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The Unquenchable Lust Of The Blade (NSFW)(Harems)(Futas)

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It was a dark evening in Noxus as the skies were painted in dark red color. Large black smokes engulfed most of the empire as it came from the heavy and wrecked machineries the Noxians used for war. It was a huge defeat for them after their invasion in Ionia, losing more than half of their soldiers. However, despite the devastating numbers of losses, the Noxians were laughing in joy because they knew that they severely damaged Ionia, also know as the First Lands, and changed it forever. They heard news and rumors that the great massacre they inflicted upon the millions in Ionia traumatized them, creating multiple different small factions and revolutions in their lands. As the people of the cruel and fearsome empire were celebrating and having hundreds of parties with feasts and boozes, not all were kicking back their feet and enjoying their joyful seemed victory. For Noxus, today wasn't only the day to celebrate their small win, but it was also the day for the empire to receive it's new reformation. Today marked the end to the empire's cruel methods and the birth of something great and forever changing.

During the night of that same day, a old and crippled man marched into the empire's throne. The tall crippled man was in his late 50's as he had long grey hair that lengthened down to his shoulders, covering his ears. He had black eyes, large black eyebrows, a damaged nose and a large forehead. He wore an immense and more rectangular shape black coat, extending to his high black boots while also having a sizable diamond shaped collar that reached his shoulders as it was bended horizontally. Underneath his back collar was two dark silver plates with various line designs. Under those silver plates were four dark and rectangular silver pieces on each side, hanging on his back collar as they looked like the wings of a crow. In the center of the silver decoration was a dark silver bone face shape with a long pointy nose. There was also a v-cut in the lower center of his coat. He wore his coat on his shoulders as its sleeves were floating at the air. He also wore a dark uniform and a grey belt with a armor plate on his upper body. Finally, his arms were different from each other as his left arm was glowing blood red, having a demonic claw instead of a hand that resembled to a claw of a crow.

That man was Jericho Swain, a man who was betrayed by the empire he served in and was left to rot in the battlefield by the people he once thrusted his life with. Stripped away from his military commander title for being a disabled person, he later came back, reborn with a powerful demon in his grasp and filled with ambitions as he headed towards the throne with one goal in mind: To kill the current general of Noxus as revenge and seize his title so he could shape Noxus into a perfect expression of his will.

As he walked towards his enemy, he found himself standing in front of a large gate where two guards, fully equipped with armor and armed with a long double edge spear, were guarding the entrance.

"Intruder!" shouted the guard in the left as he pointed his weapon at Swain. "Surrender now or die!"

Swain grinned as he looked at the guards, continuing to march forward as if the guards weren't there. The two guards then halted him by approaching their spear close to his face.

"Ahahah! I guess you have a death wish, crippled old man! " the guard in the right laughed at the crippled man, feeling confident that him and his ally would easily kill him as his friend also laughed.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't knew that Swain wasn't just an ordinary old man. Swain swooped the left guard's neck with his demonic hand, choking the poor man with inhuman strength as he lifted him up in the air, forcing the guard the drop his weapon. The other guard could hear bones being crushed in pieces, prompting him to thrust his spear at the tall man, but the right guard stopped his attack as he saw a burst of red lightning jolting from the hostile man's claw.

"Wait...please...stoAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!" the unfortunate guard screamed in pain as he felt like his entire body was burning in the heat of the sun.

Red beams of light shot from his eyes and mouth as he yelled. His skin then became glowing red as his armor and clothes were vaporising. The other guard was terrified for his life at the sight of his friend's agonizing demise, dropping his spear and running away from the crippled man. Swain dropped the burnt corpse that seemed to longer have eyes and organs as its fall made a faint and squishy sound. He then glanced at the coward soldier, chuckling as he saw that the guard was filled with fear.

"Pffftt. They think they have won? Pathetic." Swain said, holding his demonic arm at the running soldier.

With one small lift of his claw formed an immense red energy mist on top of the running man. The guard stopped his movement and looked above him, staring at the glowing demonic eye. A red ring formed on the floor around the unaware soldier, seconds away from his unfortunate faith. Swain then clutched his claws, causing the spell he casted to explode, instantly vaporising the guard. Only a shard of his left metal shoulder pad was left, rolling on the ground.

"At least he had the decency to fear me." Swain said to himself as he walked at the black gate.

He placed his red arm on the gate as red jolts formed around the gate. Then, a loud explosion followed, blowing the doors off as they crashed down on the floor. As Swain entered the colossal room, walking down the red long carpet, he saw multiple red banners with the Noxus symbol on it, all hanged on the grey brick walls. The symbol shaped like an axe while also seemed to be the face of a skinless beast. He also saw a tall golden throne with a old man sitting on it.

The sitting man was in his early 50's, having long brown beard and brown hair. He had brown eyes, a large nose, wide lips and long brown eyebrows. He wasn't prestigiously well dressed as he wore a grey coat cape, an inner red outfit, ordinary brown boots and grey pants. The man in the throne stood up, smiling at Swain.

"Look at you, Jericho Swain!" the man said to Swain, grinning at him.

"Boram Darkwill. Your legacy ends now." Swain replied as he continued to walk towards him.

Darkwill immediately pulled a silver six gauge revolver from his right pocket, pointing it with his right hand at the intruder. He then pulled the trigger six times in quick successions, shooting all bullets at him, but Swain reacted at the sound of the first shot, raising his demonic arm and then shot out from his claws six bolts of red lightning at the lethal projectiles, vaporising them in a instant. The evil bolts continued their path at the general, in which Darkwill dodged as he leaped behind his golden chair to take cover. The throne then shattered in half from the bolts as smokes appeared on it, leaving Darkwill very vulnerable.

"You can sit on a throne but that doesn't make you a ruler, Darkwill." Swain said as he walked towards the vulnerable general. "You're just a man with a feeble ambition, only wanting recognition across Runeterra."

"I will not let a crippled man like you get in my way." Darkwill said as he stood up from his cover, looking at the old man. "You are betraying Noxus!"

"You mean your puny Noxus? Noxus isn't in its glory because of your weak mindset. I will make Noxus an empire that will triumph over all others as they're won't be any weaklings like you." Swain explained to Darkwill, pointing his claws at him.

As he prepared to fire an energy blast at Darkwill, charging up his claws with magical lightning, he noticed that Darkwill was still smiling at him despite the fact that he was seconds away from being vaporised. Swain canceled his channel, lowering his glowing red arm. He then quickly glanced around him to check if there was any other intruders in the room.

"What's your secret plan, Darkwill?" Swain smiled at him, confident that any of Darkwill's escape plans wouldn't work on him. "There's nothing you have that can defeat me."

"Oh really? I had a strong suspicion that you might comeback for revenge with a powerful tool on your side. So I brought mine too." Darkwill said as he looked at a door behind him at his right side.

"Tsk. I brought a demon. The only thing you can bring are armies of soldiers." Swain said, keeping his guard up as he knew that anything was possible.

"Soldiers? Nonsense. I will bring you a monster who's also a killer." Darkwill said as he confidently smiled. "Reveal yourself, Noxus's greatest masterpiece...and my successor!"

The backdoors suddenly opened, a male person entered the throne room walking towards Swain. It wasn't a man nor a old man who entered, but it was a child. The boy was thirteen years old, roughly at the height of Swain's upper hips. He didn't wear a shirt but wore black jeans and black shoes instead. The boy wasn't a normal teenager as his body features were completely different from an ordinary one. His entire skin was completely pale white colour. His mid fade style hair, his normal size eyebrows, his lips and his eyelashes was also the same color as his skin. The boy's entire eyes were completely black except his irises that were glowing dark yellow. He had a assassin dagger on each of his hands, which were also the same colour as his skin. Finally, on the boy's back, there was a giant double-edged broadsword with an extremely large rectangular body, almost the length and size of the boy's body. The immense weapon pointed downward, revealing its long handle. There wasn't any decorations or motifs on the giant sword and it was also the same colour as the boy's skin. The boy stood in front of Swain, ten meters from each other. He smiled crazily, showing off his pointy and bright white teeth.

"Really Darkwill? You brought a boy?" Swain said as he wasn't expecting the Noxian general to bring a teen to protect him.

"Ahaha! He's no ordinary boy Jericho. He doesn't even compare any other children or men! Ahahahaha!" Darkwill laughed, feeling over confident that the weapon he brought will defeat Swain. "He's far worst than any mages or demons."

"We shall see Darkwill. I'll make sure to dispose whatever that thing you claim him to be." Swain said, clenching his demonic claw in the air as he prepared to face his new opponent.

"I'm not a thing you know." the child said with a demonic voice. "I'm a boy who killed millions!"

"Your voice, you can't be a real boy." Swain said to the child. "What are you exactly? "

"Oh sorry. Where are my manners. The name's Mathusan but you can call me Mat and I'm a half-mage. But now the people just call me a monster and a killer." the boy introduced himself, taking four steps forward.

"So you're just a child who claims to be a monster?" Swain said, taking two step forward while charging up his demonic claws.

"And a killer too. Don't forget that." the boy said, reverse gripping his daggers in his hands as he slowly approached the tall man. "There's a difference between a monster and a killer. I am both of them."

"It doesn't change the fact that I will crush you like all men that stood in my way." Swain said, halting his movement as the boy also halted his movement.

The child then took a brief moment to look at Swain, staring carefully at his demonic arm before staring at his eyes.

"What is it boy? Are you already feeling fear by the sight of my hand?" Swain mocked him, waving his demonic claw at him.

"Fear? Fear is my speciality. I give to everyone when they see my face before they feel the cold touch of my blades." Mat said, throwing his daggers at Swain in a instant with amazing speed and force.

Swain reacted to the first dagger, destroying it by releasing a burst of red burning bolt at the flying weapon, vaporizing both the dagger and his magical attack. Due to his crippled body, he barely reacted in time the boy's second attack, moving his head to the left as the dagger scratched him, shaving a small line in his right cheek. Swain's lightly injured cheek bled a couple of blood drops, which surprised the old man.

"You're too slow, Jericho Swain. You may want to use your pet Raum, The Demon of Secrets. With it's full power, you might be able to defeat me!" Mat said, smiling intensely at Swain.

Swain was then surprised once more by the boy's words. He didn't expected him to know the type of demon he wielded or even know the name of his demon.

"You're well informed boy. You must be part of the Black Rose to know such information." Swain said.

"What's the Black Rose? Is that some sort of flower that you like?" Mat said as he didn't knew what Swain said.

His words once more took Swain by surprise. Swain was now very intrigued by the child as he wondered how he could get such information without knowing or being told by the Black Rose. Swain then decided to kill the boy as he raised his demonic arm, creating a red eldritch wave that shaped like a demonic claw on the ground behind the boy. He then pulled his left arm backwards, pulling the wave back at him as it was going to collide the boy. The boy sensed the evil force, raising his right arm behind him, waiting for Swain's attack to hit him. Swain was intrigued at first by Mat's sudden and weird movement. He knew that any person will just immediately die from his attack if they stay in place. He knew that if anyone sensed his attack, they would have dodged it by now. But instead, the boy just simply raised his right arm, smiling crazily at the tall man. Before his dark magical wave hit the boy, he waved his demonic arm to his right, shifting the path of his demonic attack to avoid it hitting the boy. The red wave then vanished after it traveled for a couple of feet.

"You know I could just be bluffing, right?" Mat said, pulling his right arm back to his hip.

"You may be capable of bluffing but I know you didn't bluff." Swain replied. "You must have a secret that I'm not aware of."

"Or I could be just be a really smart boy with inhuman strength and reflexes." Mat said as he placed his right foot in front of him, slightly bending his back.

"You could be but you're hiding your secrets just like other men do." Swain said as he raised his demonic claws.

"Enough with the chit chat. Time for you to die!" the boy yelled, ninja running at the old man with incredible speed.

Swain put his guard up, unsure if he should attack him as he didn't knew what where Mat's hidden secrets. The tall man then took a quick breath and closed his eyes. He felt the ground, the air and the gravity around him suddenly vanished. He was engulfed into nothingness as he felt nothing around him, almost floating in space. He then opened his eyes as he irises glowed red. Swain found himself in a side view of three figures: Boram Darkwill, Mat and himself. He watched the boy rushing towards the copy of himself where it charged up his claws, creating red bolts around his fiendish fingers. The fake Swain then shot a red evil energy blast at the running boy but the boy immediately reacted, putting his right arm up as he kept running, colliding his hand with the devilish attack. His magic attack should have vaporised the boy but instead, it completely vanished, leaving the unscathed boy running at the fake old man. The boy's right arm glowed deep red, slowly turning into a demonic arm, identical to Swain's left arm. The boy then leaped on the false man, swinging his upgraded arm at him. The fake man then blocked his attack with his left arm, trying to hold off the boy's sheer strength. But, he suddenly felt his devil power rapidly depleting while Mat's veins glowed bright red. The fake Swain then fell on the ground as his left powerful arm simply vanished while the boy laughed in joy. A pair of large black raven wings sprouted from the young teen's back, gently levitating himself in the air. The boy's normal arm became the same as his demonic arm. Then, a sudden red flare blinded the real Swain, opening his normal eyes once more as he found himself back to the same room he was in. He saw Mat running towards him with a crazy smile on his face.

"So that's his power." Swain thought to himself as he was amazed that Boram Darkwill could find a young being with a simple yet powerful ability if used correctly. Swain then raised his demonic arm as he charged up red bolts around his claws, certain what the boy was going to do. Unexpectedly for him, Mat instantly pulled out his giant sword from his back with his right hand and immediately threw it at Swain with one heavy swing.

"What!?" Swain shouted as he swiftly sprouted a pair of immense black raven wings on his back.

His entire eyes glowed completely red and a ring of red energy formed around him as red bolts shot from his body. He then flew up in the air, dodging the boy's propelling weapon while Mat ran towards his sword that was stuck on the floor.

"You have more secrets that I'm not aware of, boy." Swain said as he descend down, floating slightly above the floor.

"Hehehe. Indeed I have." Mat chuckled as he picked up his sword with his right hand. "You know, just flying around won't get you anywhere. So how about we play a game?"

"A game? I'm pretty sure that we each are already playing a different game." Swain said as he landed on the ground.

"The game is pretty simple. Whoever can kill the other wins. It's just that easy." Mat explained as he walked towards the old man.

Swain saw the boy approaching him, quickly returning to normal as the boy approached close to his vaporising ring barrier.

"Why did you return to your normal self instead of staying in your powerful bird form?" Mat said as he stopped his movement, now a few meters away from him.

"I know you can absorb magic. I'm quite surprised that such ability exist in a mere human." Swain replied to the boy.

"You see Jericho! You can't beat him!" Darkwill joyfully shouted, sitting on the damaged throne as he was amazed at the displaying show. "You've brought a demon, I've brought a monster and killer."

The old man didn't reply as he focused planning a strategy. Swain knew that he couldn't do much as his human strength and speed were no match against Mat even with his demon power up. He knew that he couldn't use his dark magic or the boy would simply absorb it. He also knew that he couldn't let him touch any part of his body or his demon powers will completely vanish. Swain decided to play defensive as he still thought of a plan. He quickly wore his coat properly and placed his hands inside his pants pockets. He then concentrated on his demon powers, feeling surges of red energy coursing through his veins and body, his wounded cheek was healed.

"I'm forced to use this. Even though I hate it, I have no other choice." Swain thought to himself as he felt he could move at incredible speed like his body was young and healthy again.

The boy vertically swung his giant sword at Swain with only his right hand, but Swain immediately dodged by jumping backwards at inhuman speed. The boy then quickly rushed at him, sending a barrage of swings coming from all directions at the enhanced old man, but Swain evaded every of Mat's attacks with his incredible mobility. As Mat continued to attack, the tall man now found himself cornered in a wall. Mat then thrusted his sword at him but Swain managed to escape as he ran over the wall and jumped off from it, performing a double front flip over the boy as he increased the distance between him and his enemy, landing safely on the ground. Swain then quickly turned around, only to see a rushing Mat who was very close to him as he swung his sword downwards. Swain quickly moved but didn't manage to dodge in complete safety as Mat landed a large cut on Swain's right leg, causing him to grunt in pain as he fell on his back. He felt the painful wound burning hotter as he rapidly stood up on his knees.

"Die birdman!" Mat shouted as he swung his weapon at Swain's heart while he smiled intensely.

Swain didn't gave up as he knew he couldn't give up just yet. He came here for a reason and knew that he must achieve his goal or everything he did that led to this point will be wasted for nothing. The tall man raised his right arm, blocking the lethal attack as he gripped at the sword. He felt the metal sharp blade slowly piercing his hand as Mat pushed his sword with his immense strength. Swain firmly held the boy's weapon as he prepared to send a bolt of magical energy at the boy, gambling on the fact that Mat could possibly only absorb his attack with his hands. The boy then decided to choke the injured man as he firmly gripped his neck with his left hand.

"You forgot about my left hand Swain. Probably because you're not used to have no left arm." Mat said as he smiled intensely at Swain, tightening his grip on him.

Swain began to feel his dark magic slowly dissipating as Mat's hand began to glow sparkling red.

"IT'S OVER JERICHO! I HAVE WON! I HAVE WON!" Boram Darkwill shouted in joy as he jumped off from his throne. "I HOPE YOU LEARNED THAT I'M THE ONE WHO WILL LEAD NOXUS TO A GREATER FUTURE! SO DIE NOW!"

"Any man that must say they are winning is not truly winning." Swain said as he smiled even when he's pinned down.

He glanced his eyes to the left, seeing the second dagger that Mat threw at him a few moments ago. Swain immediately grabbed the dagger with his demonic claws and quickly thrusted it with brute power into the boy's heart.

"" Mat stumbled on his words, dropping his weapon and releasing his grip on Swain.

Blood poured heavily from the boy's chest as he stepped a couple back while pulling out the dagger from his chest. He then fell on the ground, dropping the small weapon as he felt his breath completely cut off. A red puddle formed underneath the boy's corpse, painting his upper body in red.

"It's over Darkwill. I've bested him." Swain said as he stood up on his feet, healing his large wounds with his demon powers. Swain then silenced his power boost as the glowing red light emitted from his skin vanished.

"Are you sure about that Jericho?" Darkwill said as he smiled, thinking to himself that he was still winning.

"I don't understand why you're stil-WHAT THE HELL!?" Swain yelled as he was interrupted by the boy who jumped at him. Swain held down the boy's right arm with his demonic arm as the boy's right hand was glowing bright white.

"The small magic that I absorbed from you is enough for me to heal my lethal wound." Mat said, still tainted in his own blood while the wound on his chest was magically heales. "Let me show what true fear and torture looks like."

"I'm sorry but I have already won." Swain said as he easily pushed back Mat's arm with the strength of his demonic arm, forcefully pushing Mat's glowing white hand on the boy's head.

As Swain held his hand down, the boy began to yell in pain as his eyes shot beams of white light. The tall man quickly released his grip on the boy before taking a few steps back. The boy screamed in pain as he felt an agonizing headache, dropping on his knees. His hand and eyes returned to normal after a few seconds but the mental pain still remained. Mat covered his ears with his hands as he began to hear voices and sounds in his mind.

*Crying noises*

Kill them all and look for the boy !

*Burning sounds*

Now you serve for Boram Darkwill!

Now you serve for NOXUS!!!

*Please have mercy! *Crying* Please!

*Slicing sounds*


*Flesh sliced and chopped in pieces noises*

Please have mercy! Plea-AHHHHHH!


The boy stop yelling as the pain faded away. He could still hear the sounds of flesh being sliced and chopped in several pieces as he also heard the sound of blood pouring out everywhere on the ground. He could still hear buildings collapsing and burning while also hearing the tears and screams of people being tortured and killed in the worst way possible.

"It's over. I have won Darkwill." Swain said as he picked the bloodied dagger with his right hand.

He then approached towards the boy, preparing to stab him in his head. Swain then noticed Darkwill was trembling furiously in fear. He smirked at the powerless man.

"You should have feared me a long time ago, Darkwill." Swain said to Darkwill as he raised his demonic arm, creating a large glowing and demonic eye on the backdoor, blocking Darkwill's only exit.

As Swain firmly gripped the weapon, he then noticed that the boy wasn't looking at him. He was instead staring at the Noxian General. He also noticed that Mat's hair was now black. The tall man was intrigued by it and decided to hold his deadly attack, moving at the right side of the boy.

"What?" Swain gasped as he saw Mat's entire skin color was now light brown and his human black eyes were normal.

He then quickly looked up as he saw Boram Darkwill running towards to the front gate even though it was a suicide run as Swain could easily kill him from a distance. The tall man dropped the red painted dagger, quickly raising his demonic arm at the coward man. As he charged a finishing blow of, the boy grabbed his broadsword with his left hand and immediately threw it like a boomerang with full force at the running Darkwill, chopping off theknee joints of the running man. Boram Darkwill then fell on the floor, bleeding out a river of blood from his amputated legs.

"AAAAHHHHHRRRRGG! My legs! AAAAAHHH!" Boram yelled in agony as the burning pain in his legs felt like they were bathed in the sun.

Swain was surprised from the boy's attack as he dropped his own attack.

"Ahahaha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Swain manically laughed at the fallen enemy, crying out a tear of joy from his right eye as it was so funny for him to see Darkwill's own upcoming successor betray him. "Look at you Darkwill! Your own secret weapon that you were going to give him your title has betrayed you! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As Swain continued to laugh, Mat grabbed the bloody dagger with his left hand. Swain noticed it but decided to let the boy finish the job as he was curious to see what the boy would actually do to Darkwill. As the boy slowly approached Darkwill, Swain could see Mat's emotionless face with soulless eyes. The way Mat walked seemed to show that he was a just a complete empty vessel.

"Please! I-I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!" Darkwill begged to the boy as he stared at his emotionless eyes while he was immobile on the ground.

"Your outcome was decided when you brought me armies of suffering and pain. Now I will bring you a monster...and a killer." Mat said, plunging his dagger at Darkwill's left shoulder, causing the poor man to yell in pain as he felt the sharp metal piercing through his shoulder.

"PLEASE! STOP!...Argh! I-I can make you rich...I can make you more powerful...I can give you everything." Darkwill begged to the boy to spare his life.

The boy ignored Boram's words, only wanting to torture and kill him. Mat slightly lifted his weapon, slowly descending it to Darkwill's left arm. As his skin opened, flushing out blood from his left limb, Darkwill felt the pain exponentially and terribly growing more unbearable, shouting his lungs out as he could no longer feel his left side. Darkwill swung his other arm at the boy, but Mat quickly blocked it by stomping it on the floor with his right feet, slowly crushing it as Darkwill yelled once more in pain. Mat then pulled out his weapon and plunged it at Darkwill's other shoulder, slowly carving out the right side as the red flood gushed out from the damaged body. As Darkwill's scream echoed in the throne room, Swain stood still, watching carefully his enemy's cruel demise. He thought of the words that boy said before he began his bloody art, wondering that the boy could have been a regular child that was kidnapped and tortured for something valuable he possessed. He knew that the boy's magic absorption ability wasn't the only reason that Darkwill kidnapped the boy. He knew there was something very valuable that the young teen possessed. Suddenly, the sounds of pain vanished as the huge lake of blood streamed on the floor, touching Swain's boots.

"And that's how we slaughter a swine." Mat said as walked away from the corpse, walking towards the throne.

He then stabbed the golden chair with the bloody dagger and sat down on the floor. He felt completely exhuasted and decided to stare at his bloodied hands. Swain could see Darkwill's dead corpse that was heavily carved out with many open wounds where the entire skin was partially shredded. The corpse's body was spurting out gallons of red liquid like a calm river. The eyes were completely destroyed as they had multiple cuts and the neck was sliced open, the throat was heavily pierced. The tall man glanced at the boy, unflinched by the horrible decorated corpse. He then approached at the boy, mentally surprised by what Mat did to the unfortunate soul. Swain crouched, staring at the boy's soulless eyes and emotionless face

"Show me what happened." Swain said to the boy.

The boy glanced at him, staring at his eyes. Words began to appear around Swain's body as Mat could read them.

Jericho Swain will not harm you. He wants to know the truth about what happened to your past.

Mat lifted his right hand, glowing it in bright white light as he could sense that Swain wasn't showing any signs of hatred or violence towards him. He gently approached his glowing hand on Swain's head, which Swain let him by nodding his head as he knew that the boy wasn't going to harm him. The boy placed his shining hand on Swain's forehead and beams of white light suddenly shot out from the old man's eyes. Swain began to hear people screaming in pain and buildings crashing down. He could see an even younger version of Mat standing on a grassy ground, crying as he witnessed the slaughter of hundreds of people by the hands of Noxian soldiers. Then, a white flare blinded Swain for a tiny period. He then opened his eyes, only to see the child being tortured by different whips and sharp blades. He was even tortured by the black magic of a pale woman that Swain immediately recognised before. Finally, another white flare blinded him, opening his eyes once more. He could see Ionia's lands as he remembered it from his last encounter with the spiritual place. Swain saw the boy once more but only this time, he was in his white form. He saw that Mat was killing and torturing thousands of people, even millions as Swain could see piles of bleeding corpse everywhere around him.

"Their agony, their despair, their fear, their blood. It all brings joy to my heart!" the crazed boy said as he faced the tall man. "Hehehe...hehehehe...HEHEHEHEHEHE!...HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!"

A final white flare blinded him, opening his eyes as he saw that he was back at the throne room. The boy withdrew his glowing hand, turning it back to normal as Swain's eyes ceased to beamed out bright white light beams. Swain now understood everything. He now knew what happened to the boy. He now knew that the Black Rose, the cabal that he swore he was going to destroy, was responsible for the boy's grand tragedy. He felt pure anger and rage, firmly clenching his claws as he wanted to kill every single members of the Black Rose so badly after what they've done to the poor boy. Warm tears began to drop from the boy's eyes, crying in sadness as he visualized in his mind everything about his dark past. Swain then glanced back at the crying child, not sure what to do with him. The boy did tried to kill him but Swain knew that the boy was no longer a threat to him. He raised his demon hand, gently placing it on Mat's head. He then slowly pulled the boy to his shoulder, embracing him as he comforted him, softly brushing his hair. Swain felt the boy's tears drenching his coat which oddly seemed to make him feel unease with himself. He knew the boy could prove useful for tracking down members of the secret cabal or for furthering his personal agenda. But, he somehow didn't want to use the boy for those ambitious reasons. He instead wanted to help the child which was really uncharacteristic of him.

"It's over, my boy." Swain whispered softly to him, soothing the boy's stress. "It's over...I will raise you to be..."

Swain suddenly stopped, hesitant on what to say as he wasn't completely sure on how he should he raise the child. After a few moments of deep thoughts, he finally decided.

"I will raise you to be a better person." Swain said to Mat.

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It was a beautiful evening in Ionia were the sun lightly shined the lands. The breezy wind softly blew the green naturel carpets as the blue magical auroras lit up the skies.



Next to a giant tree with massive branches, covered in marvelous red leaves, was a young boy that seemed close to being an adult. He wore a simple grey t-shirt, simple black pants and simple black shoes. The boy's black coat and black hat were hanged on a branch that was located on the lowest part of the tree. In front of him was a white paint board that sat on a wooden easel.



Mat was whistling joyfully as he was painting a portrait of someone. With his left arm, he held his color palette that had multiple and different colors. With his right hand, he gently and carefully painted using a fine Ionian paint brush with his right hand. The young boy seemed to be lost in his artwork as he failed to notice a levitating crescent blade below his right side. The blade then slowly flew upwards, closing to the young boy's vision as it blocked his sight on his painting.



Mat then noticed the levitating blade but also noticed a small letter that was tied to it with a tiny red rope. He carefully untied the rope and picked up the letter, unfolding it as he began to read it.



"I know it's been a year since the day we started to chat. So I decided to give you a gift. Just focus your eyes in front of you. Then on my signal, you turn around. No peeking ;)"



~Love, Irelia



Mat smiled after he read the letter. He then saw the crescent blade and five others flying behind his artwork, all converging together to shape a large heart.



"Aha! That's what I'm missing." Mat said to himself as he continued to paint his artwork with a inspired idea from the levitating blades.



While he continued to paint, a young girl appeared behind the tree, holding in her right hand a picnic basket with a large red white checkered blanket on top of it. The young girl with a white beige skin had long and dark blue hair that lengthened to her hips, seemingly in her very early 20's. She had small eyebrows and her curled eyelashes were the same color as her hair. She also had rose lips and turquoise eyes. She was a sore eyes to see as she had a slim body with large beautiful breasts, an exquisite bottom and thick thighs. The young girl wore a light pink t-shirt and dark blue tight pants. She also wore light pink shoes. She also seemed to be the same height as the young boy.



The young girl silently walked, carefully placing the blanket on the green ground in front of tree. She then slowly placed the basket on the large blanket as she sat down with her legs crossed together. She slowly withdrew the floating blades towards her with a small gesture of her hands, gently placing them next to the tree. The young boy didn't notice the silver blades moving away as he was very concentrated on his painting.



"Y...yo-you can...t-turn around Mat." the young girl stuttered as her cheeks blushed pink.



She was really nervous, fiddling with her hair while she looked slightly down. It was the first time for the couple to meet up in person. They have only known each other through small letters and poems because the young girl was forbade from ever talking or meeting Mat by a powerful and spiritual lady. Mat turned around as he stared at the appealing young girl. He chuckled at the sight of the picnic that she prepared for them.



"What's so funny?" the young girl asked to Mat.



"Really Irelia? Do Ionians really do picnics these days?" Mat asked to her as he chuckled.



"Not really. I just thought it to be more romantic." Irelia replied.



"I see. Well, I also have a gift for you." Mat said as he took a step back, covering completely his painting. "Just come over here to get your gift~"



"A gift? Let me see it then." Irelia said as she stood up and walked towards him, surprised that he also had a gift for him.



"Ta-daa!" Mat said as he moved to his right, revealing his artwork to her.



"Wha...what!? was just a joke! I didn't mean it!" Irelia shouted as she was shocked from what she was seeing.



The painting was a portrait of herself, sitting on a wooden chair completely naked. A dark blue v-shaped crown rested on the figure's forehead. There were also six crescent blades that were identical to hers, floating behind the figure's back that shaped together into a heart.



"How!?...We never saw each other!" Irelia shouted, surprised as her cheeks glowed madly red. "Did you...did you sneak up on me?"



"Of course not. I never sneak or peeked at you. I didn't even asked anyone on any information on how you looked." Mat replied as he approached Irelia, gently placing his hands on her hips as he stared at her pretty eyes.



"So then, it's thanks to your reading ability?" Irelia asked as she placed her arms around his neck, moving her head closely to his.



"Yup. I was actually serious about it." Mat replied, gently pressing his nose on Irelia's.



They both gazed deeply at each others eyes for a long moment, each thinking to themselves that this was the moment that were both waiting for over a year. They both felt a rush of excitement as they both thought of kissing for the first time. Irelia wasn't too confident as she wasn't sure about it, but Mat made the first move, gently locking his lips on her soft lips as they kissed. Several seconds had passed as they kissed but for them, it felt like long minutes had passed.



They then broke their kiss as they stare at each other's eyes once more.



"So shall we start our romantic date?" Mat asked to her as she lifted her up, wrapping his arms around her core while Irelia firmly gripped his back.



"I would love to." Irelia replied, gently kissing him as he walked at their picnic place.



The young girl broke off the kiss, smiling at her love. Mat gently let Irelia down on the blanket. He then sat down after he placed her down, both sitting with their legs crossed.



"I...I want you...t-to rest your head lap." Irelia nervously said as her cheeks glowed bright red, looking at the young boy.



"I don't mind that but just don't be too shy about asking me anything." Mat told her, laying himself down on his back while he rested his head on her right lap. Irelia then gently brushed his hair with her right hand as Mat enjoyed her warm touch.



The young girl opened her picnic basket, pulling out purple grapes from it. Holding the branch of the fruit, she then placed the grapes above Mat's mouth, giving her a sign to savour it. The young boy chuckled at Irelia's romantic gesture. He then slightly lifted his head, gently pulling out the very bottom grape with his teeth. Irelia then moved away the grapes and placed them back in the basket.



"So, do you like it?" Irelia asked to Mat as she continued to caress his hair. "It's a special kind of grapes that only grows in Navori."






"Mat?...Oh..." the young girl said as she looked at her love.



She noticed that he didn't ate the fruit but instead kept it between his teeth, not even giving it a small cut. The young boy slowly lifted his head up, pressing his nose against hers as he held her back head with his right hand. Irelia blushed once more as her entire face was painted deep red. She understood what her love wanted her to do.



"Are...are you sure? I...I'm not sure... that I-I can do that..." Irelia stuttered as she felt very nervous about what Mat was proposing her to do.



The young boy steadily approached his lips to Irelia's, continuing to gently massage her long soft hair. Irelia instinctively opened her mouth as she lowered her head, locking her opened lips with her love's lips. They both bit the fruit, cutting in half as they each took a piece while the sweet and savoury water of the grape flowed on their tongues. After each swallowed a half of the grape, Mat held his girlfriend's cheek with his left hand, feeling the warmth of her face. They both then swirled their tongues together, tasting each other's sweet and moist saliva and they explored each other's mouths. Irelia enjoyed it very much, feeling aroused from their passionate kiss as they smooched for several seconds. Mat then broke off the kiss as he released his hands on her head, moving his head back down.



"You seem to enjoy it quite fondly." Mat said as he smiled at her, lifting his back up, sitting next to her with his legs crossed together.



"I actually loved it." Irelia happily said to him. "I need you to close your eyes. brought something else."



"Sure. I will do anything for my love to make her happy~" Mat said, closing his eyes.



"No peeking!" Irelia said as she pulled two transparent wine glasses from the basket, placing one in front of her and the other in front of him.



"I won't." Mat said while his eyes were still closed.



Irelia pulled out a black bottle from the basket, gently opening its bottle cap. She then poured the red wine from the bottle into each wine glass.



"If I had to guess, you brought an alcohol beverage, maybe red wine?" Mat asked while still keeping his eyes closed as he heard the sound of the wine pouring down into the glass.



"It's Ionian red wine." Irelia said to him after she finished half filling them. She then pulled out a tiny black medicine bottle from the basket after putting back the alcoholic bottle. She silently opened its cap and slowly titled it down at the wine glass closer to Mat.



"So what's special about the Ionian red wine?" Mat asked, still closing his eyes.



"I actually don't know. I just bought one that was recommended to me." Irelia replied as the bottle leaked out a tablespoon of red powder into the drink, quickly dissolving into the liquid.



"So it might taste really bad?" Mat asked with his eyes closed.



"Don't worry. The seller said it was an excellent wine." Irelia said as she placed back the medicine bottle inside the basket. "And the seller can't lie to me. I'm the Ionian Guard Captain after all."



"A beautiful and hot Ionian Guard Captain that is also my love~" Mat complimented her.



"T-thank you...for saying such nice words." Irelia said as she gently picked up the wine glass in front of her, her cheeks flushed in light red. "You can open your eyes now."



Mat opened her eyes, seeing once more his love partner. He then saw the half filled wine glass in front him, carefully picking it up.



"So, we toast to our first love anniversary?" Mat asked Irelia as he wasn't sure what to toast for.



"I guess so." Irelia replied.



"Then, cheers to our first love anniversary." Mat said, slowly approaching his glass to hers.



"Cheers to it." Irelia said as they both hit their glasses together before they began to drink. She chugged her entire glass while Mat only took a sip.



"This is actually good! It has quite a sweet taste." Mat said before he drank the rest of his glass.



"It does." Irelia said as she already finished her alcoholic drink. She took his empty glass and placed both glasses back in the picnic basket.



"So, what do you have in mind now?" Mat asked her as he stared at her turquoise eyes.



Irelia approached to him, sitting on his knees as she placed her hands on his chest while she stared at his eyes.



"I...I want to...make out...with you." Irelia nervously said as she blushed red, feeling very aroused.



"Oh...well...I also do...want to make out with you." Mat stuttered as he felt a warm and exciting sensation through his body.



As they gazed at each others eyes, Irelia gently lowered her head, pressing her soft lips against his. She then slightly lifted herself up and pressed his chest, feeling his heartbeat. As they kissed with their eyes closed, Mat then slowly laid himself on his back, gently holding her waist by wrapping his arms around it as he continued to kiss his love in small bursts of kisses. They both then switched into a French kiss, tasting each other's sweet and warm tongue as they lovingly played each other. They swirled and curled savagely, fighting for dominance as they moaned in pleasure from their pleasuring kiss. After a few seconds, the young boy came in top, beginning to explore deeply his love's mouth while the young girl licked his under tongue with little force. Irelia then crossed her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts on his chest as Mat could her soft and warm melons. The young boy then carefully moved his hand, placing them on his love's bottom as he gently massaged her thicc butt cheeks. Irelia enjoyed his touch as she felt his soothing hands rubbing her bottom, moaning in pleasure as she was passionately kissed by his lover. The heat between their pressing bodies started to elevate.



"IRELIA!? MAT?!? What the hell you two doing?" a female voice yelled, seemingly coming from the side of the tree.



The two lovebirds quickly opened their eyes, breaking off their make out as strings of saliva came out from their mouth. As they turned around, they saw a tall woman in her late 20's with a light brown skin. She had short black hair with its end on her right side and two very small bangs on each side that was covered in a red band. She had black eyebrows, dark brown lips, purple eyes and a normal size nose. The lady's eyelids and eyelashes were beautifully black with a short and black vertical line underneath in each of her eye, revealing that she was using makeup. She had a really slim body with well rounded large breasts and appealing glutes and thighs. She wore an special and prestigious purple mantle, with the belly part of it being white and had multiple gold curled lines across it. Her clothing didn't cover her arms and legs but the two long purple aprons of her mantle, one in her front and one in her back, did cover her crotch area and her butt. The lady wore small silver sleeves on her forearms and shoulders and wore purple sandals. She also wore a small gold crown on her hair with a glowing light green and diamond shape emerald in its center. She also wore a large white double curled plates on each of her shoulders. Finally, behind her back and above her plates, there was two glowing green snake like figures, forming together in a ying and yang way. She had green line tattoos on her thighs which resembled her green symbol.



"Aunt Karma! Wh-what a-are you doing here?" Mat stuttered as his cheeks blushed dark red, feeling embarrassed in front of her. He and Irelia both quickly stood up on their feet.



"Why are you making out with the Ionian Guard Captain?!" Karma shouted in anger as she caught the couple in the middle of their make out.



"What do you want Karma?" Irelia said, seemingly angry at her for interrupting her delightful moment with her love.



The young girl motioned her hands together in various ways, commanding her crescent blades to grab Mat's black coat and hat. She then moved them towards her, placing and floating her weapons behind her back while Mat picked up his dark clothes and wore them.



"Didn't I forbid you from ever talking or meeting him at all!?" Karma shouted at Irelia.



"And I don't give a fuck about your rules and balance stuffs." Irelia rudely replied to her.



"IRELIA! You can't date him or marry him!" Karma angrily shouted back at her.



"OH! Is it because he's not from Ionia? Or is it because he was used as a tool by Noxus?" Irelia shouted once more, pointing her lethal blades at the spiritual lady.



"It's not that simple Irelia. Just don't g-"



"Shut up you fucking avatar bitch! Just leave me alone and let me be happy." Irelia vulgarly yelled at her as she quickly grabbed Mat's hand, pulling him as she walked away. "Let's go Mat."



"Don't you understand what you're doi-"



"Then tell me why I shouldn't date him!? Or even marry him!?" Irelia interrupted her once more.



"I...I can'''s too late for that..." Karma stumbled on her words.



"Then shut up and leave me alone!" the young girl shouted in anger one final time before she proceeded to walk away with Mat who seemed a little saddened from their little fight.



As they both walked away, Karma did not stop them but felt an uneasy pain in her stomach.



"You chose a dangerous and blind path Irelia. I don't know how long it will take before you realised it." Karma said to herself as she watched the couple walking away from her.



*Night time*



It was a dark and beautiful night for Ionia as the moon shined bright over its lands. The wind wasn't present as the grassy floor weren't moving. For Irelia and Mat, they were both having fun together as they were both at her place in her bedroom.



"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase?~ Just stay with me." the young girl begged to her love who was sitting in the queen size bed, only wearing his black boxers.



"I...I'm not sure Irelia." Mat said to her, seemingly nervous by her proposition as she stared at her half revealing body. His love only wore a rose bra and rose panties.



"You said you will do anything for me. And besides, we are a couple so there's nothing wrong with us living together." Irelia said to him, wanting to sleep with him as she approached to him.



"I did say that." Mat said as she stared at his love's bright eyes. She seemed close to burst in tears as her eyes were reflecting the lights of the moon coming from a window.



"Pretty please?" Irelia begged him once more, sitting on his lap as she pressed her breasts against his chin. She then give him a small kiss on his forehead as she wrapped her arms around his back.



"Alright fine. I will move out into your house." Mat said as he felt the warmth of her soft breasts, feeling highly aroused.



"YEEEEEEAAAAAAYY!" Irelia yelled as she tightened her grip on his back. "I love you so much, my love blade~"



"Love blade? That's what you're going to call me now?" Mat asked to her, gently giving pecs on the top of breasts which caused Irelia to lightly moaned from his warm lips.



"You don't like the nickname love blade?" Irelia asked as she gave him a kiss on the lips.



"Hmmmm~I kinda like the nickname." Mat replied.



"I'm glad you like it." Irelia said, starting to kiss him once more as they both felt a rush of euphoria. She then noticed and felt the sensation of a hard thing between her legs.



"Looks like someone is very excited~" Irelia seductively said as she began to slowly move her hips, sliding back and forth her covered lady part on his lover's covered hard shaft.



"I...ah...I just can't control myself because I'm staring at you." Mat said after slightly moaning, feeling a wet and warm sensation sliding on his hardened shaft. "You seemed to be excited too."



The young girl's cheeks blushed red but felt very nervous as her body quivered, wanting to tell him something.



"I ah...I...I want to... to raise a family." Irelia said after slightly moaning from the pleasant feeling. "I...I want to have a child...with you."



Her words shocked the young boy as his eyes widened. He stopped smiling, expressing a sad face. The young girl then noticed her love blade's sad face.



"I-I mean if-if you want to...I-I mean I know we just met in person for the first time...but-"



"Irelia, I...I can't raise a family..." Mat interrupted her as he look down, avoiding her eyes.



"Oh...I-I see...well...we-"



"I meant I can't give you a child." the young boy said as he i interrupted her once more. He then took a deep breath. "I'm...I'm sterile."



"...So?" Irelia said to him, unfazed by his revelation.



"What do you mean by so? Aren't you going to be depressed beca-"



"I don't care Mat! I don't care if you're sterile!" Irelia interrupted him as she shouted. "If I can't have a child, then at least I will spend the rest of my life with you. You''re my happiness. You're my love blade."



Mat was genuinely surprised from what shen just said. He didn't expect for her to wanting to be with him even if she couldn't have a child with him. For him, he thought that almost every women will be happy and joyful if they raised a family with their loved one.



They both stared at each other's eyes, feeling a strong lust towards each other's as they wanted to feel each other. Unable to contain their deep and emotional passion, they both quickly approched their heads as they both opened their lips, entering their tongue in each other's mouth as they playfully wrestled their moist flesh. Irelia then pushed him with her hands on chest, both falling down on the rose blanket while she was on top of him. They continued to passionately kiss for several seconds as they touched each other's warm body. Mat then stood his back up, lifting his love's back as he slowly removed her bra by placing his hands behind her. Irelia then broke off their canoodle, quickly pulling down her panties and throwing it on the floor. Fully naked now, she climbed on top of him, holding his shoulders as she thrusted her tongue into his mouth, resuming their passionate French kiss. Mat furiously pulled down his boxers, tossing it out on the floor as he continued to kiss her love in several short and deep kisses. He then gently rested his back completely, holding Irelia's hips by firmly gripping it with his hands.



Irelia lifted her bottom while she laid her stomach on Mat, keeping her right hand on his right shoulder while they kept smooching. She firmly held her lover's hard and large cock, positioning it underneath her wet entrance. The two quickly broke off their heated make out, staring at each other's eyes. Irelia then inserted his manhood inside her vagina, eager to feel him inside of her as she slowly descended her bottom, placing her left hand back on his chest. Mat moaned loudly in pleasure as he felt her warm and tight inside sliding on his shaft while Irelia pleasurably yelped loudly. Small drops of light red blood dripped from her pussy.



"Ah...Are you alright Irelia?" Mat asked her, worried about her as she didn't move after the penetration.



"I-I' love blade..." Irelia assured him as she took a deep breath, overwhelmed by his long shaft. "Just take me."



Mat was relieved and understood her words. He then placed his hands between her hips and her butts cheeks, firmly gripping them. Lifting his knees and his pelvis while keeping his feet on the bed, he began to move his pelvis, slowly and gently thrusting his cock up and down inside her pussy while Irelia moved her hips to the movements of his cock. As they fucked, they both moaned in pleasure, feeling a surge of excitement and joy. Irelia then locked her lips on his, inserting her tongue inside his mouth, swirling her pink and moist flesh on his as they savagely played, moaning in a low sound. After a minute, Mat then switch up into a normal pace, breaking their kiss as Irelia pulled out her tongue. She lifted her back while moving her hips as Mat drilled her, wrapping her hands on the rose blanket and above his head while also placing her large melons on his lips.



"Ahh!...Mat!...Ahh!...Mat!...Mat!...You feel so gooooood!" Irelia shouted his name as she was highly enjoying their sex.



"Ahh! You...Ahh! too Ahh!...Irelia!" Mat moaned as her warm pussy overwhelmed his sexual instincts.



Mat began to lick her right tit while he continued to move his pelvis, which caused Irelia to yelp in delight as she felt his hot and moist tongue gently massaging around her breast. After a few seconds, she felt a sucking sensation in her right tit. After minutes of their passionate sex, the young boy began to speed up his thrusting, completely shoving his entire shaft inside her.



"FUUCK! You're hitting my AHH! deep insides...AHH!" Irelia yelled, feeling Mat's speeding cock hitting her womb. "But AHH!...It AHH!...It feels so fucking good!"



"Glad Ahh!...You feel this Ahh!...this way..." Mat replied as he moaned, feeling jolts of pleasure flowing through his body as he felt her hot inside tightening around his drilling shaft.



The young boy moved his hands on her soft and thicc butt cheeks, clawing them as he moved her to the rhythm of his shaft. He then proceeded to move his head to the left, licking and sucking Irelia's left tit. The young girl yelped once more from the warm touch of his tongue while she repeatedly moaned from every push of his manhood. After a few minutes, they both felt close to climax.



"Gngh!...I'm...Ahh!...I'm going to cum Irelia Ahh!..." Mat said to Irelia as his cock began to twitch.



"AHH!...Me too AHH! love blade...AHH!" Irelia replied to him, feeling close to climax while she felt his deep thrusts overwhelming her. "Let's cum together AHH!..."



The young boy fasten once more his moving pelvis, strengthening his grip on her ass as he held them in place. This cause Irelia to scream in pleasure, feeling so happy and aroused that she could have her first time with her love. After a few minutes, they both were a couple of seconds away from ejaculating.



"AHHH! I'M CUMMING MY LOVE BLADE!" Irelia shouted.



"ME TOO MY LOVE!" Mat shouted.



"AHH....AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Irelia screamed while Mat shouted.



Irelia then moaned as she feel his hot and sticky semen gushed inside her womb, warming her inside. Clear watery fluids and mixed sticky fluids flowed out of her vagina, dripping on Mat's cock. With her remaining stamina, the young girl lifted her ass, pulling out his shaft from her pussy as she laid her lower body next to him. She then rested her head on his chest, hearing Mat's fast heartbeat with her left ear. They were both very exhausted as they heavily breathed. Their sweated and heated bodies were moisturising the bed. Irelia wrapped her arms around his neck while Mat wrapped his arms around her stomach. They both gazed at each others eyes.



"*Puff*...That was amazing *Puff* love blade..." Irelia said to Mat as she breathed while she also felt her sexual instincts being satisfied.



"*Puff*...I know Irelia *Puff*...It really felt amazing...*Puff*" Mat replied as he also caught up his breath.



Irelia then leaned his head towards his, giving him a long kiss before she rested back her head on his chest.



"I love you, my love blade."



"I love you too, Irelia."



They both then closed their eyes before they fell into a deep and happy sleep.



*Morning time*



It was a once more a bright and beautiful sunny day in Ionia. But unfortunately, today marked a horrible day for the young boy. Mat had already woken up and had enough time to prepare himself for the day. He already took a shower, ate breakfast and dressed himself with his clothed. He seemed to walk around the city of Navori, looking for his love as he didn't see or found her when he woke up. He wore his black fedora hat, hiding the top of his face as he seemed to be afraid of revealing it to anyone. He also wore his black coat in a strange way as he instead draped it on his shoulders. He then decided to go at the tree were they both met up, wondering that Irelia might prepared him another surprise for him. After arriving at his destination, he saw Irelia and Karma talking to each other. Mat wondered if they were arguing again just like yesterday. He didn't like the tone that Irelia displayed against the spiritual lady so he decided that he will ask Irelia to apologize Karma for being rude to her. As he approached them, he noticed that Irelia was crying and Karma displayed a sad expression on her face.



"What's wrong Irelia?" Mat asked her.



The two girls then turned around, seeing the young boy after hearing his voice. Irelia quickly approached to him as her tears kept dropping from her eyes.



"Hey Irelia, what's the ma-"



*Heavy slap noise*



Mat was suddenly interrupted as he felt a painful and burning touch on his left cheek. It felt like he was slapped with heavy force. He then looked once more in front of him with a red mark on his injured cheek. He saw that it was Irelia that slapped him. She seemed to be super mad at him.



"Is it true!? Is it true that you're the White Demon!?" Irelia shouted angrily at him.



Mat's eyes widened, surprised that she knew his dark past. He then glanced at Karma who doesn't look at him as she glanced at the grassy floor.



"I'm sorry Mat but it had to be done for the greater good of Ionia." Karma replied, still not looking at him as she felt guilt engulfing her mind.



Mat was shocked, learning that the person that helped him find balance within his mind, body and spirit had betrayed him by telling his lover about his dark past. He then glanced back at the crying and mad young girl as his body began to tremble in anxiety.



"Y...yes...I'm the White Demon..." Mat stuttered as he gently approached to Irelia, wanting to tell her the truth but she didn't want to listen to him as she moved her six crescent blades in front of her him.



"Don't touch me!" Irelia shouted to him in pure anger. "I feel so ashamed and humiliated! How...How could you not tell me this?"



"Listen Irelia, I'm not exact-"



"You're a monster! You're a killer!" the angry girl interrupted him as she shouted once more. "You're the reason that my family died! You're the reason that millions of my people died!"



"Look my love, I-GAHHH!"



The young boy couldn't finish his phrase as he felt multiple sharp and painful sensation across his entire body, feeling the sharp steel of dozens of blades. Drops of blood shed from his arms and legs as the pain became more agonizing to bear. Mat tripped backwards, falling on his knees as he felt weak. His limbs weren't strong enough to keep him on his feet. He felt his life slowly disapearing as his heart rate slowed down. He looked up once more, seeing several blue glowing crescent blades floating around the disheartened girl.



"Leave now or I will kill you! If you ever comeback, I will kill you instantly!" Irelia screamed at him with pure hatred towards him as she was a few seconds away from finishing him off.



Mat could sense Irelia's hate towards him and the pain she felt after discovering his dark past. Unfortunately, she only knew a part of his dark past and she didn't want to listen to him ever again even if Mat was going to tell her the entire story.



The young boy simply ran away by using his remaining strength and will so that he couldn't fall down even if the dreadful pain was constantly hurting him physically and mentally.



After he vanished from the place, Irelia fell on her knees, feeling completely devastated and thorn in several pieces as she just lost her love blade. Small floods of saddening water flowed down from her eyes. She then vomited on the ground, feeling a little dizzy and a headache on her head.



After she finished spewing out, Irelia then realised that she was now carrying their new children.


Chapter Text



Somewhere in the corners of Ionia were the green leaves scattered across the fields were flowed in the directions of the violent winds. There stood the young boy in his knees, bleeding furiously from his limbs. His teared shirt and pants were tainted in dry red liquid. The young boy still felt his pain growing constantly after hours of running across the fields. Mat suddenly fell down on his knees, completely exhausted as his heart was barely ticking, moments away from dying. His veins were cut off as his breathing was shallow.




As Mat stood on his knees, he then stood up on his feet, looking up the sky while he closed his eyes. Small red jolts started to appear around his long coat as his entire skin glowed bright red. His lethal wounds were beaming out very red bright light. A pair of immense black ravens wings sprouted from his back. After he stayed in his demonic form, gasping for air, his wings then disappeared and all red lights that emitted from his body vanished. The young boy then fell on his knees once more as his breathing went back to normal. His full stamina returned and his wounds were completely healed. He felt alive once more.




"*Sigh* There goes my last resort." Mat said to himself as he stood up on his feet.




He looked saddened as he expressed a despair face, remembering that he no longer has a lover. He knew that Irelia now hated him forever and couldn't go back to Ionia as Karma may have told everyone about his dark past. He clenched his fists, feeling anger and rage coursing through out his body as he blood boiled. He then took a deep breath and try to relax himself as he took a brief moment to think about the situation. He knew that trying to settle a life and a loving relationship in Ionia was a big gamble.




"That spiritual bitch! She ruined your life!"




Mat could hear a demonic voice coming from his head. He was shocked as he never thought that he will hear his voice ever again.




"Are you kidding me? You're dead!" Mat shouted to no one, seemingly talking to the voice in his mind.




"As long you live, so do I!" the demonic voice said to him.




"No no no no NO! You're dead you demon! Leave me alone!" Mat shouted once more as he clenched his fists together.




"I'm no demon. I'm a monster and a killer! Just like you! Hehehehe!" the demonic voice laughed as he teased the young boy.




What do you want?" Mat said to him, starting a conversation with the demon voice.




"Well let's get revenge on that spiritual bitch!"




"Why would you want revenge on Karma if she did nothing to you?"




"Well because she ruined your love life."




"Why do you even care?"




"C'mon Mat I know you feel so much hatred at Karma. You want to punish her don't you?"




"Nice try. I know what you're doing and I'm not falling for it."




"I'm not a demon. I am you!"




"Shut up! You're not me! All the Ionians that died during the Noxian Invasion was all you! It's your fault!"




"Me?! I'm you! Face it Mat. Everything that happened to those Ionians was because of you! You killed and tortured them all."




"Nope nope nope. I'm not accepting that. I wasn't myself back."




"Why can't you acce-"




"Bla bla bla bla! I can't hear you."




"Uhm Mat, you might want to turn arou-"




"What's that? Sorry I think we are losing spiritual connection."




"No I'm serious! Mat look behin-"












"Fuck off please! God you're fucking annoy-GAHH!"




"Aaaaaannd we're both dead...I think..."




Mat was interrupted as he felt a sharp fang piercing the skin of his neck. He tried to move but his body was completely paralysed. He felt a liquid being injected inside his blood as he became dizzy. He then fell flat on his stomach, hitting the ground as he fell unconscious.




*A few hours later*




"Mmmmmffff?" Mat mumbled as he suddenly woke up.




He couldn't speak as there was a cobweb band covering his mouth. He then quickly took a quick glance at his surroundings, wondering where he was. He noticed he was in a dark cave. He could see every details of the cave's different stones and rocks all scattered around the place as there was barely any light that lit up the dark place. He could hear the drops of water echoing through the cavern. He also noticed that he was trapped in an immense and gigantic spider web like an insect caught by a spider's silky bed. He was laid on his back, slightly tilted in a 15° angle. His feet were tied together by a strong rope that seemed to be made of spider webs. His hands were tied together behind his back by another strong white spider web. His body began to shiver intensely as he felt the cold of the cave. He looked at himself and saw that he was completely naked. He then glanced at a large rock were he could see his dark clothes.




"Damn it. Can't use my stored magic inside my coat without touching it." Mat thought to himself as he tried to move his body to free himself from the sticky web.




"You're finally awake!" a female voice said coming from above him. Mat quickly looked above him, seeing a figure gently crawling on the web bed.




The figure slowly approached him, seemingly smiling at him. As the figure finally came to the trapped boy, Mat could see the figure's details as they both looked face to face.




The figure was a female person as she displayed a alluring female human body. The sides of her short dark red hair were black. She wore a black face crown on the sides of her face, shaping like spider fangs that extended to her chin with its pointy ends being dark red. The top antennas of the face crown were on her forehead. She wore a black shoulder pad that covered her neck and shoulders, shaping like the top of a trident as its three long spears extended above her head with its ends being also dark red. They were the only clothing she wore as the rest of her body was completely naked, revealing her large round breasts, her slim body and her thick thighs. The figure's eyes were glowing red and her lips were black. She had a small nose, tiny black eyebrows but long black and curled eyelashes. Her skin color was dark white with a touch of light purple. Finally, her glowing red pointy nails were long and sharp. On each side of her back, there was a tiny black whip with a red glowing fang.




Mat continued to move his body with his full strength, but he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck. He was stabbed by the lady spider's right fang, paralysing him completely as he was injected with a poisonous dose. He could still feel the cold of the cave and the touch of the lady figure's claw nails gently massaging his right cheek.




"I can't believe I caught the Seeked After Weapon...who's also the White Demon." the lady said to him. "Which name do you prefer?"




Mat mumbled in anger with the web rope still on his lips as he couldn't move at all.




"Let me help you with that." the spider lady said as she gently lifted the band of his lips.




"Fuck off Elise!" Mat shouted to her as he could talk now. He knew the lady's name as he saw magical floating words around her that only he can see.




"Ah yes your reading ability. It's a shame that you can only control it for five minutes." the spider lady said.




"It's fifteen minutes!" Mat corrected her.




"Oh! I see you've been training. Hmhmhm~That's cute." Elise said as she giggled.




"So you're going to feed me to you're spider god?" Mat asked, growing impatient as he thought a way to free himself even though there was no way for him to escape.




"Of course I will but I have something else in mind~." Elise said with a seducing tone, approaching her head close to his as she held his cheeks with her warm spider hands.




She then softly pressed her lips on his, gently kissing him for a brief moment while Mat couldn't do anything to stop her. She then leaned backwards, breaking off their forced kiss. The spider lady then firmly placed back the web rope on Mat's lips, shutting him up so she could start her pleasant plan. Elise softly gripped his cock with her right hand, giving it a nice massage as she slowly stroke it with care.




"Your reading ability is quite a powerful tool to use." Elise said as she climbed down her web with the help of her two arachnid legs.




She laid herself down, resting her breasts on his half erected shaft. She gently slid his shaft between her large melons, massaging it as she slowly moved her boobs together up and down with her hands. Mat instinctively moaned as Elise heard his sudden pleasant yelp through the cobweb gag.




"Hmhmhm~I want to have my own spider children. Huhu~" Elise giggled as she was happy that she could get what she wanted from him.




She then gave small pecs to the tip of his cock while she continued his forced massage.




"Our children will be so beautiful with my eternal youth while they will also become powerful leaders or even emperors with your reading ability." Elise said as she was engulfed in her wild thought. "Together, we will raise a big family with a powerful and fearsome reputation."




Mat then mumbled in rage as he found her crazy dream to be disgusting and horrible. The spider lady then noticed that his large cock was fully erected, ignoring Mat's mad sounds.




"Oh my! You're quite big!" Elise said as she was surprised by his hard shaft.




She then lowered her head as she pulled her tongue out. She very slowly moved her head up, licking his cock as she moved up. Mat then moaned in pleasure as her warm and wet tongue jolted his body with waves of euphoria.




"This is going to be a very fun ride~Hmhmhm~" Elise giggled as she gave another kiss on his shaft.




She quickly climbed back up, eager to ride him wrapped her arms around Mat's neck. She carefully lifted her ass, positioning her dripping pussy on top of his hard manhood. Elise then gently lowered her bottom, slowly getting penetrated by his large cock.




"Hmmmmmm~You feel so good~" Elise moaned in pleasure, feeling highly aroused from his cock entering her inside.




Mat also moaned in pleasure as her warm inside felt tight and delightful. Elise then began to move her hips up and down, emitting small but acute moans as she drilled herself with his fully erected cock. She felt very excited as her sexual instincts took over mind, moaning constantly in pleasure as she firmly gripped his upper back. She felt electrical waves of delectation coursing through out her body, greatly enjoying her forced sex. As for Mat, he felt the same as he also moaned in pleasure while he even tried to not release any exciting sounds, but it was too hard for him to do so. Elise's warm pussy was overwhelming him with sexual pleasure as he felt his cock being pumped by her sensual inside. His body was enjoying it as he felt pleasing sensations, but his mind wasn't liking it as he was being raped by a spider lady who only wanted to have children for political power.




"Fuck! Ahh! You're pleasing me way more ahh!..than my stupid ex-husband!" Elise yelped in glee, moving her hips at a fast pace as she felt more and more aroused than ever before. "And you're way fuck!... bigger than him!"




"Fuck she's tight. Why her pussy has to be tight?" Mat thought to himself as he continued to moan in pleasure, closing his eyes as it felt too relaxing. "At least she doesn't know that I'm sterile."  




As she kept raping him, she quickly removed the cobweb gag from his mouth with her left spider leg, tossing it away as she pressed her nose on his.




"Ahh!...I-I think I Ahh!...I might fall in love Ahh!...with you." Elise stumbled her words, quickly locking their lips together as they deeply moaned in their kiss.




She gave him several short kisses for the remainder of their forced sex, not allowing him to speak up. Mat could feel her soft lips pressing several times his lips, moaning in their smooch. She then proceeded to move her ass down, fully engulfing his entire shaft as she felt her deep inside being repeatedly hit by his large cock.




"FUCK!...Ahh!...You feel so fucking good ahh!~" the spider lady yelled as she maintained her grip on him.




As she kept moving her ass for long minutes, drilling her pussy with his hard shaft, she began to feel a needing sensation to cum. She also felt Mat's cock slowly pulsating, realising that he also moments away from climaxing.




"I-I Ahh!...I can feel that ahh!'re going to cum soon AHH!..." Elise moaned more louder as she felt her breath being drained while drops of sweats flowed down from her forehead.




She quickly kissed him once more, sticking her black lips on his lips till the end of their heated rape. She tightened her grip on his back, clawing it so she could perfectly move her hips deep and fast for a few minutes.




"I'm going to cum!" Mat thought to himself as his cock violently pulsated, seconds away from letting his load out.




"AHH!...AHH!...FUCK!...I'M CUMMING!" Elise yelled in high delight as she gushed out her clear liquid from her pussy, soaking Mat's hard cock.




She could also feel a hot and sticky sensation spurting deep inside her womb as the mixed load dripped from her pussy.




"Ahh!...Yes!...Ahh! My new spider children! *Puff* I can feel your cum filling my womb! *Puff*" Elise said to him while she heavily breathed, slowly recovering her stamina.




The spider lady stabbed his neck with both of her spider legs, injecting a dose inside Mat's bloodstream that render him unconscious. Elise then fell on her stomach, laying herself down on her spider web bed next to him. She was smiling, super happy that she was pregnant with a or two multi-gifted children even though she will never get impregnated by him. She relaxed herself, slowly going back to her normal breathing. She also heard Mat's sleeping breathing.




"I'm going to be honest with you, I actually want to raise a family with you. I don't want to raise my future spider children alone. I find you cute and I..."




Elise stopped her confession as she glanced at her right, no longer seeing him.




"Damn it feels great to be back!" a demonic voice said, coming from her back




Elise quickly turn around, seeing Mat smiling crazily at her. He was different as his entire skin became pale white, including his entire hair and facial features except for his eyes. His entire eyes were completely black except for his irises being glowing dark yellow. Before Elise reacted, she felt a hand smashing her head down, being firmly gripped by a strengthful hand. Then, a magical red aura flowed through out her body before it vanished. She tried to stab him once more with her poisonous long fangs but fail to do so as she suddenly felt completely paralysed.




"You're the White Demon, aren't you?" Elise asked to him.




"I'm not a demon. I'm simply a monster and a killer. Also, the name's Mathusan but you can call me Mat." the evil being said as he carefully laid himself on top of Elise, laying himself on his stomach.




"How are you not affected by my sleeping venom!? And are you paralysing me!?" Elise shouted as she couldn't move.




"Your sleeping poison is technically half magic and half poison. Because of that, it took me three stabs to find out how to properly absorb it so I can use it on you." Mat shortly explained to her.




The spider girl then felt pain in her stomach as her eyes widened. She could not believe that she just raped him for no benefits. Her happy smile turned into a sad face.




"Ah there it is! It feels good to see that sad expression again. The same expression that I inflicted on those poor Ionians." Mat said as he lifted his pelvis, stroking his hard shaft with his left hand.




"Wh...what a-are you g-going to do t-to me?" Elise asked in fear as she stumbled on her words, knowing that she could die in any moment.




"Well I'm still hard right now so I'm going to fuck your asshole." Mat said as he approched his large shaft close to Elise's asshole.




"No! Please! Not there! It's not going to fit through!" Elise begged him as she didn't want to feel any dreadful pain.

"Did you know I enjoy very much on the agony, the fear and the despair of others? It's what makes me happy and alive. Right now, I can sense your fear and I have a huge boner to get rid off. So, I think that drilling that nice ass of yours will satisfy me a lot." Mat briefly explained to her as he wrapped her neck with his right arm, firmly gripping her so he could balance himself. He then slowly inserted his shaft inside her asshole.




"Wait! wait! wait!...we can talk abo-FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCK!" Elise yelled in pain as Mat thrusted his hard shaft inside her in one fast and heavy push, deeply penetrating her butthole.




She felt an burning pain inside her ass as his entire shaft was inside her. Mat moaned in pleasure as he felt her tight and hot backdoor soothing his manhood.




"Hmmmmm~ Ahh your ass feels good~" Mat said as he laid himself on her back while he tightly wrapped his arms on her neck, lifting and holding her chin with his left hand.




"Pl-please! hurts..." Elise whimpered but Mat did not care as he began to move his pelvis, thrusting his shaft inside her.




He drilled back and forth at a fast pace, overwhelmed by her comforting backdoor. The spider lady could only endure as she couldn't move at all. She kept yelling at him, begging him to stop, but he did not care for her. He kept savagely raping her, moaning in delight as he banged her as jolts of excitement coursed his entire body. Her begging and her small whimpers were just music to his ears as it gave him more motivation to keep going. He then approached his head to her neck, biting her right side of her neck with his sharp teeth. She yelled even more as she felt several and painful bites on her neck, screaming in agony and in sadness as tears began to drip from her eyes. She could feel his warm breath blowing on her redden neck. Mat then stopped munching on her skin, lifting his head as he heard her cries. He pulled out his salivating tongue, licking her entire right cheek as he savoured her warm sad tears. 


"Ah yes! The tears of sadness and mercy!" Mat whispered in her right ear, giving her a gentle bite on her ear.

He then accelerated fast his pelvis as he sensed Elise's despair and agony, rapidly and deeply penetrating her ass. He was more aroused, hearing Elise screaming her lungs out as she felt his large cock deeply drilling her backdoor. She hoped that everything would be soon over as she was raped for several minutes, feeling so much pain inside herself.


"Ahh! Ahhh! Hey spider bitch! Ahhhh! Your ass is going to receive my load!" Mat moaned loudly, tightening his grip on her neck as he began to choke her.


He then pushed his cock deeper and faster, slamming his pelvis on her soft ass. Elise cried in pain as her tears became floods of agony. She tried to scream but couldn't as her breathing was shallow. Her hopes were slightly up as she felt his ramming cock heavily pulsating while she began to lose consciousness.



"Ggnnnnnnh! Here's your AHHH! prize, spider bitch! GNNNAAAAAAHH!" Mat moaned  loudly, giving her ass a final deep thrust.

He ejaculated his large load of hot white cum inside her ass, overflowing it as he pulled out his cock. Her ass was gushing out his load as her destroyed asshole was gaping intensely. Elise felt his hot sticky load inside her backdoor, warming up her burning back inside. She could feel his grip around her neck dissipating as she began to gasp for air. She was glad that her intense rape was over, quickly falling unconscious.

Chapter Text

"Damn it! She passed out. I really wanted to try her throat."

Mat said as she noticed that Elise was unconscious. He stood up on his feet, still feeling hard as he stroked his dripping half erected manhood. He then jumped out the web trap, landing safely on the ground as he sat on a large rectangular rock.


"Let me see, what should I do? I could wait for the spider bitch to wake up so I can fuck her again. Or I could just kill her." Mat said to himself as he thought for something, placing his right hand under his chin. He then suddenly snapped his right fingers, realising that he had an important mission to do.


"Oh yeah! I forgot about that Ionian spiritual bitch! She needs some punishing!" Mat said to himself as he clenched his fists together. "Can't wait to hear some Ionian screams!"


Mat then stood up, eager to travel to Ionia so he could get execute his plan. Before he could take a step, he noticed a purple figure behind him as he turned his head around.


The figure was a very alluring demon as she was completely naked, revealing her luscious light blue skin, her glowing yellows irises and her black pupils that were shaped like a half moon. Her lips were purple rose and her nose wasn't too small or too large. She had a dark purple curved line tattoo on each side of her cheeks. She had a lot of hair on her center head with two long bangs on each side. Her hair was a mix of patterns of rose and light blue colors with the center being dark rose. She had black eyelashes and her eyebrows were hidden underneath her hair. Her breasts were circular large, her thighs were very thick and her body was extremely mouth watering to look at. She had two glowing pink rose claws as hands and had two very long black whips coming from her upper back with each end of the whips having a glowing and immense pink rose fang blade. Her whips had a mist form rather than a form of a real whip as the blades weren't attached to her whips but rather were engulfed by her foggy whips.


The beautiful demon seemed to smile at him, slowly approaching him as her whips were shaping together as a big heart. Mat was on his guard, not sure if she was a threat or not to him, but his cock fully hardened as he stared at her voluptuous body. Mat then began to use his reading power on her, reading every information about the demon girl.


"Hi there Maaaaaat~" the demon girl said to him with a seducing and echoing tone as she shook her curvy hips.


"So you are Evelynn, the Demon of Agony." Mat said to her, keeping his guard up as he knew she was a dangerous demon.


"No way! You know my name! That's so wonderful!" Evelynn shouted in joy, delighted that he knew who she was. "Yes I'm Evelynn and I'm your biggest and number one fan!"


"Number one fan? I feel like you're saying that so you could take advantage of my reading power?" Mat asked her as he felt that she came here for her own benefits.


"Silly you~I'm not here for your special ability. I'm being completely honest. I'm really a big fan of your works~" the demon girl said with her seducing voice.


"Works? Soooooo, you like my ways of killing and torturing the Ionians?" the young boy asked as he was surprised that a demon would enjoy and appreciate his works.


"Yup! I heard every screams of everyone that you hurt and killed. I've seen their unfortunate faces. It was sooooooo exciting to watch that I even orgasmed~" Evelynn explained as she closely approached to him, trying to place her claws on his cheeks, but failed to do so as Mat held her arms.


"So you take pleasure in torturing and killing others, just like me?" Mat asked.


"Yup. If we work together, we could both satisfy our needs~" Evelynn as she shook her hips once more, trying to seduce him.


"Sorry Evelynn but I work alone." Mat said as he pushed back her arms.


"C'mon Mat! It will be more fun if you work with me~" Evelynn said, trying to convince him to work with her. "I feed on others' pain. Without it, I will cease to exist."


"So? You could just seduce anyone with just with your physique. Why ask me for help?" Mat asked.


"All the men that I seduced aren't pleasing and don't last that long. They died even before I felt excited." Evelynn said as she noticed his hardened shaft. "I need your help."


"If I help you, what do I get in return other than the ecstasy I get from torturing people?" Mat asked as he crossed his arms, wondering what she could possible give her in return.


"Have you at least ever tried to rape someone?" Evelynn asked as she kept gazing at his large cock.


"I just did. See that spider bitch? I fucked her ass. Her ass and her screams felt great." Mat said as he noticed that the demon girl was staring at his shaft.


"Great? Why not try something more...amazing?~" Evelynn seducingly said as she carefully grabbed his shaft with her left hand while she placed her right hand on his chest. Mat did not react from her touch and let her grasp his shaft.


"What are you suggesting?" Mat asked as he felt her warm hand gently stroking his erected manhood.


"It's...It's soooo...big!~Think of all the places this can go~" Evelynn said with a deep and seducing tone as she continued to stroke his large cock, mesmerized by its size.


Evelynn turned her gaze at him, both of them staring at each other's glowing eyes as they stood at the same height. They both instinctively leaned their head, gently locking their lips together as they kissed for long seconds. They then broke off their kiss, looking at each other once more. Mat quickly held her cheeks with his hands, kissing her once more as he felt a rush of excitement through his body. He slightly opened his mouth as he kissed her, signaling her to open her lips. Evelynn complied as she slightly opened her mouth, letting Mat inserting his tongue inside her mouth while she massaged his shaft with both claws. They both swirled and moved their tongue together inside their mouth, joyfully playing each other as they each savoured each other's moist pink tongue, moaning in their passionate kiss. The demon girl felt aroused as she rattled his tongue, feeling a strong lust over him. They then stopped their kiss as Mat suddenly lifted her, laying her down on the rock he sat a few moments ago.


Evelynn laid herself on her right side as Mat moved close to her, laying himself on his left side. She hugged his neck with her hands while he wrapped his left arm over her right shoulder, placing his hands on her back with his right hand closer to her butt. He slid his right leg between her legs as she encircled it with her hips, bending his leg and lying it between her knees. Mat then slowly inserted his shaft into her wet and dripping entrance as Evelynn slightly moaned at the touch of his cock on the lips of her moist pussy. He then moved his pelvis forward, penetrating inside her. He suddenly stopped halfway as he felt her super tight and warm pussy soothing his cock, jolting his body with a pleasing sensation.


"Gnnhgh! You're so damn tight Eve!" Mat said as he moaned in pleasure.


"Ahh! Hmmmmm~You're damn big!" Evelynn replied as she moaned in pleasure, tightening her grip on his neck. "Bigger than any men I met~"


Mat then began to move his hips, thrusting his cock back and forth as he firmly gripped her back so he could make the penetration easier. While he moved inside her, Evelynn yelped as she felt his drilling hard snake moving inside her, feeling waves of pleasure flowing through her body. His shaft felt amazing to her, moaning continuously to every shove and pull. Mat felt a sense of pleasure that he never felt before as he banged her pussy, gradually increasing his pace as he moaned in delight.


As minutes passed, the young boy then stopped for a brief moment, pulling her close to her as he lifted her left leg up over his legs, wrapping her left thigh with his right arm while he kept it in the air. He then placed his right hand on her left ass cheek, firmly clawing it which caused Evelynn to moan from his touch. The demon girl then wrapped her arms around his neck, gripping him from his back. Mat then proceeded to resume the penetration, fucking her more deeper as Evelynn felt his hard cock drilling deep close to her deep inside. As he fucked her, the demon girl leaned her head close to his, kissing him with her lips open. She inserted her tongue inside his mouth as they both began to play each other, moaning passionately from their heated sex. Their tongue battle each other for dominance as they fought and curled together their eager pink flesh. Mat then came on top, freely exploring her mouth as Evelynn moaned more from his comforting tongue. They then broke off their deep French kiss, staring at each other's demonic eyes. 


"Fuck!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!...You feel so fucking good! Ahhh! I can't believe I'm getting fucked by my Fuck! idol!" Evelynn moaned more louder as her body quivered in pleasure to his throbbing shaft.


"Ahh! Didn't knew my number one fan has an amazing fuckiiiinnnnng pussy!" Mat groaned pleasurably as he banged her tight warm pussy, feeling his body being hypnotized by her sensual body as he wanted to go deeper.


He then quickly sped up his moving pelvis, shoving his entire cock inside her as Evelynn yelled loudly in pleasure as she felt his speeding cock drilling her womb. She was highly aroused than ever before as she never felt this much pleasure. His manhood overwhelmed her as she locked her lips into his, inserting her tongue once more in her partner's mouth. After a few playful kisses, she then pulled her tongue out from his mouth, dripping strings of saliva from their lips. She then rested her nose on his as they stared at each other's eyes, moaning in pleasure as their warm breaths touched their face. Their heated bodies that stuck together were sweating excessively, immune to the cold of the cave. Evelynn kept out her tongue as his cock felt amazing and highly addictive.


"Fuck!...Ahhh!...Ahhh!...Fuck!...Ahhh! You're going fast...Ahhh!...Fuck!...too early Ahhh!" Evelynn moaned intensely as his drilling cock was messing with her as her mind started to go blank.


"Ahhh!...Sorry Eve but I just couldn't resist Ahhh!...your pussy feeeeels so fuuuuuckiiing good Fuck!." Mat said as he also moaned intensely.


"I'm going to cuuuuuum! Ahhh! any moment!" Evelynn said as she felt climaxing in a couple of minutes.


"Ahhh! In that case, let me Ahhh!...fuck your pussy better than Ahhh!...any other men that banged you!" Mat said as he moaned in pleasure, highly aroused by her warm inside.


He then sped up his pace once more, drilling fast through her womb as Evelynn yelped loudly in pleasure as she felt his speeding cock deeply penetrating her. Mat also loudly moaned, feeling more long  waves of sexual euphoria coursing through his body as he felt close to climaxing. Their loud moans echoed through the cave, waking up the spider lady as she glanced at the couple's passionate sex.


"I'M CUUUUUUMMMMIIING BABE!" Evelynn shouted in delight as she was very close to climax.


"I'M CUUUUUUMMMMMIIING TOO EVE!" Mat pleasurably shouted as he too felt very close to climax.


With one final thrust, they both ejaculated their loads out, flooding her inside as they both deeply kissed while moaning. Evelynn could feel his hot white fluids filling her womb as some flowed out her pussy. As they gasped for air, Mat then pulled out his cock, leaving Evelynn filled with his hot cum as she laid herself on her back. He then stood up as he recovered his stamina.


"That felt so fucking amazing babe!" Evelynn said to him.


"I know Eve. That was incredible!" Mat said to her as he lowered his head, kissing her on her lips.


"You wanna try my ass?~" the demon girl asked with a seductive voice.


"I sure fucking want to but your asshole might be way too tight for my cock." Mat said.


"Then I'll have to train my asshole." Evelynn said as she moved her whips, transforming them into long and largely thick black tentacles with the tip glowing neon pink. She then shoved her new right tentacle deep inside her asshole, yelping in delight as she kept it inside her ass. 


"There. Now you should wait a few minutes before you can fuck my ass." Evelynn said.


"Am I supposed to wait while I'm still hard?" Mat asked as his shaft was still fully erected, dripping small drops of his cum.


"Well you could always use my mouth~" the demon girl said as she gave her a sign to come closer to her.


Mat quickly approched to her, standing on his knees as he stood on top of her head. Evelynn then grabbed his hard cock with her right claw, gently stroking it.


"May I join in?" another female said.


The couple glanced at the direction of the voice where they saw Elise climbing down her web bed. She then safely landed on the ground before she approached to them.


"Hey Elise, I hope you're not mad at me for raping your ass." Mat said as Elise climbed on the rock bed.


"Don't worry Mat. I'm not mad at you. Just consider us even." Elise said to him as she smiled.


"Since you two are now even at each other, would you mind joining us?" Evelynn asked to Elise as she smiled.


"Sure thing Eve. Hmhmhmhm~" Elise giggled as she climbed on top of the demon girl's body, laying herself on her stomach as she positioned herself in a 69 position with Evelynn.


Mat lifted Elise's legs, placing over his shoulders as he pulled her pussy close to him, bending his back in a 45° angle so her pussy was close to his mouth. Elise's body was floating in a 45° angle as her mouth was close to Evelynn's dripping pussy. They all three positioned together in a isosceles triangle.


Mat inserted his cock inside Evelynn's hot mouth while he inserted his tongue inside Elise's warm pussy, causing Elise to yelp in pleasure from his warm tongue. Evelynn then used her other tentacle to penetrate deep inside Elise's asshole, causing her to yelp once more in pleasure. Elise began licking Evelynn's pussy as she savoured the dripping hot cum, tasting a sticky and salty flavor as she swallowed the warm load. Evelynn moaned from Elise's warm and pleasing tongue as she began to suck Mat's cock, curling and swirling around his large shaft with her moist tongue, causing him to moan in pleasure. She then lifted her head, swallowing his entire cock as she wrapped her arms around his lower back, moving her up and down as she sucked his cock. She also began thrusting both tentacles back and forth as the two ladies moaned in pleasure.


Mat began to lick inside Elise's warm pussy as he swirled his salivating tongue, deeply exploring her entrance as he savoured it. Elise yelped in pleasure, feeling a rush of euphoria and excitement through out her entire body. She also felt the long and thick tentacle quickly thrusting back and forth deep inside her asshole which made her moaned even more as it comforted her body. Elise continued to lick Evelynn's pussy, furiously licking her moist entrance with her salivating tongue as Evelynn moaned at her soothing massage. The demon lady felt waves of pleasure on her entire body as Elise's tongue was highly arousing her. As the spider lady licked her clit, Evelynn gargled on Mat's cock, bobbing her head as she sucked his large shaft while she also spiralled her salivating tongue around his manhood, tasting a salty flavor around the tip of his cock. Mat moaned in pleasure as Evelynn's pleasing tongue overwhelmed him with several big jolts of pleasure and excitement across his entire body. They all began to accelerate their paces as they all felt their oral threesome highly addictive and enjoyable.


As several minutes had pass, they all felt close to climaxing. Elise was the first one to cum as she moaned loudly, erupting her clear fluids from her pussy which soaked Mat's face as he pulled out his tongue. Then Evelynn cummed soon after, moaning loudly in pleasure while her throat was stuffed with his cock as she gushed out a small flood of her clear fluids from her pussy, wetting Elise's face. Finally, Mat ejaculated his hot sticky load inside Evelynn's throat as he moaned loudly in pleasure. The demon girl then removed his cock from her mouth, swallowing his entire semen as she savoured a salty and sticky taste.


Mat gently laid down Elise, moving out from Evelynn's head. The demon girl then pulled out her black tentacles from both assholes as Elise approached the young boy on her four limbs. She leaned her head at his dripping cock, eager to taste him as she swallowed his entire cock. She swirled her tongue around his cock, making sure that she got every single drops of his cum. After she swallowed the rest of his load, Elise pulled her back as she laid herself on her back. Evelynn then approached to the spider lady as she rested on top of her. She then stood on her knees, lifting her ass as she placed her hands on the rock floor and below Elise's head.


"Are you ready to fuck my ass babe?" Evelynn asked to Mat as she stretched her gaped asshole with the help of her two tentacles.


"You know that I am Eve!" Mat said as she approached to her, carefully inserting his still fully erected cock inside her ass as he stood on his knees.


He then shoved deep his cock inside her ass as him and Evelynn both moaned in pleasure. Evelynn then pulled back her tentacles as she modified them once more, turning the pink tip of the tentacles into each a large cock. She the moved her long tentacles towards the spider lady's two exposed holes. She inserted the right one inside Elise's pussy while inserting the left one inside Elise's asshole, shoving completely the pink cocks into her holes as Elise yelped in pleasure.


Mat gripped Evelynn's soft and large ass cheeks as he began moving his hips, thrusting back and forth his cock inside her ass while he moved her ass to the rhythm of his screwing cock. He felt great waves of pleasure as her warm asshole flooded his big shaft with exciting sensations, moaning loudly in pleasure. Evelynn also moaned loudly as she felt his big cock drilling fast her asshole, feeling waves of deep pleasure through out her entire body as she kept her quivering legs from falling down. As for Elise, she was yelling in pleasure as the two rose dicks were thrusting deeply back and forth her insides, feeling a huge rush of pleasure and euphoria.


"Ahhh! Ahhh! Babe! Your cock Fuck!...Ahhh!...still feels amazing! Ahhh!" Evelynn moaned as her ass was being drilled by his large shaft while she felt his warm hands clawing her ass cheeks.


"Ahhh!...And your ass feels Ahhhh!...feels damn super tight and fuuuuuuucking amazing! Ahhhhh!" Mat moaned as her warm backdoor was squishing pleasantly his throbbing cock. "What about you Elise?"


"Ahhhhhh! Fuck! Ahhhh! Fuck! Ahhh! Eve's magical cocks feel Ahhhhhh!...feel so fucking amazing! Ahhhh! Fuck!" Elise moaned loudly as Evelynn's special tentacle cocks were drilling her deep inside her holes.


"Glad you like my special play toys~" Evelynn said to Elise with a seducing tone.


Elise quickly wrapped her arms around Evelynn's back, pulling her head close to hers as they both deeply kissed. They then broke off the kiss as they both pulled their tongue out. They swirled their warm and salivating tongue together as they enjoyed each other's rose flesh while they were being penetrated deeply, moaning delightfully. As minutes had gone by, they all felt alive and were joyfully moaning and yelling as they felt amazing feelings of lust and sexual excitement, something they never felt in their entire lives.


After a few more minutes, they all felt close to climaxing as they accelerated their penetrating movements.


"Get ready Eve! Ahhh!...I'm going to Ahhh!...release my cum soon!" Mat said to her as his speeding cock was violently twitching.


"Ahhh!....Yes! Cum quick babe! Ahhh! I'm cumming soon! Fuck!" Evelynn moaned as she felt his cock moving fast and deep inside her ass.


"Gnnnngh!...Here it AHHHH!...HERE IT COMES!"




With one final thrust, Mat and Evelynn both climaxed as they released their loads out, yelling in extreme euphoria. Gushing clear liquids squirted out off her pussy as it completely soaked Elise's lower body. Evelynn deeply moaned as she felt a hot sensation coursing inside her asshole. After he completely emptied his load, Mat then pulled out his cock as hot white sticky semen poured out from her asshole. He then sat down as he watched the two girls.


"Ahhh! I'm cumming! Ahhhhh! I'M CUMMING!" Elise yelled in extreme pleasure.


"Time for your reward Elise~" Evelynn said with a seducing voice, quickly kissing her deeply.


Elise then climaxed, squirting out from her pussy a massive stream of her clear fluids. She also felt an incredible hot sensation that soothed her insides as excessive amount of neon purple semen flowed out her drilled holes. Evelynn then pulled out her tentacle cocks, spraying the rest of her load on Elise's entire body, covering her with her colorful and hot sticky cum. The spider lady was out cold as she couldn't feel her legs. She was exhausted and super satisfied.


"It's been a very long time since I used these bad boys." Evelynn said as she turned back her tentacle cocks into her black misty whips with each a glowing large pink fang on the end of each whip. "Long time since I played with a woman."


Evelynn then turned around, approaching towards the young boy. She then sat on his lap, wrapping tightly her arms around his neck as Mat wrapped his arms around her stomach. They both then deeply kissed before they stared at each other's glowing eyes.


"So, will you be my true babe?" Evelynn asked to him as she smiled.


"I think I will Eve." Mat said as he gave her a love bite on her neck, causing Evelynn to yelped in delight. "Just make sure to please me from time to time with your amazing holes."


"I will babe! Anything for you~Huhuhu~" Evelynn giggled, super happy that she was with her idol and also had fun with him. "So, what's next babe?"


"I actually I have something. I have to deal with a certain Ionian spiritual bitch. Will you join me Eve?" Mat asked to her as he laid himself down on the rectangular rock, pulling Evelynn towards him as she laid on his front side.


"Of course I will babe! I can't miss such a fun opportunity with my babe."


"Then it's settled. Tomorrow, we will travel to Ionia." Mat said as he gave her a kiss on the lips.


"I can't wait for it babe~" Evelynn said as she laid her head on her chest.


"Me too Eve." Mat said, lovingly caressing her soft hair with his right hand.


Fully exhausted, they both then fell asleep as tomorrow was going to be the start of their agony infliction.




Chapter Text

*Next day, somewhere in Ionia, at the Placidium of Navori.*


Inside a unknown building in Navori was the spiritual leader walking in circles as she was seemingly disturbed by something. She was next to a wooden door as she waited for something to pop up. She wasn't wearing any clothes as she wore a large green towel around her body.


"What should I tell him?" Karma said to herself as she was very frustrated. "Will he even ever return to Ionia?"


She held her hands together as she thought of something to say to the young boy after she ruined his love life. Her body trembled, feeling unease as she knew Mat may comeback but with a evil intention against her. She thought that telling the truth to Irelia was the correct move to do to protect her people, but she still felt bad for him.


*Ring sound*


"Finally!" Karma said after hearing the alarm sound. 


She then entered room as she opened the door, closing it behind as white smokes were coming out from the room.


She found herself in a large wooden sauna room with a wooden bench that lengthened on all the side of the walls. The wooden ceiling had two bright green ceiling lights that lit up the heated chamber. The sauna was at a high temperature as it was filled with streams of hot white smokes flowed all around the place. Karma then dropped her bathing towel, fully revealing her alluring brown body. She laid herself calmly on the bench as she laid her back on one of the wall corners of the room.


"Aah! Much better!" Karma said as she let out a satisfying sound, enjoying the high humidity that soothed and warmed her entire body.


She felt very relaxed as her body no longer quivered in anxiety. She then closed her eyes and tilted her head up, relaxing herself as she began her calm and focused meditation, taking deep and controlled breaths.


"I hope he doesn't act wrongly because of me." Karma thought as she remembered the heartbroken event between Mat and Irelia. "If he ever comes back, he may sought to revenge against me given his horrible past."


Suddenly, the door gently opened, making a creaking noise as a figure entered the room, closing the door behind as he locked it. Karma heard the noise, opening her eyes as she jumped out from the bench.


"Who are you intruder!?" Karma shouted at the figure as she pointed her hands at the figure.


She then froze in shock as her eyes widened. She saw Mat who stood completely naked in front of her. She could see his entire white pale body and his dark yellow eyes as he smiled crazily at her.


"Mat?" Karma asked to him as she sensed a very high dark and malicious presence around him, causing her to tremble as she couldn't believe she sensed such evil force from him.


"Hey spiritual bitch! It feels like years since I seen you!" Mat said with a demonic voice as he stepped forward.


Karma immediately flicked her hands in small rotations, forming seven glowing green ropes around the young evil man's body. She then clenched her hands, tightening the ropes around him as he fell on his back, completely immobilised.


"How did you enter this scared place?" Karma asked him as her body continued to tremble in full stress and slight fear. "What did you do to the guards?"


"Hehehehehehe! About your guards..." Mat replied with a evil grin on his face as he found her question to be quite funny to him.


"What did YOU DO THEM!!?" Karma yelled at him, wanting to know what he did to them.


"They tasted like fine Ionian swines. They tasted even better than the Ionians from three years ago." Mat said as he spitted out a red chunk of saliva on the floor to his right side.


Karma noticed the color of his spit, almost wanting to puke out as she felt  her stomach burning unpleasantly.


"WHITE DEMON! YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGIVEN FOR WHAT YOU DID TO THE PEOPLE OF IONIA!!!" Karma yelled with such anger, charging up a magical attack as large bright green spirals formed around each of her hands.


"Oh! So they called me the White Demon huh. Not gonna lie, that seems a little racist, don't you th-"


"SHUT UP!!! I WILL FINALLY BANISH YOU AND SAVE MAT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!" Karma interrupted, pointing her magical weaponized hands at him. "FOR IONIA!!!"


"Hehehe! I like to see you try, spiritual Ionian bitch!" the crazed man said as he laughed at her.




Karma shouted an ancient Ionian dialect before a super bright green and purple energy blast shot from her hands as her powerful attack flew towards the paralyzed young man. Unfortunately for her, her spiritual attack didn't exploded but instead slowly vanished as it seemed to be absorbed into the young man's body.


"What!? How!?" Karma shouted in shock as she saw her disappearing attack, feeling her growing fear crawling on her entire back


"You have such amazing and special magic powers." Mat said as the ropes around him suddenly vanished as his veins glowed sparkly green.


Mat then flicked his hands in small circles, replicating Karma's green magical threads as they floated around the spiritual lady. He then quickly clenched his hands, immobilizing her as the ropes tightened around her body. He then immediately leaped at her, lifting her by her neck as he slammed her at the wall behind her. Karma tried desperately to move as she couldn't  feel a connection with her powers.


"I think I will take all of your powers!" Mat said to her as he choked her, slowly absorbing her spiritual magic.


"If you torture me or kill me, you will face the wrath of the peo-"


"I'm not going to kill you, spiritual bitch. I'm going to first totrture you so hard that you wished you never ruined my love life." Mat interrupted her as he released his grip on her, dropping her on the bench as she sat down with her arms forcefully tucked to her body and her legs tied together.


"Your love life? You mean Mat's lo-"


"Oh you actually taught I was a real demon! Hehehehehe! I hate to break it to you but I'm not a demon. I'm Mat." the young interrupted her once more as he smiled at her.


"No! can't be true! Yo-you can't be him!" Karma stuttered as she didn't want to believe him.


"If I didn't absorbed your attack, you would have vaporised me entirely as there's no demon to be banished." Mat said.


"No! No! You're lying!...Yo-you can't be just can't be him!" Karma stuttered once more as she felt a small guilt coursing her mind. "I'm sensing a dark aura coming from you."


"Oh that...the aura you're sensing right now isn't from me. It's from her." Mat said as a shadowy figure formed next to his left side.


The shadowy mist then vanished, revealing a naked blue demon girl with a come-hither body. She was coquettishly smiling at Mat as she leaned her head to his, giving him a deep love kiss. She then broke off the kiss and glanced at Karma, giving her a smile.


"It's true Karma. The dark aura you sensed was mine." Evelynn said to her as she approached the spiritual lady, gently caressing her black short hair with her left claw.


"No!...That's...that's...that can't" Karma faintly stuttered, trying to sense any foreign presence inside the young man as she stared at his demonic eyes. "I...I took care of him...I-I...looked at my nephew..."


"And yet you chose Ionia over his happy love life." Evelynn said as she sat right next to Karma's right side.


Unfortunately, Evelynn and Mat were right as Karma didn't sense any evil forces inside the young man. She only sensed the same joyful and happy spirit of the young man he took care of for about three years.


"Look at what you did to him. Because of you, he turned back into his monster form." Evelynn said.


"And killer form too. Don't forgot that too Eve." Mat said as he reminded Evelynn that he was both a monster and a killer.


Karma now felt completely lost in her overwhelming guilt as she lost her will to defend herself. She couldn't believe that she was the reason that Mat turned back to his fearsome and deadly self. She also began to question herself as she realised that because she ruined his perfect and new normal life, she's essentially saying that she would protect the Ionians' happiness instead of Mat's, the one that she considered as her nephew.


"Look her face babe. She looks so cuuuuuute~Hmhmhm~" Evelynn said as she giggled from the depressing face that Karma was expressing.


"Aah yes! That's I like to see. The despair Ionian faces." Mat said as he stroke his shaft, feeling aroused from the spiritual lady's saddened face.


"So, what are you going to do with her babe?" Evelynn asked him as she stood up, embracing him as she softly bit his neck with love.


"Let's humiliate her instead of torturing her."


"That's sounds like fun~" Evelynn said with her seducing tone as she quickly ran towards Karma.


"No! Stay back! Don't you dare try anything on me! I will atta-"


"Yeah sure. Just attack us with your spiritual magic and I'll just absorb it instantly." Mat interrupted her as snapped his right fingers, vanishing the magical ropes that held Karma in place.


Evelynn quickly kneel herself down in front of Karma as she gripped her hips. The demon girl then spread her legs wide open, revealing her brown entrance. Evelynn then held Karma's arms by looping them around tightfully with her strong misty whips. She then leaned her head close to her pussy as she held Karma's legs wide open with a strong grip on her inner thighs, rendering her immobile once more.


"Release me at once you freaky demon!" Karma shouted at her as she tried to break free from her powerful grips but failed to do so.


Mat stood up on the wooden bench as he forcefully grabbed her head and leaned it back with his right hand, pushing forward her back. He then bended down his back as he lowered his pelvis close to her face, positioning his shaft on top of her lips. He held his fully erected cock as he stroke it with his left hand.


"Mat! Please don't do this! Listen to me! This is not you! I know you're better than this! Please don-Mmmmmffff!?" Karma was interrupted as she felt something hard and warm inside her mouth.


"Ahh! Much better." Mat said after yelping a pleasant sound as he felt her warm tongue underneath his half covered cock.


He then shoved deeper his entire cock down in her throat as he strongly held her head with both hands, yelping pleasurably once more as he felt her hot throat soothing his body with a jolt of sexual euphoria.


"I wonder how good your throat is, Ionian spiritual bitch." Mat said as he smiled at Karma who was staring back at his eyes in pure shock.


Mat then began rocking his pelvis, thrusting his dick back and forth inside her throat as Karma could only helplessly stare at him.


Evelynn then began licking as Karma felt her hot moist tongue massaging her pussy, yelping in a faint sound of excitement as she gargled on Mat's cock. As he deeply throatfucked her, Mat moaned loudly, feeling her amazing throat highly massaging around his entire cock.


"Fuck! Her Ionian throat is amazing!" Mat excitingly shouted.


He felt her growing warm saliva lubing around his cock while also feeling her warm tongue as he drilled fast her throat, feeling waves of pleasure that highly excited him. While Mat enjoyed his forced throatjob, Evelynn continued to taste her pink entrance, savouring a sweet taste while Karma tried her best to not moan from her massaging tongue. After a few and long licks, Evelynn then locked her lips open on Karma's clit, continuing to furiously lick it as she began sucking her it too. The raped lady then suddenly moaned loudly as she felt an incredible sensation jolting all around her entire body from Evelynn's sensational mouth.


"Aahhh! Aaaahhh! Her throat feels so fucking good! I'm going to cu-AAAAAAAHHHHHH!"


Mat grunted loudly in pleasure as Karma felt gushing waves of warm and sticky fluids flowing down her throat, gagging on his cock as she couldn't breathe properly. He then slowly pulled up his cock as it continued to ejaculate, filling her mouth as Karma tried to not swallow any of his semen. After pulling out his hard shaft, Mat quickly close her nostrils with his left hand while forcefully closing her jaw with his right hand, blocking any oxygen from entering her while also preventing her from spitting out his warm semen. Left with no other choice, Karma decided to ingest his sticky semen as she tasted a salty and unpleasant flavor.


Mat then released his grip on her as he pulled out his cock from her mouth, leaving Karma gasping for air as she was close to falling unconscious.


"You came way too early babe!" Evelynn said to him as she stopped sucking Karma's pussy.


"I know but this spiritual bitch's throat felt so good." Mat said as he walked out from the wooden bench, standing on the floor. "You wouldn't know how her throat felt."


"Oh really babe?" Evelynn said as she stood up, placing her hands around her blue lady part.


Glowing purple lights began to form between her hands. After a few seconds, the magical lights suddenly disappeared, leaving both Karma and Mat surprised as they saw that Evelynn's pussy transformed into a large and hard blue cock.


"Now then, let me try that bitch's throat." Evelynn said as she happily grinned at Karma, standing up on the bench while she forcefully gripped Karma's head with both her neon claws.


"Don't you dare move that filthy thing clo-Gugggug! MMMMMFFFF!?"


Karma was interrupted as Evelynn shoved her blue cock down inside her throat. The demon girl then yelped in pleasure as she felt the spiritual lady's hot throat soothing her big shaft, feeling a wave of sexual euphoria coursing through her body.


"Damn! You were right babe! Her throat feels amazing!" Evelynn said as she began moving her hips, thrusting her cock back and forth inside her pleasing throat.


"See Eve? I told you that spiritual bitch had an incredible throat." Mat smiled as he saw his partner's lewd face.


Evelynn bended her back, pulling Karma's head very close to her pelvis so she could have a better position to fuck her throat. As she deeply drilled through her mouth, the excited demon girl felt overwhelming waves of pleasure through her body as she already accelerated her pace, leaving Karma to choke down on her moving cock. Her throat felt amazing to her as she moaned loudly from her sexually pleasing throat that completely massaged her shaft while she also felt her warm tongue rubbing against underneath her sliding cock. Karma could only again watch as her arms were still binded by Evelynn's strong whips, feeling the heavy force of her cock pounding her throat. As she continued to enjoy her deep forced blowjob, Mat sat on the left side of Karma, watching carefully her partner as he stroked his dick, aroused by the sexual rape scene he was watching. He could see that Karma was struggling with her breathing once more as she didn't fully recover her breathing.


"Fuck! Her throat Aaahhh! is so Aaaaahhh!'s so FUUUUUUUUUCK!"


Evelynn moaned loudly as she cummed hard inside Karma's throat, emptying her load as she performed slow and long pushes with her cock. Karma could feel her hot jizz flowing down, once more forced to drink up everything as Evelynn quickly pulled out her fast dripping cock and seal tight both her lips and her nose with her hands. The spiritual lady tasted a sweet and sticky flavor from Evelynn's semen, almost tasting way sugary and better than honey. She then released her grip as her purple fluids dripped on top of Karma's face.


"Wow! Her throat actually feels  incredibly good." Evelynn said as she slapped her cock on Karma's face multiple times.


"I know. I'm going to try her throat again." Mat replied as he forcefully pulled down Karma's head.


"Then I'm going to try her pussy. Hmhmhm~" Evelynn giggled as she quickly pushdown Karma, laying her completely down on the wooden bench.


As Karma was laid on her stomach, Evelynn moved her whips to strongly tie together the spiritual lady's hands behind her back, rendering her immobile once more as Mat stood on the bench on his knees while firmly holding Karma's head with his white hands.


"Do whatever you want with my body but know that my will is stronger tha-Mmmmffffff!?" Karma was interrupted once more as Mat shoved his hard cock inside her mouth, shutting her up.


"Sure thing bitch! We will use your body as our cum dumpster, right Eve?" Mat said as he smiled.


"Of course babe." Evelynn replied as she laid herself on her stomach, sticking her body on top of Karma's back and arms.


She then wrapped tightly her left arm underneath Karma's large breasts while wrapping her right arm around Karma's neck. Being in a good position, Evelynn lifted her pelvis up, gently lowering it as she approached her cock to the lady's pussy. Very eager to fuck her, Evelynn shoved her large shaft inside Karma's pussy with one deep and fast push, causing both of them to instinctively yelped in pleasure. Karma felt the demon girl's cock inside her as it was causing a slight pain and discomfort to her because Evelynn's cock was too big for her.


"God her virgin pussy is tight!" Evelynn said as small red drops flowed out from Karma's penetrated pussy.


The demon girl felt the spiritualist's warm inside tightening around her cock, moaning once more as she began rocking her pelvis, thrusting her cock back and forth inside Karma's tight entrance.


Mat then firmly hold down Karma's head as she tried to move away, shoving his dick inside down her throat as he drilled his hard shaft inside her mouth, feeling her warm throat. As she was fucked by two big dicks, Karma moaned slightly even when she tried to control her sexual sounds as Evelynn's large shaft was pleasurably massaging her pussy.


"Ahh! Ahh! Damn her pussy feels so good." Evelynn said as she moaned pleasurably, feeling a great rush of sexual euphoria coursing through her body. "How's her throat babe?"


"Feels still ahh! fucking amazing!" Mat moaned as he throat fucked Karma, hearing gargling noises.


Karma was trying her best to maintain her breathing as her neck was firmly held by Evelynn's right arm, forcing her to gargle on his cock as she felt close to lose her entire breath. She then muffled as Mat accelerated his pace, furiously thrusting his shaft inside her throat as Karma felt his shaft hitting her deep end throat, choking and gagging on his cock. Mat suddenly moaned loudly as he ejaculated his hot white load inside her throat, filling completely her mouth. The young boy then pulled out his cock, still cumming as he sprayed Karma's face while she coughed out his disgusting semen.


"*Cough* *Cough* *Cough* Mat...*Cough* *Cough* Please...*Cough* *Cough* Stop it this is not you...*Cough*" Karma said as she coughed several times, gasping for air as she couldn't handle his cock again inside her throat.


"Shut up bitch and swallow my cock!" Mat said as he shoved back his messy shaft through her open mouth, not giving her enough time to catch her breath.


As Mat continued to furiously bang her throat, moaning in high pleasure, Karma's was slowly losing her sharp spirit as she failed to bring Mat back from his monstrous personality. His warm semen were leaking down from her face, messing her face as her black makeup on her eyes also dripped down. While she gargled on his cock, hoping for them to stop raping her, Evelynn accelerated her pace as she moved fast her hips, drilling speedingly her blue dick inside her pussy as she felt close to climax. Karma could feel the demon girl's large breasts sliding on her back while she heard the two evil beings' loud moans.




Evelynn yelled pleasurably, shoving her cock one more time before she strongly tightened her grip on Karma, erupting from her cock a huge load of her sweet purple cum inside the abused lady's pussy. Karma felt the demon girl's hot semen overflowing inside her pussy as some dripped out. As Evelynn pulled out her cock from Karma's filled entrance, Mat grunted loudly once more as he ejaculated once more his hot cum inside her throat.


He then pulled out his dripping shaft that  was covered in Karma's saliva as the spirtual lady coughed out in disgust his sticky fluids.


"Babe, you came three times and you're still this hard?" Evelynn said as she noticed his wet cock still fully erected.


"I guess I have an unquenchable lust for sexual pleasure." Mat replied as Evelynn leaned her head close to his cock.


Evelynn gave a smile to him before she swallowed his messy shaft, sucking off his dripping cum as she swirled her moist tongue around her his sticky cock, causing Mat to moan in delight. She then stopped sucking him off, ingesting his salty fluids before she let out a satisfied sound. Evelynn then licked off the white sticky droplets on Karma's face as she enjoyed the taste of his semen while the spiritual lady felt her moist tongue sliding on her face.


"Is that all you got you filthy demon whore!?" Karma shouted to Evelynn as she wanted to kill her so badly.


"Oh don't worry, we will break your mind and spirit. Hmhmhm~" Evelynn giggled as she stood up, switching places with Mat.


Mat then forcefully lifted Karma as Evelynn laid herself on her back below the spiritual lady. The young man then gently laid Karma on top of Evelynn while Evelynn positioned herself so that her lips were below Karma's dripping pussy and her erected long blue dick was relatively close to Karma's face. She then spread her legs wide open while Karma's stomach rested on hers. Mat then laid himself on Karma's back, firmly gripping her head with his right hand while slipping his left arm underneath her breasts.


"Let me break that ass of yours, spiritual bitch!" Mat said as he carefully leaned his cock close to Karma's asshole, moving slowly his pelvis forward as his cock slowly drilled through her backdoor entrance.


"Please listen to me Mat! You have to stop this! Please remember who you truly are! You're not a demon! You're a-Argh!"


"I'm a monster and a killer. I already know that spiritual bitch." Mat interrupted Karma as he choke her neck with his right hand. "I don't care what you say so let shut up and let me break your spirit!"


Mat then forcefully opened her jaw wide open, pushing down her head with his other hand as she swallowed Evelynn's cock, causing the demon girl to suddenly yelp in delight. Evelynn then held Karma's head with her claws, leaving Mat to regain his previous grip on Karma's neck and breasts. Mat then slammed his pelvis on Karma's bouncy ass with brutal force, shoving deep his entire cock through her asshole while Evelynn simultaneously pulled down Karma's head, shoving her cock deep down the spiritual lady's throat. Karma muffled loudly in pain as she felt Mat's cock inside her ass, feeling a burning sensation around her lower body.


"Wow babe! Your entire cock cleaved through her asshole in one thrust!" Evelynn said as she was amazed by the strength of his cock.


"Like I said Eve, I will break her spirit." Mat said as he began rocking his pelvis, drilling inside her warm backdoor as he moaned in pleasure.


Evelynn giggled after hearing his response, seemingly wanting him to do the same to her as her cheeks blushed red. She then began licking Karma's dripping pussy, tasting her own super sweetened cum as she ingest it. While she furiously licked Karma's moist pink entrance, Evelynn felt the raped lady's hot throat and moist warm tongue soothing her large shaft as she bobbed Karma's head, feeling a rush of sexual excitement while she moaned pleasurably.


"Aaaahhh! Nice asshole you got there spiritual bitch!" Mat said after letting out a deep moan.


He felt her very tight warm backdoor sexually massaging around his large manhood, sexually comforting him as he felt waves of pleasure coursing through his body. As he continued to bang deep her asshole, Karma mumbled loudly as she gargled on Evelynn's cock. She felt Mat's cock savagely tearing down her asshole as she felt his drilling cock deeply breaking her back inside. She also felt Evelynn's moist tongue furiously licking her pussy, sending her body a rush of excitement as Karma instinctively moaned from the hot touch of the demon girl's moving tongue. The faint feeling of pleasure was soon overshadowed by the agonizing pain she felt inside her asshole as she quickly muffled loudly in pain several times. Karma felt still powerless as her hands were still tied together behind her back by Evelynn's strong whips while she also felt her spiritual type magic slowly being absorbed by Mat's body. She tried so desperately to use her powers but failed to do so as Mat's magical absorption ability prevented her from using her powers. While she was violently abused, Karma felt an overwhelming guilt clouding her mind as thought on how she failed to save Mat and how she ruined his chance at a long lasting perfect life. Warm tears then began to flowed down from her eyes to her cheeks as she felt a growing despair and sadness while her guilt finally took over her. Mat noticed Karma's sad and crying face, triggering him to lean his head forward. He then pulled his tongue out and began to slowly lick off the sad tears of the spiritual lady in slow and long licks.


"Aah! How I missed the taste of the tears of Ionians engulfed in despair who begged me for mercy." Mat said as he finished tasting Karma's warm tears.


Her dejected expression caused Mat to feel even more aroused as he took pleasure in Karma's muffled and sad sobbing noises. The sadistic man then accelerated his pace, speedingly drilling her asshole deep with his fast moving cock as he pleasurably moaned loudly from the tight and warm sensation of her asshole. After minutes of gentle throatfucking, Evelynn stopped licking and proceeded to move Karma's head faster, moaning loudly as the spiritual lady's massaging hot throat and warm tongue both felt sexually sensational on her cock, feeling a great surge of high pleasure while she lifted her pelvis up and down. Karma choked down on Evelynn's cock, drooling and spitting out loads of saliva as she gagged hard on the demon girl's big shaft, barely able to breathe.


"Aah! Aaahh! I'm going to cum soon! How about you Eve? Aaah!" Mat asked while he moaned as he continued to furiously raped Karma's asshole, hitting her deep end.


"Aah! I'm also cumming soon babe!" Evelynn replied as she bobbed Karma's head even faster while she thrusted her pelvis up and down, slamming her cock deep inside the raped lady's throat.


As they both felt close to orgasm, Karma continued to cry as the scorching pain inside her ass was too unbearable for her to handle while she also felt pain on her throat from the constant throbs that both Evelynn and Mat inflicted to her with their cock.


"Fuck! Aaahh! Aaaaaahhh! I'm cumming! AAAAAAHHHHHH! AAAHHHH!"

"Aaahhh! Me too babe! Fuck! AAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH!" 


Mat and Evelynn moaned and grunted loudly in pleasure as they both thrusted their cock one more time, erupting all their hot and sticky loads out inside Karma's two using holes. Karma felt Mat's warm jizz flowing inside her ass while she tasted Evelynn's sweet purple cum, gulping down on every drops of the sweet fluids as it was too irresistible for her to not drink Evelynn's tasty cum. They both pulled out their cock as they both stood up, leaving Karma laid on the bench as their fluids flowed out from her gaping asshole and her abused mouth.


Mat then lifted Karma up and kneel her down, tilting her head while also holding strongly her mouth open with both his hands as Evelynn stroked fast her blue cock with her left hand while stroking Mat's pale cock with her right hand, causing both of them to moan in delight. They both then suddenly ejaculated the rest of their fluids into the lady's mouth, filling up it as they also sprayed her face


their warm cum. Mat then closed Karma's mouth while also closing her nose, which forced her to gulp down on the mixed fluids she just received.


All three were sweating furiously as the heat of the sauna were exhausting them.


Evelynn released her whips from Karma's hands while a magical purple aura appeared around her blue cock. The flashing purple light then suddenly disappeared as her futa cock suddenly vanished and left instead her normal blue pussy. They both then glanced at Karma who seemed to be still crying as tears still flowed down from her eyes while she heavily breathed. 


"Hmhmhmhm~I think we just broke her mind and her spirit." Evelynn said as she joyfully giggled. 


"Indeed we did Eve. Her body may not be completely broken but it's now spoiled." Mat replied as pulled Evelynn towards him, hugging her as he gave her a deep kiss. After their loving kiss, Evelynn rested her head on his left shoulder.


"Sooooooo, what should we do next?" Mat asked Evelynn as he had no idea what he wanted to do.


"Well I thought of traveling all around Runeterra to find some unfortunate preys." Evelynn replied.


"But I like killing and torturing Ionians." Mat said.


"Have you ever tortured people that aren't from Ionia?" Evelynn asked.


" actually...I've only tortured Ionians." Mat replied as he couldn't think of any other people that he killed and/or tortured that aren't from Ionia.


"Well in that case, let's travel around Runeterra." Evelynn said as she smiled at him.


"Are you sure Eve? I don't like traveling." Mat said.


"C'mon babe, just trust me on this. We're going to have so much fun together. Just you and me torturing and killing unfortunate preys." Evelynn said joyfully as she seemed very eager to execute her plans with him.


She then pressed her lips on his, smooching him for long seconds as she gently stroke his depleted cock.


"And besides, if you behave good enough, I might let you play with my holes whenever you want~" Evelynn said with a seducing tone as she gently pressed his cock on her pussy, biting her lips from the warm touch.


"Sure! Let's get traveling then!" Mat replied with energy.


"Yaaay! Then it's settled." Evelynn joyfully said.


"But where should we go first?" Mat asked.


"Leave that to me." Evelynn replied as she tightly embraced him.


Shadowy mists began to appear around the couple, engulfing them as they disappeared into the shadows. After a few seconds, the black fogs vanished, leaving only the raped lady in the sauna room.


Not able to feel her legs while having no strength left to lift herself up, Karma closed her eyes, calming herself as she rest her body on the wooden floor while she and the floor were covered in warm  white and purple sticky semen.


After a few minutes, she fell asleep after she hoped that Mat could one day be completely saved from his inner and unstable darkness.


Chapter Text


Somewhere in a remote city of Piltover where huge black smokes flowed out from the large rich factories, there was a young girl walking towards an immense gate.

The young female had medium pink hair where it extended more on her front left side while also having long attached strings ones on her back head. Her back right head had little hair as it was shaved but not completely. Her face was white beige while she had a "VI" tattoo on her left cheek. She seemed to have a really good makeup as her beautiful eyelashes were perfectly curled straight and were glimmering black. Her small eyebrows were black and perfectly combed but her left one had some cuts. Her lips were elegantly dark rose, almost matching her hair color. Inside of her left ear were two black ear piercings, one on top and one on the bottom while right ear had a silver ear piercing hanging from her ear lobe. She also had a tiny black nose piercing on her left nose. From the left side of her neck and her shoulders, there were multiple gear shaped tattoos with different shapes and sizes on them. The girl wore an interesting black and grey suit with silver shoulder pads and a corset like silver body armor. She also wore a small red brown jacket with a mid sized collar above her suit. Her hands worn very large mechanical silver and dark gold gauntlets, larger then her entire head. She also wore goggles on her head.


"VI! DO YOU COPY!?" a female said in a radio static voice, coming from the young girl's right ear.


"I do copy you, cupcake." Vi said as she listened in her hidden earphone on her right ear.


"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" the female on the earphone said.


"I will Caitlyn if you stop using cupcakes as yordle baits." Vi said as she laughed, taunting her friend.


"CAN WE JUST FOCUS ON THE MISSION!?" Caitlyn shouted to Vi.


"Alright. Sheesh. Have some humor for once." Vi replied with slight anger.


"My humor is at its peak when we're sleeping at night~" Cailtyn radio talked to Vi with a lower and seducing voice.


"Yeah yeah. I know Caitlyn." Vi said as she smiled, briefly thinking of lewd stuffs. "So who do you see inside the building?"


"I only see Jinx. I don't see anyone else in there." Caitlyn said as she was on top of another tall building within at least twenty meters away from Vi.


Caitlyn was looking through her triple lensed long rifle gun as she spotted the target. The sniper woman wore a flowing purple dress that only covered from her mid breasts to her lady part, revealing her beige white arms and legs, including the top part of her large melons. She also wore a couple of brown belts around each of her limbs while also wearing long brown boots. She wore brown gloves on her hands and a purple collar on her neck. She also wore a purple top hat on her head. She had long dark blue hair, blue eyes and rose lips.


"Alright then. I'll smash this gate open!" Vi said as her right gauntlet charged up, pointing to the immense gate.


With the help of the thrusters boosters on her gauntlet, Vi leaped fast on the gate, breaking it completely as she passed through it. Smokes formed around the broken gate as Vi shut off her weaponized glove. The pink hair girl then took a good look at her surroundings, seeing a very slim blue haired girl with a pale skin color sitting on a half broken throne, smiling intensely at her. She also saw five tall and large gates behind the smiling girl that were spread around the indoor place. She also saw multiple grey chains, hanged from the ceiling, that were almost touching the floor, leaving an tall body height space between it and the rusty floor.


The young girl had two very long strings of attached blue hair while having a bang wave on the right side of her head. Her outfit was very bizarre and very revealing as she only wore very small pink shorts and two suspenders, the right one being pink and the other one being black, that hid her very small breasts. She also wore black work boots and a pink lace stocking on her right leg. Her right arm and the right side of her body was covered in blue clouds and red bullets tattoos while her left arm in a black sleeve while also wearing black fingerless gloves on both hands. Her eyes and her lips were pink and her small pink eyebrows were also pink. Her belts and straps were filled with bullets.


"Finally you're here Fat Hands Hahaha!" the blue haired girl said to Vi as she laughed.


"So you decided to finally surrender yourself?" Vi replied as she let out a smirk on her face.


"Surrender!? HA! You're the one surrendering to me!" Jinx said with an exciting smile on her face.




"I'm already aware of that." Vi said as she approached towards Jinx while holding a sharp focus and vision around her.


"Oh! You just can't wait, can you?" Jinx said as she pulled out a small remote with a big red button on it.



"What you're planning this time?" Vi said as she halted her walking.



"I have several big surprises for you and for Hat Lady!" Jinx said as she pressed the button on her remote.



Suddenly, the larges gates behind Jinx opened, lifting upwards while creating a loud and shaking noises. The two girls glanced at the doors, only seeing dark shadow rooms as nothing appeared to come out.



"Huuuuuuuuh? What I'm I supposed to see?" Vi asked to Jinx as she was confused that nothing came out from the gates.



"GUYS! IT'S YOUR MOMENT TO COME OUT! GUYS!?" Jinx shouted loudly as she quickly ran towards the middle opened gate. "YOU GUYS RUINED MY PER-...fect...oh..."



"What? You realised that your goons have...OH MY GOD!" Vi said before she shouted out of shock of what she saw on the floor near the gates.



"What is it Vi? What are you seeing?" Caitlyn said to Vi as she couldn't see the opened gates.



A huge wave of red liquid flowed on the floor as it slowly approached Jinx's boots. Lights then suddenly flickered on inside the gate rooms, revealing several piles of dozen of bald men with weird crackled and gargoyle like greyish green skin, all dressed in hickory bib stripe black pants. The cold laid bodies were severed, sliced and carved, with every each body decoratingly killed and tortured differently. Their wounds were super deep as blood gushed out like a squirting water fountain. The bodies' expressions showed a face fear and terror.



"Huh? I expected innocent people but instead, I see Zaunite criminals." Vi said as she let out a sigh of relief. "Wow, you might have turned into a new leaf. But seriously though, you've gone really mad Jinx.



"What!? NO! I didn't killed them! I'm not this insane to do that! I mean look at them! They all seemed to die from sharp knives! Not from bullets! I don't even use knives!" Jinx shouted to Vi as she furiously stomped the ground in pure frustration.



"Then who did?" Vi asked to Jinx, confused as she had no clue who could have killed the unfortunate souls.



"That would be me!" a male demonic voice said, coming from the middle gate.



The two girls glanced over at the direction of the voice, only to see a pale white young man in his pale white clothes with a pale white smile. His clothes were drenched in large red stains that seemed to be already dried up. His hands were dripping the blood of his kills, wielding sharp and tainted kitchen knives. He then dropped his weapons as a metallic sound clanged, causing both girls to step back a few feet away from the white figure.



"Have seen these Zaunite men? They look all fucked up. I mean, look at their skins. Like they so look disgusting. What chemicals have they been drinking these days?" the young white figure said as he glanced his black and yellow eyes over the dead bodies while he seemed to talk to the girls.



"Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror, Ghost Man?" Jinx said as she smiled, finding the young man's appearance really ridiculous and funny.



"Ghost Man? Really? Is it because I'm all white?" Mat said to Jinx as he began walking towards the girls.



"VI? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING IN THERE!?" Caitlyn radio shouted to Vi.



"Well there's a young man who is completely pale white, as in his entire skin, his entire face and his entire hair are pale white! Even his clothes are fucking pale white!" Vi said to Caitlyn over her earphone as she placed her hands over her right ear. "Also there's like about a hundred of Zaunite criminals that are dead."



"WAIT! DID YOU JUST SAID A PALE WHITE MAN!?" Caitlyn shouted, more louder than before.



"Yeeeeah? Do you kn-"



"AND THE BODIES, WE'RE THEY KILLED BY SHARP BLADES?" Caitlyn interrupted Vi as she shouted.



"Well they all seemed to be by the looks of it. The bodies are pretty messed up. If you came here, you would have thro-"



"VI! GET OUT RIGHT NOW! I REPEAT GET OUT NOW! THAT'S AN ORDER!" Caitlyn interrupted Vi once more as she shouted, seemingly panicking.



"Alright Caitlyn. I'm leaving right...right...right noooow..." Vi said before she suddenly lost her voice, collapsing on the floor as she fell unconscious.



"Vi? VI!!!!!!!!? VI ARE YOU ALRIGHT!!! VI!? V-*Static noises*"



The earphone in Vi's right ear was crushed as it was pulled out a by a neon glowing claw. A female blue demon was standing behind Jinx as rose smokes that engulfed Vi's face suddenly faded away. She smiled at the remaining girl as she walked towards to her. Jinx tried to run away but was immediately stopped as two strong misty black whips with a neon fang on its end forcefully wrapped around Jinx's body, quickly lifting the girl up. The young girl was now hanging upside down as she saw the two intruder's smiling faces with her arms stuck with her body from the tight whips.



She could also see on the demon girl's crotch area a large blue cock instead of a lady part. It was fully erected, standing close to Jinx's lips.



"What do you want you two?" Jinx said to them.



"Yeah babe, what should we do with her?" Evelynn asked to Mat as she saw him carrying Vi on his right shoulder.



"Well we could abuse her just like we did with the others."



Mat said as he removed Vi's gauntlets out from her hands, tossing them away far from her.



"Hmmmmm...I don't know. She doesn't look cute or beautiful." Evelynn said as she inspected Jinx carefully.



"Hey that's just mean you know!" Jinx shouted to Evelynn.



"Well she is a very small girl. I mean look at her body."



Mat said as she lifted the sleeping girl up, chaining her hands together with one of the hanging heavy chains that were scattered around the large area.



"How about you drop me down!? LIKE RIGHT NOW!?" Jinx shouted to them but they seemed to ignore her.



"So should we torture her or rape her?" Evelynn asked.



"RAPE!? If you two lay a finger on me, I SWEAR I'M GONNA BREAK YOUR BONES!" Jinx shouted once more but they seemed to again ignore her.



"I think we should do both. I never tried a very tiny girl before so it should be interesting. I wonder how tight she is." Mat said as he let out a crazed smiled while he unbuckled his belt.






"There! Much better." Evelynn said while placing her claws Jinx's cheeks, firmly gripping them. "Bite on my cock and I'll kill you, got it?"



"Hmhm!" Jinx mumbled, tilting her head up and down.



"Good girl!" Evelynn said, smiling joyfully as she began moving her pelvis fast, thrusting her futa cock inside Jinx's mouth.



As Evelynn moaned joyfully, feeling Jinx's warm mouth on her moving shaft, Mat began undressing the tied up young girl after he fully undressed himself. He stood behind Jinx as he spread wide open her legs, revealing her small pink entrance. While he held her legs, Mat then pulled her body down, laying her perfectly horizontal as Jinx's body floated in the air from the tight whips wrapped on her body, with her back facing the floor. Mat then positioned his erected cock close to Jinx's entrance, slowly inserting the tip inside her small pussy.



"Don't you dare put your filthy dick in-mmmmppphh?!"



Jinx was interrupted once more as Evelynn tilted the blue haired girl's head down, shoving quickly her big shaft inside her mouth. She then resumed moving her hips, thrusting her cock back and forth inside Jinx's mouth while she firmly held her cheeks.



"Ah! She is tight!" Mat said as he found it difficult to insert his large cock inside her pussy with little force.



Mat then slammed his pelvis forward, shoving deep his shaft in one powerful push inside Jinx's pussy. The young man moaned loudly in pleasure while the raped girl mumbled loudly in pain as her eyes widened. Her legs quivered intensely as red drops of blood dripped out from her penetrated entrance.



"AHHHHHHHHHH! She fucking tight Imagine the tightness of her ass!" Mat moaned loudly as he felt Jinx's very tight warm inside wrapped tightly around his cock.



"I can't wait to try her pussy~" Evelynn seducingly said as she leaned her head forward, giving a soft short kiss to her partner.



"She seemed already in pain. So let's keep inflicting pain to her. I want to hear her scream!" Mat said as he smiled crazily.



He quickly began thrusting his cock real fast as he moved his pelvis back and forth, drilling hard Jinx's pussy as he heard her mumbled loud screams.



Evelynn sped up her pace as she moaned loudly, feeling the raped girl's warm tongue swirling furiously around her cock while also feeling a strong sucking force on her drilling cock. While she felt her breathing cut in half, Jinx also felt an overwhelming pain as she felt her penetrated pussy was going to split in half, causing her to slowly lose her legs as she felt Mat's grip slowly vanishing. She felt a mix of faint pleasure and tremendous pain.



"Fuck! Ah! She's sucking way too hard! I'm going to cum!" Evelynn said as she moaned, shoving her cock one last time inside Jinx's mouth before she climaxed.



Jinx then suddenly felt a huge amount of hot sticky fluids gushing fast inside her mouth, quickly filling up her throat and her mouth. Evelynn kept cumming, forcing the blue haired girl to swallow the sweet cum while some flowed out from her nostrils as she couldn't keep with the speed of Evelynn's large ejaculation.



"Swallow every drop of my cum you little brat!" Evelynn joyfully said as finished cumming, keeping her shaft inside Jinx's mouth while also closing her nose, forcing her to either gag painfully on her cock or swallow her load.



Jinx decided to swallow all the sweet jizz of the demon girl as she gulped down every drops in one go. She then suddenly felt her pain growing fast as Mat quickly accelerated his pace up. The young man drilled his cock deeper, hitting Jinx's deep inside as he furiously banged her. Jinx mumbled loudly, seemingly flooded with more pain as the burning sensation inside her pussy became even more hotter and painful than ever while she felt his cock piercing through her womb.



"Damn! Ahh! I'm cumming! Ahh!" Mat said as he moaned loudly, thrusting his cock one final time before he ejaculated.



Jinx mumbled loudly as she felt the young man's warm fluids filling up her deep inside, leaving some white sticky droplets dripping out from her abused entrance. After he finished cumming, Mat pulled out his cock from her dripping pussy and released his grip on her. Evelynn pulled out her shaft and then proceeded to gently drop Jinx by turning her back upright on her knees with her whips. Jinx coughed out and spit out some of the unswallow sweet cum as she desperately gasped for air. She stood on four as Evelynn's whips were released from her body.






Jinx was interrupted as Mat quickly shoved his cock inside her mouth. He then moved forward, thrusting deep his manhood inside her throat as he stood on his knee, keeping a firm grip on her head.  Evelynn then wrapped her powerful whips around Jinx's arms, trapping them quickly to her body. Evelynn then stood on her knees, approaching behind Jinx's small butt. She firmly gripped her ass cheeks as she thrusted her blue cock deep inside her pussy, causing Jinx to mumble in pain.



"You were right babe! She is fucking tight even after getting penetrated by your big cock." Evelynn said as she began moving her pelvis back and forth, drilling her cock inside Jinx's tight front hole.



"This girl is a little hot tempered. I think I should teach her a lesson." Mat said as he smiled crazily at Jinx.



The young man placed his right fingers on her nose, closing it tightly to prevent her from breathing from her nose. He then suddenly accelerated real fast his pace, drilling very fast and deep inside Jinx's throat as he could feel he was close to hit her throat's end. Evelynn too quicken her pace, drilling deep and fast Jinx's pussy as she felt she hit the end of her womb with her large shaft. She then used her very long whips to spank hard Jinx's butt, leaving red burning marks on it. While Mat and Evelynn both moaned loudly as they abused her badly, Jinx couldn't feel any pleasurable sensation as she only felt agony. She felt the demon girl's whips severely hurting her butt while also feeling Evelynn's powerful cock ravaging her inside. She couldn't breathe properly as her nose and her mouth were sealed off by Mat's right hand and his throbbing cock respectively. She could only mumbled in pain as she tried her best to not die from missing oxygen.



"Ahhhhh! Swallow all of my cum you little bitch!" Mat said as he moaned, continuing to throatfuck Jinx while he orgasmed.



His warm semen spurted inside Jinx's mouth while he moaned joyfully, forcing her to drink his fluids. He then pulled out his cock from her mouth, leaving her to heavily gasp for air while coughing out several times. Before she could mutter a single word, Mat immediately shoved his cock back deep inside her throat, restarting his fast movement as Jinx's could feel his fast moving wet shaft drilling inside her throat.



"I can feel her pain. Ahh! It's music to my ears!" Evelynn joyfully said, feeling more aroused as she felt close to climax. "Ahh! I'm going to cum!"



With one last thrust, Evelynn shoved her cock deep inside Jinx's womb as she moaned loudly in pleasure, ejaculating out her purple semen as she filled the abused girl's warm inside. The demon girl then wasted no time as she pulled out her futa shaft and immediately placed it on Jinx's asshole. She forcefully pushed her cock on Jinx's asshole, trying her best to penetrate through it. After a few quick tries, Evelynn penetrated deep her cock inside Jinx's asshole, causing her to moan in high delight while the raped girl felt an agonizing pain in her ass.



"Such a tight ass!" Evelynn said as she began thrusting back and forth her hips, as she drilled Jinx's ass with her big shaft, only wanting to make her feel pure agony.



Jinx mumbled loudly as her muffled screams could be heard loud and clear by the two rapists. She couldn't do anything as she watched herself getting horribly penetrated by two hard large shafts while her breathing was severely lowered. The pain she felt was too agonizing to bear, feeling like her ass was already split in half while the burning and shredding sensation on her backdoor resembled to high hot water boiling inside her ass. She also couldn't feel her entire legs as she doesn't feel the cold floor. Evelynn's spanking whips were deepening the redness of her beated ass, leaving large scars and bruises on her butt cheeks.



Suddenly, Jinx then felt warm sticky fluids flowing inside her throat as she heard Mat's loud moan. She also felt warm fluids on her entire as Mat already pulled out his cumming cock from Jinx's mouth and started to paint her face with his semen. After he finished to furiously cum on her face, Mat kept his right on Jinx's nose while he shoved back his cock inside her throat. He strongly held her head forward with his left hand, keeping his dick inside her throat as he didn't move, forcing her to gag on his cock till Evelynn was done with her.



"Here it comes! AHH! AHHHHHHHHHH!"



Evelynn moaned loudly as she slammed her pelvis on Jinx's butt, shoving deep her cock inside Jinx's ass while nutting her purple fluids. After a few good seconds, the demon girl pulled out her dripping shaft, leaving inside Jinx's big gaped asshole a huge load of her sweet cum. Mat then pulled out his cock from Jinx's mouth, leaving her to heavily gasp desperately on air as she drooled and coughed out his salty fluids.



"" Jinx faintly stuttered as her throat was feeling very sore.



"Awwn look babe! She's begging for mercy. Hmhmhm~" Evelynn giggled as she found the broken girl's begging quite amusing to her. "I think I will keep her for my upcoming sex toy collection~"



Evelynn then released Jinx's body from her whips as she stood up on her feet. Purple smokes formed around her misty black whips while she pulled Jinx to her, lifting her up with her claws as she positioned her cock underneath the abused girl's pussy. The magical smokes then disappeared, revealing two large and long purple tentacles with each having a large neon pink dick on its end. Evelynn wrapped tightly her left tentacle on Jinx's neck, shoving the dick inside the saddened girl's throat. She then wrapped tightly her other tentacle around Jinx's waist, shoving the glowing cock deep inside the girl's gaped asshole. Evelynn then grinned as she held Jinx's thighs. With one heavy push, Evelynn shoved her futa cock inside Jinx's pussy by moving her hips while lifting down the blue haired girl's body.



"Hmmmmmm~You're going to enjoy this, little girl~" Evelynn said with a seducing tone, starting to move her three cocks inside Jinx's holes.



While Evelynn ruthlessly raped Jinx, Mat stood up and approached towards the sleeping pink hair girl.



"STOP RIGHT THERE!" a shouting female voice said, coming from the front gate.



Mat glanced at the direction of the voice, only to see Caitlyn in anger as she pointed her rifle gun at him. Her left index finger was very close to the trigger of her weapon, wanting to kill Mat very badly.



"Oh! If it isn't the great sheriff woman of Piltover?" Mat said as he slowly approached his right hand on Vi's breasts while keeping his vision on Caitlyn, using his reading power to read the sheriff's personal informations.



"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Caitlyn shouted loudly to Mat, firmly gripping harder her rifle.



"Okay okay. I'm not going to touch your girlfriend." Mat said with a crazed smile on his face, placing his hands in front of him as he slowly walked towards Caitlyn.



"What!? do you know my secret relationship!? We both didn't tell to n-"



"A magician never reveal his secrets." Mat interrupted Caitlyn while he continued to walk towards her.






"Don't care. Try to shoot me, you won't kill me." Mat interrupted Caitlyn once more, halting his movement as he grinned at her.



"Just because they call you the White Demon doesn't mean that you can't die from a bullet." Caitlyn said as she smiled at him.



She quickly pulled the trigger, firing off from her rifle a powerful and super fast sniper bullet at her target as it created a loud bang. Mat then grinned intensely as he immediately caught the speeding bullet with just his right hand. He then opened his clenching fist, revealing the bullet between his thumb and his index finger.



"HOW!? You're only a just a human!" Caitlyn shouted in shock as she didn't predict that he would easily block her shot.



"Well for years, my reflexes have been sharpened far beyond than a regular human." Mat replied as he crazily smiled at her, feeling very confident about capturing her.



The white figure quickly rushed towards the armed in fast short leaps as Caitlyn moved backwards. Caitlyn was feeling a little nervous as she couldn't fire her rifle because Mat's movements were fast and random, confusing her hard. As he was very close to her, Caitlyn found an opening and quickly shot at him, but the young man once again caught the bullet with his right hand. After he reached to her, Mat then forcibly removed her rifle from her hands with strong force, tossing it far away from her. He then pulled out a third kitchen knife from his left pocket, quickly pointing at her neck.



"I guess you've lost, sheriff." Mat said as he smiled at her.



"Tsk! Damn you monster!" Caitlyn said in anger to him as she raised her hands up, surrendering herself to him.



"Don't forget that I'm also a killer. Now, stand on your knees if you value your life." Mat said to Caitlyn.



"Fuck off! I rather die than fulfill your perverted desires!" Caitlyn shouted to him as she ignored his order.



"That's really brave of you but I won't kill you. Instead, I'm just gonna kill your girlfriend." Mat said as he pulled out a fourth kitchen knife from his right pocket, pointing it at Vi as he was going to throw it at her.



"Wait! Please don't kill her! I...I...damn it!" Caitlyn said as she quickly kneeled herself down, standing on her knees as she lifted her head up, looking at the white figure's face.



"See? It wasn't that hard to do, wasn't it?" Mat said.



"You fucking white piece of shit! I'm going to shoot you down with a rain of hell once I'm done with this!" Caitlyn shouted to him as she felt pure anger.



"Awwwn look at her. She's a feisty one." Evelynn said as she stood next to Mat.



"You're already done with that little girl Eve?" Mat asked to Evelynn as he turned his head to his left, looking at the demon girl.



"Yup. She was quite fun but was too easy to get spoiled. I guess she's a one time sex toy." Evelynn said as she pointed behind her at Jinx.



The blue haired girl was laid unconsciously on the cold floor as her three opened holes were dripping a lot of purple sticky liquids. Her face seemed to show a depressed and hurt expression. Caitlyn saw the savagely raped girl, horrified at what Mat and Evelynn have done to Jinx.



"You two are real freaks! Demon freaks!" Caitlyn shouted in anger as she clenched her fists.



"Watch your mouth, busty woman." Evelynn said to Caitlyn as she stared at her marvelous large breasts. "Or should I say open your mouth. Hmhmhm~"



" demon whore..." Caitlyn said to Evelynn.



"Listen to what she says or you may be the reason that your love partner is going to die." Mat said as he pointed his right knife behind him, confident in himself to throw his weapon backwards and still hit Vi without looking.



"Wait! wait! wait!...I...I will listen to her." the young woman said as she leaned her head forward to Evelynn's still fully erected blue cock, keeping her mouth wide open.



"Good girl!" Evelynn said while joyfully smiling at the young woman, approaching her shaft to Caitlyn's welcoming mouth.



"WAIT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" a young female voice shouted loudly, coming from behind them.



The three all glanced at the direction of the voice, seeing that Vi was awoken. She was still hanging as her hands were still attached to the heavy chain.



"Please don't touch her! Leave her alone!" Vi begged while shouting loudly to the two rapists.



"And why would I do that?" Mat asked to Vi.



"Just please...please leave Cait alone. I...I..." Vi stuttered as she wasn't sure what to say to convince Mat and Evelynn to not rape her partner.



"I guess you have nothing to say then." Mat said as he lowered himself down, groping Caitlyn's breasts. "Her breasts are quite so-"



"I'LL DO ANYTHING!" the pink haired girl shouted very loudly as she interrupted him. 



After he heard her words, Mat quickly stood up and turned around to see Vi as he walked towards her.



"I'm sorry but could you please repeat what you just said?" Mat asked politely to Vi.



"I'll do anything! Just release her!" Vi said to Mat, thinking to herself it was the only way to save Caitlyn.



"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Let me think..." Mat said as he thought about Vi's offer while he stared at her body.



"NO VI! DON'T YOU DARE SAVE ME BY TRADING YOURSELF AWAY!" Caitlyn shouted to Vi, shocked that her partner would go to great lengths just to make sure that she wasn't going to get raped.



"I'm...I'm sorry Cait...but it''s the only way." Vi stuttered, expressing a saddened look on her face.



"Please Vi! Don't do it! I'm trying to sav-Mmmmmph!?"



Caitlyn was interrupted as she felt Evelynn's right claw hand on her mouth. Small pink smokes suddenly appeared and engulfed Caitlyn's face, quickly putting her in a deep sleep. Evelynn then lifted the sleeping woman and carried her over her right shoulder with her tentacles firmly wrapped around Caitlyn's body.



"So...we...we have a deal then?" Vi asked to Mat.



"Well I can see through your clothes that you may have a sexy body." Mat replied, still carefully gazing at her body.



The young man then raised his right arm as red energy bolts jolted around it. His right arm then suddenly transformed into a red glowing demonic arm with his right fingers shaped into pointy sharp claws that resembled to claws of a crow. He then gently placed his magical morphed hand on Vi's chest.



"Wait! I said I'll do anything!" Vi shouted as she felt very nervous.



"I know but I'm not going to kill you." Mat said as he shot out from his claws a small eldritch red wave around Vi's body.



The wave then suddenly vanished as her entire clothes were completely vaporised, only leaving black panties and a large black bra on her body. Mat then inspected carefully Vi's gorgeous large boobs and her curvaceous and athletically sexy body as she packed a few muscles on her arms and her core had a faint four pack abs. Mat also saw her alluring legs and her voluptuous large butt. Vi glanced away as her cheeks blushed slightly pink, feeling really anxious and uncomfortable.



"Alright Vi. I guess we have a deal." the young man said as he released Vi's hands from the chain.



" will...leave Cait alone?" the pink haired girl asked nervously to the white figure.



"Yup! Hey Eve! Leave that other busty woman alone." Mat shouted to Eve.



"What!? But babe, I wanted to play with her." Evelynn said to him as she gently dropped Caitlyn on the floor.



As the demon girl glanced at Mat, she could see a smirk on his intense smile as he was staring at her.



"Oh I see...You really are the best babe." Evelynn said as she quickly approached towards Mat, giving him a quick kiss on his lips.



The young man then stood behind Vi, wrapping his arms around her stomach while he placed his chin on her right shoulder. The demon girl then placed her claws hands on Mat's and Vi's head as black mists suddenly formed around them.



"So...what...what are you...going to do...with me." the pink haired girl asked to Mat as she wasn't sure what he had planned with her.



"You're going to be my own personal slut servant for my upcoming conquest." Mat replied to Vi with a crazed smile as he gently caressed her hair with his nose.



"Conquest?" Evelynn asked to Mat with a confused look on her face.



"I'm planning to take control over Piltover and Zaun. And once I conquered them, I'm going to conquer the rest of Runeterra." Mat said to Evelynn.



"Now that sounds like a lot of fun~" Evelynn said while joyfully smiling, giving her partner a deep long kiss before all three of them suddenly vanished from the place.



A few seconds before they vanished, Vi glanced at Caitlyn who was still unconscious. She felt an overwhelming guilt that continuously grew inside her mind as she realised that her life will never be the same again once she heard that Mat was going to use her as his own sex slave. She also knew that she may never see her love again. A couple of small tears dropped on the floor as it flowed out from her eyes as she thought to herself.



I'm sorry Caitlyn but I had to do it because I had to save you. I didn't want them to lay a single finger on you. 



And I had to do it because I love you.


Chapter Text

"Where...where are...we g-going?" Vi stuttered in anxiety as she walked with the young man who had his left arm wrapped around her shoulders.


The two were in a prestigious tall building where the walls were painted dark brown with several decorations all around the place encrusted in gold and diamonds. The building had multiple different bedrooms, bathrooms and secret rooms. The floor was beautifully cleaned while being covered in a red long carpet.


"I need to show you something first before I show you your new bedroom." Mat said with a smile on their face as they approached towards a long spiraling stairs.


As the two walked down on the stairs, Vi noticed that the walls became less colorful and more darker at every floor they pass down. The walls were now cracked and were lit up by green small lights that were laid on the handrail. After taking a final step, as they reached the deep underground of the building, the two now stood in front of a small steel door with a red lever on the right. Mat pulled down the lever, raising the door up. The two then entered the very small room as Vi's eyes widened. She saw two large mechanical cylinders on the floor with the two others chained and hanged from the ceiling. Between the two cylinders on the floor, Vi also saw a large and long black steel rod with tiny half sphere dots all around it. Attached underneath the metallic dildo was a small silver rod that was connected to a push and pull system.


"This is a punishment device that will help turn you into my slutty servant." Mat said to Vi as he smiled at her while Vi stared at the device. "If you ever try anything stupid or if you fail to please me, you will face this torturing device."


"*Gulp*" Vi gulped as she felt more stressed out than ever.


I hope I never have to face this thing. It's fucking bigger than any dildo that Caitlyn used on me.


"Now then, let me bring you to your bedroom." Mat said as the two went back upstairs.


*A few minutes later*


"So, what do you think?" Mat asked to Vi.


The pink haired young girl took a good glance around the bedroom, inspecting carefully the interior design. The walls were painted pink, matching Vi's hair color. The entire floor was covered in a soft white carpet, soothing the young girl's feet. Vi then walked towards the king size bed with white sheets and a pink pillow, all covered in a large pink blanket. There was a immense black wardrobe on the other side of the bed where its doors were closed.


How did he even got this huge and beautiful building in the first place?


After she carefully looked around the room, Vi walked towards the bed and sat on the front edge of it while Mat closed the pink door behind him and locked it. The young man then approached the young girl, standing now in front of her.


Vi glanced up at him, seeing his creepy smile. She then quickly glanced at her left, not wanting to tell him on what she thinks about her new bedroom. She didn't feel fear when she looked at him, but rather she was super stressed out as her body shivered violently, knowing that he wouldn't harm or kill her but would do bad things to her instead.


"Don't be shy, my sweet servant. If you don't like it, then I can change it into whatever it suit your tastes." Mat said to Vi  as he sat down on her left.


The young girl still didn't want to reply as she glanced away to her right side. Mat could sense her anxiety as he noticed her constant shaking.


"Well you can tell me about it later. You got all the time you need to think about it." the young man said.


He then leaned closer to her, gently placing his right hand on her hips while slowly turning her head towards him with his firm left hand. Vi faintly bounced as she felt his warm grip on the skin of her hips. She stared at his smiling face with demonic eyes, causing her to feel really unease about the situation she put herself in.


"From now, you'll only call me master. Behave badly and...well, you know what's going to happen." Mat said to her. "Do you understand?"


Fucking freak. I'm not calling him that.


Vi didn't replied to his question as she kept her mouth shut. The young man released his grip on he and then quickly removed her black bra and panties with brute force as they were tore off from her body. He then placed his fingers on her pink nipples and pinched them hard, causing Vi to yelp in pain.


"Yes...yes master! I understand!" Vi quickly shouted to him as she felt a burning sensation on her nipples.


"Good." Mat said as he released his fingers from her nipples. "Now then, let's start your first task."


The white figure quickly removed his shirt and tossed it out on the floor. He then placed his hands on her hips and her left cheek as he pulled her head closer to his.


Ugh. Disgusting. He wants me to French kiss him. Damn it. I don't have any other choice.


As Mat leaned his head while slightly opening his mouth, Vi did the same, both locking their lips together as they closed their eyes. The white figure slowly licked her warm tongue while they kissed in long smooches. He then swirled his tongue all around hers, both playfully battling their pink snakes as they both the warm breathe inside their fused mouths. Mat tilted his head sideways, switching up his movement with his tongue as he explored around her mouth. Vi then felt a warm sensation on her left butt cheek as Mat gently massaged it with his right hand. She also felt another soothing touch on her right hip as the young man released his left hand on her face. Vi faintly moaned at his warm hands and his massaging tongue.


He's...he's actually good at this.


After a minute, Mat broke off the kiss as he leaned back his head, leaving a string of their salivas between their tongues. He then gently pushed Vi on the bed, laying her on her back. He stood up in front of her and then slowly leaned close to her as he bended his back forward. Keeping himself above Vi with his hands on the bed and close to her shoulders, they both stared at each other for a brief moment as their faces were relatively close, both noses sticking together. The white figure gave her a gentle long kiss on her lips before he proceeded to move down, kissing several times on the right side of Vi's neck down till her stomach. The pink girl faintly moaned once more as she felt his warm soft kisses through out her body, feeling a tiny rush of euphoria.


He's not going rough on me. But why? He seemed like the kind of person to go super rough on a girl.


The young man then lifted his head up, leaning close to her large right tit as he pulled out his tongue. He then began licking her right nipple, causing Vi to yelp from the soothing warm massage of his moist tongue. He then sucked on her tit while softly massaging her left nipple with his right hand. Vi began to moan in pleasure as a rose line blushed on her nose and her cheeks, feeling more excited. Her nipples hardened while she felt his sucking mouth pleasurably soothed her mind and body. Mat savored a milky taste as he continued to suck her tit while massaging it with his moist tongue.


Fuck. His tongue actually feels good. He...He's doing better...better than Cai...No...That...can't...Fuck just shut up Vi.


Mat then stopped, pulling back his head as he left small trails of his saliva on her right boob. He stood up out of the bed, kneeling himself on his knees on the front edge of the bed. He then slowly pulled Vi's lower body by gripping her legs, spreading her legs open. He placed her lower legs over his shoulders and held her butt with his firm hands, leaning his head close to her revealed pink pussy. Mat then licked her entrance in long and slow licks, hearing a loud moan from the young girl. Vi quickly shut her mouth with her right hand, not wanting the figure to hear her faint upcoming moans.


Shit. He's...he's teasing me...This bastard freak is teasing me.


She felt his warm tongue massaging her sensitive area as Mat began accelerating his pace. She continued to moan with her mouth shut, feeling faint waves of pleasure flowing through her body from his moist tongue. The white figure then stretched out the lips of her entrance with his thumbs and began licking entirely her opened entrance.


"Such a soft and sweet pussy you have." Mat said to Vi as he continued to savour her entrance.


Vi's muffled moans became louder as she could feel his hot tongue furiously sliding on her pussy while periodically feeling a moist sensation swirling inside her entrance. The pink haired girl instinctively tightened her thighs around his head as the sexual massage felt too good to her body.


"You're enjoying it, aren't my sweet servant?" Mat asked her as he looked at her while he continued to taste her.


Fuck off. I'm not...I...I...


"Don't be shy. You can say the truth to me. I can hear your lewd sounds even when you're covering your mouth." the man said with an intense smile.


He then suck and licked her clit very fast, alternating between both actions while locking his lips on her entrance. Vi's eyes widened, instantly tightened more her legs around his neck while also arching her back, feeling a sudden jolt of pleasure that quickly overwhelmed her body.


Fuck...His fucking tongue is like Caitlyn's...They both feels so fucking good...They both know how to suck my pussy real good...


The young man suddenly stopped, lifting his head up as he left small strings of his saliva on her pussy. He then spread out Vi's legs with his hands as he fully stood up. Vi glanced at him, confused on why he suddenly stopped licking and sucking her pussy. Mat gave her a smile as he quickly unbuckle his pants, tossing it away from him on the soft floor. Vi's eyes widened in shock as she could see his fully erected large dick. She quickly released her right hand from her mouth, holding herself slightly up by gripping on the bed. The young man then pulled her on the edge of the bed, leaving her legs wide opened above the floor.


That...that thing is big...There's no way it's going to fit through.


"Can you can handle my cock, my sweet servant?" Mat said to her as he positioned his pale white thing close to her entrance, gripping firmly her hips.


"Ye...yes...m-master...I-I can...handle your cock..." Vi replied while stuttering on her words.


Surely he's going to go gentle on me...I hope...


"Good. Then get ready. This going to be a wild ride." Mat said with an intense smile on his face.


"Wait!...master...are...are you going to...t-to...go ge-FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!"


Vi yelled loudly as Mat shoved his big shaft deep inside her pussy in one go, piercing through her womb. Her entire legs quivered violently while tears of blood dripped out from her virgin pussy.


"I'm not going to go gentle on you on this one." the white figure said with his usual smile.


He then began to move his pelvis back and forth, drilling deep and fast his cock inside her tight pussy. Vi firmly tightened more her grip on the bed blanket as she felt his throbbing cock deep penetrating her at a fast pace.


"It hurts...Ahh!...It's hurts so much...Ahh!" Vi said while moaning, feeling pain around her pink entrance.


"Every girl's first time always hurts." Mat replied to Vi.


While he banged her, Mat moaned pleasurably loud as he could feel her tight warm inside wrapping and massaging around his dick. Vi instinctively moaned after a few seconds as the pain faded away and turned into a euphoric sensation.


"~Haah!~Ngh!~Ahhh!~Fuck!~" Vi moaned as she his hard manhood fast banging her pussy.


"Your lewd sounds. You're really enjoying this, aren't you my sweet servant?" Mat said to Vi while he continued to bang her.


"Shut up!~Hah!~I'm not...Ugh!..." Vi said while still moaning in delight.


"Having a stranger's cock inside your pussy while moaning to it. Man you may be a slut after all." Mat said to Vi.


"I said shut up! I'm not~Ahh!~Mm!~Fuck!" Vi said before she moaned.


Damn it. My body liking this...but this is wrong. I can't possibly enjoy this.


Vi couldn't completely understand why she was moaning to her rapist's cock. She felt a slow and growing exciting feeling through her body as Mat's drilling shaft pleased her pussy. Mat moaned loudly as he enjoyed banging deep her warm inside.


"Ahh! Ahh! Your pussy feels really good. Ahh! Might be one of the best pussies I have fucked so far." the white figure said as he tilted his head up, closing his eyes as he immersed himself in his sexual sensation.


He then quickly accelerated his pace, turbo drilling deep her pussy as their moans became more louder. Vi began to lose her breath as his thrusting shaft was making her moan too much. She sweated as she felt more heated with her face blushing pink.


"~Fuck!~Mmm!~Ahhh!~Hagh!~" Vi moaned pleasurably as she couldn't control her female instincts.


Damn his cock...My body likes his rough cock so much...I'm...I'm actually going to cum.


"Ahh! Get ready my sweet servant. Ahh! I'm...Ugh!...I'm going to cum!" Mat said as he speedingly thrusted deep his cock back and forth, feeling waves of pleasure while also feeling close to climax.


"Wait!~Hahh!~Don't you cum insi-"






Both moaned loudly as Mat thrusted his cock deep inside her womb one more time, both ejaculating their fluids out. Vi felt his hot sticky cum quickly filling up her womb while she squirted her clear fluids out of her pussy. After he emptied his load, Mat pulled out his dripping cock and then looked at Vi who was breathing intensely.


"Heh I'm not done with you just yet." Mat said to Vi.


He then lifted Vi up and pushed her more forward on the bed as he climbed up on the bed. He then completely turned Vi around and laid her on her stomach, lifting only her large butt up while Vi bent her knees, keeping her lower body up. The young man stood up till his cock was behind the young girl's butt, placing his cock close to her pussy as he firmly gripped her ass cheeks with his hands. With one deep thrust, Mat shoved his cock inside her pussy, causing both of them to moan in pleasure. Vi placed her arms in front of her, quickly tightening her grip on the bed as Mat began to move fast his hard shaft inside her pussy.


"~Fuck!~Ahh!~Mmm!~Ahh!~Haa!~" Vi moaned in pleasure as the young man's cock soothed real good her lady part.


"Ahh! Such a slut you are. You're enjoying a stranger's cock." Mat said to Vi.


"No! I'm no-Ahh!~Fuck!~Ahh!~Ahh!~Ahh!~Hahh!" Vi continuously moaned.


Damn my body is reacting so wrong. I am not supposed to moan to this and yet I'm still making lewd sounds. His''s just big and...and...pleasing my body


Vi felt big waves of sexual euphoria flowing through out her body from Mat's throbbing savage shaft inside her pussy as her legs quivered in pleasure, trying her best to not let her lower body fall on the bed. She began breathing more as she opened wide opened her mouth, flinging her tongue out of pleasure. Mat felt a euphoric sensation on his body as he felt Vi's warm inside tightening on his cock while drilled her.


"Ahh! Uhg! Your pussy is tightening on my cock, which proves that you're actually enjoying this." Mat said to Vi as he began to accelerate his pace up.


No...I can't be enjoying this...It's my fucking body that's enjoying this...Fuck...He's also going so rough on me and yet my body likes his roughness...


While she continued to moan in sexual delight, she felt his pelvis slamming on her butt cheeks as was penetrating her pussy deep and very fast. She could also hear the young man's loud moans, which sent her a disgusted feeling in her stomach. Her body heated up intensely as tears of sweats flowed out from her head and her entire body. Her face blushed madly red pink. As minutes had passed, she felt close to climax once more as his cock overwhelmed her body.


"~AHH~FUCK!~HAA!~MMH!~I'm~AHH~I'M GOING TO CUM AGAIN!" Vi shouted while moaning loudly.


"Ahh! I'm cumming too my sweet servant!" the white figure said to Vi, both feeling climaxing in a few seconds.


Mat then quickly sped up his pace, turbo banging her for a few seconds before they were inches away from cumming.




"AHH! Same thing here! AHHH! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!"




They both loudly moaned as Mat slammed his pelvis one final time on her butt, shoving deep his cock inside her pussy as they both furiously ejaculated their fluids out, wetting the blanket. After a few good long seconds, the young man pulled out his cock out, leaving her pussy overflowing with his warm and sticky semen. He then let out a sigh of satisfaction as he took small deep breathes. Vi then dropped her knees, laying her lower body on the bed while her pussy dripped his cum. The young man then noticed that Vi was drooling saliva on the bed as she seemed close to fatigue and was going to pass out from exhaustion. Her eyes darted on her right as she breathed in deep fast gasps.


"You have a perfect body with a perfect pussy. I can't wait to try your other holes." Mat said with a deep smile while he stood up.


" came...inside me...twice..." Vi said to Mat while still breathing intensely.


"Don't worry my sweet servant. I'm sterile, so you can have zero worries about falling pregnant." Mat said to Vi as he picked up his clothes.


He then proceeded to walk towards the door, opening it before he glanced at Vi.


"In due time, you'll become a very obedient and excellent servant. Otherwise, my torture machine will be waiting for you." the white figure said to Vi as he walked out of the bedroom.


As the white figure closed the door, Vi still stayed frozen as she closed her eyes. She still felt the warm jizz warming up more her pussy.


This isn't what I sign up for. I'm almost certain that I will become his slut servant if I don't quickly find a way to escape this horrible place. I just hope that Caitlyn is fine and is currently searching for me. I'm on a time limit right now.


With one final deep breath, Vi's breathing returned to normal and after a few minutes later, she fell asleep with her body no longer shaking.



Chapter Text





"Your body is so sensitive Vi~"



"~Haah!~Gnhg!~Your tongue feels so good Cait Ahh!~"



The outside was dark and cold as the moon shined over the underground city while the breezy wind blew over the buildings. In a dark unknown room, the two female lovebirds were having a passionate making out as they both were laid on a their queen size bed. Vi moaned while her face blushed red from sexual euphoria as she felt her partner's moist warm tongue furiously massaging on her clit. She had her head laid on a soft dark blue pillow while she tightly gripped on the bed. Her lower body was covered in a dark blue blanket while Caitlyn was underneath it, her lips on her sensitive area. The two wear sweating intensely while Vi breathed hard, gasping and moaning from the intense pleasure she felt from her partner's tongue. Caitlyn was curling and swirling her salivating tongue on Vi's pussy, enjoying the taste of her pink entrance.



"~AHH!~CAIT!~HAHH!~If you keep this up Kuh!~I'm going to Ahh! AHHHHHH!~"



Vi moaned loudly as she rolled her eyes behind, ejaculating her female fluids on Caitlyn's mouth while she tightened her grip on the bed. After a few seconds, Vi turned her body, laying herself on her right side while she continued to breathe heavily with her heated face blushing madly red. Caitlyn slowly climbed out the blanket, hugging her partner with a warm tight embrace by wrapping her arms around her stomach. She laid her chin on Vi's left shoulder, smiling at her as she gave a quick kiss on her cheek.



"You're really are cute when you do that face~" Caitlyn said with a seducing voice to her partner as she could see her blushed and pleased expression on her face.



"Sh...shut up!..." Vi said in a very low tone, almost whispering to Caitlyn as her face still reddened.



"Hmhmhm~I got something we could try for tomorrow~" Caitlyn said with a big smile, placing behind her right hand on Vi's wet lady part.



"Wh-what is it?" Vi whispered.



"It's a surprise. You're going to like it very much." Caitlyn said.



" then. I hope I-I w-will enjoy it." Vi stuttered.



"Where's your tough personality Vi? Don't tell me you've gone soft because of me?" Caitlyn said.



"No! I...I just...well...I...uhm..." Vi stuttered once more.



"Relax. I'm just teasing you." Caitlyn said as she giggled.



The dark blue haired woman then wrapped tightly her arms around the pink haired girl's stomach, sticking her pelvis on her partner's ass as they crossed their legs together. She then pulled the large blanket above their shoulders.



"I love you Vi." Caitlyn said as she gave long kiss to her partner's lips before breaking it off.



"I love you too Caitlyn." Vi replied with a smile on her blushed face.



As their hot bodies warm comfortably each other, they both slowly fell asleep after a few long minutes. While Caitlyn was in a deep sleep, Vi could hear voices in her head. Echoing voices of two certain demons giggling to her. She quickly opened her eyes and lifted herself up, only to see that she was in a pink room while resting on a large bed. She turned to her left and saw that Caitlyn wasn't with her anymore. She then realised that she was only dreaming that she remembered that she was still kept as a slave to the white demon. The pink haired girl's smile quickly faded away as she let out a depressing sigh. She quickly stood up and decided to walk towards the immense wardrobe. She then noticed that there was a white sticky note on the left door of the wardrobe. Vi picked it up and carefully read it.



"Ugh! Are you fucking kidding me!? I'm also his maid now!" Vi shouted after she read the note.



She opened the wardrobe and saw multiple different kinky dresses with several different accessories and foot wears. She picked up the black maid outfit with a white trim and a full skirt above knee length while also having a laced white half-apron on the front part of the outfit. She also picked up long black stockings, black high heels and a black choker necklace. She then dropped the maid outfit on the bed, taking a deep breath before she dressed up.



"Ugh! This freak has some real weird fantasies!" Vi said as she looked back at the wardrobe full of kinky clothes.



*A few hours later*



It was almost noon in Piltover and Zaun and Vi was cleaning the entire building that she was kept in. Cleaning every single place and rooms with only a white feather duster, she felt already really exhausted as she wiped off the tears of sweat from her forehead with her left hand.



Grrrrrrrrrr! This building is fucking large! There's also so many lewds stuffs and rooms in here! It's like this place is a fucking sex brothel!



Vi then walked up on a spiraling stair that leaded to a open large silver door. She felt her legs was going to break down in any moments as she wanted to rest very badly. Entering the room, she saw that it was actually an immense master living room as she saw the red painted walls encrusted in various golds and diamonds. The red carpet on the floor was super soft and the ceiling was had several prestigious ceiling lights. As she walked deeper into the master living room, she saw a dark rectangular mark above a wall, suggesting that a large portrait used to be hanged there.



She then glanced at the center of the room, seeing a red diamond encrusted rectangular table. She also saw two scarlet cabriole sofas, one on each opposite side of the longer sides of the table. On the table, Vi noticed that there was a big map with different colored pieces on them. She knew that the map represented the entire city of Piltover and Zaun.



"Ah! You seemed to have finished dusting off the entire place, my servant." the white figure demon said to Vi.



Vi was immediately jump scared as she turned around and saw the young man sitting on the sofa in his black pants and his grey shirt. She didn't noticed that he was there as the sofa's back hid him completely. He seemed to be focused as his eyes were still gazing on the map while he laid the back of his crossed hands on his chin, resting his elbows on his knees.



Alright Vi. I got to act like a nice servant. If I play this correctly, I might find a way to kill him or to escape this place. 



"Yes I did, master." Vi said with a bright smile, even though she felt disgusted behind her fake smile.



"Good. You can rest now then." Mat said as he pointed the sofa on the other side of the sofa.



Wait really? He lets me rest just like that? I thought he was going to be more harsh than this.



Mat then noticed that Vi was staring at the map as she didn't move after he told her that she could take a break.



"You're a curious girl, aren't you?" the white figure asked to Vi.



"Huh? Oh! Well I uhm..."



"It's alright my servant. Please, come over here and take a seat." Mat said as he moved further to his right while signaling Vi with his left hand to take a seat next to him.



"Yes master." Vi replied as she sat close next to him.



It's been only a few seconds and I already hate calling him master. It's feels so uncomfortable to say.



"Tell me, do you know this map?" Mat asked to Vi as he pointed at the map.



"I do master. It's a map of Piltover and Zaun." Vi replied with a fake smile.



Vi glanced at the map and saw a red X mark on the center of it. She also saw multiple white circle tokens around the X mark in a large radius.



"What are these master?" Vi asked to Mat as she pointed out the white pieces on the map.



"These white tokens represent all the small regions and villages that I have conquered so far. And the X mark represent where I live right now which is this building." the young man explained to Vi as he pointed the icons on the map.



" conquered these places already?" the young girl asked, shocked that he already took control over a big portion of the region in a day.



"Yup. All the people in these places now serve for me. If anyone tries to contest me, they will experience something more cruel than death." the white figure said to Vi.



"You took control over these places in a day?" Vi asked.



"Yes but with the help of Evelynn of course. Right now, I'm thinking of gaining new allies outside of Piltover and Zaun." Mat said as he laid back on the sofa.



This fast!? That can't be true!? How can a demon whore and a demon pervert that look exactly like a human take over almost a third of Piltover and Zaun!? That's fucking ridiculous! Is he really powerful!?



As she spoke in her mind, Mat suddenly lifted her maid skirt up with his left hand, revealing her naked intimate part.



"Now then, I need you to take a quick brake. Would you help me relieve me, my servant?" Mat said with a smile as he quickly unbuckle his pants, flunging out his big erected pale cock.



So that's why he didn't want to me to wear any panties and bras. He wants to fuck me again. Ugh! I'm forced to do it even though I hate it doing it.



"Yes master! I will help you relieve yourself." Vi said with her fake smile, still disgusted about having a man's dick inside her.



The young girl proceeded to climb on top of him while Mat rested his back shoulders and his head on the back side of the soft furniture. She placed her hands on top of the sofa, lifting herself up while bending her back so that her breasts were on top of his lips. The young man lifted up her skirt once more, keeping the exposure of Vi's ass. He then pulled down her maid outfit, revealing her large melons. Mat firmly gripped her soft butt, lifting it up as he positioned his massive shaft underneath her pussy while Vi bent her legs and stood them on the sofa close next to his thighs.



"You're learning pretty fast for a first time servant." Mat said as he gently lowered her butt with his gripping hands, feeling the warmth of her pussy with the tip of his shaft.



He then suddenly lowered her down in a abrupt move, shoving his entire cock deep inside Vi's pussy as they both moaned loudly.



Fuck! He's still going rough on me! Gngh! My pussy can't handle his fucking monster cock. He's going to stretch me so  wide if he fucks me like yesterday.



The young man then bobbed her butt, moving her pussy up and down on his cock. He drilled her at a fast pace, loving her warm tight inside that massaged tightly around his shaft as he moaned loudly.



"Hmmmmmm!~Ahhh! Your pussy is still tight even after I pounded you hard yesterday." Mat said as he moaned pleasurably.



He then open his mouth, placing his lips on her right boob as he began to suck it, causing Vi to yelp in delight. While he sucked her right tit, he also swirled his tongue on her right nipple, massaging it soothingly as Vi's face blushed red.



Shit! His fucking warm tongue! It's still feels so good even while he's raping me! Fuck! Even his big cock is starting to feel...enjoyable!



As she was moved by his pale hands, the pink haired girl felt his moist tongue pleasurably massaging her sucked tit, deepening the red color on her face as she moaned in pleasure. She felt his throbbing cock penetrating deep her pussy as she felt the entrance of her womb being drilled. Her body shook in pleasure as she felt overwhelmed by his manhood. A part of her didn't enjoy it but her body said otherwise as her moans became louder as minutes had gone by.



Grrrrrr. Fucking cum you demon freak! I can't handle this humiliation!



"Ahh! I'm really glad that I have you as my slut. Ahhh! I can't wait to try your ass." Mat said as he moaned in pleasure.



The young man then accelerated the movement, rocking her butt faster as her pussy was rapidly thrusted by his cock. They both moaned more loudly, feeling a rush of high sexual euphoria coursing through their bodies.



Fuck! I can't believe that my body feels this way. This''s feels so''s somewhat...feels...good...



"Tell me my servant, are you enjoying my cock?" the white figure asked Vi as he continued banging her.



"~Ahh!~Hagh!~Ahhh!~Yes master!~Hagnh!~I'm enjoying your fat cock pounding my pussy!~Ahhh!~" Vi replied in sexual excitement while continuously she moaned.



UGHHH! Fucking hell! I HATE THIS SO MUCH! I just want to break his cock in half! This is just pure humiliation! Just fucking cum already! I'm going to cum first if he doesn't.



"You're such a slut! Your lewds sounds proves that you're enjoying this. Now take my cum, my slutty servant" Mat said to Vi as he sped up his pace faster, both feeling very close to climaxing.



The two then suddenly moaned loudly as Mat shoved his drilling shaft one more time inside Vi's warm tight pussy, slamming her butt on his legs as they both ejaculated their fluids out.



This freak finally cummed. I can't take this anymore. I can't go for another round. My pussy feels like it's going to split in half. I also feel so tired. His cock exhausted my remaining stamina.



After he finished cumming his warm load deep inside her lady entrance, Mat then lifted Vi up, pulling out his dripping cock from her warm inside and then gently laid her to his left. The young girl breathed intensely as tiny vapors flowed out from her mouth. Her heated body sweated while hot white sticky jizz spurted out of her pussy.



"I'm not done with you, my servant I want you to suck my cock." Mat said to Vi with a deep smile on his face.



"What!?" Vi shouted to him.



"Is there a problem, my servant?" the white figure asked her.



"N-no! m-master! Of c-course not!" Vi stuttered as she stood on four, leaning her head close to his dripping cock.



"Good. Now let me see what your mouth and your tongue can do." Mat replied.






"What's the hold up?" Mat asked to her as he grew impatient with her.



"N-nothing master!...I'm...I'm your wonderful cock..." Vi stuttered once more, feeling a unpleasant sensation in her stomach as she stared at his wet manhood.



But I...I have too...He will put me in that machine if I don't do what he says...but...but I don't want to drink his sperm...Hell I don't even want to taste his cock...This is fucking disgusting! This looks fucking disgusting!



Vi then slowly pulled out her tongue, leaning it to his wet shaft at a snail pace. Just after a few seconds had passed, Mat's face let out an anger expression as he grew very impatient.



"C'mon now! I don't have all day to wait you know!" Mat shouted to her.



C'mon Vi...Just...just do what he says...Just...think that his cum is like...uhm...honey...yeah...think of it like honey...



As her tongue was very close to his cock, a few millimeters away from contact, Vi then stopped, very hesitant of licking his fluids. can't...I can't do it...It looks so disgusting....I think I'm going to vomit....



"Are you going to do it or not!!!?" Mat yelled at her as he felt anger.



"I...I...I CAN'T DO IT! FUCK THAT! I'M NOT GOING TO SUCK YOU DISGUSTING CUM DRIPPING COCK!!!" Vi screamed at him as she quickly bounced out of the sofa.



She then quickly punched the white figure's face with a strong right hook, sending him head on the sofa as Vi then quickly ran away as fast as possible,  knowing where the closest exit was. As she was about to take a quick turn, she then suddenly felt a high voltage shock that came from her choker necklace as blue electrical bolts flowed all around her, paralysing her completely as she fell flat on the floor. 



"It seems that you have disobeyed me." Mat said to Vi as he quickly lifted her up and carried her over his right shoulder.



The white figure made his way towards the floor where the menacing machine was located in. After he opened the gate, Mat then placed her body on the machine, putting the top silver cylinders on her hands and the bottom silver cylinders on her feet. As she was securely locked in place, the young man then pressed a big red button on the right wall of the room, turning on the enormous dildo machine as it rotated crazily fast.



"WAIT! PLEASE! Don't do this!" Vi shouted to the white figure.



"Then don't disobey me next time!" Mat said as he pressed a big green button that was next to the red button.



The fast rotating metal shaft was suddenly shoved deep inside Vi's pussy, causing her to scream loudly in pain. The metallic dildo then thrusted back and forth at a very fast pace while still rotating inside her, causing the young girl to scream once more in extreme pain. The young man then pressed several time on a keyboard that hanged in the same wall as the two buttons, flashing a green glowing timer on the left wall of the room. The timer displayed an hour as it began counting down very slowly.



"See you in an hour, my servant. I hope you learn from your punishment." Mat said as he was outside of the room and was pulling down the red lever.



"AHH!~WAIT!~HAAH!~FUCK!!!~KAHH!~FUCK!!!~" Vi moaned loudly in pleasure as the pain quickly turned into sexual pleasure, feeling the mechanical shaft drilling hard her tight inside.



FUCK! This feels so fucking good!...I'm going to cum already!



With the door now closed, the pink haired girl yelled in euphoria, squirting furiously on the floor. After she ejaculated her clear fluids, she began to breathe heavily while the sex toy device still continued to drill her hard.



Wait! It's not stopping! I'm actually getting pounded by this monster machine dildo non stop for an entire hour!!!? There's just no way! I can't keep going! I'm going to break!



"PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! I PROMISE I WON'T DISOBEY YOU AGAIN! JUST EASE STOP THIS!!!" Vi shouted loudly but no one replied to her.



Oh god! I really have to wait this long, aren't I?



The metallic shaft continued to ruthlessly banged her wet pussy, causing her to moan both in pain and in pleasure while she felt her stamina being completely vanished. She knew that she couldn't last even for at least a few more minutes as she felt an immense desire for her torture to end now. Her body agitatedly quivered in anxiety while her entire hot body sweated violently.



I swear I'm going to kill him! I'm going to make sure that he pays for what he's doing to me! I will break this demon's neck with my bare fists!





Chapter Text

"~Ahhh!~Ahhh~Mmmmm!~Fuck!~Don't stop cupcake!~" Vi pleasurably moaned.


"~Ahh!~Your ass is Gnh!~So tight!~" Caitlyn said to Vi as she moaned in pleasure.


The two Piltoverian lovebirds were having fun in their bed, both sweating as their hot sticking bodies were moisturizing the sheets. Vi was laid on her stomach, gripping tightly the blanket with her hands while also biting on the white bedclothes. She was feeling an intense and continuous pounding on her backdoor as she felt a big pulsating stick drilling inside her butthole. Caitlyn was laid on top of Vi as her beautiful breasts were slightly sliding on her partner's back. She placed her hands on Vi's hands, firmly gripping them while her legs were laid on her partner's quivering legs. The sheriff was thrusting her pelvis back and forth, penetrating her big hextech cock that resembled to a male cock inside Vi's ass.


"~AHH!~AHH!~HAHN!~This feels so good Caitlyn!~KUH!~Keep pounding me hard!~AAGHN!~" Vi said as she moaned loudly in pleasure.


"~Ahh!~Look at you Vi!~Ahh!~You always showed your dominant personality to others and yet~Ahh!~you enjoy getting dominated!~Ahh!~" Caitlyn said as she moaned in pleasure.


Caitlyn then sped up her pace, bouncing off on Vi's butt cheeks with her pelvis while she drilled deep and fast inside the pink haired girl's tight ass, causing both of them to moan louder. Vi was moaning several times as she breathed intensely, slowly drooling on the bed while her pleased eyes rolled back. Both the women's faces blushed red as they were enjoying their sexual intercourse.


"~AHH!~GNNH!~AHH!~I'M CUMMING VI!" Caitlyn shouted to Vi as she moaned, feeling very close to climax.








The two moaned loudly in high sexual excitement as Caitlyn thrusted her magitech cock deep inside her partner's ass as they both orgasmed in delight, quickly wetting the sheets as Vi squirted furiously while her asshole leaked out green glowing oozes. Both slowly recovering their stamina, Caitlyn then stood up and held her dripping human look like cock, pressing a small red button underneath her the bottom part of her shaft, which suddenly turned it into a green mechanical dildo. She then took off her magical tech sex toy from her pussy with her left hand and threw it on the floor, laying it next to dozen of other used green machine dildos. The young lady then laid on the bed behind the pink haired girl who was already turned to her left, her hands on her right cheek as she was ready to go to sleep. Caitlyn then lifted up the dark blue blanket to their necks before she tightly embraced her lover. Resting her chin on Vi's left shoulder, Caitlyn noticed that her partner was looking at the wall, seemingly thinking about something.


"What's wrong Vi? Don't you enjoyed it?" Caitlyn asked to Vi as she gave her a kiss on the lips by leaning her head forward.


"Of course I enjoyed it very much. It felt incredible." Vi replied.


"Well I'm glad you did.~Wait till you see your birthday present~" Caitlyn whispered to Vi with a charming tone.


Caitlyn then glanced again at Vi's eyes as she noticed once more that her partner didn't seem to have heard her.


"Vi? What's the matter?" Caitlyn asked Vi again with a concerned expression on her face.


"Huh? Oh nothing...It's nothing really..." Vi replied, feeling a little unease with herself.


"C'mon Vi. You can tell me everything. We're a loving couple remember? We promised to be honest to each other." Caitlyn said.


"I...I'm not sure..." Vi stuttered as she felt a little anxious.


"Don't worry Vi. I won't judge you or anything like that. Just tell me what's on your mind." Caitlyn said.


"Okay...well uhm....uhm..." Vi stuttered once more, feeling even more anxious.


She quickly took a deep breath to relax herself, returning her shaking body to a normal state.


"Well...This morning...I met some street whores...and they said that there's...something that I couldn't truly experience...without a ma-"


"They're just saying lies. They're only common street whores." Caitlyn interrupted Vi as she smiled. "There's many other ways to experience pleasure without a man. I mean just now you were having a lot of fun with me. So don't listen to those low life sluts."


"You''re right Cait. I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't hav-"


"It's alright Vi. If there's anything else that's bothering you, remember that I'm always here for you." Caitlyn said after she interrupted Vi once more, clenching her left hand on Vi's wet pussy.


"Al...Alright." Vi stuttered as she slowly felt more relaxed.


"Good night then Vi." Caitlyn replied to Vi as she closed her eyes, snuggling her body close to her partner's.


"You too Cait." Vi replied as she closed her eyes, feeling very relaxed and happy.


As the two fell asleep, Vi could still hear the words of the street whores that she met before, echoing through her mind. She tried to ignore those words but failed to do so as the voices became louder in a short time.




"HUAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Vi shouted while gasping for air as she quickly stood up from her bed.


Her heart rate was pumping fast as her body sweated intensely. She took a quick glance around, only to realize that once again she was imprisoned by the White Demon. Vi took a deep long breath, cooling herself down before she quickly stood up from her bed.


I need to leave this place. I have to see Caitlyn again. But I need to think of a plan. I've got to somehow find a way to kill that white demon freak without him noticing my plan.


Vi then went to the bathroom to take a shower as her body reeked out an unwanted smell. She was still thinking of a plan as she exited the bedroom.


*A few hours later*



Ugh. Disgusting. He made me change his bedsheets and they smelled fucking horrible. That demon freak probably went all freaky with other girls that he might captured. Or maybe with that weird naked blue demon. I wonder where is she. She didn't show up at all in this place. At least for now that's one less freak I have to deal with.



In her maid outfit without wearing any underclothes, Vi mumbled in her thoughts as she walk towards the master living room after finishing the tasks that she was giving to by the white figure. She glanced at sofa with a fake smile, looking at the pale young man who was glanced back at her.



"Ah you're already here! Did you actually did everything that I told you to do?" Mat asked Vi with a surprised look on his face.



"Yes master. I've done everything you asked." Vi replied, still feeling hate towards Mat.



"Excellent work my servant! Now then, I need you to make me a good cup of pure green tea please." Mat ordered Vi.



"Yes master! Coming right up!" Vi said with fake joy as she proceeded to leave the room.



After she made her way into a very large kitchen, she took a silver electric kettle and opened its black cover. She then poured tap water of the hot faucet into the kettle till it was full. Once filled, Vi then placed back the kettle on the marble grey table sink and closed its cover. She then pressed a red button on the handle, igniting the temperature as the kettle began to boil the water. She then picked up a green tea bag from a cabinet and placed it in a white saucer cup. The pink haired girl then sneaked behind the silver kitchen door, looking carefully at the young man. She noticed that he was concentrated as he stared at a map on the master living room table.



He seems really focused on that map. Wait...that's actually a good thing. I think I got an idea.



Vi walked back and began to silently search thoroughly throughout the kitchen, looking inside in every single wooden cabinets, silver drawers, electric ovens and even the large fridge, looking for something specific. She then stumbled upon a tiny glass bottle with a transparent liquid inside of it. She picked it up and turned it around, only to see a poison warning sign on it.



Ingesting one tiny drop of this liquid will result instant death. Ah this is perfect.



A loud beeping sound was suddenly made, coming from the boiling kettle, jump scaring Vi as she almost dropped the bottle.



Shit I almost probably lost my only chance to escape this place. I didn't knew this kettle finished boiling this quick. It must be pretty advanced even though it looks kinda modern.



Vi smiled joyfully and quickly made her way to the kettle with the poison bottle in her left hand. She removed the brown cork cap of the glass bottle and quickly smelled a horrible stench. Vi closed her nostrils with her right hand as she proceeded to pour the entire lethal liquid inside the marble white cup. She then poured the boiled water inside the cup till it was filled at its rim. The young girl then took a silver spoon and slowly mixed the bright yellow liquid, making sure that the poison was completely dissolved. After throwing the glass bottle inside a steel garbage can, Vi then slowly picked up the cup with her left hand while holding the saucer underneath the cup with her left hand as she walked away towards the living room.



"Good. You can place it here." Mat said to Vi as he pointed at the bottom left corner of the table.



Vi carefully placed the saucer cup on the table where he wanted it to be. The young man then glanced at the cup as hot vapors flowed out from it. Vi noticed that he was staring deeply at the bright yellow liquid which caused her to feel a little anxious.



Shit. I might be in trouble. Need to divert his attention to me.



"What it is master?" Vi asked.



"Oh it's nothing. I just didn't knew we had green tea bags." Mat replied as he still stared at his hot beverage.



"Did I do something wrong with your tea?" Vi asked.



"Nope. You did nothing wrong." Mat replied, still glaring at his drink.



"What should I do now master?" Vi asked as she kept herself cool and calm.



"Nothing really. You can relax for the rest of the day." Mat replied without looking at Vi.



God damn it. If I don't something, I might be completely fucked. What should I do?...Damn him...I...I've got to distract him...



Vi took a deep breath, relaxing her mind as she briefly closed her eyes. She then lifted up her maid skirt, revealing her naked woman part.






Just say the words Vi. It's not that hard. Remember that my freedom and my life depends on this.



"Master...I...I want you to pussy...with...with your big...cock..." Vi stuttered intensely, feeling really embarrassed on what she was saying.



"Oh sorry my servant. I didn't hear you clearly. Could you repeat what yo-"



"I want your big fat cock inside my pussy master!!!" Vi cut off his words as she shouted to him.



Vi then walked closely to him, quickly taking a seat on his crotch as her back faced him, unable to directly look at him as she felt very uncomfortable. She then began to move slowly her hips, gently sliding her entrance on his flattened shaft, which caused the young man to feel aroused as his manhood quickly lengthened up.

Jeez. He got a boner this quick. Argh. He fucking made me say those lewd words. At least I got his attention but I don't like it very much. He's going to pound me hard till I can't feel my legs again.


The young man smiled, surprised by her unusual act. Mat quickly pulled down his pants as his erected shaft flung out. He then lifted Vi by her thighs, spreading her legs wide open as he firmly held her up in the air. He then lowered her down, shoving his cock inside her pussy as they both sexually gasped in pleasure.



"~Ahhh!~Such a soft and tight pussy~" Mat said as he moaned, completely lowering Vi as he penetrated his entire shaft inside her entrance.



Fuck. I can feel his fucking cock stretching my pussy. He's just too big for me.



Mat then began moving Vi up and down at a gentle slow pace, which took her by surprise. He then placed his chin on her right shoulder, softly biting her neck as he also lightly sucked it, causing Vi to yelp in sexual excitement.



What? He's going soft on me? But why? God damn it. He's a little unpredictable.



Vi began moaning in faint lewd sounds as she felt his fat pole sliding inside her entrance, feeling a rush of euphoria as her cheeks blushed red. While she was gently raped, the young girl noticed on the kitchen table that the map was different from the one from yesterday. She also noticed different colored emblem tokens on different regions of the map, including a white checker piece that resembled to a white mask in the shape of a demon's face.



This isn't the map of Piltover and Zaun. Maybe I should ask him about it. If I'm lucky, I may get some or even all information about his plans for world domination. It's worth a shot.



"Master...~Ahh!~...What is this?...~Ah!~...I've never seen this map before..." Vi asked him while she faintly moaned.



"Oh this. It's a map of Runeterra." Mat replied as he stopped sucking on her neck, leaving a red skin mark.



"~Ahh!~...Why do you have a map of Runeterra?~Hahh!~" Vi asked him once more while she kept moaning.



"Well, since you've been nice today, I may as well tell you about the tactics that I'm going to use to conquer Runeterra. Wanna hear it my servant?" Mat said to Vi as he began accelerating his movement on Vi, increasing the volume of her lewd sounds.



"~Ahh!~Yes master!~I would like to kno-Fuck!~Mmmm!~"



"Alright then. Just make sure to open wide your ears as I will not repeat what I'm going to say next." Mat said as he heard Vi's pleased sounds.


Fuck. His kinda feels...good...Damn it Vi...You shouldn't be thinking that...Just focus Vi...Focus...



"So in this map, you can see that there's ten different major regions in Runeterra. Do you know all those ten regions, my servant?" Mat asked Vi as he kept moving her, pleasing himself with her pussy sliding on his cock.


"~Ahh!~I...I only know Piltover and Zaun~Hahh!~" Vi replied as she moaned in sexual delight.


"I see. Well, I'll tell you instead my ties with some of the regions." Mat said as he sped up once more his pace, moving Vi's body abruptly fast.


"~AHHH!~HANH!~HAAH!~Ties!?~FUCK!~KYA!~" Vi moaned loudly as she felt his throbbing cock drilling deep and fast inside her warm moist pussy, feeling the entrance of her womb being hit by his massive shaft.


"I was born in Demacia but I never lived or grew up there. At five, I was fully reborned in Noxus where I was also physically trained in the arts of killing and torturing. Until I was thirteen, I've killed and tortured millions in Ionia and thousands in Freljord. At sixteen, I left Noxus and stayed in Ionia where I learned combat, poetry, literature, music and art. And now, I'm a nineteen years old young man who wants to change Runeterra. But to do that, I must conquer one region at a time and try to form trust worthy alliances through fear, wealth or power. Or even through lust." Mat explained to Vi.





Vi moaned loudly as she suddenly climaxed, squirting out her clear fluids as her pussy twitched intensely from pleasure. She then began to breathe for air as her body felt satisfied. The young girl then noticed that the young man didn't came as he was still moving her body.


"It seems you're really enjoying my cock, aren't you my servant?" Mat asked as he smiled, giving a long kiss to her lips.


He then released his grip from her legs and instead placed his hands on her cheeks, thrusting his tongue inside her mouth as the two began exploring each other's warm mouths for at least a minute, both joyfully moaning. The young man then broke off the kiss, leaving trails of saliva between their lips. Mat then suddenly lifted Vi and gently placed her on the sofa to his left.


"Now show me what that mouth of yours can do. I hope you've learned your lesson this time." Mat said to Vi as he let out a bright grin.


Ugh. I don't want to suck his cock. It's fucking disgusting. Oh wait...his tea..Argh. I got to say lewd stuffs again...but I have to...Damn it...Here goes nothing...


"Master!~Your tea is getting cold!~" Vi said with a deep seducing tone, standing on four as she leaned her head to his erected hard shaft.


"Well you could just make anoth-"


"~But maaaaaaster!~I made this tea with all my love!~I want to know if you like it or not!~It will break my heart if don't drink it!~" Vi charmingly said to Mat as she swirled her moist tongue on the tip of his shaft, causing him to moan.


Eww. His cock...It's pulsating...and it tastes bitter...and salty...Argh I have to this...have I got to make him drink the tea...


Vi then began licking his entire shaft as she slowly moved her moist tongue while stroking softly his shaft with her left hand. She then felt a gentle force on her head as it push her down, forcing her lips to close on the top part of his shaft. Vi then swallowed half his cock as she began rocking her head.


"~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Alright my servant! I'll drink your love tea." Mat said to Vi as he felt his manhood being gently sucked.


The young man then took the still warm cup, slowly taking a sip of the poisonous drink. Vi cheerfully smiled as she saw him drinking the entire liquid. After he drank his tea, he placed back the cup on the saucer.


Yes. He's drinking it. It's finally happening. I'm going to free and this demon freak is going to die.


"Not bad. I'm sure you can do better ne -"


"AHAHAHAHA! YOU IDIOT! YOU FELL FOR IT! AHAHAHAH!" Vi shouted to Mat with a excited smile on her face as she laughed, believing that she won.


"Fell for what exactly?" Mat asked Vi as he was confused by her sudden laugh.




"And your next line is, "I put a full bottle of poison in your stupid green tea! You really thought I made it with love!? Well fuck no! You're now going to die you fucking pervert freak while I gladly watch you suffer till you die!" Mat said very fast with a voice impression of Vi.


"I put a full bottle of poison in your stupid green tea! You really thought I made it with love!? Well fuck no! You're now going to die you fucking pervert freak while I gladly watch you suffer till you die!" Vi said loudly with full joy and happiness.


But that same joy and happiness quickly turned into despair and fear in a fraction of a second as she realised what he just said after she shouted to him. Her eyes widened in complete shock, staring at his menacing glowing yellow and black eyes as her entire body furiously shivered in anxiety and fear. The young man smiled at her, feeling no pain or side effects in his body.


"" Vi severely stuttered in fear, wondering why he wasn't dead yet.


Mat stood up on the sofa and immediately grabbed Vi's head with brute force, shoving his cock deep inside her throat as he firmly held her skull. The young man then brutally drilled his cock inside her mouth, banging fast her throat with sheer force as Vi quickly began to lose her breath.


"~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~You stupid bitch!~Ahhh!~I'm growing very impatient with you!~Ahhh!" Mat said as he moaned in pleasure, moving fast his hips as he was thrusting up and down his fast throbbing cock inside her throat.


He then forcefully closed her nostrils with his left fingers as he thrusted one more time his cock, ejaculating his hot sticky load inside her throat. He then released her nose and then proceeded to deep pound her throat hard with his cock. Vi was choking and gagging hard on his cock as she drooled saliva out from her mouth non stop.


"Ahhh!~Ahhh!~You know, I went easy on you so you could prove to me that you're going to be an excellent servant!~AHHHHHH!~" Mat moaned loudly as he slammed his entire shaft deep inside her throat, ejaculating a second time.


He then pulled out his sticky and dripping cock, spraying some of his semen on Vi's face. He then slapped her face with a hefty blow, leaving a burning red mark on her right cheek. The enraged young man then shoved his cock a third time inside her mouth, savagely banging her throat as he moaned in pleasure. As he drilled her abused hole, Mat slapped a few times on her left cheek, leaving red burn mark on her face. Vi then began to cry as tears flowed down from her eyes, not able to bear any longer her punishment.


"Swallow good my cock you fucking bitch! Swallow my entire cum!" Mat said with anger as he orgasmed his a third time, slamming very deep his cock inside her throat as he pulled as much as he can Vi's head.


He then pulled out his cock from her mouth after Vi fully swallowed his entire jizz. Warm sticky white fluids were sticking on her hair and on her face as the black make up on her eyes melted away, leaking on her cheeks. While she was coughing a lot as she gasped for fresh air, Mat then grabbed her by her hair and then dragged her as he walk downstairs, heading towards to the torture chamber. As he walked down the stairs, Vi begged him several times to give her another chance, promising him that she will be a good servant. Mat didn't care as he completely ignored her, constantly slapping her every time she muttered a word. Tears flowed down from Vi's eyes as she couldn't bear his painful blows on her face.


"Unfortunately, you're now forcing me to go very rough and more cruel on you!" Mat said as he left the torture chamber, leaving Vi imprisoned as her arms and her feets were locked in place by four silver mechanical cylinders.




"I'll see you tonight at your bedroom. Your punishment has only started." Mat said to Vi before the door behind him closed down.


Now trapped in a dark room, Vi suddenly felt a hard and big stick drilling deep inside her pussy as she yelped loudly. The metallic shaft was banging her at a intense speed, faster and harder than last time. As she continued to cry in pain and in sadness, she glanced over at the timer, only to see that it said that she was going to be penetrated continuously for twelve hours straight.


Her flowing tears turned into flowing oceans, feeling no hopes for her freedom as she still wondered how did the white figure didn't die from an entire bottle of poison while also knowing her plan on killing him by poisoning his tea.



Where are you Cait? I don't think I can handle this for much longer. Please help me Cait...


I just want to see your face again...



I just want to sleep with you again...



I just want to kiss you again...


Chapter Text

"~Ahhh!~Oooooooh!~Damn your ass still feels so good even after round five!~Ahh!~" the White Demon said as he moaned in pleasure.


It was a dark night in the underground city and the young man was in Vi's bedroom, raping his servant on her bed. He was laid on top of Vi's back as his massive throbbing shaft dangerously pounded deep and drilled fast the pink haired girl's asshole, slamming his pelvis on her large butt with brute force. His arms were very tightly wrapped around her neck, completely exhausting Vi's endurance as she kept screaming and crying in pain through the purple piece of clothing that was covering her entire mouth like a gagging device. She couldn't do anything as her legs and her arms were tied to the bed's sturdy legs with sturdy ropes, holding her limbs with extreme tightness. Her frontal body slid violently back and forth on the bed as she felt his painful big shaft massacring her pussy and smashing non stop the end of her womb. The bed sheets and the blanket were heavily drenched in their mixed sex juices and in Vi's rivers of saddening tears as her pinkish eyes were widened from fear and agony. Her abused and hot body was sweating non stop as she was barely able to breathe, moisturizing the creaking bed as the room was filled with an unpleasing odor.


"~Ahhh!~Take this you disobedient servant!~AHHHHHHHHHHHH!~"


Shoving his thick cock deep inside Vi's broken backdoor with heavy force one more time, Mat moaned loudly as he ejaculated his sticky semen inside her damaged back tunnel, quickly filling it up. He then pulled out his pale white manhood and continued to orgasm her entire back as he stroked his cumming cock. Mat then crawled his knees towards Vi's face and removed the gag on her mouth, letting her breath for a fraction of a second before he immediately shoved his shaft inside her mouth and penetrated deep down to her sore throat. As he held her head with sheer strength, Mat began moving his pelvis fast, drilling mercilessly her warm throat as he moaned in delight, taking pleasure in Vi's suffering punishment.


Suddenly, the door of the bedroom opened, a very sexy blue demon girl walked inside the room. Her marvelous breasts and her beautiful pussy were covered as she wore small black misty bras and panties.


"Baaaaaaabe!?~Oh there you are! I've been"


Evelynn's mouth dropped in shock, eyes widened in bewilderment. The young girl's leaking gaped holes and the painful red marks on her entire body were stared by Evelynn's glowing eyes, witnessing the horrifying torture and his boyfriend's intense crazed smile as he was brutally throatfucking the broken girl.


"~Ahhh!~I hope you've learn your lesson this time my servant!~Ghng!~Take this!" Mat said to Vi as he slammed his crotch area on her face, shoving deep his shaft inside her throat.


Vi then felt gushes of warm salty fluids flowing in her throat to her stomach, not able to breath as her nostrils were tightly closed by Mat's gripping fingers. The young girl was slowly losing consciousness, losing the will to drink his semen as her eyes rolled back behind her head, her burning red face turning blue.


"WHAT THE HELL BABE!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER!?" Evelynn screamed at Mat as she quickly ran towards Vi.


She quickly cut off the ropes that were tying Vi with the neon fangs of her cloudy whips. She then push Mat off of the tortured girl with all of her strength, saving her from brink of oxygen depletation as Vi loudly hyperventilated for air, intensely coughing out the white figure's seeds. Evelynn then lifted Vi off the wet bed with her whips, wrapping them around her scorching body as she felt heat emitted to her two extra limbs.


"Eve! What are you doing!?" Mat shouted to Evelynn, confused by her unusual act.


"BABE! I've been gone FOR A WEEK!!! And you're already torturing her THIS BADLY!!!?" Evelynn screamed in anger at her boyfriend.


"Well she isn't pleasing me AT ALL! She's really bad at it and she always disobey me! So I had to punish her!" Mat shouted back at her girlfriend.


"But you went WAY TOO FAR! You need to chill out!" Evelynn said as she dropped Vi on the bed.


"What do you mean it's way too f-"


"BABE!!! JUST...*Deep breath*...Just relax for a bit..." Evelynn cut off Mat as she was slightly pisse off by his horrible methods of torture on a poor young girl.


"Why?" Mat asked as he stood up, walking towards the demon girl.


"*Deep breath* Babe. Torture won't make her more obedient let alone torturing her continuously for a week." Evelynn said.


"Then what do you suggest Eve?" Mat asked her.


"Leave that to me babe. You just need to take a break and go outside." Evelynn said as she wrapped her arms around Mat's neck, sticking her nose to his.


"Ugh. Eve, I don't like going outside for no rea-"


"Babe. Promise me that you'll go outside. Do whatever you want as long you just take some fresh air. Can you promise me that?" Evelynn said after cutting him off.


"Well...I prefer to-Ggnh!"


"Promise me pleeeeeeeeeeease? I'll even give you a present if you promise me to do it~" Evelynn said with a seducing tone as she grasped tightly Mat's shaft with her left claw while grabbing and placing his right hand on her asshole.


"Alright fine. I promise." Mat said as his cheeks blushed red.


"Good. And heal up your servant please. She looks beyond wasted." Evelynn said, giving a quick kiss on his lips.


"Oh...right." Mat replied as he raised his left hand and placed above Vi's back.


A magical green aura formed instantly around Vi's body before it vanished in a couple of seconds, healing completely Vi's body as she looked good as new.


"There. She's all patched up." Mat said.


"Good. Now come to bed babe. I missed you so much. I couldn't stop fingering myself as I thought of you." Evelynn said as she grabbed Mat's right hand with her right hand claw and quickly ran out of the bedroom with him, shutting the door behind them.


As the demon lovebirds went all freaky together, Vi was still laid on the bed, crying ceaselessly in sorrow.


*Next day, morning*


"Love you babe." Evelynn said to her boyfriend.


"Love you too Eve." Mat replied before the two deep kissed for a long brief moment.


As Mat left the building through the main door of their large residence, Evelynn went back upstairs, giggling to herself as she now could play with Mat's servant. The demon girl entered the master living room, quickly taking a seat on the soft large sofa.


"You can come out my dear!" Evelynn shouted as she seemed to call someone.


Behind the wall between the kitchen and the living room, the quivering pink haired girl in her maid outfit slowly popped out of her hiding spot, still feeling fear towards the demon girl.


"Oh come on now. Don't be shy. I won't bite you or even hurt you at all. There's no point for that." Evelynn said to Vi as she signaled her with her right new claw to come closer to her.


Vi took her time walking towards Evelynn as her entire body trembled, glancing down to the floor. She then sat on the other end of the sofa that Evelynn sat on, not wanting to come too close to her.


"Hey, come closer my dear. Let's have a little talk. And don't worry, I convinced him to comeback tomorrow." Evelynn said to Vi.


"..." Vi didn't reply as she only glanced at Evelynn's smiling face, doubting her words.


"I'm telling you the truth my dear. I never lie to women. I felt really bad for you when I saw you getting abused real hard by him." Evelynn said, trying to convince the pink haired girl that she wasn't a threat to her.


"..." Vi didn't reply once more but instead moved one feet closer to Evelynn.


"To be quite honest with you, I honestly hate to see women cryi-Heyyy!?" Evelynn was interrupted by Vi as she jumped on her, laying her head on her blue knees.


Evelynn noticed Vi was crying as warm tears flowed on her knees, hearing the whimpering noises of the poor girl.


"What's wrong my dear? Why are you crying?" Evelynn asked Vi, confused by her weird movement.


"*Sob*...Is he really gone?...Is he gone for a day?" Vi asked Evelynn as she cried in sadness.


"Didn't you heard what I said? Yes. He's gone fo-"


"Thank you!...*Sob*...Thank you!..." Vi interrupted Evelynn, seemingly happy that Mat was going to be gone for a short while.


"'re welcome." Evelynn replied with confusion on her mind.


The young girl then stood up and embraced the demon girl tightly before breaking it after a few seconds. Vi then stared at Evelynn's glowing as she held her claws.


"How do you do it?" Vi asked.


"Oh well that was simple. I to-"


"I meant how do you please him? I heard you two having fun last night. So how did you pleased him?" Vi asked Evelynn after cutting her phrase.


"Oh that...Well that's kinda hard to explain...But I can show you ho-"


"YES PLEASE! Please teach me! Please teach me how to please him! I just don't want to go that torture machine! I just don't want to be tortured again!" Vi shouted to Evelynn as she quickly kneeled herself, her head on the demon girl's knees.


Evelynn was at first surprised and taken back by Vi's begging. She didn't expect her to ask her for help or for lessons on how to sexually please the white pale young man. She gently caressed Vi's pink hair, feeling bad for her as she wondered the horrifying and painful stuffs that Vi went through during her first week as Mat's servant.


"Okay Vi. I'll teach you. Just don't tell my boyfriend about any of this, alright?" Evelynn said to Vi.


"THANK YOU SO MUCH! I promise I won't tell him!" Vi shouted in joy as she quickly hugged Evelynn with a firm tight embrace.


"Chill out for a minute dear." Evelynn said as they broke off the warm hug.


Already naked, Evelynn covered her exposed woman part as neon pink smokes formed around it. After a few seconds, the magical mists vanished and Evelynn withdrew her hands, revealing her thick large blue cock. Vi stared at Evelynn's hard erected shaft, amazed that she could do such a thing.


"Are you ready to learn my dear?" Evelynn asked Vi with a bright smile on her face.


"Yes I am." Vi answered with a bright expression on her face as she stopped crying.


"Good. Now let's start with your weak points. What are you terrible at?" Evelynn asked.


"Well...I...I'm not good at giving... a blowjob..." Vi stuttered as she said in a faint tone.


"It's alright Vi. It's quite normal to not be good at giving blowjobs. In my opinion, it's the hardest one to do during a sexual intercourse." Evelynn said.


"Why is that?" Vi asked, curious about Evelynn's statement.


"Well a woman's mouth and tongue will most of the time please a cock way more than her pussy or her asshole because they are just way too warm and way more sensual." Evelynn explained.


"But isn't that the goal? To make them feel good? To make them cum?" Vi asked.


"Oh no no no my dear! That's your problem right there. You're thinking that pleasing a man and making him cum are the same thing but it's actually not. They're completely different." Evelynn replied.


"They're different?" Vi asked, her curiosity grew fast.


"Of course they're different! You didn't knew that? It's like the one of the basic thing to know when it comes to making love." Evelynn said as she pulled Vi's head and gently placed it on her left shoulder, softly caressing her pink hair.


" does it mean to please a man's cock?" Vi asked.


"Well you make him feel good while making sure he doesn't cum too early or too late." Evelynn said.


"How? seems impossible...for me..." Vi said as she thought of the many failures she did when trying to please her master.


"My dear, did you ever had a boyfriend?...Or even a girlfriend?" Evelynn asked.


"Well...I...I have a girlfriend...Why do you ask that?" Vi said, feeling an aching pain on her stomach as she thought of Caitlyn's smiling bright face.


"Did you try oral sex with your girlfriend? If you did, then you shouldn't have a problem sucking a man's cock." Evelynn said.


"Well...yes...but...she was the one giving it to me..." Vi replied.


"Oh really!? That's very interesting. You look like the hotheaded, impulsive, and fearsome type of girl." Evelynn said, surprised by what the young girl told her.


"I's's just..."


"You go rough on your enemies, but you love getting rough in bed~Huhuhu~" Evelynn said with seducing tone, giggling joyfully. 


"N-no!...I-I...I mean..." Vi stuttered in embarrassment as her cheeks blushed red.


"It's alright to enjoy that kind of stuff my dear. I also like it rough and my boyfriend is really good at going rough on me." Evelynn said.


"Oh...I see..." Vi said.


"Anyways, let's start practising your blowjob skills." Evelynn said as she let out a smiling smirk on her face as Vi proceeded to kneel herself down on the floor, standing on her knees in front of Evelynn's massive erected cock.


"I'm ready to begin." Vi said.


"Alright my dear. Here's my three tips on giving an amazing blowjob. First, always start by going slow and gentle. You want to jump start the sensual nerves and the sex drive of the person you're giving a blowjob." Evelynn explained to Vi.


"Okay." Vi replied as she leaned her head close to Evelynn's cock.


The young girl pulled out her tongue and placed it on the body of Evelynn's shaft while grasping her blue cock with her left hand. She then began slowly licking it, moving her tongue in a very tiny circle motion.


"Uhm my dear, when I say slow and gentle, I didn't mean licking only a small area. You have to explore the entire thing." Evelynn said as she barely felt any pleasure from Vi's shy tongue.


"Oh...I'm...I'm sorry..." Vi said, feeling very anxious as her hands quivered.


"No need to say sorry my dear. We've got plenty of time to turn you into an excellent cocksucker. Just keep practising and you'll get there even if you make a lot of mistakes during your training."  Evelynn said to Vi, comforting her as Vi felt better by her words.


"O-okay." Vi replied.


The young girl then began licking the demon girl's cock, giving it long and snail pace licks from bottom to top, causing Evelynn to faintly moan in pleasure as she felt Vi's warm tongue slowly sliding on her shaft. The young girl continued to lick as she stroked gently and slowly the pulsating cock. As a couple of minutes had passed, Vi's confidence steadily grew as she licked at a leisurely pace. She then gave small kisses on the tip of Evelynn's shaft as she continued to lick, hearing more of Evelynn's cheap moans.


"Alright my dear. Here's tip number two: Start sucking the cock at a slow pace but not to slow or your partner will be bored. Make sure to use your lips and your tongue while you're sucking to increase your partner's pleasure feeling." Evelynn explained as she laid her left elbow on the sofa's arm, holding her chin with her left clenched claw. 


Vi understood Evelynn's advice as she opened her mouth, closing her lips on Evelynn's blue shaft. She then began sucking it with gentle force while slowly moving her closed lips up and down as she bobbed her head. She continued to stroke the bottom part of Evelynn's cock while sucking the rest, causing Vi's moan to be a little louder than before. Evelynn felt Vi's moist tongue curling tightly around her cock, feeling shockwaves of pleasure through out her body. Vi then released her grip on her cock and then pulled back up her head, licking the top part while also giving some love kisses to Evelynn's futa cock. Vi then resumed sucking as she closed her lips on the demon girl's cock.


"It seems you know tip number three already my dear, but I'll tell you anyways. Tease your partner by performing different small tricks with what you got like your tongue, your hand, your lips, etc. Just make sure to read your partner's sounds and expressions so you can understand what he or she likes." Evelynn explained to Vi.


" it alright if I...spit on your cock?...To give it some moisture?...I don't want to be mean but your cock is still dry. I don't like the dry taste of it."


"Very good Vi! You've found my bonus tip, which is always spit or drool your saliva on your partner's cock whether it's dry or not. Your partner will go mad crazy if you do that as it feels really good if you mix it with your mouth and your tongue. You can even try for a sloppy blowjob if you like." Evelynn explained to Vi her secret tip.


Vi proceeded to drool out a small chunk of her saliva on the demon girl's blue shaft before continuing sucking, causing Evelynn to moan loudly. The demon girl felt a quick rush of euphoria as she the young girl's swirling fast tongue massaging tightly around her shaft. Evelynn then placed her hands on Vi's head and took control over it as she moved it fast, drilling Vi's mouth with her shaft.


"~Ahh!~Not bad!~Ahh!~You've got a warm tongue!~Ahhh!~" Evelynn said to Vi as she moaned in pleasure, enjoying Vi's moist warm tongue sliding on her cock.


The young girl then opened her lips while the cock moved inside her mouth, drooling more her saliva as it covered Evelynn's cock. The demon girl then released Vi's head from her firm demon hands, leaving Vi to do the rest of the blowjob on her on. Vi kept the same fast pace, sucking Evelynn real good as Eve continued to moan in pleasure. Vi then stopped sucking for a second as she gaped for air and then continued to please Evelynn, suddenly accelerating her pace. As Vi closed her eyes, sucking hard and faster Evelynn's cock, the demon girl quickly clenched her claws on the sofa, feeling intense waves of pleasure flowing through out her body together as one big wave.


"~Ahhh!~Wait my dear!~Ahhh!~You're going to-AHH!~FAST!~I'm AHH!~AHHHHH!"


Shouting in pleasure, Evelynn erupted her sweet load inside Vi's mouth as she swiftly filling it up. Vi swallowed every single drops of Evelynn's purple semen as her taste buds bursted in amazing joy, craving more of the berry explosion flavored fluids. After a short period, Vi withdrew her mouth from Evelynn's shaft, letting out a satisfying gasp after she enjoyed the taste of the demon girl's semen. She then glanced up at Evelynn's face, seeing her indifferent expression.


"Did...did I...did I it wrong?" Vi stuttered in anxiety.


"Well not really my dear. You went too fast because you didn't look at my body movements and my facial expressions. You changed your pace based only on my sounds." Evelynn said to Vi.


"Ah...I-I am so sorry! P-Please let me try again! I p-promise I'll d-do it better! Just don't...don't hurt me! Please! I'll be a g-good cocksucker! I promise!" Vi shouted as she stuttered intensely, frightened that Evelynn may punish her.


"Calm down my dear. Like said before, I won't hurt you at all. I only want to help you be an excellent servant for my boyfriend." Evelynn said to Vi, caressing her pink hair with delicate care.


"So you won't punish me?" Vi asked.


"Why would I punish you? It's only a practise. I'm just trying to teach you." Evelynn replied.


"Ah...I see..." Vi said as she stood up, sitting close next to Evelynn.


The young girl suddenly hugged the demon girl, feeling the blue warm body comforting her as she laid her head on Evelynn's large soft breasts. Evelynn giggled at Vi's kind and abnormal embrace and decided to hug her back while softly rubbing Vi's hair.


"Don't worry my dear. You'll be an excellent servant in less than a couple of hours." Evelynn said.


"I hope so. I just don't want to be tortured again by him or by that painful machine." Vi said.


"You won't suffer again my dear. I can promise you that." Evelynn said as she let out a malicious smile on her face, knowing that she will turn Vi into a submissive servant.

Chapter Text


Alright Vi. You can do this. If you succeed, he won't hurt you. If you don't, you'll be in that torturous chamber again. It''s going to be alright...I hope...


"Relax my dear. Just take a deep breath. Everything will be fine." Evelynn said to Vi, trying to comfort her.


"But I'm scared. I don't know if I can do this." Vi replied as her body shook intensely in fear and anxiety.


"Look at me my dear. You were lucky that you had an extra week to practise. I know you can do this. I believe in you." Evelynn encouraged Vi as he held her cheeks.


" sure?" Vi asked, still doubting herself.


"Yes I'm sure. You can do this my dear. Just believe in yourself." Evelynn said, grabbing a serving tray made out of bamboo and handed it carefully to Vi as there was two white saucer cups and a blue marble teapot filled with hot green tea.


"...Okay...I...I this..." Vi replied as she held the handles of the tray.


"C'mon my dear. Say it with more confidence like you mean it." Evelynn said as she gently pushed Vi out of the kitchen.


"I...I can do this. I can do this!" Vi said with a higher tone, growing slowly more confident in herself.


"Now that's better. Now got out there and show him that you're the best and the most loyal servant that he will ever have." Evelynn said.



"I will!" Vi said as she walked towards the living room.


"And make sure to use my tips." Evelynn whispered to Vi, not wanting to be heard by the White Demon.


As Vi slowly walked at the center of living room, she noticed Mat in his casual clothes sitting on the sofa with the map of Runterra laid on the table. As Vi gently placed the tea set on the table, she could see on the corner of her left eye a female figure sitting on the other sofa that faced the young man. That female figure was a beautiful and sexy young lady as her face was pretty attractive, having large breasts and a gorgeous ass. She wore a small black jacket that only covered her boobs and her arms while wearing a tight black and red jeans. The female figure wasn't normal as she had black arachnoid legs behind her back. While the young girl poured the drink in the two cups, the lady gave a smile to Vi, licking her lips together, seemingly interested in her body as she stared at her intimate parts.


"Thank you my servant. Now come and sit." Mat said to Vi, tapping the sofa on his right.


Vi complied and slowly walked to him, feeling very nervous as her body trembled, feeling fear clouding her mind. She then gently glanced to her left after she took a seat, seeing Evelynn peeking behind the kitchen door. The demon girl placed her thumbs up, reassuring her that everything will be fine as she gave her an encouraging smile.


"Who's she?" the lady asked, taking a sip of her hot beverage.


"She's my servant Elise." Mat replied as he pulled Vi closer to her, wrapping his right arm around her chest as she gently massaged her right melon, causing Vi's cheeks to blush faintly in red.


"Really? Just a servant?" Elise asked as she knew that Mat uses Vi as his personal sex reliever.


"Well she's more like my personal slut servant." Mat said.


"Ohhhh...I'm a little jealous to be honest..." Elise said as she gently bit her lips, staring at Vi.



"Jealous of me or of my servant?" Mat asked as he smiled.


"Both actually. She's really cute." Elise replied, winking at Vi.


"Anyways, let's resume our conversation." Mat said.


"Right. So you want me to retrieve the athame that grants you imaginable beauty from the Black Rose?" Elise asked.


"Yup. The same artifact that made you beautiful again." Mat said.


"You're asking me to betray the organization that I pledged loyalty to for hundreds of years by giving you one of their stolen artifacts that are kept in secret? I should get something quite immense in return." Elise said.


"I will give you control over the Black Rose and even Noxus if you can get me the athame that I seek." Mat said.


"You can give me Noxus?" Elise asked in confusion.


"Yup. Once I take control of it of course." Mat replied.


"Hmmmmm..." Elise thought about his offer.



"I will protect you from them if you're worried about them." Mat said.


"Even if you can protect me from the Black Rose, even if you can conquer Noxus and give me control over it, I still don't think it's worth the risk." Elise said.


"Why is that Elise?" Mat replied as he was puzzled by her answer.


"The magic in the athame that you seek is only temporary and can be only used once. Fortunately for me, I was bitten by Vilemaw and its poison combined with the magic of the dark magic blade gave me eternal youth, provided that I keep offering people to my spider god." Elise explained.


"Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Mat suddenly laughed loudly as he slammed his right hand on the table, finding Elise's short story to be quite funny to him.


"What's so funny?" Elise asked him, feeling a little angry at him.


"Oh it's just that you call Vilemaw as your god." Mat said to Elise as he wipe off the tears of laughter from his left eye.


"What's so funny about that!?" Elise said as she clenched her fists, feeling insulted by his words.


"It's just that if it's a god, then it should be powerful enough so that only another god could beat it, correct?" Mat replied.


"Yes but I don't see why it's funny to you." Elise asked, still confused by his sudden laugh.



"Here's a fun fact. Every single gods in Runeterra aren't truly gods. They aren't invincible and they can be killed easily by a mere mortal." Mat replied.


"Are you suggesting that my god is weak!?" Elise shouted in rage towards him.


"Well I never said that." Mat said as he took another sip of his drink.


"Then what the fuck do you mean by gods can be killed by a mere mortal!?" Elise shouted in fury once more as she quickly stood up.


"Elise, do you know what's the very essential thing that makes Runeterra such a wonderful world?" Mat asked.


"I don't know. Maybe having gods to eliminate stupid mortals like you!" Elise said as she slammed the table with anger.


"Wrong. It's magic." Mat replied.


"So!? What about it?" Elise asked.


"The gods of Runeterra. Their powers is made out of what?" Mat asked.


"It's made out of magic of course! I know that already! Are you trying to test my knowledge!?" Elise yelled at Mat.



"Tell me Elise, what happens if we remove the powers of a god? What the god will become then?" Mat asked.


"Well the god will just be a living being with no powers, just like a mortal living being." Elise replied.


Elise then noticed Mat's bright wide smile towards her, which made her feel a little unnerved as she tried to piece out everything on what Mat is trying to say to her.


"Are you suggesting that you have a way to beat every single gods in Runeterra?" Elise asked him.


"Yup. I can absorb magic. And I can absorb really high amounts of magic. I've been training a lot lately." Mat replied as he gave Elise a crazed smile.


"Yeah sure. There's no way you can absorb magic. I've never heard a being that could do that." Elise said.


"That's because I never showed my magic absorbing ability to anyone except to a very few people." Mat said.


"I don't believe you." Elise said.


"Let me prove it to you then. Touch me." Mat asked her.


"Sure. Like that will prove anything." Elise replied as she placed her claws on his cheeks.



She then suddenly felt an agonizing pain surging instantly through out her body. She felt something inside her being drained away as magical dark purple smokes formed around her spider hands. She quickly retracted her claws away from his face, no longer experiencing the painful sensation. Elise then noticed a silver hair falling from her head, which turned her pale in fear as her glowing red eyes widened in panic. She realised that Mat wasn't lying about his magic absorption power.


"See Elise. I was telling the truth. And you're lucky that I can control the speed of my absorption or you'll probably turned back into your past self." Mat replied with a intense smile on his face.


Elise then suddenly kneeled herself down in front of Mat, bowing her down to him. She now knew that the young man was a powerful being capable of killing gods thanks to his reading ability and his magic absorption ability. She felt anxious and fear at first, but that feeling quickly faded away as she felt a pleasant feeling through out her body, knowing that he could give her anything that she desired even things that she never though she could ever acquire.


"I...I pledge all of my loyalty to you, my new god. I'll...I'll get what you need." Elise said to him as she glanced up at him.


"Woah Elise! Get up right now! I don't want you to be my servant. I've already got one." Mat said as he was surprised by Elise's unexpected move. "Then how can I be of service to you?" Elise asked him as she stood up.


"I just need a loyal friend that can sneak into Noxus and spy on everything that the Black Rose and my old man are trying to plot without getting caught." Mat said.


"I can do that." Elise said.


"Good. Then it's settled. In return for your eternal service, I'll give you control over Noxus and the Black Rose once I conquer it." Mat said.


"R-really? Just like that? Don't you want the atha-"


"Nah. I don't need it. I've just absorbed a small portion of your magic. With my reading ability, I should be able to grant myself eternal youth using the small magic that I absorbed from you with some few modifications." Mat said.


"Oh...I see...then...what should I do now?" Elise asked.



"Well you can return to Noxus and gather information. Oh and I also have a empty bedroom if you want to stay in here. I don't mind you living in here. The staying is free of course if you were wondering." Mat said as he began unbuckling his pants.


"T-thanks...that's kind of you." Elise replied, still trying to fully process everything that just happened.


"Make yourself at home Elise. Now if you would excuse me, I need to take care a problem of mine." Mat said as he pulled down his underclothes, revealing his fully erected cock.


Vi and Elise both flinched slightly back, taken away by his massive tool as they noticed it wasn't the same as before.


"Your...your grew...bigger...and thicker..." Elise stuttered as her cheeks flushed red.


"Yeah I ran into a huge problem with Evelynn last week. There was this insane young woman that almost turned me into her sex slave. That night hunter bitch injected me with drugs that amplified my sex drive and my sexual performance, including one that grew my cock by two inches more. She was really a sadistic bitch." Mat explained to Elise as he stroked lightly his fourteen inch shaft.


Vi quickly glanced at Evelynn, seeing her smiling nervously while poking her index demon fingers together as she forgot to tell her about an incident.


"What are you waiting for my servant? It's just two inches more." Mat said to Vi.


"Oh...uhmm...sorry master..." Vi said to Mat as she quickly kneeled herself down on the floor, leaning her head close to his big cock.


Vi felt very nervous as she remembered the horrible pain she felt when she failed to please her master. She took a deep breath, calming herself down and washing away every bad emotions she currently felt.



Okay Vi. This is it. Give him a blowjob that he'll never forget.


Vi smiled at him, giving a wet kiss on the membrane of his throbbing cock, causing him to faintly moan in pleasure. She then gave several more wet kisses from top the bottom, making her way to the bottom part of his cock. Keeping her eyes on his face, Vi gently grabbed his cock with her left hand and slowly stroke the top half of it while tilting her head horizontally to her right, licking very slowly the other half of his cock. Vi then licked slowly his shaft with her warm moist tongue, moving up before making her way down as she heard Mat's moans slowly becoming louder the more she went down. Noticing the lewd expression on his face as she swirled her tongue on the very bottom part of his cock, Vi gave a quick long way lick from the top to bottom and proceeded to lick the part between his balls and the lower part of his cock, hearing Mat's sudden loud moan. She then continued on that same part as she swirled her salivating tongue.


"~Oooooooohh!~You've improved a lot in a single week my servant." Mat said as he pleasurably moan.


"This is only a fraction of what I can do master!~" Vi replied, releasing her left hand and moved her head up, licking softly and slowly the neck membrane of his manhood, causing him to moan loudly once more.


Vi then closed her lips on his cock, sucking it slowly as she continued to tightly massaged his shaft with her warm pleasing tongue, hearing Mat's loud lewd noises. The young girl saw his pleased face and proceeded to swallow his entire cock, gagging slowly as she bobbed her head. Mat felt waves of pleasure coursing flowing through out his body, feeling Vi's warm massaging tongue and her hot sliding throat pleasing quickly his cock, feeling close to climax. Vi noticed his grunting expression on his face and knew he was close to cumming, so she immediately pulled out his throbbing manhood from inside her mouth and returned to slowly licking the bottom weak spot of his shaft. Mat's feeling to cum quickly dissipated as Vi love kissed and licked his saliva covered cock.


"WOW!~Ahh!~I must say my servant, you've really surprised me~Ahh!~Your blowjob skills have drastically improved in a short time." Mat said to Vi as he moaned, really shocked by her amazing oral skills.


"Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it very much master. I want you to be happy master." Vi replied with bright happy eyes, smiling joyfully as she finally was able to properly please Mat for the first time.


While Vi was pleasing her master, Elise felt super aroused as she viewed the ongoing showbiz, her cheeks blushing red. She felt jealous of Vi, wanting to play with Mat's new grown cock as she remembered the lewd times she had with him and Evelynn. She was fingering her wet pussy with her left spider hand while massaging her right boob with her other hand, her legs quivered as she felt anxious to ask Mat if she could join in.


"Don't be shy Elise. I~Ahh!~know what you want right now~Ahh!~" Mat said to Elise while moaning, moving his index finger from his clenched left hand, signaling her to play with them.


Elise smiled joyfully after hearing his soothing words as she quickly undressed herself, revealing her large soft breasts and her dripping wet lady entrance. The spider girl then approached the young man as she stood her knees on the sofa, leaning her upper body close to him. She then pressed her opened lips on his, passionately kissing him as they rattled their warm and eager tongues, moaning in their wet kiss. The young man then broke off the kiss, leaving strings of their mixed saliva between their lips. Elise quickly kneeled herself on the floor, standing next to Vi's left side. The spider girl then grabbed Vi's cheeks and then gave her a passionate French kiss as the two females moaned in their tongue battling smooch. The two fingered each other's pussies with their left hands, feeling the warm dripping of their soft excited entrances while they stroked Mat's cock with their right hands. After a few long seconds, Vi and Elise then proceeded to lick Mat's massive cock, each taking a side as they stared at his pleased eyes. Elise then sucked his shaft as she swallowed half of it while Vi began licking the young man's balls, causing Mat to moan loudly. The spider girl proceeded to go deeper, gargling on his cock as she can handle it's massive size. She rocked her head while furiously licking his shaft, applying gentle sucking bursts as she gazed on the White Demon's demonic eyes. Vi sucked softly on his right ball while licking at the same time his sensitive spot. Mat moan's were becoming louder as he felt incredible waves of pleasure flowing through his body, a few seconds close to climax.



"~Ghng!~Ahh!~You girls are so good at this!~Ahhh!~I'm going to~Ahhhhh!~AHHHH!~GNGH!~AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Mat moaned loudly as he erupted his warm sticky semen inside Elise's throat, feeling a great sexual satisfaction.


"Make sure to share my load with my servant Elise. She deserves a reward after she displayed her excellent blowjob skills." Mat said as he lifted Elise head up, pulling out his cock from her mouth.


Stocked with his warm semen inside her mouth, Elise then leaned close to Vi, holding her cheeks as she tilted her head up. The young pink haired girl opened her mouth, wanting to savour her master's jizz. Elise then opened her mouth, drooling out the sticky fluids inside Vi's mouth, both savouring a pleasant salty taste. After they drank their reward, Vi and Elise warmly embraced together as they wet kissed, swirling their tongues together inside their connected mouths, savouring once more the taste as they moaned. After a few minutes of passionate clean kisses, the two females broke off their kiss, staring at each other's eyes as their love mixed saliva drooled from their lips.


"Alright my servant. You can go now and take a break. Do whatever you want for the rest of the day." Mat said to Vi as he lifted Elise up, holding her by her thighs as he spread them wide open, her back facing him.


"Really? I can have a break for the rest of the day?" Vi asked in shock, finding hard to believe that Mat was giving her a pause for the rest of the day.


"Yup. You deserve it. Now leave, there's something I need to do." Mat said to Vi as he gently lowered Elise, his hard big cock underneath Elise's wet pussy.


"Okay...master." Vi said as she quickly walked towards the kitchen, hearing Elise's sudden loud yelp as she left the room.


Hiding behind the kitchen, Vi let out a sigh of relief, feeling very calm and relaxed as she wasn't punished at all from the young man. Evelynn rushed at Vi, grabbing her hands with her claws while smiling at her.


"You did it my dear! You did it! I'm so proud of you!" Evelynn joyfully said as she jumped up and down in excitement with Vi.


"I know right? I can't believe I did it. But I couldn't have done it without your help." Vi said as she smiled back at Evelynn.



"Yes I did helped you but you kept yourself calm and focused in front of him. It must have been really hard to keep yourself from feeling intense fear and anxiety by looking at him. And for that, I still believe you did everything by yourself." Evelynn said.


" think so?" Vi asked Evelynn.


"Of course my dear! I never seen a young girl at your age so brave and wil-mmmmmmph!?"


Evelynn said before she was suddenly interrupted, feeling a warm sensation on her lips. She looked at Vi as their lips were locked together. After a few seconds, Vi retracted back her head, her cheeks blushed red as she realised what she just done.


"I-I...I'm sorry...I shouldn't ha-"


"It's alright my dear. I don't mind it. I'm used to having a lot of friends with benefits." Evelynn interrupted Vi, assuring her that she was okay with Vi kissing her.


"Ahh...okay..." Vi replied as she glanced down, still blushing red.


"~AHHH!~FUCK!~HAHH!~HAIIGH!~AHHH!~FUCK YOUR COCK!~AHHH!~FEELS SO GOOD!~AHHHH!~AHHHH!~OH MY GOD!~AHHH!~" Elise loudly moaned, almost screaming her lungs out in pleasure.


Evelynn and Vi rushed ran towards the living room, both peeking behind the wall frame of the kitchen door as they watched the arousing scene.


"~Ooooooohh!~You've still got a tight pussy Elise." Mat said as he moaned in pleasure, moving fast the spider girl's body up and down with his strong firm hands on her hips, sliding his cock fast and deep inside her tight pussy as Elise's soft ass bounces on his groin area.



"AHH!~FUCK!~IF I SERVE YOU!~AHH!~AHH!~AHH!~WILL I GET TO FUCK YOUR COCK!~AHH!~KYA!~HAHH!~WHENEVER I WANT TO!?~AHH!~AHHH!~AHHH!~" Elise asked him as she shouted in extreme sexual euphoria, feeling her womb being overwhelmed by his drilling shaft.


"Of course Elise~Ahh!~My cock is yours to play with whenever you feel like to~Ahh!~" Mat replied as he leaned his head on her right shoulder, giving her a long wet kiss as they both moan inside their smooch.


The mating couple moaned pleasurably while Elise kept to scream in sexual excitement, feeling rivers of pleasure flowing through out her body as her legs quivered. Evelynn noticed that Vi was massaging her clit with her left fingers while licking her right index finger as she gently bit her lips. The pinked haired girl felt a surge of arousement, seemingly wanting to fuck her master as she imagined of lewd images were she was the one being sexually pleased instead of Elise. She didn't knew why she felt that way, but she didn't care as she really wanted to it, her pussy dripping non stop.


"I'm cumming Elise!" Mat said as he quickly accelerated the pace.




Elise shouted as Mat slammed her down on his cock, shoving his cock inside her warm deep end as they both ejaculated their juices together. The spider girl then puffed intensely as she felt exhausted, slightly satisfied as she wanted to go for another round. She then kissed the young man with passion, pushing him on the sofa as she laid herself top of him. Laid on his back, the young man then grabbed Elise's large ass cheeks and began rocking it again, drilling his cock inside her pussy as the two moaned again in their wet kiss.


"If you want, I can teach you how to please a man's cock with your pussy~" Evelynn whispered to Vi with a seducing tone.


"Please teach me! I need to please him! I need to make him happy!" Vi said to Evelynn, really wanting to know any secrets to please the young man.


"Huhuhuh~Good. Let's go to your bedroom. I get the feeling that Elise isn't going to stop till round ten. Huhuhu~" Evelynn said as she giggled, letting out a joyful smile.


Vi and Evelynn then proceeded to walk towards the young girl's bedroom, the two preparing for a long and fun time together.

Chapter Text

"~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~I'm cumming my dear!~Ahhh!~AHHHH!~AHHH!~"




Laid on Vi's back, Evelynn thrusted one more time her futa cock inside the pink haired girl's pussy, both females climaxing their fluids together as they moaned in pleasure. The two breathed fast as they stared each other's eyes, wet kissing as they swirled their tongues together, their sweating naked bodies warming each other.


"A nice morning sex to start off the day feels great, don't you think?" Evelynn said Vi as she stood up out of the bed. 


"I guess." Vi replied as she turned around, still gasping for air from exhaustion. 


"Alright my dear, I'm going to take a shower. You can join me if you want." Evelynn said as she walked towards the door. 


"...Evelynn?" Vi asked her with a faint voice as she stood on her butt. 


"Yes my dear?" Evelynn replied as she glanced behind her at Vi.


"Why...why d-do you sleep...with me?" Vi asked while stuttering. 


"Well it's because I always get super tired from fucking you several times since I'm teaching you to be a better servant. And I must say, you can go on for multiple rounds. You're a toug-"


"I didn't mean why you're having sex with me." Vi interrupted Evelynn. 


"What are you saying then? Evelynn asked Vi as she was confused by her words. 


"I meant...why do you sleep with me? know...cuddling behind the blanket...and sleeping comfortably on the bed?..." Vi asked as she stammered intensely on her words. 


"I...I...don't ge-Your not making sense my dear. You must be tired. C'mon now, let's take a shower together to boost you up a bit." Evelynn said, dodging Vi's question as she seemed a little flustered. 


"What happened between you and master...I two love each other....right?...And it's been a week since you slept with him...So...why aren't you two...sleeping togeth-"


"I'm going to take a shower my dear. I don't mind if you don't join in." Evelynn interrupted Vi with a slightly higher tone, her eyes glanced at the door as she felt a short pain on her neck. 


As the demon girl left the bedroom, Vi felt unease, wondering if she said anything wrong to Evelynn. She knew that something was off about the demon girl's reaction to her question, wondering if Evelynn was hiding something from her. Vi stood up from the bed as she proceeded to follow Evelynn, thinking about asking her if she had any problems with her personal relationship with Mat. 


Maybe I should ask her another time. She doesn't seem to be in the mood for it.


*Noon time* 


At the large kitchen room, the pink haired young girl in her maid outfit was searching for something inside a kitchen cabinet, humming peacefully like the new life she took was perfectly normal to her. She grabbed two wine glasses and placed them on the kitchen table. She then quickly went to check on another wooden cabinet, searching through a stack of different alcoholic beverages. As Vi grabbed a black bottle, she heard faint footsteps coming from her back. She then turned around, only to see an unusual tall female being. Vi was jump scared by the female's looks as she dropped the bottle, but the stranger quickly caught the alcoholic bottle. 


"Be careful there. You almost wasted a perfect bottle of red wine. And this one is a premium quality." the female stranger said to Vi as she read the label on the bottle. 


"S-sorry..." Vi said as she calmed herself down, taking a deep breath. 


She then took a good look at the tall stranger's alluring hybrid body of plant and human. The stranger didn't wear any clothes but instead, her light green colored body was mostly covered in green vines as her breasts, her lady part and her butt were almost completely revealed, including her stomach, her upper chest and her arms. Her legs were completely covered on dark purple vines like jeans with her seemingly naked feet in high heels made out of the same dark colored plants. She had very long red hair with four large green leaves in front of her head, two on each side. She also had a red long leaf straightened up on each of her shoulders. She wore rose earrings and had spiky rose fingernails and toenails. She had large red eyebrows, rose lips, a perfect nose and yellow glowing eyes with small black irises. Finally she had a thorn spiked vine wrapped around each of her arms. The female stranger was pretty sexy as she had large well rounded boobs, a medium size ass and a hourglass slime shaped body. 


The stranger then placed the bottle on the kitchen table and proceeded to approach Vi, who she took a few steps back.


"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. You must be Mat's housemaid, right?" the female stranger said to Vi, slowly walking to her as she opened her arms out. 


Vi nodded and then slowly walked towards the stranger, still feeling quite nervous as she wasn't sure if the stranger was friendly or not. The stranger then softly hugged Vi, giving her a warm and short kiss on her lips, causing her to faintly blushed red. 


"See? I'm friendly. Anyways, what's your name, young girl?" the female stranger asked Vi with a bright smile, releasing their warm embrace.


" n-name is Vi." Vi replied in stutters, feeling nervous in front of the stranger. 


"Well Vi, my name is Zyra and I'm a close friend to your master. It's a pleasure to meet you." Zyra said with her bright smile, trying to comfort the young girl.


"Ah...Nice to meet you too...Zyra..." Vi replied. 


"So Vi, are you really his housemaid or do you do more than that?" Zyra asked Vi as she was curious about her.


"Ah...well...I...I do...please him...whenever he asks." Vi replied as she glanced down, blushing red in embarrassment.


"Oh my! You're a lucky one. You must have ridden his huge cock, haven't you?" Zyra asked as leaned close to Vi's right side. 


"Well yes...but...that was his cock didn't...grew bigger..." Vi replied as she remembered the young man's fourteen inch cock. 


"Oh I see. You've already ride his cock when it was at twelve inches but not it's fourteen inch size, correct?" Zyra asked. 


"Y-yes..." Vi answered.


Vi then glanced at Zyra's face, noticing a white stain on the left corner of her lips. 


"Uhm...there something...on the corner of your lips..." Vi said to Zyra.


"Oh really? Oh you're right. Thanks. I had a small appetizer from him. It was quite succulent." Zyra said as she wiped off the sticky droplet on the corner of her lips, licking her index finger as she savored the delicious taste. 


"So...what brings you here?" Vi asked.


"Well I came here to form an alliance with him. Not gonna lie, he has a crazy ambition." Zyra said.


"You mean conquering Runeterra?" Vi asked.


"Oh so you know his plans? I wasn't expecting him to share his plans with his servant." Zyra said.


"Do you think he will succeed?" Vi asked.


"Honestly, I don't know if he can. He is very powerful but there's just one problem." Zyra said.


"One problem?" Vi asked, wondering what could stop her master from achieve his world domination plan. 


"Everyone around Runeterra knows who's the White Demon and what he's capable of. Sure only a few people knows about his magic absorption ability but there's just too many gods and demi-gods that could easily crush him if they work together." Zyra explained.


"So you think he will fail?" Vi asked.


"Well not really. His reading ability is super powerful if he uses it correctly. Anything is possible but I know he needs some help." Zyra said.


"And you're here to help him achieve his goal?" Vi asked.


"Yup. He's going to give me full control of Mount Targon once he conquers it in exchange for my help. And also, he said I could have sex with him as much as I want to." Zyra explained.


" really like...having sex with him?" Vi asked.


"Of course! His big cock feels so fucking amazing! You should try riding his thick cock. You know what, let's go ask him." Zyra said. 


"Well I was going to ask him." Vi said as she grabbed the two wine glasses with her left hand and the red wine bottle with her right hand. 


"That's splendid Vi! Let's go right now." Zyra said as the two walked towards the master living room. 


As they approached the sofa, they saw that Mat, fully naked and sitting on the soft furniture, was completely focused on something as his eyes were closed, steepling his hands close to his face. Vi gently placed down the wine glasses on the table, a few inches away from the map of Runeterra, pouring them with the red wine from the bottle till they were two thirds full. Vi then placed the bottle back on the table as she slowly sat to the focused young man's left side, not wanting to disturb him as she didn't made any noises. Zyra then sat next to his right side, wrapping her arms around his neck as she warmly hugged him. Mat then glanced around him as he came back to his senses, seeing the girl's bright smiles.


"So Mat, what were you thinking about?" Zyra asked him as she gave him a soft kiss on his right cheek.


"In Mount Targon, there are three beings that can stop my plans for world domination." Mat said to Zyra as he stared at the map of Runeterra on the kitchen table, seeing different colored checkers. 


"Three beings? You mean three Aspects, correct?" Zyra asked.


"Yup. They can easily stop me if they work together of course. I can easily beat them each in a 1v1." Mat replied as he moved a silver crescent moon shaped checker on the Mount Targon region in the map of Runeterra.


"You've got such confidence in yourself. You really think you can beat them?" Zyra asked, doubting that he could defeat three divine beings.


"Trust me Zyra. I can defeat them. You and Elise can be my insurance policy if you two really want to make sure my victory." Mat said as he moved an orange sun shaped checker next to the moon checker.


"Who's Elise anyways?" Zyra asked.


"She's a sexy spider human hybrid. You're going to like her very much. I can see you two becoming best friends real quick." Mat said as he moved a yellow key shaped checker next to the two other checkers. 


"Hmmmmmm...Can't wait to meet her." Zyra said with a bright smile, wondering how the spider girl looked like. "Anyways, who are the Aspects that can defeat you if they work together?" 


"The Aspect of the Moon, The Aspect of the Sun and the Aspect of Twilight are the three Aspects that can defeat me if they work together. Luckily for us, The Aspect of the Moon's user hasn't fully master her powers while The Aspect of Twilight's user seemed to not care about mortals. Also, The Aspect of the Sun's user is a close friend to The Aspect of the Moon's user." Mat briefly explained.


"So we just have to capture The Aspect of Moon while she's still weak so we could lure out The Aspect of Sun. Then we will capture her as well." Zyra said. 


"Yup. That's the plan. Then, we will torture them to get any information about the whereabouts of the other Aspects." Mat said.


The young man then picked up a golden checker that was shaped like a mask that resembled to a demon's face. Zyra noticed that he was clenching the piece in frustration. 


"What is it? Who does this piece represent?" Zyra asked. 


"They call him the Golden Demon. He's the only one that can foil my plans with such ease. He's very intelligent, wise and psychopathic. I haven't been able to locate him. It's impossible to find him!" Mat explained as he threw away the piece in frustration. 


"Hey calm down. Just take a break. You've been thinking about this too much. We will get him but let's take this one step at a time." Zyra said to Mat, comforting him with a wet kiss on his open lips. 


After a few seconds, the plant woman broke off the kiss, giggling at the young man as she quickly kneeled herself down in front of him, gazing at his erected large dick. 


"May I get another appetizer?~" Zyra said to Mat with a seducing tone. 


"Sure you can Zyra." Mat replied as he smiled. 


The plant hybrid woman giggled and picked up the two full glasses of wine, giving one to him. The two gently tapped their glasses together before they drank their entire sweet drink in one go, not feeling the side effects of alcohol as they felt normal. Zyra picked up the empty glasses and gently placed them back on the table while Mat picked up the wine bottle. Zyra then moved her head down, opening her mouth underneath his thick manhood, joyfully giggling. Mat then slowly tilted down the glass bottle, slowly showering his cock with the red liquid as Zyra drank the dripping alcohol with her opened mouth. Zyra then licked his wet shaft, tasting a sugary alcoholic flavor which boosted her sugar alcohol cravings and her sex drive. She then sucked his entire shaft with medium force while tightly massaging it with her moist warm tongue, causing him to pleasurably moan as he felt her warm throat soothing his swallowed manhood. The young man then moved the bottle to his left and placed it above Vi's head. The young girl understood what he wanted her to do as she opened her mouth, welcoming the alcoholic drink flowing inside to her stomach. Mat then threw away the empty bottle as it crashed on the floor away from them and gently grabbed Vi's head, holding her cheeks with his warm hands. The two approached their heads with mouths opened, connecting their lips together as they began swirling their sweet tongues together. They then retracted their lips, still playing their moist tongues in harmony as Mat was slowly thrusting up and down his left index and middle fingers inside Vi's uncovered pussy, causing her to moan faintly in their passionate tongue play. The young man grunted loudly as Zyra quicken real fast her pace, the hybrid plant woman desperately wanting his semen. Mat then suddenly ejaculated his load out inside Zyra's throat as she quickly drank his warm sticky jizz. After a few long seconds, Zyra pulled out his cock from her mouth, letting out a satisfied gasp as she enjoyed his delicious male juices. The young man then stopped the kiss with Vi, leaving trails of saliva between their withdrew tongues. 


"Hey Mat, your servant wants to ride your cock, isn't that right Vi?" Zyra said as she glanced at Vi, smiling as she winked at her.


Vi's face blushed red as she glanced back at her master, feeling anxiety as her body trembled. Mat then lifted the young girl, gently placing her in front of him as her butt sat on his crotch area. He then tilted his back on the back pillow of the sofa, pulling Vi close to her as laid her head on his. He quickly undressed her, exposing her entire naked body as Vi felt his warm shaft between her ass cheeks. Zyra and Mat were then surprised as they saw a large silver butt plug inside Vi's asshole. Mat glanced at Vi and the young girl immediately turned her gaze away, her entire face glowing furiously red in embarrassment.


"M-m-master...I-I-I can explain...I uhm...well I-I...I...I want...I want your big cock inside my ass!" Vi shouted to him after intense stammering, her body still shaking.


"If you can please me with your pussy, then I'll happily fuck your ass." Mat said, giving a quick wet kiss to Vi.


Vi wanted his cock inside her ass real bad but knew she had to do what he wanted first. The pink haired girl wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting her butt up as she placed her pussy above his cock. Her knees on the sofa next to his upper legs, Vi then gently lowered her ass, slowly penetrating her tight entrance with his big hard shaft as the two moaned in pleasure. The young girl successfully shoved his entire cock inside her pussy as her eyes rolled behind her head, feeling his pulsating cock slowly stretching out her inside. Vi then began rocking her butt up and down, humping his cock as she felt waves of pleasure flowing through out her body. 


"~Ahhh!~Master!~Ahh!~Your cock is so big!~Ahhh!~It feels so good!~Hahh!~Kya!~Do you like my pussy, master?~Ahh!" Vi asked as she pleasurably moaned, feeling his thick rock drilling inside her as she felt her womb being penetrated constantly. 


"~Ahhh!~Yup. Your pussy feels really good~Ahh!~" Mat replied as he moaned, feeling her warm walls closing in tight on his massaged cock. 


The young man also felt a warm wet sensation on his balls as Zyra was licking and sucking them, causing him to moan louder in sexual euphoria. Vi then quicken her pace, rocking fast her pussy as she slid it on his entire cock, feeling even more aroused than before as she leaned her lips on his. The two spiraled their tongues together as they moaned in delight, their bodies slowly heating up. As a few minutes had passed, Vi sped her speed once more, slamming her bouncy ass on his groin area as she moved her butt fast, her and Mat both moaning louder. 


"~Ahh!~Ahhh!~AHHH!~Master!~I'm cumming soon!~HAHH!~HAAA!~AHHH!~" Vi moaned loudly, feeling close to climaxing.


"I'm cumming too my servant!~Ghgn!~Ahh!~Ahhh!~AHHHH!~GRAHHHH!" 




The two moaned loudly as Vi smashed her butt on his crotch, both ejaculating their loads as Mat quickly filled her womb. Vi breathed intensely, her legs quivered in pleasure and her face blushed pink in excitement. The mating couple's bodies at a higher temperature as they finished their warm up. Mat then lifted Vi up by her butt cheeks, pulling out his dripping cock from her leaking pussy. Zyra quickly licked very droplets that were oozing out from their reproductive organs, enjoying the taste of the mixed juices. After she savoured her small meal, Zyra then removed the butt plug out of Vi's asshole, leaving her backdoor gaped in a medium size hole. 


"You still have much more to learn with the movements of your pussy, my servant. But today, I'm feeling quite generous." Mat said as he lifted his back straight up, firmly holding Vi's large ass cheeks with his sturdy hands.


"Thank you master! I promise I'll do better next time!" Vi said with joy as she wrapped her legs on his lower back. 


The young man then positioned her stretched asshole above his cock, slowly lowering her as his cock slowly drilled her backdoor, causing her to faintly yelp in pleasure. As his rock hard shaft gradually penetrated her, the two moaned loudly as Vi wrapped tightly her arms behind his back. 


"Can you handle any further my servant?" Mat asked Vi after stopping mid way of the complete penetration. 


"Yes I can master. Just shove your master cock deep inside my ass. I just want your big fat cock pounding deep my tight ass. That's all I want." Vi replied with joy, not thinking clearly as she was intoxicated by lust and alcohol. 


"Good girl." Mat said with a smile on his face. 


The young man then shoved the rest of his shaft deep inside her ass, causing both of them to yelp loudly in delight. Mat then began moving up and down Vi's ass with his gripping hands, drilling his cock inside her asshole at a normal pace. 


"~FUCK!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Master!~Ahhh!~This feels amazing!~Ahhh!~Haaah!~Haaa!~ Vi shouted as she moaned in pleasure. 


"~Ahh!~Your ass is damn super tight my servant!~Ooooooh!~Oaaah!~" Mat said as he moaned in pleasure.


While the two mated, Zyra climbed on the sofa, laying her back on the other end of the soda, fingering herself with her two vine whips and her two left rubbing fingers, feeling highly excited as she watched the sexual show. Vi moaned in high delight as she felt his throbbing big shaft drilling deep good inside her asshole, feeling the end of her backdoor tunnel being hit several time by his powerful cock. Her legs shook even more in waves of pleasure as her joyful expression became brighter by the minute. The warm feeling of his cock moving inside her backdoor soothed her greatly, her facial expression displaying an lewd face. Mat felt Vi's warm back inside tensing tightfully his entire cock as he anal banged her, feeling a fast growing sensual excitement flowing his entire pale body. Vi suddenly pressed her lips on his, thrusting her tongue inside his mouth as they passionately make out with their eyes closed. They then broke off their sticky lips, drooling slowly as their tongues battled outside of their mouths. Vi's ass felt too good for Mat as he felt very close to cumming, instinctively accelerating his pace.


"~Oaaahhh!~Ahhhh!~God your ass feels so incredible!~AHHH!~Gngrr!~Oahhh!~I think I'm cumming!~" Mat said to Vi as he moaned. 


"~AHHH!~AHHH!~YES MASTER!~HAHH!~GAHH!~AIIGH!~PLEASE CUM INSIDE MY ASS!~AHHH!~I'M CUMMING SOON!~" Vi shouted as she moaned loudly in high sexual euphoria, feeling close to climax. 


Mat then moved Vi even faster after he heard her loud lewd sounds, both moaning louder than before. Vi's body was already heated up as she sweated intensely, her pussy dripping furiously and her breathing cut in half. Vi then rested her forehead on his, gazing at his demonic eyes as her gasping warm breath blew on his face, her heart pumping fast. 


"AHHH!~Get ready my servant!~AHHH!~I'm cumming in a few seconds!~AHHH!~OOOOOAHHH!~" Mat said to Vi as he moaned loudly, close to orgasming.




After a final push down on his cock, Vi yelled her lungs out as her eyes rolled back completely, tears of joy flowing out her eyes as her tongue was flung out. The two furiously ejaculated their loads as the two deeply wet kissed through out the entire climaxing. After a couple of minutes where Vi breathed fast, the mating couple finished emptying out their sexual fluids as Mat laid his back on the pillow of the sofa, pulling Vi close to his frontal body as he gave her a warm embrace. He could feel Vi's raging heart as it vibrated on his chest and also felt her fatigued breath on his neck. Head laid on his right shoulder, Vi was very happy as her face showed an pleased and joyful expression. 


"*Puff*...*Puff*...It felt great master!...*Puff*...I want to do it again!" Vi said to Mat as she didn't felt completely satisfied.


"Sure thing my servant, but it's Zyra's turn now. I'll play with you later after I played with her for a long period." Mat said as he glanced at Zyra who was completely naked as he could see her hardened nipples and her wet pussy. 


"Okay master. I'll wait." Vi said, giving several short pecs on his neck. 


Mat then lifted Vi, pulling his cock out of her gaped and leaking asshole. The young man then carefully laid her on the sofa to his left, leaving her time to rest as he quickly climbed on top of Zyra. The young man kissed the laid hybrid plant woman and inserted his erected cock inside her warm pussy. 


As Mat and Zyra began to have their sexual intercourse, Vi closed her eyes as she felt quite dizzy while also feeling a warm and comforting sensation flowing through her body, the hot sticky semen in her asshole was peacefully soothing her. Vi then quickly fell asleep before hearing the loud moans of the plant woman and the grunting sounds of the pale white young man. 





Chapter Text

Wish Caitlyn was here. She's probably thinking hard and planning heavily of a plan to free me. She's taking a lot of time but I can't blame her for that though since Mat and his female pals are really dangerous. Going in blind would be a suicide mission. I just hope she comes with a strong army. I can't keep acting like an obedient slut for long or I'll probably become one. His cock...Evelynn's futa cock...they somehow make me feel...happy and...horny...


As she made her way to the master living room, walking in a long hallway in her habitual maid outfit, Vi was lost in her thoughts, wondering if her slave life would one day end. She knew that Caitlyn was somewhere out there and will eventually save her but she didn't when that day will come. It could be today, it could be tomorrow, it could be next week, next month or even next year. The young girl didn't want to lose any hope as she really wanted to return to her normal life with the one she cared and loved the most.


As she came closer to her destination, she heard the screams of a young woman from the living room. Vi quickly ran and entered the place, thinking who was the shouting female person as she didn't recognize the voice. Once she was in the living room, she saw Mat sitting on the sofa as usual and the table that used to be in the center of the living room was pushed away next to a wall mounted fireplace were the light fire smokes burned and flowed through the stone brick chimney. In the space between the two large sofas, Vi saw Elise forcefully holding the long dark silver hair of a struggling  naked young woman with dark pale skin. The young woman with silver eyes, seemingly in her mid 20's, had a white crescent moon tattoo on her forehead with a white full moon tattoo above it. She had heavy black makeup on her eyelashes and on her eyelids, her lips were colored purple. Her looks were very attractive as she had an athletic body with mid size breasts and a mid size butt. Her ankles were tied together by a strong thick web rope while her wrists were tied together by strange mechanical white handcuffs.


"LET ME GO YOU FUCKING FREAK BITCH!!!" the young woman shouted in anger to Elise as she couldn't move freely.


"C'mon Mat. I want to play with her so badly. She's so beautiful like a bright glowing moon. As a half spider, I have a fetish for the moon." Elise said to Mat as she smirked at the young woman, still holding tightly her silver hair.


"Be patient Elise. We need to wait for Zyra. So would you kindly drop Diana?" Mat replied to Elise, fiddling his right fingers.


"Ughhh! Why!? I just want to test out my new toy with her so badly." Elise said to Mat in frustration as she released Diana's hair, dropping her on the carpet.


"Don't worry Elise. You'll get your time." Mat replied as he smiled.


As Vi stood still, watching Diana struggling to free herself, she heard mad grunting of another unknown young woman coming from the entrance of the room. She quickly glanced at the direction, only yo see Zyra struggling as she dragged from the floor a young naked woman with orange eyes and orange long hair. The dragged young woman, same age as Diana, had orange eyebrows and her eyelids had small orange makeup. She had also had a athletic body but her breasts and her butt were larger than Diana's. Her ankles were tied together by a strong green vine while her wrists were tied together by the same handcuffs that chained Diana's wrists.


"Sorry guys! This sun woman is a though one!" Zyra said as she tossed the young woman at the floor next to Diana.


"It's alright Zyra. No need for apologies." Mat said.


Diana then glanced at the orange haired woman as the two stared at each other's eyes. Her silver eyes widened as she gasped in shock, recognizing the woman next to her.


"Leona!?" Diana said to the orange haired woman.


"Diana! Oh thank god you're alive!" Leona said in relief as she approached Diana in small bounces.


"Hehehe. Now this is where the real fun begins. Hehehehe!" Mat said as he laughed manically, grinning crazily at the two chained women.

"Disgusting freak! So this is the White Demon's plan? To create a sex brothel? What happened to your speciality in murder and torture?" Leona yelled at Mat in anger.


"Got bored of killing. So I've decided to try something new." Mat replied with a joyful smile.


"Tsk! Well I am not going be your sex slave! Do you know who I am!?" Leona shouted.


"Don't care." Mat said as he noticed Vi standing in the room.


"How dare you disrespect me! I'm Leona! The Aspect of Sun and Commander of the Solari!!!" Leona yelled at Mat with pure rage.


"Like I said, I don't care." Mat replied to Leona while not looking at her as he signaled Vi to leave the room with his right hand.


Vi was surprised by his order but she didn't mind it as quickly left the master living room, stealthy hiding behind the wall entrance of the room as she watched the ongoing feud.


"Leona! Just shut up! We're powerless right now!" Diana said to Leona.


"Why Diana!? We destroy them! We have to kill him! He's to dangerous to be left alive! He murdered countless lives in Ionia and I'm not letting him do the same to my people!" Leona said to Diana before glancing back at Mat.


"Oh don't worry Leona. I will conquer Mount Targon and your stupid Solari clan. You can't stop me from achieving my goal." Mat said to Leona, still smiling at her with overwhelming confidence in himself.


"Ahahaha! Let me prove you wrong White Demon!" Leona said as she also was confident in killing the pale young man even though she was chained up.


"Listen to me Leona! Don't provoke him! Like I said, we can't us-"


"Shut up Diana! What's wrong with you!? If you're so scared of him, then let me do the job." Leona interrupted Diana as she began channeling her divine powers.


A bright orange aura formed around the orange haired woman as she smiled with confidence, but that didn't bother him at all as he kept smiling. The glowing magic around Leona then suddenly vanished as she began grunting and yelling in pain, feeling an agonizing pain through out her entire body while she wrapped her arms on her stomach.


"WHAT!? GHGN! ARGH! My powers!? It's like they being absorbed! GAHH!" Leona said while shouting in pain as se felt her divine magic being ripped away from her body.


"Stop it Leona! Stop channeling your powers or you'll give him more power!" Diana begged Leona as she watched her suffer.


"She's right Leona. You should stop channeling your magic. You see, these handcuffs that are in your wrists? Well, I built them myself. They're made with very dense petricite and I added in them a special tech that allows them to transmit any magic they absorbed to me through special invisible signal waves." Mat explained to Leona and Diana.


He then raised both of his hands, forming a bright silver aura on his left hand and a bright orange aura on his right hand. Leona stopped channeling her powers as she saw her own magic in the right palm of the young man.


"IMPOSSIBLE!!! You can't absorb magic! You're a demon! The Demon of Insanity! That's just impossible!" Leona shouted in disbelief, unable to comprehend what she was currently seeing.


"Demon of Insanity? Ahahaha! Now that's a name I haven't heard in a very long time. But I'm not the Demon of Insanity. Well I was but not anymore." Mat said.


"Then what are you!?" Leona asked.


"Sorry but that's a secret that will always remain as a secret." Mat replied.


"Ugh! This is just unbelievable! There's no way he can absorb magic! There's only one being that can absorb magic!" Leona said in frustration, realising that she and Diana weren't going to escape the place.


"It's possible Leona...There's only one possible way that I can think of...he...he's currently possessing a mage...but no ordinary mage..." Diana said as she stuttered at her words, seemingly scared of Mat.


"A mage!? A mage who can absorb magic!? I've never heard such a being existed." Leona said in surprisement.


"Not a mage but...a half-mage..." Diana said, still stammering on her words.


"A half-mage?...Diana?...You don't suggest that he...he's possessing the great Seeked After Weapon?" Leona asked Diana as she stuttered.


"Yup! I'm the Seeked After Weapon! I see the world like a library filled with an infinite amount of open books for me to freely read!" Mat said.


"That...that can't be...they say he can't be defeated by pure evil...I...I...I ca-"


"What's the matter Leona? Are you going to cry because the prophecies that you were told by your people are now just fake tales?" Mat asked Leona after interrupting her.


Leona didn't reply as she glanced at the floor, clenching her fists together in despair. Diana noticed it and leaned close to her, resting her head on her close friend's left shoulder, trying to comfort her. The silver haired woman felt Leona's spirit shattered as she also knew the prophecies that the Solari people told them. She knew that Leona believed in the Seeked After Weapon and even idolised him, so much so that she wanted to meet him in person one day and show him her righteous will and morals ever since she was a little child. 


"Well I'm sorry if I broke your spirit and your will, Leona...Sike! Hahahaha!" Mat said as he joyfully laughed Leona's disheartened eyes.


"YOU FUCKING MONSTER!!! I'M GOING TO BURN YOUR SPIRIT TILL YOU BEG ME FOR MERCY!!!" Leona yelled at Mat with strong hatred and anger towards him.


"How about you tell me the whereabouts of the other Aspects?" Mat asked to Leona.


"I'll never fucking tell you! Why not just read me with the reading ability from the man you fucking took control!?" Leona shouted once more at the young man.

"And where's the fun in that? I'll give you one more chance. Where are the Aspects right now?" Mat asked Leona once more.


"Fuck you! I'll never tell you!" Leona shouted to him.


"Alright then. Elise, Zyra, it's your turn now." Mat said to Elise.


"Finally! I've been holding myself for a long time." Elise said as she quickly undressed herself, revealing her beautiful body.


The two young women's eyes widened as they saw Elise had a very thick fourteen red inch erected cock, resembling to horsecocks. The spider lady immediately grabbed Diana and tossed her on the second empty sofa. A few plant vines grew out of the floor, wrapping themselves tightly around Leona's entire body, forcefully falling her flat on the floor. Elise sprouted a large quantity of web from the four arachnoid legs on her back and use it to tie together Diana's hands. She then created a long web strings and attached it on Diana's hands while taking the end of the web rope and threw it on the ceiling, attaching to it as Diana's tied hands were raised up. Elise then cut off the web rope on Diana's ankles and attached another two web ropes, each on Diana's knees to the ceiling, raising the silver haired woman's legs up as her body was slightly raised above the sofa. She then climbed on the sofa and laid herself on her back, positioning herself underneath Diana.


"Don't you dare touch me you fucking freak!" Diana said to Elise, unable to do anything as she was powerless and Elise's webs were too strong for her to break free with her sheer strength.


"Don't worry Diana. We're going to enjoy this very much." Elise said as she positioned her cock on Diana's lady entrance while she began groping Diana's breasts with her warm spider hands.


Elise then shoved her entire cock inside Diana's pussy, causing the silver haired woman to yell in pain as she felt a burning sensation on her lower region. Elise deeply moaned in pleasure, feeling Diana's inside walls clenching tightly on her cock while blood dripped out from the young woman's penetrated entrance. She then began rocking her pelvis, drilling deep her shaft inside Diana's pussy at a normal as she moaned in pleasure while Diana grunted in pain.


"~Ahhh!~You've got a tight pussy Diana!" Elise said.


"Stop it! I swear I'll fucking kil-Mmmmmph!?" Diana angrily said before she got interrupted with a piece of web slapped on her lips, shutting her up for good.


"Much better." Elise said as she continued banging Diana.


"NO PLEASE! Just leave her alone! Stop it right now! Please! I'll do anything! I promise!" Leona shouted, begging Mat to release Diana.


"Zyra, would you kindly take Leona to somewhere more private? I know you want to play with her." Mat asked Zyra.


"Sure thing Mat. I've got some new toys that needs testing. Her sun magic could prove quite useful to me." Zyra said.


With a flick of her right fingers, the plant vines that engulfed Leona's body started to move, dragging Leona out of the room as Zyra also exited the place.




"Yeah sure. Good luck with that." Mat replied as he kicked back on the sofa, enjoying the sex show of the mating couple.


The spider lady felt an amazing sensation she never felt before flowing in her entire body as she drilled her cock inside Diana's pussy. The young silver haired woman muffled through the gag web on her mouth as the burning pain inside her penetrated woman part continued to feel much worse by the minute.


"~Ahh!~So that's how you feel whenever you fucked a female's pussy, right Mat?" Elise asked him.


"Yup. The sexual euphoria just feels too good." Mat replied as he dropped his pants and began stroking his erected cock with his left hand.


Diana then muffled furiously in anger towards Elise, wanting to kill her so badly. Elise didn't care as she knew that Diana couldn't do anything. The spider lady continued to moan in pleasure as Diana's warm inside excited her even more, the sensual feeling felt incredible to her. After a couple of minutes, the pain that Diana was feeling slowly dissipated as she began to feel an unusual but soothing sensation through out her body. Her muffles began to sound like faint moans and she stopped grunting as her rage completely turned into arousement. While Elise drilled back and forth her cock inside her pussy, hearing her deep frequent moans, Diana felt her pussy stretching out while also feeling her womb being easily penetrated several times by Elise's massive hard cock. Mat approached Diana, pointing his cock at her face.


"Here's a small welcoming gift Diana." Mat said as he furiously stroked his shaft.


He then ejaculated his warm sticky load on Diana's face, covering it entirely while leaving some on her hair. Elise then licked Diana's left, savoring the salty delicious taste of Mat's semen as she drank it. Elise then accelerated her pace, thrusting faster her cock inside Diana's pussy as the two moaned in pleasure.


"Hey Mat?~Ahhh!~I can lay my eggs inside her right?" Elise asked Mat.


"Of course you can. You can do whatever you want with her except killing her." Mat replied.


"Did you hear that Diana? I can lay my future spiderlings inside you. I will also make you pregnant with my semen. You're going to be the mother of dozens of spiderlings and a future child." Elise said to Diana.


Diana muffled back in anger and rage after she heard Elise's crazy words. She tried to move with her sheer strength once more but failed again to break herself free as Elise's web ropes were just too strong for her to deal with. The spider lady then highly sped up her pace, pounding hard and fast Diana's pussy with her pulsating cock as she felt close to climax. The silver haired woman could feel the end of her womb being hit several times by Elise's cock.


"~Ahhh!~Oooooh!~Ahhh!~I'm~Gah!~I'm cumming!~Take my semen!~Ahh!~And my eggs!~Ahhhh!~Ahhhhhhhhh!~"


Elise thrusted deep her thick shaft one final time, ejaculating her white sticky semen inside Diana's womb as she quickly filled it up, overflowing it as Diana's penetrated entrance leaked a lot of white fluids. The spider lady then placed her cock on the entrance of Diana's womb after she finished cumming. Her cock then ejaculated large round eggs in quick successions, laying them inside Diana's warm womb. Elise firmly gripped Diana's breasts as she continued to pump out her eggs while licking Diana's cum covered face. Diana felt her womb stretching out as she muffled in pain, her stomach slowly inflating. After a few minutes, Elise finished laying two dozen of her large eggs inside Diana's womb and then pulled out her cock from the young woman's intimate entrance. She then glanced down, giggling to herself as she saw Diana's large inflated stomach.


"Now your the proud mother of twenty-four spider children and one human child." Elise said to Diana as she giggled.


"Alright then Elise. You keep playing with Diana while I'll check on Zyra." Mat said.


"Hey pervert freak! Over here!" a female childish voice said, coming from Mat's behind.


As the young man turned back, he was quickly met with a magical sparkling bubble on his face that immediately grew in size on contact, engulfing completely the young white pale man. The bubble then suddenly popped, causing Mat to feel drowsy as he loses control over his body, wobbling over before he finally collapsed on the floor. Elise quickly jumped out of the sofa and checked on Mat's pulse. She noticed that Mat was snoring, seemingly in a deep sleep.


Elise then glanced up, only to see a short female teenager standing in front of her. The very young girl had long orange hair that extended into unnaturally very long braid pink hair that magically floated in the air. Her left eye was blue while her right one was purple with her eyebrows, her eyelashes and her lips being orange. She wore a dark blue skirt and a dark blue short blouse with a light scarf around her neck. She also wore dark blue barefoot sandals and wore a gold bangle on each of her wrists. The young teen smirked joyfully at Elise.


"Hey spider freak! My name is Zoe! Let's play a game together and have some fun!" the teenage girl said with high energy as she let out a bright happy smile on her face.




Chapter Text



"Let's play a game called Zoe says. Whenever I say Zoe says something, you must do what I said. Otherwise, you must ignore it. Got it?" the young teen said to Elise.




"I don't have time with your stupid game." Elise said as she stood up, pointing her arachnoid legs to Zoe.


Before Elise could attack, Zoe threw a magical cosmic filled sphere star with her left hand, traveling at light speed before it abruptly stopped in front of the target.


"If you lose or disobey the rules of the game, then you'll get this in your face. Capeesh?" Zoe said to Elise.


"Grrrrrrr! Fine! I'll play your stupid game." Elise said angrily to Zoe.


"Alright then! Let's start playing! Zoe says stand down on your knees." Zoe said to Elise.


Mumbling in anger and frustration, the spider lady complied to the young teen's order.


"Good. Zoe says put your hands behind your head like bunny ears!" Zoe joyfully said.


Elise then placed her spider hands behind her head and shaped them like bunny ears. Zoe suddenly laughed at Elise as she found her pose quite funny to her. The spider lady sharpened angrily her teeth as she was very annoyed by Zoe's childish game. The spider girl then noticed that the young man was standing up behind the young teenager as he grunted loudly. Zoe turned around to see Mat smiling intensely at her and immediately swung back the floating star at him at high speed, but Mat blocked it with ease as he absorbed the magical attack with just his right hand. Elise saw an opportunity as she quickly shoot out a web cocoon to Zoe with her spider legs, but the young teen created a magical purple portal underneath her as she fell in it, dodging the web attack that was now heading straight towards the young man. Mat then leaped to his right with instant reflexes, dodging Elise's flying web cocoon. Another portal then appeared behind the young man, blooming out the young teenager. Zoe decided to throw a magical shooting star at the young man's back, wanting to take him down while he wasn't aware of her presence. Unfortunately for her, before she could cast her magic, Mat sensed a great magical force behind him and quickly turned around, forcefully grabbing Zoe's neck with his right hand as he slammed her down on the floor with heavy force, maintaining his tight grip on her neck.


"Well if isn't the Aspect of Twilight! Just as I predicted, you were going to rescue your magical pals." Mat said to Zoe as he felt a rush of magic flowing through his veins.


"Argh!...gah!...Please!...Kuhh!...Have mercy!...Kaah!" Zoe said while choking as she felt her neck slowly being crushed.


Zoe tried to access her powers but she sadly was unable to do that as she felt her magic slowly being drained by Mat. Elise then approached Mat with mechanical handcuffs in her spider hands, the same handcuffs that sealed off Diana's and Leona's magic. Elise then chained Zoe's hands together with the device, locking away the young girl's powers.


"Any last words, Aspect of Twilight?" Mat said as he tightened more his grip on Zoe's neck.


"Huf!...Huuuh!...huuuf!...Kuuuh!...Huuuh!..." Zoe couldn't reply as she continued to gasp for air, her face turning blue as she couldn't properly breathe.


"Hold on Mat. Why not turn her into a slave?" Elise asked Mat.


"You really want me to turn a young teenager into a sex slave?" Mat replied.


"Well isn't she like at least a thousand years old? Yes she looks like a teenager but surely she's older than she looks." Elise said.


"Leona and Diana are both 23 years old. Surely this girl must be at least 16 years old. Or even 13. I don't know she looks really young." Mat said.


"Why not use your reading powers and find out her age?" Elise asked.


"Oh right. Good point." Mat said as he released Zoe, giving her time to gasp intensely for air while he read her.


"So, what's her age?" Elise asked.


"Well you're right Elise. The host and not the Aspect itself is about a thousand years old. How did you knew her age?" Mat said to Elise.


"The Black Rose keeps an eye out on Mount Targon since the fall of the Immortal Bastion." Elise replied.


"Right. Alright then, I think this girl would be a fine addition to my conquest for Runeterra." Mat said as he smiled crazily at Zoe.


"Wait! No! Please! Please don't-AAHHHHHHH!" Zoe begged before her fallen hair was forcefully grabbed by Mat.


Holding Zoe's hair with his left hand, the young man savagely ripped out Zoe's clothes till her naked body was entirely exposed. He then lifted her up and held her in the air with her back on his chest by firmly holding her thighs, spreading out her legs to reveal her fresh pussy. Mat then gently lowered Zoe's body, placing his erected large cock closely underneath her pink female entrance.


"PLEASE! Don't do it! Please forgive me! I'll promise I'll leave you alone if you release me!" Zoe begged him as a small tear dropped from her left eye, fear and anxiety fully engulfed her mind and body.


"Mmmmmm...Nah. You're already here and you already know what I'm currently planning. So there's no point for me to release you." Mat said to Zoe as he began licking her right cheek.


"Remind me why we needed to capture three females with divine magical powers?" Elise asked Mat.


"It's because I need to eliminate any possible threats to my conquest." Mat replied.


"Yeah I know that but why keep the girls as sex slaves? I mean, you have that pink haired girl already. Why need more? Why not just straight up kill them if they are treats to your conquest? And also, how are you planning to take over Runeterra?" Elise asked a few questions to Mat.


"Ah Elise. Seems you can't figure out my way to conquer Runeterra, can you?" Mat replied.


"No but seriously, I need to know how you're going to do it." Elise said.


"Well then, let me explain it to you. You see, I'm going to take over Runeterra with lust." Mat replied.


"With lust?" Elise asked, confused on what he meant.


"Well first, I'm capturing anyone that can possibly foil my plan or anyone that opposes me. And if any of them are females, I'll rape them till they become obsessed with sex." Mat explained to Elise.


"Okay. But that doesn't explain the whole conquering with lust part." Elise said, still not understanding his explanation.


"Well you see, my new sex slaves are going to be used as prostitutes for my new sex brothel." Mat said.


"Wait wait wait wait! You think that money is going to help you conquer the world?" Elise asked.


"Oh no no no. You see, men are quite predictable...they're just dirty weak beings. A man's biggest desire is highly most of the times wanting to get laid. Getting laid with beautiful bitches for several one night stands or hookups. This can be also applied to a few women." Mat said.


"Oh I get it now. They'll get to fuck your sex slaves many times as they want to in exchange for their loyal and eternal servitude to you, correct?" Elise said.


"Exactly Elise. Offering them free prostitutes to put their dicks in and bust their balls out on if they agreed to work for me. It's impossible to resist such a deal. They'll only think of satisfying their sexual needs." Mat said.


"You fucking monster! Surely someone will stop you!" Zoe yelled at him in anger after she heard his entire plan.


"I'm also a killer, don't forget that. And how dare you talk to me like that with such a tone. I think you need to be taught a lesson my little girl." Mat said as he slightly moved Zoe forward, positioning his cock underneath her back hole.


"WAIT! I was just joking! I didn't mean it! How about we just make a truc-"


"Hmmmm. You should have a tight pussy considering your young body. But I am a man who prefers assholes and I wonder how tight your ass will be." Mat said after interrupting Zoe, eager to bang her from behind.


"Wait! No! Just listen to me! I know things that you might be interest-AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Zoe said before screaming in utter agony as Mat moved her body down with heavy force, shoving in one heavy push his entire cock inside her ass. 


"Fuck! Shit! She got a fucking tight asshole!" Mat shouted as he felt Zoe's ass strongly tightening on his cock.


Mat carried Zoe as he walked towards the unoccupied sofa. He then laid his back on the soft furniture and crossed his arms on Zoe's back knees, tightly holding her legs straight up as he held Zoe's back head with his firm hands. After placing his feet on the sofa, Mat began rocking his pelvis up and down at a hard fast pace, pounding hard the young girl's asshole.


"~Ahhhh!~OOOOOHH!~Her ass is amazingly tight!~Ahhh!~It feels so good!~" Mat said as he moaned loudly, feeling a huge rush of sexual euphoria flowing through out his entire body.


"Stop it! Aah!...Gaah!...It hurts!...It hurts so bad...Shit!...Aaaah!" Zoe whimpered but the young man ignored her.


Mat deeply moaned in pleasure as he felt Zoe's wrapping tight ass sexually soothing him, drilling deep her asshole with sheer force to break through the clenching tightness of her behind tunnel. As for Zoe, her entire body was quivering in intense agony as she felt the crazed young man's shaft slamming hard repeatedly inside her ass. Her butthole was painfully stretching out and her lower back body was unbearably burning in agony. She then began to cry silently as she couldn't handle the dreadful affliction on her body. Elise laughed at Zoe as she found the young girl's suffering amusing to her. The spider girl then returned her regard to Diana who was mumbling in deep rage and hatred the entire time. Elise approached the sofa's side where Diana's head was close to and forcefully pulled the silver haired woman's head. Diana's head was now upside down, her neck resting on the outside arm of the sofa. Elise then removed the piece of web on Diana's mouth and proceeded to held the young woman's cheeks.


"YOU MONSTERS! YOU FUCKING MONSTERS! SHE'S ONLY A CHI-MMMMMMMMPH! MMMMPH!" Diana yelled in pure anger before she got interrupted by forcefully receiving Elise's cock inside her mouth.


"She's mentally and physically a child. She's still around a thousand years old." Elise said as she shoved her entire cock deep inside Diana's throat.


She then began rocking back and forth her massive shaft inside Diana's throat,  moaning in pleasure as the silver haired woman's warm throat greatly pleased her. Diana was choking on Elise's large shaft, unable to properly breathe as she was forced to hold her breath for as long as she could till Elise was finished with her. Diana proceed to suck hard the immense throbbing red cock as curled her moist tongue around it, tightly massaging it with fast speed as she could hear Elise's moans becoming louder.


"~Ahhh!~Oooooh!~Keep sucking like that Diana!~Ahhh!~" Elise said while she pleasurably moaned.


Elise quickly accelerated her pace, smashing hard Diana's throat with her accelerated drilling cock, enjoying the sexual pleasure she was feeling. While she furiously raped Diana's mouth, Mat suddenly moved his speed a few step further, hard pounding the young teen's asshole with greater force and speed, moaning loudly in pleasure. Zoe screamed and yelled in agony that she couldn't describe as her eyes watered in rivers of sadness, begging for the crazed young man to stop rapping her. 


"~AHHHHH!~AHHH!~OOOOHHHHH!~I'M CUMMING!~THIS TIGHT ASS IS FEELS AMAZING!~AHHHHH!~OOOOOOOOHHHHH!~" Mat loudly shouted in pleasure as he slammed one more time his cock deep inside Zoe's stretched backdoor, ejaculating his semen inside the young girl's ass.


The young man then wrapped his arms tightly on Zoe's stomach as he continued ejaculating while moaning in pleasure.


"~Ahhh!~Take my semen Diana!~OOOOOH!~GHNG!~AHHHHHHH!~" Elise shouted in sexual delight as she shoved deep her thick cock inside Diana's throat, ejaculating a huge load of her semen.


Diana's mouth was quickly overfilled with Elise's cum, forcing her to drink the unpleasant salty taste of Elise's cum. She didn't suck quick enough as dark white drops of semen dripped out from her nostrils while gagging on Elise's fat shaft, drooling out the fluids from her mouth. After a few long seconds, Elise pulled out her cock from the young woman's mouth and Diana immediately spitted out and intensely coughed out the remaining semen, gasping heavily for fresh air. After Diana got enough time to breathe, Elise shot a large web piece on Diana's mouth, shutting her up for good.


"Let's take a small break Diana. We can resume this late night." Elise said as she lifted Diana up and carried her on her right shoulder with the help of her spider legs.


Elise then left the room with Diana, leaving Zoe and Mat the only ones in the master living room with Vi still sneakily watching from behind the walls of the kitchen's doorframe. Vi's widened eyes shed tears as her body trembled in pure shock after witnessing the entire brutal show. Mat then gently laid Zoe on the sofa, her back resting on the soft furniture. Mat then climbed on top of her, forcefully lifting her legs up to her flat breasts. He then crossed his arms on Zoe's back knees over to her shoulders, holding her tightly in place with Zoe's chained hands on his back and her legs over his neck. Mat kneels himself with his knees apart from each other as he stood on them. Their bodies were very close and his large cock was positioned above Zoe's pussy as her butt was lifted up.


"P-p-please...*Sob**Sob*...s-top...*Sob*" Zoe desperately begged Mat as she couldn't stop crying.


"Don't worry Zoe. You'll soon enjoy this very much." Mat replied before shoving his shaft deep inside Zoe's female entrance with heavy force, moaning loudly in pleasure while Zoe screamed in pain.


"EEEEEEEEEEH!" Vi screeched in shock after seeing Mat smashing his cock inside Zoe's pussy.


Mat quickly glanced over the walls where Vi was peeking, only to see no one. He then stared at the place where the screech came from for a few seconds before turning his gaze back to Zoe, thinking that it was probably Diana or Leona who screeched as he couldn't recognized the voice. He then began drilling his cock inside Zoe's pussy, moaning in pleasure as he felt her warm inside tightening on his throbbing cock. Red liquid flowed out from Zoe's penetrated pussy as she continued to cry in agony.


I'm sorry Zoe...I'm sorry Diana...I'm sorry Leona...I can't do anything to help you...I'm nothing compared to him...or to his female pals...


Standing in behind the kitchen walls, Vi's body quivered violently as she kept crying silently, feeling guilt as she thought that she could have probably helped the poor Aspects wielders. But she was too afraid to try as she remembered the times she spent in the torturous chamber. Vi then silently walked out of the kitchen before running on her tip toes towards the hallway, making a dash to her bedroom.




"~Ahhh!~Ahhhh!~Fuck!~You've a got a very hot pussy Leona!~Ahhhh!~Your hot pussy feels so good!~Ahhhh!" Zyra said while moaning in pleasure as she drilled her fourteen inch thick red cock, resembling to a human cock, inside Leona's pussy.


Leona found herself in a bedroom filled with grass, trees, spiky thorns and several different colored flowers and plants. The bedroom was like a huge rich garden and there was very large bed made out of green vines in the center of the flora filled place. She was on all four on a large green bed made out of vines and plants while a long thick green vine was moving inside her throat as she could only muffled in anger. Leona felt Zyra's hands tightly gripping on her butt cheeks as the plant woman accelerated her pace, furiously banging fast the orange haired woman's pussy. She felt her womb being continuously penetrated, but she fully resisted the sexual pleasure as she wasn't feeling to cum at all.


"~Ahhh!~Ahhhh!~Take my seeds!~AHHHH!~GAH!~AHHHHHH!~AHHHHAHHHHHHH!" Zyra moaned loudly as she slammed her pelvis on Leona's butt, furiously cumming a huge load of her green semen inside Leona's womb.


Holding her erupting cock inside Leona's hot warm woman entrance, Zyra then ejaculated from her cock several dozens of plant seeds and more green fluids inside Leona's womb, quickly inflating the young woman's stomach. After a couple of minutes, Zyra pulled out her dripping cock, leaving Leona's pussy flowing furiously her green fluids. With a flick of Zyra's right fingers, the plant vine inside Leona's mouth was pulled out and Leona immediately coughed out green semen as she gasped for air even though Zyra's semen tasted like highly sugared and sweet nectar honey.


"You fucking bitch! I'll fucking murder you!" Leona shouted in pure anger at Zyra as she felt her inflated stomach and Zyra's seeds inside her womb.


"Ahahahaha! You're going to eventually succumb to my cock. Mat taught me that everyone has a breaking point. Even the ones with the strongest wills and spirits will succumb to lust and pleasure." Zyra said as she laid her upper body on Leona's back.


"You really believe that? You can't break me! I'M LEONA! THE ASPECT OF SUN AND COMMAND-MMMMMMMPHH!? MMMMMMMMPHH!?" Leona yelled before getting interrupted from the green thick vine suddenly shoved inside her mouth.


"You might the Aspect of Sun but I guarantee you that you'll become the commander of slut. Hmhmhmhm~" Zyra giggled as she wrapped her arms around Leona's neck.


She then penetrated Leona's asshole with one heavy push, shoving her entire thick shaft deep inside the young woman's ass. Leona grunted loudly as she felt her backdoor hole slowly stretching out. The pain then intensified as Zyra began banging her ass.


"~Ahhh!~Your ass is so tight!~Ahhh!~It feels so warm!~Oooooh!~" Zyra said while moaning in pleasure, feeling Leona's tight back inside sexually soothing her cock.


She felt waves of pleasure coursing through her entire body, enjoying raping the young woman from behind. Zyra rested her chin on Leona's left shoulder and then kissed her victim's left cheek.


"~We're going have so much together Leona.~And this is just the beginning.~" Zyra whispered to Leona's left ear with a seducing tone before she joyfully giggled.

Chapter Text

"Alright Evelynn. Just...just say hi...and...try talking normally with him..." Evelynn said to herself as she felt a little nervous.


As she slowly opened the master bedroom door, she saw inside a very large bed, larger than a king size bed. On it were an immense long purple blanket with white clean sheets and two large purple pillows. She also saw Mat in his black boxers, sitting on the bed as she calmly watched the night stars from a window on the wall behind the bed. The young white pale man glanced behind him, seeing Evelynn staring back at her. He then turned his gaze back on the stars as his face showed an indifferent expression. The demon girl slowly closed the door behind her, still feeling unease about talking with his boyfriend who distanced himself from her for over a month. Evelynn then slowly approached him and then took a seat on the edge of the bed. She then moved herself close to him by crawling on the bed before sitting on her knees behind him. She placed her hand above his right shoulder but she then immediately retracted it as she felt it was a bad idea to do. Evelynn didn't feel confident at all in herself, second guessing on what she should ask or do to Mat.


"...Hey..." Evelynn said as she glanced down, holding her hands together.


"...Hey..." Mat replied without looking back, glancing down on his hands.


A long awkward silence was played between them as they thought on what they should say.


"...Babe...can...can we just talk...eye to eye?..." Evelynn asked him while she stuttered.


"...S-sure..." Mat replied, slowly turning around to face her.


The two then each took a deep breath, relaxing themselves from their stress.


"...You avoided me for the past month...Why?" she asked.


"...I...I don't...I don't deserve you..." Mat replied as he expressed a saddened face.


"What? What do you mean?" Evelynn asked.


"...Remember...remember the incident?" Mat asked her.


"Oh...that..." Evelynn replied, remembering the horrible event that the two experienced a while ago.


"I...I can see my nightmares..." Mat said.


"Is that reason you avoided me? Because of a silly nightmare?" Evelynn asked.


"You don't understand...they...they aren't just regular nightmares..." Mat replied.


"Can you describe...your nightmares?" Evelynn asked.


"I...I were...empty...your eyes were empty...your neck...your neck was bleeding...a silver arrow was wedged in your neck...pierced out from behind your neck..." Mat stuttered intensely as his hands trembled seemingly in fear.


"...Oh..." Evelynn said.


She had nothing else to say as she clearly saw Mat's face becoming more pale. She knew he was very frightened and scared because of his nightmares. Wanting to calm him, Evelynn held his shaking hands but Mat instantly pushed her hands back.


"Babe?" Evelynn asked as she was surprised by his hostile act.


"Like I said...I don't deserve you..." Mat said.


"Babe, look at me. You're just overreac-"


"I was...I was stupid...I was so  overconfident...I was the reason almost die..." Mat stuttered as he glanced down, closing his eyes in shame of himself.


"Babe...It wasn't your d-"


"What do you mean it wasn't my fault!? I could have easily saved you!...if...if I didn't made that one mistake...I...I..." Mat said, clenching his fists together as she stared at Evelynn with shaking eyes.


Evelynn now understood how he felt, feeling sympathetic towards him she felt a little saddened. She leaned her head close to his and placed her warm hands on his cheeks. She then pressed her lips on his as the two instinctively closed their eyes. Mat kissed her back, the couple kept their locked lips together for a few seemingly long seconds before they broke it, pulling their heads back.

"Everyone make mistakes babe. No one is perfect. And I forgive you." Evelynn said, hugging the young man by placing her arms around his neck.


"But...but you almo-"


"Let's just forget about the past. Let's focus on the future...our future." Evelynn cut him off.


"Why..." Mat asked her as he was confused.


"Don't you get it's because I...I love you..." Evelynn replied as her whips shaped together as a heart behind the young man.


" really love m-"


"YES I LOVE YOU!!! I know it sounds crazy that a demon like me is falling in love with a human like you but...but it's the truth..." Evelynn interrupted him, leaning her head close to his.


"Oh...I thought...I thought we were...jus-"


"That we're just fuckbuddies!?...No!...I mean...I thought...I thought that we were when I first met you but then...just in a week...I...I couldn't stop thinking of you...I wasn't thinking of having sex with you...I...I just wanted to be with you...and I was really jealous whenever you...smashed those girls..." Evelynn stumbled on her words, small tears flowed out from her glowing eyes.


Evelynn tightened her grip on him, resting her head on Mat's chest. The young man was really surprised by her confession of her true feelings for him. He hugged her back, softly stroking her hair with his right hand as he smiled. He then lifted Evelynn's head, both now staring at each other's eyes. Holding her cheeks, he wiped her tears with his thumbs.


"Do you love me?" Evelynn asked him, her lips quivered and her body trembled in anxiety.


The young man noticed it and proceeded to stick his nose to hers while wrapping his arms on her hips. He then pressed softly his lips on hers as the two kissed for a long minute. Mat then retracted his lips.


"Yes I do love you Evelynn. I love you too." Mat replied as he smiled brightly.


Evelynn's tears continued to flowed out from hers as she smiled in joy from hearing his answer. She quickly kissed him as the two held their grips on each other, both feeling happy and excited. As they kissed passionately several times, Evelynn made her black misty bras and panties magically dissapeared with a flick of her right fingers while Mat quickly pulled down his boxers and tossed it away.


"I love you babe!~Ahh!~I love you!~Ahh!~" Evelynn excitingly said while pleasurably moaning as Mat was softly biting her neck.


"I love you too Evelynn!" Mat excitingly said while sucking on his lover's neck.


He then lifted Evelynn up and moved towards the top side of the bed, gently laying her on the soft bed sheets with her head on the comfy pillow. Standing horizontally on his hands, Mat leaned his head close to Evelynn's as they both opened their lips. They then locked their opened lips, thrusting their tongues inside their connected mouths as they explored each other's warm inside. They swirled their tongues together while moaning, both enjoying and savoring each other's salivating pink fleshes. After a couple of minutes of French kissing, Mat broke their heat smooching and then slowly climbed down, softly pecking Evelynn's body as he made his way down till her large voluptuous breasts. The young man then began licking Evelynn's soft right nipple, causing her to yelp in delight. The demon girl's massaged nipple quickly hardened as she felt her lover's hot moist tongue sexually sliding in small circles on her right tit. The young man then began sucking Evelynn's right tit while continuing to lick it, making her moan in faint pleased sounds. The demon girl then felt Mat's right index and middle fingers slowly sliding inside her pussy, making her moan more loudly. She began rubbing her clit with her left claw hand while she felt the sucking pressure on her sucked boob increasing fast as Mat salivated from taste of a leaked drop of her very sweet milk.


"~Kya!~Babe!~You're sucking too hard!~Kya!~Eeeahh!~" Evelynn yelped loudly while her nipples squirted out smooth pink liquid.


Mat quickly drank the very sugary milk, highly enjoying the strawberry flavor. He then pulled his mouth back, letting out a low faint satisfied sound while drooling on her breasts. He then glanced at Evelynn, seeing her red blushed cheeks.


"Ah sorry...Your breast milk tastes so good...I didn't knew you can modify its texture and flavor..." Mat said to Evelynn while fingering her intimate part.


"It's alright babe. It's hard to resist the taste of my milk. I'm kinda a shapeshifter demon after all." Evelynn said.


"Right. I'm very curious though...if you can give a flavor to your milk...then you should be able give a your pussy right?" Mat asked her, embarrassed for asking her such question.


"~Huhuhu!~Of course I can!~" Evelynn replied as she giggled.


"I wonder what your pussy would taste like." Mat said as he crawled down till his head was close to the demon girl's woman entrance while smiling at her.


"I'll let you find out~Huhuhu!~" Evelynn said as she joyfully giggled, spreading her legs out while bending her knees.


Laid on his stomach with his head between her legs, Mat spread out the lips of Evelynn's moist pussy with his right index and middle fingers, holding it opened while he  leaned his lips close to her spread out blue pussy. He pulled out his tongue and wide flattened it, tilting his head down. He then performed a long lick on her pink inner entrance by only moving his head up, making Evelynn pleasurably moan. He began sliding his moist tongue in upwards and downwards motions on her entire pussy, causing Evelynn to sexually gasp on pleasure.


"~Ahh!~Yes babe!~Haah!~Your tongue feels so good!~Haih!~" Evelynn said as she moaned in pleasure.


She felt her body sexually jumpstarted as she felt Mat's hot moist tongue furiously licking on her pussy. The young man then pressed his lips on the left part of her entrance, giving it a short hickey as he heard his lover's sudden pleased scream. He proceeded to stick the tip of his tongue inside her entrance, wiggling it inside while also thrusting it back and forth as he savored her soft sweet inside. After a few long minutes of licking and sucking, Mat proceeded to lick her very sensitive area at a very fast pace while lightly sucking it, causing Evelynn's moans to become louder and more frequent. The demon girl wrapped tightly his neck with her legs while and gripped his head with her claws as she continued to moan loudly from his hot moist tongue massaging fast on her pussy.


"~Ahh!~AHH!~Oooooooh!~Fuck!~I'm cumming babe!~HAHH!~GAH!~AHH!~HUHHHHHHHHH!~" Evelynn moaned loudly as she ejaculated pink clear fluids from her entrance.


With his mouth already closed on her cumming pussy, the young man drank her sexual fluids, savoring a warm sweet flavor. He then lifted his head up after Evelynn released her, glancing up at her.


"Really? Strawberry and banana flavor?" Mat said to Evelynn as he approached her by crawling on top of her.


"What? Everyone loves strawberry and banana. It's a classic. I've researched it from intense observations and several testing." Evelynn said as she smiled.


The young man placed his hands close to the demon girl's shoulders while laying his body on hers as she held his buttocks with her bent legs. Hovering himself slightly  above her with the help of his hands and his knees on the bed, Mat then lowered his pelvis, approaching his erected large cock close to Evelynn's pussy. They stared at each other's demonic eyes as their noses were laid together.


"I miss getting roughed by your massive cock~" Evelynn said as she grinned at him.


"Yeah about that...I kinda want to try something else..." Mat said.


" what exactly?" Evelynn asked him, surprised on what he said.


"To show my love for you...I want to have a slow and passionate sex...with you..." Mat said as he stammered on his words.


"That's...that's fi-FUUUUCK!!!~Ahh!~" Evelynn suddenly as she felt her lover's entire cock shoved inside her wet entrance. "I thought you said you're going to go gentle on me!?"


"Just trust me on this Eve..." Mat whispered to her right ear before moving his head to the left side of her neck.


The young man rocked very slowly his pelvis, deep thrusting back and forth at a very slow pace his shaft inside Evelynn's warm inside, causing both of them to moan faintly in pleasure. As he slowly banged her, Mat pressed his nose on her neck and gently slid it down before sliding back up. He then gave small sucks  with little pressure on her neck while also slowly licking her skin, making Evelynn feel more relaxed as she felt the warm relieving sensation on her caressed neck. After a few slow seemingly long minutes, the young man place his gaze back on the demon girl's face, resting his nose on hers as they stared at each other once more.


"~Ahh!~...Ahh!~...~Babe!~...Ahh!~...What's this fee-"


"Shhhhhhhhhh...just relax Eve...just relax..." Mat interrupted her as he whispered to her.


He then increased his pace, moving his cock inside her pussy at a slow speed instead of a very slow speed while he still deep penetrated her. Evelynn's face flushed entirely red as she faintly moaned in pleasure, feeling more sexually aroused than before. Evelynn then gently grabbed his cheeks, pulling his head towards him as they kissed several times with their eyes closed. Mat then slowly grabbed her arms and gently locked them on the bed with his hands after breaking the kiss. Evelynn was then confused by his unusual move.




"'s alright Eve...just let me take care of everything..." Mat said to her after not letting her speak.


The young man then began deepening his thrusts after hitting the entrance of Evelynn's womb for a long few minutes, now piercing through the gate of her womb with his throbbing thick cock as Evelynn moaned louder. The sexual feeling that she was experienced was something she never expected to ever feel in her entire life, especially with the person she fell in love with. It felt exhilarating, relaxing and sexually pleasing all at the same time as she felt amazing waves of euphoria coursing through out her entire body. Their heart rates where perfectly synchronised, their hot bodies equally warmed each other, their hot breaths breathed on each other's faces at the same rhythm and their eyes were locked on only each other's deep gazes. Evelynn felt that she was emotionally connected to him. Mat released the grip on her arms as he held gently her cheeks while Evelynn quickly tightly wrapped his upper back with her arms. The young man opened his mouth and pulled out his tongue with Evelynn doing the same. They both then locked their moist tongues together, battling out passionately while they moaned in pleasure. He then switched into a normal pace as he could tell that Evelynn was close to climaxing.


"You're cumming soon Eve, aren't you? You've leaked a little." Mat asked her after breaking their tongue play, leaving drooling strings between their tongues.


"~Ahh!~Ahh!~Yes!~Ahh!~Ahh!~I'm cumming babe!~" Evelynn said while moaning in pleasure, feeling seconds away from cumming.


"Me too. Let's cum together on the count of three." Mat replied as he also felt close to climaxing.


"~Ahh!~Hahh!~Sure babe!~Ahh!~One!~Ahh!~"








The two moaned and grunted sexually in relaxed pleasure as they ejaculated their fluids out, Mat filling her womb with his warm soothing semen with Evelynn squirting out more than she did when he went down on her. The young man then gave her a quick kiss before he stared at her while pulling out his cock from her filled entrance.


"...Wow...I...I don't know what to say..." Evelynn stuttered as her face blushed deeply red.


"There's nothing to say...only emotions and sounds can describe it..." Mat said as he laid himself to her right side.


The young man then laid on his left side and pulled her to him, laying her on her left side while with her back was facing him.


"Wait...just...just give me a five minute break before we continue...I need...I need to process this..." Evelynn stuttered as she couldn't believe at the incredible pleasure she just felt.


"Alright then Eve. I'll wait for you." Mat replied as he wrapped his arms around Evelynn's waist, pressing the left side of his nose on her neck.


The demon girl then gently caressed his right cheek with the misty rope part of her right whip, showing her true affection to him.


"If I may ask, who encouraged you to come speak with me to solve our little distancing?" Mat asked her as he was curious. "Was it Elise or Zyra?"


"No wasn't was actually your servant who told me to talk with you..." Evelynn replied.


"Oh...That's...strange...Why she did that?" Mat asked, surprised that Vi was the one who told Evelynn to go talk with him.


"She said that she could at least help me with my relationship problem since I helped her avoid getting tortured again by training her to be a better sex servant. She also said that there's was a chance that she would probably never see her girlfriend again. Because of that thought, she just decided to help me with my relationship problems since she's locked away from seeing her girlfriend and that she had nothing else to do." Evelynn explained.


"Ah...I see..." Mat replied as he was really surprised.


"She deserves at least something for bringing us together again." Evelynn said.


"Hmmmmm...Let's give her what she truly wants." Mat said.


"Isn't that too early? She isn't ready yet." Evelynn asked.


"Then I guess we should wait till she's ready. Once she's ready, we'll give her to her." Mat replied.


"Agreed. And babe, Elise explained to me on how you're going to conquer Runeterra with lust...but you don't have any prostitutes right now unless you're suggesting that me, Elise and Zyra are going to be ones pleasing the men?" Evelynn asked.


"Oh no no no. Diana, Leona, Zoe and Vi are going to be the prostitutes. And I also have Jinx hidden away in another secret room which means we have five prostitutes right now. While they please the men, you, Elise and Zyra are going to please any women that decides to come visit the brothel. I'm making a brothel for both men and women." Mat explained.


"Ohhhhhh! Now I get it. This sounds really fun. When are you going to open the brothel?" Evelynn asked.


"We're opening tomorrow night." Mat replied.


"Oh I just can't wait to play with new women. Other than Elise, Zyra and Vi, it's been a really long time since I played with a female." Evelynn said as she giggled.


"You're going to enjoy it a lot. I guarantee it." Mat said as he positioned his cock close to Evelynn's pussy. "Now, let's resume on where we left off."


"Ah...right...I'm ready..." Evelynn said as she stumbled on her words, her face blushing red once more. "I love you babe."


"I love you too Eve." Mat replied as he kissed Evelynn on the lips before inserting his hard long shaft inside her entrance, hearing her sudden pleased moan.

Chapter Text

I wonder if they're back together...well I hope so...if they don't then it might be a problem...she's the reason I'm doing fine for the moment...without her...I would have suffered again...


Today was a normal dark day for Zaun since the underground city only had dark days or dark black nights. In the kitchen, Vi was gazing the black carbon and charcoal smokes flowing out from the very busy factories' flue gas as she watched from a window above the white oven. She could clearly almost see the entire underground city of Zaun as she was at the top floor of the highest building in the area. She took a sip from her tea cup filled with black coffee as she felt really tired. She didn't sleep well because of the things she saw being inflicted to the three Aspect wielders. She took a deep breath, not knowing what she could really do in her current life as a slave.


"Are really enjoying that wretched view or are you thinking about something?" Zyra asked Vi as she walked towards her from behind.


"Huh? Oh! Well I was uhm...uhhh...I was watching the view." Vi replied as she wasn't sure what to say.


"You were thinking about your current life, right?" Zyra asked.


"Y-yeah..." Vi replied as she let out a depressed sigh, glancing down on the floor.


"Ah cheer up Vi. You'll get used to it. I promise you're going to have so much fun." Zyra said as she lifted Vi's head up.


"You sure about that?" Vi asked.


"Of course. I mean you did enjoy getting butt fucked by his big cock. I'm pretty sure you want to do it again with him, don't you?" Zyra asked.


"Well...I...I enjoy anal sex...and...and...his cock felt really amazing...but..." Vi stuttered, doubting herself on what she was saying.


"Hey girls! Come here real quick!" Elise shouted to them from the master living room as she signaled to come to her, interrupting Vi's phrase.


"What is it Elise?" Zyra said as she quickly walked towards the spider lady with Vi following her from curiosity.


After they were all in the living room, the three females' eyes widened in surprisement as they saw Evelynn and Mat having a passionate make out on the right sofa. The young man was holding the demon girl's under thighs together with his strong hands as his back was laid on the arm chair of the sofa with his right leg resting on the comfy long furniture. Evelynn's legs were raised up high with her wrapped misty whips on her knees as her back was laid on his chest. Her left arm was on his left shoulder while holding tightly his neck with her left claw hand. She was also fingering very slowly her leaking wet pussy with her right claw as her moans were long and deep from intense sexual pleasure. The mating couple were curling non stop their salivating warm tongues together, staring at each other's tired eyes as they had dark wrinkles underneath their eyes. The White Demon was lifting his pelvis up and down, drilling his entire thick cock inside Evelynn's asshole at a nice slow pace as the two moaned in pleasure, highly enjoying their slow anal sex. They were really tired as Evelynn was hyperventilating while Mat was breathing hard in big puffs.


"I!~Ahhh!~Love!~Hahh!~You~Ahhh!~Babe!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~So!~Hahhh!~Much!~Ahh!~" Evelynn said to Mat while she moaned several times in pleasure, gasping for air as her stamina was completely drained.


"I!~Ahh!~Love you too Eve!~Ahh!~Ahh!~Ahh!~" Mat replied to Evelynn as he moaned in pleasure before the two continued to play with their tongues together.


"Oh my! Look at them! They're finally back together. I was a little worried if they were going to break up. The two together make a very cute couple." Zyra said as she giggled.


"Their eyes? They look so tired." Vi said as she noticed their exhausted lewd expressions on their faces.


"That's because they were having sex from yesterday night till now. They truly are lovebirds. Well in this case, they're true lovedemons." Elise said.


"Really!? That's impossible! The powerful drugs for sex that I create with my plant magic only makes you last for five hours! How come they can last this long!?" Zyra exclaimed.


"He had a spiritual lady's magic in reserve. I think he used it to fully heal him and Evelynn to continue fucking till he completely depleted it." Elise said to Zyra.


"Oh I forgot about that. I almost forgot hat he can keep any different types of magic in his body all at the same time. I wonder how much magic he can absorb in his body." Zyra said.


"He can absorb up to half of Ascended being's magic as of right now. His coat can absorb half the amount of his limit." Elise said to Zyra.


"How come you know all of that?" Zyra asked Elise.


"I'm cumming soon babe!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~I'm cumming soon ba-FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEE!" Evelynn shouted loudly in sexual pleasure as Mat slammed his cock deep inside her asshole while the two furiously ejaculated their fluids.


"Because he told me about everything about his absorption magic ability. He wants me to tell this information to the Pale Woman. Apparently, he wants to lure her out to him and he seems to know her more than I do." Elise said to Zyra.


"The Pale Woman?" Zyra asked Elise.


"She's the matron of the Black Rose, a secret cabal in Noxus. Mat hates the Black Rose, which I find it really odd." Elise said.


"How so?" Zyra asked.


"Well the Black Rose created him, the White Demon. They gave him power and wealth. They even gave him a seat to become the next leader of Noxus." Elise explained.


"Huh. Maybe he hates them because they're either stupid or weak. Or it could be for other reasons." Zyra said.


"Zyra! *Puff* Elise!* *Puff* *Puff* I need you two to *Puff* *Puff* place out the posters for the *Puff* opening of our grand sex brothel *Puff* *Puff* I think placed them next to the elevator. *Puff* *Puff* *Puff* *Puff*..." Mat said to Elise and Zyra as he breathed intensely, his sweaty hands on Evelynn's stomach.


"Oh we already done that for you. The posters are all scattered around in Zaun and in some places of Piltover." Elise said.


"Oh...*Puff* in that case *Puff* *Puff* You two can do whatever you want. *Puff* *Puff* As long you make sure that everything is ready for the opening of our sex brothel. *Puff* That includes readying *Puff* *Puff*-"


"Relax Mat. We know what to do. You and Evelynn need to go to sleep. You two look so exhausted." Elise said to Mat as she approached him.


"Yeah. Just leave everything to us while you two get a good sleep together. We won't let you down. Zyra said as she approached him.


"*Puff* Ah...*Puff*...thanks you two. *Puff*" Mat said.


"Your welcome." Elise and Zyra said at the same time as they smiled.


"*Puff* *Puff* *Puff* I wonder what we'll do without you two. *Puff*" Evelynn said as she breathed hard.


Her fluids were still leaking out from her pussy while Mat's cum leaked out from her gaped butthole. The demon girl snapped her right thumb and middle fingers together, magically disappearing herself and Mat into the magical black mists that formed around them. The black mists then vanished as the couple also vanished.


"Well then, what should we do now Elise?" Zyra asked her.


"Well the sex slaves' minds have been broken already. We got the kinky suits for them to wear for the grand opening." Elise replied.


"We could decorate the entire building. We have enough time to do so with your spiderlings and with my living plants. We will have enough time to have some fun together if we work fast~" Zyra said with a seducing voice as she approached Elise, giving her a warm embrace.


"Then we should get going then." Elise replied to Zyra as she hugged her back, giving a kiss to her.


"Am I going to be...a prostitute?" Vi asked to the girls as she watched them deep kissing.


Elise and Zyra quickly broke their passionate smooching as they glanced at Vi, forgetting that the pinked haired was standing in the living room. Elise walked towards the left sofa, taking a seat on the comfy furniture while Zyra approached the young girl.


"Yes Vi. You'll be a prostitute." Zyra said to Vi as she placed her hands on the young girl's shoulders.


"I...I don't want to be a prostitute...I rather get fucked by master than getting gangbanged by filthy men." Vi said as her body trembled in anxiety.


"Don't worry Vi. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new job." Zyra said.


"But...but...are...are...I can't...I don't to...I-"


"Vi! Just relax. Take a deal breath and then exhale." Zyra said as she tried to comfort the stressed young girl.


Zyra then walked towards Elise with Vi as she slowly accompanied her. The two then sat on the sofa with Vi sitting between the hybrid girls. With Zyra on her left and Elise on her right, Vi still felt anxious as the girls between her smiled at her.


"How about we give you a little training? That way, you'll be more ready for the grand opening of the sex brothel." Zyra said to Vi as she unfolded the vines on crotch area, revealing her erected large red cock.


"That's actually a good idea Zyra. I'm pretty sure that Vi never handled two cocks at the same time." Elise said as she pulled down her black tight pants, revealing her erected large red horsecock.


The two futa girls then quickly undressed their clothes, revealing their entire naked bodies to Vi. The pink haired girl now felt a little less nervous as she gazed at their cocks, seemingly wanting them in her holes as her cheeks blushed red. She then began slowly stroking their throbbing cocks with her hands, her left hand on Zyra's cock and her right hand on Elise's cock as the hybrid girls moaned in pleasure from Vi's warm massaging hands. Elise and Zyra then slowly undressed Vi, tossing her maid outfit behind the sofa.


"Look at your pussy. It's already wet." Elise said as she fingered Vi's wet woman entrance with her right fingers.



"Her nipples are hardened too. I think she really wants our cocks." Zyra said as she pinched Vi's hard nipples.


The young girl moaned pleasurably, enjoying the massage she was getting by the two hybrid girls. Zyra approached her head to Vi's, giving her a wet kiss as the two rattled their tongues together as they moaned in pleasure. Elise proceeded to suck on Vi's right tit, making Vi yelp lewdly as she felt Elise's tongue curling on her sucked nipple. After a few minutes of warm massages, Zyra broke the kiss while Elise stopped sucking Vi's boob. Vi then stood on all her four, facing Zyra's cock as she placed her arms on Zyra's lap, showing her dripping pussy to Elise.


"Mat must have really trained you well to be a real good servant." Zyra said as she held Vi's head with her right hand and approached it to her cock.


"Let's see if she can become a real good slut." Elise said as she stood on her knees behind Vi, positioning her cock on Vi's pussy with her right hand.


Elise then slowly penetrated Vi's intimate entrance with her cock, causing her to moan in pleasure while Vi let out a loud delighted moan. Once the spider girl's cock was fully inside her, Vi then began licking Zyra's cock as she could the plant girl's pleased sounds. Gripping her spider claws on Vi's ass cheeks, Elise began banging the young girl's pussy as she rocked her pelvis, thrusting back and forth her thick shaft inside the human's entrance. Vi pleasurably moaned, feeling waves of sexual euphoria flowing through out her body as she felt Elise's cock drilling inside her dripping pussy. Vi then sucked Zyra's cock while continuously swirling her warm moist tongue on it, bobbing her head as she savored a sweet taste. Zyra pleasurably moaned as she closed her eyes while tilting her head up, feeling pleasant sensations as she enjoyed the warm sexual massage.


"~Oooh!~Damn she's tight!~Her warm pussy feels so good!" Elise said while pounding Vi's pussy.


"~Oooh!~She's sucking my cock like Evelynn!~Oooooh!~Damn her warm mouth and her tongue feels so fucking good!" Zyra said as she moaned.


The plant girl then lowered Vi's head with both hands and then forcefully held it. She then moved fast her cock up and down inside Vi's mouth while the pink haired girl gargled on her shaft. After a several push and pull movements, Zyra then pushed Vi's head down, shoving her entire cock deep inside the young girl's throat. She then continued to move her fat cock inside Vi's head while Vi had problems breathing as she was choking on the throbbing moving cock inside her throat. The young girl then felt Elise's cock fast inside her pussy as the spider's quickened her pace.


"Fuck!~Ahh!~I'm cumming!~" Elise moaned as she felt close to cumming.


"~Ahhh!~Ahh!~I'm cumming too~Oooooh!" Zyra moaned as she felt close to cumming.


The two moaning girls then suddenly moaned loudly as they slammed their cocks in their respective banging holes, ejaculating their fluids inside Vi's penetrated holes. Vi quickly drank Zyra's very sweet green semen while feeling Elise's dark white semen filling her womb. Elise then pulled her dripping cock from Vi's pussy while Zyra released her grip on Vi's head, giving the young woman a good amount of time to breathe as she gasped for air.

"Think you can handle our cocks in your ass and in your pussy Vi?" Zyra asked Vi.


"*Suck* I think *suck* I think I can *suck*" Vi answered while sucking the tip of Zyra's cock, loving the nectar sweet semen.


"Let's start gentle with you. Then we can make our way up if it's alright with you." Elise said to Vi.


"*Lick* *Lick* I'm okay with that. *Lick* *Lick*." Vi replied as she licked Zyra's cock.


"Splendid!" Elise said as she grabbed Vi and pulled her to her.


The spider girl then laid herself down on her back while holding Vi on her stomach with her spider claws on the young girl's butt cheeks as she lifted her up from her body. Vi then spread her legs wide open, pulling her knees backwards as she held her bent legs with her arms, exposing her dripping pussy to Zyra. The plant girl then stood on her knees as she approached the laid human girl, positioning her erected large cock on Vi's entrance while placing her right hand slightly above Vi's pussy. With Vi's butt tilted up, Elise then positioned her cock underneath the young girl's asshole.


"Ready Vi?" Zyra asked the pinked haired girl.


"Yes. I'm ready." Vi said with a faint excitement on her voice, really wanting their big cocks inside her holes.


The two hybrid girls then slowly penetrated Vi's holes, causing them to deep moan in pleasure while Vi deep moaned louder than them. The three closed their eyes as they moaned loudly from the warm penetration feeling they were experiencing. They then opened their eyes as Vi, her cheeks blushed red in pleasure, saw their entire pulsating cocks fully penetrated inside her holes.


"W-why....why stop?...Start moving already..." Vi said to the hybrid girls, noticing that they weren't moving.


"Awwwn! She really loves getting fucked by our cocks!" Zyra said with a bright smile on her face.


"No I-I...I didn't m-mean..." Vi stuttered before she went silent.


I...I...Why?...Do...Do I really love...getting fucked like a slut?...


The hybrid girls then rocked their pelvises at a gentle pace, slowly drilling Vi's holes as they moaned in pleasure.


"~Ooooooh!~Her ass is amazingly tight!~Ahhh!~How's her pussy Zyra?" Elise asked while moaning as she felt Vi's warm behind tunnel sexually soothing on her cock.


"~Ahhh!~She's still tight after you fucked her!~Oooooh!~" Zyra answered while moaning as she felt Vi's warm walls tightening on her cock.


As they pleasurably moaned, Vi was moaning in faint long sounds, feeling an incredible rush of euphoria flowing through her body and mind as she felt Elise's red horsecock and Zyra's red human cock drilling deep her soft asshole and her warm pussy respectively. After a few minutes of their warm up, Zyra and Elise began moving their cocks inside Vi's banged holes at a normal slight fast pace, both loving the sexual sensation they felt as they moaned in pleasure. Vi then continuously moaned loudly in pleasure as she felt the throbbing drilling fat cocks moving inside her banged holes. She also felt Zyra's right thumb softly rubbing on her clit as her pussy quickly moistened. It was a new sexual sensation that she never experienced before, feeling joy and pleasure. Vi turned her head to her right, flinging out her tongue to Elise, wanting to kiss her. Elise giggled at Vi's lewd face and then approached her head, locking her opened lips to Vi's. The two smooching girls were passionately rattled their tongues together as they moaned, enjoying each other's warm pink fleshes as their mixed saliva slowly filled in their connected mouths. Elise savored Zyra's sticky leftover semen inside Vi's mouth as she battled hard her tongue for the sweet taste. After a good long minute, the two broke their deep kiss, leaving out strings of their mixed drooling saliva between their satisfied tongues.


"~Fuck me harder!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Please fuck me harder!~Haigh!~Hah!~" Vi said without thinking as she moaned in pleasure, enjoying the double penetration.


"Sure thing Vi. Let's give her what she wants." Zyra said.


Elise and Zyra then accelerated their speed, moving their heavy slamming cocks at a very fast pace with strong force, causing them to moan louder in pleasure while Vi began screaming in intense sexual pleasure.


"~AHH!~YES!~HAIH!~YES!~OOOH!~POUND MY ASS AND MY PUSSY WITH YOUR FAT COCKS!~AHHHHH!~AHH!~YES!~OOOOH!~THIS FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOD!~MMMMMMM!~AAHN!~STRETCH MY ASS!~AHH!~STRETCH MY PUSSY!~HAAH!~" Vi yelled lewdly in intense sexual pleasure as she felt the two thick futa cocks pounding deep and fast her asshole and her pussy simultaneously.


Her entire body quivered in jolts of pleasure as she couldn't control her uncontrollable shaking from Zyra's constant pounding inside her womb with and Elise's deep continuous drills inside her ass. Her mind went blank as she only thought of sex, pleasure and the four big cocks that she was banged by the four people in this building that threated her as a sex toy. She felt Elise's hands clenching on her ass cheeks and Zyra's hands clenching on her thighs as the two hybrid girls felt close to climax while they highly enjoyed pounding Vi's holes. Vi drooled as her tongue was lewdly laying on her bottom lips, her eyes slowly rolling back. She felt close to cumming.


"~HAGHH!~AGAH!~AHH!~I'M CUMMING!~AHHHHHH!~I'M CUMMING!~I'M CUMMING!~I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNG!!!~" Vi lewdly screamed in pleasure loudly as she ejaculated her fluids out like a gushing fountain.


The two creature girls then shoved their cocks inside Vi's holes as deep as they can, cumming their fluids inside her as they moaned loudly in sexual pleasure. Vi felt Zyra's cock slammed at the end of her womb while feeling Elise's cock laid deep inside. She felt the warm sticky fluids filling her womb and her behind tunnel, her pussy and her asshole were dripping the hybrid girls' semen. Zyra and Elise then pulled out their cocks, leaving Vi's drilled holes gushing out green and dark white liquids.


"Cum on my face now! I want to taste your cum!" Vi excitingly said to the hybrid girls as she quickly stood out from the sofa and stood on her knees, happily opening her mouth to the creature girls.


They complied to her wish as they stood up from the sofa and pointed their cocks at Vi. The young girl then grabbed the two cocks and stroked them at a very fast speed, causing Zyra and Elise to cum their semen within seconds as their sticky warm fluids splattered on Vi's entire face, some sticking on her pink hair while some entered her mouth. Vi then drank the mixed jizz, letting out a satisfied sound as she enjoyed the taste and the warmth of their mixed jizz emitted on her covered face.


"Damn! I think we might have turned her into a slut." Elise said as she was surprised by Vi's slut like behavior.


"Well at least she's ready for the grand opening, aren't you Vi?" Zyra asked Vi.


"Yes I am ready for my new job! I want to make master happy! I won't disappoint him! He will fuck me real good with his fat cock if I don't disappoint him!" Vi joyfully said as she wasn't thinking straight at all, seemingly only wanting sex with her master as she was filled with a growing passionate lust.


This feels so good! This feels so fucking amazing! I want just want to be fucked by massive cocks all day! Everyday! Zyra's cock!...Elise's cock!...Evelynn's cock...Master's cock!...I want their cocks inside me! I want to fuck! I want to cum! I want to have sex till I'm fully covered in cum! Till I can't feel my body!


Vi thought only of pure lust as her eyes glowed a bright purple color. 

Chapter Text

Tonight was the big day for Vi as it was the grand opening of the White Demon's sex brothel. Vi was in her bedroom, looking herself in a large standing mirror. She was only wore long black stockings that lengthened up till her upper thighs while she also wore black high heels. The rest of her body was fully exposed. She took a deep breath as she could hear men moaning and shouting loudly from the lower floors.


"Are you ready my servant?" Mat asked Vi as he approached her from behind.


"I think I am ready." Vi replied as she turned around, looking at the white pale young man.


"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll succeed. Just have confidence in yourself." Mat said as he placed his hands on her shoulders.


"You think so?" Vi asked him, doubting herself.


"Of course I do. Do you want to make me proud?" Mat asked her as he smiled.


"Yes I do master!" Vi joyfully said as her eyes glowed dark purple.


"Then go out there and make me proud." Mat said as he gave a gentle kiss on her forehead before releasing his grip on her.


"Yes master! I won't disappoint you!" Vi joyfully said once more as she rushed out of the bedroom.


After she took the elevator and went to the lowest floor, Vi found herself in a very immense place, almost as big as half a football field. She saw several circle tables scattered around the place with each having six chairs around it. There were many different flashing lights lightening the place up. In the center of the place, there was a large podium with a long silver pole. On the other side of the place was a long bar where the long raised narrow table was out of brown wood with several chairs close to it. There was also several liquid dispensers filled with different beers, vodkas, wines and other alcoholic beverages. Behind the table was Zyra and Elise giving drinks in large glass cups to every men that came in the brothel. Some of the men were drunk while some others where knocked out on the floor or on the tables. Every men around the place were Zaunites men as they didn't look like regular humans. They were bald men with weird crackled and greyish green skin, all dressed in hickory bib stripe black pants. They also seemed like humans morphed into half gargoyles as their ears resembled to one. Vi recognized these Zaunite men as some of them were put behind bars by her and Caitlyn, but this didn't stop her from doing what she wanted to do as she walked on a long red carpet towards the strip pole. As she walked with her left hand on her hip, walking in a flirty way by shaking her butt, several men noticed the young woman as they recognized her.

"Isn't that pink hair bitch with gauntlets!?" a Zaunite man shouted as he stared at Vi.


"She is! So the White Demon did really promised more mazing bitches!" another Zaunite man next to the first one said.


"Man look at her gorgeous boobs! And her large ass! Didn't knew law officers could be this sexy!" the first Zaunite man said as he stared at Vi's intimate parts.


As Vi walked up the seven steps stairs towards the silver strip pole, she took a good glance around the place. She saw that many Zaunite men were approaching towards her as they circled around the podium. Vi then noticed a familiar person at her 3 o'clock. She saw a naked Jinx with a few naked Zaunite men around her as they were stroking their cocks. She was riding a cock from a Zaunite man laid on the floor while she was stroking fast a dick on each of her hands. Her blue long pigtails were forcefully pulled hard by a Zaunite man as he slammed his dick back and forth inside her mouth. Jinx's mouth was drooling with cum while her gaped asshole was also licking cum. The Zaunite man then ejaculated inside Jinx's mouth before pulling his dripping dick out. Jinx seemed happy as she grinned intensely, enjoying the taste of the Zaunite man's semen.


Vi then glanced at her 12 o'clock, seeing Diana and Leona gangbanged by Zaunite men while others were standing around them. The two women had a strange black choker on their necks that seemed to be mechanically man made. Diana and Leona were standing on all four, facing each other as they both licked the same dick of a Zaunite men. They both had their pussies and their assholes being pounded each by a throbbing large cock as there was a Zaunite man laid underneath each of them and another one standing behind them. Sticky fluids were leaking out from their holes and their mouths while the makeup on their faces were peeling off. The Zaunite man then cummed a lot on the women's face, covering them with his warm sticky load. Diana and Leona joyfully moaning as their eyes were filled with happiness. With their mouths filled half filled with semen, the two women then began deep kissing, curling their tongues together as they shared their sticky treats.


Vi then glanced at her 9 o'clock, seeing Zoe being held up by two Zaunite men. The one behind Zoe was deep kissing her while he pounded hard her stretch out asshole with his shaft as he firmly her small buttocks. The other one was pounding the young teen's pussy with his dick while he was holding her small legs spread open. The two then suddenly slammed their dicks deep inside Zoe's holes as she yelled in intense pleasure, feeling their warm semen quickly filling her womb and her asshole. The two men then dropped her on the floor as other Zaunite men gathered around the little girl with their dicks out. Their stroked fast their cocks till they ejaculated their sticky loads on Zoe, covering completely her teenager body. The little girl then moaned in pleasure as she felt the warmth of their cum sexually heating her up. She was joyfully smiling as she begged them to fuck her once more.


Vi then glanced behind her, seeing Evelynn sitting on a chair with her back laid on a table. She had two fourteen inch purple large cocks instead of one as two regular blonde women were each riding on a demon futa cock. Facing each other, the two woman were kissing passionately as their pussies were being stretched out by Evelynn's cocks. There was also a regular black haired woman sitting on Evelynn's face as she felt her pussy being passionately licked by Evelynn's moist warm tongue. That same woman had her asshole drilled and her mouth deepthroated by Evelynn's two purple thick long tentacle whips.


The lights were then suddenly flashed at Vi as she quickly turn her gaze at the floor. The pink haired woman then glanced up at a metallic floor with black balustrades sticking all around the walls, seeing Mat staring back at her with a wine glass filled with red wine in his right hand. The young man gave him a smile, boosting up Vi's confidence as she smiled back at him. The young woman then glanced back all around her.


Alright Vi. It's time to show them my true skills.


The young girl then laid her back on the silver pole, sandwiching it with her ass cheeks. She then bent her back down as she looked at the hungry crowd. She began sliding her ass in slow upward and downward motions on the silver pole. After a minute of getting the full attention of many Zaunite men, Vi turned herself around as she placed her hands on the silver pole. Keeping her back bent with her large butt pushed further back, she slowly lowered herself by only bending her knees while licking passionately on the silver pole as she moved down. Once she was in a low sitting position, she began twerking her ass cheeks as she made lewd expressions with her tongue to the Zaunite men in front of her. The other men behind her were aroused and mesmerized by Vi's giggling butt. Vi then slowly lifted herself up while continuing her lewd shaking. She then placed her boobs on the silver pole, giving the metallic pole a boobjob as she continued to lick the silver tall pole while shaking her ass sideways. After another minute, Vi then laid her back on the silver pole once more, raising her right arm up as she held it. She began fingering her pussy with her left fingers, biting her lips as she moaned in pleasure. She then licked her lips as she glanced around her, searching for interesting Zaunite men.


"~Come here you four!~" Vi said with a seducing tone as she pointed to four Zaunite men at her 10 o'clock.


The men grinned as they made their up on the podium with their erected dicks out as they were naked. Vi then walked towards them as they circled her, smiling back at them. Two of the men kneeled themselves on their knees, one in front of her that held her hips and one behind her that held her ass cheeks. The two kneeled men then began licking Vi's asshole and wet pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure as she felt their moist warm tongue curling in and out of her holes. The pinked haired girl then slowly stroked the erected large dicks of the other men while deep kissing the one on her right. Even though they didn't have larger and thicker cocks than Mat and his females pals, they were large enough for her to have fun with.


"Look at you! You now became a fucking slut!" the Zaunite man said after breaking the passionate kiss as strings of their mixed saliva drooled from his and Vi's mouths.


"Her flesh is so firm and smooth. She has a very nice pussy!" the Zaunite man below in front of Vi said as he enjoyed tasting her pussy.


"Her lewd curves are god damn beautiful! As expected from Piltover's Finest bitches." the Zaunite man from her left said as he played with her breasts.


"It would great if that sheriff bitch was also turned into a slut. I hope that the White Demon could get us that sheriff bitch!" the Zaunite man behind her said as he began fingering Vi's asshole.


"~C'mon boys!~Let me taste you all!~" Vi joyfully said with her lewd voice as she kneeled herself down while the three of the men placed themselves in front of her with the last one laying himself underneath her as he lifted her up.


Laying on his back with his legs facing behind Vi, the laid Zaunite man lowered Vi as he began licking once more Vi's pussy, savoring once more her delicious soft wet flesh.


"Damn her pussy taste so good! I can't stop eating it!" the man said.


Vi then opened her mouth as the man in front of her shoved his cock inside her mouth, holding tightly her head with his firm hands. He then thrusted his entire cock deep inside Vi's throat as he forcefully began banging her throat, slamming hard her head back and forth as he moaned in pleasure. While she stroked the other two men's cocks with her hands, she sucked the drilling dick in her mouth and massaged it with her warm curling tongue, causing the Zaunite man that was going rough on her to feel close to climax.


"~Ahhhh!~Take my cum you fucking law enforcer slut!~Ahhhhhhhh!~" the Zaunite man said while moaning loudly, ejaculating a huge load of his warm semen inside Vi's throat as pulled hard her head close to her pelvis.


He then released his grip on her, pulling his cock out as Vi slowly drank the fluids. The climaxed Zaunite men then forcefully held Vi's neck, choking her with little pressure while she accelerated the stroking speed on the dicks in her hands.


"Keep your mouth open you slut till until I say you can close your mouth!" he said as he spitted on Vi's opened mouth.


The two other men then cummed their huge load on Vi's face and mouth, some even sticking on her pink hair. The two other men then spitted on her opened filled cum mouth.


"Now swallow everything bitch!" the Zaunite man who was holding her released her neck.


Vi quickly swallowed everything in one go, smiling very joyfully at them as she kept her mouth opened with her drooling tongue out. The young woman then ejaculated her fluids on the Zaunite man's mouth underneath her, loving the warm sensation of his sucking mouth and his warm tongue.


"She's such a slut! She used to be a fucking angry bitch!" the Zaunite man in the left said.


"~Well boys, why are you waiting for!?~Aren't you boys going to punish me!?~" Vi said to them as she turned herself around, laying herself on the Zaunite man underneath her.


She then lifted her butt up with her legs spread wide open, placing the Zaunite man's shaft below her asshole while he held her butt cheeks. The other three men then approached her as one of them stood on his knees, placing his erected dick on Vi's pussy. Another man then sat on her stomach, placing his cock between her large breasts as he held them. The last one stood on his knees close to the right side of her head, placing his shaft close to her lips. Two other Zaunite men quickly climbed on the podium, standing on their knees each of Vi's sides. Vi then began stroking their cocks as they moaned in pleasure. Many other Zaunite men then circled around the small group, stroking their cocks as they waited for their turns.


"~C'mon boys!~GO FUCKING ROUGH ON ME!~I NEED TO PUNISHED FOR LOCKING YOU GUYS BEHIND!~FUCK TILL I CAN'T MOVE!~" Vi loudly shouted as she couldn't wait to get gangbanged for much longer.


All of the three men then shoved their cocks deep inside her holes as they and Vi moaned in pleasure. The fourth Zaunite man began sliding his cock back and forth between Vi's breasts as he moaned in pleasure from the warm soft skin of her large boobs. The other then began pounding fast Vi's holes with their cocks, showing her no mercy.


"Ghn!~Damn her pussy is so tight!~Ahh!~It's tightening on my cock!~Ahhh!~This slut loves getting pounded!" the Zaunite man that was drilling Vi's pussy said as he moaned in pleasure, feeling her tight inside walls tightening on his cock.


"Gnghn!~You should try her ass!~Ahhh!~It's so damn fucking tight!~Gah!~I'm going to split her asshole!~Ahhh!~" the Zaunite man underneath Vi said while moaning in pleasure, feeling Vi's warm behind tunnel sliding tightly on his cock as he hard pounded fast her stretched asshole.


"~Ooooh!~Her mouth feels so good!~Ahhh!~Her throat feels even better and this slut is sucking my cock!~Ahhhhhh!~I can feel this slut's tongue curling on my cock!~" the Zaunite man close to Vi's head said as he also moaned in pleasure, slamming his cock inside Vi's warm throat as he felt her hot moist curling tongue on and her sucking mouth on his dick.


"~Ahhh!~She's a fine slut!~She got an amazing body!~Let's pound this slut till she can't move!~She deserves it for what she's done to us and to our men!~Ahhh!~" the Zaunite man sitting on Vi's stomach said while moaning as he thrusted his shaft back and forth between her boobs.


Vi was moaning loudly in intense pleasure as she felt their throbbing pounding cocks drilling rough deep inside her three holes. Her body was intensely quivering in jolts of high sexual euphoria as she felt already ejaculated her fluids out. She felt very happy, so happy that she ever was in her entire life. She couldn't believe that she could feel so much pleasure and joy from by a cock slut. As her eyes rolled behind head, her happy memories with Caitlyn slowly vanished as her dark purple eyes glowed even more brighter. The two men that were having a handjob suddenly ejaculated their semen on Vi's as they enjoyed her fast stroking warm hands. All the other men then suddenly ejaculated their entire load inside her holes as they grunted and moaned loudly before pulling their cumming cocks out and sprayed Vi's entire body with their warm semen while Vi drank the fluids inside her mouth. The young excited girl then began breathing intensely fast, feeling an immense heat warming her entire body from the leaking and dripping semen on her body and inside her holes.


"~Ahh!~C'mon boys!~Ahhh!~I go on till I drained all of your balls!~Ahhh!~So much warm cum!~Ahhh!~So much delicious cum!~Ahhh!~" Vi said while moaning in pleasure by the warm feeling of the white fluids on her body.


The six exhausted Zaunite men then moved back as they let six others play with Vi by pounding her gaped holes with their erected shafts. Vi then wondered if she could ever see Caitlyn so she could tell her that she was wrong about not needing a man's cock to feel true pleasure.


"Hehehe! Well done my servant! You didn't disappoint me at all." Mat said as he drank his entire alcoholic drink in one chug.


As he heard the loud moans and screams of everyone in the place, he dropped his wine glass, shattering it as it fell down. His entire arms suddenly looked more popped and leaner as the veins on his arms were showing off more. He then looked at his more veiny right arm, smiling joyfully as he felt his raw strength, his speedy mobility and his inhuman reflexes all increasing, but only for a small amount.


"Hehehehe! They all went insane. They've experienced insanity, insanity from lust. It doesn't matter what type of insanity they experience. Insanity from lust, from fear, from joy, from greed, it doesn't matter. As long they experience insanity, I'll grow stronger and faster. The Demon of Insanity thought he could overtake me, but he underestimated my insanity levels when I was only a little child. Because of that, I took away his powers and killed him. Of course I can't gain as much strength and speed from any insanity as The Demon of Insanity did, but I still can gain far more than it did. I just have to work even more harder. I'm sure you've heard this story that almost no one ever knew, isn't that right...Soraka?" Mat explained a short story as seemingly was talking to someone while he already noticed a very sharp gold large crescent shape blade around his neck.


As he turned his head to his left, he saw behind him that the immense blade around his neck was connected to a long gold staff pole. There was a female being that wielded the weapon at him as she expressed a mad face to him. She wasn't human as she had a long yellow horn on her forehead. She had long white hair, lengthening down till her horse hooves as she had the lower legs of a horse. The rest of her legs and her body resembled more to a female human. A red hairband was attached at the middle of her long hair. She also had yellow eyes and long elf ears and she also had white bandages that covered her forearms and her lower horse legs. She had white fur above her lower legs and her lips were purple with her skin color being a purple that wasn't too dark purple nor too light purple. She also had dark purple spiral tattoos on her exposed thighs, arms and shoulders as she wore a red long hood cape that was combined with her yellow sleeveless shirt that lengthened till half way of her thighs, covering her intimate parts. The female being had very large breasts and had a very large curvy butt.


"Don't move!" Soraka said to Mat as she firmly tightened her grip on her weapon, making sure that he couldn't move or else, he would lose his life.

Chapter Text


"Try anything stupid and I'll immediately kill you!" the female being said to Mat.


"Are you actually going to kill me? You do know who I am, right?" Mat asked her as he grinned at her.


"Yes I'm completely aware of the man you're possessing right now. I'll kill you and save him. You're a threat to everyone, even to the gods of Runeterra." Soraka replied.


"Oh Soraka! You actually don't know about my true identity?" he asked her as he seemed very calm despite having a sharp blade touching on the skin of his neck.


"I know who you are! You're the White Demon! You're a demon created by a pale sorceress where your only main purpose was to possess the Seeked After Weapon! And you also killed the Demon of Insanity and took his place!" Soraka shouted to him.


"You're correct but not really. My true identity is more complicated than that. Anyways, how are you going to kill me exactly?" Mat said.


"It's simple. I'll use my magic to banish you for good." Soraka said.


"Well unfortunately for you, I can absorb magic. But I don't need to use my magic absorption ability to defeat you." Mat said as she smiled crazily at Soraka.


With his left hand, he instantly grabbed the middle part of her staff with crazy speed and pushed it back from him with his overwhelming strength, causing Soraka to drop her weapon from the heavily force of his push. Having very slow reflexes, Soraka was then forcefully grabbed by Mat as he slammed her on the wall with his right hand choking her neck. She then began to feel her magical energy slowly dissipating as the young man absorbed it. Mat pulled out a strange mechanical black choker from his pocket and then forcefully put it on Soraka's neck while she tried her best to push him by hitting him several times with her strong horse feet but her attacks didn't faze him at all. Soraka then suddenly felt her entire magical energy vanishing in an instant.


"My magic!? What did you do to my magic!?" Soraka yelled at him.


"I absorbed a small fraction of your magical energy. Then, this choker on your neck that I designed myself prevents you from ever accessing any of your magic. It's made with petricite and with a little bit of science and technology." Mat explained as black shadowy mists suddenly formed around them.


"What are you doing!?" Soraka said as the shadowy mists engulfed them, teleporting them to Mat's master bedroom.


"Evelynn gave me a small amount of her shadow magic. That's how we teleported here in my bedroom." Mat said to Soraka while still forcefully holding her by her neck.



With a small rotational motion of his left index finger, a black misty lasher was spawned on the right side of his back. The pink neon fang part of the magical whip then stung Soraka's neck, causing her to feel her body completely paralysed, but she could still feel the hot feeling of Mat's sweaty right hand choking on her neck as she felt pain. Mat then tossed Soraka on the bed, laying her on her back as she couldn't move at all.


"Grrrrrrr! Wait are you waiting for!? Aren't you going to kill me!?" Soraka yelled in anger at him.


"Why would I do that? Thanks to your star magic and your healing magic, you have a new purpose to me." Mat said to her as he undressed his clothes.


Fully naked, Mat approached the female being and placed his right index finger on her. Soraka's clothes then suddenly disintegrated in a fraction of second as black ashes around her body quickly vanished. The crazed White Demon then sat on the bed as he spread Soraka's legs wide open, firmly holding her thighs.


"Move your filthy thing away from me! I won't turn into a whore!" Soraka shouted as she stared at Mat's fat long cock.


"Really? Your pussy is already wet." Mat replied as he placed the tip of his cock on Soraka's wet entrance.


"Shut up! You've injected me with lust with that whip of yours!" Soraka said.


"I didn't injected you with lust. I injected you with true lust. I know you're resisting it but trust me, you'll eventually succumb to it." Mat said as he smiled crazily at her.


"You monster! Someone will stop you!" Soraka yelled at him as her rage boiled fast.


"Soraka, you came here to stop me and to save your worthless Aspect friends. If they can't beat me, then who will? The demigods of Freljord, the three Freljordian sisters, the Ascended beings of Shurima or whatever foolish gods you believe in, I will beat them all! I can kill them all with ease." Mat said as he laughed maniacally, placing his hands next to Soraka's arms with his back bent horizontally straight and his feet standing on the bed.


"Someone will eventually defeat you. I would even gladly see a psychopathic killer or a monstrous feared being defeat you. It doesn't matter who as long someone defeats you!" Soraka angrily said.


"Hehehehe...No one will stop me from conquering Runeterra..." Mat said before he instantly shoved his entire cock deep inside Soraka's pussy.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAH! You fucking monster! ARGH! It fucking hurts!" Soraka screamed loudly in pain as she felt his cock inside her womb while dripping blood came out from her penetrated entrance.


"~Oooooooh!~You've got a nice warm pussy! It feels already good!" Mat said as he felt even more aroused.


"Argh! Stop! Your fucking dick is growing inside of me!" Soraka said as she felt his cock fully erecting inside her, feeling her warm inside and her moist pussy stretching painfully as her body quivered.


"Your body is reacting differently~Ooooh!~It seems your body loves my cock." Mat said as he smiled at her.


"Shut up! That's not true! I don~Haah!~I don't~Ahhh!~...." Soraka said before going silent after she couldn't hold her moans.


"Good girl." Mat said.


The young man then titled his back down as he rest his frontal body on hers, his face now very close to Soraka's with his hands slid underneath Soraka's back as he held her. He then fasten his speed a little bit as he moaned in pleasure while Soraka also moaned in pleasure as she was still trying her best to not succumb to the lust spell.


"I know you're enjoying it~Ahh!~You can't hide it from me." Mat said as he slowly Soraka's lips.


"Get off of me you disgus-Mmmmmph!?" Soraka shouted before her lips were locked with Mat's opened lips.


She felt his moist swirling tongue exploring her mouth as she couldn't do much to stop him. She tried to pushed his tongue away from hers, but she couldn't as Mat easily overpowered her. She also couldn't close her lips nor bite his tongue as her mouth wasn't responding to her like it had a mind of its own. Even her tongue wasn't responding her as it decided to play with Mat's massaging tongue. The two kissed passionately as they moaned in pleasure even though Soraka hated it so much. The young man then suddenly accelerated his pace and then broke the deep kiss, leaving trails of their mixed saliva between their lips.


"~Fuck!~Stop it!~Ahhh!~Go slow or I'll cum too fast!~Ahhh!~" Soraka shouted as she moaned.


"Ohhh! Are saying that you enjoyed my cock drilling deep inside your pussy at a nice slow pace?" Mat asked as he continued raping Soraka.


"NO! I didn't say tha~Ahhh!~S-stop it!...It feels so weird...~Hah!~" Soraka replied while moaning as she felt close to climaxing.


"Awwn~Ahhh!~Don't be shy Soraka~Ahhhhh!~You can tell me how feel right now~Ahh!~There's nothing wrong about enjoying sex." Mat said while moaning.


The young man then thrusted his cock deep inside Soraka's womb as the two ejaculated their fluids out. Soraka then felt the hot warmth of his semen flowing inside her, which oddly soothed her as she felt sexually relaxed.

"YOU MONSTER! YOU CUMMED INSIDE OF ME!!!" Soraka yelled in pure anger at him.


"Don't worry Soraka. I'm sterile." Mat said as he pulled out his cock from her leaking entrance.


The young man took a sitting position on the right edge of his bed. He then grabbed Soraka and lifted her up, holding in a sitting position as he lowered her close to him by holding her by her butt cheeks. He then lowered even more, penetrating her pussy with his entire cock as Soraka moaned loudly in pleasure. Her legs were now next to his legs while her hands were placed on his shoulders. Mat then began moving Soraka in up and down motions as the two moaned in pleasure. Soraka slowly felt herself succumbing to the lust spell. She tried to resist to the sexual pleasure, but her curiosity was going to be her downfall as she began to wonder how his cock was making her feel very aroused.


"You like it, don't you?" Mat asked Soraka as he began love biting neck.


"~Ahhh!~N-no! That's not true!...I~Kya!~Hah!~S-stop it!...It feels...~Ahhh!~" Soraka said as she stuttered while yelping in pleasure.


"It feels really good? Or perhaps it feels very amazing to you?" Mat asked her as he noticed her cheeks blushing red with a red blushed line underneath her nose.


"...N-no...~Ahh!~...~Haaahh!~...How?...This feeling?~Ahhh!~...This incredible feeling I'm experiencing...~Ahh!~...What is this?" Soraka said as she moaned in pleasure several times.


"It's pleasure that you're feeling right now." Mat said.


As Soraka continued to feel pleased by his rocking big shaft moving inside her pussy, she felt a warm sensation flowing throughout her entire body while deep moaning in pleasure. It felt very good to her as it calmed her mood.


"~Ahhh! can't be pleasure...~Ahhhhhh!~S-stop!~Ahhh!~Please stop!~Haigh!~Awngh!~" Soraka begged him while moaning.


"I'm not doing anything. You're the one moving." Mat said as his hands weren't gripped on her ass cheeks.


"W-what?~Ahhh!~...N-no that...can't be...~Ahhh!~" Soraka said as she noticed that she was rocking her body herself up and down, realising now that she could feel her body.


She tried to stop moving, but she couldn't stop as the pleasure she felt so good to her that she wanted to continued having sex with him. A part of her wanted to stop but the rest of her was not listening, which quickly resulted in her lost in lust as her eyes glowed purple. The female being then accelerated her pace, slamming her butt on his lap at every downwards thrusts as her moans became louder. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and slammed her lips to his, passionately deep kissing him. After a good minute of French smooching, Soraka broke the kiss and laid her nose on his, feeling close to cumming.


"~Ahh!~Hahn!~Hagnh!~Mmmmmm~I'm cumming!~Ahh!~Haiiiiiiiiighhh!!" Soraka moaned loudly as she ejaculated her fluids while grunted in pleasure as he cummed inside her womb.


As she breathed intensely, she lifted herself up, pulling out his cock out of her dripping wet pussy. She then just stared at him with a bright and joyful smile.


"How unfortunate. I thought you were stronger than this, but it seems that your will is as weak as a tiny tree branch." Mat said as he saw Soraka's happy expression.


"I want more! I want your cock!" Soraka joyfully shouted to him.


The young man grinned and proceeded to lift Soraka up by her buttocks. He then laid her on the bed with her back facing the ceiling. Mat then laid himself on her back, positioning his erected shaft above her asshole. Resting his left cheek to her right cheek while keeping his upper body up, the young man then slowly penetrated her asshole as the two moaned in pleasure. As he finally fully penetrated her backdoor with his entire cock, Soraka let out a loud lewd sound as her eyes rolled back in intense pleasure. Mat then began banging her ass as he slammed hard his cock inside her behind hole in heavy shoves and pulls motions.


"~Ahhhhh!~Yes!~Haigh!~It feels so good!~Your cock is amazing!~Mmmmmmmm!~" Soraka said while moaning as she felt his pulsating thick cock pounding hard inside her butthole.


"~Oooooooh!~Your ass feels so incredible!~Oooooh!~I'm going to pound your tight ass real good!~Ahhhhh!~" Mat said while moaning in pleasure, feeling her warm tight behind tunnel soothing his drilling cock.


"~Ahhh yes!~Stretch my ass!~Aaaaaahh!~Pound my ass till I can't move!~Haaah!~Nngh!~Mmmmm!~Ahhhh!~" Soraka moaned loudly.


She felt incredible waves of pleasure coursing throughout her body as her legs quivered intensely. She drooled on the bed as she couldn't stop moaning and screaming in sexual pleasure. Every pounding of his fat meat stick inside her penetrated gaped hole made her more happier and every pull of his large cock made her was sexually exciting her as she waited for the next thrusting. The young man wrapped tightly his arms on her neck as Soraka's ass was highly pleasing him. He then began accelerating his pace, causing both of them to moan more louder as they enjoyed their rough sex. Soraka could felt his fast deep pounding shaft inside her stomach. Her breathing was becoming more fast as her heart rate beat fast. Her hot body sweated a lot and her mind went blank, only thinking of pleasure and lust as his rock hard drilling cock was making her very happy. Her eyes were still rolled back as she couldn't handle the high intense sexual euphoria she was experiencing, wetting the bed with her leaking clear fluids.


"~Gah!~Gngh!~Oooooooh!~Your fucking ass!~Ahhhh!~I'm cummmmming!~"


"~AHHHHH!~Please cum inside my ass!~NGHN!~HAHH!~I want your warm cum inside my ass!~AHHHHH!~NNNGH!~I'M CUMMING!~"


Mat then shoved one final time his entire cock deep inside Soraka's asshole as they grunted and screamed in pleasure respectively, both erupting a huge load of their sexual liquids. Soraka felt his hot semen flowing inside her backdoor, sexually relaxing her as her pussy stopped squirting. After a minute of deloading his jizz, Mat then pulled out his cock from her gaped hole, leaving her stretched asshole leaking of his warm sticky semen. The young man then laid on his back to Soraka's left side, his cock was still hard.


"Come here and suck my cock. And from now on, you'll only call me master." Mat said to Soraka.


"Yes master!" Soraka quickly replied as she laid herself vertically to him with her head close to his dick.


She then placed her hands on his pelvis as she began sucking his cock, making him moan in pleasure as he felt her warm mouth. She bobbed her head at a normal pace, easily swallowing his entire cock as she began slurping and gargling on his big shaft.


"~Ahhhhhhh!~Good girl. Another faithful slut added to my collection." Mat said as he smiled.


As Soraka swirled her warm moist tongue all around on his shaft, Mat deeply moaned in pleasure as he enjoyed the warm sensation of her massaging tongue and the soothing vacuuming feeling from her sucking mouth. Having a good taste of the sticky cum on his dripping cock, the female being couldn't hold herself as she moved her head faster with a stronger sucking force. The young man then quickly held Soraka's head with his firm hands and then slammed her down with one heavy pushdown, shoving his entire dick inside her throat. He moaned loudly as he felt her warm throat, cumming his semen inside her mouth while still holding her. After he finished dumping his semen inside her throat while Soraka quickly drank it, Mat then released his grip on her as Soraka gasped for air with her saliva drooling out from her mouth.


"Your cum taste so good! I want more master!" Soraka said to Mat as she resumed sucking his shaft.


"Hold on Soraka. If you want my cock and my cum, you'll need to first answer my question." Mat said to her as he lifted her head up, pulling out his cock from her drooling mouth while he lifted his back up.


"Then ask me the question. I can't wait for much longer." Soraka said as she was sexually overexcited.


"Have you ever heard of Fae'lor?" Mat asked her.


"Of course master! Fae’lor is a small island in the western most part of the Ionian Archipelago. It is currently in control by Noxus." Soraka answered.


"I heard rumors that there's a very powerful dark mage living there. They say she has limitless magic. Are those rumors real?" Mat asked her.


"Those rumors are true master. She does exist and she's currently living there. She's probably planning something to destroy Ionia, the place that she once loved that quickly turned into her enemy when she was at a very young age." Soraka explained.


"Good. That's all I needed to hear. You may  now have my cock and my cum." Mat said as he laid his back on the bed.


"Thank you master!" Soraka joyfully said as she quickly began sucking his hard erected shaft.


Mat moaned in pleasure while he closed his eyes, relaxing himself from the warm massage of Soraka's warm mouth and her moist hot tongue. He then thought to himself on what Soraka told him about a few seconds ago.


Alright then. Tomorrow, I should pay a visit to that dark mage. If she's truly powerful and she really hates Ionia, then I can probably help her achieve her goal in exchange for her alliance. Then, I'll let her have full control over Ionia once I conquer it...That is if I'm lucky enough...I might have to resort into cheap tricks to gain her as an ally if she doesn't accept my offer...or even tries to kill me... she is still a threat to me as she does have limitless magic and I don't have limitless magic absorption ...I just hope that tomorrow,  everything will go smoothly as planned. ..

Chapter Text

It was the usual dark morning in the underground city of Zaun as Mat woke up, yawning loudly as he felt a little tired. He lifted himself up, stretching his arms out as he saw Soraka sleeping on the bed next to him. He then stood up from the bed and proceeded to walk out from his bedroom without wearing any clothes. After a few minutes of walking, he entered the master living room and noticed unexpected to him. There were hundreds of different high quality jewelry, ranging from silver and gold pearled necklaces to bright diamond rings and watches. There were also several different clothes for women that were encrusted in gold, all sitting in a pile around the living room table. He even saw a lot of gold and silver coins, gold ingots and even rare hextech guns laying on the right sofa.


"I wasn't expecting the visitors to give us free loot. Oh well, that's completely fine with me." Mat said to himself.


He then glanced at the left sofa, seeing Zyra and Elise banging Evelynn at a slow passionate pace. Evelynn's frontal body was laid on Zyra's as the two passionately kissed with Elise laid on top of Evelynn. Zyra's thick large red human cock was drilling Evelynn's wet pussy while Elise's thick large red horsecock was drilling Evelynn's gaped asshole. The two futa girls also had their buttholes drilled by the demon girl's thick long purple tentacle whips.


"I'm going to leave them alone and go get a shower." Mat whispered to himself as quietly exited the place, not wanting to disturb the threesome mating couple.


The young white pale man then walked in the very long hallway towards the shower room. He then stood still on the large door of the shower room as he heard the sound of water raining down to the floor. He also noticed that there was light underneath the tiny gap of the brown wooden door. He knew that someone was taking a shower  but he didn't knew who it was. Mat then slowly held the door knob and gently turned it, realising that it was unlocked. He then pulled the door towards him as he opened it and proceeded to enter the shower room, closing the door behind him. As expected to him, the room only had a very large bathtub with a working shower head hanged on the front wall of the bathtub. The heated place was completely engulfed with hot water steam clouds as the shower head rained hot water. As Mat approached to the glass door shower, he saw through it a fully naked Vi happily washing her hair as she hummed silently. The young man then silently entered the bathtub without Vi noticing him as she had her eyes closed. Glancing at her beautiful butt, Mat felt very aroused as he stroked his erected cock with his left hand. He then gently placed his thick hard shaft between Vi's ass cheeks, slowly grinding his cock between her soft butt cheeks as he firmly held them together. Vi gasped in shock as she felt something between her butt, quickly turning her head back, only to see Mat sliding his cock between her butt cheeks.


"Good morning master! I didn't hear you coming." Vi said to Mat.


"Good morning to you too my servant. How was yesterday's night?" Mat asked Vi.


"Ah well it was incredible! I felt so alive and felt so much joy and pleasure." Vi replied with a bright smile on her face.


"I'm glad you enjoyed it a lot. We're going to keep opening every night, so I hope you'll be ready for it." Mat said.


"I'll always be ready." Vi said.


"Good girl." Mat replied.


"By the way, did I do good yesterday?" Vi asked him.


"Good? You did excellent my servant! Thanks to you and the other girls, we managed to receive so much gold and diamonds and even more. You didn't disappoint me at all." Mat said to her before giving her a deep long wet kiss.


"Thank you master! I'm glad to hear that." Vi said.


"As a reward, you can have my cock whenever you want." Mat said.


"Oh thank you master! I've been dying for your cock all night." Vi joyfully said.


"Really? Then let me give you a good pounding. It's been a while since the last time I fucked you." Mat said.


"Then hurry master! My pussy is too wet for you! I can't wait for much longer." Vi said as she placed her hands on the glass door with her back slightly bent down and her butt pushed backwards, spreading her legs wide.


"Sure thing. But before that, you'll need a little fix." Mat said as he firmly gripped Vi's butt cheeks.


A magical green aura then suddenly formed all around Vi's body before suddenly vanishing in a few seconds.


"There. Now your body is as good as new. Your pussy and your asshole should be as tight as a virgin girl." Mat said as he positioned his cock on Vi's wet entrance.


He then shoved instantly his entire cock deep inside Vi's tight pussy, causing both of them to moan in deep pleasure. The young man then began rocking his pelvis back and forth while pulling and pushing Vi's lower body at the same time, drilling her pussy with his thick pulsating cock.


"~Ahhh!~Mmmmmm!~Master's big fat cock feels so fucking good!~Hagn!~Nghn!~" Vi joyfully shouted while moaning in pleasure as she felt his big manhood pounding through the entrance of her womb.


"~Oooohhh!~Ahhhhh!~Damn your pussy feels incredible!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~" Mat said while moaning in pleasure as he felt Vi's warm tight pussy clenching tightly on his cock.


Vi leg's violently quivered as waves of pleasure flowed in her entire body, loving his pounding cock banging deep her pussy. Mat clawed more tightly Vi's curvy butt as the sexual sensation he felt from Vi's tight warm pussy overwhelmed him. He then accelerated his pace while applying even more force on his thrusting movements, causing Vi to moan even louder while her breasts were squished hard on the glass door from the heavy recoil of Mat's shaft pounding in her pussy. The sexually excited young girl felt very happy as her flung out tongue drooled while she breathed fast, feeling close to climaxing while her heart rate pumped fast. She was also sweating a lot due to the hot humidity produced by the working shower precipitating out hot water on her and Mat.


"~Oooohh!~It feels so incredible to pound your pussy!~Ghng!~You and Eve have amazing pussies!~Grahh!~" Mat said while sexually grunting in pleasure.


"~AHHH!~HHGN!~I'm glad that master loves my pussy!~HAAH!~HGNN!~AHH!~AHH!~" Vi said while loudly moaning in pleasure as she felt his thick manhood hitting repeatedly the end of her womb.


"~Ahhh!~I'm going to cum!~" Mat said as he felt his cock twitching.


"~AHHH!~HAAA!~Please cum inside of me!~MMMMMM!~KYA!~AHH!~AHH!~I love the warm feeling of your cum inside me!~" Vi said to him as she already squirted out a huge load of her juices.


"~Gah!~You've already cummed?~Ahhh!~Your pussy really loves my cock!~Ahhh!~Grrrr!~I'm cumming!~Ahhhh!~Ahhhhhhhhhh!~Ahhhhhhh!~" Mat said while grunting loudly in pleasure after slamming his cock deep inside Vi's womb, quickly ejaculating a huge load of his warm sticky jizz inside her.


Vi faintly moaned as she felt his warm load fully filling up her pussy, making her more relaxed and soothed by the high calming warmth of his cum. The young man then pulled out his dripping shaft from her leaking entrance and then pulled Vi to his frontal body with his right arm tightly holding Vi's neck. The two then exchanged a passionate wet kiss as they furiously rattled their tongues together.


"I want to taste your delicious cum master." Vi said to Mat after breaking their kiss.


"Sure thing my servant." Mat replied with a grin on his face, releasing his grip on her.


The pinked haired young girl then kneeled herself down in front of him and gently held the bottom base of the young man's shaft with her left hand. She then proceeded to suck his manhood by swallowing half of his thick large shaft. She rocked her head back and forth while maintaining a constant gentle sucking pressure, drinking his low salty postcum. Mat moaned loudly in sexual delight as his eyes rolled back while lifting his head up, enjoying the feeling of Vi's hot moist tongue massaging his entire cock.


"~Oooooooohhhhh!~You're very good at this my servant." Mat said while moaning in pleasure.


Hearing his positive response, Vi then  swallowed his entire cock like a cocksucker slut champion she was as she was used to deepthroating large thick cocks. Mat was whimpering loudly as he felt her hot throat soothing his cock. He then quickly gripped Vi's head and pulled even closer to him, sticking her opened lips on his crotch area. It wasn't a problem for the young girl as she continued to suck and massage his cock with her sucking throat and her swirling tongue. She gargled and gagged on his manhood as she began to drool out her saliva, but she kept going until Mat released her as she had enough oxygen to last for a complete minute.


"~Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!~Fuck!~Oohhhhhh!~Damn it I'm cumming again!~Ahhhhhhh!~" Mat said while moaning as he orgasmed his sticky fluids inside Vi's throat, holding the young girl's head till he finished climaxing.


After a few long seconds of emptying his load out, he released his grip on Vi, giving her time to breathe. Vi let out a satisfied gulp sound as she loved the taste of his semen. 


"~What should we do next, master?" Vi asked him as she stood up.


"Sorry my servant but I must leave right now." Mat said as warmly hugged Vi.


"Why?" Vi asked, saddened by his announcement of his departure.


"I must attend to meeting." Mat said as he briefly stuttered in mid sentence, not wanting to tell he where he was exactly going.


"When will you be back then? I still want to play with you." Vi said as she laid her head on his right shoulder.


"Don't worry my servant. I'll be back probably around evening time. You can play with Eve, Zyra and Elise while I'm gone." Mat answered.


"Oh okay. Just be safe out there." Vi replied.


"I'll be fine. You don't have to worry about me." Mat replied as he gave her a soft pec on her forehead.


"Alright then. See you later master." Vi said as she broke off the warm embrace.


"You too Vi." Mat said as he exited the bathtub, proceeding to dry himself out with a long pink towel that was hanged on the door by a silver towel hook.


*A few hours later*


"She must be somewhere in here. I can sense a crazy high magical pressure around this place. Her magical energy almost seems limitless, but that can't be possible as every magic sources have a limit even if its limits are millennials longs." the White Demon said to himself as he walked on the green rich grass with his pale white coat draped on his shoulders.


The cold wind blew away the red leaves of immense trees scattered around the place. There were big rocky creeks where clear water flowed in and immense waterfalls were found many around the quiet place. Mat was intrigued by the small island's odd peaceful silence as he didn't encounter a single person nor heard one's voice when he came here in the island. There weren't even a single animal nor insects or any living beings in Fae'lor. As he continued to walk while listening carefully to the incredible silent melodies of the blowing winds and the splashing waters, he saw that there was many dojo houses all around Fae'lor, but he was standing close to the largest one in the island where the strong magical pressure came from.


"So she lives in this crazy tall dojo? It's not the best choice but every single households in Fae'lor are essentially dojos. The Ionians that used to live in this place must have some weird sacred cultures." Mat said to himself.


As he walked on the wooden stairs of the immense red colored dojo, the magical pressure he sensed became stronger at every single step he took. He was fully prepared as he had Diana's Crescent Moonblade and Leona's Zenite Blade hanging in his belt with Leona's Shield of Daybreak hanged on his back. He also came with half of Zoe's magic stored in his body as the limit of his magic absorption ability was equal to half the magic of an Ascended being. He did however stored Diana's half stolen moon magic in her blade and Leona's half stolen sun magic in her shield and her blade as Mat knew that the dark mage he was looking for posed a really high threat to him if he isn't careful enough. He even had Soraka's Celestial Staff vertically hanged on his back underneath the large shield with her magic stored in it as he really wasn't sure if he could defeat the dark mage without receiving any severe injuries.


*Creaking noises*


Standing in front of the gates, the young pale white man abruptly stood still as he saw the left large door slowly opening. The door only opened halfway and then stopped moving, causing Mat to pull out the Crescent Moonblade with his right hand as he kept his guard up. He then heard footsteps, becoming more by each steps.


"Hello!? Is anybody here!?" Mat shouted politely as he didn't want to sound like an enemy to the person he was looking for.


A figure's shadow then appeared on the floor as a floating young woman with long white hair popped out from the opened door. The young woman wore a dark purple bathing robe as her only piece of clothing as she was barefoot. She had pale white eyes with dark glowing purple irises. Her skin color was smoothly beige white and she had black curled eyelashes with black eyebrows and dark purple lips. Even though she was floating in the air with her feet a few inches away from touching the floor, she was the same height as the young man, even a little taller than him. She was a very attractive woman as she had very large breasts, an hourglass shaped slim body, nice thick thighs and a large curvy butt.


"Greetings, White Demon! I was expecting you!" the young woman said with a happy tone as she brightly smiled at Mat.

Chapter Text

"C'mon now! I won't hurt you. Come in, please!" the young woman said, her voice was faintly echoing.


She returned back in her house while the young pale white man slowly placed back the silver moon blade in his belt. Mat then slowly walked towards the entrance of the building, keeping his guard up as he wasn't completely sure if the young woman was hostile or not. After he entered the building, the large gates behind him suddenly closed down as he heard a loud bang sound. As expected, the interior area was exactly like a traditional dojo as it was entirely built from wood. Mat then removed his white pale shoes and left them on the red door mat. Before he could take another step, the young woman halted him by placing her right hand in front of her.


"Your weapons, I need you to leave them here. Don't get the wrong idea but I'm not going to hurt you even if you're unarmed. And I don't want my guest coming in here with weapons like they were planning to harm me." she said to him with her usual smile and her echoing voice.


The young man did what he was told to do as he slowly placed all of his magical gears, including his large coat, on the wall next to the door mat while still keeping his eyes on the young woman.


"Good. Now follow me." the young woman said to Mat as she flew towards a sliding door where it had a large white bath towel hanged next to it by a small hook.


"Isn't rude to not greet yourself to your guest?" Mat asked her as he followed her, carefully reading her with his reading ability.


"Oh you're right! I'm so sorry. I forgot my manners. My name is Syndra and I'm a young mage. Well, I'm like around 100 years old but I do look very young. What do you think? Do I look very young?" the young woman asked him after revealing her name to him.


"Well you do look young and you're quite beautiful." Mat replied as he kept his deep glare at her.


"Oh I didn't knew you were a charmer. That's so cute. And thank you for the compliment.~Huhu~" Syndra said as she giggled to herself.


As the young woman then slowly opened the door, steamy hot clouds were suddenly flowing out from the opening door, revealing the small room to be a normal hot sauna room.


"Here. This is for you." Syndra said to Mat as she handed him the large white towel.


"I'm sorry but are you inviting me to a hot steamy bath?" Mat asked Syndra while wrapping the towel on his lower body,  confused that she was inviting him to a sauna session.


"Well yes. Is there any problems with that?" Syndra asked him.


"Is this how you greet your guests?" Mat asked her as he removed all of his lower clothes, ignoring her question.


"Nope. This is a first time. I only do this just for you.~Huhuhu~" Syndra said as she gave a small wink to him, giggling to herself.


"Oh...okay then..." Mat replied, feeling a little unnerved as he knew there was a high chance that she was into him.


"Now c'mon then. I can't keep waiting for you." the young woman said.


"...Right..." Mat replied as he removed his shirt.


The young man then entered the hot room with Syndra behind him as she shut the door close. He then took a seat on the wooden bench as he began to feel the very hot warm steams heating up his entire body. He then glanced to his left to see Syndra sitting very close to him as she stared deep through his demonic eyes.


"I'm quite intrigued by your cute appearance. They call you the White Demon and yet you don't look like one. Apart from your eyes, your skin color and your voice, you look exactly like a human. Who did you possessed?" Syndra asked him as she was very curious about him.


"I didn't exactly possessed him. I was simply in a way released by him." Mat answered.


"I don't quite understand what you just said. Are you somehow linked to your vessel?" Syndra asked.


"I was always linked to him ever since we were both born at the same time." Mat replied.


"You're not going to tell me exactly who or what you are, are you?" Syndra asked.


"Nope. It's a secret that I can't never speak of." Mat answered.


"That's alright. Is there a name that I can call you by instead of calling you White Demon?" Syndra asked.


"You can call me Mat." Mat replied.


"Is it your name or your vessel's?" Syndra asked.


"It's a short nickname but let's shift the subject right now." Mat replied, dodging her question.


"Okay Mat. What are you here for?" Syndra asked.


"Well I'm here to offer you something that I'm sure you'll be very interested in." Mat said.


"Let me guess, you're offering me your help to destroy Ionia in exchange for my alliance with you, correct?" Syndra said, seemingly knowing his intentions.


"Bingo! But you forgot the part where I'm going to give you full control over Ionia once we conquer it. So, do we have ourselves a de-"


"Deal!" Syndra shouted, interrupting him.


"Really? You sure? That was a really fast response." Mat said as he was surprised by her quick answer.


"So? I can't turn down on a very generous offer from you. I mean you defeated three Ascended Targonians and their messenger, which means you really are quite powerful, powerful enough to wipe out an entire thousand of waves of Ionian warriors." Syndra said.


"How did you know about m-"


"I sensed immense strong magic in the weapons you carried when you came here. And right now, I'm also sensing another immense strong magic in you." Syndra said after interrupting him.


" it's settled then. We will a-"


"Where are they right now?" Syndra interrupted him again.


"Sorry?" Mat asked as he didn't knew what she was referring to.


"The three Ascended Targonians and their messenger? Did you killed them?" Syndra asked.


"Well no. I kept them at my place in Zaun. They've turned into craving sex whores for my ongoing grand sex brothel." Mat said.


"Oh...that's...that's actually smart...I like that." Syndra said.


"Wait you think that me turning all four of them into craving sex whores was a smart decision?" Mat asked as with a surprised face.







"Well yeah. Pleasure and lust are the strongest desires that any mortals including the ones with divine like magic can't resist acquiring. Even the ones with the strongest minds will eventually succumb to pleasure and lust no matter how long it takes. I assume that you're going to conquer Runeterra through lust and pleasure, right?" Syndra asked. 


"Yup. I'm surprised that you're well informed about pleasure and lust." Mat replied.


"That's because I've been pleasuring myself for the last couple of years." Syndra said.


"Oh...I see..." Mat replied, a little surprised by her answer.


The young woman suddenly untied the small rope from her bath robe, dropping her dress and revealing her busty naked body to the young man. She then forcefully removed Mat's towel from his lower body and tossed it away, exposing his erected thick long shaft. Syndra smiled and grasped his cock with her right hand, slowly stroking it.


"Speaking of pleasure and lust, you wouldn't mind if we have a little fun together?" Syndra asked as she leaned her face close to his while standing on the bench with her knees.


"Not at all." Mat replied with a smirk on his face.







"Wonderful!" Syndra joyfully exclaimed.


The young woman wrapped her arms around the young man's neck with her bent knees laid on the side of his legs. Her busty breasts where pressed on his upper chest while Mat gently held her nice butt cheeks with his hands as the two began passionately wet kissing. After a good long minute, the two broke their kiss, leaving their moist saliva strings between their tongues. Syndra then sat her pussy on the body of his long hard shaft and quickly felt a rush of euphoria from its warmth. She then began moving her hips back and forth at a slow pace, rubbing their genitals together as she moaned faintly in pleasure.


"~Mmmmmmmm!~Your cock is so big! No wonder you turned those poor powerful females into sex whores." Syndra said as she moaned before kissing him.


"Do you think you can handle my cock? I might turn you into a whore." Mat asked her as he felt her wet pussy rubbing on his shaft.


"I can easily handle your big hard cock. I wonder if you can handle my pussy." Syndra said as she grinned at him.


"Pffft! I already fucked many tight pussies. I can easily handle yours." Mat said.


"I'll be the judge of that." Syndra said as she lifted her butt up, placing her pussy closely above the tip of his shaft.


She then lowered herself, slowly getting her moist pussy penetrated by his thick long cock as the two moaned in pleasure. As a third of his cock entered inside her pussy, Mat then began grunting in discomfort as he felt the tightness of Syndra's pussy on his cock. The young woman then halted her descent as she felt her inside stretching out by his thick shaft.


"~Ahhhhhnnn!~Damn that's a big cock. I see you're struggling a little." Syndra said while moving her hips in a clockwise motion.


"Ghng! I'm fine. Like I said, I can handle your pus-GRAAAHHHG! FUCK!" Mat yelled in discomfort as Syndra slammed her body down, shoving his cock deep inside her womb while she yelled in pleasure.


"Ahhh yes!~Ahh!~I can feel your cock pulsating deep inside me! It's warmth and size are making me so horny." Syndra said while moaning in pleasure.


The young woman then began moving her body in a continuous loop of upwards and downwards movements, moaning in pleasure while the young man grunted in both pleasure and discomfort. She felt joy as waves of excitement flowed through out her body, enjoying drilling her wet entrance with his throbbing cock. Her first pleasurable sensations she ever felt with a man's cock quickly overwhelmed her as she pulled the young man's head close to her large soft melons, placing and tightening her grip on his back. After a couple of minutes, Mat felt more and more pleasure by every cycle of Syndra's constant movements as he felt her inside slowly loosening up. He proceeded to grab Syndra's breasts and slightly leaned his head back, placing her nipples on the same level as his lips. Mat then began sucking her left nipple while also licking it, causing Syndra to moan louder in sexual delight.


"~Mmmmmmm!~That feels so good!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~" Syndra said while moaning in pleasure.


"Ooooooh!~Ahhh!~Fuck!~Your pussy feels so amazing!~Ahhh!" Mat said while moaning after releasing his hands from Syndra's boobs.


"~Ahh!~It seems you can handle my tight pussy~Ahh!~" Syndra said as she moaned in pleasure.


"~Ahh!~Let's switch things up a bit." Mat said as he quickly stood up while lifting Syndra up, tightly holding her by her ass cheeks.


"Are you going to show me your powerful strength?" Syndra asked while wrapping tightly his lower back with her legs.


"Even better than that." Mat replied with a smile.


The young man began rocking his pelvis at a very fast pace with heavy force, pounding fast and hard Syndra's pussy. The young woman moaned loudly in pleasure by his massive cock drilling deep inside her womb at an alarming speed.


"~AHH FUCK!~HAAH!~NNGH!~YES!~YES!~AHH FUCK!~DON'T STOP!~NNGH!~AHH!~AHH!~YOUR COCK IS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!~HAIGNN!~NNGH!~" Syndra shouted in extreme pleasure, tightening her grip on the young man's body.


The young woman was feeling an extreme exhilaration as his Mat's pounding cock was jolting her with immense sexual pleasure. Her legs quivered intensely, loosening their grip on his lower back. As she yelled lewdly, the young man began playing with Syndra's tongue, passionately kissing her for several short kisses before curling their moist warm tongues together with their mouths opened. Mat moaned and grunted in pleasure, highly enjoying Syndra's tight pussy. The two were sweating intensely from the heat of their sexual make out combined with the steamy hot smokes of the sauna room they were in.


"~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~I'm cumming Syndra!~" Mat said as he felt close to climaxing.


"~AHHH!~I'M CUMMING TOO!~FUCK!~CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY!~NNGH!~HAGH!~AHHHH!~FUCK I'M CUMMING!~AHH!~I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIINNG!" Syndra screamed loudly in pleasure as she squirted out from her pussy a lot of her love juices while Mat shoved deep one final time his twitching shaft inside her womb.


The young woman then began to puff out a lot as she was already exhausted. She felt Mat's warm semen filling up her womb as their mixed fluids flowed out from her stretched entrance. After he finished emptying his load, the young pale white man pulled out his oozing dick from her pussy, leaving her gaped hole leaking out their entire mixed love juices.


"*Puff* That was incredible! *Puff* I can't feel my legs! *Puff* You even stretched my pussy! *Puff* We should do this more often! *Puff*" Syndra said while catching up her breath.


"We can go for another round right now." Mat said as he gently dropped Syndra on the wooden bench.


"*Puff* Not now! *Puff* I'm so exhausted already! *Puff* Your big cock completely drained me! *Puff*" Syndra said.


"Well I was right. You couldn't handle my cock that easily." Mat said as he opened the door.


"*Puff* I can agree with that. I underestimated you. *Puff*" Syndra said.


"Well it was your first time with a man's cock. It just so happens to be with me." Mat said as he exited the room, picking up his clothes.


"You're leaving already?" Syndra asked as she saw him dressing himself up.


"Yup. I have another important meeting. But don't worry, I'll be back." Mat said while picking up his magical gears.


"Can I come with you? I feel lonely out here." Syndra asked him after approaching him, her legs were still shaking.


"Sure you can. Here, you'll need some healing first." Mat replied as he placed his green glowing right hand on her head, fully healing her up and himself as green magical aura formed around them.


"Oh wow! I no longer feel tired! And I see my pussy has returned to normal like if I never had sex before." Syndra said in surprisement as she rubbed her female entrance.


"That's the power of healing magic. Alright then, get yourself dressed up. I'll wait for you outside. Don't be late." Mat said as he approached the large gates of the building.


"Don't worry Mat. I'll be quick." Syndra said as she flew up to the second floor of her house.

Mat smirked after Syndra left to get herself ready. Fully geared up and dressed, Mat placed his right hand on the gate but then suddenly stopped himself from opening it as he felt a strange presence around him.


"Shit! There's someone else here other than me and Syndra! I sense someone's magic." Mat said as he moved a few steps back from the door.


He then quickly closed his eyes, scouting the area outside of the building by sensing for any beings with magic.


"Karma! She's here! I remember her magic. But, I sense another foreign magic coming from a blade. Otherwise, I don't sense any other magic but I do sense a huge amount of Ki energy. Karma probably came with a huge army. A smart move but I already have a lot of magic with me." Mat said to himself.


"Are you alright Mat? I heard you talking to yourself." Syndra said as she approached him in her dark black uniform while levitating herself in the air.


"We have company. Ionian company." Mat said to Syndra.


"What!? Are you fucking kidding me!? Were you followed!?" Syndra yelled at him.


"I think so. Probably some of those silent ninja Ionian spies have seen me came in this place." Mat replied.


"Well no matter. The Ionians are always stupid and scared. They always underestimated my power!" Syndra said as her hands glowed dark black with an purple aura around them, creating three large dark black spheres that were floating above her.


"Good. Let's kill them all." Mat said before he opened the large gates.


The two were welcomed by hundreds of Ionians men equipped with silver armors on their bodies, wooden bows on their backs and sharp steel swords on their hands. Standing in front of the army was Karma who seemed very angry as she glared at Syndra and Mat.


Next to the right side of Karma was a young and athletic Ionian woman in her mid 20's that was wielding a large half shattered black blade on her right hand. Her weapon had a black handle and had strange symbols carved on the blade. She had white short hair, brown eyes, black makeup around the eyelids, black eyelashes and a white line tattoo on each of her cheeks. She wore a white clothing that covered her torso, her back and her upper thighs, leaving the light beige skin of her arms and her legs exposed. She also wore black sandals and had white bandages on her forearms. A part of her white hair behind the back of her head was tied as she had a small ponytail hair that was held upwards.


The young man then glanced up, seeing a dozen of Ionian men dressed in black ninja suits as they were hanging on the walls and the rooftop of the building. He also spotted a very young Ionian girl with black hair and in a two piece dark green outfit that covered her chest and her lower body. Her appearance showed that she was very young, at least 16 years old. She had brown eyes, black eyelashes and black eyebrows and she also wore a green long mask and brown long leather boots. Most of her medium length hair were attached by a green hairband, flinging all of her hair to the left side. She had silver cloud shape tattoos on her shoulders and a silver ocean wave pattern tattoo on her right arm. Attached to her lower back by a thick brown rope was a cylinder bag that was filled with smoke bombs, silver steel kunais and shurikens. The young girl wielded a silver steel kama in her right hand and a silver steel kunai in her left hand.




"I like to see you all try! You're the one who should stand down!" Syndra shouted back at Karma.


"Hehehehe! Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Mat maniacally laughed loudly, glancing down on the floor.


Everyone glanced at him as they watched him laughed like a true demon. The young man then slowly glanced his head back up, smiling crazily at Karma.


"Long time no see, spiritual bitch! It seems you didn't learn your lesson! Now I will show you a small glimpse on how I kill and torture Ionian sheeps!" Mat shouted to Karma as he quickly drew the silver Crescent Moonblade with his right hand.




Chapter Text

"Don't you dare do it!" Karma shouted at Mat.


"You can't stop me!" Mat shouted as he performed a quick crescent swing with the silver moonblade, launching from it an enormous magical bolt of lunar energy towards his enemies.


Karma quickly pulled up her glowing green hands in front of her, creating a strong  wide field green barrier all around her and her allies, blocking Mat's dangerous moon magic attack.


"It's useless! You can't win! We have you outnumbered! Take one step and we will kill you!" Karma angrily shouted to him.


"I'm surprised that your plan to come here was based on your emotions rather than your intellect. I guess Ionians are really stupid after all." Mat said.


"We're not stupid! I can easily crush you with just a broken blade!" the young woman next to Karma shouted to him.


"Relax Riven! Don't underestimate him. We have full control over the situation." Karma said to the young next to her.


"If we don't kill him now, he's going to kill us all instead!" Riven said to Karma.


"I know but we need to take this one step at a time. If we screw this up, we're all dead!" Karma replied to Riven.


Karma then advanced slowly towards the two dangerous beings while keeping her barrier up as her allies followed her.


"Take another step and all of you will die!" Mat warned his enemies.


"You're bluffing!" Riven said to him.


"You guys do know about my reading ability and my magic absorption ability, right?" Mat asked to them.


"We are well aware on what you can do. That's why we came here fully prepared. It doesn't matter what type of magic you have with you right now. I'll just block them all." Karma replied to him.


"Are you aware of my signature move?" Mat asked Karma.


"What signature move are you talking about?" Karma asked as she didn't knew what he was talking about.


"That's unfortunate for all of you. Let me show you a very powerful and special version of my signature move." Mat said as he smiled, placing back the silver moonblade in his belt.


He then crossed his hands together, placing his index and middle fingers together while lifting up his thumbs so that his hands together formed a similar shape to a handgun. Karma and her allies halted her movements as they saw Mat  pointing his hands to them. The Zenith Blade, The Shield of Daybreak and the Crescent Moonblade all suddenly glowed brightly as a glowing yellow orange and silver white mixed colored sphere magically formed on the tip of Mat's fingers. Yellow sunlight rays and white moonlight rays shined from all around Mat's body as his right eye and the veins on his right side glowed orange while his other side instead glowed silver. The cape part of his coat began to float by the blustering winds that formed and blew  around the young man. The magical sphere slowly grew larger as Mat was charging up for his next devastating attack. Karma quickly looked up to the roof and stared at the young girl in a green assassin uniform. She gives her a nod, signaling her to attack Mat while he was off guard.


"I will instantly kill any of you that tries anything stupid!" Syndra said with a strong echoing voice to the ninja army above her as she created two more dark spheres around her.


"Hehehe! Guess your only option is to withstand my attack!" Mat said to Karma as the magical sphere on his fingers reached its max growth.


"Try me! I will easily stop your useless attack!" Karma shouted with anger at Mat as she clenched her fists, strengthening her magical barrier.


"Good luck! Their deaths will be your fault!" Mat said to Karma with a happy smile on his face.


The silent ninja army didn't attacked as they knew it would be suicide if they did because of Syndra. The Ionian army didn't move at all and prayed that their spiritual leader will protect them. Riven stood behind Karma, thinking that she was safer behind her.


"DELUXE ECLIPSE BUSTER SHOT!!!" the pale white young man screamed with happiness as he released his magical attack, releasing a very enormous orange-silver twisting beam shot that flew at high speed towards Karma while his arms flew up above his head from the intense recoil of his magical attack.


The beam shot impacted the barrier, immediately crushing it into pieces as Karma was taken off guarded by the beam shot's immense power and speed. The beam shot however didn't stopped nor exploded as it passed through the shattered barrier, forcing Karma to quickly act as she created a smaller barrier around her that protected her and Riven. After a matter of a few seconds, the beam shot continued its path at light speed, vaporising anything that came in contact with. And after that, the powerful beam shot quickly vanished after traveling very long distances. Karma then cancelled the small barrier as she fell on her knees, completely exhausted from using a big portion of her spiritual magic. She then glanced at Mat, seeing him on his knees as fuming smokes were emitted from his overheated coat and from the three weapons that stopped glowing.


"Look behind you!" Mat said to Karma with a crazy joyful smile on his face.


Karma glanced behind her, only to be fully paralysed out of shock as she saw that her entire army were completely vanished without leaving any traces. Riven was the only one who stood there unscathed.




"Like I said, their deaths are your fault." Mat said as he joyfully laughed.


While Karma was grieving in sadness to the horrible deaths of her allies, Mat lifted his right arm up, pointing his index finger up. The Celestial Staff suddenly began to glow brightly like a shooting bright star. Riven knew what Mat was doing and quickly ran towards him, closing the distance between them very fast. Syndra intervened by sweeping her dark spheres in a curved motion to her left, unleashing a large dark purple magical wave at Riven. Riven couldn't dodge the attack as it was too immense in width and length, knocking her down on the ground as she immediately fell unconscious and dropped her weapon. Karma turned back at Riven after she heard the fallen woman's loud grunt of pain. The spiritual lady placed her green glowing hands together as they glowed even more bright, preparing for a crazy devastating attack at Syndra as she was fueled with pure rage. However, Syndra laughed at Karma and stood behind Mat as she knew about his magic absorption ability, which caused Karma to cancel entirely her attack.


"What the fuck are you doing Lady Karma! Just release all of your magic at him!" the young girl in a green uniform yelled at Karma.


"I can't Akali! He will absorb it!" Karma shouted back at the young girl.


"He can only absorb half of your magic! He has a fucking limit to how much he can absorb!" Akali yelled back at Karma in frustration.


"But what if he can absorb all of my magic!? We don't know if he trained to increase his limit!" Karma yelled at Akali as she was filled with doubts.


"Just fucking unleash all of your magic at him! We don't have time to think abo-"


"Too late. You might wanna look up." Mat said to Akali as he stared intensely at her.


Everyone then look up in the sky, seeing falling large orange stars rapidly descending towards the Ionian ninja group. Akali had barely enough time to react as she leaped out from the building before the magical powerful falling stars landed on Syndra's homestead, completely destroying it while the Ionian ninja group were caught in the devastating magic shooting. Half of the dojo house was instantly vaporised while the rest of the household were flying off in giant and small shattered debris, some flying towards Akali who was rolling on the grassy floor. As she quickly stood up on her feet, a magical green barrier appeared in front of her, protecting her from the dangerous and possible lethal flying debris. Once the heavy dust smokes and debris settled, Karma cancelled the barrier and dropped on her knees, still exhausted from her unprepared defense. Karma and Akali looked at Mat and saw that he and Syndra were perfectly fine as there was a large transparent bubble shield engulfing them. Mat then flicked his right fingers, popping his magical shield while the Celestial Staff and his demonic eyes stopped glowing. His veins then glowed bright rose purple as a small rose purple portal magically formed close to his right side.



"Again Karma, their deaths are your fault." Mat said to Karma as he crazily smiled.


"You fucking monster! I'm going to kill you!" Akali shouted in pure rage after witnessing the death of her allies caused by him.


The young girl then rushed towards her as fast as she could, but she only took a few dashing steps before she felt her neck forcefully grabbed and choked by a strong hand. Akali then glanced behind to see another small rose purple portal with Mat's right hand coming out of it and holding her by her neck. A huge white magical bubble then formed around her body before Mat's right hand was retracted back, closing the two magical portals. The large white bubble then suddenly popped, causing the young girl to feel very drowsy. She then fell flat on the ground, falling into a deep sleep. After in a matter of minutes, Karma was the only one remaining to stand against Mat and Syndra.


"So spiritual bitch, what are you going to do now? You can't defeat me. I'm essentially a hard counter to you." Mat said to Karma.


"Shut up! I will defeat you!" Karma replied by yelling angrily at him.


"Then show me that you can defeat me because I don't see a weak spiritual bitch like you defeating me." Mat said to her.


"I'm not a bitch! And I'm also not weak! You know how many lives you ruined!?" Karma yelled at him.


"I killed and tortured millions. And I don't regret any of it. In fact, I enjoyed killing them. They're screams were music to my ears. Hehehehe!" Mat replied as he laughed at Karma.


"You fucking monster! I won't show you any mercy!" Karma yelled back, more angered by his laugh.


"Just like how I didn't show you any mercy when I raped you. And I must say, I missed shoving my cock deep inside your holes, especially your asshole." Mat said as he smiled at her.


The spiritual lady then grunted in pure anger by his reply, placing her hands together in front her as her they glowed very brightly green. Her eyes then began to glow bright green as green light beams shot out from her eyes and from her entire body. A huge magical green bright energy sphere formed in front of her hands as she channeled all of her spirit magic into a single attack. The magic spiritual sphere then quickly grew very big as two twisting pink auras formed around it. The ground beneath Karma shook violently and winds blustered all around her from the intense and immense force generated by her channeling, blowing hard to the grass around her, to her hair and to her clothes. The magical spirit energy in her palms was now tall and very enormous.


"I know you intentionally provoked her to fire all of her magic at you but I'm pretty certain that you can't absorb all of it. That's not considering the magic of an Aspect in your body." Syndra said to Mat.


"I know but who said I was going to absorb her magical attack?" Mat replied.


"Die you demon monster freak! Your death will bring back Ionia at peace!" Karma yelled at Mat.


"Yeah sure. Ionia isn't going to repair itself even if I'm dead. After all, Ionia has now several small factions because of their stupid balance moral codes." Mat said as his hands glowed bright rose purple.


"SAE ELEISA TERA VI JIA!!! (Discover the meaning of pain)" Karma yelled her lungs out in a dialect of ancient Ionian as she releasing her attack, firing at Mat an enormously massive big bright light green beam with two smaller pink twisting auras beams around it.


Her magical devastating attack was so powerful that it vaporised completely everything in its path as it traveled at lightspeed. Any grounds that was in the way of the destructive beam completely vanished as only the ocean water underneath them remained. Karma was half blinded by the intense bright light emitted by her powerful attack, but she was confident that Mat couldn't withstand her all in strength. After a few long seconds of releasing all of her magic, Karma fell on her knees, now heavily exhausted as she breathed intensely for air, her body temperature significantly spiked up. She then heard a loud bang noise that was quickly followed up by the crumbling noises of a building violently crashing down while also hearing the screams of people in fear and in shock. The spiritual lady then glanced up and her spirit shattered almost immediately.


"No!...No!...This can't be real!...This can't be happening!" Karma whimpered at to what she was seeing.


She saw a very immense portal that showed the Placidium of Navori almost fully destroyed and vaporised. Burning black smokes were everywhere and the beautiful flora was completely gone. The buildings were either vaporised in half, shattered into pieces or completely vaporised. There were small scorching debris all scattered around the burnt ground and there were many green flames burning on several heavy damaged buildings, some flames were even burning on the empty ground. There were little signs of any people alive apart from a few burnt and burning corpses laying on debris and on the ground, even some severed limbs were seen around the ravaged place. Karma couldn't feel the presence of any living Ionians in her hometown. They were all dead. There weren't any survivors at all. The spiritual lady was completely paralysed as her quivering widened eyes heavily watered, realising that she just killed thousands of her own people and destroyed her hometown. The portal then magically disappeared, showing that the other side where Mat stood on was completely intact.


"And for the third and final time, their deaths are your fault. Ahahahaha! Ahahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Mat laughed loudly in joy, seeing Karma's depressed face.


The young man then leaped over the gap with Syndra following him in her levitation. As Mat approached Karma, he noticed that she wasn't doing anything. She was just staring down at the grassy ground as tears continued to poured down from her eyes. The young pale white man then grabbed Karma's head and forcefully tilted it up, only to see that her face expressed pure sadness and depression. Her eyes were soulless.


"It seems I finally broke her spirit and her mind for good this time." Mat said to Syndra as he happily smiled.


"Wow!...That was...really cruel...switching the direction of her obliterating attack to her own hometown and then make her watch its destruction by her own attack...I must say, that was an amazing and brilliant plan." Syndra said to Mat as she applauded him.


"I know. Now everyone will think that The Placidium of Navori was destroyed by their own protector. If only she didn't let her anger have high influence over her decisions, then she would have lesser casualties." Mat said.


"So what now? Do we kill her?" Syndra asked him.


"Nope. We're taking her at my place and turn her into a whore. With her will completely shattered, it should be very easy to turn her into a slut." Mat answered.


"What about that white hair woman there?" Syndra asked Mat as she pointed at Riven.


"We're also taking her at my place. We're going to rape her till she breaks. It won't be easy but we will eventually break her mind." Mat replied.


"And what about that very young girl over there?" Syndra asked him as she pointed at Akali.


"I'm taking her too. She's a perfect gift to my girlfriend as she loves playing with young girls." Mat replied.


"You have a girlfriend?" Syndra asked him, feeling jealous that he had a girlfriend.


"I do. Are you jealous?" Mat asked her.


"I am actually. Who's your girlfriend anyways?" Syndra asked.


"Her name is Evelynn. She's the Demon of Agony and a very fucking sexy demon! Just looking at her boobs, her ass or even her face gives me a huge boner. Also, she doesn't mind me fucking other females so as long I please her. If you want, we can have an amazing threesome together with my girlfriend. She knows how to really please any females." Mat said as he unzipped his pants, dropping them on the ground.


"I think I would love to try it one day." Syndra said as she stared at Mat's erected thick long cock.


"Excellent. Now then, before we leave, I need to do a quickie with this spiritual bitch." Mat said as he grabbed Karma's head with his right hand and pulled it close to his cock.


Before he could shove his dick inside Karma's jaw dropped mouth, he suddenly heard the noises of footsteps coming towards his direction. He quickly glanced at the direction of the noises, seeing a young girl with long blue hair wearing a red suit with silver steel armor plates and tight blue sweat pants. She also wore leather brown boots and had six large sharp pointy crescent blades hovering behind her back. The young girl stared at Mat as he stared back at her.


"...Love blade?...No!...You're not him! You're the White Demon! You possessed him!" the young girl shouted angrily at him.


"Why hello there Irelia! It's been a while since...Arg!...since I heard the words love bla-ARGH!!!...GAAHH!!!" Mat said before he suddenly grunted in intense pain, falling on his knees as he felt his heart horribly aching in pain and his head severely thumping in agony.


"MAT!!!?" Syndra shouted as she quickly kneeled herself next to Mat.


"AAAAARRRGH!!!...SHIT!...It hurts! GRAAAH!!!...Damn it!...her voice!...her cursed words! ARGH!!!...My ears are bursting!" the white pale young man screamed in undesirable pain as he felt a continuous acute sharp sound playing loudly in his ears.


His right eye then suddenly changed into a regular human eye. His glowing yellow right iris became black.

Chapter Text

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! It fucking hurts! Make it stop! AAAARGH!!!" the young pale man continued to scream in pure agony as the unbearable headache and the ear breaking sound wouldn't stop.


Standing up was an extremely difficult task for him to do as he felt his legs almost fully paralysed while he also felt a enormous heavy weight on his chest that was pulling him down. Despite the constant pain, Mat managed to stand on his feet but quickly placed his hands on his head to calm himself down even though it didn't work that way. Syndra and Irelia then noticed his body drastically changing as his entire skin body turned light brown except for the right side of his face. An immense black raven wing sprouted from the left side of his back while he was still grunting and screaming in pain. Irelia took a deep glare at his face while he glare back at her, the two having a shocked expression on their faces. A part of his skin color and a part of his face reminded her of the Mat he used to love. She remembered vividly the last time she saw him before she almost killed him.


"Irelia! Leave-ARGH!...Leave right now!...It's too dangerous for you to be here! GRAAAAHH!!!" Mat warned Irelia with a distorted voice while he screamed in pain.


Irelia's heart then suddenly felt warm after she heard in the White Demon's distorted voice, the voice of the one she deeply cared and loved.


"Love blade! You're still alive!" Irelia shouted with warm tears quickly flowing out from her eyes.


She then dashed towards him but she quickly stopped as Mat placed his right hand in front of him, signaling her to not approach him. Syndra clenched her left  fist and pointed her right index finger at Irelia, launching her five dark spheres at the Ionian Guard Captain as she knew that killing her would end Mat's suffering. Irelia couldn't defend herself as she knew her floating blades would be vaporised by Syndra's dark spheres. She couldn't dodge in time as the dark spheres were traveling too fast for her to react. Fortunately for her, the dark spheres suddenly vanished before coming in contact with her. Irelia glanced at Syndra, seeing her being forcefully strangled by Mat's right hand.


"Ghng! What the hell are you doing!?" Syndra said to Mat as she felt her neck slowly being crushed.


"Trust me Syndra! It's better this way!" Mat said before tossing Syndra away with brute force.


Syndra then quickly stood up and tried to channel her magic, but she quickly realised that her connection with her magic was cut off as she noticed a mechanical choker on her neck.


"Stay down!" Mat yelled at Syndra before turning his gaze back to Irelia.


The young Ionian girl then approached the suffering young man, keeping her vision at him while dropping her floating blades behind her.




"Fight it! You can defeat it! Don't let it control you!" Irelia shouted to Mat, encouraging the good Mat to fight for his freedom from the White Demon.


"It's not that easy! Just leave Irelia! I can't defea-"


"Don't say that! You're stronger than this! I believe in you! I believe in you with all my heart!" Irelia interrupted him as she continued to yell at him.


"It's no use! ARRRGGH!!! I'm already done for! GAH!!! Just leave while you still can!" Mat shouted to Irelia as he still grunted in pain.


Irelia completely ignored his warning and instead held Mat's cheeks. She then leaned her head close to his, sticking their noses together.


"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for almost killing you! It wasn't your fault! I should have known that it killed half of the people in Ionia! Not you!" Irelia said to him as warm tears still continuing to flow down from her eyes.


"What are you apologizing for? I should have been honest with you before. And besides, it was perfectly normal for you to be angry at me once you learn-"


"Stop talking nonsense! I'm sorry alright!?...Just please!...please fight it back! Comeback please!...I...I...I miss much...I want you back...I want to start a new life with you..." Irelia stuttered, still crying as she desperately begged him to fight the White Demon for his freedom.


"Why!? You do realise that we can't be together." Mat said.


"Yes we can be together! I don't care what my people think about us! You know why!? Because I still think about you to this day! Because I love you!" Irelia shouted.


The Ionian girl then kissed the young man, locking their lips together as the two closed their eyes while tears suddenly stopped leaking from her eyes. After a good long minute, the two broke their kiss as a neon pink smoke formed around their faces before it completely vanished. Irelia then opened her eyes and her jaw immediately dropped as she saw her lover in a long time.


"Mat?...Is it really you?" Irelia asked him as she couldn't believe he defeated the White Demon's overtake.


"It is me, my love. I'm here." Mat replied to her.


After hearing his reply with his real voice, Irelia tightly hugged him as she joyfully cried a lot. She sobbed for a few long minutes while Mat comforted her by gently caressing her long blue hair. After that, the two broke their warm embrace as they stared back at each other's eyes. Irelia then suddenly felt very horny as her female entrance moistened, feeling an overwhelming lustful desire to satisfy her fast sexual growing urges with her lover.


"~Let me make up for the horrible things I made you go through~" Irelia said to Mat with a seducing tone as she kneeled herself down.


She was then shocked by the thick long size of Mat's erected cock. Mat then grinned at her, giving her a creepy smile.


"I know. I had a weird encounter with a crazy woman. She kinda injected me with drugs and one of them caused my penis to grow thicker and two inches longer." Mat said to Irelia.


"It''s fine..." Irelia stuttered.


The young girl placed her hands on his crotch as she began to slowly lick the tip of his cock, causing the young man to moan in pleasure as a jolt of euphoria shocked his body.




"What sorcery did you pulled  this time?" Syndra asked to Mat as she approached him, seeing his pale white skin and his demonic black eyes with glowing yellow irises.


"Reverse psychology, some mind and body manipulation techniques and a lust spell. Mix them all together and voilà! You get yourself the greatest warrior in Ionia as your obedient lover." the White Demon replied to Syndra.


"Wait! That whole thing where you screamed in pain? That was completely an act? And the whole thing where you were losing control over your vessel, was that also a fake act?" Syndra asked.


"Yup. All of it was fake." Mat replied as she broke the mechanical choker on Syndra's neck with the sheer strength of his right hand.


"Okay but what about Irelia? Why does she still think that you're her lover?" Syndra asked.


"I used a special lust magic spell that Evelynn gave me before I left to come her. I casted it on Irelia when our lips connected. Not only her lust will grow extremely high in a matter of minutes but  she also sees me differently than the others. She sees me as her lover when in reality, she's just seeing me. Also, everyone else she sees are considered friends to her." Mat explained.


"So right now, she's hallucinating her lover instead of you whenever she sees you, correct?" Syndra asked.


"Exactly. And once her sexual instincts overloads, she'll just be another sex slave." Mat replied with a crazed smile.


"Cruel yet brilliant plan. I would have I never thought of this if I were in your place." Syndra said. 


"I am very smart but I'm only this smart thanks to my reading ability." Mat said.


"So what now?" Syndra asked.


"Well, you can help me overload Irelia's sexual instincts. We've got plenty of time before we leave this place." Mat replied.


"Alright then. I'll help." Syndra said as she approached Irelia, standing behind her.


The young dark mage then placed her hands on Irelia's right shoulders, engulfing the young girl's girl in a dark black aura mist. Syndra then pulled back her hands, causing the magical black mist to instantly disappear. Irelia's clothes were now gone as only her small silver crown on het head remained as her piece of clothing. Syndra then kneeled herself down close behind Irelia as she placed her right hand on the naked girl's moist entrance, slowly massaging it as Irelia yelped in pleasure. The young Ionian girl then began sucking half of Mat's shaft with passion as she heard his deep faint moans. Irelia applied a gentle sucking pressure as she moved her head back and forth. She then stopped sucking his dick as it was a little too dry, so she spitted on his cock and used it as a moisturizer as she slowly stroked it with her right hand. She then resumed sucking his cock but this time, she swallowed the entire throbbing thing. She passionately massaged his thick shaft with her warm moist tongue, making him even more aroused as the length of his moans lasted longer than before. Irelia moaned in pleasure as she felt Syndra's right index and middle fingers thrusting inside her wet pussy. She then moaned louder as she felt a warm pleasant sensation moving inside her butthole. Syndra had inserted an anal beads made from small dark spheres inside Irelia's backdoor and slowly moved it with her left hand. Irelia then sucked harder Mat's manhood as she accelerated the pace of her head movement, quivering the young man's body with intense pleasure. Mat then grabbed Irelia's head and shoved his shaft deep inside her throat, ejaculating his warm semen inside her mouth. He then released his grip on her as he pulled his cock out of her mouth while Irelia joyfully drank his semen. The dark mage then made her anal beads disappear before she proceeded to undress herself. Syndra then grabbed Irelia's head and deep kissed her, both passionately playing their tongues together as the dark mage savored the leftover semen in the young girl's mouth. The young man then kneeled himself down and pulled Irelia's butt to him after the two females finished kissing. Irelia quickly stood on her hands and knees as she watched the young pale white man inserting his cock inside her pussy. As his pulsating thick shaft slowly penetrated inside her entrance, Irelia and Mat moaned in sexual delight. Syndra then stood on her knees in front of Irelia and grabbed the blue haired girl's head, pulling it close to her pussy.




"~Ooooooh!~Her pussy is incredibly warm. It feels really good." the young man said as he began thrusting his shaft back and forth inside Irelia's pussy.


"~Ahhh!~Haigh!~Your cock feels so good!~Awnhh!~I missed it so much!~" Irelia lewdly said to Mat as she moaned in pleasure, feeling his cock moving inside her entrance.


Irelia then proceeded to lick Syndra's pussy with her warm moist tongue as she smashed her lips on the dark mage's pussy lips, applying a gentle sucking pressure.


"~Ahh!~Good girl!~Ahhhh!~This Ionian girl knows how to please me~Ahhh!~Can I keep her as my personal pet?" Syndra asked Mat while she moaned in pleasure from the pleasant feeling of Irelia's warm tongue.


"~Ahh!~Sure thing Syndra!~Ooooh!~" Mat said while moaning in pleasure as he gripped Irelia's large butt cheeks.


The young man then deepened the penetration by shoving his cock inside the young girl's womb while moving it at a normal pace, causing Irelia to joyfully moan through her closed lips. He moaned in deep moans as he felt Irelia's inside tightening on his cock and the soothing warmth of her inside jolted him with amazing sexual sensations. As for Irelia, she was happy because she felt her lover's cock banging deep inside her pussy even though she was under a hallucinating lust spell. The drilling manhood inside her made her feel incredible and exciting pleasure feelings coursing through out her body. Her mouth were then suddenly met by the dark mage's clear fluids as Syndra ejaculated from a constant tongue massage on her clit.


"Damn. So that's how a human's tongue licking on my pussy feels like. It felt so good that I came too quick." Syndra said as she released her grip on Irelia's head.


The young man then accelerated his pace at a fast speed, pounding Irelia's pussy with strong force and speed, causing Irelia to moan loudly in pleasure as she felt her womb being drilled repeatedly fast by his cock. The young man then spanked Irelia's ass cheeks with both hands, hearing her loud joyful yelp before gripping her butt again.


"~AHHH!~YES!~YES!~I LOVE YOU!~I LOVE YOU MY LOVE BLADE!~AHH!~HAHH!~AGHH!~" Irelia shouted while loudly moaning in intense pleasure.


"I love you too, my love! Hehehe!" Mat replied with a grin as he faintly laughed.


The young man then accelerated his pace even more, moving his cock inside Irelia's pussy at inhuman speed which caused her to scream in extreme sexual pleasure. Her drooling tongue out of her mouth, the young blue haired girl breathed intensely fast with her eyes rolling behind her head as she couldn't withstand his pounding fast cock any longer.


"~AHHH!~I'M-HAAA!~I'M~AIIGH!~HAAAH!~AHHH!~I'M CUMMING!~AHHHH!~AHHH!~" Irelia relentlessly screamed in sexual joy as her pussy was leaking out her love juices.


"Ghng!~I'm cumming too!~AHHH!~ARHHHHAHHHHHH!~" Mat grunted loudly after shoving his cock deep inside Irelia's womb, erupting his warm sticky seeds inside her while Irelia screamed in intense sensual joy.


The young Ionian girl also squirted out her liquids as her entire trembled violently from the incredible sexual feeling she experienced. After several seconds of emptying their fluids, the young man pulled out his cock and Irelia fell flat on the ground. He then glanced at the young girl and saw that she was unconscious as her face expressed a pleased ahegao face with her drooling tongue out.


"Well damn! I might have overloaded her sexual instincts a little too far." Mat said as he stood up and proceeded to pick up his pants.


"It seems so." Syndra said as she picked up her outfit.


With a flick of his right hand, the young man then created a rose purple portal underneath each of the three Ionian fallen females, excluding the depressed Karma, teleporting them to his place. He then closed the portals with another flick of his right hand before he walked up to Karma.


"What's the matter spiritual bitch? You didn't react at all to save Irelia. Why?" Mat asked Karma as he forcefully grabbed her by her neck.


Karma didn't reply nor reacted, she simply stared at him with soul empty eyes. Mat felt her pulse weakened and noticed that her breathing was slower than usual.


"I think she gave up. I'm very positive that she doesn't believe that she can defeat you anymore. Plus, she believes that it was her fault that she murdered a large number of her people and destroyed half of the most sacred place in Ionia. She thinks she's a huge failure to not only to the First Lands but also to the Karma title. She is after all one of the thousands incarnations of the Karma spirit." Syndra said to Mat.


"True. But what's more saddening is that everything that just happened before I was set free could have been prevented if Karma didn't lied to Irelia. What a shame. She should have told Irelia the entire truth instead of lying to her." Mat said.


"What did she said to Irelia?" Syndra asked.


"She told Irelia that my vessel is the White Demon instead of telling her that my vessel has the White Demon living inside of him. There's a clear distinction between those two statements." Mat replied.


"I see. But why she didn't say the complete truth instead?" Syndra asked.


"Because if she did, Irelia would have devoted the rest of her life in saving her lover, meaning that there was a very high chance that Irelia would have given up her duty as the Ionian Guard Captain till she saved him from me. With Irelia being one of the strongest warriors in Ionia and also being the most influential one, losing her would put Ionia in great danger against Noxus and would also cause more civil rivalries in Ionia's traditions and moral codes. And to top it all off, Karma treats my vessel as her own nephew." Mat explained.


"I see now. So Karma had to either choose Ionia or her nephew's future happy life." Syndra said.


"Exactly. Well then, it's time to go now. Are you ready?" Mat asked Syndra as she carried Karma on his right shoulder.


"Yup. Can't wait to meet your friends and your slaves." Syndra replied with a big smile on her face.


With a flick of his right hand, a rose purple portal opened beneath them as they fell into it, traveling instantly to his place. The magical portal then closed, leaving no one in Fae'lor.


Chapter Text

Somewhere in the depths of the White Demon's residence, the two captured Ionians women were locked away in a large jail cell. The floor was very cold and the breezy winds were chilling the two women's bodies. Riven suddenly woke up, gasping loudly as she quickly stood her back up and took several glances around her. She noticed that her wrists were tied together with black heavy steel shackles and her ankles were also chained up by even larger and heavier black shackles. She also noticed that she was completely naked as her body shivered from the cold ambiance. She tried to stand up but the combined weight of the chains made it impossible for her to do so even with all of her might. Riven then glanced at her right, seeing a naked Karma who had no chains on her at all and had a mechanical black choker on her neck instead. The spiritual lady was sitting in a corner wall opposite to Riven, her hands tightly hugging her bent knees where her chin was laid on.


"Lady Karma! What the hell happened!?" Riven shouted to Karma as she didn't remembered much after she got knocked out by Syndra.


The spiritual lady didn't reply. She simply kept staring at the sturdy cold floor in front of her.


"Lady Karma!? Hey! Wake up! What's wrong with you? Can't you hear me?" Riven shouted again, but Karma didn't reply once more.


The spiritual lady then slowly turned her head at Riven, showing her very dark depressed face to her. Riven's eyes widened as she clearly saw Karma's soulless eyes and horrible expression.


"What the hell happened to you Lady Karma!? You look like you seen a lot of your people being killed by someone horrible!" Riven shouted.


"That's because I've seen people being killed by someone horrible." Karma finally replied with a depressive voice.


"Fucking damn it! That fucking demon monster must fucking die! He needs to pay for the deaths of our fallen allies!" Riven shouted in anger as she slammed her fists hard on the ground.


"...He didn't kill our allies..." Karma said.


"What!? What do you mean!? We witnessed him annihilating half of our army in a single move!" Riven shouted.


"...Thousands of our people in Navori were murdered...but not by him or her." Karma said.


"What the fuck!? People are dying in Navori!? We need to get the fuck out of here real quick or Ionia will be completely slaughtered!" Riven shouted as she dragged the chains from her body and very slowly approached the black jail bars.


"...There's no need to leave right now...I sense no one being killed as of right now...And he doesn't need to kill everyone in Ionia..." Karma said to Riven.


"And why wouldn't he want to kill everyone in Ionia!? He's free to do that whenever he wants to!" Riven shouted at Karma as she stared banging the jail bars with her shackles.


"...Because he captured Irelia...and turned her into...her slave...I've seen it..." Karma replied.


"Are you kidding me!? She didn't listen to your warning!? I know that the person the White Demon is currently possessing is her lover but like...she's very important to Ionia! If our people finds out that she went missing or even worst she's now working for him, they will all go berserk and Ionia would kill itself in a matter of days!" Riven shouted.


"...That's his plan...let Ionia kill itself and wait for the other strongest Ionians to show themselves to he could then kill them and take away their magic..." Karma said.


"*Sigh* So then, we're stuck here now till we get rescue which is probably never going to happen considering that he already killed millions before when he was just a mere small demon kid!" Riven shouted after she stopped smashing the jail bars as she didn't damage it at all.


"...He did..." Karma replied, still having her depressed face.


"Wait, where's Akali?" Riven asked.


"She got captured too...she's probably being turned into a slave right now..." Karma replied.


"And we're totally screwed...*Sigh*..." Riven said as she sat down back to her corner.


"...It seems so..."  Karma said as she stared back at the ground.


"By the way, you said that thousands of our people in Navori were killed, but not by him not by Syndra. So then, who killed them?" Riven asked.


"It's simple really. She's one who killed them." a demonic male voice said as the sounds of the jail door opening could be heard.


Riven quickly glanced over at jail bars and saw Mat and Syndra who were both completely naked. She also noticed that Syndra had a dark black erected cock with the same size and length as Mat's pale white erected manhood instead of having a pussy.

"Didn't knew you were a fucking freak!" Riven shouted in anger at Syndra.


"Oh? You're talking about this? I got this new toy from Evelynn. I must say, it feels very real like it was part of my body." Syndra replied to Riven as she stroked her shaft with her right hand.


"I swear if you come close to me with that thing, I will fucking tear it apart!" Riven furiously shouted.


"Oh relax Riven. You'll have your turn soon." Syndra said as she and Mat approached Karma.


Syndra then forcefully grabbed Karma's head and tilted it up while Mat grabbed Karma's arms from behind her and held them together.




"Fucking kill us? How? You're all chained up. I could unchain you and you'll still do nothing because you're just a regular human with a runic blade. I'm far stronger than you without using any magic." Mat said to Riven after interrupting her.


"How about you unchain me and let's see who's stronger. Think you can really beat me without resorting to magic!? Then be a man and fight me!" Riven shouted to him as she stood up.


"You really are an annoying angry bitch!" Mat said as he approached Riven.


The young pale white man then placed his hands on Riven's shackles and a strong magical black purple energy instantly covered the entire chains, vaporising them instantly. Now free, Riven attacked Mat without hesitation by headbutting hard his  face, but the young man reacted extremely fast by catching her head with his right hand. He then strongly choked Riven's neck with his left hand, causing her to fall on her knees while keeping both hands on her. Seeing her gasping for air, Mat then shoved his erected dick inside Riven's mouth and placed his left hand on her head. The young man moved his pelvis forwards while tilting Riven's head slightly up, shoving his entire cock inside her throat as Riven's lips touched his crotch area.


"See? You're a weak fucking bitch!" Mat said as he began hard pounding Riven's mouth with his thick long cock, rocking his pelvis at a fast pace.


The young man moaned in pleasure as he felt the young woman's warm throat soothing his cock. Riven desperately tried to stop him by hitting and punching him several times, but that caused her to drain her strength very quick as she couldn't properly breathe. She then stopped attacking him and let him abuse her mouth as she focused on keeping her oxygen from depleting before he climaxed. She wasn't sure if she could last longer than him, so she proceeded to lick Mat's cock so she could accelerate the time it takes before he cums. The young man moan louder as he felt Riven's moist tongue curling slowly on his cock. The young man then pulled out his cock from her mouth, leaving her time to breathe as she gasped for air. The young Ionian woman was also coughing intensely as she spitted out from her mouth her built up saliva from her constant gargling on his big shaft.


"Good girl. Now suck my cock real good you weak bitch!" Mat said before he resumed pounding Riven's throat.

While he was mercilessly raping her throat as he moaned and grunted in sexual delight, Riven resumed licking his cock while also sucking it with intense pressure, but the young man was very resilient from ejaculating too early. The young Ionian woman then glanced her eyes over Karma, which caused her to feel an powerful sting in her chest as she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Karma was giving head to Syndra as stroked the dark black thick cock with her left hand while being in an all four position.


"~Ahhh!~Damn she knows how to suck a dick!~Ooohhhh!~This feels so incredible!~AHHHH!~" Syndra said as she moaned in pleasure, feeling Karma's warm salivating tongue curling savagely on her shaft.


"That's because I and Evelynn abused her real good a few months ago~Ahhh!~That's why she's a good cock sucker!~Gnhng!~" Mat said to Syndra before slamming one final time his cock inside Riven throat's.


Feeling his warm salty seeds pouring inside her throat, Riven slammed her fists several times on him but the young man firmly kept his hard gripping hands on her head, forcing her to chug every single drops of his sticky cum. After a good thirty seconds, Mat pulled out his dripping cock from Riven's drooling mouth, leaving her to gasp loudly for air and relentlessly coughing out a few drops of the messy mixed fluids in her mouth.


"BLWAAH! *Cough* *Cough* Fucking disgusting! *Gasping* I'm going to fucking murder you! *Cough* *Cough*." Riven angrily said to Mat while having problems with her breathing.


Mat snapped his right fingers, creating magical green glowing bindings around Riven's body. Then, he clenched his right hand, wrapping tightly the ropes on Riven which rendered her immobile. He then slapped a thicker glowing green rope on Riven's mouth, preventing her from speaking or shouting again.

"There. That will keep your bitchy mouth shut." Mat said as he approached Karma, standing behind her.


"~AHHHH!~I'm cumming!~NNGHHHH!~" Syndra moaned loudly as she pulled  Karma's head and tightly held, shoving her ejaculating cock deep inside the spiritual lady's throat.


Karma swallowed every drops of the dark mage's sticky fluids, savoring a sweet blackberry flavor. Syndra then forcefully lifted Karma's head up by holding her cheeks before she proceeded to lock her lips with Karma. The two women rattled passionately their tongues together as they joyfully moaned. Syndra then broke off the short kiss before she giggled to herself, enjoying the flavor of her own semen.


"Didn't knew that I would taste this good." Syndra said as she placed her hands on Karma's hips while Mat placed his hands on Karma's butt.


The two rapists then lifted up the depressed victim as the two firmly tightened their grips on Karma's body. Mat then slowly inserted his erected shaft inside the spiritual lady's butthole while Syndra simultaneously slowly inserted her big cock inside Karma's wet entrance, causing all three to moan deeply in pleasure. Riven then loudly mumbled in pure hatred and rage as she witnessed her captors taking advantage of her ally.


"~Ooooh!~Her pussy feels really good!~" Syndra said as she and Mat already began drilling their cocks inside Karma's holes.


The spiritual lady moaned in pleasure as she felt her rapers' pulsating fat dicks moving slow and deep inside her penetrated holes. She felt incredible jolts of pleasure moving through out her naked body, the heat of their cocks soothed her very nicely. She hugged Syndra's neck with her hands as she enjoyed very much her sexual make out. She no longer felt sad or depressed but instead felt sexual joy and happiness, her eyes seemed alive again. Riven then stopped mumbling as she realised that Karma wasn't acting normally. The young Ionian woman couldn't do anything as she couldn't move at all from the magical bindings placed on her body. All she could do was to watch Karma getting double penetrated as all three  moaned in pleasure.


"~Ahhh!~Oh I almost forgot. Hey Riven!~Ahh!~Karma was the one who killed almost everyone at the Placidium of Navori~Ahhh!~" Mat said to Riven while he moaned in pleasure.


The young man then removed the binding on Riven's mouth with a flick of his right fingers, giving her a chance to reply to him.


"Very funny! That's just a straight up lie! There's no way that Lady Karma would kill her own people!" Riven shouted to Mat.


"~Ahh!~How about you ask Karma?~Ahh!~Then we will see who is telling the truth." Mat said while moaning as him and Syndra sped up their paces, pounding fast their cocks inside Karma's holes.


"~AHHH!~HAAIGH!~I killed them all!~AHHH!~I'm the reason why they all died!~AWHH!~AGH!~AHH!~I'm the reason that the White Demon has returned!~AHH!~FUCK!~MMMMMMMMM!~" Karma said as she loudly yelled in high sexual euphoria.


"W-what...Lady Karma...That can't be right...You're not yourself..." Riven said, not wanting to believe Karma's words. 

"~AHHH!~I'm not lying Riven!~OOOOOHHHH!~I'm telling the truth!~MMMMMMM!~FUCK!~THIS FEELS SO GOOD!~AHHH!~DON'T STOP YOU TWO!!!~AHHHHH!~AIGH!~" Karma said as she lewdly screamed, her mind was filled with naughty thoughts.


Riven didn't reply. She just stared at Karma with her mouth agape. Her body froze and her eyes shook in shock and disbelief. Despite that, she still believe that there was hope for her and for Ionia to return in peace.


"~Ahhh!~I'm cumming!~" Syndra said as felt close to climax, drilling her cock deep inside Karma's womb.


"~Ghng!~Me too Syndra!~Ahhhh!~Her ass feels really good!~Ahhhhh!~Where you want our cum, spiritual bitch!?~Oooooh!~" Mat asked Karma as he moaned in pleasure.


"~NNGH!~AHHHH!~I'M CUMMING!~AIIGH!~CUM INSIDE ME PLEASE!~AHHH!~AHHHHHH!~I'M CUMMING!~AHHH!~HAGNH!~AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!~" Karma screamed her lungs out as she squirted non-stop her fluids out like a flowing fountain.


Mat and Syndra also deeply moaned in pleasure after a final push of their cocks deep inside Karma's drilled holes, quickly filling the spiritual lady with their warm loads. After a few minutes, the two rapists pulled out their leaking dicks and gently dropped Karma on the floor. The broken Ionian lady had a very satisfied lewd face as she breathed fast, her gaped asshole was oozing white semen while her stretched pussy was oozing dark black semen.


"Alright then, time for your punishment Riven." Mat said as Mat and Syndra grabbed the paralysed Riven.


"GRRRRRR! LET GO OF ME YOU FUCKING FREAKS! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU TWO!" Riven screamed in anger and pure rage even though she couldn't move at all.


Holding the white haired woman in place, the two smiling rapists positioned themselves so that Mat was underneath Riven and Syndra was on top of her. The dark mage's frontal was laid on Riven's back while the Ionian woman had her stomach laid on Mat's. The young man tightly held Riven's ass while Syndra held Riven's neck with her left arm.


"Now I'm curious on how it feels to fuck a woman's butthole." Syndra said as she leaned her head next to Riven's right cheek, positioning her erected cock above Riven's asshole.


"Let's punish this angry bitch Syndra." Mat said to Syndra as he positioned his erected shaft underneath Riven's pussy after lifting her butt up.


"Let's punish this angry bitch Syndra. She's been screaming a lot and it hurts my ears when she yells nonsense." Mat said to Syndra as he positioned his erected shaft underneath Riven's pussy after lifting her butt up.


The two then slammed hard their throbbing shafts deep inside Riven's holes, causing her to scream in pain as red liquid tears flowed out from her raped pussy. The Ionian woman then continued to shout in agony, feeling a horrible burning sensation inside her back entrance as Syndra mercilessly pounded fast Riven's butthole.


"~Ahhh!~Damn her ass is tight! It feels really good!~Ahhhh!~" Syndra said while moaning as she continued to rape Riven.


"~Ahh!~Stop it you fucking freaks!~Nngh!~Fucking hell it hurts fucking so bad! You're tearing me in half!" Riven yelled as she faintly moaned.


"Don't worry Riven~Ahhh!~You're going to love this anytime soon." Mat said to Riven as he let out a grin on his face.


Riven let out an angry face as she glared at him before she closed her eyes, enduring the pain she was experiencing as much as she can. She let out a couple of faint moans as she felt Mat's heated drilling cock moving fast inside her wet entrance. His manhood felt really good to her but she completely resisted the lust and pleasure, focusing her anger and rage on both Mat and Syndra even though she couldn't do anything due to do magical ropes that held tightly her arms and her body together. The pain she felt in her behind was growing painfully fast as she continuously grunted loudly. Riven was strong as she had a strong mind but she was still moaning a few more times. The pleasure she felt from his hard big dick pounding through the entrance of her womb felt too good to her to the point where she stopped resisting herself from moaning. After seemingly long painful minutes, Riven felt the two cocks twitching violently while she felt close to climaxing. The young man and the dark mage shoved one final time their shafts deep inside the Ionian woman's raped holes, moaning in pleasure while they filled Riven's holes with their warm sticky fluids as Riven ejaculated her clear liquids.


"~Ahhhhh!~That felt really good. I should do this more often." Syndra said as she pulled out her oozing magical cock from Riven's gaped back hole and quickly stood up on her feet.


"Well you can join me and Evelynn tonight. We're going to turn Akali into our special slave." Mat said to Syndra as he stood up, his leaking semen dripped on Riven's face.


"That's sounds wonderful. I'll gladly join you two." Syndra said with a joyful smile as she and Mat walked outside the jail cell.


"Fucking freaks! I'm not done with you two! I'm going to find a way to free myself. And then, I'll kill you both in an instant." Riven angrily yelled at the two evil beings as she was laid on the floor.


"Just stop believing in hope Riven. You can't do anything and I'm far superior than you. So please, be a good girl. In a few hours, you'll have a lot of new friends to play with." Mat said as he shut tight and locked the jail bars.


"Wait! Come back! Listen to me you stupid freaks! I don't care what you say, I'll find a way to free myself even if it takes months! You hear me!? I'll kill you both!" Riven continued to yelled in pure rage as she saw Mat and Syndra walking away. 


The two then left the place, both still hearing the constant raging shouting of the angry Ionian woman.


"You think that she'll succumb to lust? She seems to have a stronger spirit than Karma." Syndra asked Mat.


"She will succumb to lust just like the others. I'll just give her a large dose of lust magic and let my loyal men handle the rest." Mat replied with a malicious smile.


"I see. Well then, shall we prepare for the opening of your grand sex brothel?" Syndra asked.


"Of course. After that, we will proceed to give our big gifts to Akali." Mat replied.


"This sounds like fun. I never knew I would have this much fun in my life. And it's thanks to you." Syndra said as she gave a gentle kiss on Mat's right cheek.


"Indeed. The true fun had already begun." the White Demon said before he laughed in pure joy.




Chapter Text

Tonight was another night of the grand sex brothel. It had twice the amount of visitors than last time in addition to Irelia and Karma as the two new brainwashed prostitutes. While loud moans and joyful grunts could be heard a few meters from the heavily active brothel, the White Demon was focused on adding two more female Ionians in his sex slave collection. As he entered his master bedroom, he saw that everyone were happily waiting for him except for the two young female Ionians who were both very mad. Riven's feet were tied to the floor by heavy iron chains and her hands were tied together behind her back with a thick sturdy rope. She was in a standing position as she was forcefully held up by Zyra and Elise. The plant girl held the white haired woman's butt from behind and the spider girl held Riven's hips as she stood in front of her. Riven could only shout and make mumbled noises as she had a thick cobweb tape on her mouth. After he closed his bedroom door, Mat approached to his large bed and quickly undressed himself as he saw Syndra, Evelynn and Akali on the bed with all three of them completely naked. Evelynn's shadow lashers were tightly holding the young Ionian girl's hands together up, preventing her from trying to escape.


"Look at you Akali. You look very stunning!" Mat said with a grin as he stared at Akali's large boobs and athletic naked body.


"Fuck you! You're a fucking monster freak!" Akali angrily shouted back at Mat.


"Tell me something that I don't know already." Mat replied as he climbed on the bed.


He laid his legs flat on the bed with his back standing straight up. He then pulled the young girl to him and fully laid her down on his lap with her head being very close to his hard long erected pale cock. Akali's hands were still held up by Evelynn's lashers and her legs were now pinned down by Syndra's strong hands.


"You've got a nice ass. For a very young girl, you're such a sexy bitch!" Mat said to Akali as he gave her a couple of hard spanks on her beautiful butt cheeks.


"Grrrr! I'm going to rip out your hands and slice then in half once I'm free!" Akali yelled at him.


"No one is going to save you ninja girl. So how about you try a new career for a change?" Mat said as he forcefully lifted Akali's head up and positioned it above his cock.


"Fuck off! I'm going to tear your dick in half with my teeth!" Akali raged as she tried to resist Mat's down pushing hands.


"If you do that, I'll send you to my loyal servants. They're gonna take good care of you." Mat said.


"You'll have done that anyways whether I suck or bite off your disgusting dick!" Akali shouted.


"That's not true Akali. In fact, I'm going to give you two choices." Mat said as he released his grip on Akali's head.


"And what's the two choices?" Akali asked.


"If you behave very nicely and don't show any resistance, me and my friends are going to treat you very nicely." Mat said.


"Yeah like hell I would believe that!" Akali said.


"I'm actually serious Akali. The only reason I'm giving you a choice is because my girlfriend wants you as her own personal fuck buddy. She really loves your body and your looks." Mat said.


"It's true Akali. I don't want you to be abused by those horrible Zaunite men. I want you all to myself. If you behave nicely, I promise you that we will treat you very kindly." Evelynn said.


"But if I don't have behave nicely, then you'll just let those disgusting ugly men abuse me, correct?" Akali asked.


"Yup. But you're also deciding Riven's fate as well. If you behave nicely, we'll also treat her nicely. Otherwise...well you know already what's going to happen if you don't behave nicely." Evelynn said as she joyfully giggled.


Akali glanced over Riven, seeing her loudly muffling a lot to her. The young Ionian girl couldn't understand at all of what Riven was trying to say to her. Akali didn't want her friend to suffer but she also had an idea for both of them to easily escape the place. However, she was pretty disgusted with her idea as it involves her being obedient to Mat and his female partners.


"Okay fine. I'll do as you say but on one condition." Akali said.


"And what's that?" Mat asked.


"I want to freely move my body. That includes my arms and my legs." Akali said.


"Sure thing. Eve, Syndra, release her." Mat said.


The dark mage and the demon girl both released their grips on Akali, leaving her the ability to fully move her entire body. Even though she could escape the place alone, she knew that she needed to distract everyone and let their guards down so that she can easily knock out everyone cold and free Riven.


H ang in there Riven. I'll get both of us out of here.


The young Ionian girl proceeded to slowly stroke Mat's warm throbbing shaft with her left hand, feeling a tiny bit nervous as she gazed at the size of his thick shaft.


Uhgh. Eww. It's so warm...and it's even pulsating...but it's also pretty huge...which is a serious problem that I should have thought sooner....Oh well've faced and passed many difficult challenges before...this should be easy...


Without wasting anymore time, Akali slowly sucked the upper half of Mat's cock, bobbing her head at a steady pace while also continuously twisting her tongue on his manhood. The young man moaned in pleasure as he felt warm intense pleasure from Akali's moist tongue and sucking warm mouth. After a couple of minutes, Akali suddenly felt the hot wet sensation of two tongues licking on both her pussy and her butthole. She quickly stopped sucking the young man's cock and glanced behind her, only to see Evelynn licking her pussy while Syndra licked her butthole.


Their tongues...they feel so awkwardly nice...but I'm not falling for this. I know they mentally broke Karma and Irelia...but that doesn't mean that I will also break...


Akali then resumed sucking Mat's cock but this time, she swallowed his entire long cock. Applying her moving drooling tongue on his cock while gently massaging the young pale man's balls with her right hand, Akali saw the deep lewd expression in Mat's face as his closed eyes rolled back. The Ionian girl's body suddenly jolted with a small explosive rush of euphoria as she felt Syndra and Evelynn's tongues moving inside her holes at a disturbing pleasing pace. The warm wet sensations Akali felt didn't affect her at all as she remained focused on blowing Mat's dick.


"~Ahhh!~Ooooohhhh!~I guess you're born with special talents Akali~Ahhh!~" Mat said as he moaned, feeling close to climax.


He then quickly held Akali's head with brute force and slammed it down, shoving his ejaculating cock inside her throat while he deep moaned in pleasure.


Okay. This is fucking disgusting. His cum taste so fucking bad and his holding down my head until I swallow every single drops of his disgusting semen. What a fucking freak he is.


The young girl proceeded to drink the young man's salty sticky fluids despite it's strong horrid taste as she was choking and gagging on his cock. After another minute, Mat released his hands off of Akali's head, leaving her to quickly pull her head up as she began coughing several times while catching up her breath.








"I hate you! I fucking hate you!" Akali angrily shouted to Mat as white sticky cum drops oozed out on her lower mouth down to her chin.


The young man smiled and then laid his back on the bed. He then pulled Akali to him and flipped her body, laying the backside of her body on his frontal body. Evelynn soon followed as she climbed on top of Akali and placed her purple claws on the young girl's cheeks. While the young Ionian girl shouted in anger, Mat then lifted Akali's butt up, positioning his cock underneath Akali's butthole with Evelynn's hard erected purple cock positioned above Akali's wet woman entrance. Syndra then stood on her knees next to Akali's right side, placing her black thick erected cock close to Akali's lips as she pulled the young girl's head towards her. Akali then glanced over to Riven and saw Zyra grinning her shaft between Riven's butt cheeks while Elise continuously rubbed Riven's pussy with her large red horsecock. She also noticed small green magical clouds coming from vines on Zyra's body flowing around the Ionian woman's face. The green magical clouds flowed inside Riven's nostrils, slowly making her feel dizzy and sexually aroused.


"What the fuck!? I thought we had an agreement. I behave nicely and you'll treat me and Riven nicely! Why the fuck are you brainwashing her!? And why the fuck are you all gripping my body like that!? We agreed that I can freely move my body!" Akali yelled in frustration and rage.


"Don't worry. We will still treat you nicely except for your friend. I changed my mind and decided that Riven will be a prostitute for my brothel. As for you, you'll be our first personal fuck toy." Mat said.


"You fucking lying bastard! I'll kill you for this!" Akali yelled.


"Yeah sure. Like you could ever do that." Mat replied.






Without warning, Mat and Evelynn slowly penetrated their entire dicks deep inside Akali's holes, causing her to yelp in pain and in slight pleasure while the two rapists moaned in delight. The young man then slowly moved his cock inside the young girl's ass as he moaned in pleasure, enjoying the tightness of Akali's inside backdoor clenching on his pulsating shaft.


"~Ohhhh Akali!~You have an amazing virgin pussy!~Oooooh!~" Evelynn said while moaning as she felt the hot moist feeling of Akali's tight inside walls pleasing her slow drilling cock.


The demon girl then pressed her lips on Akali's while she moved her hips before proceeding to give a deep wet kiss to her. A jolt of intense euphoria quickly flowed through out the young female Ionian's body as she instinctively curled and rattled her tongue with Evelynn's, fully kissing her back. The demon girl then broke the passionate kiss, leaving trails of their mixed saliva and a tiny magical neon pink smoke between their lips. Akali's eyes then suddenly glowed bright purple as she suddenly now felt very relaxed and calm, her mind went blank. Syndra released her grip on Akali's head, but the young girl then voluntarily swallowed the dark mage's futa dick, slowly sucking it with small pressure while massaging with her tongue.


"~Oooooh!~As expected, this young girl's mind easily broke because she seemed so overconfident in her own skills and will power~Ahhh!~Ooohh!~" Syndra said as she joyfully moaned, feeling Akali's exciting warm moist tongue sexually licking her entire dick.


Riven then muffled very loudly in pure hatred after she saw Evelynn brainwashing her ally in an instant. She then tried to violently shake her body but she instead yelp through her gag as she felt Zyra's cock shoved inside her asshole and Elise's cock shoved inside her pussy. With her right arachnid leg, the spider girl removed the cobweb tape from Riven's mouth while she begin banging the young woman's pussy. Before Riven could say anything, Zyra smashed her open lips to Riven's, passionately kissing her while the young woman was still resisting Zyra's magic perfume. After a few seconds, the plant girl broke the kiss and continued smashing Riven's asshole.


"~Ahh!~Grrrrrr! You'll pay for this! My people are going to st-Ahhh!~Ghng!~Nghn!~" Riven paused as she was suddenly yelping in pleasure.


"It's no use Riven. My plant's perfume have been infused with Evelynn's lust spell. This means that no one can resist my improved perfume, even the ones with the strongest mind power will fall to it." Zyra said to Riven as she smiled.





"You really think I will fall to your horrible smelling brainwashing perfume? You really are underestimating me!" Riven shouted to Zyra.


"You will break. Even if it takes a lot of time." Elise smirked at Riven.


While the strong minded woman was feeling the two hybrid girl's shafts inside her, Mat and Evelynn accelerated their paces, pounding fast and deep the young girl's drilled holes with their twitching cocks while Akali deeply moaned in intense sexual pleasure. Syndra then followed her friends as she pulled Akali's head closer and proceeded to throat fuck the young girl.


"~Fuck!~Ahhh!~This young girl's tight throat feels so fucking good!~Ooooh!~I'm cumming!~" Syndra excitingly moaned and slammed her dick deep inside Akali's throat with one more push.


The young girl felt the dark mage's black semen flowing inside her throat, tasting a delicious blackberry flavor. Akali then loudly moaned through her filled mouth as she suddenly cummed from the pleasure she felt from loving couple's pounding thick cocks inside her butthole and her pussy. Evelynn and Mat then ejaculated their fluids as they loudly grunted in sexual satisfaction, filling up Akali's two inside tunnels with their own semen. After a couple of minutes, all three pulled their cocks out of Akali's body, leaving her three abused holes oozing out black, purple and white sticky fluids. The young girl seemed very happy and very aroused as her face showed a lewd expression. She also felt comforted by the warm jizz that filled her drilled holes. Giggling at the young Ionian's facial expression, Evelynn passionately kissed her and Akali didn't resist at all as she kissed Evelynn back, both of them pleasurably moaning. After savouring the remaining droplets of Syndra's semen, the demon girl broke the kiss and then turned her sight to her boyfriend.


"She's now yours babe. I'm sure you'll break Riven's mind with our new pet~Huhuhu~" Evelynn said to Mat while she giggled.


Mat replied to her girlfriend with a faint laugh before he stood up in front of Riven.

"Fuck you! I'm going to torture you for as long as I want to even if you beg for mercy because YOU WILL beg for mercy after I get my hands on your neck!" Riven angrily yelled at Mat and then spat on his face. 


The young man wiped off the stain on his face and then immediately slapped hard Riven's right cheek with brute force. Mat then grabbed Akali and lifted her up, tightly holding her thighs with her back facing him. He then spread her legs wide open and slowly lower her body, placing his hard cock underneath Akali's dripping pussy. Elise and Zyra lifted Riven up off the floor and both of them held the young woman's ass while turning to their left so that their left side was fully seen by the young man. The plant girl then sprouted vines from the ground that went to Riven's thighs and firmly held them while lifting them up. With Riven in a better position for deep penetration, Elise shoved her entire cock deep inside the young woman's womb while Zyra simultaneously shoved her entire futa shaft deep inside Riven's tight asshole, causing Riven to accidentally yelp in pleasure while the hybrid girls moaned in sexual delight. 


"Wake up Akali!~Nghn!~Please wake up!~Ahhh!~You're stronger than this!~Fuck!~Ahh!~Don't fall to their mind tricks!" Riven shouted to Akali while she moaned a few times, feeling the hybrid girls' dicks deep drilling inside her raped holes at a normal speed.


"~Fuck my pussy!~I'm so wet for you!~Your fat cock felt really good inside my ass!~Now please pound my pussy and fill me up with your warm juices!~" Akali lewdly begged Mat to fuck her, prompting a big smile from him. 


"WHAT!!!? NO AKALI!!! Resist it! This is not yo-" 


"Shut up bitch! Please shut her up and show her the true beauty of pleasure!" Akali cut off Riven's phrase, causing an emotional shock to the white haired woman as she couldn't believe that her ally was completely lost to Evelynn's lust spell. 


"Sure thing Akali." Zyra said as she and Elise joyfully giggled before they accelerated the pace of their cocks drilling inside Riven's raped holes. 


Lowering the young brainwashed girl's body, the young pale white man shoved his entire thick stick deep inside Akali's pussy as he pleasurably moaned while Akali yelped in sexual joy.


"~Mmmmmmm!~Your cock feels so good!~Ahhhh!~Nngh!~Ahhh!~" Akali moaned as she felt Mat's throbbing cock drilling inside her pussy. 


Akali then lifted her legs high up and Mat firmly gripped her bouncy butt cheeks, now moving her body up and down at a regular pace with his strong powerful hands. 


"~Ahh!~What a lovely tight pussy you have Akali!~Ahhhh!~" Mat said while moaning in pleasure as he felt Akali's hot tight walls tightening on his drilling cock.


Akali then passionately kissed the young man, both playfully twirling their tongues together while they continued to moan. After a couple of minutes of non stop kissing, Mat stopped the wet smooching and decided to approach Riven so that she could clearly see up close Akali's lewd excited face.


"~Doesn't it feels so good Riven?~Ahh!~The feeling of two massive cocks pounding~Oooohhh!~your pussy and your ass at the same time?~Ahhh!~" Akali said to Riven while she continued to sexually shout in pleasure.


"~Nghn!~No! This feels wrong!~Ghgn!~Wake up Akali!~Ghngn!~Ahh!~" Riven replied as she struggled to contain her sudden moans.


"~Your body tells a different story~Mmmmmm!~This is fucking amazing!~Ahhh!~Ahhh!~Nngh!~" Akali lewdly said before she passionately kissed her sex partner.


"NO!~Aghn!~Shit!~I'm not enjoying~Kuh!~Ghgn!~Ahhh!~I'm not enjoying this!~Hahh!~I can't be enjoying this!~Ahh!~" Riven replied as she moaned more and more times, Zyra's enhanced perfume was getting close to doing its job.


"~It's alright Riven~Mmmmmm!~You should enjoy this Riven!~Ahhh!~There's nothing wrong in enjoying some fun!~Ahhh!~It's perfectly normal to enjoy sex!~Ahhh!~Haghn!~Ahh!" Akali said while her entrance leaked out non stop her female juices.


"Akali!~Ahh!~Ghng!~Ahh!~Fuck!~Fuck those big cocks!~Ghng!~Ahhh!~How are they lasting this long!~Ahhh!~Ahh!" Riven sexually shouted as she felt the hybrid girls' cocks suddenly moving really fast inside her drilled holes, causing her to feel very aroused as her pussy slowly leaked out her fluids.


"~See Riven!?~Ahhh!~You're enjoying this a lot!~Ahhh!~Your lewd sounds proves it!~Kya!~Let your mind go blank and enjoy this amazing pleasure that we are luckily gifted!~Ahh!~" Akali said as she joyfully smiled to her ally.


"~Ahh!~Let me show you the true extent of your gift Akali." Mat said as he stopped banging for a brief moment.


He proceeded to hold the young girl's back knees with his arms and then crossed his hands behind her head as he strongly held it. Now firmly locking her in his grasp while slightly tilting her body down, Mat then resumed banging Akali by thrusting his hips at a very fast speed, pounding the young girl's leaking pussy so fast that she began to scream and shout loudly in extreme pleasure as she could feel the her womb being hit several times at a fast rate. Elise and Zyra then did the same as they also highly sped up their banging speed, mercilessly raping Riven's stretching holes as the three all moaned in severe pleasure. 


"~AHH!~OHHH FUCK!~AHHH!~YES~NGHN!~I'M CUMMING!~I'M HAHHH!~AHGN!~I'M CUMMIIIIIIIIING!!!~" Akali yelled her lungs out as she squirted out from her pussy a continuous gushing stream of her love juices while Mat shoved one final time his cock deep inside Akali's womb and quickly filled it up with his warm sticky jizz as he sexually grunted loudly.


"~Akali!~Ahhh!~AHHH!~AHHH!~God damn it!~MMMMMM!~This feels so FUCKING GOOD!!!~AHH!~Your big fat cocks feels so FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!~NNGH!~AHHH!~I'M AHHH!~I'M GONNA CUM!!!~KYA!~AHHHHHHHHHHH!~"


Riven finally broke from the magical perfume as she screamed in extreme sexual pleasure while her eyes rolled far back and her pussy squirted put a large quantity of her love juices. She also felt sticky warm jizz fully filling up her woman entrance and her butthole as Elise and Zyra both moaned in sexual delight after pushing their cocks deep inside Riven's deep insides. After a few minutes of catching their breaths, the two female Ionians' eyes glowed bright purple as their minds could only think of endless sex. The two were then gently dropped on the bed as Mat and the two hybrid girls climbed on the bed.


"~More~*Puff*~We want more~*Puff*~Please master!~Give us more!~" Akali and Riven begged Mat at the same time, their fast growing sexual needs weren't satisfied yet.


The young man laughed as he saw the two fallen Ionians' lewd faces. He then made his way to the center of the bed, laying his legs flat on the bed with his back standing straight up.


"Girls, let's give them what they want." Mat said to his four female friends while happily grinning at them.


The four girls all smiled and quickly positioned themselves for another round. Zyra and Syndra both laid on their backs close to Mat with Zyra on the right side and Syndra on the left side. Akali then laid herself on the dark mage's frontal body while Riven laid herself on Zyra, both brainwashed Ionians leaning their heads close to Mat's cum covered erected cock.


Zyra gripped Riven's butt and Syndra gripped Akali's while stretching they also stretched the fallen Ionians' buttholes. Evelynn and Elise placed their hands on their respective sex partner's hips and positioned their thick cocks above their respective sex slave's gaped asshole while Zyra and Syndra positioned their fat dicks underneath their respective sex slave's leaking pussy. With all the females fully positioned, all four futa girls shoved their cocks deep inside the two human girls' holes, causing all of them to slowly deep moan for a long period. The futa girls then began drilling the sex slaves' holes with their throbbing cocks as all six females pleasurably moaned. Riven and Akali then alternate between licking Mat's cock and taking turns sucking his cock or his balls. The young man was very pleased as moaned in pleasure, enjoying the warm sucking mouths and the hot moist drooling tongues of his new sex slaves.


"What should we do tomorrow babe?" Evelynn asked Mat with a bright smile.


"Well, we've got a very special guest coming tomorrow. She was supposed to come today but it seems like she was busy with something." Mat said as he leaned his head close to Evelynn's and gave her a loving kiss.


"And who's that very special guest?" Evelynn asked.


"Let's just say that she's kinda in a way my creator." Mat replied.


"Interesting. Can't wait to meet her. Or should I say your mother, right?" Evelynn asked.


"I guess you can say that. Now then, let's just all enjoy the night. We've successfully added three important Ionian bitches in my collection while also brutally damaging Ionia's capital land." Mat said.


"Don't forget me. You've made yourself a new ally." Syndra said to Mat.


"Ah of course. How could I forget my new friend. With you added to our team, we're basically almost unstoppable." Mat replied to Syndra.


"Almost?" Elise asked Mat.


"Well we do need to "influence" my mother. And then we become unstoppable." Mat replied to Elise.


"Sounds good to me. So cheers to a step further to our full conquest for Runeterra?" Zyra asked Mat.


"Indeed Zyra. Cheers to that." Mat replied with his usual crazed smile.


They all then turned their focus back to joyfully raping Akali and Riven as they all loudly moaned in pleasure, loving their all nighter of euphoric fucking.