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The Unquenchable Lust Of The Blade (On Hiatus)(NSFW)(Harems)(Futas)

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It was a dark evening in Noxus as the skies were painted in dark red color. Large black smokes engulfed most of the empire as it came from the heavy and wrecked machineries the Noxians used for war. It was a huge defeat for them after their invasion in Ionia, losing more than half of their soldiers. However, despite the devastating numbers of losses, the Noxians were laughing in joy because they knew that they severely damaged Ionia, also know as the First Lands, and changed it forever. They heard news and rumors that the great massacre they inflicted upon the millions in Ionia traumatized them, creating multiple different small factions and revolutions in their lands. As the people of the cruel and fearsome empire were celebrating and having hundreds of parties with feasts and boozes, not all were kicking back their feet and enjoying their joyful seemed victory. For Noxus, today wasn't only the day to celebrate their small win, but it was also the day for the empire to receive it's new reformation. Today marked the end to the empire's cruel methods and the birth of something great and forever changing.

During the night of that same day, a old and crippled man marched into the empire's throne. The tall crippled man was in his late 50's as he had long grey hair that lengthened down to his shoulders, covering his ears. He had black eyes, large black eyebrows, a damaged nose and a large forehead. He wore an immense and more rectangular shape black coat, extending to his high black boots while also having a sizable diamond shaped collar that reached his shoulders as it was bended horizontally. Underneath his back collar was two dark silver plates with various line designs. Under those silver plates were four dark and rectangular silver pieces on each side, hanging on his back collar as they looked like the wings of a crow. In the center of the silver decoration was a dark silver bone face shape with a long pointy nose. There was also a v-cut in the lower center of his coat. He wore his coat on his shoulders as its sleeves were floating at the air. He also wore a dark uniform and a grey belt with a armor plate on his upper body. Finally, his arms were different from each other as his left arm was glowing blood red, having a demonic claw instead of a hand that resembled to a claw of a crow.

That man was Jericho Swain, a man who was betrayed by the empire he served in and was left to rot in the battlefield by the people he once thrusted his life with. Stripped away from his military commander title for being a disabled person, he later came back, reborn with a powerful demon in his grasp and filled with ambitions as he headed towards the throne with one goal in mind: To kill the current general of Noxus as revenge and seize his title so he could shape Noxus into a perfect expression of his will.

As he walked towards his enemy, he found himself standing in front of a large gate where two guards, fully equipped with armor and armed with a long double edge spear, were guarding the entrance.

"Intruder!" shouted the guard in the left as he pointed his weapon at Swain. "Surrender now or die!"

Swain grinned as he looked at the guards, continuing to march forward as if the guards weren't there. The two guards then halted him by approaching their spear close to his face.

"Ahahah! I guess you have a death wish, crippled old man! " the guard in the right laughed at the crippled man, feeling confident that him and his ally would easily kill him as his friend also laughed.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't knew that Swain wasn't just an ordinary old man. Swain swooped the left guard's neck with his demonic hand, choking the poor man with inhuman strength as he lifted him up in the air, forcing the guard the drop his weapon. The other guard could hear bones being crushed in pieces, prompting him to thrust his spear at the tall man, but the right guard stopped his attack as he saw a burst of red lightning jolting from the hostile man's claw.

"Wait...please...stoAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!" the unfortunate guard screamed in pain as he felt like his entire body was burning in the heat of the sun.

Red beams of light shot from his eyes and mouth as he yelled. His skin then became glowing red as his armor and clothes were vaporising. The other guard was terrified for his life at the sight of his friend's agonizing demise, dropping his spear and running away from the crippled man. Swain dropped the burnt corpse that seemed to longer have eyes and organs as its fall made a faint and squishy sound. He then glanced at the coward soldier, chuckling as he saw that the guard was filled with fear.

"Pffftt. They think they have won? Pathetic." Swain said, holding his demonic arm at the running soldier.

With one small lift of his claw formed an immense red energy mist on top of the running man. The guard stopped his movement and looked above him, staring at the glowing demonic eye. A red ring formed on the floor around the unaware soldier, seconds away from his unfortunate faith. Swain then clutched his claws, causing the spell he casted to explode, instantly vaporising the guard. Only a shard of his left metal shoulder pad was left, rolling on the ground.

"At least he had the decency to fear me." Swain said to himself as he walked at the black gate.

He placed his red arm on the gate as red jolts formed around the gate. Then, a loud explosion followed, blowing the doors off as they crashed down on the floor. As Swain entered the colossal room, walking down the red long carpet, he saw multiple red banners with the Noxus symbol on it, all hanged on the grey brick walls. The symbol shaped like an axe while also seemed to be the face of a skinless beast. He also saw a tall golden throne with a old man sitting on it.

The sitting man was in his early 50's, having long brown beard and brown hair. He had brown eyes, a large nose, wide lips and long brown eyebrows. He wasn't prestigiously well dressed as he wore a grey coat cape, an inner red outfit, ordinary brown boots and grey pants. The man in the throne stood up, smiling at Swain.

"Look at you, Jericho Swain!" the man said to Swain, grinning at him.

"Boram Darkwill. Your legacy ends now." Swain replied as he continued to walk towards him.

Darkwill immediately pulled a silver six gauge revolver from his right pocket, pointing it with his right hand at the intruder. He then pulled the trigger six times in quick successions, shooting all bullets at him, but Swain reacted at the sound of the first shot, raising his demonic arm and then shot out from his claws six bolts of red lightning at the lethal projectiles, vaporising them in a instant. The evil bolts continued their path at the general, in which Darkwill dodged as he leaped behind his golden chair to take cover. The throne then shattered in half from the bolts as smokes appeared on it, leaving Darkwill very vulnerable.

"You can sit on a throne but that doesn't make you a ruler, Darkwill." Swain said as he walked towards the vulnerable general. "You're just a man with a feeble ambition, only wanting recognition across Runeterra."

"I will not let a crippled man like you get in my way." Darkwill said as he stood up from his cover, looking at the old man. "You are betraying Noxus!"

"You mean your puny Noxus? Noxus isn't in its glory because of your weak mindset. I will make Noxus an empire that will triumph over all others as they're won't be any weaklings like you." Swain explained to Darkwill, pointing his claws at him.

As he prepared to fire an energy blast at Darkwill, charging up his claws with magical lightning, he noticed that Darkwill was still smiling at him despite the fact that he was seconds away from being vaporised. Swain canceled his channel, lowering his glowing red arm. He then quickly glanced around him to check if there was any other intruders in the room.

"What's your secret plan, Darkwill?" Swain smiled at him, confident that any of Darkwill's escape plans wouldn't work on him. "There's nothing you have that can defeat me."

"Oh really? I had a strong suspicion that you might comeback for revenge with a powerful tool on your side. So I brought mine too." Darkwill said as he looked at a door behind him at his right side.

"Tsk. I brought a demon. The only thing you can bring are armies of soldiers." Swain said, keeping his guard up as he knew that anything was possible.

"Soldiers? Nonsense. I will bring you a monster who's also a killer." Darkwill said as he confidently smiled. "Reveal yourself, Noxus's greatest masterpiece...and my successor!"

The backdoors suddenly opened, a male person entered the throne room walking towards Swain. It wasn't a man nor a old man who entered, but it was a child. The boy was thirteen years old, roughly at the height of Swain's upper hips. He didn't wear a shirt but wore black jeans and black shoes instead. The boy wasn't a normal teenager as his body features were completely different from an ordinary one. His entire skin was completely pale white colour. His mid fade style hair, his normal size eyebrows, his lips and his eyelashes was also the same color as his skin. The boy's entire eyes were completely black except his irises that were glowing dark yellow. He had a assassin dagger on each of his hands, which were also the same colour as his skin. Finally, on the boy's back, there was a giant double-edged broadsword with an extremely large rectangular body, almost the length and size of the boy's body. The immense weapon pointed downward, revealing its long handle. There wasn't any decorations or motifs on the giant sword and it was also the same colour as the boy's skin. The boy stood in front of Swain, ten meters from each other. He smiled crazily, showing off his pointy and bright white teeth.

"Really Darkwill? You brought a boy?" Swain said as he wasn't expecting the Noxian general to bring a teen to protect him.

"Ahaha! He's no ordinary boy Jericho. He doesn't even compare any other children or men! Ahahahaha!" Darkwill laughed, feeling over confident that the weapon he brought will defeat Swain. "He's far worst than any mages or demons."

"We shall see Darkwill. I'll make sure to dispose whatever that thing you claim him to be." Swain said, clenching his demonic claw in the air as he prepared to face his new opponent.

"I'm not a thing you know." the child said with a demonic voice. "I'm a boy who killed millions!"

"Your voice, you can't be a real boy." Swain said to the child. "What are you exactly? "

"Oh sorry. Where are my manners. The name's Mathusan but you can call me Mat and I'm a half-mage. But now the people just call me a monster and a killer." the boy introduced himself, taking four steps forward.

"So you're just a child who claims to be a monster?" Swain said, taking two step forward while charging up his demonic claws.

"And a killer too. Don't forget that." the boy said, reverse gripping his daggers in his hands as he slowly approached the tall man. "There's a difference between a monster and a killer. I am both of them."

"It doesn't change the fact that I will crush you like all men that stood in my way." Swain said, halting his movement as the boy also halted his movement.

The child then took a brief moment to look at Swain, staring carefully at his demonic arm before staring at his eyes.

"What is it boy? Are you already feeling fear by the sight of my hand?" Swain mocked him, waving his demonic claw at him.

"Fear? Fear is my speciality. I give to everyone when they see my face before they feel the cold touch of my blades." Mat said, throwing his daggers at Swain in a instant with amazing speed and force.

Swain reacted to the first dagger, destroying it by releasing a burst of red burning bolt at the flying weapon, vaporizing both the dagger and his magical attack. Due to his crippled body, he barely reacted in time the boy's second attack, moving his head to the left as the dagger scratched him, shaving a small line in his right cheek. Swain's lightly injured cheek bled a couple of blood drops, which surprised the old man.

"You're too slow, Jericho Swain. You may want to use your pet Raum, The Demon of Secrets. With it's full power, you might be able to defeat me!" Mat said, smiling intensely at Swain.

Swain was then surprised once more by the boy's words. He didn't expected him to know the type of demon he wielded or even know the name of his demon.

"You're well informed boy. You must be part of the Black Rose to know such information." Swain said.

"What's the Black Rose? Is that some sort of flower that you like?" Mat said as he didn't knew what Swain said.

His words once more took Swain by surprise. Swain was now very intrigued by the child as he wondered how he could get such information without knowing or being told by the Black Rose. Swain then decided to kill the boy as he raised his demonic arm, creating a red eldritch wave that shaped like a demonic claw on the ground behind the boy. He then pulled his left arm backwards, pulling the wave back at him as it was going to collide the boy. The boy sensed the evil force, raising his right arm behind him, waiting for Swain's attack to hit him. Swain was intrigued at first by Mat's sudden and weird movement. He knew that any person will just immediately die from his attack if they stay in place. He knew that if anyone sensed his attack, they would have dodged it by now. But instead, the boy just simply raised his right arm, smiling crazily at the tall man. Before his dark magical wave hit the boy, he waved his demonic arm to his right, shifting the path of his demonic attack to avoid it hitting the boy. The red wave then vanished after it traveled for a couple of feet.

"You know I could just be bluffing, right?" Mat said, pulling his right arm back to his hip.

"You may be capable of bluffing but I know you didn't bluff." Swain replied. "You must have a secret that I'm not aware of."

"Or I could be just be a really smart boy with inhuman strength and reflexes." Mat said as he placed his right foot in front of him, slightly bending his back.

"You could be but you're hiding your secrets just like other men do." Swain said as he raised his demonic claws.

"Enough with the chit chat. Time for you to die!" the boy yelled, ninja running at the old man with incredible speed.

Swain put his guard up, unsure if he should attack him as he didn't knew what where Mat's hidden secrets. The tall man then took a quick breath and closed his eyes. He felt the ground, the air and the gravity around him suddenly vanished. He was engulfed into nothingness as he felt nothing around him, almost floating in space. He then opened his eyes as he irises glowed red. Swain found himself in a side view of three figures: Boram Darkwill, Mat and himself. He watched the boy rushing towards the copy of himself where it charged up his claws, creating red bolts around his fiendish fingers. The fake Swain then shot a red evil energy blast at the running boy but the boy immediately reacted, putting his right arm up as he kept running, colliding his hand with the devilish attack. His magic attack should have vaporised the boy but instead, it completely vanished, leaving the unscathed boy running at the fake old man. The boy's right arm glowed deep red, slowly turning into a demonic arm, identical to Swain's left arm. The boy then leaped on the false man, swinging his upgraded arm at him. The fake man then blocked his attack with his left arm, trying to hold off the boy's sheer strength. But, he suddenly felt his devil power rapidly depleting while Mat's veins glowed bright red. The fake Swain then fell on the ground as his left powerful arm simply vanished while the boy laughed in joy. A pair of large black raven wings sprouted from the young teen's back, gently levitating himself in the air. The boy's normal arm became the same as his demonic arm. Then, a sudden red flare blinded the real Swain, opening his normal eyes once more as he found himself back to the same room he was in. He saw Mat running towards him with a crazy smile on his face.

"So that's his power." Swain thought to himself as he was amazed that Boram Darkwill could find a young being with a simple yet powerful ability if used correctly. Swain then raised his demonic arm as he charged up red bolts around his claws, certain what the boy was going to do. Unexpectedly for him, Mat instantly pulled out his giant sword from his back with his right hand and immediately threw it at Swain with one heavy swing.

"What!?" Swain shouted as he swiftly sprouted a pair of immense black raven wings on his back.

His entire eyes glowed completely red and a ring of red energy formed around him as red bolts shot from his body. He then flew up in the air, dodging the boy's propelling weapon while Mat ran towards his sword that was stuck on the floor.

"You have more secrets that I'm not aware of, boy." Swain said as he descend down, floating slightly above the floor.

"Hehehe. Indeed I have." Mat chuckled as he picked up his sword with his right hand. "You know, just flying around won't get you anywhere. So how about we play a game?"

"A game? I'm pretty sure that we each are already playing a different game." Swain said as he landed on the ground.

"The game is pretty simple. Whoever can kill the other wins. It's just that easy." Mat explained as he walked towards the old man.

Swain saw the boy approaching him, quickly returning to normal as the boy approached close to his vaporising ring barrier.

"Why did you return to your normal self instead of staying in your powerful bird form?" Mat said as he stopped his movement, now a few meters away from him.

"I know you can absorb magic. I'm quite surprised that such ability exist in a mere human." Swain replied to the boy.

"You see Jericho! You can't beat him!" Darkwill joyfully shouted, sitting on the damaged throne as he was amazed at the displaying show. "You've brought a demon, I've brought a monster and killer."

The old man didn't reply as he focused planning a strategy. Swain knew that he couldn't do much as his human strength and speed were no match against Mat even with his demon power up. He knew that he couldn't use his dark magic or the boy would simply absorb it. He also knew that he couldn't let him touch any part of his body or his demon powers will completely vanish. Swain decided to play defensive as he still thought of a plan. He quickly wore his coat properly and placed his hands inside his pants pockets. He then concentrated on his demon powers, feeling surges of red energy coursing through his veins and body, his wounded cheek was healed.

"I'm forced to use this. Even though I hate it, I have no other choice." Swain thought to himself as he felt he could move at incredible speed like his body was young and healthy again.

The boy vertically swung his giant sword at Swain with only his right hand, but Swain immediately dodged by jumping backwards at inhuman speed. The boy then quickly rushed at him, sending a barrage of swings coming from all directions at the enhanced old man, but Swain evaded every of Mat's attacks with his incredible mobility. As Mat continued to attack, the tall man now found himself cornered in a wall. Mat then thrusted his sword at him but Swain managed to escape as he ran over the wall and jumped off from it, performing a double front flip over the boy as he increased the distance between him and his enemy, landing safely on the ground. Swain then quickly turned around, only to see a rushing Mat who was very close to him as he swung his sword downwards. Swain quickly moved but didn't manage to dodge in complete safety as Mat landed a large cut on Swain's right leg, causing him to grunt in pain as he fell on his back. He felt the painful wound burning hotter as he rapidly stood up on his knees.

"Die birdman!" Mat shouted as he swung his weapon at Swain's heart while he smiled intensely.

Swain didn't gave up as he knew he couldn't give up just yet. He came here for a reason and knew that he must achieve his goal or everything he did that led to this point will be wasted for nothing. The tall man raised his right arm, blocking the lethal attack as he gripped at the sword. He felt the metal sharp blade slowly piercing his hand as Mat pushed his sword with his immense strength. Swain firmly held the boy's weapon as he prepared to send a bolt of magical energy at the boy, gambling on the fact that Mat could possibly only absorb his attack with his hands. The boy then decided to choke the injured man as he firmly gripped his neck with his left hand.

"You forgot about my left hand Swain. Probably because you're not used to have no left arm." Mat said as he smiled intensely at Swain, tightening his grip on him.

Swain began to feel his dark magic slowly dissipating as Mat's hand began to glow sparkling red.

"IT'S OVER JERICHO! I HAVE WON! I HAVE WON!" Boram Darkwill shouted in joy as he jumped off from his throne. "I HOPE YOU LEARNED THAT I'M THE ONE WHO WILL LEAD NOXUS TO A GREATER FUTURE! SO DIE NOW!"

"Any man that must say they are winning is not truly winning." Swain said as he smiled even when he's pinned down.

He glanced his eyes to the left, seeing the second dagger that Mat threw at him a few moments ago. Swain immediately grabbed the dagger with his demonic claws and quickly thrusted it with brute power into the boy's heart.

"" Mat stumbled on his words, dropping his weapon and releasing his grip on Swain.

Blood poured heavily from the boy's chest as he stepped a couple back while pulling out the dagger from his chest. He then fell on the ground, dropping the small weapon as he felt his breath completely cut off. A red puddle formed underneath the boy's corpse, painting his upper body in red.

"It's over Darkwill. I've bested him." Swain said as he stood up on his feet, healing his large wounds with his demon powers. Swain then silenced his power boost as the glowing red light emitted from his skin vanished.

"Are you sure about that Jericho?" Darkwill said as he smiled, thinking to himself that he was still winning.

"I don't understand why you're stil-WHAT THE HELL!?" Swain yelled as he was interrupted by the boy who jumped at him. Swain held down the boy's right arm with his demonic arm as the boy's right hand was glowing bright white.

"The small magic that I absorbed from you is enough for me to heal my lethal wound." Mat said, still tainted in his own blood while the wound on his chest was magically heales. "Let me show what true fear and torture looks like."

"I'm sorry but I have already won." Swain said as he easily pushed back Mat's arm with the strength of his demonic arm, forcefully pushing Mat's glowing white hand on the boy's head.

As Swain held his hand down, the boy began to yell in pain as his eyes shot beams of white light. The tall man quickly released his grip on the boy before taking a few steps back. The boy screamed in pain as he felt an agonizing headache, dropping on his knees. His hand and eyes returned to normal after a few seconds but the mental pain still remained. Mat covered his ears with his hands as he began to hear voices and sounds in his mind.

*Crying noises*

Kill them all and look for the boy !

*Burning sounds*

Now you serve for Boram Darkwill!

Now you serve for NOXUS!!!

*Please have mercy! *Crying* Please!

*Slicing sounds*


*Flesh sliced and chopped in pieces noises*

Please have mercy! Plea-AHHHHHH!


The boy stop yelling as the pain faded away. He could still hear the sounds of flesh being sliced and chopped in several pieces as he also heard the sound of blood pouring out everywhere on the ground. He could still hear buildings collapsing and burning while also hearing the tears and screams of people being tortured and killed in the worst way possible.

"It's over. I have won Darkwill." Swain said as he picked the bloodied dagger with his right hand.

He then approached towards the boy, preparing to stab him in his head. Swain then noticed Darkwill was trembling furiously in fear. He smirked at the powerless man.

"You should have feared me a long time ago, Darkwill." Swain said to Darkwill as he raised his demonic arm, creating a large glowing and demonic eye on the backdoor, blocking Darkwill's only exit.

As Swain firmly gripped the weapon, he then noticed that the boy wasn't looking at him. He was instead staring at the Noxian General. He also noticed that Mat's hair was now black. The tall man was intrigued by it and decided to hold his deadly attack, moving at the right side of the boy.

"What?" Swain gasped as he saw Mat's entire skin color was now light brown and his human black eyes were normal.

He then quickly looked up as he saw Boram Darkwill running towards to the front gate even though it was a suicide run as Swain could easily kill him from a distance. The tall man dropped the red painted dagger, quickly raising his demonic arm at the coward man. As he charged a finishing blow of, the boy grabbed his broadsword with his left hand and immediately threw it like a boomerang with full force at the running Darkwill, chopping off theknee joints of the running man. Boram Darkwill then fell on the floor, bleeding out a river of blood from his amputated legs.

"AAAAHHHHHRRRRGG! My legs! AAAAAHHH!" Boram yelled in agony as the burning pain in his legs felt like they were bathed in the sun.

Swain was surprised from the boy's attack as he dropped his own attack.

"Ahahaha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Swain manically laughed at the fallen enemy, crying out a tear of joy from his right eye as it was so funny for him to see Darkwill's own upcoming successor betray him. "Look at you Darkwill! Your own secret weapon that you were going to give him your title has betrayed you! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As Swain continued to laugh, Mat grabbed the bloody dagger with his left hand. Swain noticed it but decided to let the boy finish the job as he was curious to see what the boy would actually do to Darkwill. As the boy slowly approached Darkwill, Swain could see Mat's emotionless face with soulless eyes. The way Mat walked seemed to show that he was a just a complete empty vessel.

"Please! I-I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!" Darkwill begged to the boy as he stared at his emotionless eyes while he was immobile on the ground.

"Your outcome was decided when you brought me armies of suffering and pain. Now I will bring you a monster...and a killer." Mat said, plunging his dagger at Darkwill's left shoulder, causing the poor man to yell in pain as he felt the sharp metal piercing through his shoulder.

"PLEASE! STOP!...Argh! I-I can make you rich...I can make you more powerful...I can give you everything." Darkwill begged to the boy to spare his life.

The boy ignored Boram's words, only wanting to torture and kill him. Mat slightly lifted his weapon, slowly descending it to Darkwill's left arm. As his skin opened, flushing out blood from his left limb, Darkwill felt the pain exponentially and terribly growing more unbearable, shouting his lungs out as he could no longer feel his left side. Darkwill swung his other arm at the boy, but Mat quickly blocked it by stomping it on the floor with his right feet, slowly crushing it as Darkwill yelled once more in pain. Mat then pulled out his weapon and plunged it at Darkwill's other shoulder, slowly carving out the right side as the red flood gushed out from the damaged body. As Darkwill's scream echoed in the throne room, Swain stood still, watching carefully his enemy's cruel demise. He thought of the words that boy said before he began his bloody art, wondering that the boy could have been a regular child that was kidnapped and tortured for something valuable he possessed. He knew that the boy's magic absorption ability wasn't the only reason that Darkwill kidnapped the boy. He knew there was something very valuable that the young teen possessed. Suddenly, the sounds of pain vanished as the huge lake of blood streamed on the floor, touching Swain's boots.

"And that's how we slaughter a swine." Mat said as walked away from the corpse, walking towards the throne.

He then stabbed the golden chair with the bloody dagger and sat down on the floor. He felt completely exhuasted and decided to stare at his bloodied hands. Swain could see Darkwill's dead corpse that was heavily carved out with many open wounds where the entire skin was partially shredded. The corpse's body was spurting out gallons of red liquid like a calm river. The eyes were completely destroyed as they had multiple cuts and the neck was sliced open, the throat was heavily pierced. The tall man glanced at the boy, unflinched by the horrible decorated corpse. He then approached at the boy, mentally surprised by what Mat did to the unfortunate soul. Swain crouched, staring at the boy's soulless eyes and emotionless face

"Show me what happened." Swain said to the boy.

The boy glanced at him, staring at his eyes. Words began to appear around Swain's body as Mat could read them.

Jericho Swain will not harm you. He wants to know the truth about what happened to your past.

Mat lifted his right hand, glowing it in bright white light as he could sense that Swain wasn't showing any signs of hatred or violence towards him. He gently approached his glowing hand on Swain's head, which Swain let him by nodding his head as he knew that the boy wasn't going to harm him. The boy placed his shining hand on Swain's forehead and beams of white light suddenly shot out from the old man's eyes. Swain began to hear people screaming in pain and buildings crashing down. He could see an even younger version of Mat standing on a grassy ground, crying as he witnessed the slaughter of hundreds of people by the hands of Noxian soldiers. Then, a white flare blinded Swain for a tiny period. He then opened his eyes, only to see the child being tortured by different whips and sharp blades. He was even tortured by the black magic of a pale woman that Swain immediately recognised before. Finally, another white flare blinded him, opening his eyes once more. He could see Ionia's lands as he remembered it from his last encounter with the spiritual place. Swain saw the boy once more but only this time, he was in his white form. He saw that Mat was killing and torturing thousands of people, even millions as Swain could see piles of bleeding corpse everywhere around him.

"Their agony, their despair, their fear, their blood. It all brings joy to my heart!" the crazed boy said as he faced the tall man. "Hehehe...hehehehe...HEHEHEHEHEHE!...HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!"

A final white flare blinded him, opening his eyes as he saw that he was back at the throne room. The boy withdrew his glowing hand, turning it back to normal as Swain's eyes ceased to beamed out bright white light beams. Swain now understood everything. He now knew what happened to the boy. He now knew that the Black Rose, the cabal that he swore he was going to destroy, was responsible for the boy's grand tragedy. He felt pure anger and rage, firmly clenching his claws as he wanted to kill every single members of the Black Rose so badly after what they've done to the poor boy. Warm tears began to drop from the boy's eyes, crying in sadness as he visualized in his mind everything about his dark past. Swain then glanced back at the crying child, not sure what to do with him. The boy did tried to kill him but Swain knew that the boy was no longer a threat to him. He raised his demon hand, gently placing it on Mat's head. He then slowly pulled the boy to his shoulder, embracing him as he comforted him, softly brushing his hair. Swain felt the boy's tears drenching his coat which oddly seemed to make him feel unease with himself. He knew the boy could prove useful for tracking down members of the secret cabal or for furthering his personal agenda. But, he somehow didn't want to use the boy for those ambitious reasons. He instead wanted to help the child which was really uncharacteristic of him.

"It's over, my boy." Swain whispered softly to him, soothing the boy's stress. "It's over...I will raise you to be..."

Swain suddenly stopped, hesitant on what to say as he wasn't completely sure on how he should he raise the child. After a few moments of deep thoughts, he finally decided.

"I will raise you to be a better person." Swain said to Mat.