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The Royal Consort

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“Ugh, can you please turn that down? Or just turn it off. That’s like the most degrading annual advertisement, yet again.” Lexa complained as she plopped down on the seat next to her unconscious brother’s bed.

“It’s not my fault it’s on every channel, Lex.” Anya rolled her eyes as she moved from one channel to the next.

“If you wanna blame someone, blame her.” She continued, pointing at the photo on the TV screen of a gorgeous alpha in a black pantsuit decorated with her red, blue, and gold royal sash with a couple of medals hanging on her left chest, as a simple tiara sat comfortably on her golden head.


Crown Princess Clarke of House Griffin will be celebrating her 18th birthday in a week. And as expected, it would be even grander than last year’s. All the dignitaries of the continent and conquered realms, and the royalties of overseas kingdoms will be in attendance. While every state of the Griffin realms will be having the day off to celebrate with the royal family in spirit.

However, it was also every omega’s and parents’ much-awaited event of the year. Ever since Princess Clarke presented as an alpha at the very early age of 14, her father, the King of Continental Polis and Polis territories, gifted her with a pure omega to mark the dawn of her Alphahood.

Since then, the nation and the rest of their conquered kingdoms have seen through the Royal family’s public engagements how that omega, and every succeeding one, were treated with respect and showered with luxuries by the Royal Household.

And so, for the Crown Princess’s 15th birthday, when the King announced that he will once again choose another pure omega for his beloved daughter, the nation erupted with joy and excitement.

It was as if a royal wedding took place every year. It always livened up the whole kingdom. Every citizen would talk about the event when the Princess’s birthday was coming up. There were bets as to which state the omega would hail from or how she/he might look like. And the media, celebrities, and high societies would not stop talking about it.

But it wasn’t exactly true that every omega waited for this. Mostly, it was those already spoken for or promised for that would hope they don’t get chosen preliminarily by the Lady Chamberlain’s office.

It was in that Office that every omega of the continent would get assessed in terms of Health: mentally, physically, psychologically; Aptitude results, skills, and educational attainment; and Background, whether or not the candidate was related by 3rd degree to any criminal. However, unbeknownst to everyone, the King had also set one last criterion, beauty. He wanted to make sure his beloved daughter only ever gets the best.

When the Lady Chamberlain has chosen the possible candidates, she would then send her people to interview and do further assessments on the omega, the most important of which was to see to the omega’s purity.

When the final appraisal was complete, the Lady Chamberlain would present the files of the best candidates to the King. The King would then decide which one should be gifted to his daughter. If he cannot choose between his top two, he would gift the other one in two months on Christmas eve. Just like the Christmas of the years the princess turned fifteen and seventeen.

The princess now has six omegas, and with her upcoming birthday, she would be welcoming her seventh. Although the princess can choose to accept or decline her gift, she doesn’t, however, have a say in the process.

And it has always been made perfectly clear that should she desire another person, the King will make sure of that for her. But so far, the princess hasn’t yet expressed any interest in anyone else. As far as everyone knows, Princess Clarke was perfectly content with her royal consorts.

It was once taken from an interview with the princess that she was always so busy with her studies and learning state matters from her father that she thinks a moment or two with one or all of her omegas, any time of the day, was more than enough for her to take pleasure from.

That obviously gave everyone knowing looks. The purpose of the Royal Consorts, originally, was to mark the princess’s alphahood. The addition in number was the King’s decision to keep his daughter happy and entertained. And apparently, it adds excitement in all their kingdoms’ lives too.


“Lex, you realize that instead of feeling offended by this, you should be feeling more dreadful, right? You’re an omega, and 19, still very much within the range they could choose from. Plus, you’re not exactly impure.” Anya offered as she finally turned the TV off, and Lexa quickly put an index finger against her lips to tell her cousin to shut up.

Anya only smirked but thankfully whispered this time, “Unless there’s something else you haven’t accidentally blabbered to me about yet?”

Lexa just rolled her eyes and ignored her, more determined at making sure her little brother was comfortable in his rest.

It was Aden’s current condition she was feeling more dreadful for. Her 7-year-old brother had a car accident three days ago. The doctors told them that the blow to his brain and some of his vital organs were too severe that he should be in ICU right now. But as they were currently confined in TonDC's branch of Azgeda Medical Center, one of the country’s biggest, corporate-controlled hospitals, the administration wouldn’t allow them to take one of the ICU beds because they had already owed the hospital nearly two hundred thousand dollars just from the two operations Aden had undergone the last three days, not counting everything else after the operations.

She and her brother were raised by their single mother, Becca. And though she made enough for them to get by just fine, it would’ve taken them decades just to pay back the hospital. Minus Becca’s insurance, they’d still have 6 digits to pay.

And if only the culprit was held accountable, not just to pay for damages but to bring her brother’s suffering to justice. She would give anything just for that to happen. But as their social class would have it, the culprit was a son of a Baron, just a rank above commoners such as herself and immediately, the local police turned a blind eye.

This was why Lexa is offended by the nobles. This was why she hates them. Entitled and arrogant despite being already privileged. If only they’d stop to see they could actually share a tenth of their luxury and already, thousands of mouths would be fed for a year and they’d still live as if nothing was actually taken from them.

“Wake up soon, okay, buddy? I miss you so much,” Lexa whispered as she gingerly stroked the back of his small hand.

Anya sighed, she was an alpha and to see her young cousin on the brink of death pained her too. She thrashed that first day, vowing to kill the Baron’s son but Lexa stopped her. A commoner hurting a noble would mean the end of said commoner’s life. Lexa couldn’t lose Anya. And so Anya conceded and instead, worked hard to support her cousin and aunt’s situation.

Anya and her parents, Indra and Nyko, gave their savings too and just kept enough for them to get by. And Becca could only sob in her niece, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law’s arms, vowing she would pay it all back. They shushed and assured her that it’s what families do.

“Lex, he’ll be fine. I promise you, as soon as I get this commission, he’ll be out of Azgeda and on an ICU bed in Arkadia Hospital that instant,” Anya promised with a snapping of her fingers.

Lexa faced her older cousin, eyes silently thanking her for everything that she's done and continues to do.

Anya smiled back. “Alright, speaking of, I’m gonna go see what the Cartiers think about that estate. Wish me luck.” Anya moved to kiss Lexa’s temple and Aden’s forehead.

“Good luck, An,” Lexa wished just as the Real estate agent was about to close the door, earning her a thumbs up at the last minute.



“Sweetheart, wake up.” Becca gently shook Lexa’s arm to wake her.

“Mom?” The younger omega yawned as she stretched her arms.

Disorientation was still quite the stubborn guest of her mind as she twisted her outstretched upper limbs to wake herself up even more.

“What time is it?”

“It’s eight,” Becca answered as she took spare clothes out of her bag to change into. “There’s dinner on the stove. It’s still hot when I left but you can reheat it when you get home.”

“Okay, did Costia drop by yet?” Lexa asked as she stood to help her mom unpack the rest of the papers she’d taken from work just so she could spend the rest of the time working beside her son. They could use the extra overtime pay but Aden was more important, and Lexa had work the next day so this was how their routine looked like for the last couple of days.

“Not yet, honey, but there’s enough for both of you so be sure your girl gets food in her also.” Becca winked at her eldest.

“Okay, okay. We’ve been together for a year mom, enough with the teasing.”

“Alright. Well, just get home safely, okay?” Becca kissed her forehead as she nodded.

“You know the drill mom, call anytime if anything changes?”

“Yup, will do.”

At that, Lexa moved to kiss the little blonde curls not covered by the bandage on Aden’s head, and tucked him in again, “I love you, Aden. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night, mom. Try not to be up too late.”

The younger omega grabbed her bag off her chair and moved for the door.

“You should tell yourself that.” Becca winked again.

“Oh my god, seriously,” Lexa groaned, making Becca chuckle as she whispered, “Aden could hear you.”

“What? There’s nothing wrong with what I said. That’s on you and your dirty–”

“Okay, mom. Goodnight. Love you. See you tomorrow.”

Becca shook her head amusedly as she looked after her daughter’s figure hurrying to get out the door.



“Hey, babe,” Costia greeted after Lexa opened the door for her.

“Hi, Cos.” The omega leaned to kiss her girlfriend.

Their kiss was languid, just as their usual ones, and Lexa had to remember where they were still at before the kiss turned heated.

“Come on in, dinner is on the coffee table.” Lexa followed her girlfriend as soon as she’s closed the door and hung Costia’s coat on the rack.

“Mmmm. Becca sure is the best; I can already taste it just from the smell,” The dark-skinned beta cooed, kneeling beside the open pot.

“Yeah, I’m not even offended,” Lexa agreed as she grabbed the plates and utensils to carefully place them before Costia and herself. She has amazing cooking skills too but no one beats her mother’s.

“Seriously, babe. I love your food but expect I’ll love your mother’s more when we get ma-” The beta paused and cleared her throat.

And it made Lexa halt herself, spoon and fork mid-air just hovering above Costia’s plate. Lexa gently placed the utensils down and turned her attention towards the beta, a brow questioningly raised at her as she, at the same time, studied Costia’s features.

In her study, she was mesmerized once again with her beauty, almost forgetting that Costia had said something quite important with regards to their relationship. Costia’s full lips were parted, her cute button nose slightly flared as she took deep breaths, and her dark brown eyes slightly alarmed at something Lexa was beginning to remember what it was about.

To relax her girlfriend, Lexa stroked the back of her index finger against high cheekbone down to her jaw and chin that shape a soft inverted triangle.

“When the day comes, you know… I hope to marry you and be mated to you, Lex. I know I’m just a beta but I can provide for you just as much as an alpha can. I promise you tha-” Her speech was interrupted when pink full lips met hers.

Lexa straddled her girlfriend, food now forgotten as they made out on the couch. An hour or so later, clothing items were removed until they were left with only their underwear. Luckily, Lexa still had the mind to get off Costia and pull her to her room to continue what they were about to do.

The past few days had been very hard on Lexa and it had been nearly a week since she and Costia were last intimate. But now, she needed the release, so as soon as the doors closed, Costia allowed herself to be taken by her girlfriend. Lexa pushed the beta on her bed and eagerly started her assault.

Once their lips crashed, tongues fighting for dominance, the omega slowly moved a hand behind the beta and swiftly unclasped her bra. When Costia’s breasts were freed, Lexa quickly cupped them and rolled her nipples, cutting off their kiss when Costia arched her back in both pleasure and want for more of Lexa’s touch. Lexa watched in complete adoration and lust, and her ears felt like they were on cloud nine themselves at the sinful moan that escaped her girlfriend’s lips. The arousal in the air was the second to the last ingredient she believed she needed to make the spell, she was almost trapped on, complete. And now for the last ingredient.

Lexa slowly descended down, both hands still doing their magic on brown nipples. When she reached her clothed destination, she pressed a gentle kiss on the mound. Another strangled moan released from the beta’s throat as she helped herself and removed her panties for Lexa. When the beta opened her legs wide for Lexa to take, she didn’t hesitate. Her mouth quickly latched on to the waiting, pulsating clit, no teasing whatsoever. She needed to find release and give release at the same time.

And Costia willingly gave herself to the omega knowing just how much her girlfriend went through the past couple of days. And she had to admit, Lexa being aggressive and dominating in bed was the hottest she’d ever seen her girlfriend be. It was almost always her taking the lead in the bedroom. After all, she was Lexa’s first.

And so, in just mere 2 minutes, with Lexa’s two sets of thumb and index finger rolling away at her nipples, her relentless sucking, nipping and licking on her clit, and being impassionedly taken by Lexa like this, Costia had the most intense orgasm she’s ever had in her life.

Two more orgasms from a dominant Lexa later, she was panting, convulsing, and squirting before blacking out. When her eyes opened, she could see Lexa smirking at her.

“I made you squirt and blackout. That’s never happened to us before.” Lexa grinned victoriously.

“That’s never happened to me before. You were amazing, Lex. I love you so much.” Costia pulled Lexa down so their lips could meet.

When Lexa moaned a moment later, Costia pulled back, “My turn.” The beta grinned devilishly as she hoped to provide Lexa the same amount of orgasm and the same level of intensity.



“Wake up, babe.” Costia nuzzled the omega’s neck. “We both have to go to work. Go shower and I’ll see if we can still salvage Becca’s chicken from last night.”

Lexa stretched with a satisfied smile that could only mean she was happy with last night’s activities. Although they weren’t as intense as the ones she gave Costia, they were enough to help her get the release she so badly needed. Her omega within was sated too.

“It might have gone bad already, Cos. We left it out overnight.”

“Nope, I went down when you were asleep last night. It’s in the freezer now, so it might still be good for breakfast.” Costia quickly pressed a kiss on Lexa’s lips. “So, chop, chop. Take a shower and come meet me downstairs.” The beta tickled her sides playfully before making a quick escape as soon as Lexa sat up.


Lexa’s shower was quick, and dressing up was too. She donned on her black slacks and army green chiffon blouse for work. Her mother had always noted how that one made her eyes pop and she needed the extra boost of confidence if she were to carry the glow, Costia gave her last night, to work, and wherever else work would take her today. She’d been too down lately and she needed to work extra hard and make some sales for her mother and especially, for her brother.

Lexa checked her phone to see if her boss needed to see her but nothing came up. However, it was still early in the day and even though they had already spoken yesterday afternoon in the office, she just wanted to be sure before making the trip to Arkadia Hospital where she knew her target would be free by lunch.


The omega’s smile was even more radiant as soon as she saw her girlfriend pulling the chair for her.

“Why, how chivalrous of you.” Lexa stole Costia’s hand, just as she was about to leave to take her seat across from her, and kissed the back of it tenderly.

The beta grinned at the reciprocated gesture of affection. “I love you,” she whispered before kissing the omega’s lips.

They ate as they watched the news on the small kitchen TV.

“I really really didn’t want to be here right now, you guys. It’s just 6 days before the Princess’s birthday, it’s around the same time people from the Chamberlain’s office go out to assess their possible omegas. I should be at home waiting for them.” Katie Goode, one of the ‘Good morning, Polis’ hosts, pouted rather stunningly at the camera.

Her co-hosts, Josh McMillan and Kennedy Osbourne cooed at their youngest co-host.

“You better hope this year’s your year, you’ll be 26 next and then you’re disqualified from the assessment,” Kennedy joked.

Katie sucked a breath as if offended. “You dare speak my age in public, sir?”

“Aww, look at her polishing her sentences for our royal family,” Josh cooed again.

Kennedy laughed before taking on a more serious countenance and facing a camera. “In other news, Crown Princess Clarke was spotted yesterday strolling the front gardens, intimately wrapping an arm around lady Niylah’s back, do you still think lady Mel is the Princess’s favorite?”

Josh chuckled at that. “I don’t know, Kennedy, lady Niylah was Princess Clarke’s first royal consort. They’ve known each other longer, perhaps she is the favorite.”

“But what if the Princess has finally decided to settle down, who do you think she’d choose? Or would she even choose from her consorts?” Kennedy asked again.

“No, I don’t know man, what I do know is that our Katie here wouldn’t have a chance at all when that happens,” Josh commented.

And the two betas started laughing at the huffing omega between them. It was obvious to the viewers then that they were just teasing their co-host.

But nevertheless, they hit two birds with one stone. Their questions were sure to bring about more discussions of that nature throughout the entire Polis realm, both the continent and overseas.

Who is Princess Clarke’s monthly favorite? If she’d get married, would the King make the decision? Or would she pick from her omegas? Would there be an omega war when one of them was chosen and elevated as the Princess Consort while the rest remained as Royal Consorts? What happens when a pup was born from a royal consort? Etc.


“Really, Cos, I’m gonna go crazy if I hear any more about the Princess’s life.” Lexa groaned, standing up to turn the TV off before returning to her seat to eat the rest of her breakfast in peace.

The beta simply giggled. “You should be crazy by now. The Princess is all the realm talks about ever since it was announced that the Late Queen Abby was pregnant.”

“Yeah, but if Queen Abby was alive right now, she’d have set her husband and daughter straight and none of these absurd royal consorts would even cross those fools’ minds.”

“Hey,” Costia quickly shot a hand on top of Lexa’s, “none of that. Please. If anyone could hear you…” Costia trailed off, not wanting to finish the obvious sentence.

“I know.” Lexa sighed heavily. “I just can’t help it, Cos. They’ve got it all but all they continue to do is conquering more and more kingdoms, making ours rich and powerful for sure. But what about those people they took lands from? What about their heritage and rights being stolen from them? What about our people? Surely, they could see Poliskru struggle too. And yet, they are blinded by their greed for wealth and power and becoming an empire. All the while, entertaining and distracting those of us that are sheeps, which may I add, sadly constitutes 90% of this continent’s population alone, about this whole ‘Royal consort’ crap.” Lexa took a deep breath as soon as her spiel ended, and then her shoulders hung dejectedly.

“Their bullshit is just tiring. So, to hell with the royal family, and to hell with the noble class!” Lexa exclaimed one last time before she silenced herself.

Costia looked around her as if she could actually see the neighbors behind concrete walls. But returned her attention back to her girlfriend, letting her frustration out also, “I hope that’s the last of that today. I wouldn’t want you to have a meltdown in public and rant about the royal family. Because seriously Lex, that’s really dangerous. Think about Aden, please.”

At the mention of her brother, Lexa instantly calmed down. Costia was right, the King is the most powerful man on the planet. Their Royal House having conquered and owned exactly 37.5% of the earth’s total land area. Which in history books meant the royal family owned Polis, originally, took over five well-established neighboring kingdoms and formed the Continental Polis, and over the next centuries, conquered nine other large kingdoms.

The Polis army was the largest and strongest the world, and the history of it, has ever seen. And yet, they do not provoke. They simply wait to be given a reason to overthrow but this did not mean other nations were safe from their fury. The Kings and Queens that were dislodged from their thrones were either because they had pissed the House of Griffin and the royal family retaliated, or that they were part of the means to succeed in their grand vengeance. And so, in a year or decade, the House of Griffin will have owned a kingdom or two with only a few men lost to the cause.

Lexa knows one rude word against the House of Griffin could lose one’s tongue, and one ‘misguided’ opinion of them could lose one’s life and endanger their family’s. The Griffins were the most powerful family, Lexa knows that and the whole world knows that.

As soon as Lexa took her last deep breath, she was calmer. “I’m really sorry. I’ll do better.”

“Yes, please, if not for me, Becca or yourself, for Aden.”

Lexa nodded in agreement at the dark brown eyes staring intently at her.


“Okay, now I have to go to work. I’ll see you if I see you?” Costia smirked.

“Yeah, I’m headed to Arkadia now. But I have to be at Hopkins in the afternoon so we might not meet at all.”

“Okay, I’ll be at Sinai the whole day so maybe I’ll just come see you back here later? Same time?”

“Yup. I love you.” Lexa smiled into the kiss Costia gave her.

“I love you too.”



“Oh, here comes my favorite Pharmaceutical Sales rep,” The brunette omega doctor chirped at the sight of Lexa.

“Good morning, Doctor Matthews,” Lexa greeted back with equal energy.

Just as she was apparently the doctor’s favorite Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Doctor Matthews was also her favorite doctor.

The older omega was gorgeous with her diamond-shaped face, full lips, long curled lashes, and bright blue gentle eyes. Doctor Paige Matthews was one of the best sought out neurosurgeons in the country. She was amazing at her job and Lexa could see that the Doctor’s colleagues and patients loved her. But the fact that she was alone breaks Lexa’s heart.

She knew a woman this wonderful should have a family and a home. But all Lexa knew about that part of her life is that the good doctor lost her husband and child almost two decades ago. And at one point in their friendship, she had a glance at the doctor’s neck and was surprised to see there were no mating marks anywhere. To lose a mate would mean 3 days of excruciating pain until the mark was faded but there’d still be a little outline left.

She thought she’d heard the doctor call her husband her mate more than once but after that, she just doesn’t know anymore. And though they’ve known each other for over a year now, she could never pry into the doctor’s life nor disrespect her want for privacy. If the doctor wanted to share, she can share at her own pace.

“How are you, sweetheart? How is your brother?” Paige asked.

“He’s doing better. Mom’s doing her best to partially pay even a quarter of what we owe the hospital just so we’d be allowed to move Aden here. And then he’d be in much safer and trusted hands.” Lexa winked and smiled at the doctor.

“Oh, Lexa, please just let me help already,” Paige pleaded once more.

She was there a few hours after Aden was under the knife. She held both Lexa and Becca’s sagging, sobbing bodies as she patiently explained even further, whenever a doctor would come out to update them what they were doing to Aden.

“Please, doctor. You are seriously forgetting that you already paid for his medicines and I know who that anonymous donor was. I know your penmanship; it’s the only one that belonged to a doctor that I can actually read. Which is why I came here to give you this as a really really small thank you.” Lexa handed Paige a packed lunch from her favorite Italian restaurant.

“I know mom already talked to you the other day, I just wanted to come here to personally thank you also. It’s not every day a literal angel of a doctor leaves a Manila envelope with 30 grand cash under my sleeping ass’s arms. Which was really risky by the way,” Lexa reprimanded quickly before engulfing the older omega into her embrace. “But thank you. With everything we’ve gotten from you, Anya, my aunt, and uncle and then our savings, we just need a few hundred dollars now and then we’d be able to get Aden out of there by tomorrow and moved here.”

As Lexa pulled back, she quickly dabbed off a tear that escaped. When another one made a run for it, it was Paige’s thumb that caught it.

“You guys are like family to me, of course, I would help. I would’ve done more, Lex. But my bank limits my withdrawal due to other stuff I’ve been paying for. I was gonna go again and try in the afternoon. And then secretly leave another envelope, this time, under your mother’s sleeping ass’s arms, but without the poorly conceived idea of writing legibly. Darn handwriting,” Paige cursed at the same time pulling her right hand and scolded it for the dramatics.

Lexa laughed. “Yeah no, my mom won’t definitely get fooled still. You’re the only rich person we know who’s that generous. So she’d immediately realize it was you. But I commend the perfume you sprayed on the envelope to hide your scent. That one wasn’t poorly conceived at all.” The younger brunette smiled teasingly at Paige.

The doctor only scoffed, “pfft. Of course, I’m at least a little smart. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.”

“No, you most certainly won’t,” Lexa agreed before smiling softly. “And a lot of people, literally, wouldn't be here too if it weren’t for you. My family would be a complete mess without you.”

“My dear, as I’ve said, you guys are like family to me. I can’t be with my daughter and I can’t be with my mate anymore, and that only means I have to spread the love elsewhere.” Paige caressed Lexa’s cheeks as she tilted her head.

“You are god sent, Paige Matthews.” Lexa leaned into the touch before hugging her again. “I hope you know that.”

“I’m not always cocky my dear, but I know. I know.” Paige’s confidence made Lexa laugh heartily and not a moment after, the doctor joined her.



“Lunch was lovely, Lexa, I hope we can do this again some other time. But I’ll be visiting Aden later, so let me bring dinner then?” The doctor pouted at the younger omega.

Lexa sighed. “Alright.”

They shared a hug before Lexa goes to leave and the good doctor goes to save more lives.

Once Lexa was out of the hospital door, she felt like a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. She could feel the love Paige had been showering her and her family. She feels like she could just conquer whatever else that was coming her way.

And she wanted to spread the light and love, so she got onto the bus headed to Sinai Medical to see another one of her favorite people. She had another two hours before she could see the other doctors she was planning to catch at Hopkins.

After 25 minutes on the bus, she made it to her destination. Before entering the hospital, she bought her girlfriend’s favorite cupcakes for her to enjoy in between meeting doctors.

It was how she and Costia met, running around the hospital trying to catch doctors in their offices or breaks. They were after the same doctor back then and Lexa had an extra Subway take out, knowing the doctor she was about to meet always forgets to eat. When Costia and Lexa sat outside the doctor’s office, waiting for her to arrive, Costia’s rumbling stomach suddenly echoed around the silent room. The doctor’s receptionist had to stifle her giggle but Lexa simply offered her her own sandwich and that’s how everything started.

Costia always forgets to eat when she was at work so Lexa was sure her girlfriend would cry in her arms when she’d see the cupcakes.

But as life would have it, as if her joy would always be snatched away no matter what and replace it with something so heart-clenching, she was the one who was going to cry in somebody else’s arms today.

After some directions to her girlfriend’s whereabouts, she did find her in the end. Behind one of the doctor’s closed office, she could hear moans coming from the other side. She quickly turned to remove herself, thinking she had just invaded a doctor’s privacy.

Just as she was about to leave, she heard her girlfriend’s voice, “Fuck, Celine, yes. You’re so big. Fuck. Harder.”

She wanted to be wrong.

She begged to be wrong.

But when a strained moan took her out of her astonishment and the doors opened to her face a few minutes later. Her suspicion was confirmed; from Costia’s surprised dark eyes, from the scent of cum that she knew were her girlfriend’s and this fucking alpha doctor, and from the distressed pheromones her girlfriend was emitting.

And then she was through with her.

“We’re done, Costia.”

She will not take this bullshit. Anything else but this, even the unfair justice system she knows she won't ever be a voice of change to, but not this. She will not let this heartbreak break her any further. She has a mother to back up and a brother to keep alive.

She will cry about this for a moment today but she won’t completely break down until later. Not today. Not until Aden’s awake.



She gave herself just this afternoon, before going to see Aden, to cry her heart out. She will have to catch the Hopkins doctors another time but right now, before she was to see him, she needed to be clear of the negative feelings.

Who knows if today would be the day Aden wakes up. It was an unlikely event but she couldn’t risk it. And her heart really just needed to cry out for a while.

Her omega felt betrayed and abandoned and she could say the same for herself. They were both thrashing, her omega within, and her shredding her bed and pillow covers. She wasn’t an aggressive and violent person but her bedsheets were still bathed with hers and Costia’s combined essence.

And her heart breaks at the thought that last night was one of the happiest nights of her life. Costia had expressed her intent to marry her, and their lovemaking was so intense that it was admittedly, the best the two have ever had. But Lexa wasn’t sure anymore. Apparently, that doctor’s big cock satisfied her girlfriend enough to do a complete 180 just after the night Costia told her they’ll hopefully be wed and mated someday.

It was eight past five in the afternoon when she stopped crying, her heart was numb but she had to pump herself up for later when she sees her favorite blonde boy.


Lexa had already finished cleaning her room and dumping the shredded remains of her old sheets. She was fixing a little makeup on her face when she heard the doorbell ring.

When she got down and peeked through the peephole, she could see it was a man and a woman in dress suits, behind them was a lady in lab coat and another girl dressed like a maid. It was the most unusual set of visitors she’d ever seen but she opened the door nonetheless.

“May I help you?”



“Fetch it, Bowie! Fetch!”

The adorable light brown terrier ran to pick up the ball and return it to his owner.

“Good boooy. Who’s a good boy? Bowie is!” The owner gently rubbed both hands on either side of the terrier’s face.

“Sweetheart,” a man called, making the dog owner turn their head with a huge beam at the recognition.

“Papa! Welcome home!” The owner called out and ran to meet the man in an embrace.

In the public’s eyes, they were always seen as reserved but strong and resolute. But in the privacy of their home, they were very close to each other.

The child was raised in a much controlled but pampered environment. And the father had done nothing but made sure his child had every single thing every person, child or adult, could ever dream of.

The father made sure no one could ever harm even a useless dead skin cell on his child’s body.

And the father made sure his child would be every bit as powerful as he is.

She was his greatest strength and weakness. But no one could ever touch them. And the world knew that.

“I have missed you, Clarke.” The father proudly looked down at his daughter, with a puff of his chest, as his hands settled to his back again in his usual regal stand. A look that would instantly say this man was not to be trifled with if you want to continue breathing.

But it was his face that was feared by his people and the nations they have yet to meet on the battlefield. Because even the kingdoms they did conquer could not take back what once was theirs. Before they could even finish formulating the idea, they were already taking their last breaths.

“I, too, Father. Although my omegas had kept me distracted, I would still end up wishing you were here, especially when I had to study in the war room with General Quint. I think I would learn much better from you or General Gustus.”

Clarke’s lips twitched in a mixed look of dismay and disappointment. This caught her father’s attention.

“Was the General not to your liking?” The King asked, gauging his daughter’s reaction.

“Well, I don’t like him per se. And his achievements on the battlefield did deserve their merits but he treats the maids poorly and I don’t like it when he does that.”

Her father sighed. “Quint is a rugged man. And we’ve talked about this; the staff knows what they signed up for. And if those maids were omegas, they probably had it coming.”

“Okay, he said the same thing too.” Clarke slightly acquiesced.


“Yes, but I still don’t like it. Can’t you at least tell him not to do it in my presence? I tried to tell him to stop and I thought he did but then he still kept doing it.”

“He did not listen to you?” Her father was angered, and Clarke knew she needed to make sure everything was alright with her.

“I wasn’t upset that he didn’t listen. I was upset because he kept harassing the maids, making them sit on his lap when I left the room. I returned not five minutes later to get a book I’d forgotten to take with me, and he was already harassing them again.”

“Clarke, besides myself, no one is more powerful than you. If anyone thought otherwise, that is treason. Whatever you want, you shall have. Whatever you want, you may take.” The King’s anger was palpable but Clarke knew for her sake, he was holding his pheromones back.

She nodded, understanding completely. It's what was always said to her ever since she was a pup. “Yes, Papa, but I don’t think General Quint is guilty of treason. He is still one of our greatest warriors.” Clarke tried again, she knew one show of distaste from her and her father would make an instant and effective change.

“Yes, that is true,” the King agreed, making Clarke take a deep sigh of relief.

“Your Majesty.” Lord Kane bowed before the King and turned to Clarke to bow to her too. “Crown Princess.”

“Lord Kane.” The King nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Hello, Lord Marcus.” Clarke beamed.

“What brings you here from your office, Private Secretary?” The King inquired.

“Sir, I have received an urgent message from King Russell Lightbourne,” Marcus informed, waiting for further orders to continue or if they should speak in private. He knew the King would want to include Clarke in almost all matters of the state.

“Alright, out with it,” the King ordered in an instant.

Marcus cleared his throat as he retrieved his tablet to read the message. “King Titus, we have received disturbing news of a group of Gabriel’s children reaching our shores from several directions. We humbly ask that you give assistance to our distressed nation. Ten of your superiorly-manned vessels alone could outmatch 30 of his. We shall be in great debt to you and your future empire. Whatever you may want, we shall give if you help us in this time of need. Signed, King Russell of House Lightbourne”

King Titus only nodded at the message. “Give them twenty vessels so they could return in less than a week and that little war of his would be over.” Marcus nodded at the King’s order.

“Daughter, what say you?”

“Twenty manned vessels could end his war in four days, Father. Ten would make them lose their kingdom. The longer their war took, the more wealth they’ll be willing to give to Polis. But it is not wealth you are after, we have basically fifty times more than they do.

"We can very efficiently take over their lands but you do not want to. We know their lands are rich with unnatural things but there is no tradable wealth in there, not after our scientists have acquired their unique species and studied them.

"You want them to see that we would support them easily for all the other nations to witness. Almost every sentence in his message was laced with sycophancy. They would think they have finally read you after your generosity. And that you are falling for it but it was actually them stepping into the trap. The other nations would follow behavior, and you will watch them thinking that you are not. And by then, they’d have thought they were safe from Polis. They’d think our guards were down when it was, in fact, their guards that were.”

King Titus proudly nodded at every sentence. His daughter was just as strategic and ruthless as he was and was absolutely superior and remarkable at the game of thrones.

His brows shot up when Clarke added lastly with a chuckle, “But you do enjoy how they kiss your alpha butt.”

At that, King Titus was amused and simply rolled his eyes lightheartedly. “Alright, alright. Run along now, I have more to discuss with Marcus now that I have returned.”

Clarke shot him a toothy grin before slightly bowing her head.

“Yes, Father. We’ll see you at dinner!” Clarke called out as she ran back inside the palace with Bowie chasing after her.

King Titus kept his smile until his daughter was out of view.

“Marcus, please take Quint into the dungeon. And have Gustus take over Clarke’s lessons in war affairs. Should Clarke ask his whereabouts, tell her I’ve sent him somewhere he can no longer disrespect omegas.”

Marcus nodded at the order. “Yes, Your Grace.”

“And be sure to ready my devices, I want Quint to see them right in front of him as he waits for his fate.”

Marcus gulped and nodded again.

King Titus looked him straight in the eyes; his rage, visible within them. “Be sure to remind the rest of the staff that if they scoff at the Princess’s orders, they would suffer a similar fate.”

“Of course, Your Majesty,” Marcus quickly replied.

The order was loud and clear.