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Call Me Reject

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“But who am I kidding! You all want to become Heroes!”

The teacher threw papers up into the air and as they flew down the students began to riot.

Anybody would want to be a Hero!

Izuku Midoriya slit his eyes at the display of quirks, everyone was too excited to keep their quirks calm; and everything was blurred from his lack of proper sleep.


The classroom slowly began to quieten down. Like trained dogs adhering to their master Katsuki Bakugou, the blond with the most powerful quirk in school. No wonder everyone looked up to him like the sun!

The only time they ever looked away was when Izuku was involved.

The class broke up into quiet whispers.

“He wanted to get into U.A right?”

“He may be powerful but U.A?! That's our Bakugou alright!”

The boy in question glared over the students, his anger spilling out into the room leaving a trail of malice perpetrating the air.


He grinned triumphantly to the room of admiring kids, excluding Izuku who had only thoughts of fear on his mind.

Please don’t mention me, I know you’ve never liked me teacher but please! I’ve never done anything wrong in this class and always remained respectful-

“Hey, didn’t Midoriya want to try for U.A?”

He felt his soul leave his body as a class of kids stared him down, the quirk used through the air made everything seem that much more blurry.

An explosion of light and fire startled him from his misery prompting out a squeak from the green haired male while Katsuki slammed his hand down onto Izuku’s desk.

“You want to try for U.A? HA! You quirkless freak wouldn’t last a day against all the villains out there! On your first day you’d be smited by some lowly henchman!”

Izuku looked up hesitant while waving his hands from side to side.

“I swear I'm not trying to compete with you! All I want to do is-”

An explosion blasted once more from the angry teen who looked down on him from his standing position.

“You could NEVER compete with ME you quirkless freak! I’m gonna beat All Might myself!”


The classroom went silent at the sudden mention of All Might.

Izuku could remember anything about any pro hero, however All Might was anything but that.

The Number One Villain. He had killed too many pro’s to count, the media stoped after the Aomori mass murder, where he had crashed a top hero's party quite visiously.

Not a single person made it out alive.

The Hero comision had sent the Top Three Hero's at the time to finally beat him, however Endeavor only just made it out alive. They called it a mass murder when in actual fact it was practically genocide.

That's who Katsuki thought he could beat?! All Might never left Heroes alive, however he did spare citizens.

Izuku had noticed that although All Might had killed many Heroes he also let regular people live through their daily lives.

He made an obvious effort not to harm those in his way, as well as how he always kept damage of property to a minimon.

To be honest, All Might did much less damage then the Heroes he was fighting. He always seemed to target those who had killed civilians or given in to corruption from outside sources. Which started off a train of Villains hoping to one day become like their personal Hero.

This had made Izuku wonder why he had gone after Endeavor who was meant to be the Hero with the most saves on his list. Why would he target The Number One Hero?

Corruption was easily hidden. After wondering for awhile what had happened all Izuku needed to do was hire a hacker for a couple of weeks. After convincing them to do it for free he got a wealth load of information.

This person was killed from negligence.

That person was in the line of fire.

This one needs a bribe seeing as they saw something they shouldn’t have seen.

That one was a victim but will be sent to jail for false accusations.

Even after finding all of these things out it was hard to believe until the hacker he had hired was assaulted and placed in jail for starting a fight and severely maiming the ‘victim’.

After that it was easy to believe.

Katsuki easily brought him back to Earth once class had finished as he smashed Izuku’s head down onto the table, at least that meant the classroom wasn’t as bright anymore.

“Look you weakling I’LL be the only one from this school to get into U.A, you little worm wouldn't even be able to get past the entrance exams! Or maybe you will with that ‘quirk’ of yours!”

Katsuki and his posse laughed and Izuku got another flashback from when he was younger.

“Hey Kacchan! The doctor said I’d get a quirk!”

Two young boys played together with action figures inside of a room. One Izuku, one Katsuki.

“That's great! You’ll never be as good as me though! You play All Might, I’ll be Endeavor!”

“Okay Kacchan!”


“I don’t understand! All of the doctors we’ve seen have said that he has a quirk!”


Izuku sat on a chair in the doctor's office. He was six now, why didn't he have his quirk yet?

“Frankly I think that he’s just a lucky soul without the extra joint, he is obviously quirkless!”

He couldn't believe it, he couldn’t be quirkless!

“I'm sorry kid, but it looks like you'll have to also have one of these pills everyday. You have to make sure that the lack of a quirk doesn't kill you one day as well. Just for a couple of years, then your body should be up to speed!”

He was quickly put onto medicine, and that's what made his Mum go insane.

An explosion burst through memory as pain blossomed in his right shoulder.


Izuku squeaked and nodded frantically. Yeah, he knew there was no chance. However, even a quirkless person could try.

Katsuki then grabbed his notebook and launched it out of the window.

Izuku stood up and ran towards the ledge hoping to grab it, only being in time to watch it fall into a pond full of koi fish which darted around in surprise like bugs from a shoe.

His fists clenched automatically.

That was his book, Kacchan does not own MY property... Fighting never helps in the end though...

Izuku’s fists unclenched and he let out a breath. Now all he needed to do was focus on not crying in front of his worst enemy.

“Awww, little freak nearly worked himself up enough to fight Bakugou! That would have been a fight for the books. The shortest in existence!”

Katsuki’s two lackeys laughed behind him as he smirked and they began to walk out of the room.

Then Katsuki stopped. He turned around with another of his lazy smirks and spoke.

“If you really want a quirk so bad, why don’t you take a swan dive off the roof and find one in the next life!”


The trio laughed while Izuku still stood there, face towards the window.

Maybe he should


Izuku walked across a tunnel path.

He did NOT want to see Katsuki after what he had just implied.

No, what he straight up told him to do.

With all of his brooding going on he didn’t hear the unscrewing of a manhole behind him.

Izuku’s body was suddenly enveloped by a large structure of slime which was talking.

“Oh thanks kid! Such a plain boy like you will be the best meat suit I could find! I didn’t know he would be in town, you just ruin one debt and your life's gone for good!”

He couldn’t breath.

Izuku clawed at the sludge surrounding him which prevented use of his lungs. It just wouldn’t let him breath.

Izuku heard a crash from behind him and saw a blurry figure zoom up behind him and smash the slime against the wall.


Izuku greedily gasped in the oxygen so he could thank his savior. Until the words briefly died on his lips as he saw who it was.

Dark yellow hair came up in almost childish ways while a shadowed face looked down at him.

Smiling almost menacingly.


“Thanks kid for stalling this villain, I'll deal with him appropriately.”

The sludge shivered in the tight grasp of the Number One Villain who had just saved his life. Until the imposing man shoved a hand into his pocket to bring out a plastic water container and shoved the offending piece of slime inside.

After placing the bottle in his pocket; All Might rose up to full height and prepared himself to fly away.

Izuku raised his arm weakly and managed to utter forth words.

“Thank you... for saving me All Might!”

The previously large man spluttered and then somehow shrunk down to a skeleton.

Izuku screeched, suddenly wide awake and functioning.



The All Might imposter shook his hands frantically, looking as if his soul had gone from his body.

“No! I am All Might! Just stop screaming I’m sorry I’ll tell you!”

Izuku calmed down until he saw the apparently All Might cough into a handkerchief about a fist full of blood.


All Might still shook his hands and panickedly shoved a finger over his lips to try and tell Izuku to be quiet.

He finally remembered just what and who he was talking to. He was saying the name of the Number One Villain in public.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry All Might I didn’t realise- god I’m so stupid.”

All Might heaved while holding onto a wall with two limp folds of hair falling in front of his face, while it seemed his soul had descended to a different dimension.

The older man sighed, finally gathering himself from his apparent confusion.

“Guess I might as well tell you. This is an injury from another Villain seven years ago, I killed him in the end but not before he could do this.”

All Might pulled his shirt up enough to reveal a scar which spanned over his entire stomach reign. Izuku gasped in horror.

“Is that from your fight with Toxic Chainsaw?! He was the only other Villain I remember you fighting that year, but he couldn’t have been that powerful!”


All Might let out a tiny smile. This boy didn’t seem to be that scared in the slightest, or afraid of him at all.

“No, I admire your conviction to Villain fights, especially since that was my least active year in the field.”

All Izuku could do was wonder why one of the most famous people in the planet was talking to him, without any threats of death or just straight up murder.

Maybe All Might just instinctively knew how worthless he was.

Izuku suddenly registered that All Might just praised something about him. What was happening? Was this seriously real? Oh god what if he-

“The fight never got onto the news as a Villain skirmish, however it was linked to a gas eruption and nothing more than that.”

Izuku suddenly realised that All Might was seemingly about to cough blood again.

“Oh! Sorry Sir! Here's a tissue for your cough, you seem to need it more than I do!”

He nodded and politely grabbed the tissue out of Izuku’s hand and used it to wipe a slow trickle of blood running down from his chin.

All Might stood up to full height and Izuku felt daunted at how imposing the man was. However, All Might was just a man. Albeit a lot more powerful than the average person, he was still a regular person underneath which never killed innocents or people merely in the way.

A man stood tall before him.

“I just realised. I never got your name!”

All Might looked down at Izuku who smiled shakely at the Villain.

“My name is Izuku Midoriya, and thank you again for saving me!”

All Might coughed and sputtered while Izuku fretted over him once more.

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Izuku would often remember the events of that day.

When he eventually went to school the next day he didn’t say a single word to anybody, and they just let him go on about his life. Or at least until he was tripped in the hallway and everything seemingly went back to normal.

Once he had gotten back to his foster home Izuku entertained the day to day nuisances of living in a foster home. Those of the nosey family variety.

“Hey! Where were you today?! Don’t tell me that you got food without me cause I'll break your nose if you did!”

Kanzaki was a girl who had recently been bounced over to the Wantabe’s kind household.

The Wantabe’s were known as the people who would take any undesirable or disabled children. Perfect for the quirkless kid.

Kanzaki had lived with the Wantabe’s for a year longer than Izuku, and was nearly ready to move out seeing as she was just about to hit her eighteenth birthday.

She still wasn’t the best of people, seeing as she had set fire to the neighbors cat while using her Quirk at the last home she had stayed at.

She hadn’t been born into the system unlike the other boy who lived with them.

Hibiki was mute and despised any human contact. While only being thirteen years of age he had already tried to stab Izuku in his sleep, but thankfully didn't succeed.

He sported a not inherently violent Quirk which made you lose your sense of taste, however he used it whenever he had a chance.

The Wantabe’s themselves weren’t really the best role models either.

They did take the children in, however it was mostly just to gather sympathy, and most importantly, money.

Akemi Wantabe spent most of his time at the computer. He was civil to them all but tolerated Kanzaki and Hibiki over Izuku at any time. While at the computer whenever he could see what was happening all he could see were GoFundMe’s and TradeMe pages lined up in neat little rows at the top of the device. Akemi had a silencing Quirk which he used on them whenever they had a nightmare that was too loud.

Hana Wantabe on the other hand was cordial at best when speaking to any of the three children. She spent all of her time working at the supermarket during the day, and worked at a convenience store during the night hours she could spend without needing sleep. She had a Quirk which made it seem as if her eyes were constantly quivering in her skull, and seemed to hate it more than anything else.

Hana and Akemi both hated Izuku though, and he wasn’t sure if it was something he did or maybe it was because of his Mother, but it would likely be the obvious fact that he was Quirkless.

He suspected it was the latter.

When Izuku turned seven his Mum started to take pills from his medication.

It started as a little amount at first, one off the top every now and then. His young mind didn’t seem to find much wrong with the fact.

Izuku ran out quickly and they went to the store to buy a couple more containers, when she asked for an extra. Just in case of course!

Izuku steadily stopped getting the pills. His Mum said,

“Don’t worry Izuku! You did say that you still get sick sometimes right? This medication isn’t helping so it doesn’t matter as much!”


Izuku was taken completely off the pills, until his Mum had finished the entire batch of containers and asked for more.

Izuku came home one day to find out his Mother had overdosed herself on medication.

She was currently in a hospital for the mentallly unwell.

Izuku had seen her a total of two times. The first of which she hadn’t spoken at all. Just lay in her bed and stared at the TV on the wall which wasn’t even on. He sat in a sad silence while a dull blue light radiated from her the machine next to her as she avoided contact.

The second when she screamed until her throat bled and Izuku was escorted out of the room.

After that he hadn’t visited in two years, although he probably should someday soon.

Right now Izuku was taking a run to get away from everything. It cleared his mind and made it easier for him to think, even in this early Sunday morning.

A voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“Ah, hello again young Midoriya.”

Izuku jumped and let out a squeal as he saw the deflated form of All Might jogging next to him.

After stumbling a bit he managed to regain his pace back to the Villain looking on while concerned.

“Everything alright my boy? So sorry if I startled you.”

Izuku jogged next to the man and gathered a hastily formed response.

“It's okay All Might! I was just a bit jumpy, sorry.”

“No surprise here! I am a Villain after all, and when we’re outside just try not to call me All Might. Don’t want my cover blown away now do we?”

He probably didn’t mean for it to be so threatening, which was strange. Why was All Might speaking to a young boy who knew his identity? Why even DID he let Izuku find out his true form anyway! What if-

“Ah, you’re rambling my boy. To answer that question I don’t really know myself. My apologies if I scared you, I think I might just leave now.”

Izuku extended an arm panickedly

“Wait! I’m sorry if I offended you!” He gulped nervously “I’m… Just not that used to conversations like this.”

All Might chuckled but kept pace with him, almost looking fond. He probably assumed that Izuku meant with Villains and not just people in general, which was how he wanted to keep it.

“I wanted to ask you something yesterday as well. If I may ask, why weren’t you scared of me? You did seem startled but, you were struggling for a while.”

Izuku tripped but quickly caught himself in the air before he tumbled to his death.

Why wasn’t he scared?

“Well…” He began hesitantly. “I think it was because of how even though you're a Villain, you only ever seem to go after the corrupt Heroes, or other VIllains and Vigilantes!”

Izuku turned his eyes away from the skinny man.

“In the end… You definitely do more good than harm. I definitely don’t agree with killing though!”

All Might watched him with an unfamiliar look in his eyes. Izuku shuffled his feet in fear.

“I knew you were one of those Fanboys!”

He laughed in a deep bellowing roar while Izuku stuttered out his pleas

“No! I’m not a Fanboy, I just figured this out!”


All Might grinned at him and lent down while they both stopped.

“How could you have figured out anything if you weren’t watching me? Are you maybe some kind of stalker too?”

The boy in question turned as red as a tomato and huffed stomping his foot.

“I’m not a Fanboy, how would you know what a Fanboy was like anyway! Seems like you’re just a Hero Fanboy because you always must research the people you go after!”


It was All Might’s turn to go red.

“I only know because I’ve had my own Fanboy’s before! I don’t stalk Heroes-”

“How else would you know about all their corruption?!”

They both laughed.

All Might sat down at a bench and patted the seat next to him. Izuku sat down without hesitation. While still thinking of a question he had been broading over since their meeting.

All Might frowned as if he had felt the mood in their conversation shift.

“Why are you really being nice to me?”

All Might looked at the boy in surprise.

“Do I have a reason to? I know that I may be a Villain, however you do seem to have grown on me a bit.”

Izuku looked down towards his hands which were grasping his shorts like they were the only thing tethering him to the Earth, and realised that tears were forming in his eyes.

“N-Nobody is ever nice once they know I’m just some Quirkless kid. T-thank you for being nice to me though before you knew.”

He looked down and tried to wipe away the tears that partially obscured his vision. No doubt All Might was looking down on him with disgust like he was some sort of rodent.

Huh. One of the first people to ever be this kind to him since years ago was The Number One Villain, how strange.

He felt a large hand settle onto his shoulder and flinched. Izuku then submitted to another hand which softly lifted his head up to look into the eyes of the tall and skeletal Villain.

“My boy, there is no fault in being Quirkless.”

Izuku froze then let out a sob and let out the tears which had been building in his eyes from the start.

All Might kept his hand onto Izuku’s shoulders as he let it out and ignored the looks from other people who happened to be outside at the time.

“It’s okay young Midoriya, you’re alright. The system really is unjust isn’t it.”

Izuku looked up.

“Thank you All Might, but I am going to be a Hero!”

He gazed into the eyes and the fondly smiling man.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. When we’re in public please call me Yagi, it sounds a bit less suspicious than ‘All Might’ doesn’t it.”

Izuku choked out a chuckle and so did the man next to him.

“You know Izuku, I think that you might be one of the sanest people I know. You’ve always been very kind and I believe you’ll make a great Hero one day.”

He looked up at the giant of a man with awe shining through his eyes.

“You really mean it?”

The hand moved to ruffle his hair and another giggle pushed out as he tried to avoid the hand playfully. Creating a funny scene to any passersby which both of the two weren’t currently paying attention to.

Yagi leant down and whispered in his ear while maintaining a grin.

“Tomorrow, meet me by Dagobah Beach, I have something important to ask you.”

“You can just ask me now you know!”

They both smiled like idiots at each other while Izuku still wondered why wasn’t he scared?

“Izuku Midoriya. What would you give to get a Quirk?”

His heart spoke through while using his voice as a medium, grounding into the very pours of the universe and enveloping galaxies.


Chapter Text

Izuku was waiting anxiously at the beach while nervously shifting from foot to foot.

“What if I were to tell you that I could give you a Quirk?”

Izuku gasped at Yagi and looked towards him with wide and awed eyes.

“That's not possible! Scientists have been trying to replicate Quirks for almost a century!”

Ever since the presumed ‘first’ Quirk was discovered in Qingqing City China there had been very polarised views on the matter. Most at that point would persecute all those displaying an ‘individuality’ and executions were prominent in less open minded countries.

The Netherlands were the first to show an understanding towards people displaying these ‘fantastical’ happenings. Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and New Zealand were the next to decriminalise such laws and eventually other countries followed suit.

Many Scientists were made to research the new and conceivably dangerous Quirks which were taking over the world.

It was originally theorized that the abilities were spread by mice which lead to many experiments involving such species which only lead to more confusion.

Eventually they revealed to the public that Quirks might remain unknown for as long as they weren’t progressing with technology.

Something happened. People forgot about where Quirks came from as much as what they did. Science became a less sought after job in the favour of Heroics while the younger generation became trapped in the grandeur of their own powers.

So the older generation died out and the new generations came in.

“Izuku. I want you to think over this tonight.”

“Over what I’d do for a Quirk?”

“No. Would you do me the honor of inheriting my Quirk?”

“Hello my boy!”

Izuku jumped letting out a squeal, and nearly fell head first into a pile of rubbish. His ears finally picked up the sound of muffled chuckling from behind him and turned around to see the deflated form of All Might, or Yagi-san, holding a hand over his mouth. Which unfortunately did nothing to conceal the laughter.

Izuku relaxed slightly at the realisation that the man wouldn’t hurt him.

As strange as that was from a man like Yagi.

“Is this going to become a daily occurrence with you?”

Izuku gave the man a mock glare while stuffing down his nervousness. All Might smiled warmly towards him

“This beach used to be so beautiful.”

His smile turned into a frown and he glared at the many piles of rubbish surrounding the two lone humans in a dystopian looking garbage heap.

“I’ve only caught one person littering here before. When I asked he said he did it because everybody else had already made it a hellscape. Some people just follow like sheep.”

Izuku shivered. This was not Yagi, this was All Might. Yet, why didn’t he feel in danger at all whenever he spoke to the man?


The man looked back at Izuku and sighed, fists uncleanching beside him.

“Sorry Midoriya my boy, I just really do not like those who think it's okay to do this!”

He gestured over the entirety of the beach which was only illuminated by the afternoon sky and the noises of gulls picking out their dinners.

“I-It’s okay Yagi-san! Litter is very b-bad for the environment.”

The man started smiling again and Izuku let out a quiet sigh of relief. He may not feel afraid when face to face with what seemed to be Yagi-san’s villainous side, however it was never a good thing for somebody to be mad.

“You can just call me Yagi, my boy. Yagi-san makes me sound a lot older than I really am.”

Izuku smiled back at him, showing a full view of teeth.

“Anyway my boy. I think we should sit down over there and have a little chat.”

His face grew cold and his smile dimmed. Izuku had almost forgotten what they were discussing today.

The two of them made an odd couple sitting at a small outcove from a decorative tree, taking care to first carefully move the many cans and scoping cigarettes inside of them to an out of place looking rubbish bin nearby.

Yagi smiled as he saw what Izuku was doing, and sat down while leaving a more than reasonable space for the boy to sit at.

Once Izuku sat down Yagi’s face grew serious once more.

“My Quirk is called One For All.”

The name rang in power and Izuku felt the words echo throughout the beach.

“One For All was bestowed upon me by my successor, and its sole purpose is to bring justice upon those who tarnish the name of Hero.”

Izuku looked up at the man in shock. Quirks were not fickle things and tried as he might he couldn’t imagine Yagi lying to him.

“Izuku Midoriya, would you do me the honour of inheriting my Quirk?”

Izuku shifted to look the man in his eyes as he asked a question he had wondered for such a long time.

“Why me?”

All Might seemed to think over the question for a moment, however he replied confidently.

“Because YOU will be the best Hero to ever live. It will be you who brings justice to the world and rid our land from fakes. I believe in people, not their Quirks. Although, a Quirk definitely helps, so I thought I might give you a headstart!”

Izuku felt tears in his eyes.

Somebody believed in him. Finally, after all this time he had spent trying to be who he wanted to be, somebody believed in him!

“I-I’ll do it! I’m going to do my best to make you proud!”

Yagi smiled and Izuku felt a sudden wave of fear wash over his body. What did he get himself into?

“Well! You can’t gain my Quirk yet my boy! First you need to bulk up! Gain some muscles!”

So his training regimen started, or should he say ten months of hell?!



Izuku felt his food grow stale and cold, then looked to see glaring eyes piercing into his skull.

Hibiki just glared at him harder with menacing eyes as Izuku threw out the now pointless meal.

No point in eating if it doesn’t give you any sustenance.

Izuku had spent ages trying to figure out the best way to get a meal which would actually help with his muscle gain, and Kanzaki then later Hibiki loved to destroy his own food using a recent discovery of his own Quirk.

Hibiki had recently figured out that when he took away the taste, he also took away the nutrients. Kanzaki just ate it while he watched.

Izuku was tired.

“SO! Okay I had, like the greatest idea EVER Himiko-chan!”

Kanzaki constantly had her friends over, even though it was surprising she liked anyone. Hana Ito and Himiko Toga seemingly lived next door to them in the apartment complex.

“It really was a shame that Hana couldn’t come today! Because I thought we might be able to finally get some popularity with the school crowd!”


“That’s great Kanzaki-chan! What is it?”

Izuku looked over at the two only for Kanzaki to notice him and give him a scornful glare.

“Oh. What are you doing freak?! Did you leave me any food huh? Or did you eat it all up just like a little pig!”

Toga just smiled at him in her unnerving way that sent chills down his spine. Izuku unconsciously took a step back.

“That's a bit mean Kanzaki-Chan! What was the idea you had? I’d love to hear it!”

Kanzaki just glared at him with manic eyes for a couple of moments before ignoring him in favor of her friend.

Izuku let out a sigh and made his way to get to the door so that he could travel to Dagobah Beach as quietly as possible.

“Wow he does look a bit like Saito, just that he would never be such a horrible little deeb. SPEAKING OF SAITO did you hear what's happening tomorrow? This is what I thought we should see. Saito is going to fight some older kids from the school down the road! We should totally be a part of his hype team!”

Izuku shut the door behind him and sighed once more. Hopefully he would be able to do his workout at the desired pace.


Spoiler alert, he could not.

Toshinori Yagi jolted from his momentary rest as he saw Izuku Midoriya collapse on his seventieth lap of the area.

Toshinori didn't really know why he was considering giving this child One For All. Nana had always said that he was impulsive to the core, so that's what he assumed all his decisions were based on.

However, this teen somehow convinced him with shere charm and innocence. Not even mentioning that he was a Hero hopeful.

As he picked up the prone body he noticed the pale demeanor and sighed.

The kid had obviously overworked himself or hadn’t gotten enough to eat that night. Seeing as Toshinori knew he would have done the same in his youth he didn’t really blame the boy too much.

Toshinori hoisted him up into his arms as a secure grip. Slightly wincing at the strain for his non All Might form.

He looked down at the normally happy boy and grinned.

Okay, maybe he did know why he chose this particular boy.

Toshinori would make this boy the best Hero that the world had ever seen. He would make this boy the ninth holder of One For All, and that would hopefully be what finally rid the world of fakes.

Toshinori froze.

Where did the kid live again?

Toshinori opened up the kids phone and let out a gasp of relief. He didn’t have a lock on!

Quickly finding where the location of Midoriya’s house was he began the gratifyingly short trip to get there.

He walked along the road where he was once again lucky nobody was really looking his way strangely at the boy in his arms.

Or at least he didn’t notice the strange looks as he focused on his journey.

Finally he got to the door and all he could do was hope that Midoriya’s family didn’t give him much slack for the strangeness of his routine. On second thoughts they most likely already knew.

After a couple of turns he made his way up to the second story level after a quick look at young Midoriya’s phone to make sure he really was at the right room.

Knuckles rapped against the door three times in quick succession and heard a distinctly female voice yell out loudly


Toshinori winced at the brutal display of what he assumed was sibling rivalry. Nobody answered the door for what seemed like a couple of minutes until he heard footsteps descending in a thunderous manner.



The door swung open to reveal a young woman with dyed blonde hair and eyes which seemed to sneer at him with disgust.

“Who the hell are you?”

Toshinori gulped and replied

“Oh! Sorry Miss, I have been training young Midoriya here for a couple of weeks and today he collapsed during training!”

The girl looked at him with disgust sweeping out from her frown.

“Ew. Are you like some sort of pervert or something? Actually I don't really care! Just dump him at the doorway and I can get back to my conversation I was having. So shoo!”

Toshinori stood in surprise as the door slammed shut leaving the two of them outside in the empty hallway. Alone. They had left a child alone?!

The boy in his arms began to shift around in his arms and Toshinori let go of the fist that had previously been forming from his rage.


He looked down at young Midoriya and blushed at his mistake while quickly lowering the boy down to the ground.

“I’m sorry my boy! I didn't realise I was still holding you! Also none of that Yagi-san nonsense okay?”

The boy nodded and looked back up at him with shaky legs.

“I’m s-so sorry that I c-collapsed! I didn’t get t-to eat dinner and-and I thought that I c-could make it!”

Toshinori looked back at him with the stenist eyes he could muster.

“You have to have a balanced and healthy diet! I really hoped you would have been able to keep to it.”

Young Midoriya waved his arms about frantically

“NO! I-I did have the m-meal but Hibiki took away the calories and-and protein!”

The taller man gazed back at him with confused eyes.

Wasn’t Hibiki the name that the girl was saying? Why would-

Eyes shot open as a startling truth jabbed into his chest. Midoriya had said he was adopted didn’t he? Quirkless people had never been treated well by any member of society. They were trash to be thrown to the pavement. A blite on the world. A stain to-

“M-My caregivers will be back soon! The other kids would probably not be home right now so I can w-wait for a couple of moments!”

Izuku Midoriya was lying to him, and was pretty good at it indeed.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to wait with you? I think I might like to have a word with whoever is looking after you. Just in case.”

Young Midoriya winced slightly before giving him a shaky smile.

“I’ll b-be okay!”

Toshinori walked away solumly and felt as if he had condemned an innocent man to his death.

Wait. Did she call him a pervert?!

Chapter Text

Ten months had passed in what seemed to be a vicious cycle of training.


However, it was finally the day.


U.A’s exam would begin, and hopefully with the power of One For All Izuku would not fail!


Oh who was he kidding, he was going to die!


For the past ten months he had laboured away trying to gain the correct amount of muscle mass, all of this under the command of who was probably the most dangerous man alive!


At least it wasn't like he was going to do it again thankfully, however Izuku would definitely still at least mildly exercise to keep up the strength.


Izuku hauled the final desk up onto the platform for all collected rubbish.


He hazardously climbed his way to the top of his trash and looked over the now clean and pristine beach.


Yes! He had done it!


Wryly he stumbled around before noticing the loud yell which had been annoying him for the past while was none other than his own victorious scream.


He became unbalanced from the noise emanating around him. Then fell.


This was it, the end.


“Young Midoriya!”


Izuku was in strong arms.


Bleary eyes blinked as he saw the large and imposing form of All Might above him. The man chuckled.


“You never cease to amaze me my boy! You’ve surpassed everyone of my expectations. I am proud of you!”


Proud. That wasn’t something that the Quirkless like him heard often.


Tears welled up in Izuku’s eyes as the form of All Might set him down softly upon the sandy beach floor.


“It’s time young Midoriya. Time for you to inherit my power!”


The green haired boy smiled upwards gleefully.


“Eat this!”




Izuku nervously averted his eyes away from the many people who were also entering U.A.


This was it! The start of his Journey! This was the story of the greatist-


Izuku tripped and fell once again. Forget it. This was his end! He closed his eyes in anticipation.


“Oh! Sorry I used my Quirk on you! I just thought it’d be bad luck for you to fall before the trials!”


He opened his eyes and saw a young brunette seemingly floating him off of the ground. What an amazing quirk!


She blushed bright red and turned her face into her arm.


“You really think so?!”

Crap. He said it out loud!


“I-I’m so sorry! Thank you for saving me and good luck too!”


The duo were blushing heavily and Izuku was trying to think of something to say but he couldn’t just-


“Move out of the way extras!”


Katsuki pushed them both to the side, leaving a menacing glare to Izuku before walking over to the entryway. The brunette was snapped out of her train of thought and smiled at Izuku with the hint of red in her cheeks.


“Wow, that guy was a bit rude huh?! Anyway thank you and good luck!”


She hastily walked away while pulling the pink scarf up and over her face.


Izuku was still blushing with embarrassment as he completed the first exam, which made him nearly create a couple of mistakes in his answers.


He looked over it in just enough time to finalise his work, then it was on to what he dreaded.


The physical exam.




It was Present Mic!





Wow! To see such a famous and popular Hero in the flesh!


“Excuse me Sir!”


Izuku curiously looked over to see who had spoken, only to see a slightly familiar figure standing tall with blue hair. Why did he recognize him?


“On this pamphlet it shows that there are actually four types of robots. For a place as exemplary as U.A to make such a vital mistake is absurd! Also, you with the green hair! Please stop muttering, you’re making it so others around you lose focus!”


Wait. Him?!


While Izuku had a mild crisis Present Mic replied with what looked to be sweat running down his forehead.




Only blocks your way. So they’re just meant to ignore a robot?


Something was strange.


“My apologies Sir! Thank you for clarifying my inquiry!”


Oh. They were laughing at him!?!




Izuku stood at the large and imposing gates with wide eyes.


How tall were former students?!


Unless it was for the robot…


He gulped.


Finally he noticed the girl who had helped him before. A friendly face!


He began to walk up towards her with shaky legs from the prospect of facing robots with a Quirk and-


Wait, his Quirk!


How was he supposed to use it like this?! He had no idea how to make it work other than the helpful remark to sqeeze his buttcheeks.


Thank you All Might but I think I might pass…




Izuku jumped at the loud noise which penetrated his eardrums with a loud roar. Turning around he came face to face with the blue haired boy who had yelled at him before the exam.


“Were you about to interrupt that girl's meditation?! Such disgracefulness! A school such as U.A will NOT tolerate this sort of behaviour from its students! I think it's hardly advisable for you to participate in this challenge.”


Izuku straightened his back, all thoughts of speaking to the kind girl maintaining a far distance for the want of his survival. Students were ruthless!


“No! I-I’m sorry I j-just wanted to thank her-”




Izuku jumped once more and flung around to see Present Mic staring them down.




Izuku looked back to a rush of noise only to see that he and a few other stragglers were still waiting at the gate.


He despritally stubbled and began to run as fast as he could over to where noises were not prevalent. If he went to where all the other examinees were then he might not get any points!


Izuku heard a crash from around the corner and quickly hid while holding his breath. A quick glance showed there to be a two point and three point stumbling around in what seemed to be a search.


Now, what everyone one should know is that from his time with the hired hacker Izuku learnt some things. Of course it was in his nature to be a curious boy who managed to pick up skills easier than most.


This is of course what was going through his head as he leaped out from the corner and ran full blast over to the two pointer who had his back towards him.




He jumped onto the back, and just as he thought, the robot didn’t have any receptors telling it that there was a kid attached to its side. Except that did not work with the three pointer who spun around hauntingly and proceeded to attack the other robot.


Izuku managed to leap off fearfully just in time for the two pointer to fall, and so he proceeded to grab ahold of the three pointer while it was engaged.




“Now look over here at this examinee! He’s nearly at fifty-four points already!”


The teachers sat on sleek grey chairs as they watched from the many screens they possessed.


“His explosions look very strong, I’d say he’ll go over to you Aizawa.”


A shadowed figure sighed and took a long sip from what appeared to be a juice box.


“I always seem to get the problem children. Don’t I.”


A large mammalian rodent grinned in his chair.


“Don’t worry Aizawa! I’m sure this year's crop will be full of surprises!”




The rodent made sure not to make any expression that could show his inner thoughts.


Everything was always the same.


Every year he’d place the troublesome ones in class 1-A and the more laid back ones in 1-B.


Every year there would be one or two muscle heads who don’t want to work with a team.


Every year U.A would train their students like soldiers to embrasse modern Quirked society and work with the government.


Every year students would go out to the field as wonderfully trained sheep and would never come back.


Every. Single. Year.


It was all just so boring.


“What the heck is that green haired kid doing?!”


The rodent was brought back from his musings and over to pay attention to whatever this new sheep was doing.


Beating them up harder than everyone else?




Hacking the robots?




Saving people?


Done and done again.


Everything was so-


“See! He’s up on the main screen! I’ve never seen anything like it!”


He felt his eyes get drawn over to the boy who was seemingly tricking the robots into destroying each other and his dull mind felt electrical sparks fly.


More panicked then he had felt in years he spoke


“Pull up his file! I want to see what his Quirk and name is!”


Frantically paper shuffled and the rodent was enthralled in the raw beauty of something different, something new!


“Izuku Midoriya. Quirk is- huh?!”


Feeling frustration he snapped back at his employee.


“What's the Quirk?!”


The teachers looked at him as he stood upon his chair.


“H-He’s Quirkless?”


Nedzu gave the realist smile he had made for ages and maniacally laughed.


Izuku Midoriya huh?

Chapter Text

Why didn’t it come?


Izuku sat anxiously in his seat while twiddling with his thumbs. All of his training had proven to be completely useless in the exam, there was no way he’d managed to get in with what was surely not enough points!




“Finally twenty-four! I have to hurry quickly if I want to get anymore though…”


Izuku had been right. For some reason all of the other examinees went to wherever all the noise was coming from, not even realising that they were just going to areas with too much competition!


The sidestreets were smaller and at first glance didn’t look like a robot could fit inside of it, but the real challenge was the hidden main roads which could hold, from what Izuku had seen, four robots each. Counting the five points he'd gotten at the beginning Izuku thought that he had a fairly high chance of getting through if he were to get more.


A rumbling growl echoed throughout the exam which brought Izuku back from his musings.


He looked over to where the sound came from to see what could have made the noises which were accompanied with screaming, only to see a massive giant crashing through buildings with a red glare coming from its scanner.


That wasn’t a regular robot!


He climbed up a fire escape on the wall of the closest building to get a closer look, it wasn’t as if he would be in any danger from a U.A exam, right?


With his hands slightly raw from gripping onto the rusted rails Izuku finally stood at the top of the building. Only to see a hoard of kids running his way as the giant zero pointer followed.




Izuku huffed and began to descend down the fire escape once more, he did NOT want to get caught anywhere near that thing!


A scream echoed out through the examining field, and Izuku stopped to take a glance.


Only to see the girl whom he’d spoken to before the exam stuck under some rubble right in the path of the zero pointer.


Reaching the bottom with less time to spare then he'd thought Izuku ran over to where he'd seen the girl.


The blue haired boy ran past Izuku using engines attached to his legs.


Huh, Ingenium?



The boy was shouting to Izuku, but no words seemed to be enough to tell him that there was no way Izuku could stop himself.


The world focused into a grey blur centering around the nice lady.


His analysis came into full control of his movements as he slid on his foot to fit under the large piece of rubble.


He yelled to the brunette




As she shook her head he winced and shoved his arm down onto a closer precariously perched concrete and tried to grab at something with his fingertips.


It had to be here somewhere!


The robot was struggling closer and the concrete which his arm was under began to teeter. Wincing Izuku pushed his arm in further.


Finally he felt his figures grasp around a large metal pipe and pulled and hard as he could.


The concrete began to fall in what seemed like slow motion, and Izuku’s arm came out just in time as it fell down.


Without using any time to feel good about his victory Izuku wedged the pipe into the girls prison and jumped onto the other end.


It came easier the more he jumped, mostly because of the panic filling his body.


The girl seemed to swallow her pain as she tapped the rubble again with her finger tips. This time it managed to lift!


Izuku had been on the side of the rubble chipping off as many parts as he could while making it so she would be able to lift it with either the absence of too much weight or because of it having a smaller size.


Anti-Gravity Quirks always had a weakness of at least one.


The rubble finally lifted just as the robot was trundling closer. Izuku propped up the pipe to make the rubble give a wider gap, then he slid back over to the girl and pulled her with all of his strength.



The rubble fell down as the girl pressed her hands together letting out a sigh of relief.


“Can you stand?!”


The zero pointer rumbled closer with every second Izuku took a breath. He had to fight for his life!


“I-I cant!”


He winced again and picked her up with whatever strength he had left. Then he did what every escape from bullies had trained him to do.


He ran away.




They were a considerable distance from the robot now, but it wasn’t comfortable to Izuku yet.


“W-Why? We have to get away!”


Drunkenly the girl fell from his shoulders and began to vomit large amounts of puke onto the ground.






Izuku sighed in relief. Finally it was over!


Wait, it was over!


The girl sat down on a large plate of metal that sat protruding from what must have been the carcase of a two pointer, watching her savour as he just lay down on the ground breathing heavily.


“My name is Ochako Uraraka. I think I should introduce myself to you as a bare minimum since you saved my life.”

The green haired boy lay on the ground and let out a small giggle.


I’m I-Izuku Midoriya. P-pleased to meet y-you!”

Uraraka, who he now knew, started laughing with tears coming out from her eyes.


“We’re alive!”




“I-I’m so s-s-sorry Yagi-s-san!”


The taller man looked down at Izuku in what seemed like shock. Izuku had tears dripping down his face, along with snot flowing out from his nose. He was a disgrace! 


“What is to be crying about?!”


Izuku sniffed and wiped away some mucus from his face with his sleeve. He was a disappointment!


“I-I-I couldn’t u-use i-it! I-its all m-m-my fault! Now I would be a-a-able to go t-to U.A!”


Yagi flailed his hands about as he tried to console the boy.


“No! I’m sure you’ve gotten in! If U.A were to miss out on a boy like you then you shouldn’t go there anyway! You saved that girl's life, if anything that should show you’re even more of a Hero then they could ever be!”


Watery eyes looked back at him.






Izuku sat down onto the bench he always claimed at the beach, Yagi sat down next to him and awkwardly slapped his back.


“See Izuku? If they weren’t to award you for saving someone's life then how could they ever have been a teacher!”


Yagi sat down next to him and Izuku tried to hold back his tears even harder.


“B-but they’re a-”


His back went as stiff as a rod as Izuku realised something.


“They’re a Hero School!”


He stood up again leaving Yagi to watch him with bewilderment.


“S-Since they’re a Hero school t-then they might have been judging with-”


He swung around to face his meteor with a crazy gleam shining from his eyes.


“I think I m-might have gotten in!”


Yagi just sat there watching as his successor grabbed his bag and ran home. Sometimes he really wondered what was going on inside of his head.




Kanzaki slapped him on the head with something which felt as if it were a pan.


“Hey loser, you got mail. Looks like you failed your exam!”


Izuku winced rubbing his head and glanced over to see who it was from.


The U.A emblem!


“Thank you Kanzaki! I have to read it somewhere, sorry I have to go!”


The older girl glared as he ran up to his room and shut the door before she could ever get a word in.


“What a real loser!”


Izuku sat at his small desk while looking down at the small but heavy envelope as if it had threatened his life.


It technically had as well.


He swallowed down his anxiety and grasped a hold of the paper, then he ripped it apart only for a tiny metal object to fall out.


“Wait is this U.A’s holographic technology?!”


The device spluttered and then out came a giant blue light which portrayed an unfurnished room.


“Am I a dog, a mouse, or a bear? I’m actually the principal!”


It was Nedzu who was personally making a message to him! Unless it was just an automated reply to anyone who failed the exam.


“As you know my name is Nedzu, the principle of U.A! I am here to talk to you about your results examinee Izuku Midoriya!”


It was real. This was real!


“I found that your performance was amazing on the cameras! I especially loved how you took down those robots. Seven extra points to you!”


Nedzu… really liked watching his performance?!


“I loved watching everything you did in the physical, but wait! I then saw your written exam! I haven’t seen that sort of analytical thinking from someone without a mind Quirk in decades! Not a single mistake in your English section, however it is common for students to be fluent, and not a single mistake in history!”


Izuku was staring at the blue hologram with awe. Did he really do it?! However, he didn’t know for sure if he’d gotten through the physical exam.


“Now going back to your physical exam. With your now thirty-one points in this year's batch you wouldn't normally pass.”


Izuku shuffled forward in his seat.


“However! We here in U.A would have to be imbeciles to not count how you leapt in to save that girl's life! Which is why we have a very secret set of points we use. Hero points! You managed to get fourty of these bad boys from your daring save!”


Izuku slapped the table and felt tears gush from his eyes. He’d done it!


“This gave you seventy-one points! Taking you all the way to third place! Your friend also got in just enough because of her help in your daring escape which I really did love!”




Izuku stood up from his desk and fist pumped the air.


“I’ve done it!”


“Ah yes, I forgot to mention a very important detail!”


Izuku turned back over to the hologram to see Nedzu snickering in a menacing way. This was unlikely to be good.


“I have personally decided to train you myself! Instead of doing your history and English studies with your new class, Class 1-A, you will be studying with me!”




“I have decided to take you on as my student! Can’t wait to see you in the coming time at school!”


Kanzaki kicked open the door with a glare on her face.


“What the fu*k was all that noise idiot! We already know you didn’t get in!”


Her eyes focused on the hologram, shining as the only light in the dark room.


Katsuki Bakugou 77 0 1st

Eijiro Kirishima   39 35 2nd

Izuku Midoriya    31 40 3rd

Ibara Shiozaki    36 32 4th

Itsuka Kendo     25 40 5th



Chapter Text

“Yagi-san! Over here!”


Toshinori turned his head to look over his shoulder, only to see his successor standing in the middle of the ocean. Water dripped down his freckles and landed back down in an almost memorising way.


“Yagi-san! Guess what!”


No something was wrong. Where was his stutter? Toshinori tried to open his mouth but it felt as if it were clamped shut. A rival Villain?


Midoriya went to move towards him but fell back into the water. Almost like he was dragged in. Toshinori ran over knowing that something was very, extremely, wrong.


His naked feet slapped over the wet sand and trudged to where he had seen his successor. Only to be swept under the salty waves as well.


He flailed his arms to try and swim up to the increasingly further shore, until he finally thought to look down.


Midoriya was burnt and misshapen. Pieces of his skull floated around him as if he had a deathly hallow. Muscle glimed around pieces of shattered bone, almost as if it had been torn off by some kind of monster. The eyes of Midoriya were the worst however, it was almost as if they were trying to reflect all the pain he had caused others in their darkness. Reminding him how it was strange it was that a Villain like him would ever train a Hero.


He swallowed his revulsion and reached out for the boy's hand.


“Please… save me Yagi-san.”


Pitch black eyes stared at him until his pupil was dragged by eight rotted hands. He was all alone.


Toshinori woke abruptly. Gasping in air as if he’d been the one drowning away.


“What was that all about?”


He stumbled over to his fridge and took out a large bottle of water he kept from the earlier day.


What was the point of that nightmare?




Midoriya didn’t show up for a meeting at the beach that day.




Toshinori woke up again drenched in a cold sweat. This time for sure he’d talk to the boy!




Midoriya didn’t show up for a meeting at the beach that day.




The waterside area was empty, other than the seagulls which played around on the now pristine golden sand.


Something was obviously wrong. In all of his time training the boy he knew there was no reason that he would skip out on seeing him


Distant thoughts in his brain wondered if he had been forgotten now his purpose had been achieved. Midoriya had gotten his power in the end.


Toshinori steeled himself. It wouldn’t be that Midoriya wanted to leave him without saying goodbye. Something must have definitely happened to him!


The dream's warning echoed in his mind.


Not again.


Toshinori stood up and began to walk over to the apartment complex where he’d been once before.


His eyes became hard and focused as he concentrated on his journey ahead.






Toshinori winced as the loud footsteps sounded. Apparently he was getting a headache today.


The door opened to reveal poorly dyed hair and a grimence.


“Oh, that pervert’s come back.”


Toshinori felt his gut twist at the look. It was different from before, did something happen?


He cleared his throat.


“Hello Miss, I was just wondering if young Midoriya was here?”


She looked him up and down as a smile slowly reached over her face.


“This is the first time I get to say it! That brat is long gone back to the center!”




Toshinori was confused. Center, did she mean?


“Yep! We said we couldn't pay for that weird whatever fluke he pulled by getting into that school, so we got the grounds to send him off!”


Toshinori’s mind went blank.

“Hey, are you lost young man?”



“You’re hiding from you parents huh?”



“So they aren’t your real family, right?”



“Don’t worry, yOu Cc???aN Be aP!?par!tT o?F m& F@mI!&(*”£%(!^)

Toshinori glared at the girl.

˙lɹᴉƃ ǝɥʇ ʇɐ pǝɹɐlƃ ʇɥƃᴉW ll∀


He felt his back straighten as he stood up to his full height and looked down onto her. A slight shiver racked through the body below him and he suppressed an evil grin from leaking over his face.


That girl should fear him.


“W… what are y-you doing?”


She took a step back into the house as if it were able to protect her. Toshinori finally felt the sneer leak through.


“Now. You know you shouldn’t say those sorts of things about him. Right?”


She shook violently as fear flowed out from her eyes. This was the real predator and prey.



He struck out. Lashing as if a well placed blow might land him his dinner.


“Who said you could speak?”


The girl didn’t move from her spot, whenever Toshinori looked into the eyes of small-time criminals this exact look was what he searched for.


“Tell me where Izuku Midoriya is now.”




Izuku sat stock still in his seat.


It was all over.


Now the dream of going to U.A was going to be impossible.


He had failed Yagi!


Hands squeezed violently against his thighs. Don’t say a word. Do not cry, do not breathe too loudly.


Since Quirks had come into effect a change only noticeable to those in the system happened to orphans and care homes.


Unlike before there was such a thing as ‘Adoption Centers’ for the Quirkless, these places befitting for the large number of Quirkless children who would be abandoned every year by parents who didn’t want such a burden on their social lives.


To birth a Quirkless child was the second biggest sin one could do. The first biggest being to have been born powerless.


Which led to a major change in ‘Care Centers’ as they were called.


All were corrupt to the brim.


A tall man dressed in what looked to be a dirt stained suit and crooked glasses walked out of the room with what could only be described as a smirk drawn over his face.


“Please come in with me, Midoriya.”


He gulped and followed the man. This wasn’t his first time being here.


No, his first time being there was when he first was taken into the system. That man was no saint to the Quirkless of whom he kept.


“Now Midoriya, we had quite a surprise seeing you back here! You must remember who I am, unless now you feel above thinking about such menial things.”


Izuku winced at the words. He was just being told not to get cocky for whatever trick he had pulled to get into U.A.


“Y-yes Mr D-d-duestframe.”


“Good! Also, due to the fact your poor foster parents didn’t have the ability to pay for your tuition fee I am afraid to say you won’t get the privilege of going there. You can understand all of this, right Midoriya?”


His fist clenched behind his back as Izuku struggled to hold back tears.


Yes, he did realise that.


All of Yagi’s work and Quirk were now just…


A loud series of knocks rapped against the door in a series of bursts.


“Uh S-Sir? There’s a man outside waiting f-for you. I t-think you should talk q-quickly.”


Izuku glanced back over to Mr Duestframe who seemingly twitched his eye before regaining composure.


“Please tell him that I will see him after my first appointment. He should be able to reason that some people have meaningful lives.”


Izuku looked over to the window awaiting the next verbal beating.


“Now, as I was saying-”


“SIR! Please don’t open the door. He is in a very important meeting!”


The door was pushed open with a shove as a dark shadowy figure walked into the room. Sweeping the floor with a wide berth of malice like a coat.


Mr Duestframe no longer had an arrogant look on his face. No he was staring at the large and imposing form of All Might.


“Hello. It seems I have come here to speak to you, Duestframe


Izuku looked up and realised that Yagi hadn’t even grown to All Might size, however the imposing aura still resided around them.


“”U-Uh yes Sir! Please s-sit down here and I’ll speak to you right away!”


Mr Duestframe pulled out a seat from behind the rusted desk which sat obnoxiously in the center of the room.


“I’ll just get rid of-”


Leave him here.


Izuku watched the form of the Care Center owner cower and leave him to walk right up to Yagi while shaking.


“D-dis y-you come o-f-f-for me?”


The man despite his tall posture felt calming. Almost as if Izuku could relax while even inside of the building which would try and take him away.


Yagi smiled at him deviously.


“Of course my boy.”


He then turned back around on his seat to face the ruffled business owner who had watched the interaction with interested eyes.


Yagi finally spoke up.


“Now that you are listening, I want to adopt this boy right now.”


Izuku looked at the man with wide eyes.






Izuku sat in the reception office once more.


Yagi wanted to adopt him?!


It wasn’t like his features were above average, or that he was powerful enough to work all day.


It also couldn’t be that he had a usable Quirk by any standards.


Why would Yagi ever want to have a failure like him?


“We’re all set, my boy! Would you like to come with me to the car? I’ll explain everything once we’re in there!”


Izuku stood up on shaky legs but could do nothing but nod.


He followed the much taller man as he strode down the twisting brown stairs.


He followed even when he noticed that Mr Duestframe was watched from behind a corner.


He followed while being drowned in awe for this man who had saved him from a life of dismay.


How could he not have followed this man who was so sure of himself?


“Ah! I parked my car right over here. I’ll explain inside.”


Izuku nodded once more.


Everything blurred around him. He was safe? Was he safe? Yagi would never do anything bad. What was happening?


He opened up the door and got inside of the car with his savour.


“Oh my! I literally did not think this through young Midoriya! I am so very sorry if you wouldn’t want to come with me. Oh that man inside was just a coward to anyone with a Quirk. Are you okay though Midoriya?!”


Izuku had his eyes locked down on Yagi, the man was obviously concerned about him. Yagi actually cared about him.


Tears burst out from his face and ran in a turrent down his cheeks. Yagi waved his hands about and fussed over his boy.


“I am sorry Midoriya! I should have done all of this slower so you would be able to adjust! I should have thought more about my actions before doing any of this shouldn’t I-”


“I-I’m… So happy Y-Yagi-san!”


The man went quiet looking down over Izuku who still kept crying.


“Thank you… My boy.”


Small tears gathered in the older man's eyes, the car wasn’t moving and nor did either of them care.


Yagi lent down and hugged Izuku as they both cried.

Chapter Text

“I bought a house using my true name. I really hope you never thought I lived in some kind of villainous sewer lair! You’ll be living here with me.”


Izuku snorted violently while Yagi parked the car. The man in question looked almost as if he were nervous, however unlikely that would be.


This must be some kind of dream right?


Because it was almost as if he was now in the care of Toshinori Yagi.


Yeah, he was obviously still in shock seeing as he hadn’t fainted yet. How did Yagi even adopt him so fast? Wasn’t there some kind of waiting limit or queue?


Well, he was All Might.


“I-I didn’t think that y-you would live l-like that I-I swear!”


Izuku stuttered out a response once he realised Yagi was waiting for an answer. The taller man chuckled in his seat.


“Well, we should get out here!”


Izuku smiled gleefully and unbuckled his seatbelt, pulling it around the bag which he normally took to school.


Izuku slammed the door quickly.


He couldn’t see anything but highrises and a couple of birds from the area he waited at. Were they in some sort of parking lot?


“Oh yes! My apologies Midoriya, just follow me to the elevators.”


Everything was so confusing.


Emotions had gone by in the blink of an eye since the last few days. First the amazement of getting into U.A, then there was the sadness and anger which arrived from being essentially kicked out of his own home, then finally the strange and abstract knowledge that he had no control over what would happen next.


Now he was left with a home, mentor, and passage into U.A.


“Ah, right over here my boy.”


Eight large elevators stood menacingly in rows of four around them. Yagi stared at Izuku with the same look of nervousness in his dark eyes, almost as if he wanted him to say something.


Izuku stuttered even more as usual while trying to process what he was seeing.


“W-why is t-there s-so many?!


Yagi laughed once more without having even pressed a button, hunching down over one of the two suitcases Izuku had brought back with him and insisted on pulling.


“S-s-so many you s-say?!”

For some reason that got Yagi laughing again. Izuku was struggling not to get caught up with it and forced his face to pout.


It didn’t work.


“W-what’s so funny?”


Yagi toned down his voice into mild cackling and sucked in breaths before answering, looking much calmer than he had before.


“It's j-just that I didn’t even think there was anything weird about this! T-there's hardly anyone who lives in this place so why do they have so many doors!”


A smile drove it way over Izuku’s face, all despite the fact he tried to hide it.


This was nice.


The door opened straight away as Yagi pressed the up button, and they got inside the spacious area. Maybe it was connected to a mall for heavily mutant Quirks?


Izuku watched interested as Yagi slid a keycard into the side wall and pressed a few numbers on a keypad.


What was happening? Don’t you just press the up?


The doors opened abruptly and Yagi took a step forward.


“This is the apartment! Please make yourself at home, I have a room for you just over here.”


It was huge.


Izuku gasped while taking in the surroundings. Everything was so clean and white!


A fluffy rug spread out over the floor like  liquid polar bear fur, swallowing up a large portion of the carpeted area which merged into a sleekly tiled kitchen.


Two leather white sofas expanded over the rug in question, both of them faced towards a TV which could only be compared to the sort Izuku had watched movies playing on while being advertised at stores.


This was way too much stuff.


He looked around to find Yagi taking off his shoes and placing them on the fanciest shoe rack that Izuku had ever seen.


“W-w-what is this!?”


Yagi wore a confused expression as he looked to the room in question.


“Is there something wrong?”


Blood rushed into his cheeks instantly.


“It-it’s huge!”


Yagi gazed around while seemingly pondering something before he replied.


“Does it make you uncomfortable my boy?”


Izuku frantically shook his hands while he blushed even harder.


“No! I-it’s just t-to good of a p-place for someone l-l-like me to be!”


Now that he thought about it, it should have been obvious that Yagi lived in a place like this!


He’d raided banks before and been to many gang hideouts, but seeing as the banks were corrupt and gangs were in drug dealing it was strange he wasn’t labeled as a vigilante.


Oh yeah, All Might had killed Heroes before.


The man who had given up his time of day to train him and adopt him was a murderer.


Best not think about that.


“What do you mean someone like you my boy? I don't see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to stay in a place like this?”


He snapped back to reality only to see his mentor looking at him with confused eyes. Izuku replied


“W-w-well, I’m n-not really good e-enough to be in a place l-like this!”


Yagi’s eyes turned pitiful, before a chill ran up Izuku’s spine as the older man began to stiffen in what was certainly anger.


He shouldn’t have said anything.


All Might’s voice rang out in a rumbling baritone


“Izuku, are you trying to tell me that you are not good enough to be here with me? Are you trying to tell me that I was wrong?”


Izuku didn’t even notice the use of his first name.


He couldn’t speak. No of course he wouldn’t mean that Yagi was wrong! His body tensed. Would he be hit? Would he be kicked out? Please just don’t leave me I swear I’ll be better I will be the best successor you could have please don’t abandon me I don’t want to lose you-


Yagi’s shoulders relaxed and the man sighed. Izuku looked back over to him in anticipation. What was going to happen next?


“You definitely understood me wrong just then. I am worried about you, my boy.”




Hands flew to cover his mouth after accidentally speaking his thoughts.


“I could see you tense up just then as if I might harm you. You stutter when you speak and are hyper aware of what others are doing around you. Not even to mention that you are always putting yourself down and beating and semblance of happiness you show. So yes, I am very worried about you.”


He… was worried?


“Hey Quirkless! What are you doing going over to the teacher?”


The young green haired boy ignored the taunting and ran over to the highest authority that there was to a six year old.


“Miss! Miss! The other boys are-”


“Oh yes. Well, boys will be boys. Try not to go too rough on him please, he could get hurt with a body like that.”


The woman bent down and Izuku closed his eyes while holding his arms out in such a way she could see the bruise and burns.


She carefully set him down once her eyes met his sorrowful frame. Surely now she would-


“I hope you’ve been playing fair Midoriya! Remember not to act too differently or the other boys might not want to play with you!”


Izuku’s face fell in horror as the merciless kids descended on him. Nobody would care for a Quirkless. This is a law which warrants the attention of both the judge, jury and executioner, if you are to be born different then you will be treated as such.


“You look almost confused! What’s wrong?”


Izuku’s eyes began to tear up from both the kind gesture and events of the day. How could this be true?!


“I… I don’t t-think I deserve i-it.”


He mumbled while stuffing his face to his shoulder, only to look back with shameful eagerness at what the reply might be.


Yagi’s kind eyes looked over him as his concerned expression softened to what looked like regret.


“You deserve much more than this my boy. Much more.”


The man smiled down at him. It was blinding.


“Anyway, since you will now be staying here, I think I better show you to your room! I can help you sort out your items after dinner, do you like chicken katsu on rice?”


Izuku blearily smiled up at him before speaking to eager ears.


“Thank you!”


He turned around and took off his shoes, just barely missing the giant blush on Yagi’s face.


“S-so your room will be just down here. Mine is the one just to the left diagonally, while you’ve got the end of the hall. Oh! You have your own bathroom but just in case there is another one just at the top!”


Izuku gazed down the extravagant hallway to see what looked to be his room at the very end.

“O-okay Yagi-san!”


He grabbed onto one of his suitcases and school bag before heading down the hall. Maybe he would be in a closet? No, that was from a different book.”


Izuku opened the door to see a huge room filled with windows and dropped both of his cases.


Each window gave a breathtaking view over the city, and what was more important, he could see U.A from an angle that Izuku had never seen before.


Knees collapsed as he fell to the softly carpeted floor and lent on the neatly folded king bed with tears running quietly from his eye.


Izuku made it.