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Our Family

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Jamie’s POV


Saturday, 21st December 2019


Christ, I canna believe that that’s my wee lass Brianna four weeks old today. It’s been such a quick month.

Claire and Brianna were both discharged from the maternity clinic the day after Brianna was born. Both mother and daughter were doing verra well.

I was able to stay with my girls at the clinic the night Brianna was born. The clinic provided a wee pull out bed for me in Claire’s room. If Claire had of had the bairn in the hospital, I would of had to leave after visitin’ hours and returned the next day.

It wasna my plan to stay the night, but when the wee nurse offered, I couldna refuse. It was hard taken wee Faith back to stay with John and Joe after I brought her to the clinic to see her mam and meet her new sister, but we couldna have Faith stayin’ too. She enjoyed her time with her uncles and their wee lad Willie.

I still canna believe that fuckin’ Stephen Bonnet had the nerve to drop in on Claire the second my back was turned. She handled it well though and I couldna be prouder of her. I still canna believe he handed himself in. Claire had told me what he said. Honestly, I can understand him wantin’ to protect Claire fae that mad bastard Randall, but, he went about it in all the wrong ways. The poor lass was terrified. He was basically stalkin’ her and, as much as she hated Frank for what her did to her over the years, she believes he didna deserve what Bonnet did to him. I canna say much on the matter myself. I didna ken the bloke. I only ken what he did to my Sassenach. I’m glad the bastards dead and canna hurt her anymore. Or Faith. But I dinna think it was Bonnets right to do what he did.

With the new bairn arriving and Claire and I just wantin’ to focus on the four of us, we didna attend court for Bonnets sentencing. Louise and Charlie did and phoned us straight away with the outcome. Stephen Bonnet will be safely locked away from my family for the next ten years. Good riddance if ye ask me. Claire and I dinna talk about the guy now. We have our own little family to focus on. That’s what matters.


Both Claire and I are continuing with our therapy sessions. I attend every Monday evenin’ after work between six and seven. I have also reduced my workin’ hours to try and be more supportive for Claire. I ken we have friends and family to help, but this is our family. Our bairns. We would rather ask their help if and when we really need it. Claire has one of her therapy sessions on a Monday mornin’ from nine till ten, so I usually start work at noon on a Monday and get home after my session just after seven. Claire’s other session is on a Friday at the same time, so I don’t usually start work on a Friday until noon again, and then come home after work around four or five. Claire has her wee mother and baby group on a Wednesday that she goes to with Brianna. They only went for the first time last week and Claire really seemed to enjoy it. And Faith, she’s growin’ up too quick. We managed to get her in to a wee playgroup on a Wednesday and Thursday. The playgroup is only round the corner from the new house which is really handy. She’s only there for three hours a day, but she’s lovin’ it so far. It’s good to have her mixin’ with weans her own age as well.


The plan was to move in to the new house as soon as we left the hospital with the new bairn. Luckily, that’s exactly what happened. A week before the birth, we were worried the house wouldna be ready in time, but thankfully it was. We didna want to take the bairn hame to the house we were living in as there honestly wasna enough room for all of us and all our stuff. PLUS, it’s best to get the bairn in to some sort of routine as quickly as possible. We didna want to unsettle her with movin’ to a new house.

We’ve all settled in quite nicely. Even Faith. The first few nights she kept wakin’ up when she heard the bairn, but she soon got used to it and I dinna ken how, but she’s manages to block out the noise and sleep right through now.

Things are goin’ pretty well. I’ve never been so happy. I never thought I would ever be so happy.

I have a beautiful fiancé and two gorgeous daughters. That’s all I’ll ever need in my life. My wee family.

Now all that’s left to do now is plan the bairns christening. We’re thinking around February/March time.

Claire hasna been to church in quite a wee while. She is catholic like myself, but she basically stopped going to church after she married Frank. I myself go as often as I can. When Claire and I got together and after she finally realised the bairn was hers as much as mine, we began to talk about how we wanted to raise both our children. I explained to Claire that it was important for me to have the bairn christened. Claire was on board, she kens how much my faith means to me. Even if I lost it for a while there.

Claire had went on to explain that Faith hasna been christened. No that I was surprised, I mean, she did say that she hadna been to church since she was married. Even then she married Randall in a registry office in London. I asked Claire the other day, now that Faith’s adoption has been processed and I am now legally Faith Fraser’s father, if we could have Faith baptised as well. I wasna sure how Claire would react to that, but she was verra encouraging. I haven’t gotten around to speaking to Father MacLeod yet, but I hope it won’t be too much of an issue that Claire and I aren’t married yet.

Claire wants to wait a while for the weddin’. She didna want to get married before the bairn came, and then decided she didna want to get married so soon after. As much as I want her as my wife now, I can wait until she’s ready. She seems verra excited to start plannin’ the weddin’ though. Apparently Frank didna give her all that much notice when they were married. This time I am determined that Claire has her dream weddin’. Whatever my Sassenach wants, my Sassenach gets.


Well, it’s only four days till Christmas. Our verra first Christmas altogether as a family. Usually I spend Christmas with Jenny, Ian and the bairns in Edinburgh, or we go up to Lallybroch if we can. This year I have decided to spend our first Christmas in our new home, just the four of us. John, Joe and Willie are coming over on Boxing Day for dinner. Then Claire, the bairns and I are heading up to Lallybroch for hogmanay with Jenny, Ian and the bairns. Mrs Fitz will be there too and Murtagh and Jocasta. I just ken it’s gonna be verra special.

Claire and I have already got the majority of the girls’ Christmas presents, but there is still a couple of wee things left to get. I honestly suspect that Claire forgot to mention such items on purpose just to get Charlie and Louise to watch the bairns whilst she and I spend some quality time together. I canna blame the lass though. It feels like ages since we were alone just us two.

That’s why, when it came to picking Claire’s main Christmas present, I decided to book us a wee night away to a wee cottage in Edinburgh. It looks beautiful. Jenny and Ian have already agreed to take the girls for us. I think Claire will worry about leavin’ them for a night, but it has to happen at some point. We need the chance to reconnect. And, if anything happens and Jenny and Ian need us back, we won’t be too far away.


“Are you ready to go?” Claire asks from the living room as I tie the laces on my trainers.

“Aye, Dinna fash sassenach, I’m coming.”

“Good. The sooner we leave, the sooner we get back.”

“Where all is it ye need to go anyway?”

“We’ll just head over to Braehead. I’m sure I will get everything we need in the shopping centre.”

“I hope so Sassenach cause it’s the Saturday before Christmas, everywhere is gonna be packed.”

“I know. But, it does mean you and I have a little time to ourselves.” Claire walks over to me and wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me as I wrap my arms around her waist.

“That is true. I might even treat ye to a wee bite to eat if we can find somewhere no too crowded.”

“Hmmm, that sounds lovely. Come on, before Bree wakes up and starts crying blue murder and then Faith begs to come with us.” She kisses me again and takes my hand and leads me out the front door to the car.


The shopping centre was busy, but not as busy as I expected. We picked up a couple of things from the Disney store for the lassies Christmas and Claire also spent a good hour browsing round a candle store.

Now it’s time to head home and relax the rest of the day with my girls.

I canna wait to spend our first Christmas together. I ken Brianna wilna remember, but Faith will. And I plan on take as many photographs and videos as possible.