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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Requests Open}

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I just wanted to address some things regarding the lack of updates on Gumi Gets WRECEKD as well as some general announcements.


Now the infrequent updates haven't been much of a problem as it was usually because I was either procrastinating, focusing on school, or overthinking the best way to illustrate the prompts. But as the months went on, things for all of us in the world got worse and worse and it's gotten harder for me to stay positive. As such, my creative morale has been at an all time low and working on Gumi Gets Wrecked began to be more stressful as a I've been taking an actual break from this story to de-stress and hopefully get myself back on track. 

I'm now in a better state of mind and I'll be back to whipping up spicy Gumi-centric content. However, request will be closed for the time being so apologies to anyone who was hoping to post a request, right now I want to get the rest of the requests I currently have done as well as some other stories I've had planned on the side (I recently played Helltaker and absolutely need to lewd it). 

Also, I'll finally give you more information on the Ten-Faced Story that was teased back in chapter 6. Ten-Faced is going to be the pilot chapter of a pseudo sequel called Gumi Gets WRECEKD (By Herself). The story itself will be 6 chapters of our precious lil' bean being fucked by alternate versions of herself (Evillious, Panda Hero, that sort of thing.) Think of it like The Ringed City DLC of GGW, except you don't have to pay for it and there isn't a dude with a machine gun crossbow coming to kick your ass.

Thank you for your patience and remember to stay safe, stay strong, and most importantly...stay horny.