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Gumi Gets WRECKED {Cancelled}

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Gakupo had a nice dick, a fact that not many people knew about him. Usually most Vocaloids would just turn and flee after looking at him, seeing him as nothing more than a weird pervert in a yukata. However, Gumi wasn't most Vocaloids; she found the self-proclaimed samurai endearing enough to hook up with him after being won over by his shenanigans at the Vocaloid Melody Concerts. More importantly, the diva found him endearing enough to have sex with. Whether it was in the comfort of their bedroom or trying to do it in a park shower room, the two lovebirds found any opportunity they could to fuck and fuck hard. 

Tonight was no exception. The couple had gotten home from a party in honor of some V4 newcomers, both incredibly inebriated and desperate for the other's touch. They wasted no time as Gakupo sat on the edge of the living room couch, locked in a passionate kiss with his lover who was currently straddling his waist. His top had already been discarded and slumped over the couch's armrest, leaving him in just a slim pair of camo print cargo pants which struggled to contain the samurai's growing erection. On the other hand, Gumi was practically nude, dressed in nothing but her lime green bra as she eagerly rubbed her bare pussy into the older man's crotch. The diva's perky, sensitive breasts pressed  up against Gakupo's toned chest, making the small girl mewl as she eagerly swirled her tongue around the samurai's own.

Eventually the diva pulled away from the kiss, connected by a thin strand of saliva as she stared into Gakupo's lovely purple eyes. The smell of whiskey invaded both of their nostrils, driving the couple to want each other even more. "Hold still for me babe," The diva slurred as she scooted off of Gakupo's crotch, bending down to reach for the belt of his cargo pants, "I wanna take the reins on this one tonight." The samurai only chuckled in response, putting his arms behind his back as he watched the green haired girl clumsily undo his belt. "Be my guest, Megumi-Chan," he purred, his voice as smooth as butter despite his drunken state. 

Gumi licked her lips as the belt came undone in her hands with a soft click, eagerly yanking down Gakupo's pants and letting the samurai's throbbing cock spring free. And what a beautiful cock it was, standing at a proud nine inches and lined with visible veins. Both his cock and the tight set of balls dangling underneath it were a slightly darker color than the rest of his pale skin, a small tuft of purple pubes awaiting her at the end of the shaft. Normally Gumi would've already been sucking such a magnificent cock with reckless abandon, but tonight the diva had other plans. 

The small girl planted a quick kiss to the tip of Gakupo’s cock before looking up at him, "Did you bring the lube this time?" Gakupo smiled warmly and reached for the bottle of lube on the night stand behind him, “You mean the bottle of lube you stole from Mew’s bedroom? Of course I did.” Gumi giggled mischievously in response, watching the samurai pop open the bottle and pour the contents onto his cock. “You enjoying the view down there Megumi,” Gakupo teased as he began to slowly lather the lube all over his cock, looking down to see his lover’s sultry gaze. With a satisfying popping sound, Gakupo closed the bottle and put it away before putting his arms back behind his back.

With his cock now properly slicked up, Gumi climbed back onto the samurai’s lap and hoisted his penis in between her soft, plump asscheeks. "Try to keep up with me big boy," The diva whispered huskily as she hooked an arm around Gakupo's shoulder, idly gliding her hand through strands of his violet hair. "When have I not been able to keep up," the samurai hummed in response, staying still and letting out a little grunt as Gumi began to rub her ass up against his shaft. The green haired diva let out a low purr as she raised her hips, positioning the tip against the tight pucker of her asshole.

Gumi grabbed ahold of his ponytail with her one hand and tugged on it hard, slamming her hips down onto Gakupo's throbbing cock at the same time. The move elicited a loud, surprised moan from her boyfriend, a sound that the diva took great pride in hearing. Gumi bit her lip as she started to pump her hips furiously against the samurai's, grunting in his ear with every thrust. "G-Gumi," Gakupo whined, feeling the diva's grip on his hair growing tighter as she rode him like a mechanical bull, "My," "O-Oh, did I find Kamui's sweet spot," The diva hissed blissfully, harshly pulling down the purple haired boy's hair again. 

Gakupo groaned and dug his nails into the couch cushions, feeling his cock throb deep inside of Gumi's ass with every tug of his hair. "No, please don't cum yet," Gumi begged as she rocked her hips, his throbbing cock still inside of her, "J-Just a little more, please~!" The living room was filled with the wet slapping of flesh and loud, passionate moans and grunts from both parties and neither Vocaloid felt like they could hold out for much longer. "Megumi-Chan, I'm gonna…," Gakupo tried to warn her but was cut off by one final thrust from the horny diva, causing him to cry out in bliss as he reached his climax. 

Gumi let go of the samurai's ponytail and threw her head back, sticking out her tongue and squealing as his warm load pumped into her rectum. She could feel Gakupo shivering against her as he came, tongue hanging out of her mouth as she clung to him like a sloth to a tree. After what felt like hours, the samurai's orgasm finally ceased and Gumi could feel his cock soften inside her. "Oh...fuck...yeah," The diva panted as she slowly pulled herself off of Gakupo's spent dick. She sighed happily as she rested her head against the samurai's well defined pecs, some of his cum still leaking from her ass. 

The purple haired man finally took his arms out from behind his back, wrapping them around his lover's waist. "Note to self, keep you away from the alcohol," the samurai chuckled breathlessly, slowly running his hands up and down Gumi's back. "Don't act like you didn't enjoy that," the diva protested with a pout, "If I knew pulling your hair made you a quickshot, I would've done it earlier!" Gakupo rolled his eyes before giving the diva a gentle kiss on the forehead, "Yeah Yeah, let's just get some rest okay?" Gumi only sighed in response, placing her hands on his stomach and yawning.

The two shared an "I love you" before blacking out on the couch; none of the other Internet Co. LTD members questioned how they got there or why they were naked.