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The Sleeping Beauty

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“So you are doing the sleeping beauty, huh? Is Kashima going to be the Prince?”
Nozaki prompted the question, readying his pen in case he was asked to write a more modern take on the famous story.

He didn’t know the troubles and tribulations the acting club had been going through this whole time.
The rumour about the play had spread through the whole school, making dozens of girls try for the part of the Sleeping Beauty. The seemingly easy starring role of being a beautiful princess lying in bed seemed tempting, but adding the fact that the handsome school prince Kashima would kiss them on stage caused a riot.

This was a burden for the always busy Drama Club President Hori Masayuki, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make if it meant a cool play staring Kashima fighting a dragon. However, his patience was wearing thin, so was the whole club’s.

“Maybe you should scare some of the girls away? just for one rehearsal, make Kashima play the princess! The heavy role of the prince will make any amateur give up” explained Sakura with a smile on her face. That was it! that was the solution.

He informed the club and the cast about the change of characters and gave them instructions to find a new prince. He had to help Kashima with her costume and makeup, for sure he could rely on the club, right?

“Hori-sempai, should I go with the light blue dress? it’s the only one long enough for me!” That wasn’t a surprise, Kashima’s legs were beautifully long and elegant. Dainty and tempting, Hori was thankful of her beautiful face, because those legs could make him lose his mind in a second. Not that staring at her face was a better option, but at least it was a more decent one.
He had the privilege of holding them, but not in the way he wanted to. He had his fair share of touching and hugging. Hell, he had way more access to her body than any other person, but it has always been in a very strictly platonic and professional way and not in the way some thoughts manifest when he is working late and alone or under his sheets.

“We can choose the dress later” Please, don’t change in front of me “We need to make your hair and makeup first, you know that!” please sit straight and don’t look at me. He was lucky he was an actor, because he could hide what he really wanted to say in the form of some nagging. At least her face and legs wouldn’t be problem for a while, it was hair time.

Silly sempai, the whole time he spend fixing the braids in her extensions, he also spent thinking in her silky soft neck and how much he wanted to kiss, suck and bite it.
He was so busy multitasking his thoughts, work and lust that he didn’t realize how much his hands were affecting his, allegedly, unobtainable kouhai.

They loved each other, almost everyone knew that. Everyone except them. The way Kashima preyed upon Hori’s attention and affection has always been a very innocent game that both played. Entertaining and maddening for everyone involved.

However, Kashima often found herself wanting certain callous hands to reach much further than her knees. They were currently busy with her hair.
It looked amazing, how could her senpai be so good at everything? Doing her hair, doing her makeup… doing her…
She closed her legs and lowered her, very red, face to avoid any sort of evidence of that little naughty thought.

“Hey, don’t lower your head, I haven’t finished!” Hori pulled her hair. Not only was she completely red in the face, she was also very, very turned on.

She was very lucky tho, her senpai was only staring at her hair and neck. She sank her nails in her tights and thought about something ugly.
Hori was ugly, right? he was short and not what you’d call an ikemen like her or Mikoshiba. He wasn’t pretty like one of her girls and he was always pissed off. He had a very ugly face that she didn’t wanna kiss. He also had a very deep voice that she didn’t want right in her ear praising her. She didn’t want to see his face and that was final.

“I finished the hair, let’s do makeup now… why are you so red?” He really was inspecting her closely, huh? Okay, she lied, she wanted that face even nearer. Even smushed to hers.
“It’s summer senpai! I must have forgotten about sunscreen” Was her very quick and animated answer. Thank god she was an actor, at least he bought that cheap trick.

He applied the makeup carefully and diligently. It was his favorite face after all, and the sooner he’d finish, the sooner he’d be far away from her weakening eyes and tempting lips.
He was applying the lipstick when that dreaded question came.
“Who is going to be the prince, senpai?” Shit, he didn’t wanna think about it. They were actors, so the idea of her kissing some other boy shouldn’t bother him. Hell, he was sure she kissed countles girls before. But he didn’t had to see it.
“I’m not sure, someone tall and handsome probably… Mikoshiba would be a good choice if he knew something about acting”
There was some silence and tension as he applied the lipstick maybe a bit too close of her face.

“You are a great actor, senpai...I bet you’d play a magnificent prince” She sounded almost shy. Almost pleading.

“I’d be a very disappointing prince, Kashima… the fans will riot” he excused with a chuckle

“You’d be the best prince! I’ve always wanted to see you act again senpai! Please… even if it’s only for this rehearsal…”
He really couldn’t say no to her. Plus, she was right, it was only a rehearsal. He sighted and accepted. She threw herself at his arms.

They picked the costumes and went separate ways. The club was ecstatic about Hori playing the lead, you could tell they loved him a lot and probably missed his acting skills.

There wasn’t really an audience, it was mostly club members and some selected friends, like Nozaki, who heard about the play, so, of course Mr. romance hunter was in first row with his usual accolades, Mikorin, Sakura and Waka.

Even Seo was around. Was she there because she sang one theme in the play or to torture her favorite boy? They were fighting over some candies, so possible the latter.

The play was fantastic. Hori was such a good actor you’d chose him over any tall hunk for the lead. He moved gracefully and delivered his lines with such raw emotion that you would forget it was the most cliche story ever.

Kashima was a very lucky lady, not only had her wish come true, she also had the best seat in the whole play. The bed in the left side of the stage, where the sleeping princess awaits for her kiss.
She pretended to be asleep, of course, she wasn’t an amateur. But kept an eye almost open the whole time. She wanted not only to enjoy the play, but also, be prepared before the kissing scene. She wanted to be professional and give a good performance, she was going to get a chaste kiss, awake and smile at the prince. The end.

That was the plan, too bad she underestimated the effect Hori’s acting would have on her. She was excited, almost trembling. Her whole body was being a traitor, hell, her whole mind too. She needed the play to be over so she could take a fast and very cold shower and never think about her senpai ever again. She also needed the play to never be over so she could watch Hori act forever.

The play was almost over. The prince had defeated the dragon and was standing by her side. He sat on the bed.

Oh no, he was such a good actor, of course he’d play a very sensual awakening instead of the usual: stand by the bed, only lower your torso, kiss and go home.
No, the bastard was sitting right by her side. Hip touching hip. He put his hand on her cheek and started caressing it with his thumb before lowering his body and going for a kiss.

It was supposed to be a very chaste kiss. Why were both still kissing? Kashima knew why. So did Hori.
They could pretend to be professional actors all they wanted, but when you finally get your, probably only, chance of kissing your forbidden love, you are gonna squeeze the hell out of that chance.

Kashima put her hands on his face and tilted her head. She softly licked his lips, wanting his permission to deepen the kiss. He accepted, kissing her fiercely, making her lose her balance.

She threw her arms around his neck, finally getting a chance to run her fingers through his soft clean hair and considered burning all of his hair wax as a way of protest. It felt too good to ruin it. Speaking of things of things that felt too good. Hori’s chest against her chest was something else. She wanted to feel more of him. She wanted to cling more and kiss more.
Hori might have been able to read her mind, or maybe he was just as desperate as her. The hand he had on her hip, quickly found her way to her thigh. Caressing it, holding it, grabbing it. He thought he was on heaven. He was mistaken. He reached heaven when Kashima put her legs around his hips kissing him further.
Hori was already burning with passion, but seeing her like that and feeling Kashima consumed with the same lust made him lose his mind. He broke the kiss so he could start kissing and biting and sucking on that beautiful neck of hers while he sank his fingers on her tight, holding her still over his lap.
Kashima was holding him for dear life, her arms around his neck, her lips by his ear, panting and moaning and wanting.
She was lucky he was holding her so tightly, because her legs were shaking of pleasure and impatience. Her fingers sinking in his nape with every kiss left on her neck.

“I think we should stop the play here, Hori-senpai?” The voice on the megaphone of the de facto director brought them back to reality.

Some girls were trying to stop the kid with the megaphone, who was red and shaken, so was Mikorin, who was hiding his face between his fingers.

Nozaki was frantically writing in his notepad and Sakura was red in the face, but her eyes were glowing with something.
Waka was basically crying in the arms of Seo. She, on the other hand, was complaining they stopped the play.
The club seemed divided, some were ecstatic, some had the face of a kid walking into their parents doing it.

Okay, they might have forgotten about the world around them, but that was something that usually happened to them, so...
They slowly climbed out of the bed and gave the final bow. Then, between confused claps (and excited applauses from some) ran to the dressing rooms.

Kashima removed her makeup by the mirror and Hori changed clothes behind her. They didn’t say a word to each other. Both were in a hurry for going home and taking a very cold shower.