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The Unquenchable Lust Of The Blade (On Hiatus)(NSFW)(Harems)(Futas)

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"C'mon now! I won't hurt you. Come in, please!" the young woman said, her voice was faintly echoing.


She returned back in her house while the young pale white man slowly placed back the silver moon blade in his belt. Mat then slowly walked towards the entrance of the building, keeping his guard up as he wasn't completely sure if the young woman was hostile or not. After he entered the building, the large gates behind him suddenly closed down as he heard a loud bang sound. As expected, the interior area was exactly like a traditional dojo as it was entirely built from wood. Mat then removed his white pale shoes and left them on the red door mat. Before he could take another step, the young woman halted him by placing her right hand in front of her.


"Your weapons, I need you to leave them here. Don't get the wrong idea but I'm not going to hurt you even if you're unarmed. And I don't want my guest coming in here with weapons like they were planning to harm me." she said to him with her usual smile and her echoing voice.


The young man did what he was told to do as he slowly placed all of his magical gears, including his large coat, on the wall next to the door mat while still keeping his eyes on the young woman.


"Good. Now follow me." the young woman said to Mat as she flew towards a sliding door where it had a large white bath towel hanged next to it by a small hook.


"Isn't rude to not greet yourself to your guest?" Mat asked her as he followed her, carefully reading her with his reading ability.


"Oh you're right! I'm so sorry. I forgot my manners. My name is Syndra and I'm a young mage. Well, I'm like around 100 years old but I do look very young. What do you think? Do I look very young?" the young woman asked him after revealing her name to him.


"Well you do look young and you're quite beautiful." Mat replied as he kept his deep glare at her.


"Oh I didn't knew you were a charmer. That's so cute. And thank you for the compliment.~Huhu~" Syndra said as she giggled to herself.


As the young woman then slowly opened the door, steamy hot clouds were suddenly flowing out from the opening door, revealing the small room to be a normal hot sauna room.


"Here. This is for you." Syndra said to Mat as she handed him the large white towel.


"I'm sorry but are you inviting me to a hot steamy bath?" Mat asked Syndra while wrapping the towel on his lower body,  confused that she was inviting him to a sauna session.


"Well yes. Is there any problems with that?" Syndra asked him.


"Is this how you greet your guests?" Mat asked her as he removed all of his lower clothes, ignoring her question.


"Nope. This is a first time. I only do this just for you.~Huhuhu~" Syndra said as she gave a small wink to him, giggling to herself.


"Oh...okay then..." Mat replied, feeling a little unnerved as he knew there was a high chance that she was into him.


"Now c'mon then. I can't keep waiting for you." the young woman said.


"...Right..." Mat replied as he removed his shirt.


The young man then entered the hot room with Syndra behind him as she shut the door close. He then took a seat on the wooden bench as he began to feel the very hot warm steams heating up his entire body. He then glanced to his left to see Syndra sitting very close to him as she stared deep through his demonic eyes.


"I'm quite intrigued by your cute appearance. They call you the White Demon and yet you don't look like one. Apart from your eyes, your skin color and your voice, you look exactly like a human. Who did you possessed?" Syndra asked him as she was very curious about him.


"I didn't exactly possessed him. I was simply in a way released by him." Mat answered.


"I don't quite understand what you just said. Are you somehow linked to your vessel?" Syndra asked.


"I was always linked to him ever since we were both born at the same time." Mat replied.


"You're not going to tell me exactly who or what you are, are you?" Syndra asked.


"Nope. It's a secret that I can't never speak of." Mat answered.


"That's alright. Is there a name that I can call you by instead of calling you White Demon?" Syndra asked.


"You can call me Mat." Mat replied.


"Is it your name or your vessel's?" Syndra asked.


"It's a short nickname but let's shift the subject right now." Mat replied, dodging her question.


"Okay Mat. What are you here for?" Syndra asked.


"Well I'm here to offer you something that I'm sure you'll be very interested in." Mat said.


"Let me guess, you're offering me your help to destroy Ionia in exchange for my alliance with you, correct?" Syndra said, seemingly knowing his intentions.


"Bingo! But you forgot the part where I'm going to give you full control over Ionia once we conquer it. So, do we have ourselves a de-"


"Deal!" Syndra shouted, interrupting him.


"Really? You sure? That was a really fast response." Mat said as he was surprised by her quick answer.


"So? I can't turn down on a very generous offer from you. I mean you defeated three Ascended Targonians and their messenger, which means you really are quite powerful, powerful enough to wipe out an entire thousand of waves of Ionian warriors." Syndra said.


"How did you know about m-"


"I sensed immense strong magic in the weapons you carried when you came here. And right now, I'm also sensing another immense strong magic in you." Syndra said after interrupting him.


" it's settled then. We will a-"


"Where are they right now?" Syndra interrupted him again.


"Sorry?" Mat asked as he didn't knew what she was referring to.


"The three Ascended Targonians and their messenger? Did you killed them?" Syndra asked.


"Well no. I kept them at my place in Zaun. They've turned into craving sex whores for my ongoing grand sex brothel." Mat said.


"Oh...that's...that's actually smart...I like that." Syndra said.


"Wait you think that me turning all four of them into craving sex whores was a smart decision?" Mat asked as with a surprised face.







"Well yeah. Pleasure and lust are the strongest desires that any mortals including the ones with divine like magic can't resist acquiring. Even the ones with the strongest minds will eventually succumb to pleasure and lust no matter how long it takes. I assume that you're going to conquer Runeterra through lust and pleasure, right?" Syndra asked. 


"Yup. I'm surprised that you're well informed about pleasure and lust." Mat replied.


"That's because I've been pleasuring myself for the last couple of years." Syndra said.


"Oh...I see..." Mat replied, a little surprised by her answer.


The young woman suddenly untied the small rope from her bath robe, dropping her dress and revealing her busty naked body to the young man. She then forcefully removed Mat's towel from his lower body and tossed it away, exposing his erected thick long shaft. Syndra smiled and grasped his cock with her right hand, slowly stroking it.


"Speaking of pleasure and lust, you wouldn't mind if we have a little fun together?" Syndra asked as she leaned her face close to his while standing on the bench with her knees.


"Not at all." Mat replied with a smirk on his face.







"Wonderful!" Syndra joyfully exclaimed.


The young woman wrapped her arms around the young man's neck with her bent knees laid on the side of his legs. Her busty breasts where pressed on his upper chest while Mat gently held her nice butt cheeks with his hands as the two began passionately wet kissing. After a good long minute, the two broke their kiss, leaving their moist saliva strings between their tongues. Syndra then sat her pussy on the body of his long hard shaft and quickly felt a rush of euphoria from its warmth. She then began moving her hips back and forth at a slow pace, rubbing their genitals together as she moaned faintly in pleasure.


"~Mmmmmmmm!~Your cock is so big! No wonder you turned those poor powerful females into sex whores." Syndra said as she moaned before kissing him.


"Do you think you can handle my cock? I might turn you into a whore." Mat asked her as he felt her wet pussy rubbing on his shaft.


"I can easily handle your big hard cock. I wonder if you can handle my pussy." Syndra said as she grinned at him.


"Pffft! I already fucked many tight pussies. I can easily handle yours." Mat said.


"I'll be the judge of that." Syndra said as she lifted her butt up, placing her pussy closely above the tip of his shaft.


She then lowered herself, slowly getting her moist pussy penetrated by his thick long cock as the two moaned in pleasure. As a third of his cock entered inside her pussy, Mat then began grunting in discomfort as he felt the tightness of Syndra's pussy on his cock. The young woman then halted her descent as she felt her inside stretching out by his thick shaft.


"~Ahhhhhnnn!~Damn that's a big cock. I see you're struggling a little." Syndra said while moving her hips in a clockwise motion.


"Ghng! I'm fine. Like I said, I can handle your pus-GRAAAHHHG! FUCK!" Mat yelled in discomfort as Syndra slammed her body down, shoving his cock deep inside her womb while she yelled in pleasure.


"Ahhh yes!~Ahh!~I can feel your cock pulsating deep inside me! It's warmth and size are making me so horny." Syndra said while moaning in pleasure.


The young woman then began moving her body in a continuous loop of upwards and downwards movements, moaning in pleasure while the young man grunted in both pleasure and discomfort. She felt joy as waves of excitement flowed through out her body, enjoying drilling her wet entrance with his throbbing cock. Her first pleasurable sensations she ever felt with a man's cock quickly overwhelmed her as she pulled the young man's head close to her large soft melons, placing and tightening her grip on his back. After a couple of minutes, Mat felt more and more pleasure by every cycle of Syndra's constant movements as he felt her inside slowly loosening up. He proceeded to grab Syndra's breasts and slightly leaned his head back, placing her nipples on the same level as his lips. Mat then began sucking her left nipple while also licking it, causing Syndra to moan louder in sexual delight.


"~Mmmmmmm!~That feels so good!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~" Syndra said while moaning in pleasure.


"Ooooooh!~Ahhh!~Fuck!~Your pussy feels so amazing!~Ahhh!" Mat said while moaning after releasing his hands from Syndra's boobs.


"~Ahh!~It seems you can handle my tight pussy~Ahh!~" Syndra said as she moaned in pleasure.


"~Ahh!~Let's switch things up a bit." Mat said as he quickly stood up while lifting Syndra up, tightly holding her by her ass cheeks.


"Are you going to show me your powerful strength?" Syndra asked while wrapping tightly his lower back with her legs.


"Even better than that." Mat replied with a smile.


The young man began rocking his pelvis at a very fast pace with heavy force, pounding fast and hard Syndra's pussy. The young woman moaned loudly in pleasure by his massive cock drilling deep inside her womb at an alarming speed.


"~AHH FUCK!~HAAH!~NNGH!~YES!~YES!~AHH FUCK!~DON'T STOP!~NNGH!~AHH!~AHH!~YOUR COCK IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!~HAIGNN!~NNGH!~" Syndra shouted in extreme pleasure, tightening her grip on the young man's body.


The young woman was feeling an extreme exhilaration as his Mat's pounding cock was jolting her with immense sexual pleasure. Her legs quivered intensely, loosening their grip on his lower back. As she yelled lewdly, the young man began playing with Syndra's tongue, passionately kissing her for several short kisses before curling their moist warm tongues together with their mouths opened. Mat moaned and grunted in pleasure, highly enjoying Syndra's tight pussy. The two were sweating intensely from the heat of their sexual make out combined with the steamy hot smokes of the sauna room they were in.


"~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~I'm cumming Syndra!~" Mat said as he felt close to climaxing.


"~AHHH!~I'M CUMMING TOO!~FUCK!~CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!~NNGH!~HAGH!~AHHHH!~FUCK I'M CUMMING!~AHH!~I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIINNG!" Syndra screamed loudly in pleasure as she squirted out from her pussy a lot of her love juices while Mat shoved deep one final time his twitching shaft inside her womb.


The young woman then began to puff out a lot as she was already exhausted. She felt Mat's warm semen filling up her womb as their mixed fluids flowed out from her stretched entrance. After he finished emptying his load, the young pale white man pulled out his oozing dick from her pussy, leaving her gaped hole leaking out their entire mixed love juices.


"*Puff* That was incredible! *Puff* I can't feel my legs! *Puff* You even stretched my pussy! *Puff* We should do this more often! *Puff*" Syndra said while catching up her breath.


"We can go for another round right now." Mat said as he gently dropped Syndra on the wooden bench.


"*Puff* Not now! *Puff* I'm so exhausted already! *Puff* Your big cock completely drained me! *Puff*" Syndra said.


"Well I was right. You couldn't handle my cock that easily." Mat said as he opened the door.


"*Puff* I can agree with that. I underestimated you. *Puff*" Syndra said.


"Well it was your first time with a man's cock. It just so happens to be with me." Mat said as he exited the room, picking up his clothes.


"You're leaving already?" Syndra asked as she saw him dressing himself up.


"Yup. I have another important meeting. But don't worry, I'll be back." Mat said while picking up his magical gears.


"Can I come with you? I feel lonely out here." Syndra asked him after approaching him, her legs were still shaking.


"Sure you can. Here, you'll need some healing first." Mat replied as he placed his green glowing right hand on her head, fully healing her up and himself as green magical aura formed around them.


"Oh wow! I no longer feel tired! And I see my pussy has returned to normal like if I never had sex before." Syndra said in surprisement as she rubbed her female entrance.


"That's the power of healing magic. Alright then, get yourself dressed up. I'll wait for you outside. Don't be late." Mat said as he approached the large gates of the building.


"Don't worry Mat. I'll be quick." Syndra said as she flew up to the second floor of her house.

Mat smirked after Syndra left to get herself ready. Fully geared up and dressed, Mat placed his right hand on the gate but then suddenly stopped himself from opening it as he felt a strange presence around him.


"Shit! There's someone else here other than me and Syndra! I sense someone's magic." Mat said as he moved a few steps back from the door.


He then quickly closed his eyes, scouting the area outside of the building by sensing for any beings with magic.


"Karma! She's here! I remember her magic. But, I sense another foreign magic coming from a blade. Otherwise, I don't sense any other magic but I do sense a huge amount of Ki energy. Karma probably came with a huge army. A smart move but I already have a lot of magic with me." Mat said to himself.


"Are you alright Mat? I heard you talking to yourself." Syndra said as she approached him in her dark black uniform while levitating herself in the air.


"We have company. Ionian company." Mat said to Syndra.


"What!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Were you followed!?" Syndra yelled at him.


"I think so. Probably some of those silent ninja Ionian spies have seen me came in this place." Mat replied.


"Well no matter. The Ionians are always stupid and scared. They always underestimated my power!" Syndra said as her hands glowed dark black with an purple aura around them, creating three large dark black spheres that were floating above her.


"Good. Let's kill them all." Mat said before he opened the large gates.


The two were welcomed by hundreds of Ionians men equipped with silver armors on their bodies, wooden bows on their backs and sharp steel swords on their hands. Standing in front of the army was Karma who seemed very angry as she glared at Syndra and Mat.


Next to the right side of Karma was a young and athletic Ionian woman in her mid 20's that was wielding a large half shattered black blade on her right hand. Her weapon had a black handle and had strange symbols carved on the blade. She had white short hair, brown eyes, black makeup around the eyelids, black eyelashes and a white line tattoo on each of her cheeks. She wore a white clothing that covered her torso, her back and her upper thighs, leaving the light beige skin of her arms and her legs exposed. She also wore black sandals and had white bandages on her forearms. A part of her white hair behind the back of her head was tied as she had a small ponytail hair that was held upwards.


The young man then glanced up, seeing a dozen of Ionian men dressed in black ninja suits as they were hanging on the walls and the rooftop of the building. He also spotted a very young Ionian girl with black hair and in a two piece dark green outfit that covered her chest and her lower body. Her appearance showed that she was very young, at least 16 years old. She had brown eyes, black eyelashes and black eyebrows and she also wore a green long mask and brown long leather boots. Most of her medium length hair were attached by a green hairband, flinging all of her hair to the left side. She had silver cloud shape tattoos on her shoulders and a silver ocean wave pattern tattoo on her right arm. Attached to her lower back by a thick brown rope was a cylinder bag that was filled with smoke bombs, silver steel kunais and shurikens. The young girl wielded a silver steel kama in her right hand and a silver steel kunai in her left hand.




"I like to see you all try! You're the one who should stand down!" Syndra shouted back at Karma.


"Hehehehe! Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Mat maniacally laughed loudly, glancing down on the floor.


Everyone glanced at him as they watched him laughed like a true demon. The young man then slowly glanced his head back up, smiling crazily at Karma.


"Long time no see, spiritual bitch! It seems you didn't learn your lesson! Now I will show you a small glimpse on how I kill and torture Ionian sheeps!" Mat shouted to Karma as he quickly drew the silver Crescent Moonblade with his right hand.