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Treat Me Like a Queen

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For the new album, the suggestion was made regarding solo songs. Or at least some collaborations with others in the group. It was a given that the rapline would make a new rap, and probably the vocal line as well, but then we were expected to do something different. I spent hours sitting at the computer, wondering what I could do. JK and I were planning on doing a duet together, but I wanted to submit my own solo song.

I crept into Yoongi’s room one night when I knew he was at the studio and took the old laptop that he kept ‘just in case’ something would happen to his new computer. He wouldn’t mind that I took it, as long as his new computer didn’t break down. I giggled as I sat down in front of the producing and composing software that Yoongi and the rest used, starting out with just sounding out some beats.

Before long, I had a nice sound to compliment the lyrics I wrote. I saved the progress, before getting into bed after seeing the clock hit 1 am. Jin would be angry at me if I jeopardised my health for song writing. He already had enough issues with the rest of the group, let alone with adding a newly obsessed member he would have to worry about.

It took me about a week to finish the rough composition. I wasn’t sure about it, but I thought after adding the vocals, that it sounded okay. I took a deep breath and saved the file to the thumbdrive I had purchased for this exact reason, before closing the computer. Tomorrow I would visit Yoongi and give him the rough song for criticism.


It took some time and mental preparedness before I was even ready to go to the Genius Lab. Then I stood outside the door, on his middle finger cat doormat for at least ten minutes, before ringing his doorbell. The door unlocked and I opened it to see the entire rapline going over songs for the album.

“Hey doll!” Yoongi greeted me, turning around to view who was entering his lair. I smiled, but it was one of nerves and fear.

“I can come back. . .” I tried to leave, only for Namjoon and Hoseok to frown.

“Babygirl, you came here for a reason. What’s up?” Namjoon asked. I bit at my lip.

“Well, you know, for the new album, everyone was suggesting solo songs or at least collaborations with members they hadn’t before?” I asked and they all nodded.

“Did you want to collab with one of us?” Hobi waggled his eyebrows. I giggled.

“Always!” I was pulled onto his lap. “But that’s not what I came for.”

“What is it doll?” Yoongi asked, brow pinched. Hobi’s hands were running over the scars on my wrist.

“I wanted to have you listen to a song. I didn’t mean to interrupt your session!” I hurried to state.

“We can do that,” Namjoon nodded. “What song?”

“I um, I made it?” It came out more like a question than a statement.

“You made it?” Hobi sounded surprised.

“Yeah. It’s probably not any good, or at least not something that could be on the album, but I just thought I’d try my hand and I dunno. I think it came out decent,” I started to ramble, startling when Yoongi held out his hand.

“Let me see,” I breathed in deep, before handing over the USB drive.

“How did you compose it?” Namjoon asked, leaning forward in anticipation.

“I um, stole Yoongi’s old computer,” I confessed, cheeks burning. Yoongi let out a bark of laughter from where he was plugging in the USB.

“Well, if you managed to produce it using that old, outdated software, I’ll personally buy you a computer for mixing songs and producing beats,” Yoongi promised as the window popped up for all the files on the drive.

“It’s in the folder marked Song,” Hobi chuckled at my lack of originality. Yoongi was quick to navigate and opened up the right file, before pressing play. The studio went silent as the opening beats and lines started to play in the studio. I felt embarrassed when I listened to the obvious amateur made song.

“Wow, kitten,” Hobi praised me when the final note faded.

“Damn is more like it,” Namjoon shot me an impressed look.

“It will need to be cleaned up a bit,” Yoongi remarked. “But that was impressive. You want to help me any time with any producing?”

“You think it’s that good?” I asked, getting my hopes up.

“Of course, doll,” Yoongi said. “And powerful as well. I like it.”

“It can definitely be submitted to Bang PD-nim for consideration. Yoongi-hyung will help you fine tune the song, but it’s great,” Namjoon pressed a kiss to my head. “I am almost late for my lunch with Zico. But good job, babygirl.”

“I agree,” Hobi squeezed the air out of my lungs. “That was perfect. Perhaps the executives will even give you a chance at a music video for this one.”

“You think?” I turned to look at him. “But I thought they only gave out music videos on collaborations.”

“Don’t you remember the wings era?” Yoongi raised an eyeball. “And when we do intro’s they give us our own videos.”

“True,” I nodded. “But can we not tell the others?”

“Sure, if you want,” Yoongi agreed. “And if you want to mess around some more, go for it.”

“Thanks Yoongi-oppa!” I pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Let me know when you want me to help with it or finish the audio tracks.”

“Sounds good, doll,” Yoongi dismissed me with a wave of his hand, already copying blocks of the musical composition and fine tuning it on his advanced software. Hobi pressed a kiss to my cheek before I left.

The song Queen was added to the tracklist, much to the surprise of the vocal line. My name was in the production and lyrics credits, along with Suga since he helped me finalize the song. I was so happy that it seemed to be a favorite among armies, and even reached nearly 20 million views the day that the MV dropped.