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The Future's Not Ours To See ( A JoJo Watching The Show Fanfiction )

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Episode 1: New York's JoJo (Part I)

Straizo, Speedwagon , Tom Petty, Jonathan and Dio, men who were supposed to be fighting each other, had their faces glued on to a television screen. 

The future? Considering the Elemental's powers, which included cancelling out Hamon and vampiric powers, there might have been some truth to what he was saying.

Jonathan's descendants? Who were they, what were they like? Considering the nobility of the Joestar bloodline, Speedwagon assumed, no he was sure that the descendants of Jonathan, who had the noble blood of the Joestars flowing through their veins, would be upstanding gentleman .




The screen showed the propeller of some sort of machine,which no one could recognise. 

It then shifted to an old man. He had a scar on his face, and looked awfully similar to another man. One who was currently watching this bizarre show. 

Wait, it couldn't really be... Don't tell me that is...' words failed to escape Speedwagon's mouth. The old man in the device looked awfully familiar, with that gaze, and that scar.

We know this man. Or... We know his gaze, that scar!

'You're looking well, Speedwagon.' said a much older Straizo.

"Huh, I've aged quite a bit" the present Straizo thought to himself. Of course, he restrained his reaction. Compared to the shock Joestar was going through, this was hardly anything. After all, Hamon had its limits, Straizo knew that one day he would grow old.  

The much older Straizo continued. 'I heard you went to America and made a fortune in the oil business.'

' Hardly a fortune. You look as young as ever, Straizo. I find it hard to believe that we are of the same age. Hamon is indeed life energy. Can't say I'm not jealous. 

Jonathan looked proudly at Speedwagon. The man had finally escaped his life of squalor at Ogre Streer, and was now, apparently a successful businessman in America. Speedwagon himself was shocked. He had always dreamer of escaping the violent life of Ogre Street. He had dreamt of perhaps leading a normal life, in a safer part of London, perhaps one where there were not so many threats to his life, but to think that he would be a millionaire...


It suddenly struck Jonathan. If Speedwagon was in America, he was probably the one supporting Erina. After all, apparently Jonathan had died in the ship 'accident'. So, this descendant of his definitely lived in America. He had to find out everything he could about his future descendants then. After all, it was not everyday that someone  would get an opportunity like this.

Forty-nine years after Jonathan's death, a new time, a new age. Master Tonpetty's successor Straizo and his followers meet the oil baron Speedwagon. 

They're heading to Mexico. Something found in the ruins discoverd by an archaeology expedition... An expedition sponsored by Speedwagon's foundation.

'No, it can't be. It simply cannot be'  Tonpetty, beads of sweat trickling down his neck, said . He broke the silence which he had kept ever since they had been trapped in the room. 

''What cannot be, master?' asked a concerned Straizo.

'Its them, those monsters... Please, oh Lord let this be a normal expedition.' 

At this point, the Hamon master had managed to pique the interest of even Jonathan. The group looked at him expectantly, waiting for his next words.

After composing himself, Tonpetty said ' There is something I must tell you all. The creators of the Stone Mask. They are a closely guarded secret, even amongst the monks in Tibet. They are an ancient, forgotten race of beings. They are called... Pillar Men '

Silence befell the entire room. So this is what they were dealing with. The progenitors if the cursed stone mask. Which had begun it all. So this is whom they were up against. 

Something kept secret from the world. Something only they know about.

Speedwagon led the group into a dimly lit chamber.' What you see here will probably, no, certainly strike fear in your hearts! Fear bleaker than anything we experienced with Dio 50 years ago' 

He led them to a statue, of a man, surrounded by Stone Masks. Not a single one, but many of them. 

' These are, the masks!'

Jonathan felt helpless watching those weapons which could end humanity in the blink of an eye, on a screen, unable to do anything. He felt like barging into that virtual world, and destroying them himself.

A single one of these masks had brought the destruction of an entire town. So many masks, and the entire world could be conquered. 

Dio felt as if it was a challenge, posed directly to him. So there were other vampires too. Apparently these ones were the original vampires. Not the ones which had come through the Mask. Dio would probably even co-operate with JoJo if it meant he could get rid of these 'Pillar Men'. They were threats to his supreme and unchallenged power.


With baited breath, everyone waited to see what would happen to the Pillar Man.


Instead, the scene shifted to New York. They were greeted by the Statue of Liberty. Below, the captions read,

New York,  1938

A black teenager was seen walking on the streets. Somehow, his thoughts could be heard.

"It was in the fall of '38. I was out like always, looking for marks"

'Whaaat! You've never heard of Coca Cola?  Judging from your accent, you're English? A tourist?' Said some shopkeeper.

Jonathan's ears suddenly perked up. An English tourist? That had to be the descendant of his, the one whom this show was about. Finally he was going to see what he was like.

A tall and buff teenager was having an animated conversation with the shopkeeper about Cola, which was apparently a famous American beverage. Suddenly, the black teenager came running and swiped away the tourist's wallet.

' Amateur. One would expect that he would at least correct his footwork befor having a go at him. ' said Speedwagon. Through the course of his battle with Dio, Jonathan had almost forgotten that Speedwagon used to mug people before he joined them on the battle with Dio. '

' Why, his footing is perfect, but if he had run a bit faster, he wouldn't have be in risk of getting caught.'

Dio replied.

Oh right, Dio had spent most of his life in squalor too.

'Dio, in your entire life have you stolen anything worth more than a shilling?'

Jonathan was the strangest man in England. Among all of the British, he definitely had the greatest share of bizzare incidents. Still, he bever thought he would end up seeing Dio and Speedwagon arguing over, thieving techniques? Were there actually techniques for stealing, and were they worth being discussed?

Anyways, the teenage boy ran into an alleyway. 'That sucker, piece of cake.' He was happy about his catch when he got caught by a cop. More like a pig, but still, a cop. The cop had an accomplice standing behind him.

'Hey Smokey, looks like we caught you red handed.'

'YOU WORTHLESS STREET SCUM!'  The cop yelled as he smashed Smokey's face into the pavement.

Jonathan winced. Even if the boy was a thief, this was too extreme. Definitely the boy was just trying to survive. This cop was nothing like the police officers Jonathan had seen. They at least had a sense of honour and civility. 


' Get me twenty dollars everyday and half of what you steal. Ya got that!' 

No matter how hard Jonathan tried, there was nothing even slightly redeeming about the cop. He was a disgrace to his uniform.

'Hey,take it easy, I only pinched a wallet.' Smokey managed to croak out.  Then, the tourist, who was supposed to be Jonathan's descendant, showed up. 

'Ah, it's that chum from before. We will be keeping the wallet as evidence.'

' Excuse me officer, but that wallet is a gift. So could you please return back both boy and wallet?'

Jonathan felt proud of his descendant. He had stood for the right thing. Truly a gentlemanly thing to do.

' Well if ya know him so well would ya mind tellin' us his name?'

The tourist stayed silent.

The cop continued. 'Don't lie. Wanna spend some time in the pen, you bonehead. ' He then proceeded to rub a booger onto the tourists face.

Jonathan retched back in disgust. Not at the booger, but at the cop. 

The tourist from before calmly said, ' I'm curious. Why would you do something like that? What is the purpose behind it?'

'I admire his calm demeanor' Speedwagon quipped.

'There is no purpose. I do it cause I feel like doin it, dammit!'

'And I, detest the cop's' Jonathan added.

The cop continued ranting-'When someone places a booger on your face, it means...'


A powerful punch came from Jonathan's descendant, forcing the poor man's nose deep into his nostril. He promptly collapsed on the ground, struggling to breath.

'You chose the wrong person to mess with, pig!'

Jonathan could only watch. True, he may have detested the cop, but that punch was taking things a little too far. Jonathan almost felt bad for the cop.

The other cop was scared. ' were shot resisting arrest!' he said, pointing his gun towards the Englishman.

'We'll see. The moment you pull the trigger, I will blow your finger right off your hand!' . Strangely enough, he pointed his Cola bottle at the cop.

'Mr Joestar, do you think your descendant actually has a plan?'

Jonathan's face said everything. Never in his life, would he ever have dared to punch a policeman. Now there was his descendant, pointing a bottle at an armed cop.

Suddenly a yellow light started emanating from his body.

Hamon... so he knew how to use it after all. But wasn't the cop too far away, even with a zoom punch, there was only so much he could do.

The boy infused his Hamon into the bottle cap, propelling it at a great speed. The bottle cap neatly ripped off the cop's finger. He fell on the ground, screaming.

Jonathan's descendant then proceeded to drink the remaining Cola, in the most ungentlemanlike way ever conceived.

Suddenly, he realised something.

'Crap... I gave in to my temper again. Granny Erina's gonna be mad at me!'


Jonathan looked at the scene in horror. His grandson. Out of all the people he would expect to so casually nearly kill two policemen, his own grandson. 

Speedwagon bit back on his words...err his thoughts. This was no gentleman, he'd fit like a glove back in Ogre Street. How did Jonathan JOESTAR'S grandson grow up into this?

The room was silent, save for Dio's snickering. 'JoJo, looks like your grandson has more balls than you do. Oh, this chap is going to be so much, much more interesting than you are.'


The black teenager looked up to him. ' Hey man, thanks for saving my life back there. The name's Smokey by the way. What about you?'


'Joestar, Joseph Joestar'.