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He had pawpads, and it was absolutely not fair.

Shouta gently pressed down with his thumb, watched claws unsheathe. Soft, pink, big. His fingers were shorter than a baseline human’s, almost stubby. The claws were wide enough to look like nails if you trimmed them down. Shouta poked the center again then massaged the finger pads in turn. There was a huff above.

“Do you want my other hand too?”

Shouta held out his arms and wiggled his fingers. The huff turned to a chuckle, but he got the other hand and kept massaging the pads, watching claws and twitching fur. Muffled, there was tinkling. His tail was wiggling under the sheets. Maybe he just smacked it with his foot. Shouta hoped it was wiggling.

“How was work?”

“Long.” A shuffling, hand pulling away to drift into his hair and scratch. “How was class?”

“Long.” Shouta closed his eyes and leaned into it, leaning on a shoulder. His tail was definitely wiggling. The comforter was warm. “Patrol made it longer.”

“Mm.” Sansa leaned down just enough to move his bangs, gently kissing Shouta’s forehead. They were both smiling. The pads were hot against Shouta’s fingertips. Sansa’s tail wrapped itself round his ankle. Outside, traffic was quieter than the pattering of rain on the window.

“But I’m glad to be home.”