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Call Me Reject

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“But who am I kidding! You all want to become Heroes!”

The teacher threw papers up into the air and as they flew down the students began to riot.

Anybody would want to be a Hero!

Izuku Midoriya slit his eyes at the display of quirks, everyone was too excited to keep their quirks calm; and everything was blurred from his lack of proper sleep.


The classroom slowly began to quieten down. Like trained dogs adhering to their master Katsuki Bakugou, the blond with the most powerful quirk in school. No wonder everyone looked up to him like the sun!

The only time they ever looked away was when Izuku was involved.

The class broke up into quiet whispers.

“He wanted to get into U.A right?”

“He may be powerful but U.A?! That's our Bakugou alright!”

The boy in question glared over the students, his anger spilling out into the room leaving a trail of malice perpetrating the air.


He grinned triumphantly to the room of admiring kids, excluding Izuku who had only thoughts of fear on his mind.

Please don’t mention me, I know you’ve never liked me teacher but please! I’ve never done anything wrong in this class and always remained respectful-

“Hey, didn’t Midoriya want to try for U.A?”

He felt his soul leave his body as a class of kids stared him down, the quirk used through the air made everything seem that much more blurry.

An explosion of light and fire startled him from his misery prompting out a squeak from the green haired male while Katsuki slammed his hand down onto Izuku’s desk.

“You want to try for U.A? HA! You quirkless freak wouldn’t last a day against all the villains out there! On your first day you’d be smited by some lowly henchman!”

Izuku looked up hesitant while waving his hands from side to side.

“I swear I'm not trying to compete with you! All I want to do is-”

An explosion blasted once more from the angry teen who looked down on him from his standing position.

“You could NEVER compete with ME you quirkless freak! I’m gonna beat All Might myself!”


The classroom went silent at the sudden mention of All Might.

Izuku could remember anything about any pro hero, however All Might was anything but that.

The Number One Villain. He had killed too many pro’s to count, the media stoped after the Aomori mass murder, where he had crashed a top hero's party quite visiously.

Not a single person made it out alive.

The Hero comision had sent the Top Three Hero's at the time to finally beat him, however Endeavor only just made it out alive. They called it a mass murder when in actual fact it was practically genocide.

That's who Katsuki thought he could beat?! All Might never left Heroes alive, however he did spare citizens.

Izuku had noticed that although All Might had killed many Heroes he also let regular people live through their daily lives.

He made an obvious effort not to harm those in his way, as well as how he always kept damage of property to a minimon.

To be honest, All Might did much less damage then the Heroes he was fighting. He always seemed to target those who had killed civilians or given in to corruption from outside sources. Which started off a train of Villains hoping to one day become like their personal Hero.

This had made Izuku wonder why he had gone after Endeavor who was meant to be the Hero with the most saves on his list. Why would he target The Number One Hero?

Corruption was easily hidden. After wondering for awhile what had happened all Izuku needed to do was hire a hacker for a couple of weeks. After convincing them to do it for free he got a wealth load of information.

This person was killed from negligence.

That person was in the line of fire.

This one needs a bribe seeing as they saw something they shouldn’t have seen.

That one was a victim but will be sent to jail for false accusations.

Even after finding all of these things out it was hard to believe until the hacker he had hired was assaulted and placed in jail for starting a fight and severely maiming the ‘victim’.

After that it was easy to believe.

Katsuki easily brought him back to Earth once class had finished as he smashed Izuku’s head down onto the table, at least that meant the classroom wasn’t as bright anymore.

“Look you weakling I’LL be the only one from this school to get into U.A, you little worm wouldn't even be able to get past the entrance exams! Or maybe you will with that ‘quirk’ of yours!”

Katsuki and his posse laughed and Izuku got another flashback from when he was younger.

“Hey Kacchan! The doctor said I’d get a quirk!”

Two young boys played together with action figures inside of a room. One Izuku, one Katsuki.

“That's great! You’ll never be as good as me though! You play All Might, I’ll be Endeavor!”

“Okay Kacchan!”


“I don’t understand! All of the doctors we’ve seen have said that he has a quirk!”


Izuku sat on a chair in the doctor's office. He was six now, why didn't he have his quirk yet?

“Frankly I think that he’s just a lucky soul without the extra joint, he is obviously quirkless!”

He couldn't believe it, he couldn’t be quirkless!

“I'm sorry kid, but it looks like you'll have to also have one of these pills everyday. You have to make sure that the lack of a quirk doesn't kill you one day as well. Just for a couple of years, then your body should be up to speed!”

He was quickly put onto medicine, and that's what made his Mum go insane.

An explosion burst through memory as pain blossomed in his right shoulder.


Izuku squeaked and nodded frantically. Yeah, he knew there was no chance. However, even a quirkless person could try.

Katsuki then grabbed his notebook and launched it out of the window.

Izuku stood up and ran towards the ledge hoping to grab it, only being in time to watch it fall into a pond full of koi fish which darted around in surprise like bugs from a shoe.

His fists clenched automatically.

That was his book, Kacchan does not own MY property... Fighting never helps in the end though...

Izuku’s fists unclenched and he let out a breath. Now all he needed to do was focus on not crying in front of his worst enemy.

“Awww, little freak nearly worked himself up enough to fight Bakugou! That would have been a fight for the books. The shortest in existence!”

Katsuki’s two lackeys laughed behind him as he smirked and they began to walk out of the room.

Then Katsuki stopped. He turned around with another of his lazy smirks and spoke.

“If you really want a quirk so bad, why don’t you take a swan dive off the roof and find one in the next life!”


The trio laughed while Izuku still stood there, face towards the window.

Maybe he should


Izuku walked across a tunnel path.

He did NOT want to see Katsuki after what he had just implied.

No, what he straight up told him to do.

With all of his brooding going on he didn’t hear the unscrewing of a manhole behind him.

Izuku’s body was suddenly enveloped by a large structure of slime which was talking.

“Oh thanks kid! Such a plain boy like you will be the best meat suit I could find! I didn’t know he would be in town, you just ruin one debt and your life's gone for good!”

He couldn’t breath.

Izuku clawed at the sludge surrounding him which prevented use of his lungs. It just wouldn’t let him breath.

Izuku heard a crash from behind him and saw a blurry figure zoom up behind him and smash the slime against the wall.


Izuku greedily gasped in the oxygen so he could thank his savior. Until the words briefly died on his lips as he saw who it was.

Dark yellow hair came up in almost childish ways while a shadowed face looked down at him.

Smiling almost menacingly.


“Thanks kid for stalling this villain, I'll deal with him appropriately.”

The sludge shivered in the tight grasp of the Number One Villain who had just saved his life. Until the imposing man shoved a hand into his pocket to bring out a plastic water container and shoved the offending piece of slime inside.

After placing the bottle in his pocket; All Might rose up to full height and prepared himself to fly away.

Izuku raised his arm weakly and managed to utter forth words.

“Thank you... for saving me All Might!”

The previously large man spluttered and then somehow shrunk down to a skeleton.

Izuku screeched, suddenly wide awake and functioning.



The All Might imposter shook his hands frantically, looking as if his soul had gone from his body.

“No! I am All Might! Just stop screaming I’m sorry I’ll tell you!”

Izuku calmed down until he saw the apparently All Might cough into a handkerchief about a fist full of blood.


All Might still shook his hands and panickedly shoved a finger over his lips to try and tell Izuku to be quiet.

He finally remembered just what and who he was talking to. He was saying the name of the Number One Villain in public.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry All Might I didn’t realise- god I’m so stupid.”

All Might heaved while holding onto a wall with two limp folds of hair falling in front of his face, while it seemed his soul had descended to a different dimension.

The older man sighed, finally gathering himself from his apparent confusion.

“Guess I might as well tell you. This is an injury from another Villain seven years ago, I killed him in the end but not before he could do this.”

All Might pulled his shirt up enough to reveal a scar which spanned over his entire stomach reign. Izuku gasped in horror.

“Is that from your fight with Toxic Chainsaw?! He was the only other Villain I remember you fighting that year, but he couldn’t have been that powerful!”


All Might let out a tiny smile. This boy didn’t seem to be that scared in the slightest, or afraid of him at all.

“No, I admire your conviction to Villain fights, especially since that was my least active year in the field.”

All Izuku could do was wonder why one of the most famous people in the planet was talking to him, without any threats of death or just straight up murder.

Maybe All Might just instinctively knew how worthless he was.

Izuku suddenly registered that All Might just praised something about him. What was happening? Was this seriously real? Oh god what if he-

“The fight never got onto the news as a Villain skirmish, however it was linked to a gas eruption and nothing more than that.”

Izuku suddenly realised that All Might was seemingly about to cough blood again.

“Oh! Sorry Sir! Here's a tissue for your cough, you seem to need it more than I do!”

He nodded and politely grabbed the tissue out of Izuku’s hand and used it to wipe a slow trickle of blood running down from his chin.

All Might stood up to full height and Izuku felt daunted at how imposing the man was. However, All Might was just a man. Albeit a lot more powerful than the average person, he was still a regular person underneath which never killed innocents or people merely in the way.

A man stood tall before him.

“I just realised. I never got your name!”

All Might looked down at Izuku who smiled shakely at the Villain.

“My name is Izuku Midoriya, and thank you again for saving me!”

All Might coughed and sputtered while Izuku fretted over him once more.