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The Walking Dead; Legendary Defenders

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“Do you really have to go?” Katie whined, standing outside the house with Matt unknowingly for the last time.


“I’m afraid so, Katie. It isn’t every day where a legitimate cure for 99% of diseases is found! We gotta be there to help support our fellow scientists, and maybe I’ll finally get rid of my diabetes.” Matt joked as he gave Pidge an amused smile, but she simply just looked down at her shoes.


“It just sounds... too perfect. What if it does something to you?”


Matt’s expression softened as he knelt down and took Katie’s hands in his, making her look at him.


“I’ve had that fear too, but they’ve sent us all of their research articles and experiments, they’ve done everything right. They’ve really done it.”


Matt got up, taking off his glasses in the process and handing them to Katie.


“Here, to remember me by.”


“Don’t you need them?”


Matt laughed, ruffling his sister’s long, strawberry blonde hair.


“Not after I recieve my DEA-47 dosage. I’ll have clear vision in no time.”


Katie smiled, feeling tears begin to prick her eyes. So in fear of her brother seeing her cry, she immediately wrapped her arms around him, a silent sob occasionally wracking her body. Matt, surprised by the unusal gesture, took a little while to wrap his arms around Katie, but he held her as tightly as she was holding him.


“I love you Katie.”






“You’ve earned the right to call me Pidge.” Pidge sniffled as she let go of Matt, giving him a weary smile. “Come home safely, dork.”


Matt reciprocated, slowly walking away backwards. “Will do, Pidge.”


“Please, watch Matt.” Katie’s mother begged her father. She clung onto him tightly, as their foreheads touched. “I don’t want him abducted, or swindled, or killed-“


“Colleen, come on, he’s grown, he’ll be as sharp as chedder out there.” He lightly pecked her forehead, cupping her face within his hands. “I should be asking you to keep Katie safe.”


Colleen smiled, closing her eyes as she leaned into his touch.


“I will.”



It had been at least two weeks, and Pidge was worried. She hadn’t heard from her brother in a while. She knew that while in the labs and such they weren’t allowed to have any outside technology, but she knew he wasn’t there all the time.


She was sprawled out on her bed, eyes closed as she listened to some music to help clear her head. Bae Bae was resting next to her, tongue lolling out of her mouth casually.


“KATIE! COME DOWNSTAIRS NOW!” Pidge immediately sprung up. At first she thought she was in trouble, but the scream sounded more of in fear than in anger. Nevertheless, Pidge scrambled down the stairs to the living room, with Bae Bae in tow behind her. As she got to the living room, she was met with her mom’s face, frozen in horror.


“What is it mo-“ Pidge immediately lost the ability to speak as her eyes landed on the TV screen. The streets of new york were filled with people who were nearly devoid of color, stumbing and moaning as if they were braindead.


“B-B-Back it up...” her mother stuttered out, already grabbing the remote and taking the TV back a few seconds. There she saw a closeup shot of someone who looked like her brother biting deeply into a little girl.


“T... That’s not Matt! It can’t be, what..?”


She distanced herself from the image that claimed it was her brother. The man up there had greyish pale skin, with glossed over eyes and a slack jaw. There was no way that was-


His braclet.


The braclet she got him in Atlantic City.


He was wearing it.


“What even is this?!” Pidge squeaked, throwing a hand over to the TV. “Some sort of joke?”


“No... No...” was all her mother could muster. She was shaking. She clearly thought this was all real, and Pidge... Pidge didn’t know what to believe. She took the remote from her mother’s hands, rewinding a little bit more amd pressing play.


“A soon to be world wide epidemic is spreading all across New York in what is being nicknamed as ‘The Zombie Virus,’ due to the victim’s seemily dead exterior and thirst for blood of living things.” The newswoman reported, a waver to her voice as she continued. “It is rumoured that the untested vaccine ‘DEA-47’ is responsible for this effect in people and of the spread.”


Pidge felt her heart stop as Matt flashed onto the screen, devouring a little girl. She couldn’t find the strength to stop the TV as it continued to slowly destroy her.


“The original victims didn’t start showing signs until 48 hours later, giving time for this virus to spread rapidly all over the Eastern US, clawing its way to the Mid west, Canada, and Mexico as we speak. The virus is believed to be spread by bodily fluids, such as infecting your blood or saliva, yet it is unknown how long it takes for the changes to start in a victim effected this way.”


“Stay indoors, lock up your houses, and carry a defensive weapon.” The newswoman stood up, revealing a crowbar was in her hands.

“Don’t let it get you!” She screamed, swinging the bar at something off screen.


Pidge numbed herself. She had to stay strong, not only for her own survival, but for her mother’s.


“Mom, we gotta get ready.”


She looked to her mother, who was shaking, but slowly nodded her head in agreement. She got up, following her daughter to the garage. Pidge looked through the clutter, finding a metal baseball bat and handing it to her mom.


“If you see anything, and i mean ANYTHING that is not me, swing.” Pidge looked deeply into her mother’s fear-ridden eyes, trying to instill the best fake confidence she possibly could. She continued to search, and found one of her dad’s old hunting guns from back in the day, as well as a box of bullets she could easily carry around with her if she had a bag...


A bag! Matt had an old messenger bag in his room that he didn’t use anymore!

Or, i guess she had to say couldn’t use anymore...


She dismissed the thought, bolting upstairs and into his room. She singled in on the bag, paying no attention to anything else around her as she ran back down stairs into the garage, where she noticed her mother was looking at the garage door, bat ready to swing.


“They’re out there, Katie, they’re gonna break down our garage door!”


“I know, I know!” She hissed, packing her bag with the bullets. “Uhm... The TV said there was no known way to stop them... unless...”


“Unless what?” Colleen inquired, eyes never losing focus on the door, which was beginning to quake.


“Aim for their heads! I mean, if you wanted to kill a person fast, you’d aim for their head, right? I’m not saying it’s full proof, but-“


“They’re coming!” Colleen screamed, as the door burst open, two falling to the ground and a third clumsily walking over them. Colleen immediately swung as hard as she could, blood as dark as night gushing from where she hit, a noticeable dent in his skull. She screamed, covering her mouth in horror.


“Again, again!” Pidge screamed, the other two looking at her. Pidge clawed around in her bag for something, anything to closely attack them with when she stumbled upon a hunting knife.


“Thanks, Matt.” she whispered under her breath, hesitating a tad before digging her knife deep into its skull. She ripped it out, but before she could do it again it fell to the ground, hopefully dead for good. She did the same with the other, legs shaking as she fell to her knees and stab them both a few times in the head for extra measure.


Meanwhile, Colleen was swinging up and down at the poor guy’s head until his brains and blood were sprayed all over the mechanical door of the garage. She finally stopped, huffing and puffing as she wiped sweat from her brow.


“Wow... good job, mom.” was all Pidge could say, standing up to join by her mother’s side.


“Thanks, honey... now what? We can’t stay here.”


“You’re right...”


An awkward silence fell among the two as Pidge began to recognize the two people she took down; Wally and Rina Parker. They lived a few houses down the street, five kids, two dogs. If they were taken down then that probably meant that...


“I think I may have an idea.” Colleen mumbled, whipping out her phone.




Hunk, Lance, and Rachel were holding post at Hunk’s Uncle’s convenience store, wasting time and shooting the breeze.


“Man, I can’t believe it’s the end of the world and we’re here, working at your Uncle Sal’s dingy store.” Lance whined, laying half of his body on top of the counter like a prestigious cat.


“We’re not working! We’re simply holding lookout so no one else takes our stuff!” Hunk stated, poking Lance in the rib. He squirmed, immediately standing upright, eyebrows knitted together in annoyace.


“Hunk! You know I’m ticklish!”


“Guys, stop! Look!” Rachel interviened, pointing towards the store window, where two petite women and a dog were walking towards their location.


“Oh geez,” Hunk’s breath immediately hitched, his hands fumbling around as he picked up the hand gun his Uncle Sal handed to him and aiming it shakily at the door.


“Wait a minute... she looks familiar...” Lance mumbled, pushing Hunk’s hands downwards. The doorbell rang as the two women came in, hesitant, but stealthily.


“Hello?” the smaller one called out. Her long, strawberry blonde hair streamed over her shoulders, dawning circular glasses and a simple green dress. Upon seeing Lance, Hunk, and Rachel, she immediately froze.


“Oh, I’m sorry, we didn’t know this place was already occupied.” The taller and older one called out. She was obviously her mother, with the same strawberry blonde hair, but a more faded, grayish color cut short and precise, wearing a simple pink top with jeans. However, before they could leave, Rachel pipped up.


“Wait a minute! Lance, you’re right, we have seen them before... Or at least, Mrs. Holt, right?”


They froze, turning around.




“Oh my gosh, it is you!”


It took Colleen a bit before she recognized Lance and Rachel, but when she did, she immediately covered her mouth in shock.


“No... It can’t be... Oh my goodness, Lance, Rachel? You’ve both gotten so big!” She cried out, running over to the two of them as they came out from behind the counter to give her a hug. Pidge lagged behind her mother, Bae Bae close to her ankles.


After the hug ended, Colleen put a hand on her daughter’s back and led her foward. “Katie, these two are Lance and Rachel McClain, I used to occasionally babysit them and whatnot before they moved away. You two, this is Katie, my daughter.”


“Please, call me Pidge. It’s what... Matt would’ve wanted.” Pidge held out a hand, shaking Lance’s, then Rachel’s.”


“Uh, Hi.” Hunk quipped awkwardly, raising a hand. “I am Hunk. Lance and Rachel’s friend, so I’m guessing we aren’t shooting? I can put this down?”

Hunk waved the gun carefully in his hands, and before getting a verbal response, placed it on the counter with a sigh. “Cause i do NOT like touching that thing.”


Pidge laughed, grabbing a chip bag to her left and checking the date.


“These are... expired by a few years.”

Lance chuckled, yanking the bag from her hands. “Yeah, the perfect coverup! The actual edible stuff is in the back. It took us nearly all day to swap.”


And without a care, he tossed the bag over his shoulder, nearly hitting Hunk in the head.


“So, are you guys alone?” Colleen asked, casually glossing her eyes over the first aid section of the store.


“No, actually.”  Rachel said, walking over to the other side of the short aisle, sorting through some items. “Besides our abuelitos, our family is in tact, as well as Hunk’s. If you guys are alone though, you’re more than welcome to join us. Aha!” Rachel pulled out a neat little first aid kit.


“This is the good stuff.”


“Thank you.” Colleen smiled, handing it to Pidge so she could slide it in her bag.


“We’d love to.”