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The Deal

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You and I - hell even most of the world's population know that Satan is one crafty mother fucker. Poor Min Yoongi didn't see it coming. He's an atheist. How was one supposed to know anything about Lucifer. The fallen angel. The serpent in the tree of knowledge. If you knew anything, you'd know that Satan can't create shit. But ole Luci wasn't going to tell that to Yoonie. He wanted that sweet, adorable - and maybe not quite as pure as one would imagine - soul of his. 

Yoongi was at the open bar at his best friend Hoseok's wedding reception. He was on his second bottle of wine staring at the happy couple dancing and smiling at one another when a stranger sat next to him.

"I wish I had that," Yoongi slurred. "What I wouldn't give to have that!" 

"What would you be willing to give?"

"Shit. My soul, man." Yoongi downed another glass.

"Do you actually mean that?" the stranger chuckled. 

"If I believed in that shit, yeah. I do."

The strangers hand trembled at the revelation. 

"What if I told you it was true? I can help you."

Yoongi blinked at the stranger. He was an old man with kind eyes and an inviting smile. But something was off. Yoongi couldn't place his finger on it but couldn't help to be drawn to the old man. To hear him out.

"Could you like," Yoongi shifted his eyes around to see if anyone was listening. "Create me the perfect boyfriend?"

"Sure. That sounds nice. Doesn't it?" The old man's grin widened as he produced a paper out of thin air. "The perfect companion in exchange for your soul." 

The old man clicked a pen and Yoongi jumped with a start then giggled.

"I ain't giving you my soul. I don't wanna go to hell."

"I mean if you don't believe in this shit in the first place. What does it matter?" 

"You know," Yoongi hiccupped. "You right. Here give me that."

Yoongi grabbed the pen from the old man and hissed in pain. His thumb was bleeding.

"You have to sign this in blood, son."

The pen collected the small pool of blood that was forming on the table and Yoongi could not process what was going on but against his better judgement, he signed the document anyway. As the last flourish of his signature was placed on the document, the old man vanished.

Satan laughed at the stupidity of some men. The lengths they would go to just get some quality piece of ass. But that ole devil, he got a weak spot for that poor drunk man with the bloodshot feline eyes and puffy dumpling cheeks. He may not be able to create someone perfect for Yoongi but he was sure to send the best he had to him.

Yoongi woke up in his bed with a pounding headache and an overall sense that he had done something completely and utterly stupid. There was a knock on his door and he groaned as he lifted himself gingerly off of his bed. 

He opened the door and his jaw dropped at the sight that was on the other side of the door. 

A tall man with chestnut curls falling over his big green eyes leaned on the door frame. His face looked as if he was carved by Greek Gods and his honey skin glistened in the sunlight. His glossed pink lips wrapped around a red lollipop and he sucked on it like it was the best thing he had ever had in his mouth. He looked at Yoongi and released the lollipop with a pop.

"Min Yoongi?"

"Yeah? Can I help you?"

"Hi... Um. Satan sent me."

A jolt of pain seared through his thumb jogging his clouded memory.

"Wait. That was real? This is real?" 

The man discarded his lollipop and grabbed both of Yoongi's cheeks and crashed their lips together. The kiss was wet and needy. The taste of hot cinnamon candies entered Yoongi's mouth along with the man's tongue. Yoongi grabbed fistfuls of shirt and guided them both back until they crashed onto the sofa.

"Does this feel real enough?" He said biting Yoongi's bottom lip.

"Yeah," Yoongi said breathlessly.

The man giggled as he began removing Yoongi's clothes and nipping as soft skin revealed itself. 

"I can't believe you sold your soul for a boyfriend."

"I can't believe he created you for me."

The man stopped what he was doing and looked into Yoongi's eyes with his beautiful green eyes. He looked like he was suppressing the biggest laugh of his life. 


The biggest, deepest and goofiest laugh Yoongi had ever heard erupted from the man's mouth and if it wasn't at his expense, Yoongi loved the sound of it.

"He did not tell you that."

"Well I mean I asked him if he could make me the perfect boyfriend and he said sure."

"Oh my," the man resumed leaving marks on every bit of exposed skin. "He didn't create me. Let's just say I know him very well."

Yoongi looked up at the man with a confused look on his face.

"I'm his brother."

"Wait. His brother? I'm making out with Satan's brother?"

The man hummed as he pulled Yoongi's pajama pants down.

"The things humans will believe when they're desperate."

"Well to be fair," Yoongi said carding his fingers through the man's soft curls. "I was drunk out of my mind."

The man's head snapped up.

"You were what?"

"I was plastered. I kind of forgot that I even had the conversation with him until you showed up."

His green eyes instantly glowed fire red. He jumped up off the couch and snapped his fingers. Another figure appeared and he was just as beautiful as the man. Aware that he only had his boxers on, Yoongi grabbed his discarded pants and pulled them on.

"Taehyung! My dear brother!"

"Eat shit, Seokjin," Taehyung said. "Give this man the claim to his soul back."

"What? No way! I got it fair and square."

"He was drunk off his ass!" Taehyung pointed at Yoongi. "I hardly call that fair and square. Now give it back cuz I don't want the shit storm that you know who will rain down upon us." At this remark Taehyung pointed up.

"Fine," Seokjin grumbled.

With a flick of the devil's wrist, the contract appeared. The piece of parchment set aflame at the snap of his long slender fingers.

"Are you happy now?"

"Very!" Taehyung grinned and Yoongi melted at the boxy shaped mouth. 

He sauntered over to Yoongi and lifted his chin with a finger.

"It's a shame, though," he offered a sad smile. "You're pretty." 

Taehyung gave him a small kiss and with a snap vanished. The apartment felt emptier than ever before as Yoongi sunk down onto his sofa. Rubbing the heels of his palms on his eyes, he tried to process everything that happened in just mere hours.

Days melted into weeks and weeks turned into months. Yoongi could not get Taehyung out of his mind. He thought about demon summoning but was he a demon? 

A knock on the door woke him up from a deep sleep. The alarm clock next to his bed read 3 am in big bright red numbers. Who is knocking on his door at this time?

He padded sleepily towards the front door. He blinked as a pair of beautiful green eyes captured his own. 

"I've missed you."

Yoongi smiled wide gums on display.

"I've missed you, too."