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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Requests Open}

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In hindsight, telling somebody as mysterious as Roro he could do anything he wanted to her wasn't probably the wisest idea Gumi had come up with. Not that she was complaining however, in fact she quite enjoyed the situation she was ended up in. Her body stripped bare, her arms held above her head and tied to the head of the bed, and a spreader bar fastened to her ankles so that her legs were forced apart. It made the sight of the tall, shirtless pinkette staring down at her with hunger in his eyes as he slowly crawled on top of her all the more menacing, like she was prey to a feral animal. It made her feel powerless as the sword spirit pressed his knees into the foot of the bed and crawled on top of her, and she loved every second of it.

"You have no long I've wanted to see you like this..." Roro whispered huskily, his lips hovering dangerously close to the greenette's. The diva's face flushed a deep red as she felt the sword spirit pressing down on her, ensuring that she wasn't going anywhere. The diva closed her eyes and awaited for Roro to kiss her, but he quickly pulled away and dragged himself farther down her body. She could hear the spirit chuckling, her eyes shooting open once she felt something pointy pressing into her stomach. One look down revealed that Roro was rubbing his cheek up against the smaller girl’s belly, looking up at her with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“Having every inch of you all to myself..." The Spirit hummed as he planted a soft kiss on Gumi's stomach, causing her to squirm against her bindings. A sharp gasp escaped her lips as Roro's nails dug into her sides, slowly kneading the bountiful amounts of soft, supple flesh. The diva could feel the heat building up in her loins, the feeling of need growing harder and harder to deny. The spirit growled softly as the licking and kneading devolved into him biting all over the greenette’s stomach, leaving marks to ensure that she knew just who she belonged to now.

The greenette whined and squirmed harder, the bed beginning to creak as her hips began to buck against the pinkette. “V…” Gumi panted softly, her voice coming out weak and breathy, “Stop teasing me.” Her request was met with a harsh smack to the thigh, eliciting a loud yelp from the green haired diva.  The spirit looked up from Gumi’s belly, his eyes narrowing as a low growl escaped his lips, “I didn’t hear a please…” Roro punctuated his statement with another swat to the diva’s thigh.

Gumi bit her lip, letting out a muffled cry of pain and pleasure. God, he was pushing every single button he could, she could feel the pent up, sexual desire that the spirit had inside of him. The diva felt the taller man move away from her belly, hearing the sound of cuffs rattling and the spreader bar being dropped to the floor. "I said...I didn't hear a please!" Roro growled, his nails digging into her thighs as he forced the diva's legs in front of her head. She was face to face with the sword spirit now, her heart beating out of her chest as she can fully see the fire in Roro's eyes. Gumi couldn't take it anymore, she wanted him in needed him inside of her.

"V...p-please fuck me..." The diva whimpered quietly, being rewarded with a grin from the spirit. "Say it louder," Roro commanded, letting go of her legs so he can pull down his boxers. His long, girthy cock springing free from its prison before forcing Gumi's legs behind her head once again, his shaft idly resting against her soaking wet folds, "Say it louder...and I'll let you have it." The diva screwed her eyes shut as the spirit slowly rubbed his penis up and down her needy little muff, she couldn't take it anymore. She wanted him inside of her, no...she needed him inside of her! "For Akari's sake V, just fuck me already!" The diva shouted out, it wasn't the most elegant ways of begging for cock but she didn't care at this point.

Roro smiled and pulled his hips back, letting out a dark chuckle as he licked his lips. "Ask and you'll receive," the sword spirit thrusts his hips forward, fully sheathing his cock into Gumi in one fell swoop. He savored the high pitched squeal came from the greenette, almost immediately starting an unforgiving pace of quick, powerful thrusts. The wet sounds of skin slapping against skin echoed against the bedroom walls, mixing in perfectly with the diva's loud cries and his low grunts. The diva's body jiggled with every thrust, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as the moans of Roro's nickname turned into incoherent moans and squeals.

Her pussy clenched down on the sword spirit's cock, squeezing his shaft like a snake coiling around a mouse. She could feel her orgasm drawing closer and closer, his cock throbbing deep inside of her as he nailed into her G-spot with each insertion. "Ngh...Gumi, I'm gonna cum...g-gonna fill you up so good!" Roro snarled, burying his face into the crook of the diva's neck and groaning into it. With one final thrust, the spirit unloaded a thick, white hot load into the diva. Gumi's eyes rolling into the back of her head as she lets out one final scream of pure bliss, her body going slack as pumped her full of his seed. 

The pinkette let go of Gumi's thighs and carefully pulled his cock out of her pussy, smiling to himself as he watched his cock leaking out of the diva at a steady rate. The two of them were panting heavily as the spirit slipped out of bed, untying the greenette's writs as they drop down to her sides. "H-Holy shit V..." Gumi whispered weakly, rolling to her side to make eye-contact with the man who just roughly fucked her into the mattress minutes ago, "That was perfect~" Roro pulled his boxers back up as he laid beside her, a much less sinister smile resting on his face as he did so. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I would've done more to you if we were at my place," The sword spirit chuckled, running his fingers through the diva's hair.

"You need anything by the way? Maybe a water or some powder?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. The greenette purred softly as her hair was played with, closing her eyes and spoke in a tiny sigh, "Do you think you could run a bath for me?" Roro nodded and moved back, pushing himself off the bed and heading towards the bathroom. "Of course, you just stay right there and I'll get that ready for you," The sword spirit quickly added, "You want bath bombs in it too?" Gumi perked up with an adorable smile on her face, letting out a cute hum of confirmation. As the pinkette snickered and retreated in to the bathroom, the diva began to think to herself.

Perhaps next time, she could take her teasing to the next level. Maybe next time she could take it to Roro's house to see just how wild he could get. Whatever decision she'd make, she knew that her and Roro were going to get along just fine~.