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A/N: I'm challenging myself to post something every day to help relieve stress and boredom to those who're under quarantine or stuck at home from school and the like. Everyone please stay safe during this Coronavirus fiasco, okay? So here's today's update/upload! :) Thank you all for being amazing!!

Aizawa Shouta was many things—a teacher, a husband, a son, a friend, a hero. But one thing he was not was tolerant of bullying. When he’d heard from Chiyo (Recovery Girl) that one of his students sent another student to the medical wing of U.A. covered in burns, he went straight to Nezu for the whole story. Even if the principal hadn’t been there, he always seemed to know what was going on.

From there, he and Nezu went over the footage from the fight. With audio. It became fairly obvious that the two boys had a history together that wasn’t pretty, and from the fear Midoriya exhibited it became obvious what that history was.

Bakugo Katsuki had bullied Midoriya Izuku. It was obvious to Shouta, who’d been bullied often in his youth. The way the green haired kid flinched at the explosions, and shrunk back at the look of the blond. His apprehension even in the classroom whenever Bakugo was called upon, like he expected to suddenly be attacked.

But that begged the question of why. Midoriya had a very powerful Quirk, even if he couldn’t use it without breaking bones. In this world, a Quirk like Midoriya’s… The kid should’ve been brought up with his ego inflated. He should’ve been told all his life how he’d make the perfect hero. He should’ve walked into U.A. like he owned the place, oozing confidence and arrogance like Bakugo.

So why didn’t he? Why did Midoriya act like a bullied child? Why did he have painfully low confidence and a shattered self-image? Shouta could tell at a glance that this kid was far too timid to become a hero. Until he threw that ball and had the gall to talk back to him. In that moment, Shouta saw a backbone in the kid, and realized that he could be changed.

Still… He’d been planning to observe him and keep him away from Bakugo as much as he was able to. If Shouta could bring up the kid’s confidence enough, then he should be fine.

Seeing the video and watching the two of them fight… Why did Bakugo act like Midoriya withheld something important from him? Something wasn’t adding up, here. This was…

Shouta felt hot anger well up in him as Bakugo used the gauntlet. That attack was lethal. Midoriya barely dodged out of the way in time, and scarcely avoided getting fried.

And when he went to use it again? Oh, that was just about all Shouta needed to see. Bakugo was going to get in big trouble for this, he’d make sure of it. That ego needed to be culled and fast. Before he crossed the line from hero to unwitting villain.

Though he was disappointed that Midoriya broke his arm—again—in that kind of high-emotion situation, he supposed he could cut the kid some slack. He also tanked that shot from Bakugo, and while it was stupid, he did keep damage to one location. And maybe he was a little impressed with the kid’s ability to take damage.

But that still made him worry, cause Midoriya hardly flinched at the massive burn on his arm caused by the explosion.

“Well, Aizawa? What do you think?”

“I think I need to have a talk with Bakugo about his behavior today.” Shouta sighed. He really wasn’t paid enough to put up with all this shit. “Send me the rest of the videos and I’ll review them later.”

“Very well. Have fun~”

He waved his hand in farewell as he trudged out the doors. Ugh. Why did teachers have to work off the clock, too? It wasn’t fair. He peeked into the classroom to find most of his students still socializing, but found no trace of either problem child. What a pain.

He glanced out the window to see Bakugo heading towards the gates. Well, that’s one of them, at least. He sighed as he made his way outside. He was just rounding the corner when Midoriya’s voice reached his ears.

“There’s one thing I feel like I have to tell you.” Midoriya sounded hesitant, like he wasn’t sure if he should say it or not, and Shouta found himself frozen—partially out of curiosity and partially out of some gut instinct that told him that whatever Midoriya had to say was important.

“My Quirk is something I received from someone else.”

Shouta reeled back in surprise. What?! A Quirk that can be passed down?! Impossible! But… In this world that they lived in, was anything really impossible anymore? He had a student that could nullify physics for goodness sake. He listened a little closer.

“Huh?” Bakugo turned back towards Midoriya with a glare.

“I can’t say who I got it from, though!” Midoriya quickly stated, before getting a determined gleam in his eye. “I won’t say… But it’s like a story out of a comic book, except it’s true. On top of that, I still can’t control it properly. It’s just a borrowed power that I haven’t made my own yet.”

Shouta’s brain was working on overdrive as it processed this information. It would make sense. If Midoriya only recently got this Quirk from someone else, then his body would still be adjusting… it would explain why he has no control… He doesn’t seem like the kind of kid to slack off… this would make so much more sense…

“That’s why…” Midoriya continued. “…I tried to beat you without using it. But in the end, I couldn’t win and had to rely on it. I’ve still got a long way to go. That’s why… That’s why one day… I will make this Quirk my own and beat you with my own power!” He finally looked up at the blond, who was fuming in rage. For a moment, Midoriya held Bakugo’s gaze before a shiver of fear ran down his spine and Shouta watched as he folded in on himself.

Definitely looks like a case of some kind of deep-seated fear or trauma.

“What the hell is that?” Bakugo growled. “‘Borrowed power’? You’re talking nonsense. What’re you trying to do, make me out to be more of a fool than you already have? Huh?” He looked down as his bangs shadowed his eyes. “What’re you trying to say? Today, I lost to you…”

Shouta blinked in surprise. He knew this boy had a lot of pride and admitting that he’d lost to someone he saw as inferior was something that the underground hero hadn’t expected. Perhaps there’s still hope for this one.

“That’s all it was.” Bakugo’s shoulders shook as he glared at the ground. “That’s all… As I watched the ice guy, I thought ‘I can’t beat him!’” He clenched his fists. “Damnit! I ended up agreeing with what that ponytail girl said!” He covered his face as is body trembled. “Damnit! Damnit! DAMNIT!” He screamed, thrusting his palms towards the ground like he was going to use his Quirk, but not a single spark lit.

Shouta watched enraptured. This was a side of his student he’d never seen before. A glimpse into who these two really were.

“Hey, you too, Deku!” Bakugo raised his gaze and Shouta realized abruptly that he was crying. “I’m just… I’m just getting started! You hear?! Here I will become NUMBER ONE!” With that, Bakugo turned away and started to leave. “You won’t beat me again, you bastard.”

After a moment, Midoriya’s shoulders slumped. He looked far too relieved for someone who had only just had a conversation. Again. Possible past trauma between the two. Goddamnit, why do I always get stuck with the problem children?

“There he is!” All Might’s voice cried out as he dashed over to Bakugo. Shouta listened with only half an ear as the oaf tried to make the blond feel better, only to realize that the kid had already gotten over what had happened.

Shouta mulled over the earlier revelation of Midoriya’s Quirk. Originally, he’d assumed that Midoriya was a kid with a powerful Quirk that never bothered to learn how to control his power. He’d groaned when he saw Nezu had placed him in his class, because that meant he’d need to work with an unmotivated slacker who expected the world to be handed to him on a silver platter. He’d had students like that before.

But then he saw how hard the kid was trying in the Quirk Assessment, and it puzzled him. Perhaps the threat of expulsion had simply motivated him to try harder? But there’d been something more… he could tell. That wasn’t motivation—that was desperation. A fine difference that only confused Shouta all the more.

And then he’d pulled out that one-finger trick that had obviously been something he’d thought up on the fly and it threw all of Shouta’s preconceptions out the window. He realized that, for some reason, it wasn’t that the kid wasn’t motivated… he just had no idea how to control his power.

And just from a single day of classes (most of which Shouta secretly watched to get a better read on his new students) he realized that Midoriya was insanely motivated. He worked far harder than the other students seemed to, and appeared to expect the worst from everyone around him. He didn’t seem to expect help from the teachers or fellow students, which was strange and concerning, and he jumped at every little movement towards him, as if expecting to be hit or reprimanded. This utterly confused Shouta, because Midoriya actually scored quite well on the written entrance exam… was he bullied for good grades? But… no, his Middle School grades—while above average—weren’t anywhere close to his proctored exam.

But if he’d only just recently gotten a Quirk, then it’s possible that he had been bullied for whatever his Quirk was before (something weak, perhaps?). He could’ve dulled his grades to avoid unwanted attention and only really applied himself for the U.A. Exams.

“Midoriya-shounen!” All Might’s voice broke Shouta out of his thoughts as the blond turned to the green haired student after Bakugo had left. “What were you talking about with Bakugo-shounen?”

Shouta decided that this would be a good time to make his presence known.

“Midoriya.” Shouta said as he stepped out from behind the corner, making the two startle. That’s interesting.

“A-Aizawa-kun!” All Might greeted, looking nervously around.

“S-sensei?” Midoriya’s eyes went wide. “Wh-what’re you doing here?”

“Well, I originally came to reprimand Bakugo for that stunt he pulled today.” Shouta leaned casually against the wall. “But I’d be very interested in hearing more about this ‘borrowed Quirk’ you mentioned.” The two stiffened. So whatever was going on, All Might obviously knew about it.

“I can’t say who I got it from, though! I won’t say...” Shouta recalled what Midoriya had said. The puzzle started to click into place, and he felt his eyes widening in horrified realization.

  1. Midoriya’s Quirk was far overpowered.
  2. Once you looked past him breaking bones, it was incredibly similar to All Might’s Quirk.
  3. All Might obviously knew about this whole ‘borrowed Quirk’ thing, and wanted it to stay quiet.
  4. All Might’s era was coming to an end, as the man could only hold his hero form for 3 hours, now.
  5. He had an odd favoritism for Midoriya, despite it only being two days into the school year.

Everything added up into only one plausible answer—even if it seemed like an incredible stretch.

“You have All Might’s Quirk.” Shouta watched the two briefly freak out, confirming his theory. No matter how outlandish it sounded, somehow it was true. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I-I can explain!” Midoriya tried to recover.

“L-let’s talk about this in private.” All Might looked around nervously. Shouta understood why—if word about this got out, it could cause so many problems.

Dear God, I’m raising a mini-might. The world is crumbling beneath my boots. Someone save me from all the migraines I’m going to have this year. Shouta silently pleaded as he led the two to a private office.

“Please. Explain.”


“And don’t lie to me, this time.”

All Might deflated, startling Shouta a bit. He’d never get used to seeing the Number One Hero so… frail.

“My Quirk is called One For All.”

“A-All Might!” Midoriya blinked in shock.

“There’s nothing to do about it, Shounen.” He sighed as the child came to sit next to the blond. “It’s a stockpiling Quirk that gets stronger every time it’s passed down to the next user. I was the eighth holder of One For All. Midoriya is the ninth.”

“And how long have you had this Quirk?” Shouta asked the boy.

“I… erm… I received and used it for the first time at the Entrance Exams.” Shouta jolted a little.

“You mean that today was only the third time you’ve used this Quirk?”

“Er… yes? Please don’t kick me out, I’vebeendreamingofgoingtoUAsinceIwasakidandIstilltechnicallypassedtheentranceexamsevenifmyQuirkisn’treallymineand—”

“Kid. Relax. You’re not expelled.”

“I-I’m not?!”

“No. This just changes things a bit.” Shouta sighed. “God, I need a drink.” He muttered under his breath. “Since your Quirk is so new, we’re going to need to take some extra precautions. Extra after-school training to make sure you stop breaking bones. Everyone else has had years to get used to their Quirks, and you’ve hardly had two months. We need to fix that.”

“P-please, Aizawa. You can’t tell anyone about this.” All Might nervously chimed in.

“Who knows?”

“Nezu, Recovery Girl, Midoriya, and Naomasa.”

“Detective Tsukauchi?” Shouta raised an eyebrow in surprise. He knew the man fairly well—the detective tended to work at nights, when Shouta was on shift.

“Naomasa is my best friend. He knows.”

“Right. Nezu knows, which makes things infinitely easier.” Shouta nodded to himself. “First thing’s first. Midoriya, tomorrow morning I want you to come into school two hours early. We’ll get you healed up and start your remedial lessons then. You’ll have morning and afternoon training—both before and after school. I’ll write up a regimen for you tonight. All things considered, you’ve been doing extremely well in classes. Had I known you were unfamiliar with your Quirk, I would’ve taken that into consideration during the Quirk Assessment. I apologize for what I said to you, then.”

The boy looked up at him in surprise.

“That aside, I still need to know. What’s your original Quirk?”

The kid stiffened and shrunk in on himself. Shouta’s suspicion of Midoriya being bullied for his Quirk going up was looking uncomfortably accurate. And if he was only fifteen or so when he finally did get this Quirk…

“I didn’t have one, sir. I… I-I’m Quirkless.” Midoriya’s voice was almost too quiet for him to hear, but Shouta had excellent hearing (despite living with Hizashi).

Well, shit. That explained everything. The kid’s lack of confidence, his timid nature, why he hated being singled out, no trust in adults or teachers, fear of interacting with kids his own age, Bakugo’s treatment of him…


Because in this backwards society of theirs, Quirkless was about the worst title you could be saddled with. To some, it meant you weren’t even human. They were invisible to most laws, meaning that they weren’t protected by them, and a great deal of the Quirkless youth ended up dead before they even made it to High School.

He’d be damned if Midoriya added to that number.

Midoriya shrunk in on himself, and Shouta realized belatedly that he never replied. “Then we’ll just have to start from Square One.”

“Y-you aren’t…?” Shouta knew what the kid was going to say. Disgusted. Angered. Ashamed. Words that were typically associated with Quirkless people.

“You’re my student, Midoriya. And one day, you’ll become a hero. It’s my job to prepare you for that path.” The kid’s eyes brightened considerably as he looked into Shouta’s searching for something.

“You… really mean that?”

“Of course I do, Problem Child. You’ll have a lot more work than anyone else, and I won’t coddle you. Your Quirkless status—former or not—does not affect the way I see you.” A moment later, the boy was hugging him, sobbing thanks and gratitude. Shouta was not used to comforting distraught children, but awkwardly wrapped an arm around the boy regardless. His other hand gently petted the kid’s head, which seemed to comfort him.

All Might was grinning at Shouta, who shot him a glare over the boy’s head. Damnit, you’re enjoying this. This year is going to be such a headache. A few moments later, the kid pulled away.

“Arigatou, sensei.”

“Anytime, Problem Child.” Shouta ruffled his hair without thinking about it, and the kid grinned.

Maybe this year wouldn’t be all that bad, after all.