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Dead of Night

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The sound of running in the pounding rain was all that could be heard as Eraserhead ran after the vigilante. It was well past sunset and the only light was that of the occasional street lamp. That was fine, as the hero was practically at home in the dark of the night. However, it was very clear that the person he was chasing after was not.

The vigilante took a left turn into an alley and Eraserhead followed. He skidded to stop as he noticed that the two had reached a dead end. In the flickering light provided by a nearby lamp, the vigilante's features were much easier to see. He was wearing an All Might hoodie though it wasn't modeled after the show off's current costume. He was also quite small and as he turned to face Eraserhead for the first time, the man noticed that he was just a boy.

The boy held on tightly to his cane and looked at the hero. His eyes were full of both admiration and fear. He had a face full of freckles and bright green eyes with hair that matched.

"Oh my God!" Eraserhead whispered to himself. The most feared vigilante was a first-year in high school at most. The person with a fighting style and quirk that made many people afraid was younger than the kids he taught. For once, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Please. Don't make me fight you." The boy's voice was shaky. Tears were starting to form in the corner of his eyes. It made Eraserhead wish that he didn't have to bring the kid in but as a hero that was his job.

"I'm sorry." He said softly. "If you come willingly we won't have to."

The boy shook his head. His face was wet now from both tears and the pouring rain. He then ran at Eraserhead, swinging his cane at the hero. The boy's goal was clearly not to hurt the hero, just knock him down for long enough to escape. Despite himself, the man could not help but be at least somewhat impressed by the boy's skill with a cane. However, he was not skilled enough to land a good hit on Eraserhead.

They had gone on like that for a few minutes when the boy lowered his cane. "Please go. I don't want to use it on you." It was quite clear what the boy meant by "it." The boy's quirk was as well known as the boy himself. He could take and return quirks. It was also theorized that he could also give stockpiled quirks to someone else, but no one knew for sure. The boy was often compared to the Boogeyman that was All For One but the hero could no longer see it. It was clear the vigilante did not genuinely want to hurt anyone. There was also the fact that he never kept the quirks he stole in battle.

Even if the vigilante was just a kind-hearted boy, it didn't change the fact that what he was doing was illegal. Though, the whole witch hunt for him was always extreme to Eraserhead. Now that he saw the boy in person, he couldn't help but feel at least somewhat sorry for him. He also wondered how much of the panic was simply over the quirk. His guess? The vast majority of it.

The vigilante swung his cane once more, much more violently this time. It was clear to Eraserhead that he was starting to give up. What would happen once he gave up though? Would the boy surrender or resort to other means? That's when he realized the boy wasn't fighting in his usual style. No, the boy was purposefully avoiding melee combat and in turn, he was avoiding touching his opponent.

"You really don't want to use your quirk, do you?"

Everything was still for a sweet moment. It was clear by his expression the boy had not expected to be called out. Eraserhead spoke again. "It's because I'm a hero, right? Are you a fan?"

The boy completely stopped. Hard sobs wracked his body as he dropped his cane. The rain was getting increasingly harder, the night increasingly darker. The vigilante had a sorrowful look in his eyes. A look that implied he had lost so much, and now he was losing something once more.

"O-of course I'm a fan." The boy barely whispered. "I wanted to be a hero but I can't. Not anymore. I don't even have Mom to return to. I don't have anything."

Eraserhead felt a shiver go down his spine as the boy looked him in the eye. There was no hate or anger. Only sadness. "I want to find her. She would never disappear like that and I don't know what to do. But I can't." The boy cried harder. The hero slowly approached the boy. Somehow he felt like the villain although he had no prior contact with the boy.

"Is there any way I can help? There is no excuse for heroes not to be looking for her already." The boy's green eyes lit up somewhat. Eraserhead would smile in return to comfort him but he knew that would only scare him. So when the boy suddenly hugged him, all he managed was a pat.

"There, there." His voice was monotone but if you paid close attention, you could hear it crack. He never dealt with these types of cases so it was all new to him. The boy had also clearly been touch starved. He wondered how long the boy had been alone.

"What's your name kid?"

"I-Izuku Midoriya."

"I promise you Midoryia, that I will help. You just have to promise me something in return."

"Wh-what do I have to promise?"

Eraserhead let go of Midoriya. He could tell the boy was disappointed. On the bright side, he looked a lot more relaxed. God, what had the kid been through?

"No more vigilante work, okay? Also no more living by yourself."

Midoriya panicked at the second demand. "I-I can't! I don't have anyone. B-besides, anyone I live with could be in danger."

The hero had to resist the urge not to ask what the danger was. He bit his tongue because it clearly was not the time. He thought for a moment and came up with a terrible idea. It was quite awful, really. He had plenty of options and despite being a hero he had already ruled against bringing the kid in along with other rational ideas. He was going to go with the least rational idea, the one that against all common sense seemed right.

"You could live with me."