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When Kai had to cancel his date with Sou over the phone, Sou knew something was wrong. Kai never cancelled without rescheduling immediately, and he didn't sound that nasally.

Because of this, Sou rode his bike over to Kai's home, and used his spare key to get in.

Immediately, he noticed the house felt empty. Not empty like no one was home, but rather, empty like the usual resident was in bed with a cold.

The usually inviting atmosphere felt... Off. Upstairs, Sou heard a hacking cough from Kai's room, and movement. Kai knew he was there. Of course, in this state, he'd be close to immobile.

Sou raced up the stairs so Kai wouldn't strain himself too hard. Upstairs, he was greeted with Kai. It was hard to believe he was alive. Quite frankly, he looked like a fresh corpse, and his pale skin didn't help. It looked like he ran out of tissues, too, judging from the empty boxes near him, and the roll of toilet paper on his dresser.

"I don't need any help... Just leave me alone, please." Kai pleaded, desperation contorting his features.

"Kai, how much water have you drank today? How much have you eaten?" Sou replied, a bit harsher than intended.

Kai thought for a moment, but when he opened his mouth, Sou cut him off.

"That's a rhetorical question. I'm making you food, and you're going to eat it. Am I clear?"

The bedridden man sighed and started to get up. "... Alright, give me a moment-"

"No. You're going to stay in bed." Sou was rarely this resolute, and Kai felt himself being pushed back into bed by an invisible force.

Kai looked genuinely pained at not being able to help. "What if it gets on the sheets, though?"

Sou smiled a little bit as he tucked Kai back in. "You have folding tables, my dear. I won't take long, stay right here."

He set up the folding table next to Kai's bed, and went back downstairs. After going through the cabinets a bit, Sou found some instant miso soup. That would do, he figured.

He turned the electric kettle on, and, while waiting for it to turn on, got two glasses. He filled one with water, and emptied some Vitamin C drink powder in the other one, then filled it part-way with water, and stirred.

The kettle started beeping then, so he put the powder in a bowl and poured in some hot water. Then, he carried the two cups upstairs and set them on the table. Kai seemed to be doing a little better than he was earlier, now that he knew there was nothing he could do to make Sou stop taking care of him. He sat up at the table, using some pillows as back support.

Sou went back down and retrieved the bowl, used a spoon to stir it a bit, and brought it back up.

Kai begrudgingly drank the vitamin C drink, grimacing as he forced it down, but seemed to be thankful for the rest.

Afterwards, Sou cupped his hands around Kai's face, then gently felt his forehead. It may have been that Kai was flustered, but it seemed he was running a fever.

"I'm going to grab a few boxes of tissues from the store, is there anything else you need?" Sou asked after kissing his lover's forehead. Kai shook his head. "Alright, I'll be right back. Rest for a bit, okay?"

Sou walked back in with a few plastic bags. The house felt calmer. Kai was probably asleep.

Good. He needed his rest.

Sou set the bags on the kitchen counter, and put the dishes he used earlier in the dish washer. Afterwards, he rummaged through the bags.

A box of extra soft tissues. Some cold medicine and honey-cherry cough drops. A few packages of pain patches, as Kai was prone to back pain, and Sou had a feeling he was out. He also picked up some junk food. Kai denied that he liked barbeque potato fries, but Sou could tell he was just ashamed to admit he liked junk food. He also picked up Kai's favorite ramune flavor (melon), and some flavored water with extra electrolytes. Sou would have picked up flowers, but Kai was incredibly allergic to most pollen.

Quietly, he carried them up the stairs and into Kai's room, setting them on the folding table near his bed. Then, he took the used tissues and boxes and threw them out. Oh, the things he did for love.

Finally, he felt Kai's forehead again. He had cooled off quite a bit, and felt more "normal" as far as his temperature went.

Sou took one last look at Kai, and went downstairs. He wanted to stay longer, but he needed to get to work soon.

So, he left a note on Kai's fridge, and left.