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When 2 become 1

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kate and danielle met the first time when wentworth producers were screening for an onscreen lover for bea smith, they had gone through a few girls but no one seemed to gel with danielle so they kept on looking, kate had loved the show so when they were auditioning she never thought she would get a part so strongly part of the show but walking into the room and seeing danielle standing at the table her back to her and talking she felt something, at that time she thought it was just adoration for the amazing actress that is danielle cormack and thats also part of it but it was different, the kicker came when danielle turned around and there eyes met, they both just stood there staring at each other with shy smiles on there faces


The producer didnt even need to see kate act she knew she was talented from her previous work and seeing her and danielle now said it all, kate was perfect for the job, she decided to step in before they completely crumble under each others gazes


'hi kate thanks for coming, as you know this is danielle... kate shook her head and put her hand out to danielle


'hi danielle im kate


'hi kate, its nice to meet you... danielle replied coming back to herself, kate could come just from danielle's voice


'well girls this is just a screen test right now so im going to leave you both to get to know each other.... they both nodded and the producer and her assistant left the room but didnt go far, she needed to make sure the 2 would gel together, it started out a little awkward but in no time they were laughing and teasing each other like they were best friends, kate was definitely the one but didnt want to disturb them right now so let them be


kate remembers the day it all started and also how it finished with them, when danielle shot her final scene for the show there was cheering, clapping and congratulations for the amazing actress, for kate it felt like a kick in the guts because she knew with danielle going back to sydney full time to live with her boyfriend it would be hard to keep in touch, over the time of kate coming to the show she and danielle had gotten close, rehearsing together, going out to dinner, most of the time even having lunch in one of there dressing rooms, that night there was a farewell party for danielle and a thank you for making the show what it is, she remembered danielle taking her aside and presenting her with a gift


'whats this for?


'a thank you kate, you have been amazing to work with and im really going to miss you when i go back home, open it.... kate popped it open and saw a gold bracelet 


'its beautiful dan


'a beautiful piece for a beautiful woman... kate smiled and let danielle take it out and put it on her wrist  'thank you for being the best friend ever... oh now that stung, are they friends? yes, but kate felt like they were more than that even thou nothing happened between them, saying goodbye to danielle that night had been hard and kate felt sick after, she remembers danielle holding her tight for a while and whispering in her ear


'i couldnt have done this without you kate, your the best, i will miss you so much... after pulling back danielle kissed kate's cheek and than walked off to leave, danielle stopped at the door and turned to face kate again before blowing a kiss than leaving, that was 6 months ago and quite a bit had happened since that night, kate was dating a woman and had broken up with her as she didnt reciprocate the same feelings, wentworth was on a break for the last 3 months so has been doing a couple other projects, danielle herself had about 4 meet and greets in america and australia, she had done a magazine cover which she looked absolutely beautiful, kate had also seen danielle being photographed a couple times with her boyfriend adam but kate just couldnt get danielle out of her mind,


she had feelings for her there was no doubt about it, she denied them to anyone that asked but kate knew that she had some type of romantic feelings towards the beautiful danielle cormack and seeing her with someone else was really hard, kate had been working on a show in sydney, just up the coast and it was the weekend so decided to go into the city for the day and do some sight seeing, she had been to sydney a few times but has never had time to sight see so she was excited, she ahd thought of calling danielle for lunch or something but it was too hard, for the first 3 months they had spoken or text each other daily but when it became to hard for kate she would ignore the phone calls and text every now and than and clearly danielle was sick of trying so she gave up, now they would text each other once a fortnight to check up but that was about it


kate arrived into the city and was walking along the water near the opera house, she decided to go inside as they had a art are set up, she had gotten a bottle of water and some hot chips as she was hungry and proceeded inside, while looking at some of the art she heard the voice she hadnt in a while, a voice that makes her weak at the knees, turning around she saw danielle standing there with her son


'hi kate





danielle had struggled when she left wentworth, not with finding work because she had plenty lined up but more so missing everyone she got to know and love, they were all so great to work with and she was very thankful to be apart of such an amazing show, the person she missed the most was without a doubt kate, there lunches, night outs, mucking around all the time and most of all she loved there snuggle nights, she knows with  both of them in a relationship at the time that it was probably not a good idea but they just couldnt help it, they would sit on kate's couch stretched out and snuggling together, it wasnt a sexual thing more of a comfort thing


When she last saw kate 6 months ago at the farewell party it almost broke her to say goodbye to her, hugging kate felt so good as it alwasy did but she never wanted to let go, she knows she felt something for kate since they first met, over time they had gotten closer and dare she say her feelings definitely got stronger for kate, but there was no way someone like kate felt the same for her, plus she had adam and kate had someone as well


when she had come home she loved talking to kate or texting and they would have laughing fits all the time, but something changed and she is not sure what, about 3 months later kate stopped answering her calls and the texts became less so she gave up and left it for kate to contact her, what danielle didnt know was that was the time kate broke it off with her ex and was trying to get herself together as well as her own feelings


today danielle's son really wanted a day out with his mum and danielle didnt have anything else on so was happy to oblidge, once they dressed they decided to catch an uber into the city and walk along the water, it was a little chilly but they were dressed warm so they were fine


'mum can we go to the opera house?.... her little boy asked


'sure sweety.... they walked up the stairs and inside, danielle saw there was an art exhibit so they went into the big room, after ten minutes ahi pulled on her hand


'mum is that kate?... he pointed to the blonde woman in the corner


'i think so, lets go say hi.... walking closer she knew it was kate by the body figure, she had cheekily checked kate out so many times and knew exactly what she looked like


'hi kate.... she sad and kate turned around, danielle felt her breath being taken away, kate was always so damn beautiful and her bright blue eyes were shining bright


'danielle.... kate breathed out like she was struggling and she was, not seeing danielle in 6 months had been hard and all she wanted to do was ravish the beautiful woman


'i knew it was you.... danielle said wrapping her arms around the blonde woman breathing in her scent 'i missed you.... danielle said in her ear before pulling back


'i missed you too dan, how have you been?


'busy but good, and you?


'same, and how are you handsome?... kate said pinching ahis' cheek


'im good... he blushed


'its been so long since i have spoken to you properly... kate nodded


'i know, a lot has changed


'are you free for lunch? we were just about to go and eat?..... kate wasnt sure if it was a good idea but she couldnt say no to her


'sure sounds good


'great, come on...... they went to one of the cafe's outside the opera house and sat down, they placed there order quickly and ahi took some bread to feed some birds just a few feet away, not too far away so danielle could watch him, she looked at kate and sighed


'what happened? you stopped answering my calls? texts?, you didnt even call back


'i know dan, im sorry


'you hurt me kate, i thought we were close.... danielle said sadly and it broke kate's heart


'we were close, just some things happened and i needed some time


'but i would have wanted to be there for you kate, it wasnt fair to blank me out


'im sorry dan, really i am, i would never want to hurt you but it was just all too hard


'what happened?


'i broke up with my girlfriend, she cheated on me


'oh kate im so sorry..... danielle reached out taking the blondes hand


'after we broke up she wasnt flying back to the us for 4 days so she stayed till than and it was horrible, we fought non stop she said things that just broke me and when she finally left it was bad, she just kept at me and at me for hours and hours, i finally snapped and the shouting was so loud the police were called, she was escorted out and i have been trying to get on with life but it hasnt been easy... kate said wiping a couple tears from ehr cheeks, danielle moved so she sat beside kate and wrapped her arms around her


'you should have called me, i would have come to you


'all i wanted was for you to come danielle but i couldnt, you have your partner and your 2 boys plus work


'it doesnt matter what i had on i owuld have made it work even if i have to bring ahi with me, you call me whenever you need me.... kate nodded


'okay, thank you


'good, now what are you doing in sydney?


'im working up the coast, i came to the city for a bit of sight seeing


'well lets eat and than ahi and i can show you around


'are you sure? i dont want to ruin your day out with your son


'of course im sure, ahi would love you to hang out with us


'how about adam? dont you have to get back to him?


'adam and i are done


'what? since when?


'about 2 months ago


'but i saw photos of you together?


'we put it on right now, he comes to some events as my plus one but we arent together, its a long story kate, maybe i can tell you later on, right now thou please join us


'okay.... they had lunch and enjoyed being in each others presence, they spent 3 hours going all around the city danielle and ahi showing kate all the attractions, as they said there good byes danielle didnt want to


'where are you staying while your here?


'i have a little cottage up the coast


'how are you getting back up there tonight?


'im going to get the train probably


'how about you stay at mine tonight and i will drive you back tomorrow?


'i dont want to impose


'you could never impose kate, please we would love you to come stay with us, right ahi?


'right... he said with a head nod


'if your sure?


'absolutely, come on lets get a taxi to my place and we can get take away for dinner


'okay......... they arrived at danielle's place 20 minutes later and got out of the taxi, she was in a high riser 


'what level are you on dan?


'26, come on..... they took the elevator up to 26 and walked out, danielle opened the door to her place and they all walked inside


'ahi go have a shower 


'okay mum


'hey kate make yourself comfortable


'do you have thing i could wear dan?


'sure come to my room.... danielle showed kate around and than stopped at danielle's room and looked through her draws pulling out a t-shirt and shorts


'here you go, you can shower or whatever, there is a spare tooth brush in the bathroom


'i would mind a shower actually


'if you shower now i can wash and dry your clothes


'great.... kate showered after ahi and dan threw her washing in the machine, she too had a shower after she ordered food, they had dinner together and after a bit ahi was sent to bed, after he was tucked in danielle joined kate on the couch


'i really have missed you kate


'i missed you too dan, its been hard not talking to you everyday


'i feel the same, from now on dont ignore me..... kate nodded


'i wont..... kate yawned




'hmm yea, i was up at 5 today


'come on you can sleep with me..... kate was unsure about that considering her feelings, she would have to behave thats for sure. going to danielle's room they slid into bed facing each other


'you smell good


'i nicked some of your perfume.... kate giggled as danielle smiled


'i thought it smelt familiar, you can use what ever you want kate, my house is your house


'thank you... kate held danielle's hand and laid them together on the pillow


'go to sleep kate, its late


'good night danielle


'good night kate....... they both fell asleep not aware of each others feelings towards each other, can they keep it g-rated through the night? time will tell