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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Requests Open}

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Gumi had always considered herself as a fairly religious girl. She didn’t follow everything the bible told her to do but she prayed every night before bed so it balanced out. However, when she walked in on her girlfriend working out for the first time, she was about ready to convert and start worshipping at the altar of abs! She was face to face with god, a bigger, way hotter god named Lily Masuda!

The rockstar stood in the far back of the studio’s gym completely naked, her “Bullet Club” T-shirt and light blue jeans scattered across the gym mats with no signs of underwear. Hoisted over her broad shoulders was a large barbell weighing around 300 pounds, and here she was carrying it on her like an empty backpack. With every successful squat, sweat flung off of Lily’s golden locks as she let out a low grunt of exertion. Such a feat of strength was already making the green haired cutie’s heart beat wildly, but her eyes were more drawn to the body of her lover than anything else.

Lily was huge , built in a way that would make the average bodybuilder proud. Her well defined arms were flexed as she held the barbell over her head, the veins feintly bulging as they strained. Her stomach creased to further expose her shredded 6-pack abs, drenched in sweat like the rest of her body. And the legs, dear god her legs! Her thighs were built like two slabs of concrete and her calves were just as bulky. The bright lights of the gym shined off of the blonde’s sweaty muscles which made her powerful body look even more intimidating, like Gumi was witnessing the second coming of christ.

The blonde looked so much different given her position, the way her muscles bulged out gave her an almost hulking physique. God, it made the much smaller Gumi want to faint. Her breath was slow and ragged as she just stood there, watching her lover work her body to its absolute limit. The green haired cutie pressed her thighs together to try and ease the tension now building up in her loins, her vision growing blurry as if she was in a lust-filled haze. She swore she could feel a wet patch start to form in the fabric of her lime green shorts, slowly approaching the blonde to get a closer look without a second thought. 

Every grunt from her lover and the clicks of metal were like music to her ears. Gumi's breathing turned into frantic, horny panting as the sweet smell of musk began to invade her nostrils, the way her muscles twitched under the weight of the bar made her heart skip a beat. The shorter girl caught a glimpse of Lily's face when she finally stopped walking, sharp and feminine in a way that complimented her body perfectly. Judging from her calm, determined expression, it was clear that the rockstar was paying her no mind. Her focus was solely on the work-out, everything else was tuned out.

As she continued to stare, dirty thoughts began to fill the nasty little crevice that was Gumi's mind. Oh, the things she'd do to have her face buried in those abs, or have those thick thighs wrapped around her head. Maybe if she was lucky, Lily would wrestle her to the ground and pin her with those strong arms, tear off her panties and just finger the daylights out of her sobbing, wet, cu-

“See somethin’ ya like Dollface~?”

Gumi let out a loud yelp, going as stiff as a board as Lily’s smooth, masculine voice broke the shortstack out of her trance. The barbell had been discarded, resting behind the blonde's feet as she towered over Gumi's shorter, chubbier frame. The green haired diva cleared her throat, nervously looking up at her lover as she tugged at the collar of her orange dress shirt. "H-Hey Lily...I didn't notice you'd be here," she lied, "W-What a coincidence!" The rock star only let out a soft chuckle, folding her arms and lifting a brow as her smirk grew wider. “I never thought of you bein’ a voyeur,” Lily teased, taking one step forward which made the smaller girl yelp and jerk backwards, "I expected better from you babe~." The diva’s face was as red as a tomato now, her legs quivering underneath her as she stared into Lily's bright blue eyes.

"I-I can explain," Gumi whimpered as she pulled the collar of her shirt over her mouth, trying to avert her gaze from the amazon in front of her. Lily tilted her head to side and hummed softly, her eyes narrowing like a priest looking down upon a sinner, “Oh really? Do tell, I’d love to hear ya try an’ explain this one~.” The green haired diva swallowed thickly, shivering in a mix of fear and arousal as the rock star stared into her very soul, “L-.Luka wanted me to remind you about our meeting tomorrow, a-about the Nico Nico Party event.” Gumi’s voice was as shaky as her breath, struggling to keep her eyes off of those rippling abs as she lies through her teeth. “Oh really? Last time I checked, Luka didn’t trust you with givin’ out reminders to the other ‘loids,” Lily asked, throwing a wrench into Gumi’s plan with ease, “Are you sure ya didn't just come here t' watch me pumpin' Iron~?"

The diva shrunk further into her shirt, the tension was driving her insane! Lily could sense that it was getting to her too, finally taking a few steps back to leave a gap between them. "Aight, I'll take your word for it," she said in an almost casual tone as she stretched out her back, making Gumi pull her head out of her shirt and let out a loud sigh of relief. "...Though you're not gettin' off that easily, I still gotta punish ya for spyin' on me~."

"Yes my goddess, punish me like the little sinner I am. Make me feel unworthy to walk the same soil as you~!" Gumi screamed internally as a lustful shudder racked her body, swallowing thickly and instinctively dropping to her knees. She couldn't begin to comprehend what was happening to her, she's seen Lily naked before but seeing her like this? It felt like their first time all over again. Lily grinned from ear to ear as she watched the green slut kneel in front of her, taking a seat up against the wall and curling her finger towards the smaller girl. "C'mere kitten~"

The diva let out a shaky breath as she placed her hands on the mats, slowly crawling over to the beautiful deity like the dog she was. The musky scent of her lover grew stronger as Gumi's head found its place between Lily's large, meaty thighs, gently gripping onto them as she looked up at her new savior like a lost animal. The rock star reached down to firmly grasp a hand full of Gumi's emerald locks, slowly guiding her head up to her 6 pack. "Y'know...all that liftin' left my body pretty tense, you wouldn't mind loosening it up for me...would ya~?"

Oh my god, this is actually happening! Ever so slowly, Gumi submissively stuck out her tongue and hesitantly dragged it up the valley of abdominals, the bittersweet taste of sweat dancing along her pallet. She was instantly hooked on the taste, letting out a high pitched whine as she began to swirl her tongue around the bricks lining Lily's stomach. The rock star's tight grip on the diva’s hair loosened up as she sighed blissfully, resting her big, strong hand on the back of her girlfriend's head.

"That's it babe, I'm feelin' better already," The blonde praised, gently running her fingers through Gumi's emerald locks as she watched the little slut work her magic. The diva dug her nails into the tender flesh of Lily's thighs as her licks became more frantic, her eyes completely glossed over like she was being hypnotized. This was her heaven now, her church, her cathedral! She couldn't think of a fate more fitting of a  whore like her, forever made to worship the body of her savior, her superior. Gumi's pussy burned with need, her juices running down her pillowy thighs. But she refused to finger herself, believing that her lover's pleasure was more important now. 

Lily snickered and pulled the green haired away from her stomach to get a good look at her. Gumi was panting heavily with her tongue sticking out, her eyes partly opened with hearts in them as drool leaked from her bottom lip. The blonde felt a strong sense of pride, knowing that few other girls could ever mold Gumi into slut the way she could. Slowly, she extended one of her arms and brought it into a hard flex, her bicep rising before the whore's mortal eyes. "Make sure t' give the arms some love, Kitten," the rock star whispered huskily, sounding almost demanding in a way. The diva shuddered as she let go of Lily's thighs, shifting her position so the diva was face to face with the blonde's bulging bicep. Gumi needed no further motivation, practically lunging towards it as she began to pepper the muscle with light kisses.

"There we go, good girl," Lily purred, a soft shiver running up her spine as the diva's soft lips pressed against her arm, "You must really like big muscles huh~?" Gumi could only moan in response, giving the blonde's bicep a long, sloppy lick. The rock star chuckled in response, "So you're a voyuer and a lil' muscle slut? Interesting~." The green haired whore pulled away from Lily's bicep after one final sloppy kiss, staring the blonde dead in the eyes as she uttered her first coherent sentence since they began, "When we get home…I want you to fuck me until I can barely walk…"

The blonde licked her lips at the diva's request, relaxing her arm and placing it back to her sides. "You've read my mind babe," Lily's hummed, reaching over to give Gumi's bubble butt a firm squeeze, "I'm gonna make your soul bleed when we get back…" The promise made the diva whimper in delight before she was unceremoniously nudged off of the rock star, leaving the shorter girl a lovey-dovey pile of mush as the blonde went to retrieve her clothes. “I’ll see ya later, sweet cheeks,” Lily laughed a little to herself as she exited the gym, in the process of throwing on her clothes as she did so.

Gumi thought to herself as Lily disappeared from her view, idly licking up the small puddles of sweat on the gym mats, “If this is what heaven feels like, then I’ll welcome the angels with open arms.”