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(our love) it twists and bleeds

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your love is whispered lies,
off-center truths and spider webs
turned fractal madness in your eyes - 
a door ajar, waiting 
on baited breath and anxious heart
                   (my heart in your chest, my love).

your love is twisting lines
that spiral sharp and jagged curl
like jointed fingers, grasping vines - 
a string unseen, pulling
me out of place and in to you 
                    (my place is here in you, my love). 

my love is bones and skin,
a slaughterhouse of bloody meat
that shudders, joyous, at your grin -
an abbatoir, flaying
my chest and baring beating heart
                     (your heart in my cage, my love).

my love is flesh-sweet life,
teeth sharp and gleam-white hungry things
with lapping tongue a caring knife - 
a creature knelt, praying
in charnel house where no bones rest
                      (my marrow in your bones, my love). 


our love is a a twisting maze
of branching nerves and pulsing veins
that echo laughter like a haze -
an unknown path, taking
shark-smiled lovers hand in hand
                         (heart in heart, 
                            flesh in flesh, my love).

our love is a graveyard fete, 
a wedding arch of spiraled bones
and spider eyes like gems all set - 
a pair of beasts, knowing
that flesh and madness love the best
                         (bound with silk and sinew, 
                              I take thee, my love,
                                  my love,
                                       my love).