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The Hussy

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                    ~ The Hussy ~


To the girl that haunts the corners of my mind,

and the School’s library.

To the girl that wears her easy smile

that reduces me to a mere pile,

that has her injustice low but her skirt too high;

Stop being a hussy.


Stop smiling, like there is always a sun,

stop blinking, and having fun.

Stop biting, your bottom lip,

stop moving obscenely well your hip.

But above all;

Stop thinking.


Stop thinking, as I have you trapped like so;

as I want you, to suck and blow.

As my eyes twinkle in unbridled glee

and I brush my cock behind your knee.

Keep bending.


Keep bending, as I pull your shirt up high

and my other, bruises breast and thigh.

As my clever fingers, touch your slit

and my thumb delights, on your swollen clit.

Start moving.


Start moving, as I thrust in and out

as you moan, keen and pout.

As your hand, grabs my neck

and my bites have yours bedecked.

As I come to your beck and call,

as I become your sweet cunt’s thrall.

We are finished.


Finished for today and now,

because tomorrow,

I’ll fuck you again somehow.

And to the audience that clutch their pearls and reel,

and feel their voice has some appeal:

Your pearls honey?

They ain’t even real...