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Lovely Lie

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We both new it would happen...

So I’m not sure why I’m surprised...

It was cold out and there was a light drizzle. Perfect weather for an event such as this.

Katsuki was dressed in a black button up, with black slacks, a light grey tie flowing in the wind. He always hated ties ever since that fateful day where a sludge monster engulfed him stealing his breath away like a thief in the night. Luckily that stupid Dek- he shook his head from thinking of the nerd. He didn’t want to think about that right now.

He looked up to the front of the church where Four-Eyes and Frog legs stand. There faces solemn and eyes hollow They’re both dressed in black too, everyone here was. It was a funeral after all, he’s sure if Deku was here- no don’t think about that. That will only make this worse, this whole fucked situation.

When everyone was done sharing their speeches and crying their tears, he walked up to the casket. This will be the last time I ever see you. He smiles, but it’s tainted with sadness. Deku always said he hated his sad smiles, apparently they didn’t fit his naturally grumpy face. God he really needs to stop reminiscing about the nerd right now. He’s already sad enough as it is, an emotion he wasn’t very comfortable with, nor was it familiar. For something like this he supposes it was appropriate though.

He looks upon the beautiful pale face one last time. He will never see those rosy cheeks again so he soaks it up as much as he can. Everyone had left already leaving anyone to say there piece to the fallen hero. He feels the need to speak while he’s still alone.

“I’m sorry...“ He places a bouquet in front of the picture, he’ll leave it at the gravestone later when they’re buried. He sighs sadly, he needs to finish his apology and leave. “I never wanted this to happen to you.... Despite acting like a jackass, I really liked you.... Loved you actually, but in the end that’s why we’re here right now.” He can feel the tears start to prick at his eyes. “I don’t know why I thought I could keep you safe.” Great now he’s crying, he must look so pathetic right now. Crying doesn’t ever come naturally to him he’s never really cried much, but he always cried when it came to Deku.

He thinks back to the freckled beauty calling out his name fondly.


A big wide smile on his stupidly cute freckled face, a beautiful rosy hue adorned across his cheeks. He almost smiles... Almost, he really doesn’t know why he thought he could keep it a secret.

A warm hand is placed on his shoulder. I never could hide anything from you he thinks about those big green doe eyes. He slowly traces the hand to its owner.

Maybe that’s why...







You saw right through my facade...









Deku was staring right at him.



Normally that would be a comforting gesture, but Deku.... Deku could make it terrifying. He didn’t say anything he was just looking at him. Usually Deku would talk and it’d be annoying, Katsuki learned not to like it when he was quiet though.

They stared at each other, red clashing with a beautiful shiny emerald green. Deku’s eyes were wide his mouth set in a thin line. He looked insane he looked... Murderous. But he looked beautiful, he was dressed in a black suit fit to perfection. If they weren’t in the situation they were in now Katsuki would’ve felt the need to ravish him.

But he didn’t, they stood there staring for god knows how long not saying a damn word. Deku knew why he was here, and they both knew Deku didn’t want him here. katsuki knew better than to disobey Deku, but he couldn’t help himself he needed to say sorry.

He was sorry for loving more than one person. He was so damn sorry, any sane person would’ve said something, but he loved more than one person.



Katsuki did not want to be here. He wasn’t one for socializing and parties. But they were here, so he sucked it up and went as soon as his shitty haired friend invited him.

He wanted to talk to them, say something anything. He didn’t, and that was the first mistake of the night. He was a coward when it came to facing such frustrating feelings. So he decided to drink his worries away instead. That wasn’t the second mistake he made that night but it was damn close.

He sulked in the corner with his red solo cup half empty. God, he couldn’t begin to fathom why people liked this shit so much. Tasted like depression and shame, if those things had a taste that is.

“Kacchan, hey!” An annoyingly high pitched voice peeps up from his left. He looks to the side to see Deku not that he was surprised, he grew up around the nerd He could recognize his stupid voice.

“What do you want shithead?” Deku from the past would’ve faltered at those words. But this wasn’t that Deku this was confident and easygoing Deku, and new Deku didn’t falter in the slightest. In fact his ever present smile seemed to widen.


“I didn’t think I’d find you here” he says cheerfully. “Yeah me either.” Katsuki has to speak a little louder than usual the class was playing way too loud music. Honestly he’s surprised Mr.Aizawa hadn’t busted down the door in his little caterpillar sack yet. Five bucks says they get busted in an hour. He made that bet with Mina before coming to sulk in the corner.

“So what’s up why are you pouting in the corner?” Deku’s need to seemingly know everything about Katsuki had triggered a bit of drunken anger. “None of your fucking business Deku.” He spit the nickname like it left a bad taste in his mouth. Deku’s face faltered for a second and to Katsuki’s complete and utter distaste it wasn’t in fear it was in concern.





“Hey Kacchan you alright? You seem a bit upset, it’s not like you to act so well sad. Not saying that it’s a bad thing to be sad! I mean I’m kind of sad all the time so it’s ok-“ Katsuki knew he would’ve kept blabbing about his stupid feelings if he didn’t tell him to shut up now. So that’s exactly what he planned to tell him. His next words did shut him up alright, but not because he actually told him too. The nerd eyes seemed to widen with a bit of shock. Katsuki won’t lie his did too. Cause katsuki has never told Deku his direct feelings unless it was with his fists. “No, no it’s not okay.”

Deku snapped out of his shocked stupor and his brows furrowed. “Are you okay, Kacchan?” His head tilted to the side a bit kind of like a cute dog. Wait what?

Katsuki shakes the thought away before he can overthink it. He didn’t need anymore weird and stupid thoughts about cute people tonight. Especially a certain somebody he couldn’t grow the balls to talk to. The reason he showed up here in the first place.

“Kacchan?” Oh, yeah he forgot he was talking to the nerd right now and not...”Kacchan do you umm.. do you want to talk about it?”


“I mean we don’t have to I’m not like forcing you to. Or we can I don’t know just forget I said that and I guess uh well we can drink?” He poses the last sentence as a question, and invitation. If katsuki weren’t tipsy he definitely would’ve said no. But he was tipsy so he said “Hell yeah.”

He decided not to question why the nerd was suddenly not against drinking as he usually was. Damn nerd.

They talked and talked even after the party got busted, an hour later as Kastuki predicted.

Kastuki didn’t hate Deku anymore at least not since the fight at ground beta. In fact they had become somewhat friends instead of just rivals after their 2nd year. He wasn’t bad company half the time, and he kept Kastuki on his toes when they sparred. They both were shit-faced now laughing and smiling at everything they said.

It was nice... It almost made him forget how he failed to talk to- “So, Kacchan why were you all sad before.” Deku sounded surprisingly sober. Katsuki hesitated he felt a little uneasy with Deku’s big gorgeous eyes practically analyzing his every breath. He chose to ignore the fact that he thought Deku’s eyes were gorgeous. Instead he sighed, he couldn’t believe he was going to talk about his, feelings with Deku of all people.

“I don’t think I’m good enough for someone.” And for a moment everything was silent Deku stilled beside him. Katsuki chose to look at his empty cup so he wouldn’t have to face those prying eyes. “What do you mean Kacchan?” Katsuki chuckled sadly, god he was so pitiful.

“It means I like somebody who is way too good for me shit-stain.” Katsuki couldn’t help but feel as though he said something wrong. He shook away the feeling, it didn’t matter anyway it was out now.

Izuku presses his scarred hands to Kastuki’s face gently. “Look at me Kacchan.” And he does, he does look. The sight he sees isn’t new in fact it’s familiar he’s seen it so many times. Izuku is looking at him like he’s hung the moon and stars, but it’s never looked this lovely before. What a weird thought, Bakugou doesn’t thinks he’s ever even used that word to describe something before.

It definitely fit though, Izuku has a small blush from drinking adorning his face. A determined glow in his eyes, god his eyes they were so breathtaking. He was undeniably adorable at this moment and Katsuki didn’t know why he suddenly couldn’t look away.

“If somebody doesn’t like you how you are they aren’t worth your time. Who wouldn’t love Kacchan for who he is? Kacchan’s amazing, he’s thoughtful, smart, and very kind, at least when he wants to be.” He giggles, and by Kami if it isn’t the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. Or at least the second nothing could compare to the sound of-

Katsuki didn’t realize he had been leaning closer till he was nose to nose with Izuku. Desperation and loneliness had finally gotten to him. Izuku didn’t make him feel lonely or unworthy though. Izuku made him feel loved and appreciated.


They kissed sweet and slow, Izuku’s pretty pink lips were soft and warm. Izuku wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s neck, his scarred fingers carding through his hair. A groan came from the back of his throat when Izuku pulled at the strands in the back of his neck.

Yes this is what he needed this is what he wanted. Izuku could give this to him, and Katsuki thought he might hate it but in fact he kind of loved it. Almost as much as he would love it if it were someone else... That was a thought he didn’t want to elaborate on. Tonight was going to be about them not about...

Izuku’s tongue slid across his lips, he gasped Izuku had taken that as invitation to stick his tongue down his throat. A bit inexperienced and sloppy but that didn’t make it any less good, any less Izuku. katsuki didn’t have much experience with this either. He was once dared to make out with Shitty-Hair for twenty bucks, and well twenty bucks is twenty bucks. Wasn’t worth it to get his tongue almost chopped off though twenty bucks couldn’t pay for that.

There tongues slid lewdly together, it was hot and messy. Katsuki’s pants were beginning to tighten uncomfortably. He didn’t realize he had let his hands wander down to Izuku’s ass till he was squeezing it. “K-Kacchan.” Izuku keens, oh that was interesting. Izuku was practically sitting in his lap softly grinding their erections together. The feeling was so delicious but painful. A result of his now overly tight jeans against Izuku’s still clothed hard-on.


“Let’s take this upstairs, Kacchan.”

That was my second mistake that night I got to know you intimately. Can I say that I regret it, yes I can but that’s only a half truth. I loved that night I still cherish it, even after...

“Ohh yes Kacchan right there please! Make love to me!”

Who was he deny the nerd? That thought was the third mistake he made that night.

After that night they didn’t stop they fucked like rabbits. No it wasn’t just fucking it was love. He loved that nerd but not as much as he loved-.

“Do you still like who you were talking about at that party?”

“What are you talking about nerd?” Katsuki knew what he was talking about, in fact they both knew he knew. He just needed time to think he never wanted this conversation to happen cause he knew the answer.

“No, I don’t.... I love them.”

“I see.”

“But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

“I know Kacchan.”

“But you would leave me for them if they asked wouldn’t you?”

Kastuki gulped “Y-Yes, yes I would.”


“We’ll see then Kacchan we’ll see.”

Kastuki knew right then and there that the fate of the person he loved most was now in his hands. It was fucking terrifying, Deku was fucking terrifying. He didn’t say anything though, like a normal person should. Kastuki loved two people Deku was one of them. His love was fierce and loyal he could never hurt Deku like he use to. Deku knew that, they both knew that.


Katsuki made it his mission to never say a peep about who his secret love is. Not to anybody especially not Deku. For he knew if he did there would be a fate worse than death waiting for them.

Over the years he and Deku started dating the wonder duo were known all over Japan. He was proud of them, Deku was amazing and supportive and just everything, everything but who he wanted more. He really didn’t understand how he could still want them. He barely even saw them or talked to them. He still thought about them every day though.

Every moment

Even when he was with Deku his second love. They both knew it too, Deku wasn’t stupid.

It would be blatantly obvious in the bedroom too. Sometimes he just couldn’t get into it. Katsuki loved the nickname Izuku had for him, but it wasn’t the one they used.

“Bakugou.” Izuku moaned ,he did this to taunt him. Izuku knew enough to know that his first love didn’t say his first name, and he knew he was the only one who could call him Kacchan.

God it felt good to be called that sometimes.

They were in their room having some morning sex on their king sized bed. They broke their other bed last week when they had tried BDSM for the first time. He’ll admit it was pretty sexy, to see Izuku so submissive in bed, he hopes they do it again.

“FUCK PLEASE BAKUGOU I WANT TO FEEL SORE ALL WEEK!” And he did Deku was walking around with a limp for a whole week.


He was sitting eating breakfast with the self proclaimed “Bakusquad” when Cammie or otherwise known as Ms.Illusion showed up. She had been on parental leave about four years ago. She had stayed home to take care of her baby for two though. Today she thought it’d be a good idea to bring him to the agency.

The kid had a Deku plush in his tiny little hands, it was adorable. Not that he’d say it out loud. That smug fawn haired woman would just start talking about how he was going soft. He started to tune them out when they started talking about the kids quirk. To his delight Deku has called out to him so they could start their patrol.

He could still hear the “Bakusquad” fawning over the poor kid.


Katsuki was in the empty locker room taking off his gear when the door opened. He knew it wasn’t Deku cause his shift had ended earlier than Katsuki’s on Tuesday’s. He didn’t bother to look up until he heard them speak


Katsuki’s eyes widened, why were they here? He looked to see they had covered their eyes as to cover his current half nakedness. It was endearing, and so cute.

“What do you want?” He croaked he inwardly cringed at how pathetic he sounded. “Aah umm I’m sorry this is so weird but I umm..” they shifted on their feet nervously “C’mon you can do this!” they whisper-yelled under their breath.

Why were they so nervous? What were they doing in the men’s locker room so late after work? He knew their schedule they should be home right now. He’s not a stalker he swears he just heard them talking about it with Dek- SHIT DEKU WAS HE HERE WAS HE AROUND? He was sapped out of his panic when he found his first love nose to nose with him.

When had they gotten so close?

“Bakugou I umm I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest since like 3rd year. I just I never had the courage to till now it’s just it’s been killing me. I-“ there eyes looked up from the floor and into his. They were so big and round and beautiful... Even more so than Deku’s he wasn’t going to think about Deku right now though. They had something to tell him and he was going to damn well listen.

“I just I’ve really liked you but I could never say anything. Well you- you started dating Izuku, and I just I couldn’t bear it anymore.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing were they serious right now? What about Deku, he’ll be waiting at home for him he should’ve been back by now he’ll know.

His worries were washed away when soft lips slammed into his. He didn’t hesitate, he swept them into an embrace. This felt like heaven this felt right this felt good. He wasn’t think about Deku at all this was about right here right now he’ll deal with Deku later... He wanted to enjoy this. Their fingers slid down his muscled chest appreciably. He couldn’t help but preen at their attention.

Katsuki felt his phone ringing though. He stopped what he was doing to see Deku’s contact name on his phone.

“Oh my goodness we shouldn’t be doing this! You have a boyfriend, what was I thinking!”

Katsuki let the phone ring till Deku’s name disappeared. He looks to them “He doesn’t have to know.” He silences his phone then pockets it.

“Now where were we?” He sweeps them into another kiss for a second it seemed they might protest but quickly gave in. Good. He needed this he needed them so fucking badly. He’ll let himself have this one thing this one thing and then he’ll keep them safe forever. He’ll never look at them again he needs to keep them safe, safe from Deku.

They removed their clothes in a tangle of limbs he pictured this moment in a more romantic scene. But this was better than any bedroom sex he’s had with Deku. They’re practically tearing each other apart .He thrusts in, and Kami it feels amazing he feels complete, now they’re connected in the most intimate way. “Oh Kami so big Baku-“

“Call me Kastuki.”

“Oh Kami Katsuki.” They moaned and it sounded like angels singing.

They lay on the floor now, he’s still thrusting desperately into their waiting heat. It feels good this feels so good. “I’m close!” He groans into their ear. “M-me too.” they whimper, they’re so beautiful their eyes shiny with tears their big eyes practically glowing.

“Oh I’m so close Katsuki, say my name!” They practically scream, and well who is he to deny them?

“Oh fuck Ochako!” He groans loudly as he finishes he stuffs his nose to her neck and plays with her beautiful chestnut hair.

And then she speaks “God I didn’t know you were so good at that!” They giggle all light heartedly. “It’s never usually like that when we have sex, Kacchan.”

Katsuki sits up so quick he gets dizzy.



He looks and sees Ochako slowly turn into his boyfriend.


“D-Deku... please don’t please I love her Izuku..”

Izuku only smiles and places a chaste kiss on his lips. He wanted to be repulsed he wanted to hurt him but he couldn’t.

Because katsuki loved two people and Deku was one of them.
Izuku was obnoxiously loud on his phone whoever he was talking to was making him rather excited.

“Okay cya then Ochako-Chan love ya byeee!”

He hung up the phone and walked to the door with a spring in his step. He wore a dark green crop top jacket with black high waisted shorts. Fishnet stockings down his muscled thighs, Kami those thighs. His ugly signature red sneakers completed the look.

“I’m going out to the club with Ochako-Chan, don’t expect me back.” Till later, he would’ve said if he was actually planning on leaving the club like any normal person. The threat was clear, no the statement was clear.

I’m going out to the club with Ochako-Chan don’t expect HER back.

Deku left, he could’ve stopped him but he didn’t. Because Katsuki loves two people and Deku was one of them.


They stood their at the casket when the church doors open. It was Cammie’s kid which he found a bit surprising. He was even more surprised when Deku seemed to recognize him.

“Oh gosh chimi-Chan what are you doing here?” Deku asked feigning a slight sadness.

Kastuki knew it was fake Deku didn’t give a shit about who was in that casket. He put her there.

Breaking News

Pro Hero Uravity gone missing.

The hero was last seen at a club with fellow pro hero Deku when he said she disappeared. The hero hasn’t been seen since—

Deku shut the TV off, turned to Katsuki with a fake sadness.

“I don’t know how I lost her I feel so bad.”

Months later Ochako’s dead body was found and she seemed to be relatively normal. Until they did the biopsy, her organs were completely liquified by a new drug developed in the villain underworld. It was discovered she was still alive when the drug took affect.

The cruel fuck.


The kid chimi? Looked up at Deku with wide eyes the admiration was definitely showing. If only the kid knew... “I came to pay my respects to lady Uravity!” He said cutely but sadly. “She was my second favorite to you Sir Deku!” Deku smiles at that, a real smile. Katsuki loved his real smiles it made him forget Deku was mentally unstable, then again he probably was too.

“Even though your quirk always seemed to hurt you, you never let it stop you! Lady Uravity too she was so inspiring!” He said
a bit shyly. He shuffled his feet a bit nervously “I want to use my quirk for good too! Maybe I can help people find love in life! Or I don’t know make them less lonely!”

Katsuki stills at that, he slowly turns to Deku, but Deku is already looking at him. Katsuki turns to the kid and asks “What’s your quirk anyways kid?”

Chimi turns to Katsuki smiles widely it would’ve been cute if the words that left his mouth weren’t absolutely heartbreaking.

“I can make people look like the object of somebody’s affections. It’s called lovely lie!” The kid finishes proudly he has a smile so wide it looks like it hurts.

“I’m going to use it to help people though! Even if it could be used for bad!”

Oh how ironic, but Katsuki doesn’t say anything...

Deku is the next to speak.

“I’m sure your quirk will help a lot of people some day, I know it helped me!”

And that kid smiled so wide.