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Out of Reach

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Uraraka Ochako sat down outside of the building underneath a tree trying to make herself appear as small as possible as she curled herself into a ball with tears streaming down her face. Despite how cold it was outside she was not ready to go back inside yet until she was sure that everyone including Deku were all in bed. She sniffled as she thought of Deku in that moment and what a fool she was falling had over heels for that green haired freckle-faced boy, only for it to come up as one-sided.

She had been hung up on him ever since she had used her quirk to prevent him from falling flat on his face. He was such a sweet guy and she made a habit of supporting him the moment they entered UA together. She wanted to see him succeed to be All Might’s successor and to become a top hero, to be there to catch him if he ever fell down. But after what she just witnessed tonight, seeing him locking lips with someone who wasn’t her, that image of the perfect romance was shattered into a million pieces. And it was then she realized, no one was there to catch her.

‘Stupid…you’re so stupid!’ Uraraka scolded herself as she wept silently, ‘You should have made a move earlier…maybe then you would have stood a chance.’


Uraraka felt her heart drop to her stomach as she heard that gruff voice and looked up to meet the face of the last person she wanted to see in this moment.

“What do you want Bakugou?” Uraraka asked quietly as she wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her shirt, “Can’t you see I’m busy right now?” She then stood up, “Nevermind, I’m going inside, goodnight.”

“Hold up there moon-face.” Her eyes met with the white skull on his t-shirt as he moved to stand in front of her. “The fuck has you so pissy that you gotta take it out on other people?”

Uraraka frowned, “That’s not important.”

“Really? Why the fuck else are you crying out here in the freezing cold instead of talking to that fuckstick Deku?” He then noticed Uraraka had visibly tensed up at the mention of their classmate and blinked, “Wait…he’s why you’re fucking crying isn’t it?”

Uraraka felt her anger welling up inside of her and glared at Bakugou, “Yes! And so what if it is? It’s none of your business! Just leave me alone!”

“What did he do?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Fuck yeah it does, if he made you this upset I might as well as beat some sense into him.” Bakugou said cracking his knuckles, “I could use a good workout right now.”

“No!” Uraraka said putting her hands up, “Don’t!”

“Why the fuck not? He made you fucking upset didn’t he?”

“But that doesn’t mean you need to beat him up!” Uraraka said and took a deep breath, “It’s not his fault I’m upset….it’s me. I…waited to long to confess…he’s in a relationship now. I saw him tonight with that person…and I got upset.” She looked away, “Stupid, right? Everyone in class knows I’ve liked Deku for a while and now I’m gonna look like an idiot because I couldn’t make a fast enough move.”

She was 110% done now and was more than ready to go back to her dorm now to cry her eyes out. Thank God they didn’t have classes tomorrow because she really wasn’t ready to see anyone and have to deal with their pity over the fact that she lost Deku. And now here she was talking to the last person she wanted to be seeing right now. She moved past Bakugou to go back inside only to feel his hand grasp her shoulder and find herself facing him once again with both hands on her shoulders.

“First off, it’s not stupid that you’re upset. Second, who the fuck cares what those extras think? They don’t know how to mind their own fucking business anyways!” he said firmly and looked into her eyes.

Uraraka closed her eyes and then opened them again, “I…y-you’re right…it’s no one else’s business. I guess…everyone made it seem like we would be together eventually. I believed it too but…now I don’t know what to believe. I want to keep supporting Deku no matter what…” ‘Even if he won’t be able to catch me if I fall.’

“You don’t need to support that fucking nerd.” Bakugou scoffed, “Just support yourself mochi-face. If anyone with eyes can’t see how fucking great you are on your own without Deku then fuck them!”

“So…you think I’m great?” Uraraka asked only to be met with silence and then shook her head, “It’s fine you don’t need to answer that.” She moved away from him, “You know what…I’m glad you made me talk to you even if I didn’t want to. So…thanks for that. Goodnight Bakugou-kun.” And with that Uraraka departed leaving the explosive blond behind.

Bakugou remained where he was standing his hands moving down to clench them into fists before moving one towards the tree in front of him to deliver a punch against the bark. He cursed himself for not being able to say anything else to her. Sure, he had said that she was great…but he had wanted to say let her know how he really felt. She talked about being stupid but he couldn’t tell her that he felt the same way about himself. After all, he knew what it was like to chase after someone who was out of your reach.