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Chapter 1

One grumpy Jack O'Neill appeared on the other side of the Stargate. He just as much as glanced at his surroundings before barking out orders at his teammates. At least, at two of his teammates, since the fourth member of his team wasn't joining them on this mission, which would explain his grumpy behaviour. Major Samantha Carter had been needed back home at Stargate Command. Jack hated to admit it, but he liked having his 2IC around, in fact he really liked it, probably too much for his own good…

"Let's get the show on the road kids, lots of sights to see and things to do!", he yelled at the two men that were accompanying him. Teal'c acknowledged him with the usual eyebrow-raise and Daniel just rolled his eyes at him. He sighed. At least Carter had the decency to smile and comply when he yelled out an order… With another sigh, he made his legs move and began the long walk towards the village.

Not another word was spoken between the three men as they neared the village. Having arrived there, and marking the area safe, the three split up to do their usual things. Daniel happily searched every ruin and got over excited at any sign of ancient cultures. Teal'c watched him with amusement, but kept close, knowing how the archaeologist could be a bit clumsy at times. With Teal'c watching over Daniel's safety, Jack didn't really have a job left, so he dumped his pack and sat down.

Suddenly his radio came to life. "Colonel, it's Carter, come in please." With surprise and joy clearly written on his face, Jack quickly grabbed the radio. "I'm here Carter, go ahead." "SG1 can come back home Sir, the Tokr'a need our help again", she said.
Even though the mention of the Tokr'a dampened his spirits, Jack was glad to call off the routine mission they were on, and get out of there to get some real action with his favourite major by his side. "Let's pack it up, campers, we're going home!", he yelled while getting on his feet again. Daniel's usual protest rang out but Jack didn't even hear it, already thinking about what the Tokr'a would have in store for them now…

"Welcome home SG1! Get cleaned up a bit, debriefing is in 20 mins". "Yes Sir", Jack answered the General. He looked up, expecting to see Carter behind the glass, but didn't see her. "Major Carter?", he asked Hammond. "She's with Jacob colonel, now get your team to the showers!". Jack smiled and walked off the ramp, 'at least it's not Anise' he thought.


SG1 sat at the debriefing table along with their beloved general and Tokr'a ally. Jack was glad Jacob had decided to come himself and hadn't sent Anise in his place. Or Freya? Whatever...
"Well, everyone's here, go ahead Jacob", Hammond said. Jacob nodded and bowed his head. "Oh great, we get to talk to the snake", Jack muttered.

"We need the help of the Tau'ri, General Hammond", Selmak began, "we have discovered a legendary Goa'uld device on a deserted planet, but it seems the Tok'ra cannot touch it." At the mention of 'legendary' Daniel's interest peaked. "You can't touch it?", he repeated. "No, it seems to have some sort of defence mechanism against our kind.", Selmak admitted. Apparently Carter was hooked too. "What happened when you touched it?", she asked. "The people that touched it became ill and died within mere days", the Tok'ra replied coldly. "Oh", she said quietly and looked down at the table.
'Oops' Jack thought, 'wrong question Carter.' "How do we know the same won't happen to us?", he asked the Tok'ra. Selmak looked at him and answered "It is most likely that the device can sense the symbiote inside of us Colonel.". "Right". He sighed again, he really didn't like the Tok'ra attitude of 'we'll explain along the way' and 'it is likely'... 
Selmak bowed his head again and Jacob's voice rung out: " I think Selmak's right Jack, it wouldn't be useful to have a device that nobody could touch, I believe it can sense the presence of a symbiote."
"What is the device supposed to do?" Daniel asked. "It's a source of great power Daniel, one much like a naquadah generator", Jacob said. Hammond nodded, "SG1, I suggest you pay a visit to the planet, act with caution and investigate this device, maybe try to avoid touching it directly." he stated, "you leave in one hour". As he stood the 'Yes Sir's rung out glumly in the briefing room.

Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c and Jacob stood at the ramp, ready to go to 'the doomed planet', as Jack now called it. "SG1 you have a go! God's speed!", Hammond said to them. "Here we go", Jack muttered as he stepped through the gate. 
On the other side was... nothing. Nothing but grass, and plants and ... trees... "Oh for crying out loud," Jack uttered, "even doomed planets have trees?". Carter smiled at him and started moving towards Jacob. Jack threw a smug smile at Daniel, did a dance of joy in his mind and followed...


SG1 followed Jacob along the path towards the temple where the infamous alien device would be. Jack fell into step next to Teal'c and started up a conversation.
"So Teal'c," he said, "what do you think about all this?"
He had noticed Teal'c had been silent during the debriefing. It wasn't as if the Jaffa was known for his spontaneous outbursts of opinion, but still Jack would have liked to know how he felt about this whole ordeal.
Teal'c raised the usual eyebrow and spoke: "I am uncertain O'Neill… I have not heard of this device. "Jack copied his facial expression. "So you think it's a trap?" he asked.
"Not necessarily, it is possible Apophis wasn't aware of its existence", Teal'c stated calmly and lapsed into silence again.

Jack sighed. He knew the Goa'uld never expected the human race to have come this far, but that didn't mean they would exclude their race from any harm the device might cause…Surely they wouldn't take that risk? Although the Goa'uld were pretty complacent…

"This is it, Jack", Jacob informed him. He looked up and saw a familiar Goa'uld temple. 'Yep, this is it alright', he thought. Carter took out her little mini-computer-doohickey and looked at it for a while. "Carter?" Jack asked. She looked up and understood his need for information. "No unusual energy or radiation readings Sir", she answered.
Jack looked at her and nodded. "Alright then, lead the way Jacob!", he said. Jacob smiled slightly and led the way inside the temple.