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Call Me Reject

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Why didn’t it come?


Izuku sat anxiously in his seat while twiddling with his thumbs. All of his training had proven to be completely useless in the exam, there was no way he’d managed to get in with what was surely not enough points!




“Finally twenty-four! I have to hurry quickly if I want to get anymore though…”


Izuku had been right. For some reason all of the other examinees went to wherever all the noise was coming from, not even realising that they were just going to areas with too much competition!


The sidestreets were smaller and at first glance didn’t look like a robot could fit inside of it, but the real challenge was the hidden main roads which could hold, from what Izuku had seen, four robots each. Counting the five points he'd gotten at the beginning Izuku thought that he had a fairly high chance of getting through if he were to get more.


A rumbling growl echoed throughout the exam which brought Izuku back from his musings.


He looked over to where the sound came from to see what could have made the noises which were accompanied with screaming, only to see a massive giant crashing through buildings with a red glare coming from its scanner.


That wasn’t a regular robot!


He climbed up a fire escape on the wall of the closest building to get a closer look, it wasn’t as if he would be in any danger from a U.A exam, right?


With his hands slightly raw from gripping onto the rusted rails Izuku finally stood at the top of the building. Only to see a hoard of kids running his way as the giant zero pointer followed.




Izuku huffed and began to descend down the fire escape once more, he did NOT want to get caught anywhere near that thing!


A scream echoed out through the examining field, and Izuku stopped to take a glance.


Only to see the girl whom he’d spoken to before the exam stuck under some rubble right in the path of the zero pointer.


Reaching the bottom with less time to spare then he'd thought Izuku ran over to where he'd seen the girl.


The blue haired boy ran past Izuku using engines attached to his legs.


Huh, Ingenium?



The boy was shouting to Izuku, but no words seemed to be enough to tell him that there was no way Izuku could stop himself.


The world focused into a grey blur centering around the nice lady.


His analysis came into full control of his movements as he slid on his foot to fit under the large piece of rubble.


He yelled to the brunette




As she shook her head he winced and shoved his arm down onto a closer precariously perched concrete and tried to grab at something with his fingertips.


It had to be here somewhere!


The robot was struggling closer and the concrete which his arm was under began to teeter. Wincing Izuku pushed his arm in further.


Finally he felt his figures grasp around a large metal pipe and pulled and hard as he could.


The concrete began to fall in what seemed like slow motion, and Izuku’s arm came out just in time as it fell down.


Without using any time to feel good about his victory Izuku wedged the pipe into the girls prison and jumped onto the other end.


It came easier the more he jumped, mostly because of the panic filling his body.


The girl seemed to swallow her pain as she tapped the rubble again with her finger tips. This time it managed to lift!


Izuku had been on the side of the rubble chipping off as many parts as he could while making it so she would be able to lift it with either the absence of too much weight or because of it having a smaller size.


Anti-Gravity Quirks always had a weakness of at least one.


The rubble finally lifted just as the robot was trundling closer. Izuku propped up the pipe to make the rubble give a wider gap, then he slid back over to the girl and pulled her with all of his strength.



The rubble fell down as the girl pressed her hands together letting out a sigh of relief.


“Can you stand?!”


The zero pointer rumbled closer with every second Izuku took a breath. He had to fight for his life!


“I-I cant!”


He winced again and picked her up with whatever strength he had left. Then he did what every escape from bullies had trained him to do.


He ran away.




They were a considerable distance from the robot now, but it wasn’t comfortable to Izuku yet.


“W-Why? We have to get away!”


Drunkenly the girl fell from his shoulders and began to vomit large amounts of puke onto the ground.






Izuku sighed in relief. Finally it was over!


Wait, it was over!


The girl sat down on a large plate of metal that sat protruding from what must have been the carcase of a two pointer, watching her savour as he just lay down on the ground breathing heavily.


“My name is Ochako Uraraka. I think I should introduce myself to you as a bare minimum since you saved my life.”

The green haired boy lay on the ground and let out a small giggle.


I’m I-Izuku Midoriya. P-pleased to meet y-you!”

Uraraka, who he now knew, started laughing with tears coming out from her eyes.


“We’re alive!”




“I-I’m so s-s-sorry Yagi-s-san!”


The taller man looked down at Izuku in what seemed like shock. Izuku had tears dripping down his face, along with snot flowing out from his nose. He was a disgrace! 


“What is to be crying about?!”


Izuku sniffed and wiped away some mucus from his face with his sleeve. He was a disappointment!


“I-I-I couldn’t u-use i-it! I-its all m-m-my fault! Now I would be a-a-able to go t-to U.A!”


Yagi flailed his hands about as he tried to console the boy.


“No! I’m sure you’ve gotten in! If U.A were to miss out on a boy like you then you shouldn’t go there anyway! You saved that girl's life, if anything that should show you’re even more of a Hero then they could ever be!”


Watery eyes looked back at him.






Izuku sat down onto the bench he always claimed at the beach, Yagi sat down next to him and awkwardly slapped his back.


“See Izuku? If they weren’t to award you for saving someone's life then how could they ever have been a teacher!”


Yagi sat down next to him and Izuku tried to hold back his tears even harder.


“B-but they’re a-”


His back went as stiff as a rod as Izuku realised something.


“They’re a Hero School!”


He stood up again leaving Yagi to watch him with bewilderment.


“S-Since they’re a Hero school t-then they might have been judging with-”


He swung around to face his meteor with a crazy gleam shining from his eyes.


“I think I m-might have gotten in!”


Yagi just sat there watching as his successor grabbed his bag and ran home. Sometimes he really wondered what was going on inside of his head.




Kanzaki slapped him on the head with something which felt as if it were a pan.


“Hey loser, you got mail. Looks like you failed your exam!”


Izuku winced rubbing his head and glanced over to see who it was from.


The U.A emblem!


“Thank you Kanzaki! I have to read it somewhere, sorry I have to go!”


The older girl glared as he ran up to his room and shut the door before she could ever get a word in.


“What a real loser!”


Izuku sat at his small desk while looking down at the small but heavy envelope as if it had threatened his life.


It technically had as well.


He swallowed down his anxiety and grasped a hold of the paper, then he ripped it apart only for a tiny metal object to fall out.


“Wait is this U.A’s holographic technology?!”


The device spluttered and then out came a giant blue light which portrayed an unfurnished room.


“Am I a dog, a mouse, or a bear? I’m actually the principal!”


It was Nedzu who was personally making a message to him! Unless it was just an automated reply to anyone who failed the exam.


“As you know my name is Nedzu, the principle of U.A! I am here to talk to you about your results examinee Izuku Midoriya!”


It was real. This was real!


“I found that your performance was amazing on the cameras! I especially loved how you took down those robots. Seven extra points to you!”


Nedzu… really liked watching his performance?!


“I loved watching everything you did in the physical, but wait! I then saw your written exam! I haven’t seen that sort of analytical thinking from someone without a mind Quirk in decades! Not a single mistake in your English section, however it is common for students to be fluent, and not a single mistake in history!”


Izuku was staring at the blue hologram with awe. Did he really do it?! However, he didn’t know for sure if he’d gotten through the physical exam.


“Now going back to your physical exam. With your now thirty-one points in this year's batch you wouldn't normally pass.”


Izuku shuffled forward in his seat.


“However! We here in U.A would have to be imbeciles to not count how you leapt in to save that girl's life! Which is why we have a very secret set of points we use. Hero points! You managed to get fourty of these bad boys from your daring save!”


Izuku slapped the table and felt tears gush from his eyes. He’d done it!


“This gave you seventy-one points! Taking you all the way to third place! Your friend also got in just enough because of her help in your daring escape which I really did love!”




Izuku stood up from his desk and fist pumped the air.


“I’ve done it!”


“Ah yes, I forgot to mention a very important detail!”


Izuku turned back over to the hologram to see Nedzu snickering in a menacing way. This was unlikely to be good.


“I have personally decided to train you myself! Instead of doing your history and English studies with your new class, Class 1-A, you will be studying with me!”




“I have decided to take you on as my student! Can’t wait to see you in the coming time at school!”


Kanzaki kicked open the door with a glare on her face.


“What the fu*k was all that noise idiot! We already know you didn’t get in!”


Her eyes focused on the hologram, shining as the only light in the dark room.


Katsuki Bakugou 77 0 1st

Eijiro Kirishima   39 35 2nd

Izuku Midoriya    31 40 3rd

Ibara Shiozaki    36 32 4th

Itsuka Kendo     25 40 5th