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What You Like

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“Moroha! Go greet your cousins!” Kagome called.

“Yes Momma! Is Shippo here yet???”

“Not yet, he and your sister Akemi should be here shortly though,” Kagome informed from the kitchen.

Five years had passed since Moroha’s birth. Kagome’s eyes watered at the thought; she had a five year old. Where had the time gone?

“Hey now,” Inuyasha purred, wrapping his arms around her slightly swollen belly. “Don’t let this fresh batch get to you. You’ll worry our princess on her birthday,” he nuzzled her neck and kissed her cheek to soothe her.

“I just can’t believe she’s five!”

“Neither can I,” he said looking over his shoulder meeting eyes with his brother.

“Kagome!” Rin called from the foyer.

“Good afternoon Rin,” she said, turning with Inuyasha.

“Where would you like the presents to be placed?” Sesshomaru inquired.

“Over there asshat,” Inuyasha pointed to the pile by the fireplace.

“Language,” Kagome hissed.

“What?? She didn’t hear me! She’s too busy playing with Touga,” Inuyasha defended.

“What's an ‘asshat’, Papa?” a small voice from below questioned. Kagome glared at Inuyasha and he laughed nervously. Kagome bent down and picked up their son, Hiroshi, who had just turned three in the winter.

“A bad word. Your father is about to eat soap,” Kagome chided as she looked to Inuyasha.

“Sorry, sorry, it’s a word only grown-ups say,” Inuyasha said, taking his son from Kagome. Unlike Moroha, Hiroshi had black hair and black puppy ears. Moroha was originally jealous when he was born with her daddy’s attributes, but a beautiful white bow that tied her hair back and gave the illusion of ears fixed the issue quickly.

“Oh, ok,” Hiroshi mumbled. “Can I go play with Kirara and Jiro now?”

“Of course, remember what we talked about,” Inuyasha said sternly.

“Ok Papa,” Hiroshi said as Inuyasha put him down. Kagome still gave Inuyasha the look that he was in trouble.

“Don’t even look at me like that, Koibito,” he embraced her breathing on her neck pulling her face into his chest making her shiver with delight and unspoken desire. “There’s too many people around for me to throw you down on the bed.”

“Idiot, I can hear you,” Sesshomaru said, passing through the open kitchen to get Rin a drink. Inuyasha growled and Kagome literally prayed the floor would swallow her whole.

“Wouldn’t be the first or last time you heard something,” Inuyasha countered.

“Once was by far, more than enough, idiot.”

“Rin!!” Kagome called after grabbing the drink from Sesshomaru. “Let’s go outside on the patio!!”

“Lovely idea, Kagome,” Rin accepted her drink and linked arms with her leaving the two dogs demons glowering and arguing with each other. They sank into the long couch and snuggled together and outstretched their legs onto the ottoman.

"Can you believe it's almost been six years?" Rin asked brushing through her locks.

“Mmmmm,” Kagome hummed at the sensation. “It’s crazy. I still can’t believe what an intense first year we had reunited. The next four just went--”

“So smoothly?” Jiro chimed in holding Hiroshi who was pawing to be held by Kagome,

“Yea actually,” Kagome smiled as she sat up, taking her son in her arms. He snuggled between her and Rin.

“Funny how when I first met you and could never imagine you married with kids and now you are a domestic housewife teaching nursing students, have two kids, one on the way, and are married to my uncle. My uncle. The one who said he’d never fall in love again,” Jiro joked.

“Honestly when we first met, I never thought I would have this either. And he technically didn’t lie--he didn’t. He was always in love with me,” she giggled as Kirara jumped to lay on her lap.

“Fate always has different plans, doesn’t it?” Jiro said.

Kagome nodded and stared out to the lake behind their home. Six years ago she was just a nurse who had a very codependent relationship with alcohol and cried on her hallmate’s shoulder daily. Then Inuyasha rescued her from herself, mated with her, whelped her, and married her.

They went through press after press interview, finally getting Yvonne and other cronies to stop asking as Kagome and Yashiko’s story never changed; they were madly in love and to the world, it may had been two weeks since they met and she got pregnant, it may had been four months since they met and married, but to them--their destiny was centuries in the works.

The red string of fate tied them together.

Even after all the craziness with the interviews, Michi was by the far the craziest. Michi was sentenced to death by the council for exposing humans to the knowledge of demons along with treason against the Lord of the West and his family. Her friends now knew her and Inuyasha’s long history and they remained good friends. Hojo moved on finally and married not too long ago and they were expecting their first child. Her friends were all married and had their own children. They had to keep the secret from their spouses and children though; that was the condition the council gave for them to keep their memories.

They agreed as they didn’t want to lose Kagome as their friend.

Inuyasha still worked for his and Sesshomaru’s company. He hadn’t had to travel without her or Moroha since the pandemic thankfully. Akemi watched the kids during the day while they worked. Family dinners were never too far apart. It was some crazy little fairy tale Kagome always dreamt about… and it had come true.

Her mate snuck up on her side with Moroha on his shoulders and sank down on her right as Moroha dropped down from his shoulders to sit on his lap to cuddle her slightly swollen belly.

“Momma, is it gonna be another brother? Or sister?”

“No idea,” she brushed through her daughter's hair as Hiroshi repositioned himself to lay his ear on her belly as well. She was only four months along but they were so invested in the baby it was hard to have kept it a secret from them. It also didn’t help when she entered that second month of pregnancy, they both were asking why she smelled weird.

Inuyasha nuzzled her neck, “Girl.”

“Well, you heard Papa, he hasn’t been wrong yet,” she said annoyed. He laughed and kissed her temple.

“What are you thinking about mate?”

“Mmmmm, how perfect my life turned out to be,” she said turning her face to look into his golden eyes. He leaned forward and captured her lips in a searing kiss. Promises for later. Promises for the days that would come. Promises of everything she would like and more.

“I love you, Kagome,” he purred.

“I love you too, Inuyasha.”