from my understanding, the Hero Public Safety Commission is not to be trifled with. Their main purpose is to do damage control for any hero that starts a scandal, and make them look good.”


That also includes any skeletons in their closet.


Izuku already didn’t like them.


“So you want my son to attend UA as a means of protecting him, is that what I’m hearing?” Inko said, calmly.


“Correct, ma’am.” Tsukauchi nods, “Truthfully, the only reason I even agreed to this is because a good friend of mine will soon be teaching there, and he is unafraid to face them. He’ll protect Izuku-kun.”


“Oh, so you’re saying I can’t protect my own little brother?” Hawks sarcastically states, a little irked.


Raising his hands up in a mock surrender, Tsukauchi tries to explain his words, “N-No, that isn’t what I meant at all!” 


“Then what did you mean?” Hawks demands, crossing his arms.


Nervous, Tsukauchi turns to Nedzu for help. The principal for his part chuckled, “Calm yourself, Hawks. No one here doubts your protective instincts, but even you have to admit that you can only do so much to protect Midoriya-kun.”


As much as he hates agreeing with the little mammal, deep down he knew Nedzu was right. There was only so much he could do, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t willing to try.


At this point, Inko spoke up, “From the very beginning you’ve been talking as if my son himself has no say in a decision that will alter his life.” 


Tsukauchi almost winced at her tone, but wasn’t surprised as this was the same woman who slapped a child and nearly sent him flying out of his chair without hesitation. 


“My son deserves to have a say in where he should go to high school. As a boy he wanted to become a hero, but I don’t know how he feels about that now.” It has been in her mind for quite some time now, but with everything else going on she had honestly forgotten about it. But it was still lingering in the back of her mind.


“But of course. In the end, it is still your son’s decision.” Nedzu agreed.


Or so he says, but they all know that Izuku didn’t have a choice, especially since the Hero Public Safety Commission had their eyes on him, wanting to turn him into a spy like they did with Hawks.


“I’ll do it.”


Abruptly, everyone turns towards the door to see Izuku standing there. He’d been quiet long enough, it was time for him to speak for himself now.




The boy ignores his mother’s voice, “I...since coming back here...the thought of becoming a hero hadn’t crossed my mind in such a long time.”


Hawks opted to stay quiet.


“In the past, the only person to tell me I could become a hero was mom. She told me that I didn’t have to be anyone other than myself, and she’s right.” The scars from his childhood were still there, lingering in the back of his mind, but he won’t let that stop him.


“From the sounds of your conversation, I don’t have much of a choice, especially since they’ve been watching me since I came back.” 


Hawks frowns at that, making a mental note to have a “talk” with that scheming hag. Why wasn’t he informed of this? Were they trying to say he was no longer trustworthy? That didn’t bother him one bit, mind you, but don’t drag the Midoriya family into your schemes!


“I’ve been thinking, and I know what sort of hero I want to become…” He thinks back to when he rescued Eri from the “False Birds,” and helped both Himiko and Dabi. His mom was right, there was no need for him to be like All Might because he can just be himself, “...I don’t care about fame, fortune, or anything else. What matters to me more than being there for my family and friends. I don’t need anything else.”


There was utter silence at his declaration, and Hawks had felt pride for the very first time of his life. Inko also swelled with pride and couldn’t help but smile at her son.


Nedzu was impressed by the boy’s honest reason for wanting to become a hero. He did a background check on the boy before coming here, and was surprised when Izuku didn’t try to retaliate. After being rejected a lot during his childhood and being attacked by the person he once saw as a friend—the chances of him wanting to become a hero after he finally awakened his Quirk were...slim at best. 


Yet his expectations were completely blown away when the boy states he will become a hero in order to protect his family and friends.


‘The real essence of a hero.’ Nedzu thought.


“I wanna go to UA, too~!” Himiko announces out of nowhere.


“Hah, you at UA?” Dabi gives her a skeptical look, but doesn't say anything else when she sends him a nasty glare.


“I’ll allow it.” Nedzu approves.


“YAY, thanks, uh...what are you again?” Himiko wasn’t sure.


“Why, I’m so glad you asked! Could I be a dog or a mouse or a bear? The answer is...I’m the principal!” Nedzu introduces himself to the girl.





“...creepy little bastard.” Dabi mutters, this breaking the awkward silence.


Hawks nods his head in approval, ‘Been saying that in my head since the day I met him.’



“Are you absolutely sure about this, honey?” Inko asked him when day finally became night.


Nedzu and Tsukauchi had finally left, Hawks had left also in order to deal with a “scheming snake” in his own words. Izuku has an inkling as to who his surrogate older brother was referring to, but kept quiet to his mother about it. 


“Honestly? I wanted the decision to become a hero to be mine on my own terms, not like this.” He admits, “But...the fire in me is already ignited and ready to burst. That alone tells me that this is what I want, but it won’t change me...I will never allow that to happen.”


She could only smile at his honest answer and proceeded to hug him, a hug he didn’t hesitate to return. Just because the Hero Public Safety Commission forced his hand doesn’t mean he’ll allow them to use him as they pleased. He has a means of fighting back, and he will use it to the fullest of advantages.


It was a full moon out tonight, Izuku stares out the window and observes it. The window cracked open as he stared at the quiet night sky.


Lifting up a finger, one of his feathered friends comes back and perches on it. Izuku doesn’t waste any time peering into his friend's mind for the information he was looking for. When he found it, an innocent smile soon appeared.


He had sent his friends to spy on the Hero Public Safety Commission so he could know their secrets. And he must admit that what he saw just now was...interesting to say the least. 


Not only do they do damage control for heroes who step out of line, but cover ups as well. Interesting information he could use in the near future.


How unfortunate for you poor fools. You have no idea that you have challenged no mere child—but a predator who sees you as nothing more than prey to be fed to the birds.



“So you’re really gonna go to UA?” Tsuyu was the one to ask him. She may not have known Izuku for very long, but what she did know was that her friend had a problem in the past. Tsuyu had already vowed to help him in any way she could, so if this is what her friend wanted then she’ll support him.


“Yes, I won’t lie to you...after coming back...being a hero was the furthest thing from my mind. And as you guessed it has something to do with the past. But, I don’t want it to hold me back, so...I’ve decided to finally move forward.” He vowed.


Tsuyu has a sisterly smile plastered on her face, “I’m glad to hear that, Izuku-chan. You’ll be happy to hear that I’m also going to UA.”


“I’m glad to hear that, honestly I’d feel more comfortable having you there with me.” Meeting new people didn’t bother him as it would have when he was a child, but that doesn’t mean he was comfortable around then, either.


“What about you, Habuko-chan? Are you coming to UA with us also?” Izuku asked.


Sadly, she shakes her head in the negative, “I’m...not going to UA with you guys. The school I’m going to is called Isamu Academy High School.”


Izuku could tell she was saddened by the fact that they would be going to different schools. They were known as a trio here in school, so for them to split up and go to different schools was saddening. He wraps his arms around her, Tsuyu follows his lead and does the same.


“This isn’t goodbye, but rather “see you again.” No matter how far apart we are—we will always be together.” Izuku tells her. 


“Izuku-chan is right, we have each other’s contact information, so we can always contact you anytime.” Tsuyu points out.


“Plus we can hang out together outside of school whenever we have time.” Izuku adds.


Happy tears stream down Habuko’s face. These two were the very first friends she ever had. She never had any friends in the past because of her appearance caused by her Quirk. But Tsuyu and Izuku were different, they were kind and treated her like a human being, something she was very grateful for.


“I’m so glad...that you two are my friends…” 


Those words were from the heart.


And they felt the same as her.


No matter how far apart they are—


—They will always be together.




Time rolled on, and before Izuku knew was his last year in middle school. A lot of things have changed. The first was when Hawks came storming into their house and declaring that the Midoriya family was under his strict protection, and that the Hero Commission needed to back off. 


Surprisingly they did, but Izuku knew it wouldn’t last long. From the constant I formation he kept getting from his friends, they have no problem doing questionable methods to get what they want. But he wasn’t worried, just because he was in their sights doesn’t mean he wasn’t making a move himself.


Information gathering was starting to become his forte. His methods are far more realizable and useful than any other method spies use. Using animals is smart because no one suspects them. Him using birds as a means of both seeing and communicating is very useful, not to mention safe. He hasn’t said anything about this to Nedzu, just because the mammal seems trustworthy doesn’t mean Izuku was going to tell him about his full abilities.


Second, Dabi was acting just like an older brother would. Izuku suspects his relation to Rei-san and her youngest son, but wisely keeps quiet about his observations. Also, according to Hawks—Dabi has been training his fire a lot, and Himiko was also training with them. He was also visiting Rei-san a lot, too. They would often talk for hours about random things, but it was very enjoyable. 


Third, Tsuyu and Izuku also began training. They did their training in the form of cleaning up a beach called Dagobah Municipal Beach Park. It had been accumulating trash for years,  but Izuku was tired of seeing it. He told his best friend what he was planning, and she insisted on helping him. 


After many hours of cleaning the beach that took months, they noticed changes to their physical bodies. Both had gained some muscles, Tsuyu liked having some muscles on her, and Izuku looked pretty buffed up, too.


Both were very proud of their achievement.


Lastly, his mother decided to train using her own Quirk to levitate things around the house. Eri was still shy around new people, and still afraid to use her Quirk, but that was okay. She’ll use it when the time is right and on her own terms. 


Fast forward to now, and Izuku and his two friends have submitted their applications to the high schools they intend to go to once they graduate. After school that day, Izuku was walking by himself as Tsuyu had to go straight home, as did Habuko. Himiko was sick today so she stayed home.


He was taking a shortcut home while making sure to be aware of his surroundings. There was a report about a A-class villain running around the area. From what he read, All Might was already going after it. 




Instincts took over as he flipped in the air to avoid being attacked by a fist that slammed into the ground. Skidding to a stop, he looks up and sees a large man with a metal brace in his face, exposed muscles, and large fists.


This is the A-class villain—Juggernaut.


Figured he’d run into a villain on his way home from school. 


“Not bad for a fleshbag.” Juggernaut complimented, but there was a hint of mockery in his tone.


Izuku doesn’t say anything as he rises. If he were to fight this man right now, it would be considered self defense.


“I’m just trying to get home, so I’ll be going now.” Izuku said, trying to dissuade the villain.


But he doubts it’ll work.


He was right as Juggernaut smirks, “Too bad for you kid, but you’re about to have a very bad day.”


Oh, he’s that type of villain.




Toshinori Yagi, or better known to the world as All Might, inwardly cursed himself as he let the villain get away. Juggernaut was classified as an A-class villain for a reason, having killed so many people with his bare hands. 


The villain was nowhere near the level as that man was , but his enjoyment of hitting and killing others is something he will not forgive.




‘It came from around that corner!’ He arrives at said corner. Just as he was about to say his signature catchphrase, he witnessed the villain’s punches being avoided by a middle school student. Said student had a calm demeanor as he danced around Juggernaut. 


Wait a minute—! He recognized this boy! Midoriya Izuku, the boy who went missing before miraculously reappearing. From what he heard, Hawks has put the boy under his protective wing.


To see the boy move and weave around an A-class villain was impressive. Maybe Hawks has been training him, perhaps?


No—now wasn’t the time to be impressed, he had a job to do.


“I AM...HERE!” 


“All Might?!” Juggernaut exclaimed as he ceased his pointless assault against the boy.


Izuku on the other hand was surprised to see the Number #1 Hero had appeared. Then again, he was already chasing the villain to begin with, so he shouldn’t really be all that surprised.


He stands there, watching as Juggernaut was knocked down in seconds flat. As expected, the villain didn’t stand a chance against the man with the epitaph—Symbol of Peace. 


But even so, Izuku can see that something was wrong with All Might. There was a severe wound on the man that looks like it should have taken his life years ago. It’s located on his stomach from what he can see. Being able to see through clothes can be useful, especially in this case. 


What if…


All Might turns to him, “Are you alright, young—” 


Izuku didn’t let him didn’t let him finish as he placed a hand on the man’s stomach, his hand lit up with golden flames. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the wound, he could feel the flames cover the man’s entire body. The wound was almost gone, just a few more.


What was just a few minutes felt like hours for the two, but finally the wound on the hero was completely gone.


Letting out a tired sigh, he looks up at the hero, “You’ll be okay now.” He gives those parting words before walking away from the stunned hero. 


All Might watches the boy disappear around the corner in a daze. Slowly, he touches the area where the wound originally was—the same wound inflicted upon him by that monster. Shrinking into his smaller form, he lifts up his shirt and sees the severe, life threatening wound he got was completely gone. 




What a powerful healing Quirk. Letting his shirt down, he couldn’t help but feel...relieved that his old wound was forever gone.




A strong gust of wind got his attention, recovering from the sudden impact he cursed as Juggernaut once again got away.




Izuku felt a sense of accomplishment after having healed All Might. The hero should be fine now, but he can’t help but wonder...who gave him that serious life threatening wound?


It had to have been a villain strong enough to be on par with the hero. 


A dangerous villain.




He places a hand on his chest, his flames reacted. Reacting to the villain that injured All Might.


‘What is it? What are you trying to tell me this time?’




“What?” Izuku said.


Against his better judgement he goes over towards the chaos to see what was going on. To his surprise the one causing the commotion was none other than Juggernaut. 


But why is he still here? All Might should have taken him away by now. Did he somehow escape?


The villain was throwing cars everywhere, one almost hit a little girl, thankfully Izuku got her out of the way before it could squish her.


“Thank you, nii-chan!” She thanks.


“You’re welcome, now go over to your mother.” He gently tells her. She does just that, scampering off to where her mother was. Kamui Woods and Death Arms tried their hand at taking the villain down, but no luck.


He sighed, “Hawks-nii-san is going to scold me for this.”


Meanwhile, All Might was back in his hero form and still cursing himself for letting Juggernaut get away from him, again.


It doesn’t take him long to find the villain again, and just as he was about to take him down again. Midoriya Izuku appeared once again. Only this time, he was fighting the villain...and winning.


“Stop jumping around you little punk!” Juggernaut took another swing at Izuku, only for him to miss and earn a kick to the face that sent him crashing into an abandoned car.


Landing back in the ground in his rabbit form, he eyes the villain with caution. There were thankfully no civilians around for him to use as hostages. Good.


Juggernaut peeled himself out of the car dent, “That’s it! I’m gonna smash you to pieces!” He practically flies at Izuku.


“Honō no Neko (Flame Cat).” Izuku replaced his bunny form with a red flame tail, claws, and ears. With a crouch, he pounced at Juggernaut much like a cat would. He moved faster than Juggernaut, appearing behind the villain with a clawed hand stretched out. Standing straight he turns to the A-class villain.


“I guess the one to have a bad day…” Izuku’s innocent smile was both pure and terrifying, “...turned out to be you.”


With those words, Juggernaut fell forward flat in his face with whited out eyes. The villain had finally been taken down. 


Dismissing his cat form, Izuku uses the crowd to his advantage and scampers away. Both his mom and surrogate older brother were going to scold him dearly for this.


Unknown to him, he got the attention of someone very important.


Toshinori watched as the boy quickly fled from the scene. He wanted to chase after him, but knew the boy was fast and didn’t try to bother. But he won’t be forgetting him any time soon. Committing the boy’s face and name to memory.


He felt it


When he saw the boy rush toward Juggernaut he thought it was a crazy and foolish thing to do. Only to see that not only did the boy save a little girl from being crushed, he also took down an A-class villain with ease. A burning light was felt in his chest. He found him.


The next heir of One For All.


Taking out his cellphone, he quickly makes a call, “Nedzu? Yes, it’s me, Toshinori. I’ve found him—”


“—My successor.”



🔥Flame Burst🔥

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SCHEDULE UPDATE (Pin Name on is: Lucy Heart of Fairy Tail):


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To Aru Majutsu no Index:

1) A Certain Powerful Level 0

Just as expected, both his mother and Hawks scolded him for about an hour, but once the scolding ceased, Hawks said he was proud of what he did. That earned him an ear pull from his mother, but even she had to admit that she was proud of her son.


He got a big hug from Himiko, a pat on the head from Dabi, and another hug from Eri. Her hug was one of worry though. Guilt soon settled within him at that, he didn’t mean to worry her. Next time he won’t go jumping into danger like that ever again. 


Tsuyu called to chew him out too, of course, but she also expressed what a good job he did in assessing the situation before stopping Juggernaut. 


After everything, and having a delicious dinner thanks to his mother, he now finds himself laying on his bed. The night was quiet, his friends were off somewhere, probably off gathering more information. But still, today was quite a day, first running into an A-class villain, then the number #1 hero—All Might himself. 


He was still wondering who it was that gave the hero that injury. It’s a miracle All Might has lived this long. From what he felt, his stomach, and other important organs had to be removed. Hopefully with his “Saisei-en (Regeneration Flame)” healing his injury completely, his organs will be restored. 


‘Only someone who could be the same S-ranked as All Might could have given him that injury. An S-ranked villain…’




Turning on his side, he looks at the wall as he feels another warm pulse coursing through his chest. Again, the flame was trying to tell him something, something very important.


Whatever it is, it has something to do with his thoughts about the unknown villain.


Nothing is worse than the unknown.




During the next few months, Hawks had taken it upon himself to train Izuku in preparation for the U.A. Recommendation Entrance Exam. See, unlike All Might and Endeavor—who both went to U.A. Hawks went to Shiketsu High School, so their exams were a little bit more different than U.A.’s.


Hawks decided to train both Himiko and Tsuyu, too since they were also taking the Entrance Exams to U.A. they just weren’t taking the one for the recommendation students. The two girls have been working very hard with each other, even having sparring matches that would always end in a draw.


Dabi and Izuku trained together by using their flames. Dabi’s blue flames looked very beautiful in Izuku’s eyes and he ended up telling him so. Izuku tilted his head when Dabi’s cheeks turned pink and looked away. All he did was give him a compliment, there’s no reason for him to have such a reaction, right?


But from what he sensed, it seems like the compliment was really appreciated.


During his busy training schedule he made sure to make time to visit Rei-san. She wished him good luck and told him to do his best. Izuku asked her if there was anything she wanted him to bring her the next time he comes for a visit.


She looked hesitant, but there was this cake that was advertised on TV that she wanted to try. Izuku promised to get it for her during his next visit. A kind woman such as her deserves everything in this world, just like his mother. 


Before leaving he made sure to tell her that he will tell his mother to come and visit her. His mother could use another friend. Rei liked the idea of another Midoriya coming to visit her.


Before Izuku knew it...the day of the exam came.


Spring—U.A. High School: Recommendation Entrance Exam Location

The building was quite large if he were to be honest. For some reason it seemed to fit the school entirely in his opinion. One thing Izuku noticed was that he was the odd one out. Some of the recommended students seemed to know each other by names, while he— an outsider knew no one. Well, that isn’t entirely true, he did know Rei-san’s youngest son Todoroki, but suddenly going up to him would seem rude, so he doesn’t do that.


But he understands why that is though, Hawks explained that the students recommended here are exceptional middle school students with outstanding references that will determine their acceptance into the school. It also helps if a Pro Hero backs them up, but that’s rare, and it only happens if you are related to said hero. 


Case in point: Todoroki Shōto—son of the Number #2 Hero Endeavor.


The second he stepped outside for the Practical Exam, all eyes were on him and his light green jersey. Of course, Izuku has an inkling as to why that is. Before the Practical Exam, he—along with the rest of the candidates had to take the written portion of the exam first. Not even 5 minutes had gone by before Izuku was already done with his test, giving it to Present Mic before walking out the door.


He was actually the first one to arrive at the Practical Exam location. This part of the exam details six students racing at a time through a three-kilometer long obstacle course using their Quirks. The students receive numbers and their time is recorded by Present Mic himself. Izuku’s number was “13” and he couldn’t help but wonder if maybe that was on purpose or not. 


Anyway, there he stood waiting for everyone else to arrive, and soon enough some one did. It was a girl, with a high ponytail and black hair. She didn’t say anything to him, but judging by the look in her eyes, there was something she wanted to say. 


After her, Rei-san’s son showed up along with some other examinees. He was standing in between him and some other boy whose name he does not know. All eyes were on him, he could feel it, and then the whispering started.


“Does anybody know who that kid is?”


“I’ve never seen him before, but I know Endeavor’s kid.”


A spike of anger hits Izuku’s senses, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s coming from Todoroki. Just being compared to, or even acknowledging being connected to Endeavor in any way was enough to make him angry. 


That’s not good.


“He looks so familiar though, I can swear I’ve seen him somewhere before…”


“Hey, yeah, he does look familiar.”


The whispering continued around him, but Izuku opted to ignore it. That also includes the gazes stabbing away his very being. Had he’d been his old self then he would be fidgeting and an overall nervous mess by this point. 


But that’s not who he was anymore.


Opting to do some stretches while he waited, he focused on the task at hand, which was finishing the race to the best of his ability. 


With those done and out of the way, he stands right back up and whispers.


“Honō no Usagi (Flame Rabbit).” 


Every examinee there widened their eyes at Izuku’s rabbit form. Some of them were full of recognition when they saw the form. Izuku could feel the gazes on him intensify and the whispers were no longer whispers. He wasn’t focused on them, there was only one thing on his mind, and one thing only. If they want to stare and whisper around him, then they can. 


But he still intends to do his best during this Practical Exam.




Izuku was already off, moving and jumping around like an actual rabbit. But not just any rabbit, a rabbit made out of flames. Somewhere behind him, he can feel both Todoroki and the other examinee try to catch up to him. 


A part of him felt bad though because he was leaving scorch marks behind, but deduces that the school will be able to handle any damages he causes on their grounds. 


He soon passes the finish line, having landed over the white line. No sooner had he passed the finish line, Todoroki and the examinee with the buzz cut arrived right after. Present Mic said their time’s would be recorded and he was curious to see what it was, but decided he was just glad he passed another part of the exam. 


“Number 13 finishes first!” Present Mic announces. 


His display of his flames got everyone’s attention again, and the whispers started up again.


“It’s him! I can’t believe it’s him!”




“The green haired kid, I knew I’ve seen him somewhere before, that’s the kid who told off Endeavor for almost putting some bystanders in danger when Medusa attacked!”


“He also took down the A-class villain Juggernaut!” 




“Yeah, it was definitely him!”




Present Mic meanwhile recorded Izuku’s time and gaped like fish, ‘He finished faster than the average year! 1.10 minutes?! FAST!!!’ He thinks looking over at the boy in pure disbelief.


A small blush tints his cheeks at their positive talks of him. Izuku wasn’t expecting anyone to recognize him during the “Juggernaut Incident,” but lo and behold people did. 


Deactivating his flames, he was about to walk away when the same examiner with the buzzcut stopped him.


“That was AMAZING!!! Your quirk is seriously hot blooded!” The boy says to him. Izuku could tell right away this person’s personality is energetic, hyperactive, and enthusiastic. 


Blinking, Izuku decides to respond in a politeful manner, “Thank you, um…?”


“Oh, Nice to meet you, I’m Yoarashi Inasa!” Inasa introduces himself, bowing deeply.


“Midoriya Izuku, likewise. Your quirk is really amazing, not to mention powerful. You’ll be an amazing hero.” Izuku sincerely compliments.


Inasa looks up at Izuku with a look of surprise. The boy was expecting his personality to be completely different from what he was originally expecting. Quiet, distant, and shy. But this was really unexpected! Midoriya Izuku turned out to be a kind person.


And somebody who he can acknowledge as a true hero! 


Unable to contain himself, he gives the boy a hug, “Thank you!!!”


Izuku blinked a few times, not expecting to get a hug from the other boy. But being the kind person he is, he hugs Insasa back.


“Not sure what you’re thanking me for, but you’re welcome.” Izuku sounded so confused, but took everything in stride like always.


The two break the hug before exchanging phone numbers. Izuku bids Inasa farewell as he had to hurry up and get home. They both promised to tell each other their results once they got their acceptance letters. 


Inasa will be his first male friend, well not his first…


Shaking his head, he changes back into his school uniform before leaving the locker room. There waiting for him at the entrance was a familiar face.


“Hawks-nii-san!” He called out.


Hawks gives him a brotherly hug, “So, how did it go?” He was eager to know.


Izuku beamed at him, “It went better than I expected. This was a very interesting exam.”


“Really? Did you meet any interesting kids here?” Hawks asked.


Izuku nods, “Yeah, I met this boy, Yoarashi Inasa. He started greeting me out of nowhere and said that I was hot blooded.”


Hawks laughed, “Just met the kid and he already likes you! As expected of my cute little bro.” He boasts, rubbing his head, much to Izuku’s protest.


“Nii-san!” Izuku whines, squirming  away from an amused Hawks.


“Your reactions are always so cute.” Hawks teased, chuckling when Izuku pouted at him like a cute little chipmunk.




The happy atmosphere was ruined suddenly when Endeavor came stomping over to them. Shōto was walking beside the man, his gaze frigid and cold. Such a cold and frightening expression, it's enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. 


Hawks, being the easy going kind of hero that he is, just smiles at the Number #2 Hero without any fear, “Yo, Endeavor! Fancy seeing you here, then again I shouldn’t be surprised since your son is going to be applying here, too.”


Endeavor didn’t look all too impressed by Hawks’s attitude, “This boy belongs to you?” He was referring to Izuku, who wasn’t even looking at him. In fact, he turned his head away from the hero to pretend like he didn’t exist.


More importantly, why was he referring to him like he was some kind of possession?


“He’s my cute little brother! Midoriya Izuku!” Hawks said with pride.


Endeavor’s heated gaze landed on Izuku, who was still ignoring him, “His Quirk has something to do with flames.” He said it as a statement, not a question.


“Yup! Although his flames may not look it, they're hotter than any other flame user I know.” Hawks makes sure not to reveal too much about Izuku’s fire abilities.


Shōto for his part was staring right at Izuku, who noticed, but didn’t comment on it. The hard stare was something he wasn’t used to at al. He doesn’t mind if Shōto stares at him, in fact he can do it all he wants, but when Endeavor does it, it feels really creepy. 




His cellphone!


Digging it out of his pocket he sees it's a text from Tsuyu, something about Himiko ending up in the infirmary due to something that happened during the Entrance Exams. He was instantly filled with worry, deciding to go check in on her.


“Nii-san, Himiko’s in the infirmary so I’m going to check on her!” Izuku informs the hero before running off.


“Okay!” Hawks wave him off. The hero was glad Izuku took off though as he didn’t like the look Endeavor was giving his surrogate little brother. Endeavor has always been intense, but the way he was looking at Izuku made him cautious. 


‘Was Endeavor always like this?’ Hawks wonders in apprehension. He had a lot of respect for Endeavor because of the man’s obvious tenacity when it comes to All Might, but deep down he always knew there was more to the hero that meets the eye.


How true.


Because the look on Endeavor’s face as his little brother ran off…


...made him want to stab the hero in the eye with one of his feathers.


His eyes landed on the youngest Todoroki to see the boy’s eyes were also following after his brother’s back. 




Unlike Endeavor’s burning look, this kid had an entirely different one plastered on his face. Color him surprised by this, but something was telling him that this kid had some kind of...fascination with his brother. 


‘This looks like it could be interesting.’ He muses.




When Izuku arrives at the infirmary, he’s surprised to see two new faces around his sister. Seeing Tsuyu doesn’t here isn’t all that shocking, but he doesn’t know the other two.


“Ah, here’s my cute brother now~!” Himiko greets with one of her trademark grins. She didn’t look injured, but then again he won’t know unless she tells him herself. 


His arms were already wrapped around his sister as a sigh of relief escaped his lips. Thank goodness she didn’t look as hurt as Tsuyu’s text made her out to be.


Himiko giggles as she returns the embrace, “I’m okay, such a worrywart you are.”


Rubbing against the side of her cheek he reluctantly moves away to inspect her, “Are you okay? Tsuyu-chan said you were injured.”


“I’m fine! Just sprained my ankle a little after saving Ochako-chan from the Zero Pointer!” Himiko assures him with a smile.


‘Zero Pointer?’ Was it a hidden part of the second part of the Entrance Exams for those who weren’t recommended students? Sounds like something Nedzu would do. 


“The Zero Pointer was a giant robot,” Tsuyu was the one to explain, “Ochako-chan’s ankle was sprained when she ran away from it. Himiko-chan used her Quirk to transform into Iida-kun to get her away from the Zero Pointer, but got injured herself in the process.”


“Get this, Izuku-kun! I was able to use Glasses boy’s Quirk while transformed into him! I’ve never been able to do that before!” Himiko tells him with an ecstatic grin on her face. 


“Really?” Now that was a surprise. Himiko’s transformed into people she’s taken blood from, but that was all she was able to do. Using the Quirk of the individual she took blood from was a first. Looks like all that training with Hawks has really paid off.




Since she seems really happy about the new development of her Quirk, then it's fine. 


“Are you all healed now?” He asked her.


“Recovery Girl healed me, she’s really sweet.” Himiko answered.


Recovery Girl has a healing Quirk and a very good one. But like all Quirks, it has a limit and can’t heal everything, unlike his Phoenix healing flames. The flames can heal anything he touches from external to internal wounds, even restore organs. He wouldn’t mind sticking around the infirmary just to talk to the elderly healer.


“By the way, are these the two you were talking about?” Izuku then turns his attention to the two quiet people in the room. Honestly, he’d forgotten about them for a moment because he was more worried about his sister than inquiring as to who they are.


The brunette girl took a step forward, “H-Hi, I’m Uraraka Ochako! Your sister saved my life!”


Izuku took one look at her and could tell right away that she was a good person with a cheerful personality. She’s definitely someone his sister would get along well with.


After her introduction, the boy with glasses introduced himself next, “Greetings, my name is Īda Tenya! I have apologized to your sister about my previous rude behavior towards her before the exam even started, and yet she did not hold my previous behavior against me! She is a good person!”


He’s also a good person with a stiff and serious personality. Such interesting people his sister met during the Practical Exam, no doubt she’d want to keep in contact with them.


“Nice to meet you both, my name is Midoriya Izuku. Thank you for staying with my sister along with our friend Tsuyu-chan before we got here.” Izuku thanked them.


“Ah, no, it was nothing really!” Ochako waved her hands in front of her face nervously.


“Yes, there is no need to thank us for we are here out of concern for your sisters well being.” Tenya states, moving his arm rigidly like some kind of robot.


Himiko gets out of bed and whips out her phone, “Let’s exchange numbers, Ochako-chan!”


“E-Eh?” Ochako blinks, blushing a little.


“Sounds like a good idea.” Tsuyu was already bringing out her own phone in order to exchange contact information with the two.


Izuku smiles and does the same thing.


This day marked the beginning of a friendship between the five of them that will carry on as they start their journey in becoming heroes.




Izuku was once again sitting by the window in his room reflecting on what has happened the past few weeks. With the entrance exams over and done with, Izuku, Himiko, and Tsuyu exchanged numbers with Ochako and Tenya before leaving the exam building. All of them will be getting their results pretty soon, but out of all of them the only person who was stressed out about their exam results was Ochako. It took reassuring on Izuku, Himiko, and Tsuyu’s part that finally eased her troubled mind. 


Everything still felt a little surreal to Izuku, even after being back home for so long. Going to school, making friends, and just...going about daily life. He still dreams about being back out there in space where he was free to fly around as he pleased and learning how to control this power of his. Part of him misses being back up there, but the other half was happy to be back home with his mother and new siblings.


Yeah, coming back home was the right choice.


Lifting up his finger, he allows another one of his friends to perch on it.


“I’ll be going to high school this time.” He said to the bird.


His little friend tilts its head slightly in confusion, probably sensing Izuku’s apprehension about starting high school with some new faces, but hopefully he’ll be in the same class as Tsuyu, Tenya, Ochako, and Himiko.


Smiling, he looks back out the window to see it was a full moon tonight, “This is just another adventure for me…”


Two weeks passed by in an instant. Both Izuku and Himiko got their results in the mail, and the whole family was gathered around to take a look. So color them surprised when a holographic image of All Might appeared.


“Is that…” Inko trailed off.


“All Might.” Eri said. 


Dabi was quiet as he stared at the holographic image, while Hawks deduced that the only reason the hero would even appear as a hologram was because he was going to be teaching at the school.






“...stupid.” Dabi said what everyone else was thinking.


Hawks crosses his arms, “Well, this isn’t anything unusual considering All Might’s personality.”




“I Did it!” Himiko cheered.


“Yes, you did. I’m so proud of you.” Inko gives the girl a hug, who eagerly returns it. Eri and Izuku also gave her a hug.


“Okay, it's my little brother’s turn now.” Hawks announced.


Izuku was a little nervous when it came to his results, but opened the letter anyway. The hologram told him that he got a perfect score on the written exam, and received first place during the Practical for the recommendation students. 


Hawks was proud of the boy, “As expected from my cute brother.” 


The family decided to see the rankings for Himiko’s practical exam score first. Coming in first was Kirishima, second was Tenya, third was Himiko, and fourth—


1) Kirishima Eijirō—82VP, 40RP                                              



 2) Īda Tenya—81VP, 39RP                 



3) Midoriya Himiko—79VP, 34RP              





4) Bakugō Katsuki—77VP, 20RP   


A sudden chill was felt around the whole room as Izuku eyes his mother’s expression at seeing Bakugō’s name clear below Himiko’s. The possibility of Izuku running into the other boy again was slim, but you know what they say. 


It's a small world, indeed. 


Poor little Eri was so confused. She didn’t understand why everyone in the room had suddenly gone quiet. Taking pity on her, Izuku picked the little girl up and went to his room, the mood was no longer cheerful anyway, and he had a feeling all of them were going to have a discussion anyway. 


All of them know the full story about what happened before his disappearance, and from what Hawks told him, Himiko wants to stab Bakugō repeatedly. Dabi was unimpressed, Hawks doesn’t believe Bakugō to be hero material, and his mother…




Some things are better left unsaid.


That night, Izuku wrote in his diary. He had many things to write down, but what stood out the most were his thoughts about his former best friend. The very last memory he has of Bakugō was of the boy cornering him along with his friends, and then there was…


Leaning back against his chair, he looks up at the ceiling of his room, thinking about how Bakugō used his Quirk on him while his back was turned. Thinking back on it now, had Izuku’s flames not activated when they did, then he would have a permanent scar. 


Things aren’t the same as they were before, and they were no longer little kids. The Bakugō he used to know was arrogant because he has a powerful Quirk, and was told by many people that he will achieve greatness in the near future. While he on the other hand, was told that he should give up on a pointless pipe dream, and was even bullied for something that he could not control. 


But that was in the past, things are different now. 


He doesn’t have any proof, but there’s a chance that Bakugō may have changed. The only evidence he has to that claim were the rescue points, and while that may not mean anything to an outsider, Izuku thought otherwise. Him getting those rescue points were a sign that he was no longer that same arrogant little kid who bullied others because he was deemed strong.


Again though, that may not mean very much, so he’ll have to let Bakugō’s actions speak more than words. His mom and siblings may take issue with Bakugō going to U.A. along with him, but knew that there was nothing they could do.


“Sigh…” No point in thinking about it so much. 


It tires him out more anyway.




The Sakura petals looked amazing. 


Seasons change, and right now it was April. When he and Himiko got their uniforms in the mail and put them on, their mother started bursting out into tears due to pure happiness. Dabi rubbed her back, having gotten used to the woman’s crying, while Hawks was grinning from ear to ear. Eri hugged the both of them as she was also happy for them.


Tsuyu called his cellphone, expressing her joy at her exam results as well as Himiko’s. Izuku told her that he’d done well during the recommendation portion of the exam, and she expressed her congratulations to him. The third member of their musketeer group also got into her hero school, and they all agreed to meet up and have snacks at a cafe. Even Inasa sent him a text.


It had been an interesting few weeks.


He and Himiko got here early, not wanting to be late on their very first day. Tsuyu sent him a text, letting him know that she’ll be coming afterwards. 


“Wow, the hallways are pretty long, huh?” Himiko observes, the hallway looks like it could go on forever.


“It does look long, doesn’t it?” Even Izuku could see that, but what made the school really impressive was how big it was on the inside.


“So big…” Himiko said, staring up at the classroom door.


Izuku wonders if U.A. has some kind of preference for large doors and long hallways. Some high school’s do have a specific style that reflect on the personality of not just the school, but the staff as a whole.


Ultimately, it’s Izuku who opens the large door to see that they were not the only ones that got there early. Tenya was there, not surprising, but there were two people he wasn’t expecting to be here. There was Todoroki Shōto, but there’s a female he doesn’t know.


“Ah, nice to see the two of you here early along with the rest of us.” He greets the siblings.


“Not surprising to see you here, Robot-san.” Himiko greeted right back with a steaming grin.


Tenya sputters, “R-Robot—?! I am no such thing!” But his denial doesn’t exactly help when he’s chopping the air stiffly.


“Awww, are you embarrassed~?” Himiko’s teasing didn’t cease as she kept at it.




“You’re lying~”


Izuku tunes the two of them out as he sits by the window. Since it was such a nice day out he decided to open the window so he can feel the nic cool breeze, and feel the sun on him. The second he opened the window a Japanese Bush Warbler came right through the window and landed on his shoulder, this type of bird can be seen or heard once spring comes around since their breeding call can be heard.


“Good morning.” Izuku greets the male bird, chuckling when his little friend greets him back. 


“Is that a Japanese Bush Warbler?” The unknown girl comes up to him and questions. She had been quiet since their arrival, but once Izuku opened up the window and a bird flew in, her silence was replaced with curiosity and wonder.


Green eyes regarded her for a moment before deciding to humor her question with an answer, “Yes.” It was a simple answer that didn’t need any sort of elaboration.


“Amazing, I’ve never gotten to see one up close before.” She inspects the bird, but that was it. Her not touching it was very smart as his little friend would have pecked her without hesitation.


“They are amazing in their own way.” Izuku was in full agreement with that.


The girl looks at him this time, “I apologize for not introducing myself much sooner. I am Yaoyorozu Momo.”


“Midoriya Izuku, pleasure.” Izuku said.


“It is a pleasure to meet you, Midoriya-san.” Yaoyorozu said.




Yaoyorozu seems really polite and very nice, too. He can’t sense an ounce of negative emotions from her.


“You’re so cute, Yaomomo-chan!” Himiko said, popping up out of nowhere and scaring the girl a little.


“Um...thank you?”


Izuku smiles at his sister, “Do you want her to be your friend, too, sis?” 




Yaoyorozu blinked, “Eh, the two of you are related?” They didn’t look anything alike at all. Had he not said anything then she would have thought they were just friends.


“Yup, he’s my cute brother and I’m the pretty sister.” Himiko states.


‘If Dabi-nii-san were here right now he’d probably have something to say about that.’ Dabi’s sarcastic wit was funny and entertaining, especially that one time he said something insulting to Himiko and tried to stab him for it.


You’d think after the first time he’d learn his lesson about insulting her again.


“I see, and to answer your question, I would be honored to become your friend.” Yaoyorozu said with a smile.


“Yay!” Himiko gives the girl a hug, “Thank you, Yaomomo!”


“You’re most welcome.” She said, giggling.


They’re getting along so well. After experiencing some painful experiences in the past, Himiko could use some friends who will accept her for who she is, as well as her Quirk.




There was that feeling again, but this time it was much more different. Since there was no danger present, that meant someone was watching him very closely. It wasn’t Tenya, he was conversing with Yaoyorozu and Himiko, and he knows it wasn’t the other two. 


So that left…


Very subtly, he turns his head to the side and looks out in the corner of his eye to spot the one staring at him with such intensity was none other than Todoroki Shōto. 


Why was he staring at him, he wondered. They’ve only had two interactions so far, nothing all that impactful in his opinion but for some reason the other boy had his eyes right on him. His stare was really intense, too, but it wasn’t making him feel nervous or uncomfortable. But he was still curious as to why he was being stared at in such a way. Suppose he’ll find out soon.


As time rolls by, more students begin to trickle in. Tsuyu came over and greeted them the second she walked in. Himiko ambushed her with a big hug that nearly sent the girl falling backwards, but luckily she managed to stay upright.


A feeling of dread washed over Izuku suddenly and he had a feeling he knew what this feeling entailed.


And it walked right through the door.


Ash blonde hair, with crimson red eyes and a slightly hunched over posture with a small scowl entered the room. The last time he saw the other boy he was much smaller and sported a cocky, confident grin on his face. But standing before him now was not that very same boy, that smile child had grown up and was now in the body of a teenager, just like him. Whatever cockiness he had in the past was no longer present, a different Bakugō had walked through that door.


He moves his gaze away from his former best friend, not wanting to rouse any anger he may harbor towards him.


Unknown to him though, Bakugō’s gaze was directed right at him. Once a small, scrawny kid was now a full grown teenager with muscles on him. Bakugō could tell from where he was standing, even if the other teenager was wearing a school uniform. 


Things changed after that day…


After everything about his bullying of the nerd came to light and he was slapped by Au—Inko-san for it and denounced as being a hero in any shape or form. His life had never been the same.


Inko-san had moved away to a different city, while he and his family stayed in Musutafu. And after everything came to light, the school was investigated, teachers were fired, even the principal was canned. Of course he had to go to a different primary school, but he no longer gathered a crowd of eager kids wanting to be around him like before. Back then, he was in denial about Deku’s disappearance being his fault and showed it. 


The extras at his new school were wary and refused to come near him. Teachers there had more sense than those at his old primary school, and warned him not to hurt the other extras. 


He didn’t listen.


One kid reminded him too much of Deku and he ended up hurting him with his Quirk, badly. There was a permanent scar on the boy’s arm, and his parents were called in.


“While this may be the first time your son has hurt another child here, this behavior is unacceptable. It may not be my place to say this, but just what are you teaching him?”


The tense atmosphere and shame on his parents faces made him start feeling guilt. It was after this incident that his parents made him go to therapy, of course he was pissed about it, but knew that him attacking that kid unprovoked was strike more and he was done. So, swallowing his pride, he goes to therapy and keeps going while in middle school. 


There was no one he knew at Aldera Middle School, but the extras there, including the teachers and principle were complete and utter shit. Around that time, he saw on the news of a giant flame bird appearing out of nowhere and had a feeling it had something to do with the Deku. Then again, he didn’t have any definite proof of this, and he couldn’t exactly ask the hag since she was no longer in contact with Inko-san. 


During his time at that shitty school, instead of being the dominant male like he used to, he was making sure no extras did anything stupid. 


Like bullying others.


Hypocritical of him to say since he did the exact same damn thing. 


At first he hated going to see a therapist, but after constantly going to the sessions and actually talking shit out he finally got it through his thick skull that not only was he a major asshole to his former best friend, but when he used his Quirk on him while his back was turned...he could have severely injured or killed him.


He’ll be the first to admit that he hasn’t changed entirely, but he was trying dammit! The real step would be him apologizing to Deku, but there’s a chance he won’t want anything to do with him, or maybe he will. He’s the type of idiot to forgive others, even if he knows they don’t deserve it.


“Hey, thanks for the save during the exam!” An arm was slung around his shoulder and a spiky red head was grinning at him like an idiot.


“Huh, who the hell are you?” Who the hell is this idiot?


“Eh, you don’t recognize me?!” The spiky red head exclaimed before rubbing the back of his head, “Well...I guess you wouldn’t recognize me since my hair’s red and not black anymore.”


Bakugō was still giving him the evil eye.


“During the second part of the entrance exam you saved me from getting blindsided by one of the pointers! My hair was black back then, but after the exam was over and done with I dyed it red!” The red head explained. that he’s got a good look at his face he can tell that it's the same guy who almost got incinerated because he wasn’t watching his surroundings properly.


“I’m Kirishima Eijirō, nice to meet ya!” Kirishima introduced.


“Huh, like I care.” Bakugō scowled.


“Don’t be like that!” Kirishima’s smile proved that he wasn’t all that bothered by Bakugō’s personality.


Meanwhile, Tsuyu was holding onto Himiko’s arm, preventing her from charging at Bakugō and stabbing him with one of her knives. Izuku was grateful for her assistance as he was too busy talking to Tenya and Ochako. 


“This isn’t a place to socialize.”


A stern, yet dry voice announces to the whole class. Everyone in the room looks around, trying to find the source of the person who said that. Something yellow crawls on the floor, getting their attention and everyone looks down to see it was a person crawling around in a yellow sleeping bag. 


“Took you brats way too long to quiet down,” The mysterious man comes out of the sleeping bag and stands tall. He is a tall pale-skinned man with messy, shoulder-length black hair that partially hangs in front of his face and often half-opened black eyes. He also sports a ragged black outfit that consists of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants that tuck into his boots. He also wears a utility belt and a wrap scarf, “This is the Hero Course, I’m your homeroom teacher Aizawa Shōta.”


Izuku knows who he is, he’s the underground Pro Hero Eraserhead. To think he’d be their homeroom teacher, this should be an interesting high school experience for him.


Aizawa walks over to the desk and places folded gym uniforms on top of it, “These are your gym uniforms, put these on and meet outside.” He walks out of the room after saying that.


Since no one else was making the first move, Izuku decided to be the one to do it. He grabbed his uniform, followed by Himiko, Tsuyu, Tenya, and Ochako. The rest followed soon after, still confused as to why their homeroom teacher would want them to put these on and meet him outside.


There were two locker rooms for the boys and girls, Izuku started changing and sensed two pairs of eyes concentrated on him. Again, one pair belonged to Todoroki while the other was Bakugō. He can feel their eyes on his back, he can guess why Bakugō was staring, probably wanting to see for himself that he had no scar or burn mark on his skin. As for Todoroki? He’s not quite sure, but he has a feeling he’ll find out soon.


He was the first one to leave the locker room and outside to meet their sensei. The underground hero had his eyes on him now, too, but Izuku paid it no mind. All heroes were aware of him, the kid who vanished and then returned years later, he’s pretty much over it by now.


Soon the whole class joined them and Aizawa-sensei finally decides to tell them what it is that they’re doing, “Instead of going to the opening ceremony, we’re going to test the limits of your Quirks.”


“Test the limits?” Ochako questioned.


“That’s right, we’ll be going to Ground Beta for this,” Aizawa then narrows his eyes at all of them, “Waste my time...and you’re expelled.”


The reaction was instantaneous.


“E-Expelled?!” One of his classmates with grape-like hair exclaimed.


“You can’t do that! We worked hard to get here!” Ochako protested.


“Life isn’t fair.” Aizawa states, uncaring, “Like I said before, this is the hero course. If you were thinking of just goofing and spending time with your buddies, the tough shit. We teachers are given free reign to do as we please... meaning I can expel all of you if I feel you’re wasting my time .”


That was an underlying threat, and Izuku felt that he was very serious about his words. He can understand why their sensei was being hard on them on the very first day, the world is very dangerous and they need to know all they can to protect themselves. Aizawa-sensei was just looking out for them in his own unique way.


Location—U.A. Ground Beta

They arrived at the training ground by bus, looking out the window, Izuku could see the urban streets and buildings. It was modeled to look like a real city, it was really impressive.


Getting off the bus, they all lined up in front of their teacher to hear what they were going to do in order to test the limits of their Quirks. 


“In order to test your limits you’ll be doing one thing to ensure that...and that’s going up against me.” Aizawa tells them.





Utter silence.


“It will be a different type of hide and seek,” he continues, “Your main goal is to not only find me, but to try and tag me right after. But it won’t just be you seeking me, you’ll also be seeking and using your Quirks on each other.”


‘So it's basically a free for all with the exception that we will still have to find and take Aizawa-sensei.’ Izuku was inwardly smirking on the inside since he has an unfair advantage against everyone else.


This is going to be so much fun!


“The timer has already been set, when it goes off that’s the signal to stop.” Aizawa said.






Izuku was very quiet as he was sitting in the shadows, leaning against one of the buildings of Ground Beta. Once Aizawa-sensei gave them the signal to “go” everyone rushed through the gates and found their own hiding spots. Going inside one of the buildings to hide out wasn’t really a bad thing, either, but Izuku opted to hide from within the shadows outside rather than do it inside.


Letting out a soft, quiet sigh, he closes his eyes, linking up his vision with one of his feathered friends. The Izu Thrush that he summoned was perched on top of one of the buildings, its head tilted. Izuku’s vision with the bird was already connected, he could see that Aizawa was jumping from the rooftops, but soon landed on the ground and hid in the shadows of a nearby building.


Cutting the link, he stands up from his sitting position, “Honō no Tora (Flame Tiger).” Like his cat form, he had a red flame tail, claws, ears, and feet. He climbs up the walls of the building he was hiding next to before jumping from the roof of where Aizawa-sensei was hiding. Slipping down quietly, he slowly creeps up behind the man, relieved when he sensed the man hadn’t noticed him yet. With a pounce, he nicked the man’s arm before disappearing out of sight.


“Point 1–Midoriya Izuku! Tagged: Aizawa Shōta!”


The point system keeps tabs on how many take points they rack up by tagging each other. A simple way to keep track since everyone will likely forget.


Izuku stays in his tiger form as he prowls around Ground Beta in search of his classmates. Getting Aizawa-sensei was good enough, and he’ll probably try a little later on, but it was now time to go after his classmates.


“C’mon man, let’s work together!”


That voice…




His voice sounded like it was coming from inside the building he was standing next to. Creeping inside, he stands outside one of the rooms, sensing Kirishima wasn’t alone. Bakugō was with him along with two other people. Peeking his head in a little, he sees it's a boy with yellow spiky hair, with a black streak, and another boy with shirt black hair with a smile.


“Kaminari, Sero and I think it’d be better if we worked as a team,” Kirishima said, “I know we’re supposed to take each other out, but he didn’t day we couldn’t make teams.”


“Yeah, it’ll be us against the rest of them.” Kaminari said in full agreement with Kirishima.


“Someone already got Aizawa-sensei, Midoriya I think.” Sero mentioned.


That seemed to spark something within Bakugō, “Deku, huh…”


They still haven’t noticed him yet, talk about careless.


But this does give him an opportunity though.


“Huh, did you say something, Bakugō—!” Kirishima yelped when he felt something nick his leg, Kaminari’s shoulder got hit, Sero felt something nick his collar bone, and Bakugō’s stomach was targeted. Izuku got out of there quickly before the four of them regained their senses.


“Point 5–Midoriya Izuku! Tagged: Kirishima Eijirō, Kaminari Denki, Hanna Sero, and Bakugō Katsuki!” 


“The hell?!” Kaminari practically squeaked, “Not fair, dude!”


Sero rubbed his collar bone, “Man, that felt a little hot.”


“Got my leg, too.” Kirishima was rubbing his targeted leg.


As for Bakugō? 


Let’s just say the vein protruding from his head was almost as big as a baseball, “That little...nerd—!” He was gritting his teeth to try and calm down, less he wanted to blow up. Oh, but he will get the nerd back for this, he swears on that.



“Point 4–Midoriya Himiko! Tagged: Uraraka Ochako, Yaoyorozu Momo, Tokoyami Fumikage, Mineta Minoru!”


Todoroki Shōto lets out a cold breath as he lets loose his ice, freezing some of his classmates and gaining some points of his own. The rest of his class weren’t his real target though—it was Midoriya Izuku.


Since their very first encounter he felt some kind of strong force around the other boy that was trying to draw him in. Strange thing is, he doesn’t really hate it all that much. Midoriya is a fire user, but unlike the old man and himself, his fire felt warm and inviting, but very hot to the touch, hotter than the old man’s. 


His flame Quirk wasn’t the only reason why Todoroki was interested in him, there were those words he said, how he said that Todoroki really does take more after “her.” There’s no way he was talking about his mother, besides he hasn’t even seen her since...that day. Him going to see her would only cause her pain, so he doesn’t go visit her at the hospital. But what really made him interesting was how he scolded his old man like he was a child in front of many people and wasn’t even intimidated by the man.


With qualities like those, there’s no way he wouldn’t be interested in him. 




Suddenly, he felt heat on his back before it disappeared just as quickly. By the time he turns around to counter attack, his opponent is already gone.


“Point 6–Midoriya Izuku! Tagged: Todoroki Shōto!”


He frowned, next time he’ll be more aware of his surroundings.


This new game of tag went on for hours and so far, the person who was in the lead was Midoriya Izuku, with his sister and Tsuyu coming in second and third. So far, those three were in the lead with their classmates coming in right behind them, out of the three though, only Izuku got Aizawa-sensei more than once.




Time’s up.



Izuku was beaming.


Himiko grinned widely.


Tsuyu let out a croak.


All their classmates, plus sensei were all staring at the three of them as the results of the Quirk Tag Battle Royale was displayed.

1st. Midoriya Izuku


    2nd. Midoriya Himiko


3rd. Asui Tsuyu 


4th. Yaoyorozu Momo


5th. Todoroki Shōto


6th. Bakugō Katsuki


7th. Īda Tenya


8th. Uraraka Ochako


9th. Kirishima Eijirō


10th. Kaminari Denki


11th. Hanta Sero


12th. Ashido Mina


13th. Aoyama Yūga


14th. Ojiro Mashirao


15th. Satō Rikidō


16th. Kōda Kōji


17th. Shōji Mezō


18th. Jirō Kyōka


19th. Tokoyami Fumikage


20th. Hagakure Tōru


21st. Minoru Mineta

Aizawa didn’t know what to think of Midoriya Izuku, the kid had gotten him more than once before moving on to his classmates. Nedzu had spoken highly of this kid, along with All Might, but that wasn’t enough to convince Aizawa. He can see why the two of them spoke highly of the kid now. Every time he tried to hide, the kid always seemed to know where he was every single time. No matter where he ran and hid, the kid would always find and tag him. Mind you, this was still the very same kid that went missing years ago before reappearing with a flame Quirk that could match Endeavor’s or be even better.


But that’s not important right now.


“Mineta, you get a warning. If improvement isn’t shown, pack your things. Same to you, Hagakure.” Aizawa warns them, looking unimpressed as the two of them flinched, “Remember, the hero course isn’t a class to fool around. This lesson was to test your ability to use your Quirks and go past your limits, but it was to also test your ability to seek out your enemy without being compromised. So far, you brats have shown potential, but... remember my warning, waste my time in any way, and expect to get booted out quickly.”


Some of the class shook their heads in acknowledgment as they all went inside the bus. 


Izuku was still pretty satisfied with everything.


Quirk Battle Tag Royale was so much fun!



Aizawa walked down the halls of the school, intending on taking a nap in the teacher’s lounge. But before he could even get there, he was ambushed by the blonde annoyance, and he wasn’t talking about Hizashi.


“How unusual of you not to follow through on your threat, Aizawa-kun.” All Might said, still looking very healthy, thanks to Izuku.


“I gave them a warning, besides, not all of them are not without potential to improve.” Aizawa states dryly.


All Might wasn’t all that convinced, but decided not to comment, “So? How was he?”


The underground hero knew he was talking about Midoriya Izuku, “The kid has a lot of potential, the way he utilizes his Quirk shows he knows how to use it properly, but there’s still room for him to keep improving.”


All Might unconsciously touches his stomach, “I agree, but I must admit, his Quirk is very powerful.”


“Being a hero takes more than some flashy Quirk,” Aizawa states, walking away, “The Hero Course isn’t to be taken lightly.”


Smiling, All Might watches his colleague walk away, “That may be true, but if it's this generation...they’ll be just fine.”